Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 3, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 1894
Page 3
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*T"HERE is but one .A way in the world to be sure -of having the best paint, and that to use only a well-established is brand of strictly pure white lead, pure linseed oil, and pure colors.* The following 1 brands arc ynr.d- ard, "Old Dutch" process, and r.re .always absolutely Strictly pure "Anchor," "Eckstein," "Kentucky," * If vou want color "Kc.;' "Cbiv. -.,•' . -, any of the above strictly with Kutlo.iu! 3.'.:a.l '.'. White U-atlTii-.tir.yO;, These colors ;uc !•*.!<! 1:1 f-i-,-|> >'. Pure \V!iiu-I.c:ul lliu.lt- .:.••! ..:...' no sctist; i<.-:u!>--i:ii.\<.i! :>:IMS,: • ! of perfectly |>..ic i-i.li.r-, ::i '.h.- i-.-.: tint Strictly I'lirc V.'iiiu- I.i'.-i.l. paints ar.d coior-c^rd, i:o.-. NATIONAL LI-:.\:3 C-1., Ciiu-inn:-.li I'.-.-:- Ii. Seven'.h :ind I-"ri.-i::n.,n /.-...:.(., rut: w-ccornodate a few m (.-!"> we vv.u <1 d;i.y c:Jl the rdcr^ aad attention ofthr.'jC de-inn^ table board to the 1'iicc that we are . erv- ing meal-! that are not surpassed in the city at prices never before attempted. We will give you good 'bod well cooked and neatly -.served, and endeavor to conduct a firs: class place such as the size and importance of our city deserves, and ask your patronage as an appreciation of our efforts. THE VENDOME. 320 Broadway. IT Effervescent, too. Just t'.'. in^. appcti/ing. tiling to build up the 'CS Rootbeer ^"!;olcsoi:ie and strcngtheniiig. pr.ro biood, ftv-e from boils or cari-\i:ic!'-'S. General good health —rvi-u','^ from drinking HIRES' Roo'.h.-er t'.;o year round. V. •'. •!'-'-- i:in!-:c? five gallons, 25 C ' A-; -- i:r drni;;;:=l: °' grocer for it. i'okc no other. «^n-' --cent -itamp to the Chorlcs E. Hlrc.i C.">. IT-'A'-.-II St., t'iilindtlphlu, lor bcnut!- Sui iM\;tiir«.- ^t-rJa. DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY MORNING. MAY 3. Mooro now living at Omaha, and who died March 9, 1SC4; Golden Wfdaing Aunlveriurr Of the erolden wedding anniversary o pleasantly celebrated by Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Webb at Bluffton lant Wednesday, the Bluffton NBWB says: •Yesterday two persons who are well known to a great many In the city, reached their fiftieth milestone n married life, and the event was jelebratod by having a golden wed. ding at tho home of Mr.and Mrs. John Studebaker. Those who have thus ourneyed so long In married Hfo are ttr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Webb of Lo- ganaport, Inl. Nathaniel Webb was born In Adams ;ounty, Penn., Sept. 2, 1820. 31s 'atbor was Nathan Wobb, who died at Vlnconnes In 1S28, and MB mother was Margaret (Albright) Wobb, who was born in Hanover, York Co., Pa., n 1799, and died in 1886. Mary Jano (Angol) Wobb was born in Dayton, Ohio, Oct. 8. 1S2G. Her father was David Anpel and raothor was AdiillnD (Porter) Angoi. Nathaniel Wobb and Mary Jano Angel wore cuarru-d April '26, 184-1, at the city o( Greoaviile, D.irko county, Ohio, by Rov. Jacob Brown, a rain, of ihc M. 1-:. church. Or those pros-jut at, tho marriage- ceremony nono ii.