The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on March 14, 1931 · 15
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · 15

Cincinnati, Ohio
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Saturday, March 14, 1931
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WORLD-WIDE SPORTING . EVENTS CLASSIFIED ADS FINANCIAL NEWS SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH 14, 1931 Heilmann Is To Be Out . i For Next Two Months THAT BET COST HIM DOUBLE! DERBY ON - I At Jefferson Today; .-The keco iouy , : 1 ' . OUTFIELDER ly Not Play At All Piysicians Are Not To Giv (Opinion For Two Weeks, President Weil Is Told Over Long Distance Phone Horace Ford Arrives At Tampa. " By Jack Ryder. fECUL CIRrATl'B TO THI CNQI'IBKI. Tampa, Fla., March 13 Another good day, with the weather clear and the track fast, the Beds got in highly beneficial work at Plant Field today in preparation for the two hard games with the Yankees and the champion Athletics which are ucheduled for tomorrow and Sunday, The team labored for three hours at the usual routine, and the boys actually looked better than on any previous training day. Mr. Weil has about given up hope of having: Harry Heilmann with the team this : year, . and certainly not until late in the season. He talked with physicians at the Jewish Hospital today over the phone and was informed that it would ce two weeks before they will give an opinion as to) whether the big slugger win pe aoit 10 piay ai an. Even if Harry is not permanently Incapacitated by the arthritis in his right wrist, the physicians said that it will be at least two roontns ueiuie he can hope to go Into training j Two Places To Fill. The Red chief is therefore straining evejry pmt t0 obtain anotner outfielder or two from the clubs which hve a suterabundance of gardeners ' !"I had counted on Heilmann and Jtoettger as certainties." he said to day5, with the third outfield position to" be fought for by the otner canai-dates. C'JVith Hellman out, we have two plates to fill instead of one. it wui lup and Moore or Crabtree make the grafts, all right, but I will keep on trying for more outfield material. Horace Ford, accompanied by . his wlffc. arrived this afternoon by mptor f rob his home near Boston, having made the long trip in four days. His appearance was hailed with delight by Manager Howley, who has- said all lonsr that he would feel much safer with regard to his Infield if Ford was with the team. Horace has not yet accepted the clu terms, which involved a deep cutjof $4,500 in his last year's salary, and; says that he Is not at all sure o jjolng so. He hopes for a compromise when he confers with Fresi dent Weil tomorrow morning, but the fact hat ne naa made tne lengthy journey down here at his own expense indicates pretty well what the! outcome will be. It may be taken as a certainty that he will be with the team as utility second baseman and shortstop, this insuring the club against disaster in case of injury to Durocher or cuccl-nello. ! Strlpp May Flay Sunday. Manager Howley is much encour aged about his infield, now that "Jersey Joe" Stripp is in action every day, He does hot intend to play Joe against the Yanks tomorrow, not wishing to take any chance of a setback, but he may let him go a few ro inds against the Athletics Sunday. 3trtpp's cold practically has disappeared and he will need only a few mot days work to be in playing trim. Frank Slgafoos has done well ati the hot corner in the two games already played. fie is speedy and takes an earnest cup at the ball from the right side of : the plate. Frank will not only continue at third tomorrow, but he will be given the honor of leadifts off in the batting order, a place heretofore occupied by Gene Moore Little Gene will be dropped to sixth place, with the rest of the line up, .remaining as in the Brooklyn series. Moore, although a mere youngstei, looks better and better every day. He is an earnest and ambitious kid and is jnever idle a moment during in practice hours. He has had only two years of pro fessional experience, but is grasping the big leagues situation with much celerity. He is a natural hitter and fast on the bases. I : Boettger Coaching Moore. He is a bit green in the outfield and Pan has had Walley Boettger, a ball hawk, if there ever was one, coaching him for an hour each day in the finer points of outfield play