The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 15, 1965 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 15, 1965
Page 11
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Fenton Mr. and Mrs. Fred Eckhart and family of Gary, Indiana spent the weekend in Fenton with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roelf Miller, On Sunday both families visited Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Ricklefs at Titonka. INSTALL Mr. and Mrs. Paul Klenz of Ceylon were Sunday supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank McFall. Alan James Bierstedt, infant son born June 26 to Mr. and Mrs. James Bierstedt of rural Fenton, was baptized Sunday morning at St. Luke's Lutheran Church, Fairville. Sponsors were Virgean Bierstedt and Luana Leek. INOW&SAViiJ WE HAVE 'EM FOR SUPERIOR COOLING EFFICIENCY ...COMPLETELY DEPENDABLE QUALITY* KELVINATOR ROOM AIR CONDITIONERS DEHUMIDIFIERS McFall Plumbing - Heating - Appliance In Friendly Fenton NOTICE TO FENTON RESIDENTS SPRAYING for insect control will take place July 16 (alternate if rain, etc. July 17 or 19), in the early morning, in Fenton. - TOWN OF FENTON Watkins New Silage Guard Adds $5 Extra Profit To Each Ton Of Your Silage! Silage Guard will Increase the value of your silage by reducing storage loss and molding; by preserving essential nutrients; by improving the palatability. Silage Guard can be added to grass or com silage as well as to home mixed feeds, including supplements and minerals for improved consumption rate. Silage Guard is non-toxic and easy to use. Livestock actually prefer it over fresh-cut silage; and with important nutrients preserved, live* stock will do better—make more profit For A Silage Guard Demonstration Call: FRED MORTENSEN Fenton AUGUST DYKSTRA West Bend ANDREW STEFANSKI Armstrong - Fenton YOUR FRIENDLY WATKINS DEALER SHOP in your HOME COMMUNITY Fenton Business & Professional Directory FRIENDLY FENTON INVITES YOU FENTON PRODUCE - Lloyd Sunde Golden Sun Feeds GERALD VOIGT INSURANCE Fenton, Iowa HANTELMAN BUILDING SERVICE For Building * Remodeling PHQNi 125 or 17 Fenton, Iowa Dr. E, W. Ruske DENTIST Office Phone 79 Residence 2$ Fenton, Iowa m»i ••»iunl«MI » Hu.'lir tin' II FENTON DRUG R.C.A. Dealer T-V Sale* & Service Phone 13 or LLOYD M, BERKLAND licensed Real frate Brpker and Form Uans and Auction Service Phone 233 F * nton ' A TOMATO IS ONE OF Mother Nature's finest achievements. It's called a vegetable mostly, but it's really a fruit. It's round, luscious, smooth-skinned and firmly packed. They are much better when raised In their natural environment rather than under artificial hot-house conditions, and they are chock-full of vitamins. Just looking at a tomato gives you a lift for they brighten up the place with their fresh vivid color. The younger they are the better they taste, but you don't want to pick them when they are still green. Sometimes, when you squeeze them, they hit you in the eye. - o - THERE IS ANOTHER KIND OF tomato - a pretty girl. She's called by a vegetable name, but she's really a person. She is also round, firmly packed, smooth skinned and luscious. She's better, too, when she looks natural without resorting to artificial aids, and although most people like this kind of tomato a little on the green side, they seldom like them over-ripe. Looking at this kind of tomato gives some people a lift and there are people who consider them best when very fresh. As with the other kind of tomato, you can get hit in the eye, if you try to squeeze them. - o - IF WE EVER GET FANCY enough at our house to have a family coat-of-arms, I am sure that some place on it will be a picture of a tomato. Tomatoes had quite a bit to do with our courtship, we raised and canned tomatoes every summer in Iowa and now we're trying to raise them all year long in Florida. - o - FATHER LIKES BOTH KINDS OF tomatoes. I firmly approve of his fondness for the vegetable kind, but I frown upon any tendency he might have for the girl-type. It's