Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 2, 1894 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 2, 1894
Page 6
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How frequently, my once fair sinter, the ahovo remark has been dropped about you, whose complexion was once the pride ot you? ^ fearful hav c which the Ravages of Timo have wrought with COMPLEXIONS FAIU AND BEAUTY RARE, • but you will iin.l thorn nt cvory step .^wii tlio path oi !it\., :uul their number kccpf -- '-.Si.n aciru. no l . . ,.;,,,;,, n i n r u,r- far-l oxotiso t»r y,.nr i-m.iMiici.:— alir.oM. o ummal— o. the. lac tSinouc-iSiui.niios.tlM.s,. tuii, b!ei,ii.<l>i* whioh lullow 1,1 the train .-I vu.;' " v -a,^, i-im be removed .m,l you,- (.,,,,,,10x101, ivsjnred ,o Us prwtme soft S ami Tsuri.eis, by Uit- use oi that most 1 ,u- :w i.ix ami l.whns <-» ^' lotions for the ikiu — Empress Josephine Face Bleach. .- It mnkes the roughest skin like velvet, (Irav.-ii^'Oia tin- impurities from honoath She sur'iii'ce, and k-:ivintf tlm - skin • S(llt ' :uu ' lai; 'The most obstinate Freckles will be removed by the conscientious use Of three bottles ; the most torturing Eczema will be permanently cured by the use of two bottles; Pimples, Acne, Blackheads, Ian, MM-.burn. Moth Patches, and Brown Spots, by the use of trom one to r.vu bottles. K C ml^n. :!•>! ^ir^t St.; '.:. !•'. K, e Dm-.; rilorc ii-i I'.rumlw.-iy. _ V'"?'^----^~3© - *••»'—- — /• M'.V>-^«;-^w> :X.';-r. '•if?*'*? i-^-^yj - r J S.&V^?j&& AFTER. BEFORE. J have taken the n K enoy forth,HERO SHEEP PROTECTOR, and have • full stock of the poods lit sight. The*e proteotors uro guaranteed to give protnotiou to the sheep as ugalust dogs. We have received our Seeds for the Season of 1894, ana have them ready to supply our customers on demand. We handle ..nothing but LANDRETH'S SEEDS and as all I of our old stock has been burnt, our custorn- •;ers may rest assured that they will get fresh, • clean goods. We have a full variety of Garden and Field Seeds also Flower Seeds. We have also a full line of Harness and Carriage Goods, and a full line of Turf and Sporting Goods. In fact we have everything that goes with a horse and carriage. Don t forgef the old place, 424 BROADWAY Geo. Harrison, The Best Slioc CAUTION.—If any dealol oCV'rri you W. I. BhucB »t » ri-duccd «r »ay» ho linn t Loin witlf out tlio niluio ttnmped n tho bottom, ]int him uu a fr»a<L FOR GENTLEMEN^ S5, S4 and S3.5O Dress Shoo. 83.5O Police Shoe, 3 Sole», , S2forWorkingmen, S2 and ©1.75 for Boys. LADIES AND MISSES, S3, S2.5O S2, $1.75 CUKES DOGS' ILLS. A Cantno Specialist Writes of Sur- Operations on Does. IU I nOlirLAS Shoes arc slvllsh, easy fitting, nnd give belt .^cti^t^^^iscd th.n -n^rmakc. ^^'{^Jfc [need* J. .ic ^stiitnpin^, oc * • .-^ , „ nnnuiMv to those "svbo vear tficm^ aflrantCCS tncil* vnlltCt saves i. • * • 4 ___•_ * A i-nnfc ii/hirh hnlns Vrt I b*low. Catnloeue free uyon uppllcatioa. W. J J. B. WINTERS. Mail. GIVES RELIEF IMMEDIATELY— ft. JS"3 Cu tQ fof all Diseases of the Heart, Kidneys, Liver and Blood. It has no rival and is found in every home. For sale by W, H. PORTER. >r the BEST W ALKING SHOE for $1.25 see 6c RfUJGH .Milllnnalrrai Six-nit MIP Monoy— rMiInc About tlm Jiln iif J)«>2 IcHli wltli Menllim «' » Fn- moua VagH' Ccnujlorj-. 420 Broadway. [COPY Hit: f!T. !S;i| 1 Canine specialist is Uu- term used to designate the veterinary practitioner wlKMlevotcs himself exclusively to Hie ailments of dogs, and to such a development lias the profession boon advanced that one,of tho main objects of the veterinary association lately orgnn- ixocl in New York city is for the suppression of unqualified, ignorant, persons from undertaking to cure dogs of disease. The canine specialist who i.s successful can earn as much as a physician i" good practice—i" sumo-cases his foes oxcei'ding those; of doctors hi human practice.' For instance, it was nothing out of tho way when, during the life "C the late .1. 