Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 5, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 5, 1894
Page 2
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WITHIN OUR BORDERS. uft^K- S&Jfc Information of Espaoial IntBriiSt tft. ..... ___ f . niliarta '''OiHt : l?ollo\vs v< 'iHstrict closed a two-day st-ssion ThursdayVysW ing. Tho work by visiting teuuis and the instructive lectures from Grand Officers ' — (TeuturefT'of ~tKiT>l:i.y's,progripiime. , The work' \vrisdQne-.by. jtba Farmland''' ond the' two Mu^io^afflflHJl'ASUfltM^ iT-"W.--K Talbott and Grand Instructor Lcody pronounced the -meeting a RTOivt uni:o«s8,_ and 1 all \v<;rQ. present thuCcould well DO handled. The meet' inp closed with a'gf and "ball at fproven to bei^the most£satisfactory and popular "Bopk-ot the Fair'' yet offered at the price. Everyone is site ••• Of its 'beauty '"ajrttf "e 1 $gan c'£ Ofdesign. .^ :As iHa'weeks. roU by- and the series , nears -completion; the Ti ;den1ancJ for the. ^s!.appWe«±--ttoe<Jwork advertises -itself. -.•• • • .Jli: 1 ^ 1 *"HJ.J*.; it '' ili.'Mfl j^'ML" 'V is artistic in conception ", ! ls : .theJ>.ook far the people n -ionly, De^fou-nd 'at -the Journal off ice: - !k ' l nnmitlid tb* Fight. • " - GOSIIKN", Incl : , .May^ 4,—A ten-round mill was ; ^orrnnRfd between Allan Prough, of this_city_,_and Len Powers, champion middleweight of Michigan. ^,'he tiineiflsod upon was 1 o'cloclJ'Tlmrs- day. morning and ...the place .a barn 8 miles ' southeast of , thiji..city.,,,.Throe hundred" Obshen, Elkh'iirt and South Bend sports wero in attendance and had purchased 'tickets, but lost their money's worth on account of the timely arrival of six deputy sheriffs, who. forbade the fight ' J, • • Allowed 1'rlnouorn to Vote.' "'• BKAZII.,. Ind.,.. May -.*.—It' was an. nounced Thursday : -that Morgan ''RygO,- sheriff of this county,! will be -prosecuted for taking from the county jail 1 ! election day Jfarney and Patrick-Tool;- ' " t '.' _ _. i £ _ _ ^ _ „ 1 j. A \. L. 4< ' ' I dHORT SPECIALS. Btat4»,.'oonvfintj0n-at I'?- Djr«utery !i,vmy;»nd sev will hold their the mcn'"hi»e '• David ITfal'I, a rajirried mati, foreman of the Aiton..,UU ;> ) bridge, was caujfht on the draw-span and lulled. The Tennessee republicans will hold -their3_tnt.o;.:coiiV.cuii'ou:oh; Auf?ust-4}l at- Kasjiville to nominate a governor. *"Tbe/''Jli)llander, Bradshaw, i'olsom Bai)i(»~3f,>;disposed. Crtah,,,jh?ep t - N wero crassing tho "Hue into' Mesa and Routt counties. Gov, Waite says he, will call out the militia, if necessary, to prevent th» invasion. Tax Btoyolcn for Koud Improvcmcnf, WinTiNQSViLLK, Mass., May 4.—The assessors of the town of North Bridge liave decided to tax bicycle*. They us- timate that there are 300 bicycles in town, valued at $25,000. Wheelmen expect th# money to bo used in improving the roads and will not object A Fatal Ualn PAKK KIDOB, III, Slay 4,—A heavy windstorm struck an unfinished building being erected by H. Schmeltikopf and completely demolished It. One man serving a sentence.for assault:and bat WBg killed and three eerioualy injured, tery, and allowing><them to vote. The best attorneys in the ,'city claim .ihiil Equal Suffrage In sheriff committed a''folony, as.'