The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 28, 1965 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 28, 1965
Page 7
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Evelyn WHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIW The experience of a certain Algonan many years ago with a steak he let burn to a crisp while he took a nap is mild, compared with the story of the Mason City man I heard about who let a roast burn while he slept, but the house was so filled with smoke he could scarcely find his way out of the house, the fire department arrived, he landed in the hospital for a checkup to be sure he was 0. K. - o - I enjoyed so much my visits with Edna Stebbins of Pomona, Cal., and the afternoon before she left, her sister Margaret Ross came with her. Mrs. Henry Furst delivered delicious sundaes to us and lo and behold, she and Margaret were old friends and so happy to see each other. Both Edna and Margaret are former Algonans, the Winslow girls, and a sister, Cecil Asher, and brother, Dr. Harry Winslow, died several years ago, but will be well remembered. Harry married a daughter of the late William Shirleys, who were Kossuth school superintendent and deputy, respectively, many years ago. - o - As I remember, John Paul Jones of American history was somewhat of a hero. The John Paul Jones of Fort Dodge who was recently in custody at Ft. Dodge on charges of being absent without leave from the navy, a lad only 18, is hardly living up to his name. Back a good many years ago, California papers came out with headlines that Carl Henderson, my cousin, had deserted the navy. Poor fellow - it wasn't true at all. He was just unfortunate in being able to make connections to get back to his unit at the specified time. - o - I was so surprised to hear a CHAMBRAY dress described on a recent commercial. 1 hadn't heard of that material for years, though I remember a blue dress I had of it. Now it's dacron and all such odd names I don't know one»from the rest. I never^did get-gingham and-calico "straig'li ened out. - o - When Mary Helen Yeoman told me-her parents had moved from Zephyr Hills, Fla. to Thousand Oaks, Calif., I was reminded that aunt Emma Heckart and her brother Alfred lived together at Zephyr Hills many years. Aunt "Em" suffered from asthma and found the Florida climate much more comfortable. She was my grandmother Henderson's sister. - o - Leota Geigel had Edna Stebbins, Margaret Ross, Alice Wilkins and Twilla Bartholomew at her home one morning during their visit. It is of special interest that Margaret was one of the girls in Leota's Sunday School class and served as flower girl at her wedding. - o - The Joel Herbsts have sold their cottage at Okoboji to some member of the Ingham family whose pioneer relatives were Capt. and Mrs. William Ingham. The ones to whom 1 have talked about it believe it to be a relative of the late Hepburn Ingham, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Ingham. I have seen the so- called "cottage" which belies its name by being a very large house. It is beautifully located and at one time belonged to Mae Palmer and her husband, Tasker Forbes. - o - Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Nasby are back from a few days at Duluth, Minn, where they joined their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Panko, Tyler, Minn. Herbert was attending college there working on a degree. He and his wife were to go from Duluth to Albuquerque to visit Mrs. Panko's sister and family. It will be a case of thawing out after u refrigeration, for Mrs. Nasby said it was very cold all the time they were there and they picnicked wrapped in blankets. Mrs. Nasby was greatly impressed by the enormous homes, the beautifully kept lawns and general air of a great abundance of money behind it all. - o - Hazel ,L,u*6by had to cancel a trip of a day recently when lightning shut'off the power to all her equipment. The refrigerator was of special concern with its food contents. ^ '* -f » ; I am sorry another 1910 graduate has passed away - Fred Dutton. I've had several calls from him since I've been at Good .Samaritan. - o Leave it to Ann Clark to think of everything. She does a lot of sewing and even when she and her husband Homer went on vacation to McGregor, taking the son Tim with them to meet the sons John and Nicki who are in service in Chicago, she took a needle and thread with her. Yes, believe it or not, she found good use for her equipment for John got a rip in his shorts which needed attention and some buttons on his shirt were in dire need. The family picnicked at Pike's Peak. I'll bet Ann will take needles and thread with her when she departs this life to sew the feathers on the wings of the angels! -0- * It is too bad Edna Stebbins wasn't in town longer so Myrta West of Perry could have met her here. It is such a