Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 3, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 1894
Page 5
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On account of having the Foster Lacing Hooks, many interior Gloves are being sold ai the "Foster"to parlies who believe them to be the Genuine Foster quality, which Is a superior French Real Kid Glove, mad* with special care In our own manufactory at Grenoble, France. To'enable purchasers to distinguish ths difference, we have changed our trade mark, and shall hereafter stamp all ol our but quality Friday, April We will offer all the desirable colors. Foster Kid G oves at 89 cents. c«» o< MANUFACTURERS. JTOR, SALE 13 V The Hatter. COME AND SEE US NOW. You must have a Spring Suit. Come to us; we make them from $20 to $60. Tucker & THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. Young, DR. TRUAX, THE SPECIALIST. OVER STATE NATIONAL BANK After f ourtwn years of Helen title study of Nose Lnng. Liver, and nil Diseases or u Chronic Nature I adopted my prenent [orm of treatment, and have co nducted a soccesarnl practice In the above cl»«s of cns»8. I cordially Invite yon or jon friends. It afflicted with nny Chronic Disease, ti consult me and mr muthocl of treatment and It. results, Olllce honrs: 10 to 12 a. m.: 2 to -1. 7 to t p. m. Be«ldence atonlce. All calls promptly at tended PRICE- IS ON ALL CANS, TO BE" DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY MORNING. MAY 3. For rent, good front room, clown •tairs, suitable for two, in good location on Market street, five minutes walk from court house. Inquire X X Journal ollico. Mrs. Elizabeth Seard died at 7 p. m. Tuesday at the residence of her son, Mr. Alfred Showalter, aged 83 years. The funeral will be held at 10 o'clock this morning at tbe Rock Creek Lutheran church. Th» work of erecting the new High School building le progressing rapidly. The walls of tho basement are nearly finished, and the big furnace and holler* are being placed in position. Contractor Barnes has a large force of men employed upon the work, and preient rate of progress the build- will be completed within the con> it limit. I Barnott v*. The CItr. The $6,000 damafjo suit, of Atwater C. Barnott vs. Xho Cily of Logansport, was called ID the Circuit Court yesterday morning and occupied the attention of the court and jury all day. It will probably go the jury ftt noon today. This Is the suit In which Mr. Atwnter C. Barnett, proprietor of the lately destroyed Barnett Hotel, seeks to recover damages from the city (or the alleged needless and ruth, lees deatruotion of parts of the standing walls and chimneys and the breaking in ol parts of the remaining floors and partition walls of the ills- mantled building. Some weeks after the fire a resolution ef tho city council declared the standing chimneys and tottering walla dangerous and a menace to public safety and the fire department was ordered to pull down tho chimneys and dangerous portions of the walls. This was done and Mr. 3arnett afterward brought suit against the city alleging that by reason of this act the building with its remaining walls, doors and partitions was clam- aged to the extent of $6,000. Hla in- lerosts arc being looked after by Wln- flold &. Tabor and Fanslor & Mabonoy and City Attorney Tuley is conducting the defense. The case is attracting lonsiderable attention. Oollcco HOJH Go Houtliiir. A party of boys from Purdue University were la tho city yesterday en route to Winamac whence they will take boats and lloatdown tho beautiful Tippecanoe to tho Wabash, thence back to Lafayette. Some of the more vetursome in the party declared their ntentlon of shooting the dams at Mon- tlcollo and at Tioga. In the party were 3. J. Flather, H. H. Thomas, G. H. Kochensporger, J. C. Whltridgo, Theo. S. Bailey, J. M. Hessler, Thos. Lay don. P. F. Gabel, D. Garber, P. W. Covert, Klwood B. Hjde and H. IT. Cox. Tho boys will take their