The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 3, 1965 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 3, 1965
Page 3
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• • ™"""""HlTmH^rnWWnffllWW«BH^Sj .by Eve//* fliHiioiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiH I've had my tun this week and now to work. The first BIG event was seeing "Mary Poppins" with Lizzie Post. It was a honey of a picture, beautiful backgrounds and colorings, and it leaves one wondering how pictures are taken of people flying through the air, etc. It was a lovely evening and by the old time would have been about ten minutes after eight. I said to Lizzie, ."What has happened to the country? Years ago we used to walk down to see the eight o'clock train on the Northwestern tracks come in and it was really DAYLIGHT - and now it is twilight." We wondered if the trees have grown so much over all these years that the sun goes out of sight sooner. * * * My second fun time this week was a picnic dinner on the lawn south of Good Samaritan. As many residents as could were down and I said at the close of the meal three cheers should be given for Mr. and Mrs. Nasby and the personnel who helped. It was a typical picnic dinner potato salad, baked beans, weenies, dill pickles, fresh peach pie and ice cream, coffee, milk, and koolaide. I had a chance to have a nice chat with Dora Mitchell, who joined us last week. She has a room alone and has a number of pieces of furniture from her home which she has an attachment for. I know how she feels, for I have my own, too. * * * I never was "stood up" by a boy or man, but I WAS stood up by a woman I Of course I am not in the least offended and I can see clearly how it happened. When Hazel Lusby, Lizzie Post and I were at Clear Lake and Mason City a few weeks ago, I mentioned we turned south at the school house at Ventura, went around the lake through Bayside and stopped at the Lusby- Wittmer cottage, which is on what was formerly called Algona Beach as the Tribons, Rists and Dewels had cottages all in a row. Pierce Wittmer and wife Helen (Lusby) came out to talk with us and told Hazel they were leaving that afternoon for their home at Des Moines. She gave a key to Hazel and told her to use the cottage any time and bring as many as she wanted to as guests. Hazel and Lizzie are avid fisherwomen so Hazel had a sudden bright idea a little later and asked two other friends to spend a day or so at the lake. It was just a small party-a foursome and all planned hurriedly. Saturday, Lizzie said, "I have a date with Evelyn this afternoon," but who could blame her for wanting to stay on and get more fish. So ten o'clock at night Saturday was a bit late for our "Mary Poppins" date. But we made it Wednesday and I am glad the women had the pleasure of a good catch of fish. The cottage is nicely located, on high ground sloping to the lake, and huge shade trees. Also well equipped for summer use. I have been there twice to spend the day, once with a neighbor and once when Ab and Blanche Long were up from Davenport. * * * I mentioned Hazel now has finches. She did have four, but one got away somehow, Reminds me of an old song. Four of us little school girls were in a cantata, we four smallest being "butterflies." Some disaster took over one at a time till there were none. I hope Hazel's three finches don't meet a butterfly fate. * * * While we are near the subject of fish, I'll mention that "Soup" Briggs brought 60 blue gills here for the residents. I had never eaten any before. In fact, I am not very smart about fish - I can tell bullheads from salmon and tuna. Beyond that I am out of my depths. * * * • Mrs. Lynn Keith's birthday was July 161 believe - or perhaps it was on the 18th. At any rate, her big wish was to go to church and the family saw to it a dinner was enjoyed afterward at the Johnson House. Stanley Keith and his wife were present from Pocahontas. It had been years since I had seen him. He was in the implement business there a number of years ago, but now has a gas station. We spoke of the good old dances we used to attend in the Woodman Hall over the present Rusk and adjoining store west. * * * I was enjoying Donald Kaul's column till he made such caustic remarks about Killmer's "Tree." Well, if he could do a poem half as good and half as well liked, he'd be lucky. Mike Potter, grandson of Dr. and Mrs. Ray