Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on January 5, 1981 · Page 2
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 2

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Monday, January 5, 1981
Page 2
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2A DETROIT FREE PRESSMONDAY, JAN. 5, 1981 ft ' ."TJwuv 1 iiMl. fount J'esco denies is uiyotuillltll ; Robert Vesco, the fugitive financier, says he has not "disappeared. 'vanished or absconded" and will be back in Nassau Monday, ready to I fight Bahamian efforts to deport him. Vesco dropped from sight Tuesday, two days after vhe asked for political -.asylum. Grim, vacant mystery house checked in Atlanta slayings From AP and UPI ATLANTA Searchers for Atlanta's missing children are Intrigued by a mysterious abandoned house where children's shoes were found along with axes, shovels and a Bible nailed open to a passage dealing with death, a search organizer said Sunday. City Councilman Arthur Langford said the old wooden house in the Adamsville section of southwest Atlanta was "really strange." But Langford said there was no firm indication that any of the missing children had been there. Langford has organized volunteer teams on weekends to help police find clues in the cases. Since July 1979, 11 black children from low-income areas have been found dead and four are still missing. All were between the ages of 7 and 15. "We really don't know, but we're checking it out now," said Langford. "We can't let anything go unchecked." "TWO ROOMS smelled like decaying flesh and one had several mattresses in it," said Katherine Whetstone, a team leader whose work with the Langford search parties dates back to the first Saturday foray which turned up the only body found by the volunteers. She said the smell was similar to what she recalled from the area where the body of seven-year-old La-Tonya Wilson was found last October. She said two Bibles were found nailed to a wall of the house. "One was open to a passage from Isaiah," she said. "It was about mixing blood and murders. They were literally nailed to the wall." She said other items found at the scene included two hatchets, some children's shoes and clothing, and adult and children's bicycles. The items were turned over to police for checking. David Westbrook, owner of the house, said he had rented it but did not know where the tenants had gone. He said they left behind their possessions. Meanwhile, five medical detectives are studying the cases of the 15 missing and slain children to try to establish which Atlanta children run the greatest risk of becoming homicide victims. "It meets the classical definition of an epidemic a greater occurrence than is usually expected for a given time, place and population," said Fulton County Health Commissioner William Elsea. JJclroil 4frcc Vvcss (U.S.CS. 155-500) Published daily and Sunday by Detroit Free Pren, Inc. at 321 W. lorayette, Detroit, Michigan 48231. Second clait pottage paid at Detroit, Michigan. 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