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Waterloo Region Record from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada • 15

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
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Kitchener Waterloo Saturday 6 am to 2 pm Kitchener Market City editor rank Etherington '894 2231 ext 608 Kitchener Waterloo Record Wednesday eb 9 1994 Jjy? I I Local News digest Police seek clues Taxes in 3 cities among lowest in study group in beating of senior Waterloo regional police still need1 the assistance in finding a van that was seen in the area where a 79 year old Kitchener woman was severely beaten Satur day night in her senior apartment building Rosa Gabriel was struck on the head several times by a man armed with a butcher type kitchen knife" who had threatened to kill her if she hand over her money Gabriel was able to escape and her attacker who she bit on the hand during a struggle fled with no money The incident occurred at St Place at 181 Courtland Ave Staff Sgt George Schiestel head of the homicide branch said the only lead detectives have in the which police are treating as an attempted murder is the description of a van seen parked nearby at the Gospel Centre 184 Madison Ave on Saturday between 7:30 pm and 8 Two white males were seen get ting into the mid 1980s GM full size cargo van with small customized By Carol Goodwin Record staff Property taxes in Waterloo three cities last year were among the lowest in a survey that included 10 other southern Ontario cities a report to Waterloo city council says The City of Waterloo had the low est taxes in the survey The owner of a typical single family home with an assessment value of 56700 paid $1847 in property taxes in 1993 In Kitchener a homeowner with the same assessment value was charged $1971 while in Cam bridge it was $1932 The three municipalities have the lowest taxes compared to 10 other cities: Hamilton Oshawa Burlington Oakville Mississauga and the Metro Toronto municipali ties of the City of Toronto York North York Scarborough and Eto bicoke Mississauga was at the top of the list with a tax bill of $3051 and the City of Toronto was in the middle at $2268 All these municipalities are part of a two tier government whose taxes to property owners pay for regional services as well as school boards Even Guelph that is hot part of a two tier system is low on the scale averaging $1933 in property taxes During budget deliberations last December Waterloo councillors asked city staff to gather informa tion on how Waterloo property owners fared tax wise compared to other urban areas city treasurer Patricia Elliott Spencer said in an interview Staff obtained figures from the assessment office as well as neighboring cities and deliv ered the report during council meeting The report com pares different types of properties both residential and non residen tial and also compares how much taxes went up around the province or example tax bill went up $799 in 1993 a 4 per cent increase over 1992 The increase came from increases in regional and education taxes There was no increase in the city's own tax levy Elliott Spencer said In Kitchener the same bill went up $16 a 8 per cent increase went up only $5 for a3 per cent increase In Guelph the tax bill went up $4 a 2 per cent increase The other municipalities imposed increases ranging from $41 in Windsor to $132 in Missis sauga the report says However Elliott Spencer warned councillors that the information in the report should be used caution" because services can be paid either through taxes or user fees and policies vary from city to city Elliott Spencer also said that this year development charges are higher than in most municipalities: $5080 for a single family home and $19 per square metre for a non residential prop erty The developer is charged the fee for such services as roads water and sewer pipes In Kitch ener $4814 for a house and only $9 per square metre for a non residential property Kitchener man to stand trial for Muskoka killing BRACEBRIDGE (Special) A jan has been ordered to stands rial for first degree mur der in the shooting death of a for mer Kitchener man in the Muskoka area nearly 14 years ago Wallace Delbert (Bert) McCaw 54 of Hillview Street was commit ted for trial Tuesday after a two day preliminary hearing in provincial court in Bracebridge into the 1980 murder of Ralph Albert (Duke) Kuhn then 41 Assistant Crown attorney red Graham of Barrie said the trial will likely be held later this year in Bracebridge Kuhn was shot several times in the head in what police called a killing on April 21 1980 at his mobile home at Skeleton Lake near Bracebridge His wife Margaret was there at the time but she was not injured The murder charge laid against McCaw last September came out of a joint investigation between Ontario Provincial Police in Muskoka and Waterloo regional police detectives The OPP reopened their probe of death after Waterloo regional police began investigating the ebruary 1993 slaying of Dennis Weppler 48 whose body was found bound and gagged in a rented warehouse at 30 Howard Pl in Kitchener's Bridgeport area Wep pler had been shot in the head About a week before he was charged with murder McCaw was arrested by Waterloo regional police on seven