The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 19, 1965 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 19, 1965
Page 14
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14-Algona, (la.) Upper Det Meinet thuriday, August 19, 1965 MA ORACI THIS WEEK'S COLUMN THREATENS to If VPI\ nii.srf-llaiipoiis. It's not that there isn't anything going on around herp - it is that there is so much excitement it's difficult to concrnti .!(<•. Our family arrived Monda\ and we've l*>on IMVHIR .1 ;'i.ui'l tune getting rearq\iainted and seeing the sights. Onh OIK tlnnr viuiu: with the arrangement is the absence of Man Ann .md «e li»|'(to see her again, too, in a few months. - o - FOR THE FIRST TIME I'M getting a chance to IIP .1 mother- in-law at a close distance and 1 also have my own inotlifi-in-l..'A here to show me how to do it. You'd think, wouldn't \ou, that with all this opportunity, I should 1* able to mother-in-law in the best (or worst) tradition but I'm finding it oxtremeh difficult. Rose isn't setting any example at all in U'lng ornei•> and Kathie persists in being just as sweet as I romeinl»pr liei and I'm having an awful time finding something to criticize. However, we are finding it still a problem of what to c;dl your mother- in-law that won't be too formal and still Iw comfortable. When the day comes that Kathie can call me Grandma, we'll have it all solved. A LOT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR son, Hill, since we saw him last almost two years aijo. During that time he became of voting age, a married man, a college graduate, an employe*' .UK! an apartment renter. All this should make him pretty grown up. Mntln'is air u<iti>ri,ius for considering their sons littlf- boys no mattd h•• '. "H tlie> t'4 ,md I arn not an exception. For a whil" I tlioiii'.lif .ill ti.K-fs of in\ I,ittlf Willie had vanished, but then hi' cuini- inti. thi' lio'isr- .ill ik-Hi'litc'l with a littlt- tree toarl he'd r.un lit mix h in tl>> sainf- in.inner he used to fill JHIS '•utli (.'iiili.s .ui'l v.uicil v.u iniiits li.K'k in Alu'ina ,iiid I was n. j - assiii led. IN AN AP STONY RECENTLY was the tale of a boy in Ohio wli<i has .1 c'lio-Aiii: . unt ''tappers strine tneasurins.', over 7G feet. He sc''in«"l t<> think this is some sort of a record but out Jean has him beat. Her cum chain is over 100 feet and I mention it', because several Ali;onans had a part in its construction. The fli.un, ,ill Doublemint wrappers, was started as a soil nf liiendship link when she moved away from Algona. The Iowa kids saved '.'.rappers foi her there and after we moved, mailed them to her. Several times envelopes arrived whose only contents wore <oim wrappers and a couple of times there was oveidue postage to pay on them. When the word got around here, het nc•.'. friends saved wrappers for her. Jean hasn't worked on tl\c chain for about a year now, but the Ohio boy's i-liaiii m;n serve as a new incentive. - o - AS ENAMORED AS I AM WITH Florida living, I do get to taking things for r.ranted and it takes visitors to show around to make the territory take on new glamour. Then, too, visitors can always think of something I haven't seen so they show rne. Also at the rate things are developing around here, if you haven't taken a tour for a couple of months there's sure to be something that has sprung up meanwhile, I don't like to sound like the Chamlier of Commerce (unless I'm paid for it) but you should see the recently completed, municipally owned Marina Mar which used to be the city pier. The island was all pumped up out of the bay and is especially beautiful at night with the lights on all the fabulous boats docked there. Come on down and see for yourselves even if you were here just last winter I - o - OUR VISITORS BROUGHT SOME additional pictures of the wedding we missed last December. We thoroughly enjoyed all of them but I was particularly interested in a color shot