Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 5, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 5, 1894
Page 3
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Vhisfcjfcjtfcl ,^re "stiirir.ri(."!e b)<:tke ^. U The' rttiirn ot-Blqfoftf'.iFjomln^j of ^«wae.r&str.- , WabiiW pg.uhty, ^ ; '.j vno •fttfancfotibd' J bU farnKf* immediately T{l«'e|tHa"war; VJid'.camo back to find White 'Lead bf .... ... Soutlisra," "Collhr,", ' rch t6'-y6;i' by vo'ur. merchant i:; . an •evidence ofhi.s rc!iabi!iry;- an. lie car. sell you chw.n 'ready-mixed 1 pr.ints and boc-us While Jje: J .d-and r.i: % .!:e r> larger ••profit.'' 1 Many shcrr-s':^!:lc-il '' '''' " ca^i's clo'so.' ....'.,...•';'•'• ..-"••• • "Fbf;, cV-QK-.!.— X.-iiKiml .Uii'l-. Ci.'> ' IV"= ^Vllhe l.(.-.d Ti!i;;t!i; Cr-.-ir:,, ;: u!i>:-t<;;-j:,.! i;:iU K. a 2yP<Jiil^ ' ^^ff «'^ JA'-.I ' tin.l'- tr::s y.''7- .-\':i pi'.tiir}; 1 :tirt " .. save-yoC ;I'KOC.<! niririy (Joll.-u: 1 .. ' :••-. NATIONAL''- LEAD'-C6., '-NeV V..vf:. ' ' eiwirniftl-1 Unhc-fi," • "••" ' ' Scve:i'.h .in 1 Krvemr.n AT^TTI:C, Ctr.',-i!i:..i:j... We few more dav boarders - : -' attentio'c we of those desirip'g" table bparc to >the fact that we are sery- ing,wieal3 that are not passed, in the city at prices never before attempted. We will give you good food well cooked and n served, and endeavor to coin as th'e'^ize ,and importance of our city deserves, and ask your patwxn^ge ; a3 AQjailpr ciation of our. efforts. . . ., - ./." .".•".' • '• •'••_• • • _••; '• .. f . : 2NDOME/ f ^7 -Broadvray. TheGreatHealthDrink Sfifc, mirt'ftilil rbilnblo. Aliray.i on Coin" 8mH Jc. il.mp for wQlldlljIllliirit'citilM sat boot. The Chni. E. Hlren Co., Fbllndclphin. •Nurw, what's the reason "Because few doctors investigate and discovert^e^emedie-s'themselves! Most of them merely experiment with theories and discoveries which they don't understand. This '''... Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer that I am giving you is a discovery not down ia_the..books~~It-ia-the .true-.-em- edy for your ~ •-. : T. :"j "•" Nervou3"Prostration or any and all nervous troubles, such as Sleeplessness, Debility, and so on.' It is a remedy 'applied intelligently by the di»cover«s tlie'tnSelves." ' Inquire of drnggistsrfor fte* wnipje. If not (buna; write us enclosing five cenfc (stamps) for postage. Th« doctor giy« f t 1 free ad vice to any nerve We offer S(oO ji.~~.. ^.tr^r^ra Ml We offer $500 to any physician or lit whtr- CbCllllnl, miirpnfy •how bvaiulftiaoc otherwise, ihMthll r«medy contain* morphine, opium harmful drug. diaease All •'"-. Mtlwrs ALBION. MICH. And 43 Dur »•• N«w York Sold by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. TO OPERATE 8UMI»fimi.T*!f WAW, ««KrF J_»_ t~_ *» »,__ n D U.n«b U*Mllll>ftfJl. 1IXJ TW urtnmir. BUM*»»(!»«IJI'«» •*•'-"*•".• * iJvi JolnowCo-OpetAtlTH.B. R, Stock SJ?«l"«fv.JSP to 500 percent-Mi'MnYim «Mllr m\de,jind*!tn ontrlsX. Send foi;'£tD«eetw<«nd DiUrJUrkt E»tt«," mailed fres. HUhMt-Befertnoe. Ou . Meortuptodst* 6?.vzw.>- •'-' • • • •»««»(. 88 P*re*ot- * CO, M««ki. 6nb MM a«r. Coleman McDonald, has been men- tioned'in "State dispatches.", Fleming called ,upon Mrs. McDonald who had mopr.nod him as .dead,, but she deu clined to see him and laughed at his' 1 threat to "--prosecute' her ' for' bigamy. -After a' : 'time, he left, tho/ 1 neighborhood, and/ now;.,, a letter comes from -a,-. : w.oaoan in a town in central, Iowa; -askingfor iufonmaUon as to Fleming. She says' that-live years' agb-'eho' married;;hlm' upon the representation 'Ibat ho..was, singfe.. and.that she h'as two children-. Fleming. ,it, appear^,,, d.escrtedi.