The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 22, 1965 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 22, 1965
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fcesci ir for more NEWS - See it for better PICTURES Use it for more BUSINESS gllgona Upper jWotne* ESTABLISHED 1d6S Entered .-is fprond rlass matter nt the postoffire al AlRnnn. Iowa, Nov. 1. maa. undPr Art of Congress of March 3. 1B79 ALGON/V IOWA, THURSDAY, JULY 22, 1965 14 PAGES - 2 Section* VOL. 100 - NO. 54 Present Budget Askings For 1966 BY RUSS WALLER * * * This is blueberry picking time in northern Minnesota, and for Charlie Beringer it recalls an incident which he will never forget. He was up north picking blueberries and at the snap of a twig, looked up, There, standing about 15 feet away, was a bear, also picking blueberries. "I didn't know what to do so I just kept on picking blueberries," said Charlie. "The bear looked me over and resumed his picking, and after a few minutes we both walked away." * * * One of our sharp-eyed scouts reports the following sequence in road signs on a North Iowa highway . . . "Soft Shoulders" . . ."Sharp Curves" . . . "Try Ethyl". * * * With about three more weeks of Little League play to go before the season's windup, a Tip of the Hat to the Little League coaches, and of course those nasty umpires, would be in order. Nobody gets paid, it's a labor of love. But for the team members it's the biggest event of the summer, and without those coaching and umpiring services, it wouldn't be possible. * * * The sudden passing of Adlai Stevenson while on a diplomatic mission to Britain, has resulted in "many eulogies and tributes in the press . . . quite a switch from some of the things printed back in 1952 and 1956 by the same mediums . . . that's the trouble with nice things in obituaries, you're not around to read them. * * * There usually has to be at least one fracas at every celebration and Titonka's annual Indian Day progressed smoothly right through until late Saturday night and then a ruckus broke out between some of the young visitors and the "carnies" ... a sheriff's detail was on hand, however, to quickly break up the melee . . . one banged up youth's head, and one "carnie" made a quick departure. * * * We note with interest that our young Dr. J. B. Harris Jr. of Algona, competed in the Iowa Masters golf tournament at Ames last weekend . . . and that Dr. J. B. Harris Sr. of Jewell carded an 81, while our own entry carded an 82 in the first round . . . still a couple of strokes to go, eh Doc, to get the best of Dad. * * * If you're going west on U.S. 18, there is now a detour around the area where a new bridge is being constructed, just west of Emmetsburg. * * * Alter viewing the pictures of the surface of Mars, we do not predict any great rush of tickets for a space flight to that point * * * Local householders have been receiving a barrage of soap samples sent through the U. S. mails . . .but the firm sending them had printed instructions on the cartons to return to sender if address is incorrect . . . well, the new postoffice boxes all have new patron numbers, and the soap company is getting back a hefty quantity of their samples, at about 20 cents apiece postage due for their return, * * * Buffalo Center has switched from Saturday to Friday nights as the evening that stores are remaining open. * * * The Algona City Council has begun a study of a land-fill program at the city dump, which would eliminate the burning of refuse . .. you just level it out and cover it up with a bulldozer or some similar weapon, * * * Famous Last Line - Inflation is what turns a nest egg into chicken feed. 18 Violators Expenditures Rise, Tax Take Up, Down Mayor's Court Mayor Bill Finn's court was a busy place this weekend, due mostly to the special enforcement team of highway patrolmen that visited the county Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. At least 18 appeared here, with many others to appear later. Paying fines were Irene M. Bormann, Bode, improper backing, $10, Ivan G. Burtis, Algona, speeding, $10, driving on the left, $10; and possession of beer, 10 days; John J. Nurre, Whittemore, operating a motor vehicle while under suspension, 2 days; Russell Rentz, Algona, intoxication, $25; James Spence, Worthington, S.D., disturbing the peace at Titonka, $10; and Dwight J. Dorenbush, Lakota, possession of beer, $50. Others fined, all for speeding, either day or night, were Harold L. Piercy, Cornell, $16; Dean M. Hendrickson, Bancroft, $16; Mary J. Bluml, Denver, Colo., Richard R. Hughes, Clear Lake (truck), Ernest F. Michl, Posen, 111., Louis C. Reding, Algona, and Thomas J. McCleish, Lone Rock, all $10; Walter F. McKinney, Des Moines, $9; Alan J. Moen, Ft. Dodge, $7; Prescott Sartelle, Mason City (truck), $6; and William R. Allen, Algona (truck), $5. All paid court costs in addition to fines. The patrol used radar and speed tapes in addition to a