1C. Kmim-tl, I was paid uvo hundred and fifty dollars for performing two opera linns on his St. lieriiiird dog 1'iinliir.inon— the uog that cost the acUir live thousand dollars :n cash. It would surprise thoso who have paid no attention to the Mibjeo.t I'' 1 IH: informed of the ox-tent of the practice of tho Tow ca- nim- specialist.-* (Ihoro aro but three in Xt-w York). A large number <•!' my oHeiits are promiiii-nt ladies :n fash- iona'iili' life, who valno their pots' lives nearly rmially "'it! 1 , those nf human bi-ii!;fs ai:d lire quite willing to pay liberally to have them kept ill health. The prevailing fashions in ladies' dugs im-ludo tho King Charles. Japanese, Ruby, Prince Charle.s and liletihoim spaniels, though many affect the KiviK'.h poodle. i)o;js:iro subject to about tho same complaints as the human family, and though disease in the way of pulmonary troubles, etc., has frequently boon known to bo transmitted from the human to tho lower animal, there have but two cases come under my observation, where humans contracted disease from do;^. Thc^J two cases were of a true parasitic character known as mango in tho dog or itch in the human, both cases occurring where tho pets were permitted to .sleep in the same bod with their mistresses. Among the prominent owners of dogs is Mr. ,T. 1'ierpout Morgan, whose kennel of cuilins is making a worldwide reputation.. In addition to the collies he lias a number of other varieties of dogs, among which is the English bob tailed sheepdog, recently purchased of the Itempstead Farm kennels. The animal is a novelty in the dog lino, there being probably but six specimens in tlic whole country. Tho dog has won prizes wherever exhibited by Mr. 5I=.yga=. I The E ravo of tho duko oi Cambridge's no? "Prince." Z, 1 General views, of tlic < cemetery. One of thu most common diseases of tho doff is distemper. As canine pathology has becu given more attention in the past few years than formerly, wo have cow become quite familiar with the nature of the discus? and the remedies indicated; consequently the loss \>y death is comparatively small when proper treatment and attention arc given. Yet very few dogs pass throuph life without having 1 it at some period. JIanpe is another frequent canine complaint. The word rpang-e applied to the dog- is equivalent to itch as used^ of human beings. Worms, without^ doubt, cause the death in various ways of more puppies than other diseases, ; from the fact that they may be destroying 1 life when their presence is not suspected, except to those who are quite familiar with the symptoms. There are a number of varieties of the tape worm to which the dog is subject. So much then for the reason of tho present development of canine pathology. Nor should it bo thought that it is only the valuable dog's which receive treatment, Large sums are spent for advice regarding 1 animals valued for association's sake. In the case of high priced dogs, medical advice is in the nature of insurance on the investment. In this connection, I think tSe nwit costly Aog I ever treated! ii>»Slr Edewed," imported wm« sixty-five hundred dollars, in-lunt un acute . attiicl: of (jiistrilis. but I succeeded in briiijifiTi;,' him s;tfi>ly Uironffh it. lie is umloubicilly the highest priced of Jiviiif; dogs.. In this country we ha.vo nut, carried our canino cult to the nxtont of having a cemetery for dogs, although in lung- land there is such an institution. It j is situated in Hyde J'urlc not far from j llayswatcr IIoinl. Tlio gvavus of thirty-nine d6gs make up tliis eoni<;- terv, of wliich thirty-three have tombstones over them, mostly marble.. In most cases women are the nwncrs of tlio dog's and the epitaphs have been prepared with tho intention of being touching 1 . There is a grave digger connected with the place, and it is all respects conducted like an orthodox burial ground. One of its most noteworthy graves is tl'.ut of a dog which in its lifetime belonged to the duke of Caiu- i bridge. The grave is doeoratcd with | ; (lowers in summer and all the graves ! 