of the Algona Presbyterian church sanctuary. I've seen quite a few riicp churches since leaving Iowa, but I truly believe none is as beautiful as my Algona church. - o - ONE OF THE FEW THINGS that casts a shadow on our life here is the fact that we must miss out on so many important milestones in the lives of our loved ones and watch the people we knew as babies graduate and get married. We were reminded of this recently when we received an invitation to the wedding of Mary Bradley to our nephew, Denny Waller. I never knew Mary well but Denny was always one of my favorite kids. A long life and a happy one is my wish for them. - o - OTHER MAIL RECENTLY included a letter from Alice Zeigler Gaines of Pine Lawn, Mo., who sent at my request a brochure of their baseball camp. I needed it for two avid baseball friends of mine who have about worn the catalogue out looking at it and plan to attend next year. We enjoyed a note from Faye Jones and was glad to hear that she and Pete, the janitor at the church, still follow the column. We had a good letter from Nell Larson and we're looking forward to seeing them again next fall. We're NIEIY LMftl BY RUTH SHIERK MR. AND MRS. Lloyd Bohannon left Monday for Minneapolis to meet their daughter, Ann, who has been attending camp near Bemldji, Minn. Brenda Bohannon arrived In Minneapolis from Gardenia, Calif., and returned with the family to spend about ten days in Algona. FIRST LT. JOHN P. Eno of Luana, has been assigned as assistant executive officer to Battery B of Algona, to attend drills and the annual field training. He replaced 1st. Lt. Phillip Carpenter of Fort Dodge. MRS. DALE BRAND, the former Betty Kohlhaas, has returned to her home In Clarion, after spending ten days with her mother, Mrs. Phillip Kohlhaas here, following surgery. Her •on, Stephen, Is remaining with his grandmother this week. MR. AND MRS. Miles Soniker spent the weekend in Fort Dodge where they attended a Lions' Club board meeting. WORD HAS BEEN received by Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hutchins of the marriage of their son, Robbie, August 5, to Hildegunde Kunze of Selb, Germany, near Hoff, where Robbie has been stationed. Their honeymoon was spent In Rome. Robbie, who has been schooling at Heidelberg, is to transfer to the University of Mainz at Gurmer- schelm. The wedding ceremony was both civil and church in Selb. David Hutchins, who has just received his master's degree at Iowa University in Iowa City, will leave at the end of the month to go to Whitewater, Wise., where he will be a member of the faculty of the college there. Richard, student in pharmacology at Drake, is expected to be home this weekend for a vacation before assuming classes this fall. MRS. PHILLIP KOHLHAAS and Mrs. Rose Scanlan will go to Austin Saturday to attend the wedding of a niece, Elaine Carter, in St. Augustine's church and. the reception following. DR. AND MRS. Harold J. Bonnstetter of Kennedy, Texas, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bohannon and Antoinette Bonnstetter this week. Another brother, Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Bonnstetter of Brewster, Minn, arrived Saturday to spend the weekend with the family here. MR. AND MRS. Robert Polish of Olewein spent two days in Algona this week. Former teachers here, they are both teaching in Olewein. MR. AND MRS. G. W. Stillman left Saturday to vacation at Spirit Lake. Their daughter, Marcia and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Jones of LaCrosse, Wise, are expected to join the family there. Their other daughter, Aim and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Morill had expected to be here, but due to moving from Middle Haven, Coon, to Williamsburg their plans were changed, Mr. Morrill will become an associate professor at William and Mary College this fall. MRS. JAMES ANDREASEN and children spent two weeks In Puluth while her husband