Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on March 12, 2000 · Page 249
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 249

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 12, 2000
Page 249
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17 MONDAY A&E AMC AP BET re BRAVO CNBC CNN Comedy Court CTND EiSTYlE. ECS ESPN ESPN2 FAM FNC FOOD FSN FX MS- GAME GOLF GTV HGTV HIST INSP KNOW LIFE MSNBC MTV NICK NOSH 5 6 PM ! 6:30 7:00 I 7:30 LA. Law "To Live and Diet n LA. (cc) ! 164771 Law it Order "Performance (CC) S3 366042 Biography "Sarah, the Duchess of York" Sarah Ferguson, (cc) E3 448690 The Flim-flam Man (6:05) ('67) George C. Scott An Army oesener pns an aging soumem con man wonting scams from town to town, (cc) S3 11329955 Hollywood i-asnion 296684 Aquanauts 018279145 Pet Project EJ 8197597 Funniest Animals El 6099023 Rap City: Tha Bassment (5:00) 933961 The Efficiency Expert 15:00) C91.PG) Anthony Hopkins. 22 234077 The Edge 9432690 WorldView (CC) 540042 You Lie Like a Dog El 8186481 The Dolphin: Born to Be Wild Dolphins' exotic realms. U 5470752 Hits From the Street 148706 Moonlighting "Here's Living With YOU, Kuf (CC) 591874 Business Center 5613139 Moneyllne News Hour (cc) 696868 . Saturday Night Live Host Helen Hunt,Snoop Doggy Dogg. (cc) E 5088329 Daily Show Stewart S3 ,6097665 Rosary Coming Attractions (S 249874 A La Mode The Way It Was "M&M Boys" Pros & Cons 9354868 Mugshots Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. E 4047503 Dialogue CHSL Athletics E! News Dally 167226 Fashion Emeraencv 0431313 A La Mode Travel Xpr. Model S Emergency One on One With Dick Schaap SportsCenter (Live) (cc) 604329 Mother's Car Show (r) 9960085 Partridge Family E3 180684 Legends of the Road (r) 5265477 Partridge Family S3 171936 Special Report With Brit Hume (cc) Readv Set Cook! 1804690 Fox Sports News (Live) 521400 From Martha's Kitchen 1722042 The Last Word (Tape) 512752 Beverly Hills, 90210 "I'm Back Because" (cc) 3 2966348 Wild Card Hollywood Squares Profiles of a Pro 9434058 Match Game Score Golf TV 9345110 What's It All About World Art Carney. 122313 Fix It Upl 4111145 Dream Builders 4039597 High Polntsin History "Bombers" 0 8042874 David Blbey 7656874 On the Money (cc) El Golden Girls (CC) 21 266058 Decision 2000 7658232 MTV Jams S3i 188226 CatDog 563868 All That Blackstreet; Mya. 645416 Wired on Your Head John Hagee 7574226 Follow That Dreaml Patents. Q Golden Girls (CC) S3 177110 Equal Time 7576684 Beat Suite IS 275706 Upfront Tonight 9356226 Crossfire (CC) 633706 Stein's Money (cc) 22 6184023 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 Investigative Reports "The Junkie Next Door: Women and Heroin" (cc) 362226 City Confidential (cc) S3 365313 Law & Order "Mother Love i sj (CC) 22 576508 V"-N Ocean's Eleven C60) Frank Sinatra. Dean Martin. Sammv Davis Jr. A jcrook and his 10 war buddies plan to rob five Las Vegas casinos on New rear s eve. in mi Blue Hawaii (10:45: ( 6 Kijj fclvis Presley, Joan Blackman. El 50457665 Sparks (cc) 980619 Amen 896226 Animal Lea- ends El 8093874 Twisted Tales "Pigs' El 5085232 Emergency Vets 2 9544110 Comlcview 137690 Live From LA. 147077 Agnes of God ('85, PG-13) Jane Fonda, Meg Tilly. A psychiatrist probes the mind of a nun in whose room has been tound a dead newborn infant IS 408110 The Rlngling Brothers Wisconsin brothers become top circus owners. 