The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 19, 1965 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 19, 1965
Page 12
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~ ». t .. Thurfdny. Auqusf -11-Algpna(lo.) Upper De> Me»ne« 7 ^ 19, 1965 * * FROM THE ATTIC . ...TO THE VAU'T Nebby - By Dick Palmar Now ii is official ( "V are to have a new meta] base for our coins, a sPiisiHr rnoaMire consistant \vitli the realities of the silver situation and the main purpose of coins, which is to facilitate fractional exchanges and not to serve as a means of accumulating any metals of worth. Much has Iven said almut Grosham's Law "cheaji money drives dear money out of circulation", hence the public \nllteml to hoard the silver coins and spend the others. Certainly the "hoard" button has l>een pushed in the coin press with numerous reasons given except the obvious one i.e. that some will make a nice profit selling to others what they are really too bright to hoard themselves. After all, if being the proud owner of a bag of half dollars, any half dollars if you please - is such a fine speculation then why should so much money be spent to advertise their sale. However, many will be hoarded with the idea of making a profit assuming that Uie government will be unable to hold the market price of silver at $1.29 an ounce. - o - Gresham's Law has a vague application here but not in the profit making sense. The profit comes when you receive a coin at its face value, but with a bullion content greater than face if it Is melted down and the bullion sold on the commercial market. The silver content of a current half dollar has always been substantially less than face. This points up the absurd nature of some of the pleas for a metal content of value since our coins have been virtual tokens for years and only the very recent industrial demand for silver changed this situation. If silver goes up to around $1.35 per ounce, then there would be about 50 cents worth of silver in a 50 cent piece, but it would have to go up even more to make melting profitable. So you speculate now by hoarding $100 dollars worth of half dollars. Let us say that within a year, the price of silver does go up to $1.35. You now have $100 in legal tender and technically $100 in a marketable commodity. However, there really isn't any gain because you invested $100 in order to obtain a $100 commodity value. If you had spent the $100 in halves in the first place for silver in bullion form at $1.29 an ounce, your hoard In the bullion form would be worth about $104.65. Here at least you would show a profit comparable to the return you would get from a savings account. But this assumes that the price will increase within a year, which it won't, and also assumes that it will always be legal to melt down our coins, which is an uncertain bet. No matter how high the price of silver may go, the hoarder of coin at this stage will be behind in profits the purchaser of bullion. Of course, if you would rather have several bags of current coin than the goods and services they command, the other coins of recognized value they could buy, or the yearly interest they could earn, the choice is yours. But don't join the deluded group who vaguely recall that someone named G re sham told them that this was the thing to do. Mr. Gresham would be quite upset by the entire proceedings. Incidentally, that gentleman in Montana is still generously offering his silver dollar hoard so you can get rich. All you have to do to obtain a $1000 bag is pay the premium over face (about $250 to $300 - none of the dates are at all scarce), take over the loan for the face value at 6 percent and pay the $1 per month storage charge which makes the total yearly interest 7.2%. True, they are technically salable as collector items at $1.75 to $2 per coin, but if the market were particularly spirited, one can but wonder why the gentleman hasn't done just that. In spite of all reason, however, silver half dollars will soon virtually disappear from general circulation. I would say that during my visits to the East, I received halves in change no more than 20 percent 01" the time. Actually, the quarter is the more practical coin $j very few vending machines or turnpike booths call for halves. Most "f the M.i! i ; . si "ike most umfavor.ibi .