The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 22, 1965 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 22, 1965
Page 4
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Above is the Whittemore team of the Senior Little League. Ray Betts and Bud Winkel coach the team. The Iwys are, front row, left to right, Steve Schultze, Norman Roeber, Garry Grimes, Ronnie Dogotch, Dean Meyer, Mike Betts and John Winkel. Back row, left to right - Barry Ostwald, Dean Kollasch, Tim Elbert, Joe Elbert, Randy Lauck and Steve Mergen. FROM THE ATTIC... ... TO THE VAULT (Your Hobby - And Your N«lghbor'«) By Dick Palmer Certainly one of the pleasures in visiting New York City is simple window shopping If you can manage to confine yourself to this. Most can't and the Iowa crew was no exception as we left with everything from a cake plate to a Honda helmet. My wonderlngs after the visit to the Chase Money Museum brought me into a block devoted almost entirely to diamonds and jewelry, new, antique, and unusual. This is 47th street off the Avenue of the Americas. Like an ice berg, only a portion of the industry was immediately, apparent as many of the doorways led' Info arcades with several shops. The total retail value of all the items on display must have been staggering. The display at store #12 of the Diamond Horseshoe Arcade particularly caught my eye as it was devoted to cameo and Wedgewood type necklaces and brooches. I was particularly attracted to a Wedgewood brooch about the size of a half dollar with a dark green background. The price tag I learned was around $35. This may appeal- high, but the obvious quality and general appeal would, I think, generally prevail given a buying mood. I introduced myself to the proprietor, Mr. Milton Heifetz, who regularly donates jewelry of this type as prize items for the Miss USA and Miss Universe contests. He very obligingly showed me a large oval antique cameo with several figures and magnificent detail. His future project is to design a frame worthy of the sublect. If any of my gentlemen readers are planning to visit New York on a budget with a wife who isn't, you had best stay away from Mr. Heifetz's shop. Of course, if the little woman has read this column, then you will not stay away and I suspect that the budget may be but a fond memory. - o - Although New York is certainly a hobby center, I just didn't have the time to get to some of the better known areas of concentration. The few coin and stamp shops I did happen across had average material at about normal market prices. My only purchase was a copy of Coin World, though I regret not having bought a British Trade dollar with the Bombay mint mark. - o - I didn't really explore much in Virginia Beach confining my activity or non-activity to the sand and surf, but within two blocks of the motel there was an antique shop, Jean N. Miller, and an auction gallery largely the diamond, watch, jewelry type, but the dealer was definitely not the usual high pressure type. I went in to check on two most unusual pictures that immediately caught my eye. 1 don't know exactly what to call this type of handwork. A piece of material with a picture of a family of quail in their natural habitat was turned into a embossed, three dimentional picture. The birds, the tree trunks, and several rocks were stitched around their outline and then stuffed to project them out from the background. The entire print was then sprayed with something to stiffen and turn the original white background into a light grey. One piece, the scenes were identical, had been sprayed with a darker brownish finish. The two together suggested either dawn and dusk or spring and fall. The old gentleman had purchased them from an estate although this was out of his usual line. The darker print had a very large, heavy frame which he thought to'liaVe some value, but I didn't. The lighter and really more attractive one had a small frame in white and gold. He placed the greater value on the large aiitt toe-lesser value on the small which I wanted. His wife arrived later in the day and we compared the two. If she had arrived earlier, the picture would now adorn her home instead of mine. - o - The Miller antique shop had some very fine and varied items although I thought the prices a bit high. However, the East tends to be this way by comparison. She had some interesting bottles salvaged from the sea including those with the glass marble stopper inside the bottle, Although of technical and his- toric interest, I felt that foi $20 I could live without. - o - On the way to Richmond and Washington, we stopped at a large shop with some nice Carnival specimens. One footed dish with the grape design had an unusual combination of blues when held up to the light, but there was no design inside the dish. Instead, it had that flat, heavy finish, which I don't like in Carnival. Actually, it was a rather silly design since the dish was heavily fluted, so you couldn't see the pattern unless your eyes were at table level. I like my pieces to have a more obvious beauty. You can hardly sit around all day holding dishes up to the light. My next columns will deal with Alexandria, the Virginia area and an unusual visit to the White House. I MOVIE I I CLOCK I THURSDAY thru SATURDAY "Cinderella" - 1:30 - 7:00 9:15; Golden Horseshoe Review - 2:30 - 8:25. SUNDAY - "Lord Jim" 1:30- 4:00 - 6:35 - 9:25. MONDAY thru WEDNESDAY "Lord Jim" - 7:45 Only. Plum Creek Elite The Plum Creek Elite 4-H club held their Nature Meeting on July 9 at Call State Park. A breakfast was served and different birds and trees were discussed. IPORTLAND By Mrs. Victor Fitch Mr. and Mrs. Henry Homer of Highland, Wise, were recent visitors in the George Koestler home. They also visited the Chrlstensen and Krantz families at Titonka. Mrs. George Koestler and Mrs. Clifford Krantz drove to Fayette a week ago Friday to bring Vickie Koestler home, after attending Cheerleading Institute at Upper Iowa University In Fayette. This is Iowa's first Cheerleading Institute. Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Marlow and Douglas were Sunday dinner guests in the Wayne Eckels home, Britt. Mr. and Mrs. Pat Puttkamer and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ites, Karen and Larry, all of Alden, and Mr. and Mrs. Gary Davis of Algona were Sunday dinner guests in the Jesse Harms home. Mr. and Mrs. Phil Carlson and Klmberly of Algona and John Lovstad of Burt were Sunday afternoon and supper guests. A picnic dinner was held at the J. R. Thompson home in honor of Mrs. Thompson's brother, Gordon Wagner, from Oregon, who is visiting here. Those attending the picnic were Mrs. Thompson's mother, Mrs. Fred Wagner of Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Rentz and family of Algona, Dale Wagners and Gene Thompsons of Lone Rock, Mr. and Mrs, John Thompson and son John of Minneapolis and Mr.' and Mrs. Edmund Larsen. Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy, Mrs. J. R. Thompson and Mrs. Robert Lovstad and Susan were Saturday callers at the Edmund Larsen home, in honor of Beverly Thompson's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Arend and family were Sunday evening visitors in the Jesse Harms home. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sparks were Friday evening visitors in the Guy Dimond home at Britt. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Trenary and Doyle Trenary of Camp Rucker, Alabama and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Becker were Thursday supper guests in honor of Doyle Trenary who came home LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF SPECIAL SCHOOL ELECTION PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given to the qualified voters of the Corwith-Wesley Community School District, In the Counties of Hancock, Kossuth and Wright, State of Iowa, that a special school election has been called and ordered to be held In and for said School District on the 18th of August, 1965, whereat there will be submitted to the voters of said School District, to be by them voted upon, the following propositions, to-wlt: Shall the Corwith-Wesley Community School District, In the Counties of Hancock, Kossuth and Wright, State of Iowa, Issue bonds in the amount of Two Hundred Ten Thousand Dollars ($210.0001 for the purpose ot carrying out a school building program consisting of building and furnishing additions to existing school build- Ings in and for said School District? Shall the Corwith-Wesley Community School District, in the Counties of Hancock, Kossuth and Wright, State of Iowa, use the sum of $45,000 now in the schoolhouse fund for the purpose of paying the cost, to that amount, of building and furnishing an addition to the existing school building located In the Town of Wesley In and for saldSchoolDistrict? The polls for said election will be open from twelve o'clock Noon until seven o'clock P.M. Central Daylight Savings Time, of said day. For said election said Community School District has been divided Into two election precincts as follows: Precinct No. 1 - All that portion of said School District contained within what are known and have been officially designated as Director District No. 2 and Director District No. 5 and more particularly described as all that portionof said School District lying within Wesley Township and Sections 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12, the east half of Section 4, the east half of Section 9, the north half of Section 13, the north hull' ol Section 14 and the northeast quarter of Section 15 Of Prairie Township, in Kossuth County, Iowa, and within Orthel Township and Section 6, the west half of the west half of Section b and tne northeast quarter nf Section 7 of Boone Township, in wan- cock County, Iowa, Including the Town of Wesley and all other Incorporated cities and towns lying therein. The poll- Ing place for said election Precinct No. 1 will be at the Town Hall in the Town of Wesley, Iowa. Precinct No. 2 - All of the remaining area within the boundaries of said School District, Including all that portion of said School District contained within what are known and have been officially designated as Director District No. 1, Director District No. 3 and Director District No. 4 and more particularly described as all that portion of said School District lying within Magor Township and Boone Township (except that portion of said Boone Township lying within Section 6, the west half of the west half of Section 5 and