both flies and ground balls, with spe cial instruction as to where to throw the ball when there are runners on the bases. Little Gene eats up every word and if learning fast. He and Roettger were the last men off the field today. It is as certain as 1 anything can be at this early stage that- Moore will remain with the .Reds, if not as a regular, at least as utility outfielder. Manager Howley, now that warmer weather has arrived, will use his vet eran pitchers against the strong American League club. He said tonight he will start Ray Kolp against the Yankees tomorrow and -let him go five innings, with A' Eckert finishing the combat. Bonnie Frey pitched four rounds agatiftst Brooklyn Wednesday ant) that? is as far as any of the hurleis has i'gone yet, but they have been down here nearly three weeks and Dan? says that they ought to be in shape to pitch half a game or a little more. . Two old stand bys, Red Lucas and Larry Benton, will draw the tough Gabby Art Arrives; Shires Joins Brewers Hot Springs, Ark., March 13 (AP) r-Art Shires (The Great) showed up here today and dispelled the fear of Milwaukee club officials that he was lost A snowstorm delayed his departure from Chicago until yesterday, he said, Soon after his arrival, despite the lack of sleep, Art donned a Milwau kee uniform for the first time and joined the batting practice. GEORGETOWN YOUTH DIES After Wishing Luck To Teammates In Court Meet Quintet Loses. Georgetown, Ohio, March 13-MAP) Death Intervened today in, the young life of Brysan Chatman, 15 years old, Georgetown High School basket ball star, Stricken with pneumonia some time ago, young Chatman bad recov ered sufficiently to send greetings to his' team mates this morning, just before they departed for Dayton to participate in the state Class B sec tional tournament. The ', teammates expressed - their regrets that Chatman, their center was not in condition to accompany them. . Chatman wished his fellow players all the luck In' the world. A half hour later the young lad died of a hemorrhage. His sudden death shocked his team mates who played West Milton and Georgetown was eliminated, 24-16, DANNY HAD THREE SCRATCHES AND FOUR LOSERS HE LOST $10 ON THE ', DAY. $19,749.80 ahead at New Orleans. Take Off $5 Doctor Happy 8 Blimp . 12 Martis 18 Lightning Bolt 27 Lucky Dan 40 Fair Beth 60 Lillian T. ' 90 AMD I'VE HEtN l BET HM A MCW HAT HE COULDN'T wit. A, HOME RUN WrrM THE . NEW BALL. w'"' : ;rs oth osT .... . . y rum y SrJm oms w 'A ' J v ... 7 -ro-ruE Ti CT s VWO HAT5: ) ' i Eleven Are Entered To Run! In Louisiana Event. Loughran Wins Over Schaaf In Ten Rounds At Garden; Victor's Left Baffles Rival Training Camp Dope Winter Haven, Fla., March 13 (AP) Lewis, C. Buch, President of the Phillies, arrived in camp today and after a conference with Manager Shotton expressed the belief the three Philly holdouts, "Chuck" Klein, Phil Collins and John Sherlock, would sign their contracts. I have sent for Klein and expect him to reach here in a day or two,' Buch said. "We feel we have offered him a contract that is 'more than fair. ' "As for. Collins and "JSherlock, we have offered them both substantial increases." Pensacola, Fla., March 13 (AP) The Boston Bed Sox regulars pound ed two rookie pitchers hard here to day for a 10-to-3 victory over the yannigans. Ed Morris and "Bull Durham hurled for the regulars and Jack Russell and Sumner Colling wood were the scrubs' box men. Hal Bhyne and Buss Scarritt each banged out four hits against the Russell Collingwood . combination. Bradenton, Fla., March 13 (AP) Although Frankle Frisch, Captain of the Cardinals has finally made, his appearance here, it is unlikely that he will join the squad for a week at least. - The second sack said it ould take only a few days for him to get in shape, but Manager Gabby Street has decided to let him take things easy for a while. In the meanwhile Bill Myers, the ex-Danville shortstop, will continue as second baseman. Continued On Next Page Clearwater, Flai, March 13 (AP) With Earl Mattlngly and Bill Greene, a pair of rookies up from Macon, Ga dividing the hurling duties, the Brooklyn Dodgers second string eked out a 10-to-9 decision over the House of David today. Max Rosenfeld, who was with To ledo last year, led the Brooklyn at tack with four of the Dodgers' 15 hits. Murray Howell, a recruit from Birmingham, hit a home run. which