The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 15, 1965 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 15, 1965
Page 7
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The coin press has been devoting a lot of space in opposition to the Bible Bill, which would severely limit what you can and cannot do with a coin. I think the provision which would prohibit the use of coins as collateral for a bank loan has merit and this in itself would curtail the hoarding of current and relatively recent coinage. Most of the other provisions are unwarranted restrictions which would be difficult to enforce and of questionable legality. To give the treasury department the right to declare whether a coin is rare or not ignores the fact that the law of supply and demand determines that. To prohibit the sending of a U. S. coin abroad is petty and somewhat humiliating for a free people. To attempt to force citizens to quickly spend their coins lest they be accused of hoarding is downright silly. All coin banks designed to enable painless saving would have to be outlawed or coin hoarders would merely fill their homes with king size coin banks. Senator Bible is a Democrat from Nevada. If I lived in Nevada, I'd either vote Republican next election or stay at home. - o - New York City is hardly the place for a budget vacation but there is one attraction that is worthwhile and free. The Money Museum of the Chase Bank is located on the Avenue of the Americas entrance to Rockefeller Center. The material is organized and presented in such a manner as to be of interest to the general public, not Just the money collector. Here you will find some interesting replicas of the old mechanical banks which, in original form, bring fancy prices on the antique market. Early forms of money are represented by such oddities as the woodpecker scalp used by the Karok Indians of California. The more red, the greater the ••/value. Alaska Indians had a form 'of copper plate money which was valued by the amount of goods bid for it. This in essence is a primative form of current commodity money. - o - Most of the visitors spent some time admiring the full display of small bills series 1934 with values from $1 to $10,000. These .were for real, too - no "specimen" perforations. Several examples were shown of Bureau printing errors including a $10 bill with a $1 reverse. This surprised me as I didn't know that the Bureau made this type of error. Most such split bills are privately produced for illegal personal gain. One window was devoted to the locally sponsored depression scrip of the 1930's. One specimen was 11 by 28 inches with 62 endorsements, value upon redemption, $1. The idea behind these private notes was that each recipient would spend the bill for some good or service within 48 hours. Endorsement was usually by a two or three cent coupon purchased from the town. The funds received from the sale of the coupons were used to redeem the note after the last endorsement. - o - In the check department, they had mounted side by side a check for 1/2 cent and for$225,000,000 both on the Chase Bank. I don't know how they managed to pay the half cent one as it was written some years after the 1/2 cent coin" had ceased to be minted. And then there was the $7500 1st prize welding check in steel which was cancelled by a sub machine gun. For something different, how about the display of checks and drafts signed by each of the presidents, tho not necessarily while in office. All were represented and the autograph value would be considerable. - o - The Chase Bank believes in being up-to-date. In the frame showing samples of currency used by UN members, the note for Indonesia had been removed. I did feel here that some of the specimens could be improved upon. For the literary minded, the Bank presents a display of coins mentioned in Shakespeare, including some of his goofs such as placing a Dutch coin in ancient Athens and non-existent dollars iu Scotland, The Bard likety did not collect. The full range of U. S. coinage was well represented, tho some of the mounts were rather cloudy and there was an excellent showing of foreign coinage thru the years as well. Considering the cost of the guards, the rental expense and the exhibit itself, the