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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 25

Detroit, Michigan
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Wednesday, April 20, 1988
Page 25
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Writers' strike creates cliff-hangers for series By AUEAN HARMETZ . New York Times HOLLYWOOD "LA Law," "thir-tysomething," "Moonlighting" and "Cheers" have been caught with their scripts down. Because of a strike by 9.Q00 Hollywood writers, each of the shows has been forced to interrupt its season abruptly, one or two episodes short. "It's very odd to just stop," said Harry Hamlin of "LA Law." "We were left incomplete," said Edward Zwick, a co-creator of "thirtysomething." "We had something very specific in mind, an ! emotional summing up." Glenn Caron, the creator of "Moonlighting," said, "It was like being three-quarters of the way through a piece of music." "Moonlighting' in particular, was left with its plot lines tangled. "Mad-die got married," Carbn said of the character played by Cybill Shepherd. "She got divorced. She got successively more pregnant, and suddenly we're off the' air. That's a huge handicap in the storytelling. Maddie will have been pregnant for a year and a half." The writers' strike, now starting its seventh week, shows no signs of ending. Contract negotiations between scriptwriters and producers broke off again after a meeting Monday with a federal mediator. No new talks are scheduled. Unless a settlement is reached very soon, there will be no time for any of these shows to go back into production this season. Meanwhile, the strike has left the Coca-Cola Co. with a warehouse full of 3-D eyeglasses about 40 million of them. Early in January, the company went to Caron and suggested that "Moonlighting" run a 10-minute three-dimensional segment in its series finale, followed by a 3-D commercial for Coca-Cola Classic. Now there is discussion about doing the 3-D segment next Christmas. Although other series, including "The Cosby Show," were missing one or two scripts when the strike by the writers' guild began on March 7, most episodes of situation comedies or detective shows are self-contained. An old program can always be rerun. In contrast, soap operas and the newer dramatic series weave their story threads from week to week. "They are like novels that are going it : " '' ' f H 'j - ' J fAne day they U walked in and said, 'That's all, folks.' I kind of go out with a whimper.yj Harry Hamlin, "LA Law" to be completed in 30 chapters," said the executive producer of "Dallas," Leonard Katzman. Like other soap opera producers, Katzman speaks of "the bible" the outline of the entire season prepared before the season begins. "Moonlighting" was swamped by the strike partly because Caron likes the spontaneity that comes from building each episode on the tensions from the episode before. "We don't bible our lives," he said. "To bible the show is anathema to me, a decision that is either very stupid or very exciting." It has become common for soap operas to end their seasons with a cliff-hanger, leaving a central character in jeopardy from June to September. This spring, for example, a major character in "Knots Landing" will be "forced to appear to commit suicide and left on the floor with a belly full of pills," according to the show's executive producer, David Jacobs. "In a serial, ev ery change has a domino effect," said the executive producer of "Falcon Crest," Jeff Freilich. Freilich was connected with "Fla mingo Road" during the 1980-81 season, which was punctuated by an actors' strike. "It was very much like running a marathon and being told a mile and a half was cut out of the track," he said. "All of a sudden your pacing is different." 