was matched by Swaney and Herbst starting battery for the House of David. Score by innings: Innlngi 123488789 R. H. E. noura oc uavm 120121002 9 8 Brooklyn 4 0 100050 10 15 Batteries Swaney, Cronk. and Herbst; luaiuiiBij', urcenc ana ixiraoarai. West Palm Beach. Fla., March 13 (AP) Llndel Stortl, the stepchild among the young fielders from Wichita Falls, quietly but effectively is gaining me respect of the Brown e officials and fans who are watching ine worKouts nere. storti is called the stepchild because he is up against the proposition ti pushing Oscar Mellllo to the bench, and ousting that courageous pepper pod from the regular squad Is a man-sized Job. St. Petersburg, Fla., March 13 (AP) Joe McCarthy today took full advantage of the best weather he's seen so far in Florida to put his New York Yankees through a three-hour drill, the longest and hardest of the season. Joe continued his infield experi ments, working Tony Lazzeri at both third and second, Ben Chapman at second and third and Joe Sewell at third. Madison Square Garden, New York, March 13-(AP) Before 11,000 of the faithful, vociferous in their wor ship, Tommy Loughran,' boxing master from Philadelphia, turned in one of the most brilliant exhibitions of his long career tonight to confound and all but overwhelm Ernie Schaaf, Boston's big blonde heavyweight. . Twice whipped by the husky protege of Jack Sharkey, Tommy turned on his conqueror tonight and flayed him with a left hand that never seemed to leave Schaaf's features. He jabbed with it, hooked it to the head and body,' fenced for openings for his right, and plastered Ernie so thoroughly with leather that the decision in Tommy's favor at the end of the 10 rounds was just a matter of official record. . Loughran tonight was the master of a couple of years back, the canny, sharpshooting speedster who stalked in kingly fashion through the light-heavyweight ranks. He never let the burly Bostonlan set himself to punch, tied htm up neatly on the clinches, and easily ,, won ,seven of the ten rounds, v.(i,v',; Toward the close, with the battle won and the crowd laughing openly at Schaaf's dogged efforts to land, Tommy let down ad Ernie battered him about the body. Tommy pulled up each time there . was danger ahead, however, set the left hand to pumping, and stopped Schaaf's on slaughts short. Loughran won seven of the ten rounds, most of them by ridiculously large margins, while Schaaf held him even in the fourth and won the ninth and tenth with his belated rush. It was a sweet victory for Loughran, wiping out his past defeats at the hands of Schaaf and lifting the former light heavyweight .-champion right back into the middle of the heavyweight picture. Loughran weighed 182 pounds, and Schaaf 200. Stanley Poreda, Jersey City heavyweight, won a 10-round decision over Frankie Cawley, Philadelphia, in a 10-round semiwind-up. Laddie ' Lee, Boston middleweight, defeated Jackie Aldare, New York, in another 10-round engagement.' Budy Marshall, Stamford, Conn., trounced Willie Wallach, New York, in four rounds in the curtain-raiser. YANK ACES To Keep To Sidelines As French Loom Highly To Take Laurels In Indoor Net Meet, Which Starts Today. Los Angeles, March 13 (AP) The Cubs slaughtered the Los Angeles Angels, 16 to 1, in their opening spring exhibition game today, while Pat Malone and Charlie Root held the Angels to five hits. The Cubs battered three pitchers for 22. Man ager Hornsby drove out a home run ir. the first inning with two men on base. Eighteen players were used by the Cubs. Clubs R. H. E. :htcaro (NaUonal) 18 22 I Los Angeles (Pacific Coast) 1 ft a Batteries Malone. Rxt an4 Hartnett. Oraoe; Ballou, Moss, McMurprie and Wilson, Schulte. New York, March 13-(AP) With all except a few of the top ranking American stars mysteriously missing the American indoor tennis champ ionships open tomorrow In the Sev-' enth Regiment Armory. Jean Bo rotra, . French Davis cup veteran holds the spotlight. Several explan ations have been offered as to why John Doeg, national champion out doors; George tiott Jr., John Van Byn and others choose to sulk In their tents while the French Invade the American field. The fact remains that only Frank Shields, Berkeley Bell and Cliff Sut ter, of the American flight, have entered the tourney. Shields and Borotra are conceded the best chance to win through to the finals, havl- g