Chase Bank has been most generous to the visitor. It is too bad that this spirit doesn't rub off a bit. - o - In answer to questions that have come up, I am happy to appraise without charge material in the fields of stamps, coins and currency. I am not qualified in other fields. I generally do not offer to buy material that I appraise due to the obvious conflict of Interest. An appraisal is a median value that might be expected from a dealer. My own needs and Interests would not necessarily correspond to this figure, St. Joe KC's Install New Grand Knight ST. JOE - Knights of Columbus held installation of officers Wednesday evening, July 7, with District Deputy Harley Hutchinson, Bancroft, installing officer. Millord Plathe was elected Grand Knight, succeeding John R. Capesius, who has served the past two years. Other officers are Bernard Streit, deputy grand knight; Peter C. Reding, chancellor, E. M. Gales, recorder, Joe Sinnwell, financial secretary, Frances Bormann, general program chairman, Mark Thilges, inside guard, Joel Reding, outside guard, trustees are Raymond Kohlhaas, Francis Erpelding and John R. Capesius. The annual C. D. A. and K. of C. family picnic will be held July 18 on the parish grpunday with the following committee in '• charge: Mr. and Mrs. Art Kohlhaas, Mr. and Mrs. Delmer Plathe, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Reding, Mr. and Mrs. John R. Capesius, Agnes Berte.Mrs.Ted Hilbert, Milford Plathe, Tom Bormann and Bernard Streit. * * * Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hilbert and family moved to Dakota City after a stay here with the parental John Hilberts since returning from Denver, Colo, this spring. Dennis is employed in Fort Dodge. Florence McGuire and Virginia Thul spent several days last week with Sister M. Adeline at Dubuque. The latter is a sister of Florence McGuire, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. M. T. McGuire. Mrs. Anna Eischen and Mrs. Nick Eischen, St. Benedict, were visitors Tuesday in the home of their sisters, Mrs. Anton Becker and Mrs. John Thul. Mrs. Ed Bormann entertained the R-Nu 500 club Thursday, with Mrs. Adeline Wagner, Mrs. Peter Kirsch and Mrs. Orville Wagner receiving prizes. Mrs. Ralph Reding entertains the club July 29. Mrs. E. J. Gales entertained her 500 club Thursday with Mrs. Alphons Berte, Margaret Reidmiller and Mrs. John B. Reding receiving prizes. Mrs. Joe Sinn- well entertains the club July 15. Mr. and Mrs. Tom McKeown and family, Frontenac, Minn., spent the July 4 weekend here with friends. The McKeowns formerly lived here. Diane Reding, Sandy Wagner, Judy Kollasch and Jackie McKeown accompanied Betty Wagner and Danny Gidley to Colorado Springs, Colo. Monday where they plan to spend several weeks. Betty Wagner spent the weekend here with her mother, Mrs. Adeline Wagner and family and other relatives and friends. Danny Gidley was a guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Reding and family. Ruth Kellner and friend from Cedar Rapids spent the weekend here in the home of her parents, Mr, and Mrs. Cyril Kellner and family. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kayser and family, Council Bluffs, were July 4 visitors with relatives and friends. Richard Becker, 15- month old son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Becker, nephew of the Kaysers, accompanied them home for the summer months. Ronald and Donna Becker, children of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Becker, accompanied their aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Deardoff and family, to Royal Sunday for a two week's vacation. The twins, Michael Joel Reding and Patricia Ann Reding, born June 27 to Mr. and Mrs. Joel Reding, were baptized Sunday in St. Joseph's church by Rev. Leo C. Schumacher. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Reding, St. Joe, paternal grandparents, were sponsors for Michael Joel and Mr. and Mrs. Clem McEvoy, Algoha maternal grandparents, were sponsors for Patricia Ann. Friends from here attended funeral services Wednesday for Mrs. AnnaWaba, 73,atEmmets- burt with Rev. C. E. Farrelly officiating. Burial^was at St. John's "cemetery^ Emmetsburg. Survivors are two nephews, Ed and Francis Schneider, Emmetsburg. Mrs. Waba's husband, Martin, preceded her in death. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Waba were well-known here having lived here in the community before moving to the Cylinder area. In 1958 they retired from the farm and moved to Emmetsburg. % Masonic Honor At an open meeting of Prudence Lodge No. 205, Masonic Order, Thursday evening, July 15, special recognition and presentation of a 50-year membership pin will be given Max Miller of Algona. Masons and their ladies are invited, and a lunch and social hour will follow. SAFETY DESIGNED GEHL FORAGE BOX Put an extra touch of safety in the many crop hauling and handling jobs on your farm. Go with the safest box built . . . the Gehl Self-Unloading Forage Box. Safety bar or side lever stop all unloading action with just a touch . . . help prevent accidents. Bar extends across the entire front of the box, within easy reach. The handy side lever lets you stop the box when you're standing near the blower. This feature is standard on all Gehl boxes. Rugged Gehl construction gives years of safe crop hauling and handling.. Choice of sizes. Pick the length, width and side height to fit your needs. Two rear-unloading options. Low-cost bale unloader or silage unloader for heavier materials- Come on in and see the rugged, safer Gehl Forage Box in action. GEHL Make ue Prove it *rth a Demonstration i JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT Algena (la.) Uppftr Dei MolnM-7 Thursday, July 15, 1965 NOTICE OF BOND SALE Sealed bids will be received at the office of the Town Clerk of Wesley, Iowa, until "7:30 o'clock p. m., C. D. S. T. on the 26th day of July, 1965, for the bonds hereinafter described. At the hour above named all sealed bids which have been received will be referred to the Town Council at a meeting then to be held in the Council Chambers of the Town Hall, After the receipt of such sealed bids, If any, open bids will be received, and after the close of open bidding, the sealed bids will be opened, and the bonds will then be sold to the highest bidder for cash. The bonds to be offered are the following: WATER REVENUE BONDS, in the principal amount of $26,000.00, TO BE DATED JULY 1, 1965, in the denomination of $1,000.00 each and maturing as follows: $2,000.00 on November 1, 1966 $2,000.00 on November 1, 1967 $2,000.00 on November 1, 1968 $2,000.00 on November 1, 1969 $2,000.00 on November 1, 1970 $2,000.00 on November 1, 1971 $2,000.00 on November 1, 1972 $2,000.00 on November 1, 1973 $2,000.00 on November 1, 1974 $2,000.00 on November 1, 1975 $3,000.00 on November 1,1976 $3,000.00 on November 1,1977 Interest on said bonds will be payable on November 1, 1965, and semlannually thereafter. Principal and Interest will be payable at the office of the Town Treasurer of Wesley, Iowa. These bonds are not general obligations of the Town but are payable solely and only out of the future earnings of the Municipal Waterworks Plant and System of the Town of Wesley, Iowa. The obligations of the bonds will constitute a lien on the improvements. for which said bonds are issued to pay, and will also constitute a first Hen on the net earnings of the Municipal Waterworks Plant and System of the Town of Wesley, Iowa. Bids for the above mentioned bonds shall specify the rate or rates of interest, and all other things being equal, the bid at par and accrued interest and bid for the lowest Interest rate will be given preference. The bonds will be awarded to the bidder offering the lowest Interest cost, which will be determined by aggregating the interest payable by the Municipality over the life of the bonds In accordance with the terms of each bid presented, and deducting therefrom the premium, If any, stipulated in said proposal. The rates, not to exceed four (4) In number, bid for such Issue must be In multiples of one-eighth (l/8th) or one-tenth (1/lOth) of one (1) percent, and all bonds of the issue maturing on the same date must bear Interest at the same rate. No bond shall bear more than one Interest rate. No bid calling for supplemental coupons, will be accepted. Said bonds will be sold subject to the approving opinion of Bannister, Carpenter, Ahlers & Cooney, Attorneysof Des Molnes, Iowa, as to the legality, and their opinion will be