-1'hon: when..became East, and-Jiae evident].; not-returned, -Woen'-last- sepn'-Flcte" he waa'bri 'rou'to t!o "the -Sol .6, : , J 'bui Jp few •fioiiV' it'cM'<ji>tipiiv .'..., Eugene. l)obs",'v, 'President of th' American Hallway- Union, upon t re •turnfujf td. ; -Tsrre TlautD'' Th'urfediy ovoping,-w.as,, ; £i.vun: ,-a.i reception- 'In which many pfi'Ojilcr participated. , wa's'a cpmpUmontary, welcpmq. Mr Dobs!made a sppech,-ip. which be? sail that the. victory /.on.tho Great North era, railway was won 1 ' because the ployes were united,' did no act violence and In the end submitted, to 'arbitration^. Throb cheers.were given .for Mr Debs,, and there was a.hoa/rt' response when Morton Rankln, treas urer of the Populace National Com. ,mlttee. proposed three more for the next Governor of Indiana, meaning Mr.. Dobs. .. A StrnDffe Eivviriciil Accldont. Thursday evening there was heavy electrical storm. In the region about Crown Point. John Houk, farmer llvinff near Crown Point had six horses in a pasture : fenced by barb wire. In fear of the' storm the ani mals huddled In a corner of the field, thelrVbeads stretched over the fence, probably trying to get as far away as possible, A bolt of lightning ' struck the fence some hundreds of feet away and following tho top wire struck all six of the horses instantly dead. This is one of the strangest electrical accidents ever re ported in this State. . ADDITIONAL Ladles, Otto's shoo* are on the first •floor. See shirt walats from 25 cents up, at the Trade Palace. Quaker headache capsuls give re. Ifef in ten minutes. We can fit every man with nool underwear, at Patterson's, the Haberdasher. ' ' ' .Finest line of boys and'mori'a shirts 'rbm 25 cents up. Now ..style etraw iats.—Harry Frank. . .... Otto Ivraua' entire store -has been remodeled; painted and papered by thd landlord, Hon. TJufus Magce.' " House for Sale Very. Cheap—No. 808 Sycamore street. Inquire, of A. DeLong, No. 402 Market street, For Sale—$5,000 accldeht tickets for twelve months for $10. Houses to rent, No. 319 Pearl street,—S. M. Clos. son. A full caao 25-cent 4 4 sateens in lovely summer colorings, now on sale at only 12} cents per yard, at the Bee Hive. War! on scrofula and every form of Impure blood is boldly declared bjr Hood's Sarsaparilla, the groat con queror of all blood diseases. jjOSt—Yesterday afternoon, a roll of matting.by the driver of H. Wiler & Co'a carpet .store. The finder will greatly oblige by leaving at the store. For rent, ..good front room, down TtalrB, suitable for . two, in good loca ilon on Market street, five minutes walk from court house. Inquire X X Journal 'office. ''.'.. ...... A lad .by the name .of Moore while fishing in che Wa-bash near the Pennsylvania freight .house yesterday af ter- a caught ff'-'-bass wb.lcb weighed four poUnda; m'S £;h>l.f. Tjiken.by misUk.e from .the Muso- deonhall Thursday evening, a lady's laraeol, curved handle, with name narked with pencil on corner. Find, sr please le»ve-at. this office.- -•-*•. Mr. John H. Miller, one of Miami county's wealthiest farmers and exten* World's Fair, was in the'city ,4«st 'eek and purchased of-J. C. BriSgei _ fine Cabinet Grand flush?*: Gsrti' -piano, with atransposiri^'keyboa'fd.-'' Delphi Times: Dut ast Monday evening Hgti the stock barn of Will T ' destroyed the barn and eluding two hundred and , , ._ ,^ of corn, several tons of h»y anTspme five hundred which there Is no lasurano*. , 1HE MEX. A'ETS. PICMC. \ BlicTJmc In Store June Slh—Lake Cleott atltuBi'xi nnd a I'lonsaul Time ANxiired. Major McFadin • furnishes the following to the press as the order of affaira'at the Mexican Veterans picnic at Lake CIcqtt June.8: Grand.DJd combination picnic. Veterans, of the Mexican war and old aattlers. ••••.