Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 2, 1894 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 2, 1894
Page 8
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Cloak and Cape Sale. Having this day bought of a large Cloak Manuiacturer their entire.line of Cloaks aud Capes, of 468 garments, at 50c on the dollar, we will place them on Sile tomorrow at prices that you will be glad to see. Be on hand early and get first choice, SGHMITT & HEFFLEY PILLING & WHITE, Ofi'ur you the following bargains for THIS WEEK. 75o buys Boys' and Youths' Veal Calf Lace Shoes, s : /e ) 1 to 2 ' This shoe is sold for $1 25 elsewhere. 90e buys the fame shoe in boyfr' sizes 3 to 5-i-, worth $1 "OO 05c buys Men's Veal Call'CoDgress. You cannot buy it next week for less than $1 50. i,'!)j buys Ladiei' Fine Dougola Button Shoes. This is is our regular §1 50 shoe. $1 47 buys Ladies' Genuine Vici Kjd Button Shoes, We usually sell th's shoe for $2 50 and arc closing them out Do not fail to attend this sale. You can save from 50 to |1.00 on every pair you buy. PILLING & WHITE, 412 Broadway. FITS. PITS. PIFS. J AM HEADQUARTERSSOR Kinds of Paints If you are going to use any Paints COMB AND BFfi ME. I keep the largest aud best stock of Paints and Painter's Supplies in Indiana. I mike a specialty of tiiis line ot goods and am in a shape to sell you anything in the line for less money than; it is possible for my competitors to do. I WILL SAVE YOU MONEY. No Matter How Large or Small a Quantity of Paints You Want Come and See Me B. F. KEESLING, 80S Fourth St. LOGANSPORT, IND. THE ADVANCE OF MEDICAL AND | | SURGICAL KNOWLEDGE. g K^i Ca ffe Tbo eminent Dr. NicoUs 3onn said recently that there had gft !>•••& more real progrooa made during the last ton years in medl- J» i/ro and sur-'ory than in any other branch of human knowledge. ^ This is particularly S&OWQ by luo grout use that U now made of ;;O WT KT'TRTrrTY'in tho euro of disease. By it. the treatment or fJ A J^peiul" to women has boeu rovoluUoai, 3 d. It H now em- ^ pioye* by all speeiftHsU in thoso aliments and gives results that .,.j „,•<; cot equalled by any other methoa known. It is our mam re^ - . M..nr.9 in many other diseases such as Nasal Catarrh, Rheumatism, *J^ <• ••.Mi.'.ft and a-> a nerve tonlo 11 is unequalled. But the apparatus ['/expensive and much skill is required in Us use. These can only ho acquired by the well equipped specialist, but it is one of the m-ans by which ho. makes his work so certain, positive and satis- fiotory. We avoid tho useless and often Injurious drugging of the system. Tho LOGANSPORT MEDICAL & SURGICAL INSTITUTE /a the only Place nearer than the largo cities where these advantage* can be obtained. You are Invited to call and investigate. CoBuitatlon free. DRS, CHRISTOPHER & LONGENECKER, 417 MARKET ST. DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING MAY 2. to One hundred and eleven. Negligee shirts, cool and comforta bio, a.t Patterson's. A good Brussels carpet for 38 coats at the Now Fashion store. If you have lost a $2 hat, you can pay tho bet at Otto's for $1. The Hoe Hive's great sale on smal! ware is drawing the crowd. Fine broadcloth capes on]y $1,24 worth. ?4.50.—Golden Rule. Have your hata fitted perfectly your head at Patterson's newhatstoro Dr. Holloway's oflico in tho Progress block, corner 4tb and Market streets A brand now stock of carpets Sold at a sacrifice this week at the new Fashion store. Fifty dozzen seamless fast black hose, only 9 cents per pair.—Golden Rule. All sizes, all qualities, all makes of cool underwear, at Patterson's the Haberdasher. Call at the Bee Hive today to Interview Miss Rogers the Foster Paul's expert glove fitter. Our shirt waists and ready made wrappers are drawing large crowds at the Trade Palace. Shirts for men and shirt waists for ladles made to order, at Patterson's, the Haberdasher. The marvelous success of Hood's Sarsupartlla is based upon the corner, none of absolute merit. Take Hood's throughout the spring months. Miss Rogers, the export glove fitter of Foster Paul & Co., will bo at the Bee Hive today and tomorrow to teach ;he art of kid glove fitting, handling' and taking-care of, free of charge. Mrs. Sarah C. Roister, mother of Mrs. J. F. Grable. died at her home at Mexico, Ind., Sunday morning at 7 o'clock, agod 63 years. Tho funeral was held at the United Brethren Church at that place Monday, services inducted by Rev. Jacob Fisher. A coming new number of the Mili- ,ary Band's repertoire is tho "Elks' Medley," a number dedicated to the jOganaport B. P. O. E. as arranged by Prof. R. Jay Powell, who composed bright band piece basing it upon ,be musical numbers rendered at the •ooentELks minstrels. The band has ,he piece in hand, and it will be pub- ,loly presented ere long. The Weather Today—Clear and warm. SHIRTS MADE TO ORDER. LADIES' SHIRT WAISTS MADE TO ORDER. ALL HATS EITHER STRAW OR STIFF, FITTED TO THE HEAD. A Shrewd method of Swindling— Arreat* made by B««tern Dttec- Joseph and Etta Foster, who were arrested by Eastern officers on the o bar fro of mutilating United States (Told colna, brought from reports from over the country, have been turned over to the United States authorities. One of the Government a secret service officers said that from 50 to 75 cents 1 worth of gold could be obtained from a ten-dollar gold piece, and double that amount from a twenty dollar gold piece by shaving off the reeded edge of the coin and then re-reeding It. The effect would bo to decrease both the diameter and weljfht of the coin. Colna treated In