1 In anticipation of a directors' strike last summer, "Falcon Crest" and its two companion Lorimar soap operas, "Knots Landing" and "Dallas," started filming this year's episodes in spring 1987. Because that strike never hap pened, all three series were far enough ahead to complete this season by mid' February. The problems at "LA Law" are a source of delight to Jacobs, because "Knots Landing goes head- to-head with NBC's successful series about a Los Angeles law firm on Thurs day nights. "Cheers" is the rare comedy built on a changing relationship, and thus vulnerable in the strike. "But the strike came just late enough," said a co- creator of the series, Les Charles, Although "Cheers" is missing one episode, the final show of the season already had been filmed out of se quence. Channel 56 auction cries help 1S1I Detroit's public TV station, WTVS-TV (Channel 56), is facing a crisis: It's running out of merchandise for its 20th annual auction, which goes on through Saturday. "We're asking businesses which have not contributed previously to do so now," said Judy Spellman, auction co-chairman. "We need brand-new items valued at $70 or more. We can always use salable items such as appliances, cameras, clothing, household goods and sporting equipment." Merchants and individuals are urged to bring donations to the Channel 56 studios at 7441 Second Blvd., two blocks north of the Fisher Building in the New Center district. Or call Auction Central at 313-873-7200, ext. 200, 9-5 weekdays. FOX SCORES BIG: Fox Broadcasting Co. Nielsen TV ratings Weekly prime-time network averages as a percent of households using television. Based on people-meter survey method 20 15 ioH 5H Top 10 shows Apr. 11- Program : : Rating pj . , i:;;;:q:z:j::::;:.-jL-.,j. 21 28 3 13 20 27 3 10 17 FEB MAR APR 17 Academy Awards ABC 29.4 The Cosby Show NBC 22.2 A Different World NBC 22.2 Cheers NBC 22.1 B. Walters Special ABC 21.1 Who's The Boss? ABC 18.2 Golden Girls NBC 18.0 Murder, She Wrote CBS 17.9 LA. taw NBC 17.7 Wonder Years j- ABC 17.7 recorded its highest weekend over night ratings to date last Saturday and Sunday, led by a new show, "America's Most Wanted," and an old stand by, "21 Jump Street." "America's Most Wanted," a show based on real events that has helped law enforce ment authorities capture nine criminal suspects in the last 11 weeks, placed ahead of ABC's "Supercarrier" with an 8.9 rating and 14 share Sunday, while "Jump Street" achieved a 7.914 in the 15 big-city markets. Fox's Detroit outlet is Channel 50. FRANK MAKES IT: "Frank's Place," CBS's critically acclaimed dramedy starring Tim Reid that looked for a while like it might fall victim to erratic scheduling,, has been renewed, this week's issue of TV Guide reports. Free Press staff and wire reports RADIO'S BEST: Nine at 9: Nine songs, non-stop from 1970; 9 a m. WRIF-FM (101.1). Body Beautiful: "Breast Cancer Post-mastectomy Reconstruction"; 9 am. WCAR-AM (1090). David Newman: Pros and cons of federal government Involvement In child care programs; 10 a.m. WXYT-AM (1270). Foeu: Guest host Jerry Hodak; William Kienzle, murder mystery novelist; 12:20 p.m. WJR-AM (760). New York Philharmonic: Works of Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky; 8 p.m. WQRS-FM (105.1). Classic Album Archival: Blind Faith's "Blind Faith" album; 11 p.m. WCSX-FM (94.7). Solid Gold Country: Glen Campbell birthday salute; midnight WWWW-FM (106.7). Knight-Ridder Graphics Network ADV. TV TIPS ADV. 9:00 PM O 10:00 PM LIF ST. ELSEWHERE RETURNS WITH SPECIAL REUNION EPISODE! 