Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 5, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 5, 1894
Page 5
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A MAN'S APPEARANCE Is largely made up of little things. This is why a Gentleman's Furnishings, Ties, Collars, Cuffs, Shirts and the et ceteras generally, are worthy of some thought and attention. Spring and Summer necessitates an entire renewal in these lines. We invite an inspection of our large stock. DEWENTER, THE HATTER AND FURNISHER. COME AND SEE US NOW'. You must have a Spring Suit. Come to us; we make them from $20 to $60. Tucker & THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. Young, DR. TRUAX, THE SPECIALIST. OVER STATE NATIONAL BANK- After fourwen years of scientific sttiils 1 of Nose, dantc, Llvar. uml all Diseases of ;i Chronic Nature I adopted my present form of treatment, unil have co nducteU a snccesstol practice In the nbovo class ot cnses. I cordially Invite you or jonr friends, if afflicted wltli uny Chronic Dlses.se, to consult me and my method of treatment and Its rerJlts. Olllce honrs:10to 12 n. m.:2U> 4. 7 to 8 (i. in. Itenldence iitolllce. All calls promptly attended PUREST 'AND BEST LESS THAN HALF THE- PRICE- OF OTHtR BRANDS -r POUNDS,20* -!HALVES,IO* QUARTERS^* SOLD IN CANS ONLY DAILY JOURNAL SATURDAY MORNING. MAY 5. Hamlet Monday sight. The masonry work has been begun on Judge Geo. E. HOBS' residence on Market street. Money IB close, so Is our Jersey fitting underwear for men, E t Pattoraon'e, the Haberdasher. Ladies, gents and children's summer underwear, all qualities from 8 cents up, at the Boo Hive, Have you seen the now smoke colored stiff hat? It's a beauty, at Patterson's now hat store. Wby not patronize the manufacturer o( his own clothing and save at least 25 per cent.?—Harry Frank. Logansport will greet and welcome its gifted son, Walkor Whiteside, in hl» great conception of "Hamlet" at Dolan's opera house Monday night. A lew more days and Otto's clothing, hat and shoe store, will be in shlp- thape and ready for big Dullness. For the pant two week* It hai been in the i handi ot the oarpenUr and painter. YOUR NAME IN PBINT. Itemi of a Pemoiinl Character Con* (ernliia JLoicamPortero and Their Friend* Abott Wlrick Is visiting at Indianapolis. T. N. Harden, of Indianapolis, is in the city. Miss Kate Carroll 19 visiting friends at Indianapolis. N, B, Booth will depart tomorrow for San Francisco. Judge D. H. Chase has returned from Lincoln, Neb, John Whitmor of Milford Center, is visiting Henry Leffert. Mrs. E. W. Anderson and son Lawrence, are visiting at Anderson. Bert and Mrs Thornton have returned home from their Southern trip. Mrs. Thomas of Royal Center, is the uest of her son, Mr. W. C. Thomas and wife. Misses Mamie Stanley, Minnie Stauffer and Maud Miller are visiting rionds at Peru. Mrs. C. B. Maxwell of Indianapolis, e the guest of hpr brother Mr. H. G. Tucker and wifo of Maple Grovo. Frankfort Times; Mr. and Mrs. l"rod Ytm Ortnan will loavo Saturday or Donvor, Colorado, to attend the convention of hotel men. Peru Journal: George Forgy earce up from Logansport this morning.... Mrs. K. J. Twomoy of Logansport, is in the city a guest of friends, Thursday afternoon, at his office on Broadway, Justice Walters officiating, Misa Maggie Osborn and James K. Froshour, both of Koyal Center, wore united In marriage, Delphi Journal: "Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Pratt of Logansport, stopped ovor in the city Thursday evening on their way to Chicago. While here they were entertained by the Delphi Club. Mrs. Harry St. Clalr, grand secretary of the Lidios Auxllliary B. of L. E. and Mr. and Mrs. Bon V. Pittman will depart Sunday evening for St. Paul to attend tho Grand Lodge of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. Engineer Pittman goes as delegate from^tho local lodge. A SAD DEATH. !»Irn. Jcimle White Pilling I* Toiirlieil bfllio Aneelof Death fnr From Her HiiNliund and Home. Tho announcement yesterday morning of tho doath of Mrs. Joeaio White Pilling was an Inexpressible shock to her family and friends. With the suddeBness and with tho startling effect of a bolt of lightning the stunning intelligence was brought home that the loving wile and devoted daughter and sister was dead—dead away from home and husband, Mrs. Pilling bad been visiting her sister, Misa Kate White, at Pans Christian, Miss,, during the latter months of the winter, and during the trying months ot spring, in the hopes that the more congenial atmosphere of that milder climate might serve to stay tho Insidious attack of consumption, which dread disease had fastened its relentless clutch upon her fair young life. With the return of northern summer It was thought that her return would be unattended by any danger and a few days ago her brother, Mr. HI White departed for the South to accompany his sister home. With the delivery of the first mall yesterday morning Mr. Pilling received a letter from Mr. White who announced that his sister was feeling better and guile hopeful, and that their return would bo imtne. dlate, expecting to arrive here Saturday. The letter had scarcely been read when a telegram was delivered which bore the crushing intelligence that '-Jessie died last evening." The telegram was dated at Montgomery, Alabama, which point Mr. White and his poor fated sister had just been enabled to reach 'ere tho fatal hemorrhage Induced by the incidents of travel claimed its victim. A later dispatch stated that Miss Kate White would join the sad party thero and that the two with the remains of their sister would arrive home at 2:15 a, m. Sunday. Jessie White Pilling, wife of Mr. Lincoln W. Pilling, and daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Henry White, Esq., was 25 years of age. Born and reared In Logansport there weie few girls who bore more the love and admiration of their companions than did she, and upon hor marriage to Mr. Pilling a few years ago there were few whose hopes were higher and whose Ufa was brighter than here. A pleassnt home, tho devotion of her husband, the love of friends, and the admiration of all made lifci joyful for the young wife. But slowly and Insidiously tho shadow of consumption crept ovor her young Hfe'and presently Its ravages made It all too sorrowfully apparent that her family and friends would nil too soon be deprived of her sweet companionship. And It was so, and there is therefore today In Logansport, many a sad heart because this bright, cheerful, amiable girl wife Is no more. Truly death loves a shining mark. Tho funeral will be held Monday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from the residence of the deceased's father at 209 West Broadway. hi3 horses and the humiliation suffered and endured in his mind. The case come up for a hearing yesterday, The jury got tho case about noon. About two hours thereafter that body of twelve poors returned and declared that they could not agroo, Tho court reminded them that that was not what they were there for and sent them back to agree They afterward came in with a verdict for the plaintiff assessing tbo damages against tho defendant at $35. The Cornor-Kione Luring. The nearer the time approaches for the laying of the corner-stone of iho magnllioont new High School building tho greater ia the manifestation of interest over the event. The School Board has taken hold of tht matter in earnest and are making preliminary arrangements looking toward a grand civic demonstration on the day which will be hereafter selected as tho day for the ceremonial laying of the corner stone of one of the most important buildings ever erected In Logansport. It is contemplated to make the day one of interest to the people in all tho neighboring cities. In addition to the necessary Masonic features of the display It is believed that sufficient interest in tbo matter can be aroused to draw people from all over northern Indiana. The display of tho Logansport pub. lie schools will in itself bo a feature of much Interest and groat significance. No more notable parade was ever mado In Logansport than that of two years ago when tho school children paraded on Columbia day. In tho contemplated event with a parade of the school children, supplemented by tho combined Masonic fraternity of northern Indiana and the several civic bodies of this and adjoining cstles which will be attracted by tho event there is full promise of a celebration which will bo ono of much note and no little train to the city. It is believed and trusted that the citizens will lend the school board all possible assistance in tho celebration of BO notable an event and that the same will prove as groat a success as it should be and as it promises to be. • World'* Columbian ;Kxpo»ltIon Will be of valuf to the world by illustrating the Improvements in the mechanical arts and eminent physi- o'ana will tell you that the progress in medicinal agents, has boon of equal importance, and'as a atrengening lax- tlve that Syrup of Figs is far In advance of all others. AX AL'TO.MATlCKLKCTiaCSVSTKM WHICH HAS JSKKN TESTED IW OEHMASV. Tho frequency of railroad accidents during last year would appear to have acted as a stimulus to inventors in the field of railway signaling, for an unprecedented number of warning devices have boon patented within the last few months. One of these, which is specially worthy of attention, has been successfully tested in some of the military lines in Germany. The system is automatic, and is actuated by electricity. The circuits are so contrived that two trains traveling on the same metals, whether in the same or oppo site directions, are warned of each other's position by the ringing of bell on each locomotive, while at tho same time the two drivers are brought Into telephonic communication. The same thing occurs if one of tho trains be stationary, so that if there is any break down on the line in front the driver receives notice. The breaking away of a car or care from the rear of a train Is also notified, both to the driver and to the station which the train has last passed through; and the distances at which ail these warnings are given and received can be varied In such a manner as to provide either long or abort "blocks" according to the requirements of the traffic. In fact, the system eeema to have provided effectively against all ordinary contingencies, and its employment should greatly reduce the risks of railway travel. The German gov. ernment experts speak highly of tho apparatus In their official report. Among other experiments a train en. terlng a station was warned of an obstacle on the line, two locomotives approaching each other on the same track were warned, two trains proceeding in the same direction, the second at greater speed than the first, were enabled to give each other auto, malic notice of their respective speed and position and a train which was ottering a station received warning that points were in a wrong position. In every case notice was given in ample time to prevent danger and to render a collision impossible. Notice of Mule. Commencing Saturday morning at McTaggart's block, corner Fourth and Broadway, public sale of bod room sole, chairs, stoves, carpets, now Domestic sowing machine and other household effects. FOB THE PLAINTIFF. IMod. LINCOLN—At her home, 812 Market street. Friday, May i, 1S94, at 2 o'clock a. m., Mrs. Lida Higgins Lin. coin, wifo of Mr. W. S, Lincoln, aged 46 years. Fur oral at 10 o'clock Mon. day morning. Harry Newman effected the sale of its piano and thus secured the coin with which to satisfy justice and he la again breathing the free air of. liberty and enjoying the bright lunihlne of lope. In the UuKiDo smt of Cotner v«. .llorc&n tho Jury Glyea tho PlQlnt- itr$35 Dominion. It ia believed that a careful scrutiny of the records of tho Case circuit court will not re veal hnother such case as that which occupied the attention of the court anil jury yesterday. This is the unique suit for damages, incurred on the public highway, of Luey Cotner vs. Silas Morgan. Some weeks ago Detective Morgan had occasion to drive into Boone township tojlook up some crime ofmore or loss blackness and with him was a detective from Chicago. They drove one of Jas. O'Donnell's spirited chargers. In returning from their lawful quest they had occasion to pass en the highway a double seated carriage drawn by two horses driven by Luey Cotnor a well known farmer of that part of the county. Seated In the carriage with Mr. Cotner wore three other farmers. In passing, the horses, tho one driven by the detectives and the two driven by the farmers, became in some way slightly tang-led up and tbo spirited incidents of the succeeding two or three seconds left farmer Coiner with a considerably damaged car. rlage. The detectives—as thoy always do—escaped unscathed. Twas ever thus. Who of tho millions and tens of millions of readers of those thrill, ing (?) stories of the "Old Sleuth" school ever heard of a detective getting the worst of ii? No, never. Shortly after this enlivening highway episode Lucy Cotner brought suit In the circuit court against Detective Morgan for damages In tho sum of $350, for injuries, damages, slights and Indignities then and there inflicted, incurred, perpetrated and Imposed upon plaintiff In the destruction ot his carriage, the injuries to hii perion, the dimage to A Democrat'* Opinion of Cleveland A democrat who has voted the ticket all his life says that: "Cleveland has already disgusted and busted his party. That he Is eo bull headed that he would not flinch at thunder on a thorn; also that the life and death wishes of his party perish in tho pigeon hole of his brain, and a finger ring rusts on his right hand." Declared Him Inxano. Yesterday a luntlco inquendo composed of Justices Fonder and Eidson and Dr. Arthur Herman, declared John Yost, tbo aged German citizon, who attempted suicide tbo day before, Insane, and papers will bo made out for his admission to tho hospital for the insane n.t Long Cliir, N6tH'0-l. O. O. F. All Odd Fellows of tho city are requested to meet at I. 0, 0. F. hall Sunday morning at 10:30 o'clock to attend divine services at the Unlver. salist Church. This invitation is also extended to the Daughters of Rebekah. Sheriff Homburg departed yesterday to Michigan City, taking with him tho young forger, Charley Spicor, who will enter upon his term of two years imprisonment for his acts. A Polmcr for Traveler*. While Mr. T. J. Kichey, of Altona, Mo., was traveling In Kansas he was taken violently 111 with cholera mor- bus. He called at a drug store to got some medicine and tho druggist recommended Chamborlaln'e Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoua Remedy so highly he concluded to try It. Tho resalt was Immediate relief, and a few doses cured him completely. It is made for bowel complaint and nothing olso. It never fails. For said by B. F. Kees. ling Druggist. Vaudnllu l.lno ExuurMon Kate*. May 6th and 7th, good to return to 9th, to Indianapolis account May Musical Festival; and will sell May 13th and 14th, good to return including May 18lh, account I. O. O. F. meeting at same rate. J. C. EDGEWORTH, Ag't.. Supt. Hatch, of tho Vandalia, left for Pittsburg yesterday. Tho Pan Handle round house la undergoing necessary repairs. The gravel trains on the Pan Handle were suspended yesterday .until Monday. The local Boilermaker's uni«n will give a dance at the rink on tho evening of Decoration day. On account of repairing tho machin ary the Pan Handle machine shop will be closed this afternoon. The records show that an average of 5,700 trains pass over the Pan Handle bridge across the Wabash every month. Forty-one per cent, of the railroad mileage of the world is in America, The majority of all railway stocks of the world is held In England. The new class "P" passenger engines which tho Pennsylvania Is building will have 6-foot 8-inch driving wheels, which is S inches larger than those under the class "P" engines now in service. Many railroads will soon be in a sorry plight unless the coal strike will soon be declared off. It is said tkat the Pan Handle has but a ten days supply of coal on hand and many other roads aro even worso oil'. Thursday afternoon as Pan Handle engineer Van Hayes was coming In from Bradford with engine 40, ono of the driver brake shoos came loose and got under tho wheels. Tbo train was stopped before any material damage was dono. When President E. V. Dobs of the A K. U. arrived at his homo Thursday evening from St. Ptul where he had been conducting tho strike against the Great Northern lie was tendered an ovation by tho citizens of Torre Haute. Ho denied tbo report that the A. K. U. would next attempt i a ttriko on the Northern Pacific. It is all but certain that Debs will be the next Populist candidate for governor Of Indiana. 0. D. Ashley, president of the Wabash, has issued a circular on the cause of the present stagnation in business which is attracting n good. deal of attention. The chief point made is that tho remedy is through the amendment of existing )egisla« tion. The Vandalia management has concluded not to build an office building this season but has leased the building of Jacob Beaber across Sycamore street from the depot for the term of one year. Carpenters are now at work remodeling tho same and Supt. Hatch with bis assistants expect to occupy it by June 1st. W. L. Loree, superintemdent of M. ofW.. received instructions jester* day to reduce the section force en the Chicago division of the Pan Handle one hundred men. A simil-T reduction has been made on ail the divisions. It is believed that this reduction will remain in force all summer. For tli 11 i?lnlllln*lc. Many great blesfings of the world can only be had bv the few, but here in one for the benefit of all, and abac* lutely free of charge. Nothing is of more importance 10 us than our health. It has, until recently, been impossible for the poor, or ihose - living far from large cities, to obtain tbe best medical advice except at great expense. But notv comes forward one of our greatest and most successful specialists in curing nervous and cbronio diseases and oilers to every one. far and near, the priviege of consulting him by letter, without charge. This is none otber than the well-known Dr. Greene, of 35 West 1 ith Street, New- York, the discoverer of that wonderful medicine, Dr. Greene's Norvura blood and nervo remedy You who have sought in vain to learn what you are suffering- from, or obtain help, write him a description Of your complaint, and he will return 7Ou a letter stating exactly what your disease is, and thoroughly describing each symptom, so that you can clearly understand just what ails you. And rhis is entirely free of expense to you. Cho doctor gives most careful and explict attention to all letters, and IB laving wonderful success in treating disease through his eystem of letter correspondence, using ae he doea, nothing but harnalsss vegetable remedies in his practice. Write the doc- or at once all about your complaint. t is the surest way to regain your lealth. Kokomo Nv\v«paper Vall«re. The Morning Times, a daily and i semi-weekly newspaper, which has Jed a rather precarious existence ia Kokomo for tho past eleven months, did not appear yesterday morning, and ito publisher announces that-publication has been indefinitely suspended. The concern is heavily Involved, ind ia advertised for Bale by the sheriff. An effort to organize a stock company to float it has failed. It claimed political independence. S. Edgar Nicholson, Its editor and publisher, sought and secured the Re* publican nomination lor Represents. tive. Ho has lost considerable money in the venture, so has sovoral of hla friends. Notice, To tho stockholders of the Citizens' S r atural Gas Co.: You aro requested to meet at tho Council Chamber on Tuesday evening next, May 8, at 8 /clock, /or the purpose of recommund- ng to the Board tho name of a President and Vice President to fill these jositions until tbe regular election in August. By order of the Hoard, C. W. GRAVES, Scc'y. Wallace'* Circus. For the \Vallaco circus exhibition, at Peru today, tho Wabash Railroad Company will eell round trip tickets t 65 cents. Good going on any regu- ar train today. Good returning to ,nd including trains of May 6th. C. G. NEWELL, Ag't. Our shirt stock comprises a great ssortment of colored shirts.—Patter- : on, the shirt maker. Dr. Hollo way'(office in the Progress block, corner 4th and Market streets. ? Another Envious Competitor * J Says he is "still in the ring." Don't be § " misled by the idle vaporings of would be • f tailors who profess to cut clothes that f never got above making pants. • We have a practical tailor who dpes i our cutting and we carry the only high grade class of woolens in the city. Bring on another "horse." CARL W. KELLER, Leading Tailor.

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