-o now living 1 except ili'o. JclTrey Bliss, of this city, and Capt. W. W. Angel of Ohlcigo, fister and brother of the brido. There wcro burn to thorn three children, namtlv: Margaret who married Capt, Frank E. Neb., Adaline who married Edward A. Ullory, and who died March 16, leaving ono child, Mary A., who married Edward Thatcher, of Columbus, Ohio, April 24, 1SS9; Helen M., who married John Jonke, of Greenville, Ohio, April 20, 1874. They cow reside at Logansport, Ind., aavlcg one daughter, Junle. Mr. and Mrs. Webb resided at Greenville, Ohio, from the time of their marriage until about seven years ago when they went to make their home with their daughter, Helen M., of Logansport, Ind., whore th'ey now reside. Both are members of tho M. E. chnrcb, which they joined before maniage, Mr. Webb for many years was a prominent jeweler at Greenville. Mrs. Webb is an energetic worker In the church and a true Christian. The many relatives in this city and Mrs. C. U. Wade were present and enjoyed the festivities of the occasion, together with tho following persona from abroad: Mr. and Mrs. John Jonks and daughter, and Miss Juno Cilery, of Logansport: Mrs. Edward Thatcher and son, of Columbus, Ohio; Goo. P. Biis*, of Toledo, Ohio, and Mrs.Chaa. C-ousor ana son, of Hartford City. The fir.-t payment on subscriptions of stock to Una (Jui/.c-o- 1 Natural (Jus Company of Logfir.sporl, Jnd.. is now dun and fhouU'l be paid at the com- puny's ollbe, earner of Market and Fourth snoots. Shares of block lire, twenty-tive dollars ($25.00) ouch (two shares to-a lire) to bo paid. RS follows: A.i" 1 " 21 '-."!'-)' 1 s l!l!l MARCH ACCIDENTS. The Railroad Gazette of April 28 gives a record ot accidents on railways of the United States in the month of March. The statement shows that there were 11? accidents, In which twenty-two persons were killed and eighty-six injured. For the fourth consecutive month the record of acol dents has been lighter than In any months of five years past. Only twenty,two persons were killed, and of thesa five wore passengers, and there is no record of a passenger being killed la either February or March, which Is remarkable. In commenting on this exception, from acel- don;:? iho Gazette says editorially: "In general it is safe to say that with __,ver trains tho chance of acctdont is less, but whether the chances decrease rapidly as would appear from tho largo diiToroncos in percentages between accidents and earnings would bo diflicult to detorraino. No doubt the dullness, leading 10 the discharge of many hundreds otnvjn, has resulted in a decided improvement of tho avorago o? ability of the forcoon many railroads; and, Ivsidos this, tho diminution of tho distractions eaused by overwork, extra trains, breaking in new men and other usual conditions must toad appreciably to reduce the uumbor of blunders, whatever tho qualifications o! tho men. END OF A l;ICr STRUCK. Tho strike on the Great Northern was declared off Tuesday evening after a stubborn light lasting eighteen days. President Hill of tbe railway company agreed to restore the wage schedule and the men agreed to nrbl trate the remaining grievances. President Debs of the A. U. U. claims ali the glory for his own organization but it is said that the business men of St. Paul and Minneapolis brought their Influence to boar and are at least partially responsible for the settle ment. Tho men are entirely satisfied with the result. flla Terrible Ylolonmeiw of Stallion* In thit Wild Htate. No one who lias not had the experience of observation of the wild horse In his native state can form any ade- qjiate conception of the viciousnessdis- played by the stallions toward oa-jh other when contending for the possession of a band of mares. Tlicir nature and habits make them muscular, fleet and strong in a degree not to be found in the domestic horse. An old Frenchman. for years a stockman in these mountains', gave me this story of a fight between two powerful wild stallions: "I had been riding all one June day south and west of Mount Whitney and •was malcing: m.V way along it mountain depression lending up from a. little valley where I intended