long time since the Stebbins, Hendersons, Wests and mother and I were in Pomona together one winter. The Stebbins and Hendersons stayed on to make their homes there many years, but Bob and Myrta and mother and I came back to "loway." What a lot of fun we had together that winter and how the words would have flown if Myrta could have been contacted in time to get here last week. - o - A card from Margaret Durant informed me she has given a copy of the poetry supplement honoring Raymond Kresensky to the library. Since I knew him well, and other Algonans will also remember him, all of us will be interested in it. Others in the family were Lou, Walter, Arnold, Alf, Ruth and Mildred. I believe Mildred is the only one living. - o - It is vacation time around here. Tillie Steinman is on her way to Long Beach for a two week visit with her daughter Ruth, Mrs. Willard Salisbury. She left July 15 via bus. She will have a wonderful time and I said, "Don't forget Knott's berry farm and Disneyland." - o - Joan Post, who is an aide here till the last of the month, has been a treasure. Her year's training at the school of nurses at St. Joseph's, SiouxCity, shows up plainly. She plans to have a vacation of two weeks, part in Des Moines and part with a girl friend elsewhere, then the rest of the time at home making ji * preparations for going back to Sioux City the last of August. - o - Anita Haase is back from her vacation at Little Rock, Ark., Amy Johnson has another week to go, Polly Rosensteil is back from a week spent mostly fishing. - o Which reminds me, Hazel Wednesday, July 28, 1965 Algeria (la.) Upper Des MoInes-7 Algona Bank Has New Farm Representative ARLAN TENGWALL Arlan V. Tengwall of St. Paul, Minn, will join the Iowa State Bank August 2 as farm representative. He comes well qualified in this field, having been associated with the Production Credit Ass'n. and the Federal Intermediate Credit Bank for over 7 years, both of which deal in agricultural credit. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a bachelors degree in agricultural business administration. Mr. Tengwall was raised on a farm and has been active in 4-H work most of his life, he is married and they have three children. The family expects to move here as soon as housing is available. Lusby and Lizzie Post, ardent fisherwomen, went to Clear Lake Thursday and stayed overnight at the Lusby cottage. I hope they get a good catch and come home satisfied. When we were at Clear Lake and Mason City last week, they pointed out all the good places they had fished before and all the ones where they didn't even have a nibble. We saw many people standing or sitting in the hot sun. One man pulled in a little something or other. I'd have thrown it back as not being big enough to be worthy of taking home, but Lizzie and Hazel didn't agree with me. Well, I guess I'm not just the right type for fishing. Never was - I eat 'em but "no catch 'em." - o - It's fun to watch a young sparrow that can't realize he's a big boy now. He sits on the SAVE SPECIAL YORK SALE Featuring The Drying to 1800 Bu. Per Day Same Top Quality Bin Announcing FSC Fan & Heater* W glut Unequalled by Anyont xpen*e at a Minimum ALGONA IMPLEMENT CO. t INTWNATIONM HAIVHTH Farm Iquipmtnf 1417 Commtrciol ALGONA, IA, Phont 295-3501 \Genie keeps you in the driver's seat! Transmitter clips visor Genie automatically activates the motor on any garage door opener. The AT-10 transmitter sends a coded signal to the AR-15 receiver each time you press the button. Opening of your door by anyone else is unlikely, unless your Genie does it, because of the wider range of coded field combinations. Radio control operates within a normal range of 120 feet. (That's longer than an average driveway!) AC-15 radio is U.L. listed and is certified to comply with all FCC requirements. AT-10 VHP (VERY HIGH FREQUENCY) TRANSISTORIZED TRANSMITTER is powered by a low cost battery that lasts about a year. Attaches anywhere inside your car. Comes complete with mounting clips for visor or dash. Encased in handsome high impact black simulated leather plastic with white trim. NUVISTORIZED AR-15 RADIO RECEIVER intercepts the signal from the AT-10 and activates the motor on a garage door opener. Operates on normal house current. Ventilated case for longer component life. Comes with antenna, mounting screws, and easy instructions. Field and laboratory tested for proven reliability. NEW NUVISTOR TUBES ADD GREATER DEPENDABILITY A nuvistor tube is so tiny it will fit inside a thimble! These miracle tubes, now used in the most modern color TV sets, put Genie on an exclusive frequency (narrower bandwidth) and make wider field combinations possible. Genie gets longer life with nuvistors, you get more security! For literature and information call Bill Foth ?95-2518 Algona, Iowa. Pale Widen — Manson, Iowa Yoyr Factory