attended camp with the National Guard. still sad at the untimely passing of their son-in-law, Dr. Carl Fischer, husband of our high school days friend, Teddy Larson. When the news came here I happened to find out that a couple of gals in my church circle were from LaPorte, Ind. so I asked if they knew Dr. Fischer. One of them had been a nurse for him and the other's late husband had been associated with him as a doctor. Truly, a small world I - 6 DURING THE WEEK OF AUGUST 15 through 21, people having birthdays include Lois Harmes, Ronald Tschetter, Elda Groen, Bill Lampright, Ann Bohannon, H. W. Miller, Jim Parsons, Gloria Bronson Berge, Pat Cowan Hall, Verletta Christian, Susan Owens, Kevin Owens, Jean Jorgenson, Mark Seeley, Mike Gilbert, Neal O'Brien, Gary Barr, Ben S. Herbst, Steven Claude, Marianne Chalstrom, Sherry Merryman, Virginia Deal, Mary Morck, Cora Fleming, Ann Segar, Clayton Bronson, Marc Logan, Greg Duncan, Mary Lou Nitchals, Mark Nitchals, Pat Montag, Gary Green, Joan Leaneagh, and Barbara Mulso. Mr. and Mrs. William Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kolp, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Wicks, and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Knedler have wedding anniversaries. - o I HAVEN'T TRIED THIS WEEK'S RECIPE but its for Southern Dish, comes from Esther Barton and sounds good to me. 1 medium head cabbage 2 cups water 2 onions 1/4 cup rice, washed 1 lb. lean hamburger or ground round steak 1 pt. tomatoes 1 tsp. salt Slice cabbage, put layer onions on, then rice, add salt and water and cook for 20 minites. Make meat into balls and fry in butter a few minutes. Add to other ingredients and cook about 20 minutes more or until done, then add tomatoes and cook a few minutes. GRACF. (jrahams BLOUSES go gaily to school! Back 1o ichool shlrti and blouses, dacron/cotton roll sleeves, convertible collar baiici, long sleeve oxford cloth button down ihlrti. " JZ and 8 glrlt HANES PANTIES Premium combed cotton flatknlt brief in either solid white or paitel prints, ribbed cuff, double crotch. regular 3 for $2.25 NOW 3 for $1.50 girls Dacron/cotton dark plaid skirts with fit- all elastic waistband, box pleated. 7-14. All wool skirts/ slot seam hipstltched styling, side zipper, basic colors a MUST in every f I AA young girls wardrobe. \fl Tf Red, Grey, Navy. 7-14. ¥ NO-IRON SLACKS Traditional models w/ pockets & cufft, trim cut leg. Guaranteed to never need Iron- Ing I Slxei 3-18. I *«%.» $ 3.99 & '4.99 T-SHIRTS Nylon Reinforced Neckband, Size! 4 to 16 Boys BRIEFS Pull elastic waist, well reinforced girls School time DRESSES «* 'o/- All the important fashion looks in solids, stripes, plaids and (umper effects . . . you'll find Picadlllys, shifts, A-line skimmers, Bunnies with pretty smock- Ing, and of course natural waistlines. Each prettier than the last. P li !i '«!• - Jl di? mm SPECIAL! SWEAT SHERTS All cotton sweat shirts, crew neck, long sleeve* Sizes 4-14. • WHITE • RED • BLUE • BLACK • CRANBERRY 100% Wash & Wear Cotton in plaids and checks — sizes 6 to 14 each $ 1.99 SLIPS Dacron/cotton straight full slip, gro-feature waist, lovely em- brodery trim. Usually $2.00. DRESS FLATS & HEELS by Williams — all new fall patterns and colors, sizes 5 to 10-. .. S2.M to $5.W SPECIAL 1.77 CANVAS SHOES FOR BOYS & GIRLS • Low Oxford Type, or High, in black only — Sizes 9 thru 6, low or high. at $2.99 • MISSES CANVAS in white and black, taper toe, Sizes 10 to 3. $2.99 • TEEN-AGE SIZES in girls canvas, sizes 5 to 10 with taper toe, widths narrow and medium, black, white, red .... $2.99 // ...FOR ALL YOUR the BACK-TO-SCHOOl NEEDS! BACK-TO-SCHOOL SHOE SPECIALS GILLIE TIES for girls — crepe soles, sturdy, dressy. Sixes 8Vi thru 4 Regular $5 Shoo $4.47 LOAFERS, leather upper with an outer stitch Sizes 12'4 thru 4. Composition sole end leather heel. A Reg. $5 Shoo _Jfc:.iS

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