to camp. As I neiired the opening of the valley I heanl a number of piercing shrieks which 1 could, liken to Tiolhiiifr I h:ul ever hoard. I was not, iif; left in dnul.it as to tho source, for on rounding :t point of. rocks 1 saw in 1 the nearer portion of the valley two large wild stallions lighting like mild. lioycind them was :i. small band of « -;lfl I horses finioliy ^ra-/. ; .!i,T as if -ni'litTerent I to 1 he si nij^lf. 1 'The \vilii horses did not observe me. , and as I was lo tin- leeward "f them j they caujrht. ii" scent, of my presenee. ] The horses were ivarinu 1 , pluiii.tin;X, | striltin;;-. kid- 1 1 ".'-' and liiiiiiL'. whirliii'j; j aliui'.l :I'-K! eoiait;;; 1 M.'.'vl lu-r wilh len-i- | lile force. Thi'ii they would ivar and | liri:;gilii\vii their fore feel. up"H eaeli , other's heads. nerUs ::iul b.idie..- with siie'.i fo:-i:e ihal. tin- blow:- and snorts When you're Rubbing over your washboard, in that painful, old-fashioned way, these are some of your positions. Just try these motions, up and down, without the tub. That will prove how hard they are. Then try Pearline's way of washing. That will prove how needless and absurd they are. With— u 'i »i~^> out t ' 1G washboard and the U7Y l"i i 1'~>in rubbinq- O n it, and without Ti l ' i T^\\ beridiri S" over lhe wash - tub v 'or bobbing- up and down over jt—you save the wear to your clothes and the work for your back. That's Pearline's way. Directions on every package. Send it Back IMAGERY CF SPRING- l I".- heard for i"!: 1 alelo.se M'i'- only We can't tell you what life is fcut we can say that the amount of it in a person depends upon the condition ' of the nerves. Without good, healthy nerves, life is feeble mid miserable, and liable to leave the body entirely, but with nerves braced up by Dr. WHEELER'S NERVE VITALIZER life is vigorous and athletic. The Vital- izcr prevents over-exertion, unusual fatigue and extreme excitement from weakening the nerves and cures all nerve disorders like Prostration, Debility. Sleeplessness, Headache etc. PRICE, $1.00 A BOTTLE Inquire of druggists for free sample. If not found, write us enclosing five cents (stamps) for postage. The doctor givei free advice to any nerve disease sufferers. All welcome. The J.W. Brant Co. Mik«n ALBION. MICH. „ MtwYork .We offer $500 to »ny physician or chemist who ran •howb.raDftlyilior othcrwl-ii;,th»tthlpi rempJy contains morphine, opium oon»lne, or any barmftll druK. Sold by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. FINANCIAL. WALL STREET! Ou I to 500 per c«m re out rlsV. Send for "Prospectuiiiv LrtSr," mallwl free. HUtiem Eeterence. record up to date per ce»t 83 P« " nt paid to the subscribers, as th« result .of, operations from December, IS* to April 16tn, J8W, WEIXXAH * CC -itocks, Grain and Provisions No. 4» ' .: • •», *», New York C1W. i mi 1! (X) !1 Oil .'I (HI U IXI 4 HO 4 01) $1'5 CO JOHN GKA.Y, Presldoui. Se:crotary, . JimoSI. 1S"J-1 .Inly 1 - 1 ". IS91 Octobers i, ISII NovcniljiT ii", C. \V. Vuiulallii Ijlno Iix«:iir»lon H,itCN. May G'.hand7tli, frood to return to 9lh. lo Indianapolis nor;oant Jlny Musical. Fostival; and will soil May loth and 1-lth, good to rolurn including May 18lh, aocount I. O. 0. F. meeting at aarao rate. J. C. KDGKWOUTO, Afr't. AOlUTIONAli JJ.OCAI.t-*. A good cloth capo only 98 cents, at tho Trade Palace. House for Sale Very Cheap—No. SOS Sycamore street. Inquire or A. DaLong, No. 402 Market street. Acute and chronic catarrh; diseases of the throat and oar treated by Dr. J. H. Saultz, 412 Fourth street. Telephone 167. For Sale—Tbe court has o.dered me to sell the Buuou homestead at the northeast corner of Eighth and Spear streets.