'Like Mother Like Daughter' with Jeri Hall & Roseanne Barr fjj As the World Guiding Light Superior Court I People's Court I Cheera I News Bruce Kirk, Kathy Adams, I News Dan Rath-1 The Judge WJBK Turns (2:00p) Fred McLeod, Mike Lyons. er. Q Another World Santa Barbara Magnum News Mort Crim, Carmen Harlan, I News Jac Le- Newa Tom Bro- Jeopardy! WDIV (2:00p) Chuck Gaidlca, Bernie Smilovitz. Goff. kaw. Q Q One Life to Live General Hospital Oprah Winfrey Get-rich-quick Newa Bill Bonds, Robbie Timmons. Newa Rich Fisher, Doris Biscoe, News Peter Jen- ' WXYZ (2:00p) schemes. Q Steve Garagiola, Rob Kress. Steve Garagiola, Jerry Hodak. nlngs. Q O King of Ken- Contact Wild World I Wonderstruck Video Hits I New Party With the CBET 'ngton Irish Rovers 0i) Leave It to Bea- Dennis lha I Woody Wood- Real Ghostbus- JEM Jetsons Punky Brewster I Wonderful World of Disney The All In the Family , WXON ,,r Menace pecker tera Secret of the Pond. (Part 1 of 2) . Qi) Ghostbusters Smurfs Bugs Bunny & Duck Tales Double Dare Diff'rent Good Times Sliver Spoons I Facta of Life Family Ties "T' WKBD Friends Strokes vi CQ Sesame Street Shalom Sasa- GED 20th Annual Auction Southeast Michigan's original home shopping show. WTVS (2:00p) Q me Kibbutz. Q .:... ufjjgj,, xrain to Macron 1 Spiral Zone Defenders of I Hangln' In I Match Maker I News I Contempo I The 700 Club "r WGPR Munlch'MI) the Earth ,j .r World of Sur- "Ths Shanghai Gesture" Mother Qin Sling gets back at her ex- Fashion: The Story of Fash- Golden Age of I Good Time Creativity ' "t vlval lover. (Gene Tierney, Waiter Huston, One Mu won M 1941 ) Inside Story Ion Television Cafe' . ,., pdm Flying Nun Doble Glllls Green Acres Hazel Father Knows Big Valley Crazy Like a Fox Remington - Beat - Steele V ni- Dumbo's Clr- Welcome to The Wind In the The Edison Donald Duck Kids, Inc. I Devil's Gorge "Pet-Na-Tatl In America" A Swedish cat has ' Ul cus Pooh Corner Willows Twin Presents a showdown with a buBy. Animatad. (1985) (r1 rcDU Hockey Smythe Division Final, Skiing (Repeat) Legends of World Claas Wrea- Baseball Thoroughbred SportsLook I NBA Today I SportsCanter T torn Game One. (1:00p) (Repeat) . tilng Bunch Digest Scores. n UDn "Every time We Say Goodbye" (Tom Hank. Cristtna MwsHlacn, I B. Bear Play "Police Academy 4: Citizen on Patrol" (Sieve "Legend" (Tom Cruise, Mia 1 HDU Bwadjd Tttyl Ball pjtrtjiaj Sara. Tim Curry,) (198S) Cy : I icr Regis Phllbln Attitudes "Courage" A New York woman with a son on drugs becomns an undercover operative for the gov- I MacGruder a ' lift (2:00p) smment, (Sophia Loren. Billy Dee Williams. Hector ESaohdo.) (1966) Loud - ,.. "Only Angels Have Wings" Directed by Howard Hawks. (Cary I "The Diary ol Anne Frank" Jewish family hides from Nails, I "Bon Voyage, Charlie '," 71 "HA Grant, Jean Arthur, Rita Hayworth,) (1939) ' :.- . - (Melissa Gilbert, Maximilian Schell. Joan Plowright.) (1980) Brown (Don't Com Beekl)" ' " . uirir Mysterious Clt- Lassie Inspector Gad- You Can't Do Lancelot Link The Monkee Nick Rock Finder' Keep- Dennis the I You Can't Do nllK les of Gold get That on TV era Menace That on TV 1 1 cuniu 'Making Mr. Rlght'MJobn Malkovlch, Ann . TheTallorof "Anna to the infinite Powor'VGenelic erwermq produces ,i "Cover Glria" Jayne Kennedy ' onUH Magriuson, lenne Headly,) (2;00p) (1987) V) , , Gloucester prodtfly. (Dlria Merrifl. Martha Byrne, Jack Gaford.) (1983) (V Cornena SJarpe) (1977) " TOC "Rumor of War"! Tom A Jerry Fllntstones (3:35p) Brady Bunch I The Munatera I Laverne & Shir-1 Alice (6:05p) Carol Burnett A I Andy Griffith . IDJ (Part 1) (1) (3 05p) (4:35p) (5:05p) ley (5:35p) Frlenda (6:35p) (7:05p) -i . T11 "The Hide- fX" &g-tlme mobstor testifies on organized crime, (Bryan "Gung Ho" Dkectad by Ron Howard. (Michael Keaton, Gedde "Weth- . . ' IM0 awaya" (l.OOp) Brown, Brian Dennehy, Plane Venora.) (1968) (V) Watanabe, George Wendt.) (1986) Q (V) erby" (1965) (V) hp. Press Your Tic Tac Dough Jackpot Chain Reaction Bumper Dance Party USA Cartoon Express Alrwolt USA Luck Stumpers u,,. Baseball Montreal Expos at Chicago Cubs. (2:15p) (Live) I JEM Facts of Life I WKRP In Cln- Cheer J nbPI clnnatl v ulnn Dating Game Cannon Barnaby Jonea T.J.Hooker Magnum $100,000 Pyra- :., "UK mid m mm, MiaE.' o w j B K o w D o w x Y z O c B E T W X o N 3 w K B D m w T V s Win, Lose or Draw Celebrity charades. Wheel of Fortune With Pat Sajak and Vanna White. Entertainment Tonight Martin Sheen ("Judgment in Berlin"). .Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour 20th Reunion Steve Martin, Pat Paulsen, Glen Campbell and others reminisce with Tom and Dick. (Repeat) Jake and the Fatman Jake discovers more wrongdoing while investigating the attempted murder of a bride by her husband. (Repeat) p Mysteries of the Pyramids Omar Sharif Is host for an exploration of the ancient Egyptian pyramids and Sphinx at Glza, using state-of-the-art technology to Investigate scientific theories about their origins and purpose. Growing Pains Carol and Mike stage a sit-in. (Part 1 of 2) Q Head of the Claas Charlie coaches the academic team. (Repeat) Hooperman Harry enlists a psychic. (Repeat) Q Just In Time Harry copes with responses to Steven's article, cp The Equalizer McCall finds himself at traded to a client (Lindsay Crouse) who is being pursued by the police. (Repeat) The Bronx Zoo Danzig finds himself In the middle when the staff divides bitterly over the issue ot teaching creationlsm in school. HeartBeat Cory faces a malpractice suit stemming from an infant's death; Stan has his first date since separating. Ly Hockey Adams Division Final, Game Two: Boston Bruins at Montreal Canadians. Defenseman Ray Bourque leads the Bruins into the Forum to take on Stephana Richer and the uanadiens in game two of this best-of-seven series. Boston hasn t beaten Montreal in a piayott series in 4b years. (Live) All In the Family (From 7:00) Three's Company Jack and Vicky ruin a wedding. (Part 1 of 2) "The Don h Dead" After the death of a powerful syndicate leader, rival mobs elfish over possession of Las Vegas holding. Starring Anthony Quinn, Frederic Forrest ana flobert Forster. (1973) (V) "B.C. Cab" Offbeat drivers of a Washington taxi company gang up on bureaucrats trying to close their garage. Starring Adam Baldwin, Mr. T and Gary Busay,,;(l983) (v) . ..;,,,;:(". :.,,.;;.,, , ',,.,',.,.,. .... The National News with Knowlton Nash. CP Rockford Files Doing a good deed for buddy Angel makes Rockford the target of an underworld leader (Ray Danton). Guest: Joseph Campanella. News Glenn Ray, Amyre Makupson, Randy Bhirdo, Ray Lane. The Honeymoon-ers An adoption agency inspects the Kramdens. News Bruce Kirk,. Kathy Adams, Ell Zaret, Mike Lyons. News Mort Crim, Carmen Harlan, Chuck Gaidica, Bernie Smilovitz. News Bill Bonds, Dayna Eubanks, Jerry Hodak, Steve Garagiola. The Journal International report. Newlywed Game With host Bob Eubanks. Sanford & Son A lovers' quarrel sends Esther to the Sanfords. p20th Annual Auction Southeast Michigan's original home shopping show. Celebrity auctioneers raise funds for the public television station. (From 4:00) The 700 Club Frustration in Congress. (From 7) Ralph Martin Jack Van Impe Commentary. PTL Club A discussion on religion and its role In contemporary life. America's Black Forum Liberty Temple With the Rev. Ralph Hart. Study In the Word Religious program. rm World of Survival Shackelton's route. Victory at Sea Allies destroy the German U-boat. Winston Churchill: Valiant Years India rises. "Th Appaloosa" A buffalo hunter steals a bandit's girlfriend. Starring Marlon Brando, Anjanette Comer and John Off the Air Remington Steele (From 7:00) Mouseterplece Theater fWMBIK mm"'mm'm9llWflF' I. Living Dangerously Knockoutl The Story of Boxing. The origin and evolution ot boxing, with Mike Tyson. . An Evening With Jack Lemmon Reminisces about the broad range of characters he has portrayed. "Swimming to Cambodia" Monologuist Spalding Gray weaves racy anecdotes from his life and experiences In Thailand as an actor in "The KWing Fields," Jonathan Demms directed. (1 hr 27 mlrts., (1987) NR; profanity,) (V) Second Honeymoon Families vie for vacations. The Edison Twins Actresses want to pose. Animals of Africa