Ime on the pleasant trip and will ipond several days on the river hunt, ng and fishing and camping along hore at nights. Their boats and accoutrements wore sent ahead of hem by rail to Wlnaroac. Tho Evolution Of medical agents is gradually relegating the old-time herbs, pills, rnughts and vegetable extracts to he rear and bringing into general ,eo the pleasant and effective liquid axatlve, Syrup of Figs. To get the rue remedy see that it is manufac- ured by the California Fig Syrup Co. nly. For sale by all leading drug- rlsts. NAME IN PRE»T. Hem* of * PerioiiBl Character Con* •ernliiff LoKauiportera and Their Frlend> Joe Hivnawalt is visiting his parents at Montlcello. Capt. Ward of Monticello, was in the city yesterday. Mr. J. Irving Riddle, of Terre Haute was In the city yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. James Sullivan have returned after a brief visit to Tipton, Ind. Miss Celia Wller, who was visiting relatives in the city, has returned to Chicago. Mrs. J. B. Grover left on Tuesday for a two months visit with friends in Columbus, Ohio. Mrs. C. 0. Heffley entertained the Ladies Euchre Club very pleasantly last evening. Miss Nettie Felker of the South Side Is entertaining Mrs. E. Hughs and Mrs. W. Smith of Bloomington, led. Mr, and Mre. Lang, who were visiting their daughter, Mrs. Max Fisher, returned yesterday to their home at Toledo. Wm. Marshall, of New York, treasurer of the late Olympic Publishing Company, is in the city the gueat of J. D. Johnston, Miss Minnie Ammons of thid city, departed Monday night for Grand Rapids, Michigan where she will make an extended visit with relativas. Mr. Henry Myers, representing Mr. Walker Whiteslde is in the city completing the arrangements for the appearance of that young tragedian at Dolan's Monday night. A .Tlnch Needed Improvement. There was filed yesterday in tho oflloo of the County Rscord-ir a lease taken by Honry Wller & Co., for a period of ten years an the McTaggart block at the corner of Broadway and Fourth streets. By the terms of this lease the lesees are to pay an annual rental to the MoTaggart estate of $1,566 for tho entire building which by the further terms of tho lease is to undergo a complete metamorphosis. The building Is to be raised to four stories, an additional floor thus being added; the first floor to be thrown into one, the partition to bo removed and the partitions in the second and third stories to bo removed making two large rooms. The front and the win- dowsjthroughout are to be remedied and modernized, a hydraulic elevator to bo put in the building and other improvements to be made which when completed will leave very little of the present make up of the old landmark visible. Messrs. Wller & Co., will occupy the entire building when completed. Architect J. H. Rhodes is preparing the plans for the improvement. That Octogenarian Foot Race. Old Mr. Purcell, the Sixth street octogenarian who some time ago challenged any octogenarian in the State to run a foot race, now announces that the big race will positively be run on next Monday the 7th inst between three and four o'clock in tho afternoon at the Driving Park, The race is for two best heats in 3 half mile heats, all entries to be over 80 yoars of ago. It is said that the old gentleman will have some active octogenarians to run against. An admission ffie of 15 cents will be charged at tho park gate for the event. Wljou Tlier fio In. Under tho McHugh law tho newly eloctad ofBcers serve for four years. Tho Mayor, Clerk and Treasurer go ID tho first Monday in September. Tho Councilmen go in next Monday or as soon as qualified. The City Attorney, Street Commissioner. Chief of Firo Department, City engineer, sextons at the cemeteries and other officers go in as soon as tho new council selects. Oamaxe Knit Compromised. Yesterday the $10,000 damage suit of Miss Clara Seybold, daughter of Mr. John Seybold, vs. the Loganaport Street Railway Company, was