— Goo. W. funk. There will be a supper given by tho Unlversallst church at the Mrs. Geo. Bevan'a residence, corner of Spear and Ninth streets, this (Thursday) afternoon. Supper from 5 to 8 o'clock. The Loganaport Gas Light and Coke Company is causing an extension and enlargement of Hi mains on Market etroet and Broadway and on some of the oroes streets. Some of the old mains were too small for the increased demand upon their capacity, and the corrosive tooth of time had also begun to ehow Us effect upon their iron Bides. The work IB giving employment to quite a 'orce of men. John McGlllen of tho Pan Handle blacksmith shop \a off duty with a badly bruised band. Jas Goss has returned to work at tho Pan Handle round house after an absence of three weeks. John Drompp of tbe Pan Handle boiler shop celebrated his 39lh BCD!. vorsary a few days ago. On May 23. the members of tho Pennsylvania Voluntary Relief Asao.- clhtion will elect tho Advisory Commit tee for tbe ensuing year. Wahnsh engineor Kirk Stiivone camo down from Andrews Toesday to help swell iho Republican majority. Mr. Stever.s resides ou the West S'do with his mother | Thoro IB a scarcity "f freight j engines on the Pan llnndk- especially ; tincc tho j-TRvol trains wtre put In. Frequently trains are- delayed because j there are no locomotives in to lake thorn out. Railroad men who camn up from Indianapolis yesterday rotxirt an at. tcrnptedtra'.n wrecking at Nohlesvlllo. Tuesday evening. An L. E. & W. train ran into an obstruction which bad been placed on the tracks by some maliciously inclined person who succeeded in ditching: tho ongluo and several cars. Nobody WRS injured. East-bound shipments from Chicago last week amounted to ,57.280 ton?, against G-I.G03 tons for tho preceding vook and 00,383 for the corresponding week las!, year. Tno roads carried tonfigo us follows: Michigan Control, 7,680; Wabiisb, 5,727; Lake Sboro, 8,2-M; Fort, Way no, G,12(J: Pan Handle, 3,3-10; Baltimore & Ohio, 2,35-1; Graud Tru.ik, 5.17-i; Nickel-plate, 5,180; Erie, 5.320; Biff Four, 1,82<J. There was an exciting set-to be- tweon a ganc of twenty-five hobos and tho train crew of a west-bound freight, on tho Wabash road, atWa- baah Tuesday afternoon. The tramps had piled into a box car, and, when tho trainmen sought to dlfclodge them, showed fight. The train was stopped at the Cass street crossing and the railroadmen went at the mob with a rush, but were repulsed. Savage blows were exchanged, some gore was shed, and half the gang took to their heels, uloaoly pursued by officers, who succeeded In arrestinc four of thorn. The others fortified themselves in a box car and tbe train pulled out, carrying them with it. The fellows cap. tured are now in jail there. 1:- nf . qiiiii-liTs. tin'.'/ -.vonl'l with their powerful on like Inillilo.i'.s, fi inf; their holds Hush !T'- vl - ! wa ,V- Thi::i. whirl in;;quickly? tlioy would deliver :i number r>f hicks in such ijuirl; Micci-s^ion tiiii^t neitli.ii- of them could uvoM the terrible punishment thus inilicti-rt. The favorite point nf iitlaclc in liitinff seemed to be the withers, and once a ffooil hold was socuri'd I noticed that the bitten horse wnulil wince and almost sink to the trvoiind. Sonuninu:-* thev would lower their heads and bite viciously at each other's foreleg's, apparently trying to (jet a hold on the lejr just'sit the joint above the hoof. One of thorn R-aini'd such a hold anrl threw his opponent to tho jjroiind, but as the hold was broken in the throw the unfortr.mite was soon on his feet. After fighting 1 for some time each of the contestants was covered with blood, which poured from wounds on nock and body, as