• • ' ' • -\Vaitandwatchforthewagon. Fbrty~elghth anniversary of the de, partu're'pf the C.as.s. County Volunteers, for Mexico on Monday, Juno 8, 1 184C. , ',., •'.....- - . ••"•-' At Lake^Cieott, 'Friday, June8, 1894. T.'H. Bringhurat, President. '' J.-'B. Grover vico'president., '. '.'., ... ( S; L.'McFadln' treasurer. J. T. Bryor, secretary 1 .- .. Commluoe ,VBn-^" ''trfinsipprtation— Grovor, liryor^HIllbouscV-;-/.- c .-.. Commineo p_n grounds,.ijt^nds, etc. McFndin, Bryq»'.and.'.Gti 1 ovar:\* Committee ''"on "•' Maa'lo: ' Vigus id Fatte1»on. -.-: ; ;" CoWmitico ••-'Sit^ printlng-^Bryer Commit^s%n "Ice. \Kftter ijarreis cofTee—Henry'r^aHp way t'-'lahd Ma Reese. ''• • •'-' • '-;• '..„ Hon. Williamson Wright and Hon C. B. Lassslle.wiH address••• th-es -vn» multitude on bohalf of the old'settlers, Corporal SlcFadm'will. call the oli .roll'and 'note the dead .and absen -comrades,". '. . . , .-., • Sbort speeches will be made on.be- -half of the vets. Gen. M', 'D. 1 'Mansoh'ahd' Gerii 'Lew 'Wallace are Invited. ..'..., Chaplains'Kev. H. J. Norrts of the Broadway M.. E. church and Rev Gilbert Small of Idavllle will open.and close the ceremonies. • Captain D. H. Mull will have charge of the artillery and 'will .fire a salute, morning, noon and at sun down. . .- - - • There.will be a shooting match by all the gun clubs and also an.' old man's and a fat man's race. All did settlers, G.A. ,R.,' Son's of Vets,, Woman's Kolief .Corps, all.the Sunday schools, railroad men and families are cordially Invited to'par- ticipate in the joyous "festivities on tbat happy memorable and historic occasion. . ... The prettiest girl will be crowned Lady of the Lake with beautiful -white water llllles and crab apple bloBSOms and a little lady will recite James Whitcomb Eiley's pbotn "When the Frost Is on the Pump.k'io." Roduced fare on-all.the roads. Come one, come all, Old and young to Lake Cleott and have some fun. . Thb'o'.d nag old..glory will bo 'there all tattered and tor,n- . • ' .Talent. Complimented, P«ru Joornnl' ' ' ,. • . .' '• r. The May Music Festival pl"on at the Presbyterian 'church 'last evetiln'g waa a 'decided artistic 'and financial success," theprofislBncy of the .players Insuring 'the one and'the,' .very- large attendance the. other. Tuo principal Eirtlstowas Miss AnnaMlllerof Logan*, port, a violinist'of some note and con;, gldorablo ability.•' 'She appeared ' firsi la.a duet 'with her brother," John MUler, and ib.'.the 8ecpcd,.part gave ..a selection, from Mendelssohn. -Her playing was done with a precision and sage indicating the mastery of the Instrument gained by long application to its study and was encored . wikh much vigor. Mr. Miller has piajed before a Peru audience on a previous occasion and bis ability as a violinist bas further been known through hla class instructions In the city. Ho gave a fantasia from "Faust" ia an excellent manner and received an encore. Miss Nellie Stevens of Logansport gave a piano solo in euoh- an artistic manner that quite an. effort was made to recall her but she did not respond. Mies Stevens also played the_ piano accompaniments for Miss and Mr. Miller. gtOO Rewsrd, ,— , TH9 reader ol ttl*rap«rwill tix vMped..to learn that tftete U at .-least on» dreaded, mil that u Catarrh,-, 'Hall's IfctM onlr posltlte cure Known to flwipe atsrrh b«U«' i -« il "« M « nt ' on » l rtlM work.' The fait in {",, ouwftly \P ow «n'' One Hundred Dollars for anj case THERE'S LIKE II. Pert, Preltj Delia foi fc "Hi Run Dom"--Pai«e's Celeij . Addrcfil, ' F. 3. g-iiold by drogg'.»t». . , Toledo, A pbyslclan inexperienced in nerve may doctor you for the wrong r-.