&'prU'i TOPEIA, Kan., May 4.—Asareiult of oner serving a sentence \a disfran'thiS'^'A • the efforts of Mm Laura H. Johns and her associates in the management of the equal suffrage campaign, :tnass- meetlnga are being- held in each of the 105 counties of this state. Among the speakers are Susan B. Anthony, Mrs. Johns and Carrie Lano Chapman. Wife's Death Inauoo* Suicide. . CAiiSOir, Nov., May t—M. E, Bazen, examiner in the United States department of-^justice, Thursday mi, from the death of his wife Last January appears to have been the chief cause of the act. • and tho .Toole boys' '"penitence had-not expired.'. ___ ^ -•••• '• ..,.;,V-'' .... Death of;.»-Wone«r. • : '" 1 \: 1 ; LA .POBTE,. Ind., ^ny 1 ' 1 ;^.— John : ,, 'F.. CathcaV't, of Westvill'ev-.this county.'died Thursday morning of ''i»eneral debilfty. His ago was 80 "yWri, and" he.had.je- sided 'here siricfc 1SS3: > lle was .o ji^pf if prominent ' faririly— ^lis" father." having beeTi"consni"'to- Cad'1z,'"i3pam,'in ;|0fl, and- his'-'brbtherl Charrb's ' United''States' : s'en:itoriii son's- ' r.UU|;'t;,»l'U Djimmlte. i: ' .. mpted to ^hroiv 1 naff £a!, jKmnij. oj.. .dy n»noito- stiek .'intd; Buck ci\eek, ; to .kill fish. "Tho explosion occurred too soon andiWilliH'^loft'hsmKJ' . . .souc caoal!! toi can at once and secure the back numbers. Part 12 no\y ready. See coupon on ,1st pg,ge^ ;::":;; . occurred too soon and aria,,,>*'er.On.torB' rnto' fratffcents .'.abqnfe the wrist"- Dr.''Bu'n«n-aiWi<u'latea : ' : tho.,;»rm,..rTbe man ., fatally. injured. : :-..-;•: is •'bdlieved' to be' Are all portrayed in Xhft-Marie Burroughs Art' Portfolio of .Stage CelobrltiesB. Such'* ceffliJletcconectlon'WaB n'o'vor inado before.- • 11 Such' ll an : opportunity.' to ( . ,.,, ' «•,,', t * •(!•; : •'••.". I' 1 ' ,, , . ..».[• ( - , . , , ;' -•' ' • • ' • •ecuro portrait^ and-; biographies ortha-'leadera.m .dram& ; fl8 that .now offered tojtbe'teadare of the Joprnat h'aa'n'o't occurred' before. : -That Is why' our Cou-. ' - ' pon fteflftrmenfcle. kept; busy andt'Oar-msils a'loaded ,wUh orders. Irom:. peo ple oftaste-wlth an eyo' fdr '(he'b'eautii'ul,.:. All are viu; ;.' i.'-..'n-;il - ^ ! "- < "•• ' ''" :'>/;-. .;•"" E 1 , 'Ind.; iiay ,4.— Ch6.rles ; Robin- son,"agdd'ii2 years, a .member ,..of -th.e- famous Herbert Brotbers^acrobat teaui»: died at his' borne in ]tbis,.ci£y... Thursday froni' ; th'o-' effects oi excessive cigarette smoking. The Herberts .won. .the "ti,tla • of world's champions jthreo .years ago in contests in'Ecw York and London. , Homo *ilorftri»l' . Lucrusta or tho lout na:ri woodwork which tfome^ in ; RiOKMONi),.Ind., Mtfy 4.—The corner stonu-oC tho: new Masonic temple was laid licro in the presence of an enormous, crowd of'Visitors fronv Indiana and Ohio..'..• .• • ' '" '"•' : ' .. : • Slioti In Self-IJoforiiio. .. SuTJitVAM, ' : IncL,'''May ., 4. — Henry, French' 1 -fatally'-'shot Charley '\Vflliain3,, a negro, here, in self-defense.. " '. . , , FOIJR ,HURT BY .DY-NAMITE,: llounc Ht idim In p rt lloltrfiim. inito ']TJiiLf(iHay,jijii(yht;-at..tho iesid|nco, p?i. l)r. lionsou :ln the Htiu de' ' - ' 1 ''' Thesa.magniiiceot porttoiios while tho oiler of'thwn.at tho--irt;iiDg' %ina"-aBktea by Th'b''Jo»irhal 8,1111 'holds.put.