Potter and Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Eason, was present at the graduation of Mrs. Eason three years ago when he was five years old. It was a hot day, and couldn't see any sense in grandma Eason wearing a long black "dress" and walking up to get her sheepskin when she got her B. A. at BuenaVistaCollege, Storm Lake. He was even more disgusted when he accompanied the family to Mankato, where she attended summer school and was to receive her new type of certificate for work with retarded children. With visions of the Storm Lake episode, Mike, knowing she had been attending school, said in utter disgust, "Oh, grandma, you aren't going to be re-graduated again, are you ? Mrs. Clarence Fraser has been doing what to me seems a tremendous undertaking - reupholstering an antique chair! I watched Evelyn and "Mac" McDougall do a davenport when they lived in our apartment, and the patience and work it took but what a wonderful job they did, Mrs. Fraser admits "Tain't easy." But maybe it was easier than providing food almost on the instant for her son, Dick, his wife and six children who dropped in the other day. They live at Des Moines and when I say six children, they didn't come one at a time. There are two sets of twin boys. But with a housewife's ingenuity, she was soon all set to feed the group, and very happy to do so. * * * On these humid days I often quote the old joke, "My breath come in short pants." It reminds me of when we had chau- tauquas here on the old Central (now high) school grounds. One evening, Zada Brunson and I decided it was too warm - we didn't want to go, so Mrs. Brunson went and Malcolm Tracy spent the evening with us at Branson's. When Mrs. B. came home she repeated a cute joke the speaker had told. The question was, "What do you see when a dog opens his mouth ? We couldn't guess so she gave us the answer "The seat of his pants." Bruntz and I laughed heartily, but on the way home "Trac" saidtome, "I guess I'm dumb but what was so funny about that joke?" He was always quick on the pick up, so I was surprised he didn't catch this joke at once. All you readers do, don't you ? * * * Coffee and cake was served on the third floor for the July birthdays. Dora Mitchell's is July 8 and though the date was past, it was sort of a welcome to her. * * * I went past my newly-painted, re-front porched house at 8 East McGregor street last night and like it very much. I've heard that a few people have said, "What in the world did she want to paint it that color for?" Well, the answer is simple - I LIKE it just as it is. My father liked what was called "bungalow brown" way back when it was moved from the Lusby lot he owned to it's present lot, mother liked it and so did I - and I STILL like it, so there's my answer I I have always liked the Malone house the next block east too - now Sheakleys, and it is brown with white trim, too. We are all entitled to our own opinions, aren't we ? You have heard the old alibi of the man who got a black eye or nose from running into a door in the dark. Well, Polly Rosen- teil doesn't have quite that alibi, but she does have a cracked bone in her nose and blue circles under her eyes. She and her brother were fishing in a spot around behind the dump and when she drove out, something protruded from the ground she didn't see in the weeds. Her brother was knocked against the windshield, she hit the steering wheel and she was lucky to be going at a slow pace. The doctor said aspirin would ease the pain and the injury, though very painful the first day, he said nothing could be done. The nose wasn't broken, thank goodness. Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch—Relieves Pain Now York, I*.. V. (Sp«UI) _ For the first time science has found a new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids, atop itching, and relieve pain — without surgery. In case after case, while gen$ly relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most amazing of all—results were 80 thorough that sufferers r.iade astonishing statements like "Piles have ceased to be a problem I" The secret is a new healing substance (Bio-Dyne*)—discovery of a world-famous research institute. This substance is now available in tuppotitory or' ointment form under the name Preparation H9. At all drug counters. Algona (la.) Upper Dei Molrw Tuetday, August 3, T965 I read in the paper the other day about the