The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 12, 1965 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 12, 1965
Page 14
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FROM THE ATTIC . . . ... TO THE VAULT (Yttvr Hobbv - And Yewr ly Dick •> This column is being written in a lodge midst the woods of Rhode Island not far from the University where 1 do battle with the problems and history of the British Commonwealth of Nations. A trip to New England is always most welcomed as long as I don't have to hit the more congested areas. Speed limits of 35 to 45 miles per hour may strike citizens of the wide open spaces as intolerable, but, believe me, that is more than generous for many of these twisting roads where the natives and the animals have one thing in common - they expect you to get out of their way. The country side abounds in antique establishments. The problem often isn't finding them, it's being able to see them in time to stop. One can easily rationalize by saying that another will soon appear, but there is always that nagging doubt that you just missed the place with the item you want or the bargain waiting for the observant visitor. New England is not exactly a bargain area, particularly in the better-known tourist centers, but there is much to see and bargains to be had In the rural areas and that is the real joy of these states anyway. - o - For example, on the way down from the Mass. Pike to Kingston, I ventured off the main road to the Kendall Homestead which the card tells me was on Pumpkin Hill road. They feat- tured antiques and handmade Items of an amazing variety. I hope the husband knew how to cook, because 1 really don't see how the good wife would ever find time, tho I suspect she does. One room was full of aprons, pot holders, door stops, bonnets, rugs, stuffed animals, toaster covers, dolls and numerous decorative items. All was her work and she was disturbed because her stock was so low following the 4th of July holiday period. Actually, I found this room more interesting than the antiques. - o - A second stop was at Echo Hill Anltques on the Plainfleld Pike otherwise known as route 14. Things were not as serene here due to cattle rustlers, of all things. I noted a lot of smaller wooden items that seemed reasonably priced to me. Carnival glass seemed quite scarce. Mrs. Bailey told me that dealers from Virginia and the Carolinas took a lot of the New England material. She had a nice set of coin silver spoons. This was an attractive little shop separate from the house. It was a very pleasant visit. - o - On the weekend break, I decided to use Saturday for a trip to West Barnstable on Cape Cod for the advertised' 3rd annual Antique Fair. Getting from southern Rhode Island over to the Cape area Isn't an easy trip as one route involves a ferry and several congested areas and the other involves Providence where the expressway network is as yet Incomplete. The weekend just isn't a very good time to go to the Cape. Traffic jams up where the coast freeway and «6 Intersect at a rotary just l>efore the bridge over the canal. This delayed me only a short time, but the heat made it seem much longer. On the return, I noted traffic tied ut. Inimper to bumper for several miles along the freeway. With so many visitors, the Cape really has lost all claim to the provincial rusticness that is the stated reason for visiting. As part of a general antique trip, the fair would make a good terminal point, but it hardly was worth a specific trip. There were perhaps a dozen dealers including one from Ohio, but the material was rather average. Perhaps I wasn't really in the mood after the uncomfortable trip. - o - On the return, I took a route that would take me around Providence on the north. This took me on a less congested and more Interesting road, Mass. #106 and I stopped at one of those "gem and Junk together" places at West Brldgewater. The card says Lampllte Shop Antiques, specializing in early American pine, iron, brass and copper. Over 5000 frames in stock. If you saw the card first, the establishment would come as a shock with everything tossed together. This would hardly be the place for much in glass ware or China, but my experience tells me to stop at such places for general odds and ends and that looked- for bargain. I wish that I had more time and inclination to i John Wayne in "Circus World" Starts Sunday VISIT OUR FLORAL HALL BOOTH THIS IS OUR SPECIAL INVITATION TO YOU TO STOP AT OUR BOOTH WHILE YOU'RE AT THE FAIR! - WE'LL BE SEEING YOU KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASS'N. JOHN WAYNE plays courageous Matt Masters tn Samuel Bronston's action-packed Wild West saga "Circus World," a Paramount release opening Saturday at the Algona