-. .JE.acb.por.t contains''tw4n't!y.' elegant half-tone photographgifioiBhed'In two-colors. '' "'"." ., > • • ; .•••'•>• • '''.',.. .'.' . The la»t.partls fully 'as-intprestln^-as any-.that- .proceeded it,"-•* ralti i 'anttbi,6'graph.it;ai.sketches ol twenty fataouUavprltes'.'of ,.ttie portrait o*n St»g-a. iThe . . i wo*'' •" shattered, .al^d,.' "i)f.-." ,R«n Bpn 'And', liis wife , were ..-linjured. There j.'i^.iup clew.ito thoi- : autmor )1 of ; It^e outrage. Dr, .Rensoh' -is "not h 4on- .•niictod: with-'politfcs', ,'and' as. f^ii : ,aa known 1 Iras. ,uq. en'c'fnies. . , : ,Dr. .audiMrs; their r.oturn-. .homo -from- a arioui ^widths and designs, wrcathsTiostoons, cupids, flowers, etc., i* invaluable for furnishing- off articles_pf, f urnitijro .of, •^lome* manufacture. -'It Oan^bd- onam- elled, stained, g-ildod or bron/.ed and gives a set of homo-made booltshelvea- -or a corner cabinet a neat aiidjiand-' some finish when they would olfenvjsA look botched and amateurish. <littlo help from tlic men o£ hoi or a little skill in carpenter!: .own {i woman without muc may have a charming- toilet table and many other things which would be beyond the reach of her purse if she had to buy thorn ready-made. A clelig-htfnl .toilet table :nu.y bc";ri.-ide of. a small •kitchen table with tho corners rounded off—the only difiicult part of its'crea- tion—or a plain pine tablo may be made with broomstick legs and a round cornered- board of t!i<j. required size.•Cover the top of this board with cambric of any light tint desired, and tack around tlic edge a curtain of the samp,, just fuirenoiijjH"to™h'ii.ng- easily. Over this should be tacked clotted svriss of dine th'in, cjiecse cloUi, 01; printed lawn,. :thc d'esigh 'being- the same delicate-' : tint of tlw .cambric. .Th,e top should. store in Boston, failed for 8141,000. Henry EcUck died at the house of his daughter, Mrs. Frank Headley, in St. Joseph, Mich., at tho age of 10-1 years. George Lane, of Pekin, 111., while standing- on a side trajj^. watcjuag a p'ossin^trai^was rjifTovi and killed. WWle resfeting afi attcijbpt|to search his mouse,^ohn I&rsten|a farmer, of Cart, Hi., ^as~fataHy shoj byV conata- blc £ A • - An agreement has been entered into by the American turf congress and the jockey club discountenancing winter racinp. .,,_ , , ^ /Tli^lSnd owners have entered |in|ta[ a| project to straighten th« Ivnnkak'cij rlrer abd 'rdclaiio vast tracts of imiirth! linens in Illinois. 1 . / | ' •' ; i -, i '•^frs. ^Ioryi«di. Kulison, bflS'tt Joafepn? Mich., committed suicide by hanging. She was 80 years old. Family trouble was the cause. After beinjf divorced fourteen years Isaac A.-Whitney; Of St, Paul, Tilinn., and Mi^.,1; A. Whitney, of Chillicothc, O., wero once morp married. — A report on the valuation of building stones produced in the United States during 1 1893 shows a decrease of over 118,000,000 from that of 1893. _ CJilieio ic^riatratloii IP CallfornU. - - SiN jfBA^oied^^ May 4.—to" this city the'^oliar'.reffistration ofO^ines^ tridJr tho refjistration law has reached 20,000. The total stnte registration so far as can be learned is 05,500. The number of _unrefrjgtcred. celestials is hard to esljmaTe, probabl^ iever^al thousand. / * . " < ' \ * ; • . • INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., May i —Tho sixth annual Indiana May music festi- vul will bqrgivcn at Tomlinson's {ha '], Indianapofis, onJfcyU.vW.aiuMT.r CE* dire/ionof tWlnjMni^isJ usic Hbstival sdsocijrftion. *f hi Jt innte St. Keyttr Fatankala, Ohio. Consumption ^tie of j^afai Ijpcml AppW'catlins'"Fallal-He fiarsaparllla Cured. "C. I. Hood St Co., Lowell, Mask: 14 Gentlemen: —I ought to make Ic&own i •lp«iiinco with Hood's Sarsapvllla, 10 tfaalj otheri afflicted may learn where to find a : t&y for that -JjfJSui. and obitlnat* dltraa*. i eatarrh. It trjmt^W^aerlousljr. I bad a d«U I aching son»itlo5fVtf1SMfi) o( my head, and Ik* I uiual dltcbarrfr IrOpMllB nose. I beeam* lOj bad that mornings IWHu do nothing but hawk] andiplt My Junga w«t c also being rapidly ajM lecteu, and na<l It noibecn (or Hood's Banana* J rllla, I would hajne filled A Con«umptlv«'«^Cr«v» long ago,:' I have" taken about.in bottlti ot I Hood'i , HriapsrillA, wlil«h ' b%e\«0»ctually [ earedtp». Beforeresortinfl oied w tho catarrh re " local afpfllcaUoD, I " th» parlllo." Hood'i Pills curoall5ltt'r\ffl5,blliouiueiv laciidlc«,,lndtgestlon;9lclcfc«wJFhe. lite.* i .-.jj U\ _" THE AlAJiKEm. - .. Ur»lD,"l^roviiloA«, Etc. CUICAOO, May 4. jipjriSSIed. Quotable: FLOUR — Dull and uid *biJ>H»<ly.-No^-sao;-No. J. Yellow, 39®3U!4<;: No: XT irrvfo; ^0. 3 Yollow, SSVio; May, 37?i4»33o;. July, 3»!iO38?«Oi September, . . No. ! caBli, 343i 8S«O333jq;. July, , supper, -found ai-maohinej-with -a bti'rn- ' ,ihg fuso.tlit: hall. the attached; at the' 'outr.anou of 'prr'Kensb'n b'oldly, picked mp maciiine ,,, aad.-- attempted 1 "" to the -• fuse, 1 - :; " but ' too latu. die fell 11 to. -the' ;fl6pr : . tei.ri-. t)ly w'o'uhdcd. ".. Tli'cro",., ,\v ; oi-u.,, several det.'p h'ok-'a" in', his cheat, his leg was ,'{ipokeu..»n<lihia.;fac3-'waa' covered with bjood.-j The 'doctors' ''fcar'hc' cannot rer coyer. ' Mrs. E'enson .was .wounded iu 'the arm'..iyid"lps.t, much .blood. • Two btliur porsoud . were ^Hghtly'h-iirt. ( D'r.' .EejiKoii .is conneetori^'itli'-ii coiil wino. 'near LioR-c. His father ia burgomaster. of.,the corairi'.uiic. " ., .... n •; : - - :: .-be plaiiil'.ffio 'cm-tain,.-gathered .pretty 'full or 'plaited 'in box pla.its^nd finished-; 'at the'top vv'ith'a.r.omij.^vo.orsii inches •deep.•f-Pniladcipliia .Pa-osa., ; . •... • •• •:•:—A seaman wiis iined'at.'B.irming- ham, EflEfland; 1 for m't'erfering. with .the c'omfort' : 'df railway ^assengrerB^ . ,lJe stepped'- otit'of an express tra.in while it was •travoTiiig' 'fifty'miles .an hour : and wandered" a'ltint,'- tlic . footboard. . One lii'dy, ''•who' 1 stdpp.ed[ the train, was. greatly alarmed at Seeing- his face appear before the window, of ; her . car" . . OAIS-^A.ctlvo -and higher. SJilfi); Jlay, J43W7I.C;: Juuo 2»i<OSO>ic; Sopt'embor, a lij falr-domnud and Una. No.' 3, -No. • 3 Wlirio," 85^35^0; Na 3, No. S WUiie. 3eo80;.>c. ^ KVJS— Steady but slow. Xo. 2 cash, <5c, and :sample lots, wmB4Tc. May dolivor^, 460. BARLEY — Little coming In. Choice br uamplc, Mdi68c; fulr togooJ, 616J54« common, lOasoc, wiih screenliiKS Hi. 00817.50 per ion, .W«SSj.