Trained Serviceman empty bird feeder, chirps and chirps, and his parents answer him from the roof nearby. But they don't feed him. i don't blame them. The big "lug". He's old enough to be on his own. - o - A good name - "Wheel Estate" - on sales lot for mobile homes. Watermelon Is Well Received FENTON - Saturday was free watermelon day in Fenton, sponsored by seven Fenton merchants. Free melon was served in the afternoon and free balloons and tops were given to the kids. The weather cooperated by producing a warm, but not uncomfortable day, just right for eating melon, and over 80 melons were sliced for the large number of shoppers taking advantage of the treat. Seneca Stars Achievement Show, July 30 SENECA - The Seneca Stars 4-H club met at the home of Kathy Merrill, July 12. Jill Jensen presided. Pledge to the flag was led by Bonnie Crouch. Kathy Merrill gave a report on districts 4-H camp and Audrey Bergum and Jill Jensen gave highlights of the trip to Minneapolis. The group made final plans for the local achievement show which will be held Friday evening, July 30, at the Lutheran church basement, to which all are cordially invited. The business meeting closed with the 4-H pledge by Kathy Bergum. Bonnie Crouch gave a demonstration as did Jill Jensen. Talks were given by Kathy Bergum, Ann Fortney, Linda Kracht, Rosemary Fortney and Carrie Bergum. Mrs. Earl Crouch was the guest mother. Mrs. Nina Kracht, accompanied by her daughter, Linda Sue, also her daughter, Marilyn Rubiano and her daughter, Karen, visited the World's Fair at New York, and went sight-seeing in Washington, D. C., and visited relatives in Romney, West Virginia. Mrs. Rubiano remained with her husband who is teaching in the east and the daughter, Karen, returned home with them. Also visiting at the Kracht home these past two weeks were the granddaughters, Mary Ann and Susan Taylor of Des Moines. The Taylors came after the children this weekend. Mrs. Kathryn Doege of Algona came Saturday to spend some time at her daughter's home. Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit DeWaard of rural Wesley and Mrs. Bertha Pommer of Algona were Sunday dinner guests of the Henry Loofts. The Henry Wilbergs recently- visited the Charlie Voigts at Emmetsburg. Piano Recital Is Presented At Ottosen OTTOSEN - Mrs. Richard Kinseth's piano students gave a recital Sunday night at the Lutheran church. Those taking part were Diane Telford, Nancy Frieden, Judy Halsrud, Diane Fuller, Debbie Telford, Mark LeMont, Bonnie Jacobson, Kim Struthers, Debbie Olson, Pat Banwart, Yvonne Banwart, Kristie Struthers, Brenda Jacobson, Michele Harms, Dennis Banwart, Marshal Kinseth, Debbie Jones, Amy Wehrspann, Mavis Bruellman, Mike Banwart, Linda LeMont and Cheryl Bruellman. Twenty-two pupils and sixty guests attended. A pot luck lunch was served. - o Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Carlson of Ames spent the weekend at the Allan Watnems. Other Sunday visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Harold Poppen of Whittemore. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Jacobson and family and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zinnel attended, the Zlnnel family reunion at Spencer Sunday. Mrs. John Larson of SweaCity had surgery for goiter at the hospital at Estherville Wednesday. She was released Sunday and came to the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Larson to recuperate for a few days. Her two sons and husband are staying there, too. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sinstad and Julie and Mrs. Marvel Warling of St. James, Minn., were Sunday dinner and supper guests at the Ray Pentico home. Mrs. Roy Taylor of Austin, Minn, spent the week with the Howard Hellicksons. This weekend her husband and son came and she returned home with them. SNAKE SKIN A 50-inch long skin of an as-yet-unidentified and unknown snake was found on the Eldon Scrnett farm near Rolfe. No one in the area has found its owner but he will be one of the largest snakes found in the Rolfe area if and when he is located. r THOMAS FUNERAL CHAPEL Fenton, Iowa Experienced Embalmers and Funeral Directors Reliable 24 Hour Ambulance Service Funeral May Be Referred To Us With Confidence Phones FENTON 23 RINGSTED 21001 21006 20216 CRAWL IF YOU MUST- BUT GET HERE FOR THESE OUTSTANDING RIDICULOUS DAY BARGAINS SPECIAL r~ RACK ^DRESSES r- $2.97 ' to $5.95 \, SAVE-SAVE- CUARANUIO --'THACIWAI Field & Road tractor tires outpull tires priced *20... *50...*70...More or YOUR MONEY BACK SAVE The outstanding traction of thia Ure will cut field time and reduce fuel bills. SAVE Gives you up to twice the wear over the road., t even more in the field, SAVE Our price* we th» lowest. Our servict the beet. _ TABLE ASSORTED JEWELRY* 48' SPORTSWEAR -SLACKS, SHORTS. 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