590145 Hardball With Chris Matthews 4963597 The World Today (cc) 991752 Rivera Live 4049961 The News With Brian Williams (CC) 4059348 Larry King Live (cc) 479936 She's the One ('96, R) An affair with his cab-driver brother's ex-fiancee typifies a married Wall Street guy's need for sibling rivalry. E 5472110 Cops (cc) i 4004077 Cops (CC) E 4910684 Sports Challenge Tourney Preview 283110 RPM 2Night (Live) (cc) 9776684 Who a the Boss? (cc) EJ 444394 Search Party IS 156110 Up Close '500 Home Run Club" Talk Soup S3 513961 MysUScan-dals (cc) S3 436868 FashionTV Masters on Monday Masters Film" 1965 Homicide: Life on the Street "The Documentary" (CC) 4043787 Say Yes Holy Land Rosary Wild Rescues IS 9633058 The Dolphin: Born to Be Wild Dolphins' exotic realm j Tonight With Tavls Smiley SPEED 934110 ones of God I PG-131 Jane Fonda. Tilly. S3 970787 CNN Newsstand (cc) 229413 Strangers (cc)lH 9542752 Citizens Brigade (cc) E 9551400 Anatomyof Crime "Murder (or Hire" IS 4046874 Abundant Life The El True Hollywood Story "Difl'rent Strokes" (cc) IS 776503 DiningStyle IFashion IMiss America: BTS Classic Baseball "1952 World Series: YanksDodgers" Game 7, played 10752. 11:00 i 11:30 'MONDAY rnnrh In New York (5:301 ('96. R) William Hurt. N.Y. psychiatrist, Paris woman swap apartments, I iCI-FI Sliders (cc) IS 7828145 Speed Shop 85. res Roseanne (6:05) (cc) S3 5626771 Hardball With Chris Matthews 5886400 TCM Sports Tonight (cc) 351690 Daily Show Stewart IS 8096961 Cops (cc) E 6933023 Moneyline (CC) 876139 Stein's Mori ' ey (cc) E3 5254023 Cops (CC) f 1 5921435 The Journey Home Howard Stern E 965955 NHL Hockey Dallas Stars at New York Rangers. (Live) (cc) 995690 NFL2Night (Live) 8314941 Who's the Boss? (cc) EJ 273348 The Fox Report With Shep- ard Smith (cc) Cooking Llvel 5591874 SportsCenter of the Decade "The 1980s" Stories highlighting the major events of the decade, (r) 7036348 Solomon' Choice ('92) Joanna Kerns. Parents are divided over whether their son should donate the bone marrow his half sister needs to live. IS 625508 The O'Reilly Factor (cc) Hannity & Colmes (cc) Emeril Live 5404394 Door Knock Dinners 1643955 Preseason Baseball Houston Astros vs. Detroit Tigers. From Lakeland. Fla. (Live) 460333 M'A'SH (cc) IS 3844868 Inqulzitlon Golf Channel Academy 4913771 M'A'S'H (ecl S3 7563110 NYPD Blue "Curt Russell" A fussytemp subs for Donna. (CC) UJ 1201969 Dare' Newlywed Game Golf Central 9341394 Combat "A Child's Game" (CC) 682110 Old House Classic (cc) 2903023 Yankee Workshop (CC) 4028481 20th Century With Mike Wallace "Firestorml" IS 8721597 Copeland (CC) 3844868 RxTV (cc) f Morri Cerul lo 7583110 Meeting the Challenge G Intimate Portrait Actress and mother Patncia Richardson, (cc) 0 120918 Hardball With Chrl Matthews 6457067 Countdown to Spring Break 985226 Hey Arnoldl 836226 Rugrata 552752 (CC) Hollywood Showdown Best of Family Feud Golf Channel Academy Live 4958665 Ozzle & Harriet 511503 At the Auction 2912771 Make Room for ... 