Hippopotamus. (Repeat) Danger Bay Grant saves a sick sea otter, g The 700 Club Frustration in Congress. i-m urn mm A Walk Through the 20th Century The 30-Second President. Madison Avenue's role in shaping elections. ''I Evening at the Im prov Elliott Gould Donovan. "Charade" Directed by Stanley Donant Starring Cary urant, Audrey Hepburn and waiter Mattnau. n nr., m rwns (1963) (V) Haiti Dreams of Democracy Documentary explores cultural and political state of Haiti one year after Duvalier. Straight Talk Perspectives on today's issues. American Snapshots People, places of heritage. "Konrad" The factory tries to recall an instant 8-year-old boy In a box, delivered by mistake to an eccentric woman, Starring Huckleberry Fox, Polly HoHlday and Ned Beatty. (2 hrs.) (1983) ' Hockey Adams Division Final, Game Two: Boston Bruins at Montreal Canadiens. Defenseman Ray Bourque leads the Bruins into the Forum to take on Stephane Richer and the Canadiens In game two of this best-of-seven series. Boston hasn't beaten Montreal in a playoff series in 45 years. (Live) "Legend" (From 6-JOj (1985) (PCS) MacGruder & Loud (From 7:00) "Bon VoV age, Charlie ..." (From 6 i Double Dare tjf "Dear America: latter Home From Vietnam" Actors read letters written by US. soldiers, set to archival foolaije and music of the era (t hr , 27 mins ) (1987) Q Cagney ft Lacey A citizen charges a toy firm has dumped toxic waste. And the Winner Is... Attitudes Mother's Day Special A salute to motherhood featuring a fashion show spotlight on maternity wear. "Little Shop of Horrors" Hugs plant feeds on people. Starring Rick MoranlS,llen Greene and Steve Martin. (1 hr., 28 mins.) (1986) (PQ-13: profanity, violence) Q (V) Make Room for Daddy Danny Thomas stars. Mr. Ed Ed asks hobos to stay at Wilbur's house. My Three Sons Music trio rehearses. The Hitchhiker A psychiatrist has an affair. Q Scholastic Sports America Dapper Dan basketball. "8wlm rnfng to Cambodia" (1987) Remington Steele Co-stars suspect each other. Ozzle ft Harriet The boys fall short of cash. Baseball's Great, est Hits The Seventies. Jerry Seinfeld Stand-Up Confidential. Guests Include Carol Leifer, Larry Miller. Like Mother, Like Daughter Jerry Hall, Roseanne Barr. "Morgan Stewart's Coming Home" Starring Jon Oyer, LynnRedgraveandNlcholasPryor. (Starts 9;36; 1 hr 36 nuns.) (1985) (PO-13: adult situations, profanity.) (V) Donna Reed Mary thinks a boy is like her father. Baseball Boston Red Sox at Detroit Tigers. Boston left fielder Mike Greenwell had a career-high six RBIs last Sunday. The rest of the Sox are slumping the team had hit just seven home runs over the first 12 games. Detroit's Chet Lemon Is one of the AL's hottest hitters. (Live) "Cover Girls" (From 6:30) (1977) Sanford ft Son (Starts 7:35) Brothers Donald misplaces ashes. (Part 2 of 2) Q Sanford ft Son (Starts 8:05) It's Garry Shan-dllng's Show (Part 2 of 2) Q Laugh In With Dan Rowan and Dick Martin. Horse Racing Trackside at Lad-broke DRC. Car 54, Where Are You? Comedy. Cagney ft Lacey Elderly woman is murdered. it "No Marcy" (Starts 11:05) (1988) (R) g The Monkees Davy rescues a princess. Off the Air (10:45) "Allan Quatermaln and th Lost City ot Gold" Explorer Ouatermaln finds a lost race of Phoenicians. Starring Richard Cnarnberialn, Sharon Stone and James Earl Jones. (1 hr., 39 mins.) (1987) (PG; aduft sftuatronsi vioience) (V) Baseball Atlanta Braves at Houston Astros. The Braves entered this series having just won their first game of the season 3-1 over Los Angeles on Sunday. Damaso Garcia leads Atlanta. Glenn Davis and Kevin Bass have Houston among the leaders in the NL West. (Live) "Watharby" Quest shoots himself. Starring Vanessa Redgrave, lan Holm and Judl Dench, (From 7 00; 1 hr., 42 mins. (1985) (Bi adult situations, profanity, nudity.) v) VldeoCountry Country music videos. Alrwolf (From 7:00) Barney Miller Detectives apprehend