charges ranging from a 1991 attempted murder to a 1983 extortion The attempted murder charge is in connection with a shot sired at a man in his 40s driving a car on Howard Place on April 14 1991 The extortion charge relates to an incident in the spring of 1983 on Conestoga Road in Waterloo in which two men in their 30s were beaten and threatened with a weapon Those charges also arose from the Weppler investigation police said at the time The Weppler investigation is ongoing and no charges have been laid Bracebridge is about 200 kilome tres northeast of Kitchener windows near the back and grey The term works fits here W1 White 87 and husband This question How to call us Touch tone: Call 894 2250 Rotary dial: Call 6515811 By Dianne Wood Record staff Snow slugs take warning Kitchener council has approved a proposal to double enforcement efforts against property owners who fail to shovel their sidewalks of snow within a day of a snowfall Beginning this week chronic vio lators of the city bylaw face prose cution by the city Under the bylaw people who fail to clear their walks of snow are given a reminder informing them of the bylaw If the sidewalk cleared within two to three days city crews can come and clear the snow charging the property owner for costs usually about $75 an hour we got he said As for staying together for 70 years that's just the way life unfolded just goes year by year You don't notice Adria said "Years ago when you were married you were supposed to be married If something happened you call it quits The way She said the couple hasn't faced any major crisis or sorrow in their many years together They live a simple and comfort able life Neither of them smoked or drank Jerome dabbled in a little gambling at one time but never lost much" he said Their pleasures continue to be simple today their family including two great great grandchildren and their frisky new cat Rudy who keeps them busy shooing him down from the kitchen table Their son Dalton comes home for lunch every day and buys their groceries Their second son Jerome died of cancer two years ago Adria uses a cane because of arthritis and Jerome is a diabetic not bad for his Adria says of her husband "If I just had his legs be Their son Dalton is proud of the mile stone his parents have reached in their life "How many people even live to be 70?" he says The couple proudly displayed two certificates they received for their 70th anniversary Touch tone: Call 894 2250 Press 7 then press 1 to listen to question Rotary Dial: Call 651 581 1 to listen to question State your opinion and indicate the community in which you live Hang up "One guy even jumped up on the running board screaming and yelling He was said Seifried "People are impatient and not very courteous" no place else for the snow to go workers point out "Don't forget when we go home after 12 work we have to shovel out our own driveways" points out foreman Tom oer ster irst priority on the routes up to 48 curv ing kilometres goes to the main roads Routes were re organized three years ago and the increased efficiency saved the city $128000 a year something road crews are proud of The work end when the storms are over It takes up to two weeks to clean up after a storm O'Rourke says Crews keep roads salted and free of ice and slippery patches and downtown side walks bus stops and footpaths are plowed with smaller sidewalk plows By Catherine Thompson Record staff It was a dark and stormy morning It was a typical morning for most of this snowy winter Bitterly cold biting winds and unrelenting snow or most Kitchener resi dents that meant inconvenience and delay But for 105 men and one woman in Kitchener's public works department that storm like all storms meant hours of hard work were ahead They often work under cover of darkness toiling in heavy machines on slick roads while the rest of us slumber When storms strike at dusk and everyone else is strug gling to get home safely they're struggling to get to work Sometimes that requires extraordinary efforts Plow operator Ken Best walked to work during one storm last year when his car broke down near Roseville several kilo metres from the city works yard off Victoria Road must have taken him said his boss operations manager Jim O'Rourke when he got here he just got into his plow and worked 12 Throughout the winter the staff at the municipal yards keep a 24 hour vigil against the weather Whenever it turns ugly super visors determine if drivers will have to be roused from their beds and sent across the city At night that decision falls on the shoulders of the lone night supervisor "You sit in here sometimes with those decisions and a real admits Jim Marks one of the foremen made the midnight call to the plows Each time the full road show 22 salters and 12 snow plows is needed it costs the city $60000 An elaborate plan kicks into play: the supervisor on duty summons a team of supervisors from their beds They assemble in the war room where the TV's always tuned to the weather channel and the wall is covered with maps marking every snow route in the city often helps him out very matter of fact about their marriage no big love story to be told here she says She can't remember exactly when they met or when her hus band proposed just happened that's she said "We used to go to