427110 Collectible Treasures 2004706 The True Story of Robin HOOd (CC) EJ 8803145 Rod Parsley 3926416 New Media New (cc) B3 B. Crawford 3832023 HomeC putlng i Beyond Chance Two women hit by a semi; out-of-body experience, (cc) 825526 MSNBC Crime File 9401987 Spring Break Uncensored Spring break stories. E 520954 Wild Thorn-berry Q 918874 Ghostwriter Ghostwriter I The Wild Thornberrya 824481 Phred on Your Head The X-Files "Tunguska" (cc) E 6352413 Married ... (cc)S3 9505684 Pumping GAS "GUTS"; "Figure It OutT" Baseball Tonight 978416 Sports Chal lenge Howard Stern E 581290 rooN A La Mode A La Mode TRAVEL TRIN SportsCenter (Live) (cc) 411706 TVL NHL Hockey Philadelphia Flyers at Phoenix Coyotes. (Live) 8475042 UNIV Famous Families: The Nelsons (CC) 986955 The 700 Club (cc) 137752 The Edge With Paula Zahn (cc) Cooking Live Primetime (CC) 5590145 Romancing America (cc) 0 11 Tafco Manhattan Valerie Bertinelli. Barrv Bostwick and Perry King star. (Part 1 of 4) E The Outer Limits (cc) E 7936394 Motors port Roseanne (6:35) (cc) IS 8405874 The Outer Limits (cc) IS 7945042 Inside Winston Cup Fresh Prince (cc)EJ 1254329 Fresh Prince (cc)H 60521868 King Solomon's Mines ('50) An Englishwoman and her Brother hire Allan Quatermain to take them to her husband and African treasure, (cc) 2556856 Your New House Stones; cement pathway; Italian tile. 03 242503 Venomous Snakes El 444874 Home Again (CC) El 425232 Home Again (CC) El 343684 Trauma: Life in the ER "Drawino. the Line Nashville, Tenn.. IS 792936 Cagney & Lacey (cc) 23 312329 Matt Houston "A Novel Way to Die Guest Markie post. 707868 In the Heat of the Night Vengeance (cc) 232139 Batman (cc) Sj 1760067 Scooby-Doo El 7065459 Adventure Bound "Escape From Devil's Island" IS Praise the Lord (5:00) (cc) The Outer Limits (cc) S3 7038706 11:30 T Z Z i r . a aa a ia.aa in.?n 1 1 -nil a t 1 "n 1 1 jlu.uu jww -. tjnw 1 d:w 1 i-w 1 1 1 ' 1 - 1 ,.,..,,, Ic, DUM U 1 - I -1 1- Take Manhattan (9:45) Valerie Bertinelli, Barry Bostwick and Perry Mng siar. (i-an c 01 4) ai Great Ro mances IB The Outer Limits (cc) E 7935665 Poltergeist: The Legacy (CC) E 1406868 Form. One lAuto Racing Formula One Grand Prix of Australia, (r) Inside Winston Cup NBA Basketball Boston Celtics at Detroit Pistons. (Live) 767139 Inside the NBA 556464 . Back to the Future (85, PG) Michael J. r-ox. t 21669232 Emm Heroin Eternity ('53) Burt Lancaster, Mont gomery Clift, Deborah Kerr. Army life in Hawaii leads up to Pearl Harbor. 98870684 , On the Town (10:15) ('49) Gene Kelly, bailors Gabey, Chip and Ozzie have 24 hours to meet pretty women and see the sights ol New York, (cc) 41086139 Carriers Aircraft carrier con struction. UJ 357394 . Paramedics "The Wild West" Car rolls; horse throws woman. IS 701684 Sci-Trek "Dangers of the Ice Age" 0 440058 Extreme Land Speed: The Ultimate Race "The Hope" EJ 894348 On Mars Feasibility of civilian space travel. EJ 443145 Carriers Aircraft carrier con struction. l 953752 Extreme Land Speed: The Ultimate Race "The Glory" 897435 riailas! The Earlv Years ( I Jason Ewing and Digger Barnes begin tl (CC) -J 559313 ER "Choosing Joi" Ross helps the mother of a dying boy, (cc) m aasrub WCW Monday Nitro Llvel