been placed in different brackets. Borotra's chief op ponents in the upper bracket are Sutter and Julius Seligson, former junion champion, while Shields must overcome Christian Boussus, France s young star; Landry, also of France, and Bell if he hopes to play Borotra for the title a week from Saturday. Play in the tournament opens to morrow, skips Sunday and then continues all next week. Most of the 64 entries are from the East. Entries still are being received for the doubles, which will be played in conjunction with the singles during the week. The lists for doubles close Monday. CHICAGO WOMAN WINNER FIRST ROUND Schaaf matched jabs with the smart Phlladelphlan, stabbing Tommy back on his heels with tvo straight shots, loughran slipped In two bard left books to the head and the crowd cheered. Tommy popped Schaaf's head steadily with a fine left but took a hard left to the chin and a solid right, to the ribs In return. Ernie sunk a hard left to the ribs at the bell. SECOND ROUND They sparred carefully for a full minute, pecking at each other with long left jabs. Tommy flicked the big blonde's features with his left and then switched to the body. He rammed both hands to Schaaf's body and the sailor wound up tangled In the ropes when his return right missed. Boxing perfectly, Loughran dazzled Schaaf with a succession of lefts and rights and carefully swung the tide to his own corner, where the bell found him ready to alt right down. THIRD ROUND Schaaf switched from a waiting role and tried to take the offon sive, but he ran straight Into Loughran's sharp left. Schaaf Couldn't seem to get n s gloves on the fleet Ph ademn an ana he was blinking constantly under tin stream of lefts that bounded from his features. Schaaf, dug two left hooks Into Loughran's side, but Tommy was working on his face with that smart left hand, all ready to sit down again In bis corner when the gong sounded. FOURTH ROUND Tommy missed a left as he fell in Llose and Schaaf stung him with a left to the pit of the stomach. Another body belt doubled Loughran and he was forced to hold as Schaaf much the stronger smashed at him with both hands. Tommy kept the plodding blonde away with hl left for a moment, but Schvtf . smashed a right to the heart and again Loughran was hurt. Tommy geared the left to top speed, however, and started a stream of blood from Schaaf's nose with his left Jabs as the bell sounded. FIFTH ROUND Schaaf took another gross of Jabs on his tender nose before be sank a left into Lougnran's body. Tommy punched back fiercely and tailed Schaaf twice with crackling right crosses to the head. Ernie tore in furiously with Kiln hands pumping, but Loughran made him miss, Jabbed off Dalance, tied him up perfectly in the clinches, and was ready to LITTLE AMERICA Smashes Track Mark To Win Five And Half Fur long Race At St. Johns. Hughes Five Beats Xenia, Bacon Wins Over Chaminade In Regional Court Games Lahor Captures Claiming Handicap Gilded Arch Romps Home For Plunging "Brick." Continued On Next Page. SPECIAL DISrATCB TO THE ENQUIRER St. Johns Park Race Track, Fla, March 13 Little America, carrying a feathery impost of 96 pounds, estab lished a new track record for five and a half . furlongs In winning the Studebaker Cup Handicap here this afternoon. The fleet daughter of High Cloud whirled over the distance in 1:07, clipping two-fifths of second off the old mark set by Jack Howe. ' J. C. Ellis's Ellice, conceding 22 pounds to the winner, staged a valiant attempt to get up it) the stretch run and apparently had Little America subdued when weight began to tell and the Ellis banner bearer faltered to finish second a half a length away. Noaloyce was third. One of the highlights of the after noon was the saddle work of Apprentice Frank Madeley,' who leads the riders at the meeting. He completet' a double and was beaten a Whisker for a triple in the second race. He also picked off a pair of thirds. Lahor In Front, Lahor, a former stable plater, romped to a handy victory in the Carlin Claiming Handicap, defeating Dr. Parrish by a length at the end of the mile test. Typhoon was third In the field of seven. Glided Arch, a three-year-old imported to this country by the Howe Stable and claimed at Miami by Otto Torre!!, had all the speed of the first race and finished the six panels under, mild urging from Madeley, a length in advance of