The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 21, 1949
Page 10
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' PAGE TBtf BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS V CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION 0huy r»wp« '•*• fof «ooMcuut* in Mttioo: . A urn* p*t DM lie • uz&w pti UB* MT d&7 Uc a time* p«i ua*> pw d»y tfc « tune* p*i iia* pci any Ic U tuuw p«i un« EMI a»j K Ho&to p«t UIM we : Couni (!*• »iir*c« word* to tbt ua« . Act on*TM tew tar** ui m um*» mo •coppaa o*i»r* expirtuaD » «d cat cc* aumoez ui tune* tn* »a yemrta ua »aju*«Lem o; olli tuM< All UittMULM Advertising oop> *ub- *ut«a D; pervob* re*] d fog uuuiar at tb* city inuftt CM accompanied by e»*o BatM Ajr o* •AAlly cnmputea (roa> till *OUTe MDltJ Aavcrtuing oraei tvi tnt-gum m»eJ ftiooji t*Jt** in* OB* Urn* r»i*. . Mo re*pou^tMlUj> trtlJ D* IA&CH lai •par* iota one ui correct mwrurn* oi iny ciusiiua *a. Ail evu *r* resEiictea co cneu prvpet CIAMU icfciioo, • v;ia * na type T to* Conner rewriw Lbc rlgbt to «a>t at reject *nj MI Apartment for Kent One room furnished Apartment. $6.00 per week, 325 East klo. Street. Light housekeeping room. Ph. :iy20. 3,18-pi;-26 S«rr/c«« Make jour hom* pretty foe •prlni fc(p«rt Hug ulcAUiof tierflc* u roiiJ* PfcJJOItLKSS CLEANERS Punm 243J HkylhrrlUc llU-Ct-U Insurance For "Complete Insurance f'nitectiun Call 3545 W. J. Polland Agency Planned Protection JLtNCOK HUTHl BUIUJINO 134 W ASB »T ik-cl-tl Typewriter 2 room luruished apartmcuv. Uilli- Ur* lurni6Hed. Phone 2018. 'I'VO room Api, upstairs. FurnUhm Two room-Apt. Downstairs Unlurnihh- •d. Plume 4675. 3il7-iik-31 U room ano imtri unfurnished apt 119 W. A«ti St. Fh. 4566 3jl5-pk-»a Apt. lit W. Ash. Phone 3081. Business Service Directory Auto Suppfiei and Services Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. W* us nu an your . U*t KtDUInt p*n» Ir nul com- LLI3 PUOLJl OWNER «; UPKHA1OB Boutn Hignwa. 61 n UICRIB an Pbnnr Steelr 49 CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Aim & uivisioo pninif £>tid iJon t ehdangel youl laiully with »Ulty Ur«lt-BU1 LEX riREH Loons Money to Loan Uo TOU aeeo c IORD to repair of re- noaelY ftn dowa payment, nn tnnrl- [hf,« no tea lupe m» Ai-tatuvisLi iiA-rfc a<> AUK Max. Logan, Realtor iic«Mj cuaucct oo CHID v liuiiaij- work icugh dry ana jmianea illi* Bell* Green. Ju rear of Chick* awb» oil 5th 51. PHone 4209. •1'rftctor work 101 hire. By hour - PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 2029, Blytheville or 205. Osccola 3-14-ck-4-l TYPEWRITERS Ko^ii bra no oomn» ina firming n a *T>niOI« DON EDWARDS J'ne J7pewrite; Mm UU N tiecnnd bt Phont ^i» •JlB-ck-U For Sale. Misc. fiU'lJeere mladlebuntef Q A Hxle juraetle fMat '102 ib L-k-t 12 font display case with oniprossor: walk-in box, 6x8 vith cornpi'flssor; 2 scales'- neat block; 3 candy cases. :all 4241. Lux-oi-a. 3-5 ck-tt State certified Burdetle Delta line 78, cotton seed Burdette lantation, Burdette. State certified improved Arksoy soybeans 3urdette Plantation, phone 782. l-22-tt Bath room llxturen Wh? pa? more, i-hen you can buy tOi less t. O Onf- llson. HoLllRnii Ave Phnne 6^15 Now that little junior U craw tint :ecp the rnss clean with odorless t-ln*> v oam UcaVs Paint Slore 39-t'k-4i9 1 O. l. c, boar lor sale. Subject to registration, Jack Robinson Implement Co- Phone 2371. 