a rainmaker. "Hardbod!" (1984) (R(V) "The Secret War ot Harry Frlgg" (Starts 11:15) "The Delta Force"' Terrorists hijack and reroute a passenger jet from Athens to Beirut, where commandos are waiting to negotiate. Starring Chuck Norris, Lee Marvin and Hanna Schygulla. (2 hrs., 09 mins.) (1986) (B: profanity, violence) (V) Nashville Now George Jones; Dan Rogers; Bill Monroe; Shelby Lynn. Riptide Nick, Cody and Boz use electronics to Infiltrate a gambling yacht linked to the murder of Boz's friend. .New Country Randy Travis. Crook ft Chase VldeoCountry Country music videos. "Jaguar Llveat" An undercover agent skilled m kung f u hunts down big-time drug dealers around the wotld. Starring Joe Lewis, Christopher Lee and Barbara Bach, (1979) (V) Mysteries of the Pyramids Omar Sharif is host for an exploration of the ancient Egyptian pyramids and Sphinx at Glza, using state-of-the-art technology to Investigate scientific theories about their origins and purpose. News With Rick Rosenthal, Pat Harvey. Baseball Philadelphia Phillies at New York Mets. The Phillies and Mets conclude a three-game series at Shea Stadium. Second baseman Juan Samuel leads Philadelphia. New York's Keith Hernandez is the all-time leader in game-winning RBIs (1 20 entering 88) since the stat was Introduced In 1980. (Live) USA Tonight Brad Holbrook, Sheila Stainback. News With Van Hacked and Jennifer Valoppi. You Can Be a Star Freddy Fender, Stella Parton. Alrwolf Hawke ends a quest for his MIA brother. Twilight Zone A businessman wakes up in 1888. The Street Peluso wonders about his wife. flag- m ma JUL g GB A&E CBN ESPN HBO MAX NICK SHOW TBS TMC USA WGN WOR Cheers I Hart to Hart The Best of Carson Nlghtllne Love Con. Fall Guy Entertainment Dating Gam Auction National Gaog Addarly Improv (11) R. Steel (11) SporlsCenler Victory at Seal Burns A Allen NBA Today Th Street The Untouchables Late Night (1:05a) New The Avenger "Mohawk" 11956) (Scott Brady) (V) Square (2:05) j Ironside (2:35a) Newlywed Love Con. Three Stooge rgphlc "Rival" (1972) (Joan Hacks)!) Wll Shrlner Wil's Variety Show American Playhouse Suspicion "The Cure of King Tut' Tomb" (1980) (V) "Tuareg Desert Warrior" (1984) (1240a) W. Churchill Jack Benny MotorWeek "Pollc Academy 4; cmznwiPtrol''.. "No Mercy" (1986) (11-QOp) (V) Susie I Make Room "Hardbodle" (11:00p? Mr. Ed Living Dangerously Groucho Fishing LaurelHardy Outdoor Life Soul Beat Masterpiece Theatre Naked City Real People High Roller Tales From the Darkslde Laurel a Hardy News Slskel 4 Ebertj Ryan's Hope Branded Green Acres "The Chritenoers" (1969) (Darren McGavln; Off the Air I Cities Through the 20th Century "Shriek In the Night" "White Zombie" (1933) (3:45a) (V) The 700 Club SportsLook "All the Right Mom" (1963) (V) "Hunter' f ood" (1987) (12:55a) Vj. Donna Reed Laugh In "The Secret War of Harry Frlgn" 19681 "Making Mr. Bight" (1987) (V) Car 54 SportsCenter "FX" "H.O.T.S." The Monkees Evening al the Improv Medical Center America Movie Drums Along Balmoral Drive The Quest Young Rebels! Hockey Adams Division Final, Game Two: Boston Bruins at Montreal Canadiens! 1988) (Bryan Brown) (V) 1979) (Susan Kifler) (V) spy "Catherine Cherie'V(1980) (Berta Cabre) (2;15a) : "Parllng Gianc" (1986j Ajrwoll (11) Dragnet Magnum People Are Talking iy. Edge of Night (11:00p) (V) "HH t for Hro" (196?) (Steve McQueen) Get Smart "Up the Creek" (1984) (4:20a) (V) "Little Faue and Big H;y" (4:10a) "Th Night Hat Eye" (1942) (V) "FX" (1986) (Bryan. Brown) (1:05a) (V) :: Hard Knock (3:55a) Lucy Show Hogan's Hero "Cover Girl" Green Acres Tomorrow TWWF Prim Time Wrestling "Gung Ho" (1986) (Michael Kealon) (V) "Hold Iht Dream" (1986) (Jenny Seagr ove) (Part 1) 1 Discover USA Tonight Candid Cam. Rhode "The Mud M9irtr" (192) ;y) tJ Ent'ment I Joe Franklin Home Shopping "Pert Purpoee" (1964) (Srartey Jore3)

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