Porterdl, while another half a span away Air Liner was third. -The winner, coupled wlthi Royal Guinea in the Torrell entry,' was 4-to-5. Federal Reserve got up In the very last stride to survive a hard-fought duel with Valley in the second event. The pair had battled head and head Continued On Next Page. Sr-ECIAL DISriTCH TO THE ENQl'lSEB. Dayton, Ohio, March 13 Hughes and Roger Bacon, .Cincinnati's representatives in the Southwestern Regional Class A Tournament, will meet in the semi-finals Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock as a result of coming through victorious in their first rounds. Hughes beat Xenia Central, 14 to 12,' while Bacon trimmed Dayton Chaminade, 22 to 18. v Both games were close, with the winners never holding much of a lead. The Roger Bacon-Chamlnade fray was the best of the afternoon. Bacon got the lead on the local quintet and maintained it successfully throughout the entire contest. At the end of the first quarter the score was 8 to 9. The half terminated 10 to 6.. In the last quarter Chaminade drew up within two points of tying the score, but the Eagles' rally was checked. Werner was leading scorei for the winners, with six free throws, while Zweisler led Chaminade with four baskets and a pair of fouls. The Hughes-Xenia game was anlp-and-tuck affair, with the lead changing hands often. Xenia led' by one point with four minutes to play, but a basket by Schaps and a foul by Murray put the Big Red in the lead, which it held successfully the rest of the tilt. Hughes was ahead at the half, 8 to 4, but was behind at the end of the third quarter, 11 to 10. Denterlein led the Hughes In scoring with five points. By its showing in Friday's game, Roger Bacon should ;cme through to the finals. Hughes, in its game against Xenia, did not platy the kind of ball that brought it through the Cincinnati sectional. Ed Murray, elongated Big Red center, was held to two fouls by Glass. In a Class B game, Georgetown was beaten by West Milton in the first contest of the day by the score of 23 to 18. The line-ups: "XeNTaT HuoheS." FG.FT.TPi nenterleln.f 2 1 hi Carr.f Schaps, f 1 1 aiDallon.f Murray, o 0 2 21 Olass.c Cohen, g 2 0 4; Thompson, g westerner, g out); mce, g Totals -I S 4 14 Totnls FG.FT.Tr 1 U 2 Oil 0 0 0 113 3 0 8 5 2 Vi liS51:Tr"BXc6N. " KO.FT.'lTi Werner, f Mattocheck.f McAvoy Wortman.g Thernes.g Baniei,g Totals CHAMINaT5i5. KO.FT.TV tolOrr.r 4i Somel.r 31 Sommers.c 4IKIeher,g 4! Zwlealer.g 1! Wetsenrtorf.f 1 Wilson, t o 1U ii Totals 2 2 I) u 0 u O 2 2 10 2 2 a 2 ' In the other games MIddletown de feated Sidney, 27 to 26, and Hamilton beat Springfield, 17 to 15. LOUISIANA DERBY FIELD Horses. . Wts. Gettln Even lit Lightning Bolt..... 124 Michigan Girl.........;...' Ill Donny Johnny 110 tBurgoo ; 116 Garlic 114 Spanish Play...., 120 Prince d'Amour... 120 Allegretto ................ 114 Anne Arundel 107 tBrass Monkey li t Probable Jockeys Owners. F. C. Smith John English C. Kurtslnger.Mrs. John Hay Whitney C. Pegg J. L. Pontlua L. Wells J.... .Simpson Si Domani J. Smith. E. It. Bradley ,!. Reblck. . Mrs. Olive Curtis C. Landolt Knebelkamp & Morris E. James. , .Joseph Letter J. Maryuni VaUey Lake Stable G. Rose S. W. Labrot W. Cannon A. Hlrshfleld E. R. Bradley and A. Hlrshfleld entry. NO FEAR OF NEW BALL 0 San Francisco, March 13 (AP) Clubs - R. H. E. Detroit (Americans 2 1 San Francisco (Pacific Coast) S 14 0 Batteries Hoyt. Cantrell and Schang, Hay. worth; Gibson, Davis ud Baldwin Penebakj. Of Belleair Golf Title Mrs. Melvin . Jones Beats Mrs. Stetson. Belleair, Fla., March 13 (AP) Mrs. Melvin Jones, Chicago, won the Belleair women's golf championship, defeating Mrs. Helen B. Stetson. Philadelphia, 3 and 2. The Chicago woman's victor culminated a week of remarkable golf, during which shi-won the qualifying medal and three subsequent matches by the one-sided margins of 7 and 5. Defeat of Mrs. Stetson marked the first time in three years the former national champion has lost in th Belleair tournament. She won the title in 1929 and repeated last year. Mrs. Jones beat Mrs. Stetson at her own game. Longer from the tees through the fairway, Mrs. Jones was not expected to match the fine short game of the Phlladelphian, but she won with iron shota, HACK Rookie Is Selected As Clean-Up Man San Antonio, Texas, March 13 (AP)-Mel ' Slmons,husUlng rookie from Louisville, will be clean-up man