>'••'. ie Salvation Arim cninni' ... .i.itive. I suppose \<>u would have (n term it rather'inative, but it was colorful and (lie purpose of the issue certainly iMme thru. The Dante stamp had a Kuiojiean flavor to it and 1 don't think his grim features ueie much Improved by the branch around his head. At least our production isn't quite as "toothless" as those of some of the other issuing countries. None of them are really calculated to cause much of a rush at the library for his works. How long has it IKMHI since you had a nice long session with this immortal? My recollections are extremely vague. Daughter Of Algonans To Be Nurse Grad GERI SIRES Geri Ruark Sires, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Ruark, Algona, will graduate from LPN School Friday, Sept. 10, at St. James Methodist church, Cedar Rapids. She is a 1964 graduate of 'Algona high school -and attends St. Lukes Methodist Hospital School of Nursing, Cedar Rapids. She Is the wife of John Sires, Jr., also a former Algonan. Several Moves By Residents At Bancroft BANCROFT - There have been several moves made here recently by residents. The Dankbar estate home has been sold to Mr. and Mrs. Seraph Bruchhausen of Lakota and Mrs. Dankbar will leave to make her home with a brother. Charles McGuire has purchased the Jim Welp home and after remodeling it will move in from the farm. The John McGuire family will move to the farm. Bernard McGuire and family will move from the farm east of Titonka to the home they purchased from Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schiltz. Mr. and Mrs. Duane Vaske have moved from Algona to the home they purchased recently and Mr. and Mrs. Carey have moved from that home to the H. V. Clark home. 40 Members At Whittemore 4-H Meeting Whittemore Boys 4-H Club met August 20 with 40 members and 15 visitors attending. Demonstrations were given by Becky Borman, Sherry Wiukel, Jean Germann, Gary Erdmanand Tom Eischen. Business discussed was entry day at the Fair. John Mosbach explained the swine project. All parents are asked to attend the next meeting as Roger Hiemstra will be there to discuss the future of the club. Lunch was served by Mergens and Mosbachs. Shower Planned WESLEY - A pre-nuptial shower will be held in St. Joseph's parish hall August 22 for Linda Schoby of Britt, who will become the bride of Bernard Becker. They are to be married Aug. 28. She is a senior at Mankato State College and he is employed by Smith-Douglas Co. in Albert Lea, Minn. LARRY WESTLING is the assistant in the meat department at Hood's Super Valu. Lakota School Classes Wi Begin Oct. 30 TiK' Lakota Consolidated school will lini^in on Monday, Aurnsi 30, for all the students of Lakota. School will 1* in full opp ration for the day with classr-s starting at 9:00 a. m. and rnditm at 3:00 p. m. All siii-rooding school days will start at fi:30 a. rn. and end at 3:40 p. in. Mr. Airlift' will register the hit;!) school students on Wednesday August 2~> from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p. m. HIP completed faculty list Is as follows- Join \V. Cook- superintendent, pliysics and trigonometry. VincPiit Ai 1 -her - principal, government, student council and national honor society. Loren Apponzeller -industrial arts and Biometry. Beiilah Budlong - home economics and biology. Harriet Kiewlet -commercial. Hilly Swan son - general mathematics and algebra. Delbert Rldder - American history, world history and French 1 and 2. Winston Norby - English and speech. Robert King - band and high school vocal. Ronald Bruer - geography and athletics and physical education. Oriole Christiansen - high and grade school librarian. John Souter - chemistry and earth science. Donald Peterson - Junior high and girls coach. Lllah Kell - Junior High. Faith Cook - remedial reading. Jake Wagenaar - sixth grade. Yvonne Bruer, fifth grade. Clarice Schleuger - fourth grade. Helen Nelson - third grade. Lois Orvick - second grade. Nellie Grandall - first grade. Gladys Winter - Kindergarten. Margaret Govern - grade music. Henry & Priebe Win Prizes In Carcass Show John Henry andBerlE. Priebe, Algona, placed first and sixth respectively in the live show of the Midwest Steer & Carcass Show, a popular and featured attraction of the Mower County Fair, Austin, Minnesota. Henry's winnings totaled $200 and Priebe's totaled $25. In the live show contest where the do- it-yourself spirit continued to prevail. All steers wore shown without any special grooming or fitting and without any help from the owners who sat in the bleachers. Both Henry and Priebe participated in the "Carcass Grade and Score Contest" during the live show judging. They estimated the carcass grade, fat cover and the area of the rib- eye of their steer entries. These estimates were reported to the Show Superintendent along with the appraisal of the live show Judge. 