-'Whoeler^s Vitslizer is k'n6ns'i?haV-.4«teedBdi Sold by Ben 'Isher.v'; .':'' SmolwToar lAte ltle of a little .book that •phone 167. Tbere'was never a remedy so recommended as Palne'a csiory compound. . '. - . There was never a . remedy in such universal demand. Because— It makes people well! •Every one among- the thousands who have seen petite .Delia .Fox recognb.es in her one of the established favorites on the comic-opera stage of' -America. .-She is one of the best, singers now on the boards, She. has, a sense of pathos as well as a keen appreciation "humor, and as for.deft and nimble ^noing'theM! Is- no star who 'can excel her:- : ' •'.'.' .. ''. Pert, chipper,' vivacious, the very soul of motion, yet with .every, nerve and muscle under perfect control. Best Of all, she-Is unique. Evorythlhg that she does has the Delia Fox "tang." The life story of-this celebrated artiste and coming star is full 6f inter- eat. It shows, too, how much common ssnse and pure grit can accomplish when combined with real abili. She has worked her way up in. her profession step by stop with indomitable determination and a persevor. ance that nothing could discourage. With Conreld, with Hopper, and other managers ehe has won so many successes In to many cities that no artiste ,n comic opera is better' known throughout the country. 'But I have had to wort for it," she said to a reporter in New York tbe other day. ••You uee'dn't think that an actress' life )s spent upon a bed of rosee. I love the stage dearly, 'ind am very- far from wishing to Cn'd fault, but indeed the life is more trying- tbfcn people euppoao, ... "You .see we go through life with a rush. I have no .time lor.. Bnytbing- SinRlng every night and rehearsing, 'every day, with whatever, time there may be" left 'over spent In railroad curs. That is my yearly routine. Of •course the result of th'is sort' of thing •is a severe strain upon ttie tabrvoos' ay'stem.'--' The effort"to : Identify"'«'nVsi' self with' the cb-aracter on the siage"!^ very trying. " • ' : '"- i: ' : ."I have f reqrnsntly roUnTTTSryself, after a particularly successful 'engagement, 10. oervbus that • eating' -and' sleeping seemed luxuries 'with which I had parted company forever, and I wondered If fame or fortune achieved, at such a price, were not too dearly purchased after all. Last .summer I was particularly .run down. The least thing affrighted me,. and I shrank from etudv with loathing. ••I was thon : In.V^aahiflfitoa.-and the wife of B U. .S. senator rocommonded to mo a cure which she said had enabled her husband to bear up during tbe strain of the fierce debates in congress while the force bill was pending. I took it at her solicitation, and was rejoiced to find an almost Immediate Improvement. My__Jipirit picked up, and jaT""tE~o end ot two weeks tb'e same old exuberant health with which nature bleieed me i tia4, returned'. ' "1 ate and slept as I had 'not done since I was a child, and I .hav& never kriown_si > nce - t i hc > n. % an,.l!,our,'.ejncoa' lonce from nervous prostration. "The medicine to which lowew) much is PalneVcelery compound, and I have recomnicnded'lt toallmy stag*: acquaintances who have, .overtaxed their brains by too close- attention to study, and all have experienced the .same happy rosults"as*«iiyself."-.'