the northeast quarter of Section 7 thereof), in Hancock County, Iowa, within LuVerne Township and Prairie Township (except that portion of said Prairie Township lying within Sections 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12, the east half of Section 4, the east half of Section 9, the north half of Section 13, the north half of Section 14 and the northeast quarter of Section 15 thereof), in Kossuth County, Iowa, and within Boone Township, in Wright County, Iowa and including the Town of Corwith and all other incorporated cities and towns lying therein. The polling place for said election Precinct No. 2 will be at the Public Library in the Town of Corwith, Iowa. This notice is given by order of the Board of Directors of said School District pursuant to the provisions of Chapters 277 arid 296, Code of Iowa, 1962, as amended, and to a sufficient petition with the iv luisite signatures in accordaiu-e with the provisions of Chapter 296, and as ordered by a resolution adopted by the Board of Directors on the 17th day of July, 1965. Richard P, Madson /s/ Secretary, Board of Directors (54-56-58-60) Wednesday on furlough. Doyle left again Sunday night and will bo sent to Germany. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sparks attended a picnic dinner and supper at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Goetz of Wesley Sunday in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Baker and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Baker of Oakland, Cal. Mr. and Mrs. John Rosenberg and family of Fairmont and Mrs. Dallas Green of Ledyard and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Trenary were Friday evening visitors in the Tom Trenary home. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Fitch, Korene and Judy and Mrs. Leona Welland of Britt were Sunday dinner and supper guests in the Harold Fitch home at Renwick. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Trenary received word Monday morning of the death of Hallis Williams of Homerville, Ohio, a cousin of Tom's. Mr. Williams had been in failing health for some time. "Prayer is a golden river by whose brink some die of thirst while others kneel and drink." BANCROFT 1 By Mrs. Lawrence Bergmanj Father Higgins is on vacation from St. John's church this week. Banns of marriage were published Sunday for Richard Schiltz of Bancroft, and Jo Ann McCleish, Lone Rock. Parents are Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Schiltz and Mr. and Mrs. SamMcCleish. A bridal shower honoring Jo Ann will be held Thurs. in St. John's church Hall, Bancroft. A misc. shower honoring Carol Hachman, bride-to-be of Richard Lensing, was held Sunday afternoon in St. Johns Church Hall. Many out of town relatives were here for the afternoon. James Doyle, son of Mrs. Veda Doyle, returned home Sunday after spending two years in the Army. • Children To Host L C. Heifner On 80th Birthday SEXTON - There will be an Open House for L. C. Heifner's 80th birthday on Saturday, July 31, from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m., at his home in Titonka. His children will be hosts, including Clair of Clear Lake; Viola Tuckett, recently returned from Japan where her husband served as staff sergeant in the Air Force, and from Milwaukee; Raymond, chief warrant officer in the Navy, from Arlington, Virginia; Lois Davis, of Monterey, Calif.; Lewis E., who is manager of advertising for the "Times", Thief River Falls, Minn., and Oracle, who is employed at Younkers in Des Moines. Mr. Heifner carried mall here for 46 years. CONSERVATIONIST Rolland G. Sargent, Osceola, has been selected as one of two Thursday, July 22, 1965 AI§otia r (la.) Upper D«* Molnat outstanding farmer-cooperators in Iowa by the State Soil Conservation committee and will re- ceive the state's grand award in the Goodyear Tire Company's annual Soil Conservation Program. MHO DAYS $ 133 Whir* Down •diy Mdfithljf AMERICA'S FINEST WRINGER WASHER fACTORY-SPONSORED "SPECIAL" TMi ta * i0MM MM *» • q»Ml*l l*w priM, *M* •vtltobl* to (Mi STAINLESS TMi b • tof qwUtft MWM wwlw FREDERICK V & S HARDWARE LP SERVICE IS NO PROBLEM... . . . When there's a fellow like Dwight Frambach around I Our patrons who operate LP GAS tractors find ifs real handy to have Dwight, shown above checking a big Minneapolis-AAoline AA670 over, available —if they should happen to have a problem. Service is practically Dwight's middle name . . , and he has 14 years experience to offer to anyone who might find it necessary to have a little tune-up work done on their LP GAS tractor! Dwight recently completed an advanced course on LP carburetion at Mankato, further adding to his ability with engine operation. He has a complete knowledge of a fuel analyzer, water mometer, distributor tester, timing light and all other testing equipment which allows him to correct difficulties right on the spot — with no lost time. He can handle all service problems on LP equipment — and we also have qualified personnel who can solve all your other GAS equipment and appliance problems — in a jiffy. Feel free to call us if you need service I NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE CO. 10 EAST STATE STREET -ALGONA

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