The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 10, 1965 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 10, 1965
Page 3
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•IIIIIIIIIHHIIIIIflniMIIIH Strange, isn't it how dates are written indelibly on one's mind. My father died July 28, 1922 on his father Morvin Cady*s birthday, July 28, 1821'. The names were so similar - my father Marvin and grandpa Morvin. He died December 10, 1910. Uncle Frances Cady was born May 28, 1852 and his mother Laura Cady died May 28, 1909. Uncle Willis "Pat" Cady died Dec. 10, 1927, Just 17 years after grandpa. Unusual coincidences. * * * I had a recent card from Alice Ditsworth who has returned to Kalispell, Mont, after a visit here with her sister, Grace Jackman and other relatives. When I first looked at the picture I thought it was one of these new- styled churches, very sharp- roofed, coming nearly to the ground, a huge chimney and front with fancy windows, and low one- story buildings connected 'to the sides. Sort of made me think of the song,"The ankle bone connected to the knee bone, the knee bone connected to the hip bone, etc.", and when I read the printed description, lo and behold, it turned out to be the Immanuel Lutheran Home, a nursing home for people of all faiths. When I showed it to Mr. Nasby he commented that the center peak part was probably an assembly room, and I thought it might be a chapel. It has a magnificenl view, according to the description, which included a view of the Mission Swan ^ndFlathead mountains. Mr. and Mrs. Alden McAdams had a wonderful vacation at Jackson, Wyo. A Fourth of July celebration was in progress and the town so full of people it was impossible to get rooms at a hotel or motel. It was lucky for them as they were finally put up at a Dude Ranch. A part of the celebration was a mock stage coach holdup, but the Dude Ranch was of greater interest to the McAdams. The regular breakfast served was much different from, the usual toast, juice and coffee. Mrs. McAdams says they would liked to have stayed there several days and see "the works." We were talking of horse back riding and her experience was even worse than mine, and we were as lame the next day as thougt "old age" had really overtaken us. She was out west a number of years ago with three other girls, two of whom had grown up on a farm, and horseback riding was a common thing for them, Mrs;; McAdams and the other girl were "tenderfeet" and were given the less fine animals to ride on a little trip they were taking. Mrs. McAdam's horse began running, her purse, which had a long strap, flew open and all the contents, including her money was scattered along the way, When the horse had been brought to a stop, the girls went back over the area and fortunately all her possessions, including the money, were recovered. At the "Garden of the Gods" when the horses grew tired, they simply stopped and no inducement would make them move until they had rested. Smart horses I I don't remember how many bones we have in our bodies, but I do know this, they are doubled after <a. hprseback ride. Joan Post has discovered she has some back bones that need support, so while she is visiting with a friend and classmate at St. Joseph's school of nursing/ Sioux City, at her home in Templeton, mother Lavonne is hoping Joan will remember not to do any haymow stunts youth is prone to. * * * A friend of Mrs. Herbert Lindquist, wife of the first manager of the Good Samaritan Home, who was transferred to Davenport a few years ago, has written that a new manager is being sent there and the Lindquists will go to Bloomfield, Nebr. It is a 40 bed home, two years old, and will be easier on Mr. Lindquist, who has not been too well of late, but is now considerably better. Bloomfield is about 60 miles west of Sioux City. "Sally, Herb and I", she wrote, "plan to go out there August 2 for a few days - the girls, Polly and Susan, go on a band trip to Chicago and Milwaukee July 29 and 30 and are invited to Janesville to spend three or four days with friends, former neighbors, and then Kurt and Sheldon will come on a bus with them for a few days. We have a cottage rented at Clear Lake for August 12-22. Herb will go to the meeting at the New Inn at the Okobojis for the first three days and will spend the rest of the time with us. We talk some of getting a 20 by 55 foot trailer. Has three bedrooms, two baths and air conditioning. It would give us as much space as we have here." * * * I call a certain married man my "boy friend" - he's such a jolly good sport, and on top of that he likes to make homemade ice cream and every now and then sends me some. He has a charming wife who delivered me a little carton of it on one of those miserably hot evenings, and it really does cool one. * * * I wonder what Dick Post sang at that meeting way back in 1945? I asked his wife Lavonne and she didn't know. I told her I