dances how you Her husband's account is similarly brief "Well I started going with her and then' make our decisions as a says O'Rourke the years found teams make better Once a strategy to attack the storm has been mapped out the salters are sent on their way Supervisors too will hit the streets in their cars cruising the city in search of danger spots dispatching salters or plows in response to police alerts about accidents due to slippery roads do respond to emergencies" O'Rourke says somebody needs an ambulance and if a heavy storm respond to Within an hour of that first phone call the plow operators and salters start their lonely work through the dark storm In a winter like this one with bad storms and heavy snowfalls the work never seems to get done With big storms on Christmas Day and New Day many workers were into their third week of 12 hour days before they got a day off It just happened all We used to go to dances how you Adria White 87 What would you think if the federal and provincial governments cut cigarette taxes in an effort to curb smuggling Calls accepted until midnight Wednesday A sample of responses will be published next Saturday Snow cleanup is $60000 a storm part of the shrugs Brian Seifried who drives a 46000 pound hydraulic salter "You know when you take this job there's going to be overtime and long He pauses for a minute then adds tell you though by the time I see spring pretty Public works crews know the reputation they have as guys who stand around a lot but they take their work seriously Seifried a bluff man with a quick laugh gets serious when he talks about a tricky corner on his route got there this morning and I saw an ambulance and people hurt That bothers me I just wish I could have got there earlier You realize your job means you could avoid a serious Still they seldom get praise from resi dents far more likely to get yelled at by someone angry about the ridge of snow dumped across the front of their driveway by the plow painted bumpers The man who attacked Gabriel was described as being in his 40s with olive color skin grey hair (almost white at the collar) and a greying moustache Anyone with information about the van or suspects is asked to call police at 653 7700 ext 739 or Crime Stoppers at 1 800 265 2222 Businesses recognized Record Readerline Larry Steffler sits behind the wheel of a large snow ener employee says been taking only 30 to 40 sec blower and fills a dump truck The 27 year City of Kitch onds to fill each truck Robert wiison Record staff Three Waterloo companies received "Awards of this week from the City of Waterloo in recognition of recent achieve ments: The Imaging Systems Division of NCR Canada Ltd and Waterloo Scientific Inc were both finalists in the 1993 Canada Awards for Business Excellence General man ager Bill Tait accepted a plaque on behalf of the company NCR employs 500 people at its Weber Street North plant design ing and producing systems for pro cessing large volumes of documents such as cheques and invoices Waterloo Scientific Inc that sprang from the University of Waterloo 10 years ago develops manufactures and sells products based on scanning laser micro scope technology for quality con trol in the semi conductor industry Chief executive officer Ken Mitchell expressed his thanks The third company to receive tribute was the Brick Brewing Company for receiving Monde Selection Gold Medal award for its Henninger Kaiser Pilsener beer Snow slackers be forewarned Adria Jerome 90 hold a certificate from Kitchener mayor Dorn Cardillo Rick Koza Record staff Couple celebrate 70 years of bliss she get a Canada Pension Plan cheque because she didn't do any work "As Pop tells everybody a lot of people are getting Canada Pension He tells peo ple I never worked "But I said I worked but get paid for it I told him if he'd been paying me I'd be getting Jerome White who is 90 worked at the they do it now one day they're married Dominion Button factory in Kitchener and and the next day they're men at boenmer box factory retir ing 20 years ago at 70 He's got a hearing aid which is a source of some frus tration for his wife because he always like to put it in His memory also isn't quite what it used to be and Adria who has a sharp memory Adria White 87 has lived the traditional life she got married had two children and stayed home keeping busy with crocheting quilting and cooking But don't get the idea she was a White who celebrates her 70th wedding anniversary today with her husband Jerome says she was happy to be at home ago you were supposed to stay home look after everything at she said in an interview at the couple's Oak Street home in Kitchener where they have lived for 50 years people think that years ago women were doormats" she said was never treated like a doormat that's for She was in charge of the finances men they say don't bring their pay home They bring it to the beer parlor But I always got the pay and he very sel dom asked me what I did with Adria says her husband likes joking that Br cK KJ Ul UlLIt JT MU A Gi jv its "Mini Mk JbL A I KW WWU fc Nir WMsLLM WWWWWWWt Ml 1 mBR US! MGT 'JMKMMnMK off WWW MM 'jj NoEr 1 fr I JL fill X' Mr WWMWWULL? VWssM Pi MU WW Jr 1'1 I I I r3 rj A I WW 4 '5 MW (7" How to call us th.

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