1 about are decorated at intervals. i lint, as 1 have said, in this country i there is no such institution as a dogs' j cemetery. When the more celebrated aninials'die they are either stuped or skolotonix-ud or put down in tiie ground i with no memorial of any kind. No doubt it is deemed snfilcient to pay their dnetor's bills while they live ' without wasting money in the shape of 1 a tombstone. Stiil, it' a dng savoh some I valuable life at the risk of hisown, as 1 wo hear now and then, a monument . iimv be warrantable. II. Cr.,\v CI.OVKI:. Voti-rir.arian to the Westminster Konnel chili. CHAMELEON COLORS. The Ch:nigenl)l<'n<!S>4 In A])|io»ruuuo of tho Little Llz:ird. Every schoolboy knows, and manj- have declaimed, James Merriek's famous little poem, "The Chameleon," iu which two men quarrel about a lizard's color, one declaring it green, the Other blue. They are represented as referring the matter to the arbitration of a third man, who promptly pronounces the creature to be black, and 5n proof thereof produces a specimen which he had captured tho night before. But to the amazement of all three tho elusive reptile, when actually set before them, is neither green, blue nor black, but white! Since tho hundreds of chameleons sold at the world's fair have rno.dc the pretty little lizard a not uncommon pet in many states of the Union, very different reports of him are given by proud or puzzled owners. Some are disappointed. One boy, fastening 1 his faith to the poem just mentioned, declared that he must have been cheated, and his uuameleon was not a chameleon at all, but "just a common lizard," for though it certainly did change color it did not change to the colors he exoected. It was often green';"but never drther blue, black, or white, though ho had given it every opportunity, even incurring 1 the wrath of the household by letting it rim over the blue silk evening dress of his sister, and his mothers best black velvet bonnet, in the hope of seeing it change its line to match, which it ignominously failed to do. Other owners complain that their pots will not eat; that.they become limp and lazy during the winter; that they look miserable when chained, and are off like a flash when loosed; that they vanish mysteriously on beinjr set free, and can never bo found again. ":. This last accusation is frequently •true, but is more likely to be the fault ,'o£ the family cat than the chameleon, .i'o,r puss kaqws enough to prefer a tco- 13«r lizard to a tough rat when she can get him. As to color, owners must not trust too implicity to the accuracy of the poets. The American chameleon's changes run from whitish drab through bronze, brown, pinkish gray, dull green, olive and dull yellow to the most exquisitely vivid golden green; they do not include blue or black. Merrick's chameleo"n, however, was not American but Arabian, and the recently publlihed journal of tho travr el« of the artilt, Marianne North, hare a passage which confirm* the poulbilityj of hi* blMkjjaaraeleon if not of which sea-voynge died at A thcnsaml re'ocivea the ehis.sie honor of burial in the Acropi.K is, shi 1 wrote: "While atsea 1 used to catch ilies for it. At the sight of one it would open its mouth very wide ami very slowly take it in. After :i sntlicicnl while 1 offered another, and ugniu it opened its mouth slowly anil wide, when the