plane during daylight hours to spot offenders during the three days. State U.S. 169 Road Repairs In Minnesota U.S. Highways 169 and 16 in Faribault County are scheduled for a "crash" program of repair that will be completed this summer. Federal Highway 169, between the Iowa line and Elmore, and north from Blue Earth to the Faribault - Blue Earth county line, will be resurfaced. The contract will be let July 30. Contracts already let cover Highway 16 between Blue Earth and Brush Creek and between Brush Creek and CSAH 12 in Freeborn County. The state-wide campaign, aimed at improving some of Minnesota's most seriously traffic - worn highways, and costing an estimated $3,150,000 was announced today by State Highway Commissioner John R. Jamieson. "Many of our older highways," he said, ''have been subjected to such heavy use during their lifetimes that their surfaces have deteriorated to the point where a 'crash' surfacing program must be undertaken immediately to restore them to a level at which they will again be of greatest service to motorists." The decision to undertake a program, according to John H. Swanberg, chief engineer, will require not only the expenditure of all of the department's funds budgeted for "maintenance betterments" during fiscal year 1966, but will also necessitate the transfer of approximately $1 million from the construction account, "We feel that we simply cannot wait to reconstruct these segments of highways under our regular highway construction program," Swanberg said. County Takes Gasoline Bids The Kossuth county board of supervisors last Thursday received six bids for gasoline for the coming year. Low bid) and accepted, was by Roy Hutzell, Algona, at ,0559 discount per gallon; second low by DX and third by Farmers Service. No date has yet been set for the budget hearing. It's budget season again (big and little) - with hearings, which are open to the public, slated to begin with the Sentral Community School District hearing July 26, and extending at least until August 11, with the other hearings. Sum and total of the entire picture seems to be higher taxesl And with the taxpayer practically unable to do anything about it - attendance at budget hearings around lie re will undoubtedly be slim, July 26 - Sentral Community School. July 27 - Burt school district. August 4 - County Extension Council. (Notice in today's paper) August 4 - County Board of Education. (Notice in today's paper) August 11 - Kossuth County. (Notice in today's paper) August 11 - Algona Community School District. (Notice in today's paper) August 11 - City of Algona. One other hearing of interest to county residents is the county assessor's budget meeting - but the date has not been set. A work meeting, at which a date was to be selected, was held yesterday (Wednesday). The Algona city council was to hold a work meeting Wednesday, July 21, and was slated to have all the facts and figures set for publication in plenty of time for the August 11 date. Proposed expenditures here for 1965 ran something like $1,271,066 down slightly from a year earlier, but the figure probably will be higher for 1966. Figures for the assessor's office showed $51,550 asked for 1965 and the new amount asked in the budget estimate will probably be in that neighborhood again. Expenditures in 1963 were $39,575. The county's budget for 1966 is slated to be $2,257,200, up some $263,700 - with the amount to be raised by taxation down, from $1,081,500 to $1,012,200 - a drop of $69,300. Increases in the county budget are about $25,000 for the general fund, $10,000 each for the poor and state institution, $8,000 for mental health center, $25,000 soldier's relief, $5,000 Bangs eradication, $11,000 county conservation, and $200,000 secondary roads. Almost two-thirds of the total expected expenditures during 1966 will be for secondary roads, where the total bill is expected to be $1,400,000, with the general fund at $324,000, poor fund at $190,000 and state institution fund at $125,000. Taxpayers who wish to do so may attend at the courthouse at 9 a.m. Aug. 11. At 7:30 p.m. that day, the board of directors of the Algona Community School District will ask a total of $980,981 for the year 1965-66 - about $79,000 more than the amount asked for 196465. The meeting will be held in room 161 at the high school building. The amount to be raised by taxation is $843,471, up about $14,000 from a year ago. Bulk of the increase in the amount asked is in the general gund, where during the 1964-65 school year $650,608.38 was spent for wages in the district. Total expenditures during the recent year were $1,065,915.66. Total proposed expenditures in the Sentral Community School District during 1965-66 is $369,073, up $24,372 from last year and here again the bulk of monies asked for are in the general fund, including wages for instructors, etc. The Fenton town council completed its budget estimate recently and cut $350 from the