-;oJUt— Irailtug-ltfh«»Tid-prlBC» v KlgTi'er." • -.-/ \ '• \ ~ Injurlon* C«tb*rUc*, Are you aware that tho Use of purging teas are injurious—thoy dilute the stomach Quids, impair digestion, do- not move the secretions or bile—physicians never use them. The best cathartic is a good pill—but you mutt- get reliaBTe"5Ies. RInebart'" onj> for a ^Oif p| nj for^le by JB. '6. are the asant In sealing Great Triumph. . )? vs o»p<K^aoeA iand ST _.. nlandnt cure "by tfie Inost speedy and greatest remedy in the world—Otto'a Cur/e-fOj ltfng~>and throat disease*. Whj will y»u cofctinue to irritate your with that terrible- lugh *hen Ben Fisher, 311 Fqujjih ftreet, sdle^agent, will furnish -you a f re»>aatiHsle bottle of this guarantee remedj ? Its success in simply wonderful, aa your . druggist _wilUeir yoii- Otto's Cure IB DOW eold Ih every town and village-, on this -cpnttnont.j Samples free,, lyarge bottles 5& centf.;- ChamberUla'n Eje and SklnjOlntment Is a certain ourVfor Ch) Eyes, Granulated Eye Lida, Sore Nipples, Piles, Eczema, Tetter, ,,. Quotations ranged regular: ry Quiot ' tl- 47^4112.40 for for Quotitlonii- May; Jgt September. '"' .., . 'lor' July.', '"ami ,', •''"•' -••"•-''''' '•' ' , r do'zon, ••gptntit tusK3$'~tin t!ib' f»r jtaJihed «oofl«»s»-'!- ; •Ime ,WJiiw f 7)ii 0 «/iWiner. • - -imq^ynJ.vc^iiK War, Is It'Surprising that 'th"o,,domBPd- for. 'iitr fln' 1 --' 1 ' great aBito amount W-a-VeritaBiler'bpoin; whfen '.8uch! famous : Celebrities"'Should 'bo so Dty'' ; elegant pqctraltB-.and iecuredf : fofr '-""' ""'"•'"• '-._ irM::.t' "'-' :.-:-."' I; ' ;il - ; •"" _^,/-«-r—— '•- •I.Ull IMC'.''. with MAY 51 STAGE; CELEBRIIIES; Quarrel KnilK it) 11 TriiptjaT.!.'.. ..Cot.oriXiib ^'SrjsisDH,. Coj,',' iJilay.- 4/— •JosepK .'.Aiiitt,, s'h'gj;", and: probably fativlly ' 1 i.Ada also'shot'himSulf, 'dyl^ig, iriitjiiitty,,. .Ho- is stip'rjps^d'^p "ii'a.v'e.'i' : lpep'a/:it*nipo»! :TArily iii f 3an'e. Jil '• Olvcn CU|dt)D' 'A'oroi'of Lnjid.. . \f» •"'Si. LOT716',' 1 May' 'i— IjVV.speciijil.frqm '"''', says.'"cqnfi'r,eoB ''''' . icft'tloe'to ^^".iipAoiit.'. AV.:.Simon, -two weU-knijvn lH An;»cricans, of-.'W.'BOO acrei' of land'. In the state ir of . . a"p,(>j;i,o^..,oi' : thrco yeorsji.-' These- w'JU.be li],r'giyyibrci(ught:from'the 'U hi ted" males. ;-,i.,.-. ..-:,- ••; ;: ;;; Jl ." :; ..-"' : .,'.'',', ''••- i Mu.? 4:- Xlay,;, mojuiny "Henry liahu',"a..,'ybuh)j teu^iiaess" ; rhart;, of''Jl'onacu, • cp.imnittud ,.lihejuhea(l. ,itiio. was:..to ,juaarrit:d. Wodnesdaj' : night. | , liminarie's :l ft'crc''' ; |i'i:r' l fecte^l. tended p'rifl6i ; .^n'ss.Bl(iticho. Hoggins, '.' '/.'Brin 'tenda comfort an"!' jmpre vement and-.-' enjoymejit_...w4iCA . jlj: ,t.iily,,,..'37i4(BC7M<:;.. iruclt •S«ktO,-!!«*3o-' iraolt whlto Western. 41j PUOVISJO.NS—Beef quiet. FuuiUy^' . 13.00: extra moss, ittUte&litt' 1'ork Btencller. Now moiu,,,W!j'na».OOs".family, iI4.50Ol5.ua La'rJ sic'ailyi. l'rj,me box. For sale by B. F. Keeeling, vi-iilic, ' , . EAT— Quiet; hipher. ' Jt4tj P i,(WC.- 'AU^Orit, fl -rDull. ; JIq.. - caajj. — Firm., No. ,i-' jiul piiDO./p.. liny <. No; 2'ca^b :ibd May, lC! "' am! Maj-.'SOc. ...... xoU,-- iJ&<i bid; -^Jo. • 4 ....... .... -'Onsh, ,'iOc.