Belgian waffle that is being sold at the New York World's Fair. It is described as a "light confection about an inch thick and topped with whipped cream and a choice of fruits. Price for it is up to a dollar depending on the fruit selected. The item goes on to say he is reminded of the fair at St. Louis in 1904 when a waffle vendor rolled a waffle in the shape of a cone and put ice cream in the open end. Thus the ice cream cone made its debut. I remember when they made them at the Kossuth County Fair and the man was kept very busy* The cones were much tastier than the ones we get now. And that' snot nostalgia. It's taste, pure and simple. Everybody does a tongue twist once in awhile. It used to be hard for me to say shoveling snow. I always had to go slowly or I'd say snoveling snow. So this story in Methodist "Together" magazine appealed to'me. "The young minister was most eager to make a good impression. In a voice that grew steadily more confident, he read from St. Mark the story of the fig tree which Jesus cursed and which withered away. When he finished reading the verses the young minister said, "This is my text" - He paused a moment, looked over the congregation and continued impressively, "The wig tree flthered away." COME JOIN THE FUN STATE AUGUST 20-29 DES MOINES THE ENTERTAINMENT EVENT OF THE YEAR IN IOWA THE ANDY WILLIAMS SHOW Starring ANDY WILLIAMS IN PERSON! WITH THE OSMOND BROTHERS THE GOOD TIME SINGERS THE HALF BROTHERS • CANDY CANDIDO PETER PALMER ORCHESTRA | 5 FABULOUS NIGHTS, AUG. 24-28 YOUTH A GO GO —Night, Aug. 23 Teens and near-teens, here's your kind of show. Big, bright, fast-moving with a go-go beat. Big cast of teen favorites. A real rocker! TWO CHILLING THRILL SHOWS Afternoon & Night, Aug. 20 Afternoons, Aug. 23; 27 THE THRILLCADE JOIE CHITWOOD THRILL SHOW IOWA'S MOST EXCITING AUTO RACING BIG CAR BATTLES —Afternoons, Aug. 22; 28; Night, Aug. 22 LATE MODEL STOCK CAR CLASSICS— Sprints, Afternoon, Aug. 21; 29 • 250 Lap Marathon, Night, Aug. 29 SUPER-MODIFIED CLASHES — Night, Aug. 21 SEMI-MODIFIED RACES — Afternoon, Aug. 26 HARNESS RACING —Afternoons, Aug. 24; 25 a HORSES, HORSES, HORSES APPALOOSA SHOW—Aug. 20, General Admission SOCIETY HORSE SHOW—Aug. 21-27, Box Seats, $2.00; Reserved, $1.50 WESTERN HORSE SHOW—Aug. 28-29, General Admission AND PONY OF AMERICA SHOW • PONY TEAM PULLING • TEAM PULLING • AMERICANA SHOW • ARABIAN SHOW • DRAFT HORSE SHOW • NATIONAL SHETLAND PONY CONGRESS IOWA'S GLORIOUS INDIAN HERITAGE LIVES AGAIN HUGE INDIAN VILLAGE • INDIAN ART EXHIBIT • INDIAN CORN HERITAGE EXHIBIT • INDIAN DECORATIONS • INDIAN ARROWHEAD FLAKING CHILDREN'S DAY—Friday, August 20 YOUTH DAY—Monday, August 23 TEEN TOWN—Iowa's Big Teen Fun Center! CENTURY 21 SURFACED MIDWAY FIREWORKS EVERY NIGHT CAMP AT THE FAIR SPECIAL FEATURES BY THE SCORE $50,000 CELANESE PARIS FASHION COLLECTION • IOWA STATE FAIR TALENT CHAMPIONSHIPS • WOMEN'S BUILDING • BEST FROM THE SCIENCE FAIRS • ART EXHIBIT • PHOTO SALON • FESTIVAL OF BANDS • HALL OF BETTER LIVING • TRAVEL VILLAGE • FLOWER SHOW • BATON TWIRLING CONTEST • COMMUNICATIONS BUILDING • WILDLIFE EXHIBIT • WOMAN'S WORLD • COOKOUT KING CONTEST • STATE FAIR QUEEN CONTEST • CHAMPIONSHIP CHECKER TOURNAMENT • OLD FIDDLER'S CONTEST • ARMED FORCES EXHIBITS • WESTERN SQUARE DANCE • NEW ARTS AND CRAFTS SHOW • HALL OF HEALTH • MORE, MORE, MORE! AMERICA'S BIGGEST, FINEST AGRICULTURAL EXPOSITION YEAR'S LARGEST MACHINERY SHOW IN IOWA NOW, TWO SEPARATE CATTLE SHOWS NEW TESTED SWINE CONTEST NATIONAL LIVESTOCK SHOW JUNIOR LIVESTOCK SHOW IOWA QUALITY MEAT CONTEST POULTRY SHOW RABBIT SHOW HALL OF CHAMPIONS, PARADE OF CHAMPIONS AND THE NEW BLUE RIBBON ROAD SHEEP SHEARING CHAMPIONSHIPS TEAM AND PONY TEAM PULLING 4-H, FFA 4-H HORSE AND PONY SHOW STATE CHAMPIONSHIP TRACTOR PULL AND FARM GADGET SHOW • AGRICULTURAL HALL • CORN AND (MAIN SHOW • FRUIT AND VEGETABLE SHOW • RURAL FAMILY LIVING • rBABY BARNYARD • CHAMPIONSHIP HORSESHOE TOURNAMENT. SO MUCH, MUCH MORE! ORDER RESERVED SEATS NOW! Afternoon grandstand performances Won., Aug. 23 thru Fri.; Aug. 27; Gold Circle, $2.50; Blue Chip Section, $2.00; Green Section, $1.50. All other grandstand performances: Gold Circle, $3.00; Blue Chip Section, $2.50; Green Section, $2.00. Send check or money order to: SECRETARY, IOWA STATE FAIR, DES MOINES. Children under 12 admitted free to fairgrounds throughout the fair.

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