for the White Sox when they engage In their first spring exhibition game with the New York Giants tomorrow. Manager Donle Bush decided to use Simons in the clean-up position, using Carl Reynolds before him and Smead Jolly fifth in the batting order, Jolley batted fourth last year but believes he can do better in fifth place. Reynolds prefers to hit third. LEGAL IN SOUTH CAROLINA. Columbia, S. C, March 13 (AP) A bill legalizing boxing In South Carolina received final legislative approval today and was sent to Governor Ibra C. Blackwood. Its proponents asserted his signature was assured. The bill provides for boxing commissions in each county and limits bouts to IS rounds. Midget Car Speedy; Breaks Daytona Mark Brooklanda, England, March 13 (AP)-Tho British motorist, G. E. T. Eyston, driving a midget car, broke the world record for baby cars at one mile today with an official speed of 96.93 miles an hour. The previous record was 94 miles an hour established at Daytona recently by Captain Malcolm Campbell, since knighted Eyston also captured the kilometer record today, the mark being 1S6 kilometers an hour. OLD JOHN ARRIVES. SPECIAL DISPATCH TO THS ENQUIRES. Lexington, Ky, March 13 John Lowe has arrived from Miami with the horses he raced there this winter and now is in charge of 25 horses in training at Coldstream Farm, includ ing those he brought from Miami. Five of the number are his own, five the property of C. V. Whitney, one owned by Frederick Johnson and 14 the property of Coldstream Stud. Miss Ramesy Wins Feature Event ' From Hot Time By Three Lengths j Justina Finishes Third. SPECIAI, DISPATCa 10 IBB ENQUIRES.. ) New Orleans, La., March 13 With the Louisiana Derby coming up for its tenth annual running tomorrow, discussion of the probable outcome of that Important fixture for three- year-olds usurped interest in the racing that was presented at the local' Jefferson Park track this afternoon. Eleven were entered for the J7,500 added Derby this morning and In cluding Lightning Bolt, winner of the Florida Derby at Miami a week ago; Spanish Play, champion three-year-old of the local season; Burgoo, Prince D'Amour, Garlic, Michigan' Girl,, Brass Monkey and . Ann Arundel, one of the most interesting contests In the record of the stake la in prospect. With Lightning Bolt, recognized champion of the three-year-old raced at Hialeah Park and Oriental Park, seeking honors, intersectional color prevails for the first time In several ' years and is a strong factor In bring ing the race into wider importance than ever before. With 10 starters the race will have 1 a gross value of $9,860, the smallest : since the first running. The addetl money this year was reduced from ; $10,000 to 7,500 and five of the nine ' stagings had $15,000 added. While today's racing: was over a ,' fast track an overcast sky Combined i with the weather man's forecast for-rain to hearten admirers of candi-' dates best suited by muddy going. ""A" tairly good brand of sprinters fought it out in the claiming purse,! fourth on today's program, and the winner turned up in Miss V. Fel-lows's much improved chestnut filly, Miss Ramsey. The daughter of Es- ' coba Babettu galloped down to the finish line three lengths in advance ; of Hot Time, while Justina barely last long enough to save third money ' for George Collins. Miss Ramsey displayed a good turn of speed in racing Justina into ; submission in the first half mile of the dash, thin drew into a long lead, which she never relinquished. Hot Time, which experienced some trou- ble getting through at the far turn? lifter having raced in close quarters ' from the start, outfinished Justina by a head for second place. ' Back To Lexington. ' Mrs. John Hay Whitney's Light-. nlng Bolt wilt be shipped to Lexing-1 ton Sunday morning, according to i present plans of Trainer Haughton. i He will be more or less inactive for I a month, following which he will be 1 prepared for the Latonla Derby ana other stakes engagements. He was ; not nominated for the Kentucky i Derby. A. T. Sansone' has disposed of Hy ! Schneider to A. A. Baronl, and Frank ! Swain will take the gelding to Ken- tucky and later to Chicago, where he j will-be turned over to Baronl, who won a number of races with him last season. Thomas E. Nash, Chicago patron, purchased at private terms from B. B. , Rico the likely juvenile Iskum, and he will carry the Nash colors in the Golden Meadow Purse tomorrow. j J. Daniels, acting for the Southland Stable, sold the filly Rosle Cora to j A. N. Sacre. 