Tony Schiavone; Bobby Heenan; Larry jioyszKo, uene uiuwumu, mmo icnay. (Live) (cc) ra 703042 Chicken E 9774226 Laboratory EJ 6140233 Ed, Edd EJ 9856874 Adventure Bound Elephant kingdom; hippos. IS Helen Pen-santl, M.D. Sanford & Son 9441348 Fuera Serle E3 8284077 Maude 9352400 Andy Griffith 4093961 Sonadoras IS 5476936 Fox Sports News (Live) 132145 Married . (cc)ES 9687232 3's 1 Crowd Big Three Golf Palmer v. Player v. Nicklaus 4041329 Love Boat (Part 2 of 2) 686394 Kitty Bartholomew 1783145 Country at Home Quilts. 8045961 The Most "Astounding oiruciures lempie oevoieo to rats, (cc) El 8710481 Benny Hlnn 3931787 J. Roblson (CC) 2865665 On the Mon- ey (cc) EJ Business Traveler E3 Leaderboard Report 2952313 The Newly-wed Game Golf Central (r) 2034961 Bonanza "Abner Willough-by's Return" 681481 If Walls Could Talk ., 6945139 Dream House 6027787 Gadget Mechanical and electronic devices make life easier, (cc) 01 8720868 Rhema Praise 9505684 RxTV(cc)l Love a Child 9687232 Meeting the Challenge EJ A Case for Ufa ('96) Valerie Bertinelli. Mel Harris. An attorney tries to force her sister, a pro-life-activist, to have a life-saving abortion, (cc) 979686 The New With Brian William (CC) 4552431 Spring Break t ZSJIJtf Bradv Bunch ( 710329 Real World (CC) S3 349400 Beverly Hillbillies 245690 Headllner & Legend With Matt Lauer 7607508 Real World (CC) 22 609394 All In the Family 432684 Maklngthe Video S3 618042 The Jefferson El 514232 Doug(cc) ICro (cc) (Ghostwriter I Ghostwriter INIckNews I The O'Reilly Factor f" WGN Emeril Live 6178077 The Locker The Last )jSnev I nuuin mi nora (r; "j 31U481 1 209936 f " The X Show (cc) E 2924139 FNC I WlldCard kfAirj. I Inquizition Newlywed I1 IS! i Golf Channel Academy pl" I Live (r) 5888868 I, , " I Combat "A Child's Game" " HB0 I (CC) 737874 I I AttheAuc- ICollectlble Lnnc I tlon 1788690 Treasure ribUd I Hitory' Lost & Found ct I Imelda Marcos' 1,200 pairs , I v, M i , ii I J. Van Imp J. Roblson I (CC) 3936232 (cc) 1526961 .iYlftA I New Media Home Com- A I New(cc)H DutlnoEa ... I IVIlViHA . r i Golden Girl Golden Girl I ' ' (CC) S3 336416 (CC) S3 41295S 'JJjQ 1 ' MSNBC Crime File - - 2926597 . ,. SH02 undressed Lovellne I E 258684 Elise Neal E I 2683W LTARZ I Love Lucy Bewitched r (CC) EJ 715674 E3 223023 f Tiwr. Wild Side ' t I Baywatch "Let the Games Begin (cc) bbomv Wayans (cc) iS 983226 Prince (cc) EJ 283526 Bishop Jakes Gomer Pyle ,9358684 ('86) David Grant, Dale Midkifl, Molly Hagan. Jock Ewing, as begin the family feud of their "Dallas" TV series sons. Paramedics "The Wild West" Car rolls; horse throws woman. W 856348 Matt Houston "A Novel Way to Die" Guest Markie Post. IS 758752 a Minis d' The Annihilation ( 91. HI An ex-mn- ja must save commandos and the world from a mad sheik ana nis nin)a army, m jiiiw Tom & Jerry m 9762481 Lonely Planet Gobi Desert; buddhist monastery. S3 Bugs & Daffy EJ 7930110 The Trailblazers S3 Behind the Scenes (cc) R.W. Scham-bach (cc) Dino Emergencyl (Part 1 of 2) 4965955 Dragnet 6936110 Nunca Te Olvidare E 5485684 JAG "Webb of Lies" (cc) S3 900400 Walker, Texas Ranger Days Past (cc) iu msub Full House (CC) EJ 248665 Full House (CC) EJ 388990 Behind the Music (cc) S3 Behind the Music (cc) S3 Behind the Music (cc) E Behind the Music (cc) S3 Behind the Music (cc) S3 The List Jesse Du- plantis (cc) Fl'stone (cc) El 5842941 Scooby (cc) EJ 9711579 Ed, Edd EI ,6253787 Amazing Destinations El Laboratory EJ 6775684 Lonely Planet Gobi Desert; buddhist monastery. S3 Praise the Lord (cc) Museum of Television & Radio Showcase 4051706 Tres Mujeres E 5578348 Cristina ... Edicion Especial 5571435 WWF RAW (CC) 03 906684 Prefontalne ('97, PG-13) Jared Leto. Olympic defeat matures selfish distance runner, 402936 Honeymoon- ers 6948955 WWF War Zone (cc) EE 8564145 News (CC) 414771 Impacto Extra 8907023 Sanford & Son 5830139 Noticiero 5261313 (11:05) (cc) 6881446 BehindMusic (cc) S3 MacGyver "Collision Course" (r) S3 487232 Growing Pains (cc) E i88918 Smart Guy (CC) 972110 Angels In the Endzone ('97) Christo pher Lioyo. n angei neips a lusiny iuuiuoii team win. (cc) El 3030394 Gleaming the Cube (6:10) ('88, PG-1 3) A California skateboarder solves and avenges the death of his adopted Vietnamese brother, (cc) 66114482 Noah 18:35) ('98) Tony Danza, Wallace Shawn. Aaded contractor must build an ark in 4u aays. cc) m t4Bjuo Air America ('90, R) Mel Gibson, Robert Downey Jr. CIA-funded pilots hit drug traffic while flying supplies for , the coven war eiron in umnmun Three Amigosl (10:10) ('86, PG) Three silent-film cowboys come to Mexicgto perform but instead are expected to save a town, (cc) S3 86865936 Trading Places '83, R Uan AVKroyo ooon myu-lionaire brothers reverse the roles of a Wall Street com modities broker and a street nusneMuu)i'" A Month By the Lake (5:45) ('95, PG Vanessa Redgrave. Romance at a resort in 937 Italy, (cc) 91882435 IThe Flame I Love (7:20) (79) Linda Purl. U.S. heiress meets t-renenman on ; way to wed bfflisn awe, vrmiai Immediate Family ('89, PG-13) Glenn Close. An inter-tile couple and unwed parents see a lawyer about adop tion. Directed oy Jonathan ftapian, raounu Rough Cut (10:45) ( 80, PG) Burt Reynolds, (cc) ; 68872961 . - - . Hope Floats ('98, PG-13) Publicly betrayed by ner nusDana ana oesunenu, a wuinan loiuma iw - j homestead in Texas with her daughter, (cc) 727139 The Ret (6:15) ('94, R) Denis Learv, Judy Davis. Bickering spouses annoy the cat burglar who takes them nostage in tneir lonnecticm nome. tcu; jua i jao i ft These Wall Could Talk 2 ('00) Vanessa Redgrave, Michelle Williams, Ellen DeGeneres. Lesbians face discrimination in three eras, (cc) ffl 722684 Grumpy Old Men ('93, PG-13) Jack Lemmon, Walter Martnau. Minnesota neiynuvia ioimmu-o a when they fall tor the same wioow. (cc; poujzjj Ruthless People (5:00) ('86, R) Danny DeVito, Bette Midler, (cc) 1069684 Dead Poets Society (6:45 ('89, PU) Hoom wimams. A prep-school teacher in 1959 New England rouses seven ot nis stuoenis wun poeiry, x) Paradise Lost 2: Revelations Group lobbies for new trials for three youths, (cc) a: B29U3 The Sopranos "From vvneio HJ cieinuy Mm Cousin Bette ("98, R) Jessica Lange, Elisabeth Shue. (CC) rrrrtio Dangerous Beauty ('98, R) A 16th-century woman be-icomes a courtesan to be near the man she loves, the son of a nobleman, (cc) 3317446 Over the Hill ("92, PG) Olympia Dukakis. A 