well as from mouth and nostrils. "A terrific kick on t:«; body finally sent one of the horses toltorinfr away, when the other, speiiiff UM; advantage, renewed the' fitrhtinv with ineri-asi-d viyor niul soon-kiekoi! lii.supporicntiuto helplessness. '.I'lu: band of marcs had disappciivcd. The victory had cost the conqueror all too dearly, as he was bleeding quite perceptibly at tho nostrils :is he w:i.lked :iwav. 1 shot, the. defeated to put him nut of his misery, as I found upon examination that two or more of his ribs had been broken, tin: pieces of which were protruding. I could have lassoed I he: vielor.^hnt did nnt care for so vicior.s an ailiie.al. be- Sprin,7 li'.isc:iu:e'. 1'or a roiisidi-riibie : part, of'thi- human race HiKis '.lie most : • ' i. M • 'M • i'i' 11 'in• i 1 ,l"'<:''ii'l!i'.'r'.'''i' : -'e"rr ; v.-eM. 1 -: 1 !. S;u-;,i:-. \ oral U-.i'-t some sh.iw ot <-.ian::0 ar.-i ; rein-u'a!, is nlwavs ro:u:i''!'s'" 11 "' 1 '-' •'•'"''• - b,ltn.iw!; i; re does i.. ni-:.ii :- ' i'"l.:ii _as , in Ihes-,- ijfirlhern iati;:- ••-, for^tne , farnvr, the poet, the youtr:: mai'-en ::iui the hoy. There is n H :; human i know when the sap lupins lo runup i t!u-tive trunks. It is then, i- y^' 1 ' 1 "; i the sweet iliiul'into a. Imcket and buiK | it down into a poem, dr it :s tneii. '. | he prefers .-mother firnre. that hi- bes-ins to sin- li'ce the early birds, who are stimulated by the tint of <,-reen and the flush of blossoms to thoughts o: domestic, life. Why is it tha.ts.prin!! 1 P»el,-y is considered "1'resh" and 'S'l»^° a i low in the market? There is a Special V::".i;r5!'.ii tieiu-.t.s to Indi- ar.apolir will be. sold from ticke; >;'»- tioos on th.j IVr.n-ylv.iniii lines in Indiana at rucluced round trip nifca, llnv Gih and 7th, on account MusU ciil Festival; t;ood returning untU May Olh. inclusive. May 13. M, !•"> and 1G, acount Ko bekah Lodso. J- O. (). f., and Grand Loi2 lT e f- 0. 0. F., or Indiana; valid to return ur> t" »-nd including M;i5 r IS. May M and 15, good returning until Miiy IS, iuclusivu. account May Musi- Cll." FOrl.ivill. May 21 and '2'-' nocmictG-rnnd Lui'po F. & A. M., of Indiana: (rood to return until May 2-1, inclusive.. May 22 and 2:!. aecmmt I'eOplR's Party Couvout.ion: eooo to return until May -'5, inclusive.. For particulars und time of trains, apply to nuisrosl Pennsylvnnir. line Llckct flOO Bewsrd, Thn rp»(1er ot this paper will be pleased to iMiitbat there is at least one dreaded diseiises .SJInm has been able to cure In all Its Manes »* I JS e ^!S[?a Hall's Catarrh Cure Is the nre known to the medical f rataruity. H oonstltutlonal disease, rerjulres a -nn.titntlonfti treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cnre Is Mk!n liiternally, aotlng dlrectlf on the blood and SIIOTU Surfaces oi the Bystero, therebr desttojing Refoundation of the disease, and glring the pa- £r { JSnnMhbi building up the constitution and ...utina nature in doing Its work. The proprlo- £?r« have so mneh faith In Its curatlYa powers, X ^?hA»nflsr One Hondred Dollars for anr case JS a J it fllfsw cure. Send for Hit ol testimonials. Address, *• J.CHBNEY & CO., Toledo, 0. oorr? FOUR"0" LfV GRIPPE BY BEN FISHER. they want art applied to tho. natural product: they want it boiled down till it will crystallize. They say that much of tho spring poetry is sticky, by j which they m,:a,n sentimental. There is some injustice in this. Tho poet is really moved by the universal sentiment, and it seems hard that his product should be classed as raw material. There is no sound sweeter to country ears than tha cackle of the sprinff hen some morning- when the south wind blows and the snow banks arc