3|17-ck-24 Harrow* ror 8Me>. L^t us sharpfn your jjows now. Avoid the rusn. Henry Westbrook's Shop 225 N. 1st. liny Pnone ilfil NLglst Phone 4132 315-cV-tr i iiTIER 3UVS SEE THESE CARS AND TRUCKS AT PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 1910 Mercury Town Sedan . . . S195. 1910 Chevrolet Sedan . . . $(JO.). 1937 Chevrolet Sedan . . . $lf>(f. 1935 Chevrolet Coach . . . SI 5(1. 19-17 Ford Lung; Wlicclbuse J'/'i-Ton Truck . . . $1195. 19-lf> Slmiebiiker Pickup, equipped with radio & healer . . . $!I95. 1941 Chevrolet i/i-Ton Panel .... ?l!f>. 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 rm tiale Hweel fntalo Seed PnrU Klcati variety I nave K limited qimnlltT tlil^ vanety wmun are neary pro- tire type Rna «re «F free from dl- ^eaFe aj> you will find Order* accepted j wltn W a e»«ll neposlt fn] delivers Mhrch IM Priced *2 pw tianiper Paul Hyrum Bljtnullle Ark ll)2-rk-tl KAMI ALL M With Cultivator, 'Planter. Disc, HHITOW and Breaking Plow. $iJV50 Fanniirs Tractor & Truck Co Manila. Ark. Pl\one 91. 2-23-ck-tf 4 room house and B room housn price $'1500 each. ?500 down -Hid §30 mo. 8 4-room apts. ,>]&,000, $51)00 down ?100 mo. Come to Abraham's Tourist Court between 9 a. in. and 11 ,i. m 3-15-ck->{-2i; Limnd piano, Bargain. Phone 3202 3'19-cl[-13 FERTILIZER W< n&T» Keceral ton? of 3-9-18 tn&t Dare not been spoken tor PLANTERS COOPERATIVE OH) K1OBWA7 81 SOUTH PHONE 120 ORrton soybeans. Halph Konrt. 6 nil Romn ot BlythevlUe. Sandy llldg« Store. 315-pk-5,15 7',j HP Odtbonrd Motor Reasonable Call W2U atter 8 p.m. 3:16-pk-23 Hons« trailer 7'x21' lurnlslied. '29 ^todel A car. running rendition. V*r7 cheap. Bee rtoy Key. Rt. 2. BlnhevHle. co carl Atatthews. 3,l8-pk-25 Salesman Wanted The ti. I' 1 . (Joodritih to, lias u|)i!iniiK in and near iilytlie- wnie mi 1 iletail balebiiiuii & Algf. buiesniiiii must IJULWC^U ^'J-iKi yrs. oi agu, stiioul liULjeaUoii, anil ex- in auuimuUvu and supplies, or uiimvaiuiu Dnea. aeiMce wgr. juual Have some Kiiuwieugu ol lires, uat- lenes, etc., as well as saies auility, same age ana education -is above. U U U D UlANLK KUK AUVAiNCK- iMli/NT. 11' you can tjuulity, see J. U. Lotl at Central Auto Home Supply, 415 Main uny time Tuesday 22, between 10 A. M. & a P. M. Only persons qualilied will be considered. 8-21-ck-3-22 Hopped Up ATTliNT10N SALESMEN Tnis ad is directed to men between ones oi as and C3. Aao nmKcs no dirier- f:nce u yon art: active and nave car. t-'llly year old inanulacturcr offers liberal prolit iitiarlnii arrnnuenicnt. Earnings »5.yyo per year and more. