The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on August 20, 1934 · 11
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · 11

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Monday, August 20, 1934
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Till: ENQUIRER, CINCINNATI, MONDAY, AUGUST 20, 193 1 r ) 0 j r y v tV n I 1 0 i 1 .V V x m m m 1 HALF GAME Cut From Giant Lead As Bush And Lee Tame Phil Sluggers, 3-1, 4-2. Good Support In Pinches Clinch Opener Davis Holds Victors To Four Hits. Chicago, August 19 (AP) The Chicago Cubs cut half a game off the lead of the New York Giants this afternoon by winning a double-header from the Philadelphia Phillies. The scores were 3 to 1 and 4 to 2. Guy Bush outpitched Euel Moore in the nightcap, allowing only six hits and receiving excellent support ' in the pinches. The Bruins won the game in the second inning, when "Kiki" Cuyler singled and Don Hurst hit a home ' run. Hits by Bill Jurges, Bush and Stanley Hack brought in a third run before the inning was over. Big Bill Lee shaded Curt Davis, the Phillies' first-year "find," in the opener. Returning to the mound after a ten days' injury absence, Davis held the Cubs to four hits. Lee allowed five. 1 Two of the Cubs' hits, however Surges's double and Billy Herman's single were combined with two passes and one of the Phillies' four terrors for the Cubs' two winning runs In the eighth. I First Game. " Philadelphia" AB.H.PO T CHICAGO. " A AB.H.PO.A VHorlf flh 3 0 0 1 Kartell. sa 4 0 3 Chiozza.2b 3 0 3 siWHnr'n.Jb 4 13 1 0 1 0 O. Davis, cf 3 0 0 0 0 0 10 2 3 1 3 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 0Kleln,l( 0F.Her'n,rf lCuyler,ct OlO'Farrell.C THign lAUen.lf f-'odd.c ItHendrick J.Mnore.rf 4 15 3 012 3 11 2 0 1 2Hurst,lb 0Jurges,ss 0 Lee.p II 5 1 Totals Walters, 3b -3 C.Davis.P 3 27 4 2T11 Totals 31 5 24 191 tBatted for G. Davis in ninth. IBatted '!for Todd In ninth. Innings... 123458789 l-hnadelphia 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0- 1 fchicago.... 00000102 x- 3 Errors Bart ?U 2, Chiozza 2. Runs Batted nr Moore W. Herman, F. Herman, rwo-Ease Hits J. Moore. Jurges. Stolen Base -Chtozza. Sacrifice Lee. Doubte Plays Zi Davis to Todd to Camilli; C. Dayis to Kartell to Camilli. 2; Hurst, unassisted. Left on Bases Philadelphia, 5; Chicago. 6 Bases on Balls-Off C Davis, 5; off Le. 2. Struck Out-By C. Davis, 1; by lie, 4. UmplresT-Stewart, Barr and Moran. Time 1:45. Second Game. tstJTT.Anv.T.PHlA "1 CHICAGO. AB.H.PO. Aj AB.H.PO.A 4 1 1 KiTTaolr 3h 3 Z U O Chlozza,2fr 4 Allen, If 4 J. Moore, rf 4 4 G. Davis, cf 3 HHendrick 1 J.Wilson.c 3 2W.Her'n,2b 3 IIKIeln.lf OiStainb'k.lf 2 F.Her'n.rf OiHartnett.c 0 1 Bush.p i 01 Totals 2 14 1 1 t.Moore.p 2 0 0 rtHigh 0 0? hnhnsnn.D 0 0 1 1 2 32 12 27 15 Totals 32 6 24 . . n riavi in ninth Inning. Batted for E. Moore in eighth Inning. Innings... 1 2 3 4 5 8 7 8 9 Philadelphia. 00000110 0-2 Chicago 0 3 0 0 0 0 1 0 x-4 Frror Jurges. Huns Batted In Hurst H Hck Bartell, J. Wilson, F. Herman. !woHBa Hnrcuyler. WaUers Chiozza, F Herman.' Three-Base Hit G. Davis. Home Run-Hurst. Stolen Baae-Hac. . sacrifice Hlts-W. H'rman, Harto ett. double Plays-Chiozza to Bartell, Jurg0s .to Hurst; W. Herman to Hurst. Left on Bases-Philadelphia, 4; Chicago, 7. Bases bn Balls-Off E Moore 1; off Bush, 1- Struck Out By E. Moor. i 6; by Bush l. .d.,, Hits Off E. Moore, 11 in I m- ' S; off Johnson 1 in 1 imlng. PUchE. Moore. Umplres-Barr, Moran and Stewart. Time of Game i IT'S MARVELOUS, CASEY! Dodgers "Win Eighth Straight From Bucs 16 losers Stranded. Pittsburgh, August 19 -CAP) -The Giants, the Cubs, the Card and the Braves aren't the only teams taking the wind out cf the Pirates' sails these summer days. Behind four-hit pitching of Ray Benge, the Brooklyn Dodgers humbled the boys from Pittsburgh today, 2 to 1, the second Mraight victory for the series and the eighth straight they have beaten the Pirates So careful was the hurling of Hoyt, Smith and French In the pinches and so good was their support that Booklyn had 16 runners left stranded on the sacks. -xm-oAl PITTSBURGH. ?v 4 11 2 Lindst'm.lf 4 0 0 0 Tavfor If 4 2 2 01 JU raVn lf-r 0 0 1 3 0 9 1 ??le ib 4 2 10 0ITheve'w,3b 4 0 11 . J... 2h 5 1 0 4Lavag'o,2b 3 113 Wnec'ecf 2 0 4 0 Grace.e i i X k Etripp.Sb 4 1 f n,oyl p fUoese 3 2 5 0 'Jenfen Bengep 0 0 llsmith.p Benge,p Lucas Totals 3612 27 9iFrench,p 10 0 0 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 j Totals 31 4 27 10 ' "Batted for Hoyt In sixth Inning. tBatted lor smitn in eigiuu " i Tnnines .....13458789 BrTOklyn .... 0 00011 00 0-2 PltUburgh. . . . . 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0-1 Runs Batted In Leslie, Taylor, Lava- 'cetto Two-Base Hits Grace, Frederick, rucSnello. Three-Base Hit - Lavagetto. Stolen Base Frey. Sacrifices Lopez, Strlpp. Double Play-Suhr to Vaughan to Suhf. Left on BaseiBrooklyn, 16; Pltts-- burgh, 6. Bases on Balls Off Hoyt, 5; off French, 1; off Benge, 2. Struck Out-By Hoyt, 3; by French, 1; by Benge, 3. Hits Off Hoyt, 10 In 6 innings; off Smith, 1 in 2 Innings; off French, 1 In 1 inning. Hit by Pitcher By Smith (Koenecke). Losing Pitcher Hoyt. Umpires Stark and Pfirman. Time of Game 2:13. Walker Hurls Cards ToWin Over Braves; Twin Bill Divided 1 T mils A,,m,of 10 IAP1 After pounding their way through six Cardinal pitchers for a 10-to-9 victory in the first game, Boston's Braves ran into an airtight fielding performance and dropped the second game to St. Louis, 3 to 1, ' today, ' Home runs by Medwick and Collins, the latter's twenty-ninth of the season, and a double by Whitehead gave the Cardinals their three runs in the first inning of the second game. With that margin they settled down behind the pitching of Bill Walker and contributed a flok Riggs Wins In Tennis Finals, Trouncing Archie McCallum By A. E. Farris. Robert Riggs, high school boy of Los Angeles, California, defeated Archie McCallum, Cincinnati ace- of-the-courts, 63; 36; 6 4; 62, in a victory of youthful determination over veteran court generalship for the Men's Singles Championship of the twenty-third annual Ohio Valley Tennis Tournament at the Hyde Park Tennis Club yesterday. Riggs won the Junior Championship Saturday. The Men's Singles was won last year by John McDiarmid, Fort Worth, Texas, eleventh National Ranking Men's Singles player. Paul Kunkle, who has won two legs Of the cup, one in 1932 and the other in 1933, did not enter the tournament this year. Clara Louise Zink defeated Monica Nolan, for the women's singles championship, 62, 63. Both the winner and runner-up are Hyde Park Tennis Club players. Ruth Oexman was the 1933 women's champion, Riggs and Vernon John, another student, from the Sunshine State, defeated Monte Tiller and Harold Wiese, Louisville, Ky., in a five-set affair, 16, 64, 26, 61, 62. Tiller and Wiese played an excel lent exhibition of team work, but the harder smashes and drives of the Californians eliminated them. The Riggs-McCallum fray was a long see-saw affair. Although McCallum constantly played to Riggs back hand, tactics he used in de feating Vernon John, he found a of double plays to stop the Braves with one run. First Game. BOSTON. AB.H.PO. I ST. LOUIS. A AB.H.PO.A 2Whlteh'd,2b 5 15 4 3R'throck,rf 5 2 4 0 0iFrisch,3b 5 3 2 4 0Medwick,lf 4 3 3 1 4 3 7 0 nmavia.ft 4 110 Urb' 3 2 1 Mallon,2b 4 0 Jordan, lb Lee.lf Moore, rf Th'pson.rf 5 13 0 Whitney,3b 5 4 0 2 2 Hogan.c 4 Spohrer.c 0 Brandt,p 1 Bettsp 1 Smith 0 OlCarleton.p 0 0 U'Hames.p 0Mooney,p OMartin.p OlVance.p -IP.Dean.p 6itHealey ItOrsattt llCrawford ijBelancey Totals 37 14 27 0 (I 0 0 0 0 0 0 I Totals 42 17 27 14 Ran for Hogan in seventh inning. tBatted for Haines in third Inning. tBatted for Vance in eighth Inning. liBatted for Durocher in ninth Inning. SBatted for P. Dean in ninth inning. Innings... 12 3458789 Boston 4012 II 110 110 St. Louis... 0000403209 Runs Batted In Jordan 2, Moore 2, Whitney, Urbanski, Mallon 2, Berger, Lee, Frisch 2, Medwick 3, Collins, Rothrock. Two-Base Hits Moore, Frisch, Healey, rvntn Martin. Davis. Hotral. Fullis, Rothrock; Berger, Delancey, Three-Base Hit Medwick. Home Runs Jordan, Frisch, Berger. Stolen Base Whitney. Sacrifice Mallon. uouDie nays r risen io mine-head; Durocher to Whitehead to Collins; Mallon to Hogan. Left on Bases Boston, 6; St. Louis, 9. Bases on Balls Off B?andt, 2; off Betts, 1; off Carleton, 1; off Mooney, 1; off Vance, 1; off P. Dean, 1. Struck Out By Brandt, 1; by Vance, 1. Hits Off Brandt, 11 in 6 Innings (none out in 7th inning) ; off Betts, 6 in 3 Inningd off Carleton, 5 in lVn innings; off Haines, 1 In 1 innings; off Mooney, 3 in no innings; off Martin, 1 In 2 innings; off Vance, 3 In 3 innings; off P. Dean, 1 In 1 inning. Hit by Pitcher By Carleton (Urbanski). Winning Pitcher Betts. Losing Pitcher P. Dean. Umpires Sears, Klem and Reardon. Time of Game 2:32. Second Game. BOSTON. AB.H.PO ST. LOUIS. AB.H.PO.A Urba' 2 13 W'nhiitrl.2h 4 13 5 Th'pson.rf 2 W'neton.rf 2 IRo'hrock.rf 4 10 0 Frisch, 3b 4 z o l Medwick.lf 3 18 0 Collins, lb 3 17 0 Delancey.c 2 0 8 0 Jordan, lb 4 Lee, If Mallon. 2b 3 O 4 u 3 0 13 W'itney,3b Hogan, c Walker.p 3 0 0 0 Knem.p Rrown.O Totals 29 8 27 9 McManus Totals 31 7 24 101 Batted for Rhem in eighth. Innings... 12345678 9 Boston oOOOOpOlO 1 St Louis... 3uuuuu Errors Urbanski, Medwick. Runs Batted -w....iiir rinlllna .Tnrdnn. Twn- in rriBii, mcuw . - - - Base Hits Whitehead, Frisch. Home Runs Medwick, Collins, utoien b rrmtu, Rothrock. Double Plays Durocher to ... . . in . Ei.(anti in Wfhii a to a a H to Collins; Whitehead to Durocher to coiiina. Urbanski to Mallon to Joraan. i,eii on Bases Boston, 7; St. Louis, 3. Base on Out By Rhem, 4; by Walker, 5. Hits Off Rhem, 0 in 1 innings; uu diuytu, 1 inning. Wild Pitch Walker. Passed Ball Delancey. Losing Pitcher Rhem, Umpires Klem, Reardon and Sears. Time ot Game imo. Dayton Qualifier On For Tomorrow Continued From Preceding Page. way promptly at 9 o'clock, with Milt Schloss, young Hlllcrest Club star and member of the University of Michigan golf team, and Emerson Plessinger, of the Gem City, firing the opening broadside. A total of 180 will qualify from all pver the country for the national amateur and will immediately start match play for the title. This will be the first time this sort of procedure has been tried in this country. It has met with much success in England for many years. The pairings and starting times for tomorrow follow: ' 9:00-1:00 Emerson Plessinger, Miami Valley, Dayton, O.; Milton J. Schloss, Hill-crest C. C, Cincinnati, O. 9:05-1:05 Nelson J. Ruddy, Maketewah C. C. Cincinnati, O.; Todd Francis, Summit Hill Club, Cincinnati, O. 9:10-1:10 Bob Servis, Miami Valley, Dayton, O.; Dick Meinken, Clovernook C. C, Cincinnati, O. 9:15-1:15 Hugh H. Cllnes, Audubon C. C, Louisville, Ky.; Bob Kepler, Northmoor C. C, Dayton, O. - 9ri20-l:20 Paul Oenung, Miami Valley C. C. Dayton, O.; Craigie Krayenbuhl, Louisville C. C, Louisville, Ky. 9:25-1:25 Richard LeBlond, Camargo Club, Madeira, O.; John G. Florio, Wyan-dott C. C, Worthlngton, O. 9:30-1:30 Spence Kekow. Summit Hill Golf Club; Martin Dumier Jr., Hyde Park G. and C. C, Cincinnati, O. 9:35-1:35 Johnny Fischer, Highland C. C, Ft. Thomas, Ky.; F.arl M. Stokes Jr., Louisville C. C, Louisville, Ky. 9:40-1:40 Harold H. LeBlond. Camargo Club, Madeira. O.; William Gilbert III., Western Hills C. C, Cincinnati, O. 9:45-1:45 Alex Larmon, Kanawha C. C, Charleston, W. Va.; W. A. Chadwell, Hyde Park O. and C. C, Cincinnati, O. 9:80-1:50 DeWitt W. Balch, Camargo Club, Madeira, O.; J. Bruggeman, Ft. Wayne C. C, Ft. Wayne.. Ind. 8:55-1:55 William J. Deupre Jr., Highland C. Ci Ft. Thomas, Ky. better back-hand shot from Riggs's racquet Riggs opened in this first set on his service and took the first game with ease. McCallum took the second and third games, playing on Riggs's back hand before Riggs rallied and ran out the set $ 3. McCallum, serving on the opening of the second set, went through the California!! for five games. Riggs broke McCallum's service, took ' his own, went through the local man's service again, and then dropped the set 6 3. With the match even, Riggs, playing to McCallum's fore hand, drawing McCallum to the net and passing him, dropped the second, sixth, seventh and ninth games and carried the set, 6 4. Riggs only dropped two games, the third and sixth, in the fourth set However, in the seventh game with Riggs serving, the score went to deuce six times before McCallum dropped the game. In the eighth game with match point for Riggs, McCallum ran the score out to deuce three times from Riggs's advantage. McCallum, still serving in this game and waiting for Riggs to fault, then drove two balls into the net, double fault and match for Riggs. Gordon Small, President of the Ohio Valley Tennis Association and Vice President of the Western Association, presented the trophies. Riggs now has one leg and Paul Kunkle two legs on the Lone Eagle Cup, first awarded in 1930. The other man "with a leg on this cup is Bruce Barnes, who defaulted his right to contend further for the trophy when he joined professional ranks. Max To Box Nensel In Ring In Germany Continued From Preceding Page. Jimmy Leto, Hartford, vs. Jackie Davl3, Cleveland, welterweights, 10; at Los Angeles, Gorilla Jones, Akron, Ohio, vs. Oscar Rankin, Los Angeles, middleweights, and Tony Cancela, Tampa, vs. Leroy Haynes, Los Angeles, heavyweights, each 10; at New York, Coney Island, Petey Hayes, New York, vs. Lew Feld-man, New York, featherweights, 10. Wednesday At Hamburg, Germany, Max Schmellng, Germany, vs. Walter Neusel, Germany, heavyweights, 12; at New York, Ebbets Field, Tony Canzoneri, New York, vs. Harry Dublinsky, Chicago, and Tony Herrera, Chicago, vs. Lou Ambers, New York, all lightweights, each 10; at Oakland, Calif., Guy Salerno, Los Angeles, vs. John Erjavic, Minneapolis, light heavyweights, 10. , , ;. Thursday None. ' Friday At Hollywood, Tommy Paul, Buffalo, vs. Georgie Hansford, Lo3 Angeles, featherweights, 10. . Saturday At Catalina Island, Frankie Arregon, Tucson, vs. Joe Ponce, San Fernando, lightweights, six. Sidney Wood Falls In Budge Match South Orange, N. J., August 19 (AP) Nineteen -year -old Donald Budge, of Oakland, Calif., defeated Sidney Wood, of New York, ace of this year's United States Davis Cup team, 63, 46, 61., in the inter-sectional tennis series between the East and the West today. Playing steadily and taking every advantage of Wood's errors, the red-headed Californian produced the third point for the Western team. With two doubles matches left on the program, the East still held the lead, 53. Budge's victory created a sensation among the 2,500 spectators at the Orange Lawn Tennis Club, but it obviously resulted from the internationalists' inferior perform ance and carelessness, coupled with the youngster's intense desire to win. RING CARD IS SET. Brown Is To Box Harding In Wednesday's Semi-Wind-TJp. Mickey Brown and Red Harding will furnish the fireworks in the eight round semi-windup to the Al Hamilton-Jesse Calhoun main go at the Parkway open air arena Wednesday night. Matchmaker Herman Katz succeeded in rematching the pair last night The Parkway promoter has been attempting to rematch them ever since the last hectic battle they staged, which went to Harding after eight of the most furious rounds the fans have witnessed in a long time. Judging from the manner in which Calhoun and Hamilton are training they should stage a real war. In one of the four-round battles, Pete Huber, former Markian Club amateur, will show his wares against Charley Lightfoot. The boys are bantamweights. Huber is said to be a real prospect Another four-rounder will bring Pete Torig against Johnny Stevens. TO PLAY AT MILWAUKEE. Green Bay Packers To Stage At Least One Game There. Milwaukee, Wis., August 19 (AP) The Green Bay Packers have arranged to play at least one of the regular games in the national professional football league here this fall at State Fair Park, officials of the club announced today. The Packers have selected Sep tember 30 as the date to meet the New York Giants and tentatively arranged to oppose the Chicago Bears under floodlights October 17 and the Chicago Cardinals November 18. A new field for professional football, the Fair Park will accommodate more than 12,000 in permanent rests and 5,000 more in temporary bleachers. Freitas Hurls Today's Game; Parmelee Foe The champions again this afternoon at Crosley Field. Tony Freitas is likely to be in shape to pitch for the Reds and Parmelee, who now has fully recovered his health and strength, but is still a bit wild at times, will operate for Mr. Terry. Play called at 3 o'clock. If the Reds had not tied the score in the ninth Schumacher would have been credited with the victory, which would have been his twelfth straight over the Reds, his fifth over them this season and his nineteenth in 1934. But when the score was tied it became Sal-veson's game and he gets the victory, as he started the batting rally in the eleventh and the two runs made in that inning belong to him. Frey was saved from defeat by the tying of the count and Derringer is charged with the loss of the contest. Dressen Day was celebrated with some ceremony just before play was called at the start of the game. Charley was called to the plate, surrounded by the members of both teams and presented with a wide grin, a hearty handshake and an elaborate floral horseshoe by Eppa Rixey, who was Chairman of the committee in charge of the occasion. Eppa delivered a speech which was- reminiscent of his best efforts when he headed the class in elocution at dear old Virginia. Then Freddie Russell, sporting editor of .the Nashville Banner, came through with a handsome wirst watch, the gift of General Managers McPhail, of the Reds, and Jimmy Hamilton, of the Nashville Volunteers, and also a traveling bag, the contribution of a coterie of Dressen admirers in Nashville. Charley also got a well-frosted cake from a lady of Decatur, his home town, and this was the first of his gifts which he put to a practical use. The Camp Washington Business Club is not to be outdone when it comes to welcoming its fellow-citizens to Crosley Field. The club has made arrangements to stage a ceremony In honor of Ralph Birkhofer, Camp Washington products, who is doing quite a bit of left-hand pitching for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Dr. R. R. Flllbrandt and Phlll Noll are In charge of the arrangements, and the act will take place on Sunday, September 2, when the Pirates make their last appearance of the season here in a double-header. Harry J. Welsbaum, of Avondale, sent the following telegram to the sporting editor of The Enquirer: "Arrived New York today and regret that I can't be with the fans to help honor Charley Dressen, with whom I roomed when with the team at the training camp at Orlando. I predict that he will be the idol of the fans in 1935. Charley eats, sleeps, talks and knows baseball and will give the team the color which it has lacked for years. Please convey to him my sincere wishes for his success." Phil Weintraub, the huge Hebrew outfielder who played left for the Giants, with Joe Moore moving over to center, did not increase that .400 batting average which he has been carrying around. Phil was up six times and got one scratch hit, a mean roller to Bottomley, on which Frey was slow In covering the bag. He bats left-handed and must be something of a socker on the day when he Is going good. The Reds played heads-up ball in spite of the stern manner in which they were subdued by Schumacher and gave Frey some brilliant support. Tony Piet came througn with a very fast play to retire the side in the first Inning and Comorosky made a glittering catch of Jackson's long drive to the rightfleld wall in the eighth, banging up against the concrete but holding fast to the pellet. Adam has developed into a sure-enough rlghtflelder and doesn't let the bad sun out there interfere with his work at all. When the southpaw, Al Smith no relation to the other gentleman of the same name relieved Schumacher In the ninth inning, he came through with an odd play right off the reel. There was a man on first and Koenig bunted on the first-base side. Smith ran over, fumbled the roller and finally kicked it to Terry Just in time for the put-out. But for that lucky play the Reds would have won the game then end there without going Into extra Innings. Ted Klelnhans pitched only two balls after - relieving Johnson in the ninth inning. Terry singled off the first one and he got Ott on the next one, retiring ifr side. Both Frey and Schumacher, each of whom pitched eight innings, had fine control, Bennie averaging 2.57 to the batter and Hal 2.86. Neither gave a base on balls. Derringer did not have such good control, walking three men in two rounds and pitching 36 balls to 10 batters for an average of 3.60. The Cubs, by their double victory over the Phillies, pulled up half a game on the champions, but the Terry crew is not showing any signs of worry. The Reds, though defeated, gained a half game on the Phillies, the only club which they have a possiblo chance to beat out. Carl Hubbell Is always hanging around waiting for a chance to go in and save a game whenever he Is needed. Terry took no chances after the Giants had put over a two-run lead In the eleventh and the great left-hander was right on the spot. He did not get credit for the victory but he did not mind that at all. Unlike some headliners, he is for the team first and his own record afterward. Second-basemen did not have a holiday. They were among the busiest men on the field, Hughey Critx accepting 12 chances and Tony Plet 10, all" handsomely handled by these two experts. . The paid attendance was 12,257, which shows that it doesn't take a double-header to pull out a crowd, if the attraction i learn about this sometime, though they have so far been pretty slow in getUng next to the real facts. CYCLISTS NEAR ARIZONA In Race . Across Continent New Time Record Sought. Los Angeles, August 19 (AP) Eight amateur bicycle riders who set out from here today on a transcontinental race to New York against time were making good speed as they swept toward the Arizona state line. The team left simultaneously with other groups from San Francisco and New York, seeking to better the record of 13ft aays established in the first cross-coun-rrv nedalin? event in 1896. Accompanied by a bus, the team is riding in shifts, one member pedaling while the other seven rest in the day-and-night grind. , At Gallup, N. M., a squad from that section will take up the Eastern journey, which will include Kansas City, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Columbus, Cincinnati and Philadelphia. The Los Angeles team is composed of Art Shunk, Charles Norton, Charles Ellis, Lee Marshall, Bob Ward, Buck Ingham, Tony Bradasich and John Kneisel. . Showers over the Mojave Desert today helped to lower the temperature. PACE-SETTERS Outhit In Both Tilts, But Beat Red Sox Twice Before 46,000 Fans. Grove Is Knocked Out In Opener Leaders Win Final In Ninth Scores, 8-6, 4-3. Boston, August 19 (AP) Although outhit in both ends of a double-header, the league-leading Detroit Tigers won two games from the Boston Red Sox today, 8 to 6 and 4 to 3, before a paid attendance of 46,995, the largest American League crowd in Boston's baseball history. Detroit scored two runs in the first inning of the opener on two hits and three Boston errors. Bill Cissell, Boston second baseman, was banished in that frame for arguing a decision made by Um pire Summers. Max Bishop moved over to sscond for the Sox, and Eddie Morgan, regular first-sacker, who was out of the game with a broken thumb for several weeks, returned to the line-up. In tne fifth inning Detroit got to "Lefty" Grove for five runs. Fox, Joyner White and Bill Fogell singled, and Charley Gehringer got a base on balls. Marvin Owen and Ray Hayworth then followed with doubles. . Grove finished the inning, but Henry Johnson came in to pitch in the sixth. He held the Tigers hitless in the sixth, but was taken out for a pinch hitter and the veteran Herb Pennock shut out Detroit with two hits during the remainder of the game, The Sox attacked Pitcher Alvin Crowder for three hits, a base on balls and four runs in the ninth. Julius Solters banged a home run over the left field wall, scoring two runs before him in that frame. "Rube" Walberg's error paved the way for Detroit's first run in the opening of the nightcap. The Tigers scored one run in the second inning and another in the fourth. "Dusty" Rhodes relieved Walberg In the eighth inning, but in the ninth, after two were out, Mickey Cochrane got a base on balls and Eldon Auker and Fox singled, to drive in another run. The Sox came back with their third run of the game in the final inning. Carl Reynolds beat out a roller to Gehringer and Morgan pushed him around to third with a single to right. "Dusty" Cooke batted for Bill Legett and was thrown out by Auker, Morgan going to second. Reynolds scored as Owen threw out pinch-hitter "Rick" Ferrell. First Game. DETROIT, BOCTON. AB.H PO.Al AB.H.PO.A Fnx.rf 1 0Blshop,l-2b 5 0 4 2 Geh'g'r.2b Guslln.lf Gr'nb' Owen, 3b Hayw'th.c Crowder, p 6 0Werber,3b 4 2 4 2R.Jo'ns'n,lf 6 3 1 OiReynolds.rf ft 0 1 4 7 2R.Ferrell,c 1 2iClssell.2b 6 0iMorgan,lb 0 IGrove.p Totals 38 12 27 12 H.Jo'ns'n.p 'W.Ferrelt Pennock, p tPorter 0 0 0 0 0 0 110 0 Totals 40 13 27 11 Batted for H. Johnson In sixth. tBatted for Pennock In ninth, Innings.... 123456789 Detroit 20015000 08 Boston 00020000 46 Errors -Owen, Bishop, Werber, R. Ferrell, Lary. Runs Batted In Greenberg 2, Owen 2, White, Rogell, Bolters 3, R. John-son, Morgan, Grove. Two-Base Hits Fox, Rogell, Greenberg, Owen, Hayworth, R. Johnson 2, Solters, Grove. Three-Base Hit Solters. Home Run Solters. Stolen Base Werber. Double Plays Orove to Lary to Bishop to Morgan; Owen to Gehringer to Greenberg. Left on Bases Detroit, 6; Boston, B. Bases on Balls Off Crowder, 2; off Grove, 1; off H. Johnson, 1; off Pennock, 1. Struck Out By Crowd-e.', 4; by Grove, t; by H. Johnson, 1. Hits Off Grove, 10 In 5 Innings; off H. Johnson, none In 1 inning; off Pennock, 2 In 3 Innings. Passed Ball R. herrell. Losing Pitcher Grove. Umpires McGow-an, Hildebrand and Summers. Time of Game 2:19. Second Game. DETROIT, BOSTON. AB.H. PO.A AB.H.l-'J.A Fox.rf 0 0 Blshoo.2b 0! Werhler.3b 4 Geh'ger,2b A 5 1 1 1 5 1 1 5 4 0 0 R.John'n.lf 4 RnltArfl.rf 4 Goslln.lf Reyno'ds.rf 4 3 Morgan, lb 3 1 Gr'nb' Owen, 30 Legett, c tCooke 3 1 Cochrane, c 3 Auker, p 3 i. 3 tR.Ferrell Waiberg.p Porter Rhodes, p iW.Ferrell Totals 34 8 27 19 Totals 33 9 17 11 Batted for Walberg In seventh inning. tBatted for Legett in ninth Inning, itlatted for Lary in ninth inning. Batted for Rhodes In ninth Inning. Innings 123458789 Detroit 11010000 14 Boston 11000000 13 Errors White, Walberg. Runs Batted In Fox, Cochrane, Auker, R. lohnson, Lary, R. Ferrell. Two-Base Hits Greenberg 2, Cochrane, Auker, Bishop, R. Johnson, Reynolds. Stolen Bases White Gehringer. Sacrifice Auker. Double Plays-Owen to Gehringer; Rogell to Gehringer to Greenberg. Left on Bases Detroit, 7; Boston, 6. Bases on Balls Off Auker, 3; off Walberg, 2; off Rhodea, 1. Struck Out By Walberg, 2. Hits Off Walberg, 6 in 7 innings, off Rhodes, 2 In 2 innings. Losing Pitcher Walberg. Umpires .Sum-mere, Hildebrand, McGowan. Tlm-2:07. College Hurlers Star In Yanks' Twin Win; BrownsLose,9-3,2-l New York, August 19 (AP) The Yankees' two collegiate pitchers, Johnny Murphy, of Fordham, and Johnny Broaca, of Yale, hurled the Yanks to a double victory over the St Louis Browns today, 9 to 8 and 2 to 1, before a Sunday crowd of 34,159. St. Louis errors helped the Yanks along in the first game and Mur phy had an easy time winning his twelfth victory of the year. He gave only seven hits, one of which was a homer by Bruce Campbell. New York put on a three-run rally In the third, started by Babe Ruth's double, and finished by George Selkirk's single. Selkirk's two-bagger with the bases full featured a four-run outburst in the seventh. Selkirk also drove in the first Yankee run in the second encounter, while Bill Dickey's double in the fifth sent Jack Saltzgaver over with the winning tally. St. Louis scored on a double steal by Campbell and Grube. First Game. ST. LOUIS. AB.H.PO I NEW YORK. Al AB.R.H.PO.A Bejma,3b 4 2 1 l! 4 0 14 4 Burns, lb 4 Garms.lf 4 1 0 0 2 0 1 0Saltzg'r,3b 4 0 11 OIRuth.rf 3 2 10 0Byrd,rf 10 0 0 UGehrig,lb 5 0 11 2 0 Dickey, c 3 2 3 0 OlChapm'n.ct 3 15 0 3 2 3 0 2ILaerI,2b 3 0 0 5 0 Murphy, p 4 0 2 1 I Totals 3 7 27 13 41 Campb'l.rf 4 Melillo,2b 4 Grube.c 3 Strange.aa 3 1 Hndley.p 2 0 Pepper 1 0 McAfee, p 0 0 Totals 33 7 24 Batted for Hadley In eighth Inning. Innings.... 123458789 St. Louis.... 00001001 1 3 New York... 11300040 x 9 Errors Garms, Mellllo. Runs Batted In Deckey, 2, Chapman, Selkirk 3. Lnueri, Campbell 2. Strange. Two-Base Hits-Ruth, Selkirk, Grube, Strange, Campbell. Home Run Campbell. Stolen Base Las-xerl. Left on Bases 'New York, 7; St. Louis, 3. Bases on Balls Off Hadley, 6; off McAtee, 1. Struck Out Mur;hy, 2: by Hadley, 4: by McAfee, 1. Hits Off Had-y, 7 In 7 Innings; off McAfee, 0 In 1 Inning. Balk Hadley. Losing Pitcher Hadley. Umpires Owens and Donnelly. Time 1:60. Second Game. ST. LOUIS. NEW YoRK. AB.H.PO.A AB.H.PO, Bema,3b 4 4 3 12 4 S'tig'v'r.Sb 3 Selklrk.lf 4 3 Dkkey.c 4 Chapm' 4 Burns, lb 4 Pepper, If 4 Campb'l.rf 4 Mellllo, 2b 4 Grube, c 4 Strange, ss 3 tGarms 1 Coffman.p 3 C.lft 1 Knott, p 0 Lanerl.2b 3 4Hnag,rf 01 Broaca, p 1! 0 Totals 31 9 27 10 01 Totals 35 8 24 11 Batted tor Coffman In seventh. tBatted for Strange In ninth. Innings.... 1234, 1 8789 St. Louis.... 00010000 01 New York.. 00101 0 00 x 2 Error Crosettl. Runs Batted In Selkirk, Dickey. Two-Base Hit Dickey. Stolen Bases Campbell, Grube. Sacrifice Broaca. Double Plays Burns to Strange to Burns; Crosettl to Laszerl. Left on Bases New York, 10; St. Louis, 7. Bases on Balls Off Coffman, 1: off Knott, 2. Struck Out By Broaca, 6; by Coffman, 3. HitsOff Coffman, 9 In 8 Innings; off Knott, none In 2 innlnga. Hit by Pitcher By Coffman, Crosettl, Losing Pitcher Coffman. Umpires Donnelly and Owens. Time 1:35. SO IT'S THE FINGER! Nats' Bewhiskered Hurler Chased White Sox Win, 0 To 8. Washington, August 19 (AP) The Senator's new House of David moundsman went to the showers today on his Initial appearance and Chicago beat Washington, 9 to 8. But the pink whiskered Allen Benson was not the losing pitcher. Alex McColl, who hurried to his relict in the eighth, lound the Senators still leading, 7 to 6. The Griffith management even sent word to the press box but after the cyclone struck in the eighththat all along Benson had been chucking with a blistered tlngur. Two were out In the eighth. Then that finger or something let fall three singles, with a walk, that produced two runs. One more run off McColl, tying the score. The Senators came back In their halt for a run putting them ahead, but Chi cago got two In the ninth to win, 9 to 8. The score: CHICAGO. AB.H.PO. WASHINGTON. AB.H.PO.A Bluege,3b 5 10 3 8 3 10 Myer,2b 5 3 4 5 C run In, us 4 14 5 Bolton, c 4 2 4 0 tlewell.c 0 0 0 0 Stone.rf 5 110 2 110 Manush.lf 10 0 0 4 2 12 0 I Benson, p 2 0 0 0 McColl, p 0 0 0 0 S Phillips 10 0 0 Totals 39 14 27 13 Sw'nson.rt 3 2 0 0 A Blmm'ns.lf 8 Appling. s 5 Dykes, lb 2 Hayes, 2b 5 H'pklns,3b 5 Shea.c 3 MadjeBkl.o 0 Gaston, p 3 Gullivan,p 0 Lyons, p 0 Conlan 1 tUhllr 1 jBoken 0 1 1 0 I 0 J 3 I 2 1 4 i 3 I 2 : 01 4 0 2 1 1 13 1 2 21! 1 0 , 0 ! 0 0 Totals 39 12 27 17 Batted for Gaston in eighth. 1 Batted for Shea In ninth. JBatted for Gulllvan In ninth. I Batted for McColl in ninth, Innings.... 128458789 Chicago 10120003 29 Washington.. 30010131 08 Errors Appling, Hopkins. Runs Batted In Appling 2, Myer, Bolton 3, Hayes, 5, Susko, Harris, Haas, Stone. Two-Base Hits Myer, Boltnn. Stolen Bases Harris, gwanson. Sacrifices Ben-sun 2. Double Plays Appling to Hayes to Dykes; Shea to Hayes. Left on Bases Chicago, 13; Washington, 12. Bases on Balls Off Benson, 5; off Gaston, 6; oft McColl, 3; off Gulllvan, 1. Struck Out-By Benson, 4; by Gaston, 2; by Qullivan, 1. Hits Off Gafiton, 11 in 7 Innings; off Lyons, 1 In 1 Inning; off Gulllvan, 2 In 1 Inning; off Bencon, 9 in 7 innings; off McColl, 3 in l'A Innings. Hit by Pitcher By Eenson, Bwanson, Dyken. Wild Pitches Gaston 2. Winning Pitcher Gulllvan. Losing Pitcher McColl. Umpires Ormsby and Gelsel. Time 2:20. EARLY ATTACK LAUNCHED By A's, Who Beat Tribe, 9 To 5 Jimmy Foxx Injured. Philadelphia, August 19 (AP) A determined attack In the early Innings gave the Athletics a 9-to-5 victory over Cleveland today, but the triumph cost tne A's the services of Jimmy Foxx for at least a few days. The home-run slugger was hit on the leg by a batted ball during the pre-game fielding drill una was carried from the field. The Injury, however, was not as serious as at first feared and Foxx expects to be back In the game before the end of the week. With Foxx'a home-run bat at rest Bob Johnson and "Pinky" Hlgglns each clouted a ball out of the park. Johnson's homer, his twenty-ninth of the year, came as the climax to a six-run attack In the itcond Inning. Trosky hit a homer for Cleveland. CLEVELAND. PHILADELPHIA. AB.H.PO.j AB.H.PO.A Galats'r.rf 4 0 0 0Cramer,cf 6 2 2 0 Kn'b' 6 12 lWllllams,2b 2 13 8 4 0 2 OiJohnson.Jf 6 10 0 Troskv.lh 4 3 7 3 0 14 1 Hale,2b 5 2 1 5;Hlpgins,3b 4 2 0 2 Rlce.lf 3 0 1 O Coleman.rf 4 12 0 Kamm,3b 4 0 2 2McNalr,ss 4 3 4 3 Pytlak, e 2 0 9 2 Hayes, c 4 12 0 C. Brown, p 0 0 0 lCaln,p 4 2 0 2 Wetland, p 2 0 0 0 Burnett 1 0 0 0! Totals 35 13 27 1 Wlneg'er.p 1 1 0Jj TotaH 35 7 24 " Batted for Wetland in sixth Inning. Innlnn... 123456789 Cleveland.... 00020SOO 0 5 Philadelphia. 16200000 09 Errors Finney, McNalr. Runs Batted In Trosky 2. Hale, Kamm, Johnson 3, McNalr, Cramer, Williams 2, Hlgglns, Cain. . Two-Base Hlta Knickerbocker, Winegarner, Cramer 2, Coleman, Williams. Hnm. Runs Trosky. Johnson, Hlgglns. Stolen Bases Bice, McNalr. Finney. Sacrifice Hit Williams. Double Plays Hale to Knickerbocker to Trosky; Kamm to Hale to Trosky; McNalr to Williams to Finney. Left on eases uieveiana, ; Philadelphia, 8. Bases on Balls Off Wetland, 1; off Winegarner, 2; off Cain, 6. Struck Out By Weiland, 4; by Winegarner, 3; by Cain, 2. Base Hits Off C. Brown, ft m 1 u nlnr: off Weiland. 6 In 3 '4 Innlnn: nit winegarner. 1 In 3 innings. Losing Pitcher C. Brown. Umpires Dlneen and Kolls. Time of Game 2.04. HARVARD NINE BEATEN. Tokyo, August 19 (AP) Harvard's baseball team was defeated, 8 to 6, by the Tokyo Club In the second start of its Japanese tour today. Tne score; Teams. R. H. E Tokyo Club 6 9 3 Harvard ,6 9 5 Batteries TsuJI and Miyawaki; Lough-lln, Bilodean and Msgulr.- TWIN AFFAIR Dropped By Ohioans, St. Paul Registering Twice Opener Score Is S-6 While Result Is 4-2 In Final-Saints Slam Three Circuit Drives In Succession. St. Paul., August 19 (AP) St. Paul dropped Columbus two games further behind Minneapolis by sweeping a double-header, 8 to 6 and 4 to 2, today. In the opener the Saints captured battle of home runs, which started in the third when Fenner, Norman and Shiver hit for the cir cuit in succession after Warner doubled. The Saints, who had been trail ing, 5 to 2, before the three homers, clinched the game in the fourth with two more runs, Warner driv ing Kosteer, who had walked. Warner came in after an error by Heath. Phelps and Teachout staged a pitching duel In the nightcap. The Saints' hurlcr allowed the birds only four hits, one a homer by Terry Moore, while the Saints got to Teachout for 10. St. Paul took the lead in the third and never was headed. First Game. COLUMBUff i ST. PAUL. AB.H.PO.A AB.H.PO.A. 5 2 4 61 3 0 8 0 Klggs,3b 5 3 3 l!Bluege,ss 8 13 4 5 13 01Warner,2b 4 3 2 5 Cullnp.rt 5 10 0 Fenner.o 3 1 B 0 Heath. lb a 0 1U 1 f Wllson,2b 5 1 1 3Shlver,rf 4 1 i u O'lies o 3 0 4 0 l li v K.Moore.lf 110 0 Kllnger.p 2 0 0 1 UTnU'I'a Ih 4 II 11 Trow.p 4 10 1 Am, v 1 1 II II And'sn,lf 10 0 0 Totals 35 10 27 11 Slme.p 0 0 0 II Cross.p 0 0 0 0 Totals 38 9 24 11 Batted for Kllnger in sixth Inning. t ioaiaaTRS Columbus.... 0 0 5 0 0 1 0 0 08- til. raui.t.. - w Errcri Heath, McWilllamii, RIkki. n i-a !n a BV Moore 2, Anglcy, Koster, Warner 2, nef 8, Norman, sniver. iwb-mh "" Myirs. Riggs, Warner 2. Home Kuns - nnnn Vannir. NlirmHn. Ri. muuic, vyuii.r,., ------ ' Shiver. Double Plays Riggs to Heath, Warner to Biuege to ioai. utii Columbus, 9; St. Paul, 8. Bases on Balls Off Kllnger, 2; off Sims, 1; off TroW, B. HirUCK Ulll ry nmi("i, , j Trow, 5. Passed Ball Kenner. Base Hits Off Kllnger, 8 In 5 Innings; off Sims, 1 In 2 Innings; off Cross, 1 In 1 Inning. Losing Pitcher Kllnger. Umpires John- ston ana uunn. ume oi uhiho Second Game. "COLUMBUS. AB.H.PO. 4 0 1 4Koster,lt 1 1 KlKK,.lt U J ill niurn,, 4 2 8 OlWarner.ih 2 2 1 2 1 0 1 2 1 12 1 2 1 6 1 1 Cullop.rt 4 0 1 Heath, lh 3 1 u oniver.ii Wilson, 2b 3 0 3 rvnea.o 4 0 3 llM'WIll's.Jb K.Moore.lf 2 0 3 HOillllanl.o Teachout, p 2 10 UPhelps.p Totals 30 4 24 81 Totals 33 10 27 15 Innings... 1 2 3 4 5 8 7 8? Columbus.. .00001001 O 1 St. Paul.... 00120100 X 4 Errors Myers Cullop, Shiver. lluns Batted In T. Moore, Teachout. Bnlver, Torlt, Phelps, Koster. Two-Basa Hit Shiver. Three-Base Hlt-Nnrman. Hume Run T. Moore. Sacrifice Teachout. Double Plavs E. Moore to O'Dea to Hlgg; Myers to Wilson to Heath. Left on Bases Columbus, 6; St. Paul, 7. Bases on Balls Off Teachout, 2; off Phelps, 4. Struck Out By Teachout, 3; by Phelps, 4. Umpires Dunn and Johnston. Time 1:33. BREWER ERRORS COSTLY, Hoosiers Winning Two Stortl Commits Tour In Final. Milwaukee, August 19 AP) The crippled Brewers sloughed off both games to Indianapolis today, 5 to 4 and 6 to 1, before a crowd exceeding 7,000. Four errors In the fifth inning were turned Into four unearned runs In the opener to snap Braxton's winning atreak of eight straight. Vance Page lasted the full route for the Indians. Stortl alone contributed four errors In the seven Inning afterpiece and Welnert had utile trouble beating Stine. The game was called at 3:30 o'clock to allow Indianapo lis to catch a train to Kansas uny. First Game, INDIANAPOI. AB.H. ,18. i MILWAUKEE. PO.A! AB.H.PO.A 6 0 3 0, Marshall, M 4 0 14 V.Slock,2b 5 Resen' 3 W'sh't'n.rf 5 Bedore,3b 5 Riddle, o 4 J.Sher' 4 1 8 Sullivan, lb 4 2 15 2 OIKloza.lf 4 2 0 2 01 Stortl, 2b 4 0 0 Gulllcrf 4 3 0!Lask'skl,3b 4 13 0 2 4 1 3 Kubek.rf Lee, ss Page.p 4 Since, o tHope nraxton.p Detore Totals 39 9 27 15 (I (I 0 0 0 0 Walkup.p jtRenza Totals 36 10 27 16 in.n.J n Dtn in rrM H R n fnv Buses In ninth. IBatted tor Walkup in ninth, . , i n n i Kfl7B0 INHIIIKS . . . w ......... Indianapolis ..000040100 B Milwaukee.... uiuuu n v 4 T .aalfMualrl Busce 2. Runs Batted In Laskowskl, rage, rtOHrnneig, imu&s, ....m. Two-Base Hits Bedore, Susco 2. Homo , - Ul-Un ttamm TJ I f I 1 TViuhla Plays V. 8herlock to J. Sherlock; V. Sner-lock to Lee to J. Sherlock. Left on Bases Indianapolis, 9; Milwaukee, 5. Baea on Balls Off Braxton, 1. oiruc oy Braxton, 4; by Page, 3. Hlts-Off Braxton, 8 in 8 innings; off Walkup, 1 In 1 Inning. Hit by Pitcher Rosenberg, by Braxton. rasseo du niuum. Kuin'i Pitcher Braxton. Umpires Clayton and Bwanson. Aims oi o.uw Second Game. INDIANAPOLIS. AB.H.PO. MILWAUKEE. AB.H.PO.A Marshall. ss 4 0 2 2 Cotelle.lf 5 13 V.8h'l'k,2b 3 R's'b' 4 W'sh't'n.rf 3 Bedore, 3b 3 Sprlnz.e 8 J.ShTMb Lee, is 3 Weinert.p 4 Sullivan, lb 4 1 3 Stortl, 2b 3 Gulllc.ct 2 Lask'skl,3b 3 Rensa.o 3 Kubek.rf 3 Stlne.p 2 Detore 1 Totals 32 10 21 4 Totals 28 8 2111 Batted for Stlne In seventh. Innings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Indianapolis 0 0 0 0 3 0 25 Milwaukee 1 0 0 0 0 0 01 (Game called In seventh to allow Indianapolis to catch tnln.) Errors Stortl 4. Runs Batted In Stortl, Rosenberg, Bedore, Bprlnz. Two-Base Hits Cotelle, Sprlnz. Stolen Bases Bedore, Sprlnz, J. Sherlock. Double Play Stlne to Rensa to Sullivan. Lett on Bases Indianapolis, 11; Milwaukee, 7. Bases on Balls Off Stlne, 5; off Welnert, 1. Struck Out By Stine, 2; by Weinert, 2. Umpires Swanson and Clayton. Time ot Game 1:40. MILLERS GAIN GRdUND By Trouuncing Toledo In Twin Bill Tauscher Stars. Minneapolis. August 19 (AP) The Millers mad a elean sweep of their four, gam aerlea with Toledo by taking; both Home Run Standings (BY ASSOCIATED PRESS) HOME RUNS YESTERDAY. Johnson, Athletics.......!... 1 Hlgglns, Athletics 1 Trosky. Indians . 1 Solters, Red Sox 1 Campbell, Browns...... 1 Collins, Cardinals .; 1 Medwick, Cardinals.. , 1 Frisch, Cardinals 1 Jordan, Braves t 1 Berger, Braves 1 Hurst, Cubs 1 THE LEADERS. Foxx, Athletics 88 Gehrig, Yankees 87 Ott, Giants 32 Johnson, Athletics 29 Collins, Cardinals 29 LEAGUE: TOTALS. American 65g National 549 Total 1,107 ends of today'i double-header, 11 to 8 and 4 to 0. The nightcap was called In the eighth because of the 6 o'clock Sunday law, Walter Tauscher pitched a four-hit gam to chalk up his eighteenth triumph of the season In the closing contest and helped bit cans with a home run. The Millers gained valuable ground In the Association pennant race and also In their fight for the Western division leadership since both Columbus and Milwaukee dropped double-headers. A crowd of 7,600 attended the twin bill. First Game. TOLKDO. ARM PH A MINNEAPOLIS. AB.H.PO.A Allaire, 2b 4 2 14 Cohen, 2b 2 0 Monta 2 Harris, lb Uargrave,o Arlett.rf Wrlght.lf (!aiizel,3b Starr, p Marrow, p 2 11 4 7 2 2 2 0 1 3 2 4 I 0 0 0 0 0 r&ivAv.ah PnwBrii i-f Holland, If Kels,3b-ss Davis, lb 8 u 2 0 7 0 0 0 0 1 Desaut's.o 4 Ntiwell.p 2 Uhle.p 1 Totals 41 18 27 10 Totals 30 10 24 10 Innings 123466789 Toledo 01820101 0 8 Minneapolis... 14002400 x 11 Error Rels. Runs Batted In Hargrava 5, Canze! 3, Cohen, Arlett, Peel, Powers 3, Allaire 3, Holland, Utile. Two-Base Hits Norrls, Arlett, Ganiol, Wright, Allaire. Horn Runs Hargrave 2, Holland, Powers. Double Play Norrls to Harris. Left on Bases Minneapolis, 8; Toledo. 7. Bases on Balls Off Starr, 4; off Marrow, 2; off Sewell, 2. Struck Out By Starr, 7; by Sewell, 2; by Uhle, 4. Hits Off Starr, 7 In 5H Innings; off Marrow, 3 In 3'ii Inning.!; off Sewell, 14 In 5 innings (pitched to 3 In sixth Inning); off Uhle, 2 In 3 Innings. Winning Pitcher Marrow. Losing Pitcher Sewell. Umpires McLaughlin and Qoetz. Time of Game 2:15. Second Game. fOLKD'O. AB.H.PO I MINNEAPOLIS. A AB.H.PO.A Aiialre.2b 4 n 2 BCohen,2h 4 110 4 Harris, lb 8 0 7 0 0Hargrave,c 3 0 8 0 0Arlett,rf 3 110 0Wrlght,!f 110 0 8 0 10 3 14 8 OioanzeUb 2 0 2 3 4Tauscher,p 110 3 15 Totals 23 5 24 "s M'tague.HS 4 0 2 Powers, rf 4 1 0 3 0 1 3 11 2 0 11 2 0 0 3 2 5 3 0 0 Rein, 3b Da vis. lb Zap' Garbark.o Perrln,p Totals 28 422 One out when game was called. Innings i ai'iaa.? Toledo 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 jninneapous 1 u 1 0 0 0 0 24 (Called end eighth, 6 o'clock law.) Errors Davis. Harris. Runs Batted In Harris, Arlett, Tauschor. Two-Base Hits Arlett, Powers. Home Run Tauscher. Double Plays Norrls to Harris; Allaire to Montague to Davis. Left on Bases Min neapolis, 3; Toledo, 7, Bases on Balls-Off Tauscher, 3; off Perrln, 6. Struck Out By Tauscher, 8; by Perrln, 5. Umpires Goetz and McLaughlin. Tim of Oama 1:35. COLONELS MOVE TIP. Take Two From Blues To Replace Brewers In Fourth. Kansas City, August 19 (AP) Louisville's Colonel climbed past Milwaukee Into fourth place in the American Associa tion today by trimming Kansas city, 9 to 1 and 7 to 3. The Colonels opened up on George Hock-ett In the first Inning ot the opener, routing him with three singles and t triple for three runs before he had retired a man. They ended the second gam by ham mering the same ockette for three singles which produced a many runs when mixed with three errors. Bass hurled the first gam for Louisville and Tlslng the night cap. First Game. LOUISVILLE. AB.H.PO I KANSAS CITY; l AB.H.PO.A 0Kre'vlch,3b 4 2 0 3 Rosen, of, . 6 2 2 V'nCa' 5 UMOSIOI,!!,. 4 0Alamada,rf 3 2 6 1 2 114 0 2 n Rrlcks'n,3b 6 Tho'pson,c 6 lRolllngs,lb 0Stumpf,cf. OtNlemiecss. 8Brenzel,c. . 0jKnothe,2b.. Hockette,p Brack, rf.. 4 4 Adalr,2b.. 3 Bass, p.... 3 lusrson.p. . Totals 3 li n "Hom. iShcalcy.p.. 0 0 I Totals 32 7 27 20 Batted for Carson In eighth Inning. Inning 123456789 Louisville 32001210 0 9 Kansas City ..00010000 0 1 Errors Erlckson. Nlemleo 2. Knothr. Runs Batted In Rosen 2, Van Camp, Ulmons 3. Thompson. Brack. Rollings. Two-Hate Hit Brack. Three-Base Hit-Simons. Sacrlflcu Hits Baea, Alamada. Double Flays Niemlec to Knothe to Rol lings; Ollvares to Van Camp. Base on Bulls Off Carson, 1. StrucK Out By Base, 5; by Carson, 1. Hits Off Hockette, 4 in no Innings; off Carson. 8 In 8 innings: off biiealey, 0 in 1 Inning, Losing Pitcher nocaeiie. umpires uononue and Johnson. Time of Game 1:37. Second Game. LOUISVILLE. AB.H.PO, I KANSAS CITY. A! AB.H.PO.A 0 Kreevtch,3b 5 2 12 Rosen, cf 5 13 V'C' Mosolf.lf 5 0 10 O'Alamada.rf 4 2 3 0 3 12 0 l1 Horn, lb - 2 0 10 0 0 Rollings, lb 10 3 1 " Niemlec. ss 4 10 5 4Crandall,c 3 15 1 lKnoth,2b 4 12 5 IStlles.p 2 0 0 3 Simons, if Erlck'n,3b R'ghofer.c Brack, rf Ollvares. s Adair, lb Tising.p Totals 40 13 27 si'Brenzei l o o o Hockette.p 0 0 0 0 Totals 34 8 27 17 Batted for Stiles In eighth Inning. Innings... 123456789 Louisville.... 00020101 37 Kansas City. 01100000 02 Errors Horn. Crandall. Hockette 2. Runs Batted In Brack 2 Niemlec, Rlng-hofer, Erlckson, Rosen. Two-Base Hits Erickson. Simon. Alamada. Throe-Base Hit Stumpf . Stolen Bases Rlnghofer,, Kreevicn. Alamada, iinotne. Sacrifice Hit Tlslng. Double Play Knothe to Rollings. Left on Bases Louisville, 7; Kansas City, 11. Bases on Balls Off Tlslng, 6. Struck Out By Stiles, 4; by Tlsing, 4. Base Hits Off Stiles, 10 in 8 innings; off Hockette. 3 in 1 inning. Wild Pitch Tlsing. Losing Pitcher Stiles. umpres Jonnson and uononue. xime "i Game 1:53.

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