65 At Dodds Family Reunion Sixty-five persons attended a family reunion at the James Dodds home north of Algona last Sunday. Several were there for overnight. Guests Included Mr. and Mrs. Don Olil and family of Long Beach, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. David Weisbrod of Denver, Colo.; Mrs, A. E. Kresensky of Algona; Mrs. Lou Kresensky of Mankato, Minn.; Tom Kresensky of Minneapolis. Those from Fenton included Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Kresensky, Mrs. Amanda Kern, Mr, and Mrs. Lloyd Kern, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Yager and family, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Krause. Also attending were Mr. and Mrs. Don Allen of Des Moines, Mr. and Mrs. Joe McGovern and family and Mr. and Mrs. Perry McGovern of Riceville. Also, Mark McGovern of Dubuque, and Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Bitton and family of Minneapolis. Titonka C.C, Elect! A new board of directors was elected last week at the Titonka Chamber of Commerce meeting. Named to the board were Bud Meier, Ed Boyken, Paul Ferguson, John Hamilton, Don Gerdis, Art Dietrich and Carl Ludwig. August 7, Bancroft Pictured above are Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Schiltz who were married August 7 at St. John's Catholic church in Bancroft, as reported in this newspaper last week. The bride is the former JoAnn McCleish, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel McCleish of Lone Rock. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Schiltz of Bancroft. The couple will make their home in St. Louis, Mo. where he is a graduate fellow in research chemistry at St. Louis University. Rev. Wangberg, Former Ottosen Pastor, Dies Rev. J. 0. Wangberg, 93, well- known former long-time pastor at Rolfe and Ottosen, died Sunday at Jennie Edmundson hospital, Council Bluffs, where he had been ill with pneumonia, Funeral services were planned for Wednesday at 10:30 a. m. in Our Saviour's Lutheran church, Council Bluffs, with the Rev. Werner Bischoff officiating. Burial was Wednesday at Soldier, Iowa. Rev. Wangberg, born and reared in Norway, came to the United States when he was 19 years old and settled at Onawa. He attended St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minn., and Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minn., then served Lutheran churches at several points. He served as pastor of Trinity Lutheran church at Ottosen for several years before retiring and moving to Council Bluffs. His wife died in 1953 at Ottosen, Surviving are two daughters and two sons. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijiiiiiiiiiii TITONKA By Mrs. Mary Schroeder fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiui Good Hope Lutheran circles meet this week. Mrs. Lee Davis has returned to her home at Carmel Valley, Calif. She came for her father's birthday observance in late July, but had the misfortune of becoming ill the next day and was confined at Britt hospital for 8 days before being able to return home. Mrs. Mary Budlong held a luncheon at her home Tuesday noon, with Edith and Hazel Budlong as co-hostesses. Guests included Mrs. H. A. French, Mrs. Grace Jackman, Mrs. Martha Boyken, Mrs. Harry Beed, Mrs. Jay Budlong, Mrs. Minnie Oesterreicher and Mrs. C. H. Downs. Doan Methodist church morn- Ing services Sunday were In charge of the young people who went to church camp school. Titonka church had vacation August 15. The executive board of the Legion Auxiliary met Thursday at the Arthur Boyken home to outline the year's calendar of activities and hostesses, President, Mildred Boyken, also named committee chairmen for the 1965-66 year. Doan Methodist W. S. C. S. met at the home of Mrs. Ross Struthers Thursday. Cheryl Walrod, daughter of the Roy Walrod's is again at home after submitting to an emergency appendectomy at Hancock Memorial hospital. Hazel, Edith, Mary and May Budlong, Marie Krantz, Lenore Schram, Ethel Beed, Luella Givens, Marie Orthel, Doris Miller and Ethel Downs represented the Titonka Woman's club, entertaining the residents of the Kossuth county home August 4. Group singing, games and two solos were presented, followed by lunch of homemade cookies and beverage. Cookies were also left at the home for another afternoon's pleasure. Mrs. George Lamreaux of Marshalltown called on the L. C. Heifners, Mrs. Edna Richter and other relatives and friends in Titonka Thursday. Several Legion Auxiliary women attended the county meeting at Lakota Tuesday. Included in the program were memorial services for those members who have passed away during the past year. Mabel Peterson and Nellie Nelson, members of this unit, were among them. Grade Heifner of Des Moines visited Tuesday and Wednesday at the parental Lew Heifner home. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Haggeof Humboldt visited Sunday with Mrs. Tanna Anderson. Silver Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. John 0. Montag will observe their silver anniversary Sunday, Aug. 22. All relatives and friends are cordially invited to an open house from two to five at their home. Hosts will be their children. IIRVINGTON By Marguerite Hayes Donald Frankl ol Minneapolis was a weekend guest with his mother and other relatives after attending the wedding of his nephew, Patrick Frankl, to Sandra Garrotto, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Garrotto of Mason City. The wedding was at Holy Family Catholic church in Mason City. Mrs. Marie Frankl accompanied her son Donald to Minneapolis on Sunday for a visit. Viva Schneider spent last week at the home of Mrs. L. Larson, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Herold and family are new tenants on the Raymond Harig farm. They formerly lived nea/ Ottosen. Mr. and Mrs. Dick St. John took their daughter, Michelle, to Iowa city Wednesday for medical attention. - o - JAY AND KEITH Miller, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Miller, West Bend, were weekend visitors with their maternal grandparents, the Oswald Thilges, Algona. Mrs. Miller spent the weekend at Camp Ripley, Minnesota, with her husband, who is in the local National Quard. REAL ESTATE and FARM MACHINERY - HOUSEHOLD GOODS AUCTION SAT., AUG. 21-1 P.M. ON THE PREMISES - 1420 NORTH JOHNSON ST., ALGONA (On* Block South of Frank Youngwlrth Cafe & Station) PROPERTY BLOCKS 23 & 24 - CALL'S ADDITION TO ALGONA, 16 LOTS IN ALL. 5 ROOM HOUSE IN GOOD CONDITION, HAS RUNNING WATER. GARAGE. AUCTIONEER NOTE: Th*M 16 Iota are well located in the growing section of Algona, close to Highway 18 and Garrigan High School. Here is your opportunity to make a real buy I TERMS ON PROPERTY: 10% down on day of tale, balance as soon as title is clear, or 1/3 down, balance on 5%» contract. Possession Sept. 1, 1965. BUILDINGS TO BE MOVED 2 - 6 x 8 Tool Sheds 2 - 8 x 12 Buildings 1 - 6 x 10 Tool Shed 1 - 14 x 36 Barn 16 x 36 Hip-roof Chicken House, Ilk* new. FARM MACHINERY * EQUIPMENT Iff JD Disc horse drawn Disc rubber tire Wheelbarrow. •> Chicken Nests and Feeder* Barrels , , IHCP-12 Tractor 2 row Cultivator IHC steel wheel Spreader 50 bales Straw hand Corn Shelter Feed Corn — approximately 125 bu. ear corn 2 wheel spring Trailer Case horse Mower steel Water Tank TOOLS I MISCELLANEOUS Shovels A Forks Used Lumber Woven Wlr* Ladder hand Garden Plow big Steel Kettle Creosote and Steel Posts Lawn Mower with Clinton engine 410 single shot Shotgun push,Lawn Mower 1941 PLYMOUTH COUPE L HOUSEHOLD GOODS Tappan Gas Range, Duo Therm Oil Burner, Coronado Washing Machine, 5 ft. Step Ladder, Hall Tree, Kitchen Cupboard, Drop-leaf Kitchen Table, Davenport & Chair, odd Chairs, Clothes Closet, Ironing Board, Electric Iron, Dresser, Vacuum Cleaner, Fruit Jars, Radio, Dairy Scale, Library Table, One-room Gas Heater, Toaster, Card Table, Hot Plate, 9x12 Wool Rug, oak Buffet & Norelo Elec. Shaver. Terms on Machinery, Buildings, Household Goods, etc.-CASH or see your banker Not Responsible For Accidents Should Any Occur LEO HEINEN ESTATE JOSEPHINE HEINEN, Administratrix For Further Information Contact DALE YUNGEBERG - 295-3393 COMPLETE STOCK LIQUIDATION SALE BEFORE WE REMODEL EVERY ITEM ON SALE 1 DIAMOND RING SET reg. $ 55.00 NOW $ 29.95 1 DIAMOND RING SET _ __ reg. $187,50 NOW $ 99,95 1 DIAMOND RING SET reg. $725,00 NOW $398.00 1 DIAMOND LADIES WEDDING BAND _> reg, $125,00 NOW $ 69.95 Men's Diamond TIE TACKS Reg. $20.00 NOW $11 R.O. $05.00 Now $35 Complete Sets of Silverware ON SALE All Price Ranges 1 Cultured Pearl NECKLACE REG, $37.50 Sale Price $18.96 Stainless Steel Tableware Sets All Price Ranges WATCHBANDS MEN'S & LADIES' Up To K OFF STAINLESS STEEL TRAYS & BOWLS ON SALE JEWELRY All Kinds Up To y* OFF BILLFOLDS JEWELRY WATCHES GLASSWARE WATCHES MEN'S & LADIES' Up To K OFF ELECTRIC SHAVERS CLOCKS & RADIOS NEW SCOTCH BRAND typewriter cleaner — clean — fast — convenient. Office Supply Dept., Upper Des Moines Pub. Co. WILTGEN JEWELERS ALGONA

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