Theatre, Filmed in Technicolor and directed by Henry Hathaway, "Circus World" has a brilliant cast including Claudia Cardlnale, Rita Hayworth, Lloyd Nolan, Richard Conte and John Smith. poke around, tho this was likely to be dangerous. In fact, there was a sign saying that you entered the shop portion at your own risk. Unorganized storage would be a better term than shop. I noted one of those old fire insurance marks that used to be a part of old houses. This is the first time I have seen one in a shop. I purchased a mint condition brass oil can circa Civil War used for the weapons of that period and several pieces of pewter ware. I wouldn't care for a lot of pewter, but some of the smaller items I think are attractive for decorative purposes In a hobby room or with any early American furniture. The only large piece I bought was a milk pitcher made by the Pairpoint firm of New Bedford which I understand is better known for glass Items, particularly paperweights. The proprietor, Mr. Wood, told me that he sent a lot of material to the Cape, largely furniture. The moral is: when in New England, buy in the rural areas where the urban and Cape dealers buy. It is much more pleasant and certainly much cheaper. Reunions And ~^±~~~~~~~~~~* Guests Wesley Order-Of-Day COME TO ... THE KOSSUTH COUNTY FAIR AND SEE ... • TBi"' <t»n ii I " - *' 11 i- —• ? LINDSAY Automatic Water Softener exclusive choice—House of Good Taste This beautiful, all-automatic water conditioner will be your choice, too, when you see how inexpensively it conditions and softens your water, eliminates incoming iron. 20 advanced features . . . and a new low price. SEE THE ENTIRE FINE FAMILY OF LINDSAY WATER SOFTENERS 1 WE'LL BE LOOKING FOR YOU! HOWARD MILLER and DON DIAL AUTHORIZED LINDSAY DEALERS UN r BAY Lindsay Soft Water Co, 520 South Phillip* Srrttt Algona, Iowa WESLEY - Wesleyans who attended a Kunkel family reunion at Call State Park, Sunday, August 1 included the Bernard Kunkels, Paul Studers, Cletus West, and Gary West. Other former Wesleyans were Gaylon Vitzthums and Tom Smalls of Stuart, Vern Reddings, Woden and Ben Materns, Garner. The 175 were descendants of the late Mike Kunkels, former Wesley residents. - o - NEW TEACHING POST Donna Bleich, counselor at Camp Hantessa, near Boone the past 8 weeks returned home August 7. She left August 9 with three girl friends on a two weeks vacation trip. Donna was recently released from her contract with the Forest City school board in order to accept a better position in Moline, 111. where she will teach commercial subjects in high school. - o - HEARING CORRECTED Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Becker took their 6 year old Julie to Iowa City Monday August 2 for her final check-up of a hearing defect, which has been completely cleared up. They were accompanied by Wilfred's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Anton Becker of St. Joe. They were Monday night guests of relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Borman, who are house parents at the Annie Witt- ermeyer home in Davenport. Enroute home Tuesday they stopped in Waterloo where they visited an aunt, Sister M. Georgine and a cousin Sister M. Rap- heela. - o - Thursday evening dinner guests at the Bernard Kunkel home in honor of Larry's 13th birthday were the Arnold Lall- iers of Algoua, the Kenneth Hav- erlys, Paul Hildman and Phil Richter. Mesdames Maud Studer, Mary Bode, Justine Becker, Erma Kunz and Marie Doughan attended the Stylarama held Tuesday evening August 2 in the Academy hall at Whittemore, and sponsored by the Whittemore C.D.A.'s. The Bernard Kunkel family visited the Conrad Kunkels, Clarion Friaay evening July 30. Mrs. Elmer Doughan, Mrs. Vic Loeblg and Mrs. Herman Bode attended the meeting of the Jolly Dozen club Tuesday afternoon August 3 at the L. Wright home in Britt. Mr. and Mrs. Lou Lickteig took his sister, Agnus Lickteig to her home in Greeley, Kansas Wednesday August 4 folio wing her two weeks visit here. Mr. and Mrs. Lickteig visited relatives in Kansas a week. Mrs. Justine Becker entertained her bridge club Thursday afternoon, August 5. Mrs. Elmer Doughan will entertain the group Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 18. Rev. and Mrs. Harley Peters and family of Traer spent one day recently with his mother Mrs. Mary Peters. Mrs. Rosalie De Boer and two children of Marshalltown were August 1 weekend guests in the David Klein home. Dawn DeBoer stayed for a two week visit. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wise and Mr. and Mrs. Gary Larson spent one day last week In the home of Mrs. Wise's brother, John Voss Jr. and family. The latter's eldest son Captain J. D. Voss, his wife and three children of Laurel Bay, North Carolina were house-guests there. Mr. and Mrs. Clair Robinson of Des Moines spent last week with their son Earl and family. The men are doing repair work on the house tenanted by the latter family. Earl is on two weeks vacation from his duties at the Farmers Creamery. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Weir plan to leave soon for a vacation trip to Cardwell, Mo. to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Weir. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Thompson of Osage spent Sunday August 1 with the Clarence Aitchlsons. On Monday the Arman Tobbs of Minneapolis, Minn, were dinner guests there. Mr. and Mrs.Orville Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Keuchenreu- ther of Marshalltown returned August 1 from a weeks fishing at Clark Lake, Minn. They had a cottage at Nissau, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hazelwirth and five children of Centerville, Ohio spent Sunday with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Henderson. They were enroute to Lead, S.D. and noihts west. Mi. and Mrs. Elmer Haupfly of Garner spent Sunday August I, with his sister Mrs. Fred Eden and family. Methodist women will be hosts to delegate from all churches in the Mason City district on September 10th. A workshop and officers training will be featured. A new basement wall on the west side of the Methodist parsonage is under construction.The building has been rented to a Mr. Roquet who will be guidance counselor in the high school. He takes possession August 15. Friends here have received invitations to the wedding of Kathleen Ann Hughes daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Hughes of Britt formerly of Wesley, to Richard Rock wood. The wedding will be held in St. Patricks catholic church, Britt on August 21. The reception will be held In the parish hall. The Clarence Beenken and Jack Vitzthum families spent last week at Wilson Bay Resort at Brainard, Minn. Mary Jo Becker accompanied them The Women's Society met August 4 in the Methodist church with 21 members and 3 guests present. Circle 3 held a bake sale after the meeting. Circle one announced a buffet supper for September 23, also the sale of plates bearing a picture of the church. August circle meetings are to be held in the homes of Mrs. Esther Schroeder, Mrs. Lawrence Baylor and Mrs. Richard Madsen. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Koppen entertained at a farewell dinner MOW CLOCK THURSDAY thru SATURDAY "The Art Of Love" - 7:00-9:30. FREE Merchants Show on Saturday - at 1:00 and 3:00. FRIDAY MIDNIGHT SHOW "Kiss Of The Vampire" and "13 Frightened Girls" - starts at 11:30 p. m. SUNDAY - "Circus World" 1:45 - 4:15 - 6:40 - 9:10. MONDAY thru WEDNESDAY "The Circus World" - 7:00 and 9:25. ENDS SAT. Elvis Presley - Ann Margret "VIVA LAS VEGAS" plus "PT 109" SUN. thru WED., Aug. 15-18 If you were a real Spencer, you just naturally did your growing up on Spencer's Mountain. OlQMHiy PA starr nQ rnuni n'UIDi JAMES MacARTHUR • DONALD CRISP FONDA 0 HARA WAUYCQX .MIMSY FARMER * PLUS SECOND BIO FEATURE « party for her sister and family, the Robert Lickteigs of Algona. who are moving August 15 to California. Other guests were the womens' father, A. J. Renger of Bancroft and his son A 1/c Joseph Renger who flew home from Germany for a 30 day leave*. Friday evening guests in the Bernard Kunkel home were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Zeimet, Bancroft and Mr. and Mrs. BobTys- dal of Clarion. Francis Hlldman, son of the John Hlldman's suffered a 6-A1gono (la.) Upp« &*• MolftM Thurtcfoy, Augmt 12, 1965 painful injury recently in the bean field when he was struck on his left hand by another worker's hoe» Tendons and veins were cut. Mrs. Leo Bleich, Mrs. Helen Johnson and Mrs. Viola Studer were Thursday evening guests of Mrs. Bonnstetter in her home in Ventura, The Goodell American Legion Auxiliary held their meeting in the Bonnstetter home 65th HOBO DAY and National Annual Hobo Convention TUESDAY, AUGUST 17 BRITT, IOWA Gala Parade — 9:30 A. M. Election and Coronation of King and Queen of the Hoboes - 11 A. M. Free Mulligan Stew — 12 noon Queens, bands, floats galore \ 3rd Annual Hobo Day Art Show 10:30 a.m. to B p. m. in City Park — Demonstrations by artists Outstanding Free Acts Monday evening, Tuesday afternoon and evening Royal United Shows on Midway Biggest one-day festival in the Midwest EVERYBODY COMES TO HOBO DAY GET UP A PARTY! T4IANTO MIPNITE SHOW DOORS OPEN AT 10:30 P. M. Ends Sat. • / 'THE ART OF LOVE" SUN. thru WED. AUGUST 15-IB BIG JOHN. at his ROUGHEST and TOUGHEST ...Controlling a "MM" daughter kcomts tougher than running a mo WEST CIRCUS! * WHAN I'JWIF SfUJH A PAMHOVNT gfi(AM. /*COLOR

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