60-year-old Maine widow visits her daughter In Australia and finds adventure and romance in the Outback. Titanic (4:35) ('97, PG-13) Asociety girl abandons her haughty dance for a penniless artist on the ill-fated ship s maiden voyage, (cc) zabBmsa Coming to America (5:30) ('88, R) tdOie WlUrpny. rtinuan ynni,e anu luyai sidekick come to Queens, (cc) 306868 Split Screen The Addiction ("95) Lili Taylor. A New York vampire lights cravings tor oiooa as she tries for her Ph.D. in philosophy, Unforgiven ("92, H) Ulint tastwooa. An oia gun-slinger, his ex-partner and a quick-draw kid go bounty hunting in a town causa oijj vvMionoy. otjjta City of Angels T98, PG- 13) iNicoias iayo, wioa Ryan. (cc) 8865954 Hangin'WIth Split Screen the Home-boya The Typewriter, the Rifle and the Movie camera ui- rector Sam Fuller. Bad Girls (10:15) ('94, R) Madeleine Stowe. Gunsllng-ino tloozies flee town to avoid a hanging and meet an out- law wun a score io suiq. yw "' Dogfight ('91 , R) A Vietnam-bound Gl brings a waitress to an ugly-date contest in 1963 San Francisco, (cc) 114329 Meatballs Part II ('84, PG) Richard Mulligan. Camp owner pushes boxing match Willi UIMOI Winip. W Eat Your Heart Out (10:35 C.97, R) Christian Oliver, Pamela Segall. "nree Wends cope with one's success. 97674085 Aldrlch Ames: Traitor Within (6:05) ('98, PG) Timothy Hutton, Joan Plowright, Elizabeth Pena. A CIA bureaucrat i t A.. IS n nrviiitcnA sells iniormanon io me ron. it's Black Entertainment (5:45) ('00) S3 1175023 . Belly ('98, R) Nas, DMX, Taral Hicks. Two young friends involved in organized crime and drug dealing find that their priorities differ, (cc) 904226 Boxing (Live) 7581394 Jack Hlgglns'The Windsor Protocol (7:15) ("96, R) KVie MacLacman, macna wbmuii, wms yyn,o. - u.,,.. agent tries to stop irie ruuun nw,". wcoa lars and Choosers "Fasten Your Seatbelts" (cc) 679954 Caddyshack II (4:40) 19835684 Slam Dunk Ernest (6:20) ('94, PG) Jim Vamey, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Basketball angel helps Ernest s team. zursiKa Out of Sight ( 98, R) George Clooney. I he mutual at traction between a federal marsnai ana an escapea gonviui interferes with their goals. 98867110 Haunted Honeymoon (5:55) ( 86, PG) Gene Wilder. Radio actor and bride hear werewolf rumor. 35902752 The Hood Life (cc) 1 B106936 Clay Pigeons . ('98, R) Vlnce Vaughn. A Montana gas-tatfon attendant is suspected ol murders a senal killer and others actually committed, (cc) 7585110 Central Station . (10:05) ('?8. R) Aadwoman who wntes letters tor me iiweraie ieiui.iai my - who is suddenly orpnaneo. zonwn r-hirann Cah 17:201 ("98. Rl Paul Dillon Passenger interactions make a cabby's shift grueling. isii4t The Principal ('87, R James Belushl. Louis Gossett jr. I ne newpnncipai oi aarug-niioaicu with a security guard to clean it up. 130BQ58 rhains of Gold (10:55) ('91, R) John iravoita.ivianiu Henner. Bra 28 Detroit Free PressMarch 12-March 18, 2000 Metro r., h. c, o-. tv . ... ..w. Consult daily Free Press TV listings for last-minute schedule changes Metro Detroit Free PressMarch 12-March 18, 2000 29 J . . . . . . , UW, ,WUU,V

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