first ily would walk out again. It was too limp and depressed to swallow its food, poor tiling, and died of starvation diet: but it had not lo»ttlio powur of changing its color—black :is coal on the dirty lloor, straw color iu its bas- kot. "—Yon th 1 s Com pa n inn. RESEMBLANCE TO NOTED MEN. A Natural Cilft WJio>«! Cnlt.lv:tl inn IK Llkl'ly to 1'rovo Somowlmt. Kxpt'nMvu. A'most every family lias a member who boasts of a resemblance to some celebrity and cultivates it must assiduously by copying the peculiarities of dress or manner of the statesman, warrior or preacher whom he is supposed to look like. Twenty years ago there were hundreds of men at large in the country who, to use-a current expression, "traveled on their resemblance to" Henry Ward Jleeeher. This was by no means a Oilllcult '..hing to do, and as a general thing it was only necessary fiu 1 a man to shave his face ele;m, let his hair grow long, ami put on a slouch hat und long frock ouat to h:i,ve his aequaintanue.s discus-, in his pres( nee tiu.'<-Xtra.ordina ry resemblance which lie bore to th,! Brooklyn pastor. There are ;L few men, crivion of all the::' fellows, who bear some resemblance to the ,';'roa^ Napoleon, and .several thousand more whoeiiher try to look like the. Corsican warrior or else wish '.hey did, :i.ml, prior to Sedan, an immense number uf Frenchmen made themselves up in imitation of Louis Napoleon. As a general tiling it costs a man a great, deal of money to look like anyone as great as Napoleon or as distinguished as the I'rinee of Wales, because, a resemblance of this sort is sure to produce vanity, and that weakness makes its possessor a willing prey to the great army of thirsty snd impecunious genials who arc always ready tu proiit by it l>ut once in a while a chance resemblance becomes a source of revenue, as in tho case of the woman who has been engaged to assume the role of Queen Victoria in tlio Ijaruum show. The advertisement for some one to fill this part brought to light hundreds of women who look more or loss like the English queen, and from among them one was selected who might easily pass as her twin sister. Among the applicants were several of the cranks who bob up now and then and contrive to secure a little notoriety by claiming relationship to the royal family, but the place was given to a woman who made no such pretensions.— N. Y. Sun. Tho Drc.tsnmkcr'B Apron. Dressmakers and milliners while at work must wuar aprons to protect their dress, to keep the materials clean that they are using, and to give them a tidy appearance when interrupted by a customer. While aprons of cambric, lawn or nainsook, and made of a cen- tor front and two gored side pieces reaching nearly to the foot of the skirl, are usually worn for this purpose. Such anvons need only a deep hem, though clusters of lucks and bands of inserting lire never out of plac;: as trimming. The belt and wide strings are of the material ami =. larga pocket on either aif'e i.s :in absolute necessity. Tlie waitiess' apron is often bought ready niailu fur this use and large pockets addud.--Ladies' Home .fourcaL ANIMAL EXTRACTS. wiKi'AHKu Aceonnixo TO TDK FORMULAS OF DR. WILLIAM A. HAMMOND, A.N'l) L'NllKIl HIS SLTKHVISKni. TKST1NE. In exhaustive sir.tfs or the nervous system, resnlttni: from oxei'sslvp mental work;emotlonal ex- cl;cim-i>t or other causes capable of :tws>>n!nR the fora>H n d i-nJuianco of the several orpins ot tlm body; depression of spirits, melancholia, ami certain tvpcji of Insanity,'in c-'^t'S of muscular weakness, or of KeniTiil debility; neurasthenia, and all Irrtlnbln stiiios of thn brain, BP:II cord or nervous system (tennriillj: In nervous-and coiiRiwllvn Iioiiiliiciio; In nfiir;ilgla and In IHTVOUS dj-spepsln: In weak states of tho ucnpriillve system—In all of the above nuiiipd conditions, Tcstlnc will bo foun J or the ureatest siirvla 1 . Dose, FIro Drops. Print (2 drachm*). *i.5«- Whore loail drnunlsts aro not siipnlloil wlth t' 1 * Hammond Animal Kxtrnctfl. th.