compromised, the defendant company paying the plaintiff $1,500. This action was brought to recover damages for permanent injuries received by Miss Seybold last October, when a street car, through the neglect of the motorman, ran into the buggy in which she was riding. The accident occurred on the Third street bridge and the young lady was severely hurt. BENEFIT OF LOSERS TODAY. Continuation of Otto Kraus' Hat Sale; $1 98 for p.50 Hat?; $1.00 for $2.00 Ha(. Latest styles f 1 98 for $3 50 Hat. Latest styles $1 00 for $2 00 Fat. If you have lost a $3.50 Hat bet, ycu can pay it at Otto Kraus' for $1.98. If you have lost a $2 00 hat bet, you can pay it at Otto Kraus' for $1.00. Pearl Hats, Mocho Hats, Mode Hats, Black Hats, Straw Hats, Manilla Hats, Harvest Hats, Boy's Hats, OTTO KRAUS. WAIT FOR OUR SHOE OPENING. THE OFFICIAL RETURNS. J President, ISM I'lrsi Ward No. 1 u ii 11 <j u i, ,i 4 1(p( Socond WardNo.l ii ii il y Third Ward No. 1 ii ii .1 jj fourth Ward No. l H M l» 3 Fifth Wurd No. 1 it i. ,i ij ii . i, "4 • • • 5 • I in '17 11V! 51 ins HW so 71 1115 130> 11)1 H'l •ID llfili I 148 1S1 nr, 102 no 0 £ I! f, 4 in 7 fi I3U 7 'Jl 101 I'll 105 IIH KM 75 1111 I'M i2ii 20.J 1 :tn3 4 4 J) 1) 1 ,10 fi 2 Mi 2 CL n rt For Mayor. * s 2 214' 07 »• 24. 112 0- 2.'!3 5 ( 245 G'' 1(8 5 100 1 2JS 1 1 1 0 U fj 1 7 liO 116 K7 (f> (Hi 05 f 0 ' !«j Ml !W S-l (17 u;i 176 611 IS 142 nil! f,:; "IIS 231 70S "11 210 2H r > JiT).") 'JO! ;Jsr# 71 i 00 131 1V1 107 1HO 'ti Ki7 72 17S!) :W r •5 o 10 7 12 11 (i •1 <; 1C 5"! 21 431 '/ 'il H(l 117 S3 14« c 55 •i n ;! o i: 1 For Treasurer. G n ill Kl'i 111 Mi 7.'! 108 102 H2 7") s ,- t! O S S!l SI Ml 7-1 •|!i W ™i till 2 l::a f.:i •ii 125 ;Si 11 ! IV.! 1C 0 l: 1 Hi? !i r ^ c l 51 ]. r )(i I'M 17X9 .- ( ~ ra IX lit 1" l" fi , r , J 1C ft v 6 5 1 « ;, i i ii For Clerk. in ,S!I Ofl 11-1 w (Hi lor, KM 111 7", 12.1 C I N' HI 7:HI 4S !I7 !,V 7!' 3 Iw "5 is >, ii) 11 r. , r > l,, W 10 in w m in <;*: in' « N- lir 7* 1 '**'•] , • t c i ll i I.V) 40 •l« I lltli 4!) 13 Oil SI- -1 3 UK 1£S 76 ITS, a CD •1 ;; •> .; 2 ;} For W. W. Trustee. -c = i i c ' *S 3 ! •< VIII X7 il!l 104 109' 105 ."1 S2 72^ 71 101 100 105 10:i IE! K, :!Si -10 sn| sn ii?, in 4 JSI 7.',: ill f, 10S! 1 7:; i 12!)l, -IS2 1511 : 1 •10 ](Vs 122 '(I 1 ! l:W sr, Ici2 jr,7| 122 SI M !H lill 4!) 02 49 (2 IK) IMI 7,1 lit S^ M: 721 I-' 1 l II -si ss its 72 41) flli is 07 (12 37 (Vi S5 S- 7i lili; ' J 1KB 1704 1259 1313 | 12 11 H 11 (1 Ii I, li S ]•*> Ti in n •t 12 0 357 E: a a n 7 2 2 7 2 i 1 1 4 1 5 :t l iS U 11 10 Dilley. 8 S VOTE FOR COONCJLMXH—FiHST WARIX Product, ElnKleben. Kearney, (ilbson, 1 JOO 7!2 2 124 72 3 121 75 4 84 S3 SKCOND WAliD. Halgli. Kennedy. 1 8-1 01 2 Hfi -IB :j 1W 37 1 Tniiu) wAiii). Kelaer. Reed. Murplir 1 (15 03 (i 2 41 47 5 82 75 FOURTH WARD. Hndler. Torr. 1 I2ii fin 2 122 S7 » 100 (14 Firm WARD. Kener. Gllmore. tirem 1 1.15 50 J« 2 03 77 H H 170 71 12 4 12li 112 5 6 8!) <K 1 CAW 4 H Bell Ii) 10 Kesslor 8 fi 0 Barnard 5 M 7 1 0 A Biifllne** Walter Illingworth, proprietor of tho Logansport Steam Laumdry & Dye Works, yesterday sold his establishment to Charles McKeen, of Torre Hauto, a farmer conductor on the Van» dalla, who will take charge on Mon. doy. It is'intended that Mr. Tiling- worth will take a trip to England to visit his old home before re-embarking in business. For Sale—$5,000 accident tickets for twelve months for $10. HOUBOB to rent, No. 319 Pearl street.