this manner may be easily detected by the touch when placed in a atack of coins similar denomination of the Hcht eizo. Cutting or sweating gold is accomplished by various methods. A common one is to heat the coin to a certain temperature and thon place it between two pieces of bolting cloth and rub It briskly. The metal boinfr softened by the heat easily rubs of! and the particles are caught by the bolting cloth. Another method is to place quantities of coin in a canvass bag and shake thorn together until a sufficient quantity has been rubbed off. Still another, which is practiced only on a large- scalo, owing to the expense, IB to place the coins in an acid path. The acid eats the gold away from the coin in a uniform manner, leaving the impressions of the die as clear as when the coin loft the mint. it Is only possible to detect t&e differ. once in the value of the coin byweigh- ng it. It is estimated that from oue- iwentieth to one-tenth of the weight of ,ho coin can be removed by this method. The (fold is afterward collected jy moans of electricity. THE ENUMERATOR'S REPORT. Tbo School Enumeration Giro JLo- uansport, on the Unual Estimate XO.OOO Population. Mr. A. H. McDonald who has been mgagod on the annual enumeration if the school children of the city ye8- crday completed hia labors and urned the enumeration over to the cboo'i board. The footings show a sonsiderablo Increase over the enu- neration of a year ago. There are bite children of school sge 6,145 of whom 8,022 are males; 3,123 females. Colored children of school age 69; 8- males and 2G females. The usual stimate of population, based upon he school enumeration gives Logans- 'Orta population o[ 20,000. TJieHIny J»ar Danco, Oae of tho ploasantest social events f the season so rapidly coming to a lose, was tho May day ball given at ho rink last svocinf; by the Ladies luxllllary of tho Bro'.herhood of .allway Trainmen. The grand march •as opened by, one of the largest ball rowds over gathered at the rick, and be crowd kept up until an early hour his morning. After tho grand march nd tho unwinding of tho throe be- ibboned May poles tho judges elected for the event chose tho May Queen. These judges wore so. ctod from tho railway service and were: Charles R. Green, C. H. Church, fohn Grob, Charles Lnaff and Harry /ongabaugh. Tno decision of the udges gave the Queen's wreath to iise lona Soagraves. Stoinhart's orchestra furnished tho music. The rink was brilliantly il- uminatod, tho colored conductors Ian- ems and headlights adding to the irilliancy of electric light and gas. The Now Dally. The reporter for tho Reporter had n interview with J. C. Hardosty who ? to start tho new morning daily In ?hich it was stated that tho new daily iculd not appear until next week. It ays: Pres. Sheerln of tho gas company, nd editor Hardosty fcave long been rionda and were engaged in a discus- Ion of newspaper work In general at lie former's office, when approached y the reporter. President Sheerln tried to shut off be Journal's gas at onetime and pos- Ibly this may be an attempt to shut (I Us wind. It Is reported that a number of other ases of small pox havo broken out at lelong, In Fulton county, the result f the carelessness and Ignorance of he fatal malady which struck down wo of the Joaes family whose funerals •ere largely attended and It Is feared hat an epidemic of the dreaded dls- ase will result In that quarter of ulton county. Dr. Metoalf of Indian- polls, secretory of the State Board of Health is on the scene and has put the ommunlty under rigid quarantine. Fort Wayne Sentinel: Mrs. T. E. -lllson left this morning for Logans- ort, and from there will go to Indl- napolis to attend the convention of lubi. , ; , Men's Spring Suits. The Choicest and Most Fashionable Fabrics, The Very Latest Styles Its a chance if tbe very beet merchant tailor in town will make you •• good, and a certainty that we'll furnish just as good workmanship, just as good material for leas than half the price. We can fit any figure, Butt any as to. ONE PRICE TO ALL. A. C. BRYCE. The Progress Cor. Market and 4th Sts., Logansport. DR. NOTT RUPTURE CURE CO, INDIANAPOLIS. BRANCH OFFICE LOCJANSPORT, IND., ST. ELMO BUILDING PERRY WALTMAN, M. D., Medical Director. Rupture permanently cured or no pay. Examination Free. "There may bo others who advortieo the euro of Rupture without accomplishing what they claim, but whatever the Dr. Mott Rupture Cure Company assert can be relied upon."—American Tribune, March 23, 1893. ONTO BATTLE! We of today sever tire ot the tales of glory in which our fathers figure— tales thirty years old at that We wish that we had been there ourselves. With The Memorial War Book We can be with them in spirit and feeling and help fight the battles of Union and Freedom. The Memorial War Book is A STOBV OF THE GREAT BATTLES OF THE CIVIL WAR ON LAND AND SEA. COMPILED HISTORICAL RECORDS, NARRATIVES OF MGS WHO FOUGHT AND FROM PERSONAL OBSERVATION, BT MAJ. GEORGE F. WILLIAMS AND IS ILLUSTRATED BY NEARLY MAGNIFICENT ILLUSTRATIONS MAPS, PLANS, DIAGRAMS, ETC. It will be completed In about thirty weekly parts, each part consisting of 24 quarto pages and containing from 10 to 60 Illustrations, printed OR the Snest coated paper and no expense will be .pared to make it the most sump. tuoiw and valuable work on the war of the Rebellion. The Journal bu secured the exclusive distribution of this splendid w»r book in fell olty and now offers it to Journal readers for threo coupom. and 10 centi for each part.

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