- " " " '" ''' D— Quleu Prlmo cash, E5.00: Oo •• ..... ,.. noes— Market faiVly 1 acuvc. Heavy lots, a wae btKbtr: ' otbor grftdos anohfttigod; Salorf 1 rannodat fi«ftW-l*. tot-Ksos: HiOOtUXO tor light: t4.909ii.00. rqr rqu^-hj^oWnt.; H (or m]loJ-, : arii'W. OJOS.^i for. lipttvy ^icia B^lpplne It**.-" >•"'•''• •'"'••'• ..... ^ y UJrlR.. .,wel|, . . nuppqriol, j-raged at $4. ^ . . n»0«nH«1* hollto an'd prlcei Vill' adapt. .... ;the iiectfs ofTrtiysTcal... „, ..,,. 'the:yalto''to feilth-of'tho pme.liquid. 'Iaxa : tive"'prl!lcn)le3' 1 ' : enrtoced' in the; . i ,'jemedy, Syrup of Fig$u_ — ---It8 excellence is 3jie,to i(3 piesejiting in tho form most acceptable 'Siit'to tlffe'taste, the refreshing L'^'JLc-:-* 1 «L^;sAwf;n'u ' t\f n n an.. erioct ulX- Ui?iui;tAiJ'u w-»"^»_ *-->-»»-^ ,-,- ( , ,, .„ • it .1, '•Brief •perrmiheh'tfy' ouring' consUnation... Tf.'f.'iS o^wfi-shf.isfVittt'ion to millions iin.d, . LWtf "h'tid-TBowcte without femng them and it is pcrfec. "- 40^4. W.lor <%>lp0-.t«.«ctr» lUpplug^ F"f»lf'•' tfl 'guJoa! 11 »' comaion \t> " .. 48,8003. 10 forStockorsi't&DOtoasS' Old Yon'-Krcr" Meet n Trii»y Goo _ iNo doubt you tblnk yon hove, but .we'll wager n dlmemr so'M dVd'iiof'lnVe tbo " rliwllndtlsm. '.« he did. liei«oW"6ctaslonnllT.''^') ( ' mnn cart .be.trulj-BOodwho iwjats ' o««isl(mally:"H(StUB,' .. trunnnuIlJtiM an* mtirallty aw ' nptto Kd rum ; und robelllout. TlJl* nqno tKfl.ii«s»itrup.-'-J)rlTe' uolllty of nT(rfrlna{«J5Jpt .'flieiiniatlsm '"'{bVlcoI coni'preliejJ8 t l\a eff^,, It hd«<imiiii''stl 1 i l iiolate»" TO HOBSE OVTJEBS. . : ,For putting a horse in a.fine healthy | 'ionditidn-try" IJf."- : Powdore. kid digostlbn] cure ' loss of appetite 'relieve constlpationr correct kidney (Jiiorder^.. %nd dwtroy.-worme, ( *ew life^Jto,,*^ -.ohi 28' cents per ^.package..-Jor sale by B. F. Keesllng, ; ' : Hou«e < The'tim'eIs now at .hand, it's cam-., mbndable aiid .. necessary—but tiow.-\- !»bout the,house -within you. vJt'.'JraB -. -need of-cl^nsiDg, to mmro "health ' and the best'remedy-to Use is-'Rlne- hart's Pillsr. They are better .than sareapaViias, otc. : . More, potent' 'and : ,\ permauQnt in .results. Eor. sale by, Bn-.> F^;KcesliAg.and Keystone drug store.. • '• •• iror Ovetr Fifty'Yte«m ' ' Mrs. Winslow's Soothing; Syrup' hak boon used for 'over fifty yeh.™ by' millions of jEOth'e'rB for 'tti.'6'ir cHlldrec,. While tbething;,''with';perfect' success,. K soothes the' child: ,BOft«na'"ttie (junie., ,,I allaye all pai'n;;. cUre's" w.lnd collc..^...! jg..tho bisst romedy, fpr..diarfh,oea. «;: will roJJev.e the ,ppor little ..euflerw..,, .Immediately.'' Sold.,by. ^rugglst^-ia:-, every pwjt,flti'the : world,....jTwenty-aw-- oea'ts a bp'iltl<?. Be ,»»rp and-. a«lc tot.\c rMw. W,iogiow'fl: Soothing Syrup"! 1»lrB no other kind. - xj . 'The grfttrd'8p«clfl'e : "for the 'iire'v&il^ Trig'.'malka.y^f-'ieBb '»&£' bft&g&h.! UV9R comptain)t,..>he.umatlsm, cpiilya-..-, ' - •for.tha iB-B»oon!»,- merges. ThW-' nosaj Celery 'great herbal festive organsri-agu'latcs the liver ^qsjtores.^liO'sjs^em ,to yigorfjua i' •aiid. •.energ'lqa. l-3ampl.es free- :packBgee 60:C8nt«. -Sold flnly Ftttier, SU Fourth *»reet. • "if"you-foel dull ; ana ha^e a 1 iake'"'Rin^hart's;:Liver-.

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