—S. M. Clos. eon, Wedding. Last evening at 8 o'clock at the Trinity Episcopal church, Rev. Douglass I. Hobbs officiating, Miss Mary McDonald, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Archibald H. McDonald, was united in marriage to Mr. Charles William Burgaman, tho well known manufacturer and dealer in bycicles. The ceremony was witnessed only by the families and more intimate friends of the contracting parties and came as somewhat of a surprise to many of the friends. Mr. and Mrs. Burgaman will go to housekeeping shortly in a touso that Mr. Burgaman is prepar ing for the reception of his charming bride in the East End. The Journal joins the many friends of this most estimable couple in congratulations and well wishes. Court Noble No. 975 of tbo Independent Order of Foresters will give a social and supper this evening at their hall In tho Musodcon building. The entertainment begins at 7:30 o'clock. A program has been arranged for the evening which offers several numbers of excellent entertainment. T. J. Legg will make the address of the evening and a number of choice musical and literary numbers are offered. This will be followed by a supper after which there will bo a dance. The recent sensational unpleasantness between Harry and Alice Marshall Newman came before the city court yesterday and upon tbe showing of cause the Mayor mh.de U cost Harry $25. The case against Alice was dismissed and she went to Ft. Wayne. Harry has secured a position as second cook In a hotel there and amid new scones tho grievances of tho loving pair will doubtless be amicably ad- Aiioka. Farmers are very busy preparing to plant corn... .The recent rains are bringing the wheat and moadows out in fine shape.. . .Mrs. Margaret Woodling Is very seriously ill and seems but a question of a few days until she will pass over the silent river... .Mr. N. B. Richaeon has been building quite a lot of picket fence... .After the clouds hare rolled by and Dame Nature has had time to recuperate farmers are rejoiced to know that the fruit is not nearly all killed, but the prospect /or some apples and cherries is quite good Tho oat crop was so badly damaged that many of the farmers had to eow the second time. Lafayette Tyler died at his home just south of Logansport Friday April 27, 1S94, of heart disease, aged'60 years. The funeral was held from Seven Mile church Sunday at 3 p. m. conducted by Rev. Wm. Dagget. The attendance was vary large. Interment at the f a 7tedand"HarrV"and"hi8 brido may Anoka cemetery... .G. P. Dykeman shipped a car load of wheat last Friday and will load another just as soon be yet live together to celebrate their goldon wedding, but it is doubtful. Walker Wultcftlde'ft Portrait. Anont the coming return of Mr. Walker Whltesido, the eminent young tragedian, to the place of his nativity next Monday night, the Journal is pleased to call attention to tho fact that In number 8 of Mario Burroughs Art Portfolio of stage celebrities, there is a very fine portrait of Mr. Whiteslde with a comprehensive biography of his li/o. There is a limited number of No. 8's on hand at tho Journal office, and every admirer of home gonius and everyone interested in Mr. Whitoslde'fi brilliant career should possess this number. Bring your coupons and get No. 8. Licenced to Wed. John W. Harwood and Llllie Lemmon. John W.Hoker.and Jennie Shldeler. Chaa. Wm. Burgaman and Mary F McDonald. I A Valuable Client. TACOMA, Wash.—I have used your Simmons Liver Regulator andean conscientiously say it is the king of all liver medicines. I consider it a medicine chest in itself.—Geo. W. Jackson. Your druggist sells it in powder or liquid. The powder to be taken dry or made Into a tea. Dr. Hollo way's office in tho Progress block, corner 4th and Market streets. a? a car can be ^taineri.. . .Mr. Thomas J. Woodling, of St. Louis, Mo , is here having been called hore by the serious illness of his mother ....The ladies of Seven Mile will have a supper at Seven Mile chm-ch, Saturday evening May 12th when all tbe delicacies of the season including ice cream will bo served. At the same time and place their beautiful. quilt with over 300 names tastily worked on it will be sold to tho highest bidder. All are cordially invited. »*/a/*e«*'*** For Fine Spring Suits | in endless Variety, which for Fit, Durability, Style, Workmanship and Trimmings are positively unexcelled, call on CARL W. KELLER. 311 Market Street.

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