. - • Paine's celery compound .has made :thousands . of" people,- .well. -It bit saved thousands of> •.woinenTfr^m nerv» ous prostration. It "has made/the .weak -9te i e»g." J ~"It-haa—cured--jjrhere overything else .has failed., ,.Jnumer», able testimonials " as to Its wondeyful value as a spring medicine have Been voluntarily- sent-to -Burlington, :Vt,,~ where It is prepared. ' . " • Paino's celery compound is the molt' remarkable remedy for the blood and nerves of the 10th century'. It hi* been recognized and is today employed by the foremost physicians for. curing kidney and liver troubles and all diseases due to nervous disorder, faulty nutrition and 'Impoverished' blood, producing results that seem little short of miraculous. Paine's celery compound In the spring builds up the system,' putlfie*! the blood, regulates the_nerye5, Ibe, weak and~worn-out soon find their frames Invigorated^ their spirit* raised, andfthelr strength renewed. ••It makes people well! • • _. As alpring medicine it is as super*. Iqc to all the ordinary remedies as strength U better than weakness. Four "C" Nothing in the -whole history of Medicine can compare with the-success of "FOUR C." It is the ONLY KNOWIT specific for It removes all Its DBKADKD and ETIL effects, Inducing restful, oatural leep. OKK pOSK will frequently remove Pleurisy paina. ONB DOSK has ime and again relieved a child suf- erln« with CROUP. Four "C" has ured Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia and Ulcerated Tonpilitis. In composition it is DIFFERENT, Is MOBK poWHBPUL-and ACTIVE,- in fact t Is as DIFFERENT from any other nog remedy as molasses is different rom vinegar, -••• It- is a ' REVELA- ION. ''BBST'O* 'AliL YOtT ' '' : . ilBK. We BSflBB'CB'of'tha - : 6ontra.pt. 8 Fou^-"0 ni MUST GIVE SlAtjS; c '' BEN FISHER. ...... Notice. The drat paymjnt_^n of stock to the.-, Citizens'. 'Natural. Company of Loganeport, Ind., is now due and should be paid at the com.., pany's "bfflce', corner of Market and Fourth' streets!.' 'Shares 'of "stock are twenty.fivo dollar^25._001gafih_(,t»fo shares to. a fire) to be paid as follows: April 20, 1894 ........ :.„ ----- ...... . ...................... $ 1.00 MM-21. 1894;....™ ....... : ............. June 20, 188J . J' .. ISM , September 2ft. 1894 ............ .. — ...... '. ........ ..;.«_ S 0(1 OctoborM, 18!M .......... r".-.::-.:-.-.7,:™— ...... S 00 November 20,. J80I, ..................................... 3-«J D»cember 20. 1891.:... January 20, 1895 ........................... Ol) $25.00 JOHN GRAY, President, C. W. GRAVES. ..Seftcatarj:., — A Valuable ehe«l. IACOMA, Wash.—I have 1 used your Simmons Liver Regulator, and can..conscientiously say it Is tha Ir'-g ff.°" liver medicines. Tour Iruwlit tells* it In powder or liquid. The powder to be taken dry or made into k t«». • .F,or the relief and', oure' of .a bold IB. the' h«jafl; : there' is' more;:^pVen : o!y,'la- Ely's Cream Balm-; than in anything el»e it' is'i . possible to prescribe. .This preparation has . for..yearV. p*ri. .been making'a'brilliant success U ft 1 remedy for-cold in the head, catarrh J and bay fever. ' Used.In the. initial stages of '• these complaints -'Cream'. fialm prevents any serious ; defiBlftp-;' ment of the'symptoms, while alrnoet numberless •cases • are on record ol__ radical Tn^r^s^-c1i-rO'^Icpc*Vs,rcb, unit f ! hay fever ..after I all other -treatment*. * . have proved of no avail. Imitator* unit Impouter*. | Tiro' unequalled success of Alloodt's Poroos Plasters as tra extenml renwdj hg» Induoed no- ittupuloug parties to .offer imitations, .whlcb »h«r; endeavor to sell'on tbe reputation ol Allcodt's. Itisknabsnrdlty to ipeak ofttem; Intnessm : estegoir s&**r jwraine porow.'plMtor. .Itoti alleged eatSlIW with Alloock'i Is • film prataMK' •7be ablest medlc*tpi«ctltlooet» *nd<*»(»trt». -•' wands of ItftUjtDl paUentt unite indt- Btwst «t»r . u- ill" ,.-.uaa "...linn MMptMOtMt. eatww OM whoU ., • •;/,•'•";.•< •i^feiivV&^'ivi .'..':•' .•.'•^•'•••fei'kfiJiitSi^iii^i'^iiAi&a^i^i ^^M

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