probably narrow minded of me, but I like to protect my own Interests. Tomatoes may grow on vines, but good husbands don't. When you have gone to all the trouble of acquiring one, you ought to be careful to preserve him. - o - MANY OF THE TECHNIQUES IN the care and training of husbands are the very same ones you use in rearing children. If they show any particularly strong trait that might become undesirable, you have to channel it so that it goes in the right direction. Thus, long ago, when I found out that my husband likes tomatoes, I decided I would see to it that he had all of them that he wanted. He can admire them, pat them, squeeze them and pinch them. Just so It's the vegetable kind! - o - THE PRACTICE OF THIS THEORY started 25 years ago, the summer we were engaged. I was more of a tomato myself in those days than I am now, and it really wasn't so much of a Job to get the young man I'd picked out to put a ring on the business finger of my left hand. However, he had a tendency to coast along with the status quo and he wasn't in nearly so much of a hurry to start housekeeping as I was. So, one night when he said he sure did like tomato juice, I suggested we make some. - o - EVERY NIGHT AFTER WORK we'd go down in the basement of my folk's house with a bunch of tomatoes. Pa would court this tomato and we, together, would quart the other kind. First he'd squeeze me a little and I'd squeeze him. Then we'd both squeeze a lot of tomato juice. It got to be so much fun that pretty soon we had all our jars full. So we got married in September so we could drink up all that tomato juice t - o - FOR MORE THAN TWENTY YEARS afterward, each summer we'd grow and can tomatoes. Meanwhile, we raised two extremely lovely "tomatoes" of the girl type, plus a son who certainly picked a fine "tomato" of his own. And we moved to Florida and though we no longer can tomato juice we have a chronic case of tomatoes in our backyard all of the time. While tomatoes can be raised all year long here, the bugs and the birds and the nemotoids see to it that we harvest only a fraction of every planting. It simply isn't true that in Florida you can put seed in the ground and then jump back before it grows and hits you in the face! But still, if anybody should ask me when we celebrate our Golden Wedding, what the main factor was in keeping our marriage reasonably happy, I shall have to answer tomatoes! - o - DURING THE WEEK OF JULY 11 through 17, we are wishing happy birthday to Judy Naylor, Timmy Parrish, Jeff Merryman, Pam Hopkins, June Mawdsley, Wes Bartlett, Wilma Strayer, Betty Carlson, Arlene Gerdis, Ray Bilsborough, K. T. Specht, Joel Herbst, Cathy Straub, Tom Geelan, Jean Harris, R. J. Funk, Orla Burns, Jerry Rich, Mary Misbach, Larry Pratt, August Slagle, Richard Hutchins, Goldie Guderian, Becky Thoreson, James Stanton, Pat Kenyon, Virginia Hinken, Glenn Graham and Jeri Nielsen. I don't have a single wedding anniversary listed for this week! - o - ABOUT THE ONLY TOMATOE recipe I can think of right now is Nettie Etherington's Tomato Soup Mix for Canning. Its good for beefburgers, spaghetti and other dishes - there's more things calling for tomatoes than for any other ingredient. Z bunches celery, chopped 6 medium onions, chopped 1 peck tomatoes, washed and cut up 1/4 cup salt 1/2 cup butter 1/2 cup flour about 1/2 tsp. red pepper Boil celery, onions and tomatoes until tender and sieve. Add salt, butter, flour and red pepper, Boil together for 1/2 hour. Stir carefully because it sticks easily. Fill fruit jars with soup and process in boiling water bath for 30 minutes. GRACE Navy Man On LuVerne Visit Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Smith and two children have arrived in LuVerne to spend part of his 30-day leave from the navy, where he is a yeoman, first class. They had spent 2 1/2 years on Okinawa, Mrs. Anne Smith is Jerry's mother, and her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Haack of Livermore. Jerry will be stationed in Chicago, attached to the ninth naval district Office of Naval Intelligence. Win Canadian Trip Mr. and Mrs, Ralph Bauer of Whittemore left Tuesday of last week on a trip they won to Montreal, Canada, and points of interest in that area. International Harvester sponsored the contest and trip, f Mr. and Mrs. Dean Andrews attended a family July 4 gathering at Crystal Lake. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Miller attended a family gathering at the Clark Miller home, Titonka, on the Fourth. wiiiiraiiniiiiitHiimniitHitiiiiiffliiiiiiiiiiinittiiiiiiiiiiiiimtiin Lone Rock By Mr*. A. A. Krueger niiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiHiiKiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiii Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schultz, Ottosen, called on Mrs. Maude Blanchard Sat. evening. Mrs. Maude Blanchard and Don Blanchard, visited her daughter Mr. & Mrs, John Sones Monday morning at Laurens where they moved to recently from Sioux Rapids. It also was a birthday surprise visit. Circles will meet this Thurs. July 15. The Ed Walsh family, Royal Oak, Mich., arrived Sunday at the home of her sister, Mrs, Milton Marlow and will also be with his father, Hugh Walsh and other relatives and friends for an extended visit. A. A. Kruegers received word Monday from Mr. F. J. Erickson at St. Augustine, Florida, that his wife, Lola, had died July 5 and burial was at St. Augustine. Mr. and Mrs. Erickson lived here 1927 to 1929 when he was a coach in the school. Kent Madison, 9, son of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Madison had the misfortune of breaking his right arm just above the wrist July 4 while playing at home on a sack swing. The John Cotton family, Spencer, were Sunday guests at the Willis Cotton home. Kay Geitzenauer has signed a contract to teach 2nd grade In the Alexander building of C.A.L. Community school district which consists of Coulter, Alexander and Lattimer, la. Mrs. Lorenz Geitzenauer entertained a few of Brian's friends Sat. in honor of his 12th birthday. Guests included Cynthia Blanchard, Joy Kraft, Judy Angus, Dennis Rodgers, Barry Priebe, Steve Cherland, Steve Newbrough, Dick Knoll andRom- aine Priebe. Traveling bingo was the afternoon entertainment. Mrs. Wilfred Radig entertained her 500 card club on Thurs. afternoon. Mrs. Ralph Bierstedt won high, Mrs. Arnie Behrends won low and Mrs. Dick O. Donnell won the travel prize. Gary Rath returned home Tues. from Cook, Minn, after about 2 weeks teaching in an Indian Bible school. Mrs. Milton Madison entertained Thurs. evening for a belated birthday party for Mrs. A. A. Krueger. Guests were Mrs. E. L. Lee, Mrs. Jess Blanchard, Mrs. Erick Seegebarth, Mrs. Harlan Blanchard, Mrs. Roger Jensen and Mrs. Kenneth Jackson. Mrs. Dale Earing, Shell Beach, Cal,, returned home Monday after spending a few days with her mother, Mrs. Amanda Pettit and family. Mrs. Ethel McChesney, Van Nuys, Calif., returned to her home Thursday after spending two months \v1thher mother, Mrs. Amanda Pettit and family. Mrs. Wilfred Radig entertained her birthday club Friday. Mrs. Wm. Sheer was a guest. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Householder, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Householder and Jodi, Phoenix, Ariz., Mrs. Ruth Jansen and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Person and Allan and Mr. and Mrs.Woodrow Pettit and Richard were last Sunday night dinner guests at the home of Everett Householder. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Householder and family, Fenton, were Sunday evening callers. Mrs. Lorraine Berkland, Cheryl, 16, and Dennis, 14, have moved their trailer house into town and she has set up a beauty shop in one of Jack Quinn's houses. Her children will be entering Sentral high school this fall. Many friends and relatives called at the Woodrow Pettit home June 29 inhonor of Mrs. Margaret Householder's 84th birthday. She lives at a rest home in Estherville, but was brought home for the day. Dinner guests were Mr. Thursday, July 15, 196S Algena, (red De* Moin«-11 REDUCED for our Annual July BLANKET SPREE HIGH-LOFT Permanap' Miracle Blend Blankets £44 BIG SIZE 72x90 INS. FLORAL PRINTS SOLID COLORS PLAIDS •EDUCED TO KKI/WVBV "^TH. $oftest/ mo$t luxurious blankets Imaginable . . . and they won't shed, pill or mat. They afford you cozy warmth without cumbersome weight. Wash them In your machine — they won't shrink and they're quick drying. The miracle blend of rayon/ nylon or rayon/acrylic makes all this possible. What a value for only $4.44 Alto THERMA-SPUN Beacon Blanket! 94% rayon/6% nylon with 6-in. all- nylon bindings. 72 x 90 inches. Thermal type, NEW! Tibewom Blankets by Chatham 5.98 to 9.99 FIBERWOVEN is tomorrow's dream come true today. This revolutionary process converts fiber directly to fabric. Makes blankets stronger, warmer, loftier, lovelierl "Caprice", "Sunrise", "Meteor", "Rose of Venus" - see them all I -REDUCED! Reg, 6.98 100% Acrylic Blankets The 100't virgin acrylic fabric means warmth without weight. They have Hi-Fluff Flexnap finish, 5-inch nylon bindings and they are hand washable. 72-90 inches for full or twin beds. »5 AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC BLANKETS Double bed size, Single control. $11.97 CU4HGE IT AND SAVE TOO AT S&L- and Mrs. Calvin Households rand Mr. and Mrs. Joe Householder and Jodi, Phoenix, Ariz., Mrs. Ruth Jansen and Lynn and Craig,« Lancaster, Calif., and Glenn Householder. Afternoon callers were Mrs. Harlan Blanchard and Jonathan, Mrs. Ralph Reidel, Rlngsted, Everett Householder, Mrs. John Person and Allan, Mrs. Gerald Householder, Vicki and Wendy, Mrs. Roy Jensen, Mrs. Mary Genrlch and Mrs. Jim Long. Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Priebe and family, Fair Oaks, Calif., left Sunday after a week's visit at the Wilfred Radig home and visiting other friends and rel- atives. The Wilfred Radigs and the Mervin Priebes attended a ball gamp at Minneapolis last Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Andy Peterson, Galva, visited Sunday at the home of her parents, the P. M. Christensons. Mrs. Peterson brought the dinner with her and it was in honor of her mother's birthday July 6. CATFISH Bobby Nicolaisen, 11, caught a 14-pound catfish with a crawdad while pole fishing in the Nicolaisen pond near the home of his parents northwest of Perry the end of June. GIANT 45-QT. WASTE > BASKET I BEST BUY! Regularly '7.75 Choose from 3 Colors Easy lo Wipe .Clean Unbreakable Piastre Starting Tomorrow! S-t-r-e-t-c-h lounger Sets Reduced 1 and 2-pc. stretch terry cloth and nylon sets reduced for a limited time only. 'Full cut for roominess. Machine washable. Nursery prints and solid colors. Fits 3 to 18 months. REDUCED for Limited Time Only. QUILTED 36 x 50 CRIB BLANKETS Dacron polyester — celacloud filled. White and colors $3.68 NYLON/RAYON CRIB BLANKETS 36 x 50. Soft and almost weightless. Assorted patterns $1.78 30 x 40 RECEIVING BLANKETS 100% cotton. Solids, stripes, prints 3 for $1.88 REG. $1 FITTED CRIB SHEETS White cotton muslin. Fits standard mattress 78c COMBED COTTON BABY SHIRTS Long or short sleeves. Diaper tabs. White. Sizes 1 to 4 2 for 88c REG. 25c TRAINING PANTS Double-thick cotton knit. Triple-thick crotch. Sizes 1 to 4 5 for 88c PLASTJC PANTS - REG. 29c EA. Sanitary, waterproof. Cushion leg. S-XL .. 4 for 88c COTTON FLANNELETTE DIAPERS Extra absorbent. 27 x 27 inches Dox. $2.28 COMBED COTTON POLO SHIRTS Button shoulder style. Patterns and solids. Sizes 1 to 3 2 for $1.18 REG. $1.19 PAJAMAS 2-pc. gripper closing. Printed plisse and wash 'n wear fabrics. Sizes 1-2-3 88c COTTON SUN SUITS Reg. $l. Wash 'n wear. 1 and 2-pc. styles. 1-4 ... WJc REG. $1.98 SUN SUITS 100',; cotton. Wash 'n wear. 1 and 2-pc. styles. Beautifully trimmed. Sizes 1-4 $1.48 REG. $1.98 INFANTS' DRESSES Pert and pretty. 100% cotton, wash 'n wear. 9 to 18 r months $1.68^ CHARGE IT and SAVE, too . . . gt S&i.

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