->' will l«> mal i>d, tot-iIthiT with iill«xlstliii!lltoriiturBOii the sub. ]uct, on receipt or pries, by T1IK COLUMBIA CIIKMICAI, COMI'AM, Afient ror LosadSiiort, B«n Fisher. JOSEPH GILLOTTS STEEL PENS NOS. 303-4O4.-I7O-6O4, /(nrf ofAcr siji^s to salt all hands. TEE MOST 2EBFECT OP PENS. "MOTHERS* FRIEND 59 MAKES CHilB BIRTH EASY. Colvln, La., Dec. ". iSSC.— My Trills use MOTHER'S FRIEND beforo .aer third confinement, and Riys sbe wouid not bo without it for hundreds of dollars. DOCK SULLS. j. Sent by express on receipt <-f j::icp. ?!.50 ix:r !>». •St. Book " To Mothers " in- 1 :!ed fi W. 1 BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO., For divlo byBan"Fisher, druggist i FACIAL BLEMISHES 1 will remove. Freckle* LOLA MOSTEZ CREAM and fi 2G T!is pronl Skill food and issue linililcr, will make you lit'JllHilul. -t-i^:kd thisad. lor ubox of skin food iu-c nov.-dor. 1'roc. l-'roo. Free. MRS. NETTIE HARRISON Amcricii s Jk'iituy Jioctor, Unnry Mri'Ptt San KranclocOi Cal. ;;ul Klui !~t. Ciiicimiaii, Oliio. rUuou* liulr pcmauenUy removed. VITAL TO MANHOOD. •Or. E. c. \VKST.S M:I;\';-: AND i:i;.\;x TJSEAT- Ml'.NT, n sprcilio fnr .l\>tf r:n. D:/./.-.IK---, Fit--. .Vf-u- i.!lKl:i, JJcililnclli', .Vi-rvons I'ro-tnill.ni ruu'Pil .by iili-iili.>l or U'lwcci>, Walii'tulrw 1 -. Mi-.-iliil r>c.|m--lon, Siif!i-ll!!ii.' 'if llralu, onu-iai; iLKiuity, Miner}-, ili-cay. lii-iitli, prfiMluro Old At'O, Jiarri'iini'"", Lo-s ul J'oKiT in i-ithiT M'x, Impnli'Ui'y, J-cucorrlio™ .11111111) FwniDo W<'.1lilic«M>.-i, luvnluninry Ixi^i's, Spurmu- lori-lniMi oiKscd by ovor-oii-rtinr, or brnm, ball- u\iafi>. oviii^Iiiilnlci-aco. A month's tre:iimunt.fl, fi ftir ?. r i, by mull. With onch on'.ur lore boxes, with W will *'Ui! written cusriinloe to refund if not cured fi«iirimli.i"«lK f -ci:(ll)jnai-nt. WEST'S J.1VEK PILLS i:uri'« Sick Hi'iicljichiN Uiiioura,--, Jjvcr Complaint, SourSlomuch, Py&ncpM.-i imd Coubllpulioii. GUARANTEES Issued only by W, U. POilTJSB, Drngglst, K!3 Market St., Lo- "nnsport, Ind. LADIES DO SOD KNOW DH. FELIX LE BRUN'S STEEL Pfl) PEPY WL PILLS urn the original and only FRENCH, sate end re- linblocnro on the market. Price $1.00; sent br vcail. Ganuiijo sold onJy by W. H. P01TK3, Druggist, 326 Markst St.. gansport, Ind. LO PILES ITCHING PILES SWATHE'S- OINTMENT and vlRor «nlck% rcbturfO.Varlcoccle nl ^l,i]v rmlcMoni ntrtiiiliv etc.. suri'lv cnrod by 1M>AI*O. tbt- zrc«l HimCl'icim-dy. Wllli»rlt.«K~™».u>«M* bold bj 11£S K1811EK,Uriig*Ut,LoKan,(j>ort.lii(!liui«. Annsrei>al)ic Lnxativonnd XKKVIi '1'OMC. Sold b>- Driifrnistsor scut, by nmi'. ^ r x;.,oOC., und si-00 pur nactaiKC. Samples free H r < 1 4 TWft Tbo Fnvoriic ICOTH TOTOJ2 |3L?.I B6.U forllicIVotliaadBreath. Ko, ifor dale br B. F. Ksesllng. FOR CTS. , »c will «cnd Envelope, WIHTD, FLESH or BUUXETTE (OZZONI S OWDER. Ton have seen it advertised for TO»nr vcars, but have you ever triea lVi~*J not,—. vou do not know what ul lao»I Complexion INtwdcr In. POZZONI'S benldra bolna nn ncknowlodftoil bwiutlflcr, has jmmy rof rcsblnK uses. 11 prevents clmf- InK^un-burn.Klna-tAii.li'K'cnBporaj.lnitlon, cM.;infnclltl»n>m»td<!ncnWluid*»lrnbl<> protection lo tlio face durliw Uot.woiUJior. It !• Sold Even-where. r For niunplo, address . I,J. A. POZZONI CO. St. Loul«. Mjfrl I-. .hifrrrflMrnm nl! <-'^-^ '-- m ' i,ui.ii-cMi.-i «• : i n :'i::!,:;' ; >.l,lj «ll-l " _ CUAKER MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. ST. PAUL, MINIL For sale ID Lo^aoaport by BEM FISHER, Druggist LOST MANHOOD RESTORED ».*c™ (MAN U»IB AMD AMM VMM.

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