expected a perform- 1 anct from him via phone one of these days, if he can't get here to do it. Which brought us to the subject of old songs. Quite frequently I hear "Linger Awhile" and "Swinging Down the Lane." It gives me such a feeling of nostalgia, for my memory goes back to 1924 when mother and I spent a winter in Pomona, Calif, with mother's brother and family, the Frank Hendersons. One Sunday, we went to Venice for a picnic dinner with Bob and Myrta West and then went to the Metropolitan theatre in Los Angeles. We saw Gloria Swanson in a play and a wonderful orchestra played, then were let down out of sight on an elevator sort of platform. I wonder if the theatre is still there or what has happened to it. Lavonne said she heard "Me and My Shadow" made popular by Ted Lewis. It was announced the song had been written by Al Jolson, something neither of us had known. What a happy winter that was so many, many years ago. * * * Dora Mitchell's birthday was observed July 27, the "Pink Ladies" serving. Mrs. Mary Buenger had a birthday, too, one day last week, sponsored by her relatives Mrs. Roy Buenger, Mrs. Harvey Buenger and Leo Hanselman, West Bend. I had a serving of her cake and the accompanying coffee. * * * Can you think of a more appropriate name ? I read about a Dr. Harold Toothacre, retired dentist of Burlington I * * * Jess Riddle, former Algonan now living at Claremont, Calif., called on old friends here the other day. I had a nice visit with him. * * * When Mrs. Beecher Lane went to Manchester recently to attend a birthday party celebrating her mother Mrs. Nellie Harvey's eighty-second birthday, one of the guests was 93, able of body and pert of mind. Isn't it wonderful to reach such an age and stay active and alert ? * * * Dora Mitchell was taken to her home the other day and when I saw her coming back, I said, "So you have been galavanting 1" She said, "Yes, I went home to get a thimble." Gosh - I HATE to use Algona (la.) Upper D0t Maine* Tuesday, August 10, 1965 DON'T DELAY1 ... GET FIRE INSURANCE TODAY I Tomorrow could be too late. This is trie day to make sure you have adequate fire insurance protection. Let us plan a program of coverage that will give you the greatest protection at the least possible cost. BLOSSOM INSURANCE FOR COMPLETE INSURANCE COVERAGE CALL NOW! a thimble, but I DO make myself make minor repairs on a. few things. 1, who used to embroider and crochet by the hours I * * * When the Wes Bartletts were on their recent trip east, Mary went to see Dorris Long Pitcher at Wellsville, Pa., and found they were adding to an already- large home. Dorris must be a glutton for punishment - household variety. I've had maid service here so long I'd be too lazy to cope with just this one room, but I am proud of my large, lovely room. Come to a show-down, of course, I'd use a dust mop and duster. * * * Uncle Sam must have "burning ears" most of the time because the location of the newpost office doesn't please a good many. The alley back of MargDahl'sandAnn Hanson's paved toacc- omodate the many who use it for a short cut. * * * Ed Miller of West Bend dropped in to call on old friends here. He spent a winter here a year or so ago, then went back to his home to "batch it." * * * Such a pretty pink rosebud is opening in a vase on my north window ledge. It was given to me by Mrs. John Schulz when she was here with the Ladies" July 27. * * * 'Pink Gene Schemel called on friends here July 29. He is leaving soon for Houghton, Mich, for a visit with his sister-in-law, Vesta Weaver Menzel, who returned June 1 from a trip around the world, begun last January. And Away We Go- "Insummer people go out and lie on the beach about how important they are back home." * * * The good old days. "Remember when air-conditioning consisted of an oscillating fan behind a cake of ice ?" Yep - we tried it. Contrary to predictions, a bouquet would last but a day, the flo % wers remained perky and nice till Friday, almost a week. I could have collected on a bet which unfortunately was not made. It was merely a prediction. * * * Mrs. Nettie Fisher, former Algonan now living at Burt, is 90 years young and proves it by accompanying her son and daughter James Walker and Mrs. Nora Gardner and Mrs. Walker on a trip via auto to the west coast. They left August 1 for a six week vacation. pole, please! - If the lineman's sharp-pointed "climbers" strike a tack, he may slip and fall, suffer serious injury. Or a tack may make a hole in the lineman's gloves . . . and even a tiny hole in these specially-built gloves may expose him to shock from high-tension power lines. So please don't tack signs or posters on power poles. Help protect the lineman, who works to keep electricity at your command. Algona Municipal Utilities phone 995-3739 Algona, Iowa •S///S//S//S///SS////SS/S/SS/SSSS//SSSSSS//SS/////SS//S/S/S/S////S////S/////S-''/:

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