total sought in 1964, dropping askings there to $29,300. Taxes at Fenton will amount to $16,300, $1,350 less than during the current year. Burt Community School District is slated to operate on $216,180 during 1965-66, up $20,859 from the preceding year. That budget hearing will be held at the school building there at 8 p.m. July 27. Proposed expenditures by the county Extension council will be $23,789 during 1966 - up $4,723 over 1964, with all of the total to be raised by taxes. The county board of education plans to spend about $4,000 more during 1966 than during the current year, but the amount asked by taxes is up only $1,303, due to a larger carry-over than expected in the enencumbered balance total. Reasons for the increase are: $2,000 set aside for use in study of possible establishment of a vocational-technical school; increase in social security rate; increase in mileage allowances from seven to 10 cents; some adjustment n salary of employees in line with other areas of the state. Certainly all of the budgets are not listed in this story - but there are enough, including all the major ones, to make it interesting for any taxpayers wishing for something to do during the next couple of weeks or so. Charge Driver After Three Vehicle Wreck Four vehicles were involved in a pair of mishaps in this area this week, with three sustaining damage. A charge of following too closely was filed against Ralph R. Markla, 59, Algona, after the county truck he was driving collided with the rear of an auto driven by Bernard L. O'Donnell, 52, Lone Rock, at the intersection of State and Jones streets here Monday at 10:50 a.m. The O'Donnell car, which was stopped behind another car driven by Mark P. Goetz, 16, Wesley, in turn hit the Goetz vehicle. Damage to the O'Donnell auto was estimated at $600, while damage to the Goetz car was $50, according to city police who investigated. The truck was not damaged. Tuesday, at 1:15 p.m. a car driven by Walter Kircligatter, 64, Corwith, sustained an estimated $600 damage when it left the road, came back on, then went into the north ditch where it stayed on its wheels, a mile east of Algona on McGregor road. The vehicle was headed west at the time. Deputy Sheriff Larry Hudson investigated. Can Nominate To ASCS Offices Until July 28 The Kossuth county ASCS office has announced that the annual election of community cornm- itteemen will be held Monda;., Aug. 23, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The final date for filing petitions for office as township com- mittemen is July 28. Farm producers may place names of local farmers on the ballot by petition, which must be signed by at least six eligible voters. The list of nominees will l>e announced after July 28. The county committee may also place names of individuals in nomination if they so desire. Couples To Wed Two wedding licenses \\ere issued this week. They went to Jay A, Davis and Rita K. Weringa, July 15, and John J. Meyers and Marion Mc-\- ers, July 17. Chicago Youngsters Guests Of 4 Area Families For Two Weeks i 'Stylorama' At Whittemore On August 3 The seventh annual Stylorama will be sponsored by the Whittemore Catholic Daughters of America on Tuesday, August 3, at St. Michaels Hall in Whittemore at 8 p.m. Mrs. James Besch, grand regent, has announced the following committees for the Stylorama. Mrs. Joe Loebach, chairman; Mrs. Harold McDonnell, cochairman; Mrs. James Butler and Mrs. Charlotte Mergen, entertainment; Mrs. James Kollasch and Mrs. Henry Haag, publicity; Mrs. C. A. Derner and Mrs. Elmer Steier, models; Mrs. Lawrence Kirsch and Mrs. George Gengler, food; Mrs. Richard Vaughn and Mrs. Arthur Elbe rt, decorations. File Two New Cases Here In District Court Two new cases were filed here in district court this week. H. G. Trauger et al, trustees, are plaintiffs, and Gerald and Bertha I. Awe, defendants, in a promissory note matter. The plaintiffs are seeking to obtain settlement of a promissory note for $3,050.70. Madalyne Heun, plaintiff, is seeking an absolute divorce from Merle P. Heun, defendant. A petition in equity and stipulation were filed in behalf of the plaintiff. The couple were married Oct. 29, 1934 at Clare. The plaintiff charges cruel and inhuman treatment and asks alimony and various properties. Moderation In Local Weather Typical summer weather prevailed in this area the past week, with moderating temperatures arriving Tuesday and continuing into Wednesday, with traces of rain. This week's weather: Date H L K July 14 82 50 July 15 85 56 July 16 01 Gl July 17 91 65 July 18 80 64 July 19 86 04 July 20 71 04 Two Fenton and two Depew area families are pictured above with their guests from July 10 to July 24, youngsters from the Chicago area who are enjoying an unusual vacation in a country area they have never known. About 100 youngsters are distributed through Iowa in the program. The project, termed "Friendly Town", has been sponsored by the Chicago