1 Guy Mangan is retiring as an owner-trainer In favor of attempting j a comeback in the saddle and sold j Mrs. Mangan s Faddy to red f. 1 Berry, well-known steeplechase rider, j Jockeys C. Kurtsinger and W . . Cannon, respectively engaged to ride , Lightning Bolt and Brass Monkey in King Tut-Petrolle Are Paid; But Commission Says Nothing the Louisiana Derby, arrived this morning from Kentucky. t Edward Haughton, trainer of the ; Greentree Stable, desires to correct the impression that Jockey H. R. Riley has been released by that stable, Riley, now riding at St. Johns Park, will report back to Haughton ai ijexingiun. 1 Dr. Gordon F. McKim, eminent physician and surgeon of Cincinnati, j who has been here for several days, ; Is remaining over for the Derby and ! leaves tomorrow night for the Queen City. MORE SUBSIDY WANTED. As long as he can use those long bats (pictured above) with the "whip" in the thin handle, Hack Wilson, Chicago Cubs' slugger and home run king of the majors, claims he'll be knocking 'em over the fence whether the new ball, old ball or a bean bag is tossed up to him. New York, March 13 ( AP) Whatever case the New York State Athletic Commission was able to muster against Billy Petrolle and King Tut, a pair of lightweights under investigation on suspicion of faking a recent fight in Madison Square Garden, was closed today with no other announcement than that the boys would be paid their wages for the match. ' Their pay was withheld by the com mission and an investigation launched shortly after Petrolle scored a four round knockout over Tut. Reports of a betting coup, Tut's thirty-four-second knockout of Petrolle In a pre vious match, rumors beforehand that the match was "in the bag" and Tut s lackadaisical efforts all tended to throw suspicion on the bout. James A. Farley, Chairman of the commission, said the action of the board "spoke for Itself." . He would not discuss the matter further for publication. He said the action ot the commission today in refusing to sanction Petrolle as an opponent for Tony Canzoneri, lightweight cham pion. In a title match in the Garden March 27 had nothing to do with the situation. Sanction for this match was asked before the commission completed its investigation. From sources close to the commission it was learned, however, that Petrolle and Tut, although they have not been suspended here, are not likely to fight again in New York State unless paired against each other and with no holds barred. Since the investigation was launched. Tut, who claimed that an attack of appendicitis the night of the Petrolle match lowered his efficiency, has had the ailing appendix removed. The commission, apparently certain that all was not well with the match, has found trouble mustering proof to that effect. The usual commission procedure in that case is to prevent the reappearance of the boxers in the future "for the general good of the game." Oar Wood Says Government Should Help Engine Manufacturers. Miami Beach, Fla., March 13 (AP) Gar Wood, speed king of American water courses, told an audience here today America is falling far behind Europe in the development of aviation racing motors, and that people of the united States must go abroad to obtain engines for racing planes and boats unless the Government subsidizes research in this field. "European nations are subsidizing perfection of high speed motors." ha said. "Manufacturers here find the research too costly, and apparently it will take a war for us to start." In explanation of the engineering difficulties necessary to meet an increasing demand for speed engines, Wood said in high speed boats power must be doubled for approximately every 10 miles an hour increase in speed. The problem, he added, is to build motors with double the horse power and yet keep the weight at approximately the same figure. ANNANDALE IN FRONT. Huryt Park, England. March 13 (AP) Lady Glenapp's Grand Na tional candidate, Annadale, today won the Palace Handicap Steeplechase at two miles and 310 yards from Mrs. E. Coote's Red Abbott Annandale's margin at the finish was a length and a half. P. Woodland s Phuiblisher was third. Six other also ran.

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