shrink- in" away, when tiie barn door is open, and the eaves are dripping and the fleecy clouds promise transition, both showers and line weather. The hen is nut making music, but she announces that she has bejrun the production of a somewhat indeiinite series of new 1 ive.s. To us who U now li fe there is a note of sadness in the cackle, for it is probable that the maternal instinct oi the IHMI is to be-disappointed by the nest-hiintinjr boy and the. -reed of the family, and al! her exuberant joy Ox life turned into a commercial operation. Hut no objeeiion is made n-ainst !he e-M-s because they are too fresh. Nor 'is any question raised l>y the statesmen " in \Vashiu<yl.on whether they are raw material or finishud product. To the hen they are _both. The hen is no'.arilV ivfurmer. Sue is 'jnstsol:i:ilous for the prosperity of her i-iee The port is sometimes more cul- .,'u.ble than the hen. Ife has no ambitious patier.ee to sit upon his cffirs lo/ifT enough to determine whether tliey have or have not life in them, but he sells them to the innpixinos and newspapers, and the public is so often deceived that it raises a cry that raw material should not come in free. r.ut this line of remark belittles the Morions conception of the rosnn-oef.ou time of the year. It is a sort of Mn-iain son"-of triumph that, the lied !?ea is passed. a.ml that the lion-id forces of the ene:m- arc <lrowned in the spring 1 freshet. 'There is also in it the feeling of security and confidence that whatever Frost and Thaw may do hereafter, things are pjhifr in the ri^ht direction, -nil the sun is every morning ri.-,mg further north. In this exultant spirit it is easy to forgive enemies and creditors. There are so many si;:ns of coming abundance and gracious ease in living Spring has come: lint let there be no grains of deception in these papers. It has come i" the reader, but not to the writer. Tliere can be no confidence in the study if its integrity is doubted. Its reasoning '»:'.V "•>' commend itself to the reader, but it is necessary that there should be belief in. its honesty. While this son? of. the. Vernal Equinox is being penned, the o-round is wiiite with snow, the bare branches of the trees are thrashing about in a cruel northwest gale, there is a sort of lurid light along the western skv, which if seen by a sailor at sea would make him reef his sails and send the passengers below, and the telegraph announces that a, Rocky Mountain cyclone is traveling thither, walt/inR along in the arms of a lesan hurricane. These are the facts. All the rest is the work of the nnagina- tion. And it is justified. 1-ortheAew England man, most part of the year- lives bv his imagination. Without it he would perish.-Charles Dudley Warner, in Harper's Magazine. —The British museum Ijas over a 1 Iiun- dred volumes of "centos." that is, books composed on a given subject by taking sentences or verses from other works and pnttin- them together in a sort of mosaic or patchwork Among these curious productions is n. life of Christ written by the Empress Imdoxia, in lines taken from Homer. Another life of the same person is in lines taken from Virgil by Alexander Ross, and a variety of other literary trifles of «im- ilar character. A 1-SriiKd "Onvd Ordt»r. (>].-H('K HilMtl) <1F llKAl.TB. > LoKaiiM'or:. .nu., April is. Ji!)4. J lo vii:w ol iue near ap[)roucb of sraii.pnx lh-: B:>:ird of Hfalth directs thiit. ;i!i scrifMi e.iii.dr^n must present Siit.'r-fae'ury i>nmf of i-imcc-r.-ful vac- ei n .. l.-c.i: v.-llhi'i rl^e i;:,~l p^.-itlive \'Car8. v.-!i. ruMill I:. i:Xi;,ti.-njr, feud tho |)Ub. lie: .-(t'ofiiiU. Ti-.,. i;j-.:-ii cf H,.-!il'.h further a.d- vi~..