furnished, together with the printed bonds, and all bids will be so conditioned. The right Is reserved to reject any or all bids. By order of the Town Council. D. L. Klein Town Clerk (52-53) Old Settlers Picnic The Grant Twp. Old Settlers Picnic will be held Sunday, July 25, at the Grant school grounds. It Is hoped that attendance record of 283 set In 1942 can be bettered this year. In Iowa, after a day's fishing beer's the one... for good taste, good fun Wherever you fish for sport —on the ocean, by the booming surf, or on some quiet country pond, it's great at the end of the clay to head for a rewarding glass of beer. While you're talking over the ones that got away, or pan-frying the ones that didn't, you enjoy the hearty taste and cool refreshment only a glass of beer can give you so well. Yes, whatever your sport—bowling or strolling, golfing or gardening—a frosty glass of beer makes a naturally great accompaniment. UNITED STATES BREWERS ASSOCIATION, INC. P.O. BOX 159, OSCtOLA. IOWA PUBLIC AUCTION Sale of CCC Storage Bins Wednesday, July 21 LUVERNE: Bin Site, 8:30 a.m. ALGONA: Bin Site, 10:00 a.m. HOBARTON: Bin Site, 11:00 a.m. LONE ROCK: Bin Site, 1:30 p.m. BURT: Bin Site, 2:30 p.m. LAKOTA: Bin Site, 4:00 p.m. NO. MANU. 6 Butler 1 Butler 3 Butler 3 Martin 4 Columbian 13 Butler 2 Beatrice 4 Sioux 9 Butler 2 Butler 3 Columbian 1 Butler 19 Butler 4 Martin 14 Butler CAPACITY TYPE FOUNDATION 2,175 Steel Steel 2,740 Steel Steel 3,276 Alum. Steel 3,350 Steel Block 3,240 Alum. Steel 2,740 Steel Block 3,250 Alum. Steel LOCATION Northeast edge of town, south side of road ,, ,, Farmers Service Center, Inc. 2,140 Steel 2,175 Steel 2,740 Steel 2,170 Steel Steel Block Ealt of Elevator Block " Block " 2,175 Steel Steel 2,740 Steel Steel 3,350 Steel Steel 2,175 Steel Block $° u * n °f Elevator Eait of Elevator of Elevator Inspection: The grain bint may be inspected at all sites on July 20, 1965, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Purchaser's Certification: Each purchaser of a bin will be required to execute a certificate that the bin will be used in connection with the handling or storage of agricultural commodities. Terms: Cash on day of sale for all sales of $100 or less. A deposit of $100 will be required on each bin. On all sales over that amount, the balance is to be paid in cash within ten (IP) days of date of sale, or the balance may be financed under the Farm Storage Facility Loan Program, providing the prospective purchaser meets eligibility requirements under the program. Information regarding eligibility under the Form Storage Facility Loan Program may be obtained from the local county office. Prospective purchasers should establish their eligibility ot the county office prior to the sale. Removal of Property: Bins must be removed from the bin site within thirty days from the dote of the sale unless otherwise agreed to by the County Committee. If the purchaser refuses or fails to dismantle and remove the structure(s) within the time specified herein, or any written extension ot such time, CCC may dismantle and remove the structure from the bin site, and the P"«haser shall be liable for oil damages suffered by CCC os the result of failure to perform, including the costs incurred in the dismantling and removal of the structure(s) by CCC and the storage of such structure(s) by CCC and the storage of such structured) for the account ot the purchaser. Title and Risk of Loss: Title to the grain bins shall vest in the purchaser when payment is made. After passage of title, risk of loss or destruction from any cause whatsoever shall be borne by the purchaser. Bids: Commodity Credit Corporation reserves the right to reject any or all offers. Tax: Purchasers of bins must make payment of the State Use Tax to the State Tax Commission, Division of Retail Soles and Use Tax, State Office Building, Des Moines, Iowa. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS BIN MOVERS INDICATE THEY WILL BE PRSENT ALGONA *.«s*J Additional information concerning this sale may be obtained by contacting QUINN & YUNGEBERG, Auctioneers. Curtis P. Haahr Office Manager Kossuth County ASCS Office Phone 295-3576, Algona COUNTY ASCS OFFICE PERSONNEL, Algona, Clerk.

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