City Missionary Society, ,throughfrtcooperation with the Lutheran Student Association of Iowa State University. The host families are members of the congregation of St. John's Lutheran church of Depew (west of Fenton in Palo Alto county). Oliver E. Johnson is pastor. The familes and their guests are: Mr. and Mrs. George Jorgenson, Jr. with Paul and Linda, and Steve McNutt of Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Huskamp with Patricia, Paul, John, Randall, Steven and David and Winston McKnight of Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Osborn with Jon and Robert Wordlaw of Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Helland with Erik, Denise, Lori and Mary Rogers of Chicago. (Photo courtesy Emmetsburg Reporter-Democrat) Sexton Sleuths On Hunt For Tissue Paper Culprits Early Saturday morning brought quite a surprise to the middle section of the city for the sun rose on an area well decorated in pink and yellow tissue. A couple of outside buildings were raided for the material some time late Friday night and some ambitious people must have lost a lot of sleep, for complete decorating must have taken quite some time. So far a number of possible reasons have been presented, all the way from a "Welcome" to newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Pruisman, where the decorating began, and the workers evidently enjoyed it so much they just finished up the rest of the town. But there is also a possibility of some out-of-town talent being involved. It surely couldn't be local young people having that much energy left over after spending their days walking the bean fields. But then again how would strangers in town know where to look for that many rolls of material ? Wild Life Moves To Town 20 The case of the rampant raccoon went unsolved here this week - but it became apparent that wild life has moved to town. Mrs, M. G. Bourne spotted a raccoon near the Bourne home on Oak street this week - and asked neighbors if they would send their dog over to attempt to drive the animal off. The dog didn't get the scent and headed the other way. Monday evening, a deer was seen standing 10 feet from the front door of the Pete Jorgenson family, who live in a new home at the north edge of the city. The animal finally was seen trotting toward the John Dreesman home in the same neighborhood. The same day, a hen pheasant and a large group of small ones were seen crossing the highway in the same area, of the city. if these animals; don't sharpen up, they'll have to start paying taxes! Fenton Vet's Leg Broken FENTON - Dr. John Waite, 46, Fenton veterinarian, was reported in good condition at Holy Family hospital, Estherville where he was admitted Monday night with a broken right lower leg. Waite 1 s leg was broken when he and his son, Dr. Jerry Waite, were loading a bull on to a truck at their clinic. The bull turned and threw the elder man. Fire At Welps BANCROFT - Fire broke out Thursday evening at the large laying house at Welps hatchery at the north edge of town. The Bancroft fire department was called and got the blaze under control with very little damage done. It was not known just how the fire started. Former High School Mates Gather Here Mrs. Alice (Miller) Wllkins last Tuesday evening, July 13, entertained former Wgh school mates at her home.The gathering was especially for her house guest, Mrs. Margaret (Winslow) Ross of Dayton, Ohio, and Mrs. Priscilla (Southgate) Furjanick of Seal Beach, Cal., who is a house guest of her sister, Mrs. Olive Herbst. All present were former Algona high school students and mostly from the class of 1923. Present from out of town were Mrs. Evelyn (Sorenson) Reese of New Providence; Mrs. Helen (Wheelock) Gillingham of Mason City; Mrs. Norrine (Vincent) Lawrence of Cedar Rapids; Mrs. Marie (Webster) Heiclke of Estherville; and Mrs. Zelba (Hardgrove) Brown of Fort Dodge. Those from Algona included Mrs. Lucille (Windell) Zerfass, Mrs. Thea (Clark) Sparks, Mrs. Myrtle (Johnson) Rutledge, Mrs. Opal (Sarchet) Bourne, Christine Arend, Mrs. Katherine (Van Ness) Hoenk, Mrs. Lunora (Andrews) Hoover, Rose Arend and Mrs. June (Corey) Mawdsley. The evening was spent recalling happenings of school days and exhcanging news of other school mates, An especially-enjoyed few minutes occurred when Orrie Lawrence of Cedar Rapids personally greeted the group. All present were former pupils of his when he was an Algona high school instructor in the early 20's. Mrs. Zerfass and Mrs. Sparks assisted Mrs. Wilkins to contact the former classmates. Bancroft Wins Baseball Title BANCROFT - Bancroft captured the 8th district Legion tournament title Sunday by defeating Cowrie 10-1. Bancroft will play the nearest district tournament winner in inter-district competition next. No Games It was announced this week that the weekly bingo games at Uie Legion hall here will not be held from now on.

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