^ ;x<! vi:^'.ie--.i'i it.t. d persons to at o-.: e nav: •'h'.'mi".:.'.'.-'!, viceinalod. By i.nler of Ihu JJo.ird of Heal'.h, \\'. Jl. iiEi.i., Preo't. A. ,1. liKUIJMAXX. X. \V. CAUY, See'y. A I'oin'or lor Truvoli-rc. \Vhile Mr. T. J. llicbcy, of Altona, Mo., wus travriling in Kansas he was ta-cen violently ill wiia cholera mor. bus. He called at a drug store to get some medicine und the druggist recommended Chamb°riain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrba-1, Remedy so highly he concluded to try it. The resnlt was immediate relief, and a few dosei cured bini ooinpiet-ely. It Is made for bowel f.omplainl and nothing ulse. It never 'ails. For tald by B. F. Sees- ling Druggist. For tbe relief and cure of a cold in the head there is more potency la Ely's Cream Balm than in anything also it is possible to prescribe. This preparation has for years past been making a brilliant success as a remedy for cold in the head, catarrh aod bay fever. Used in tho initial stages oi these, complaints Cream Balm prevents any serious development ol the symptoms, while almost numberless cases are on record of radical cures of chronic catarrh and bay fever after all other treatment* have proved of no avail. A l'o)inliir It The proiupiat-Si; and certainty of i'.s cure have made Chamberlain's Cough Remedy famous. Ii is intended especially for coughs, colds, croup and whooping co.igb, u.nct is the most effectual rcmeay known for these diseases. Mr. C. B.Alain, of Union City, I'a., says: "1 have a groat sale on. Chaimberlam's Couph Remedy. I warrant every bottle and have never heard of one failing to give entire satisfaction." 50 cent bottles for sale by B. F. Keeslinc. Druggist. Quaker heudaeho oapsulf, liol in ten minutes. Mrs. Dr. J. A. ButterfleM, TIIK ffOKMi'S KAHOtS JIKDIL'31. UecuBula-iibJ-tliiMirrMs, raodtail faculty and si-ii-inisis KriiiTiiiIy ,-^ t.-ic most coiobraiAHl m« ilium iiliil ci»lrvu>»nt of imnlci'H llnifS. I look into i'v Uiuir^ ;uui ^o»v do cii.-,Lmy horu.scojte. —biiiiKv-siieare. lliiyhecoii.siilti'doiin!] nir.iirs of llf«; glvas lucky iiumD.-rs in loiu'i-y oriiwni^; evory Million mySLi-ry rtrv^ak-ili Uia^iio.-io.i c'isus ami ]irescribdft iiir'nii-'iii WJiii' iinniT coiiirul; IUUIIAS IllluernU, iruiiMiCt-s ;tlul hVok-Ii jjroi>t'l-ty. Alil)iiMiic.->s,<i.i'ii-iiycoiiiui«iitliil. 1» wrltlnc smiu piioioor lowul 1 Hair, iwui n iio»lt>iej all «ui uu ivtufMCH. Always .itfna stomp, oiaenn*> no tUu'iiuon will 'M I'HiJ to cotiosiuuilance. AP wajswinl full ;iciiinjs». ojtisf.icuon guurameed uriuuiu-y remniiijil. ABANDON DESPAIR! GOOD NEWSI GOOD NtWS FOK EVERVBODl1 Mrs. Dr. Bucwrtloid, 459 X. Clark St., Cnica^o, ills., Itooin 4, lUe noted Clairvoyant and famous oracle of pro- pnucy, is permanently located in Chicago and may bo consulted on all past, present and future events. She givaa addce on love, courtship, marriage and divorce. Har counsel i» invaluaole In lawnuus, busiaeBB matters, speculation and Investment. She settles IOT« quarrels, rounlteB the separated, locates and settles old estates, she tell* of your friends and your enemies, removes evil influences—in fact, eveiy- tbicg. The only Clairvoyant who CAB and does do all she advertlMfc She is the only ono who can giveassit* tancc as well by mail as by personal interview. Too only Clairvoyant In the western world who prepares and thoroughly understands the working* of the real Oriental Egyptian Charm. All letters confidential. Letters with $2.00 answered. Positive cure for catarrh, rheumatism, all pain, all diseases peculiar to women. Mr*. Dr. Butterfleld, 459 N. Clark Sfc, ChU cago, Ilia.

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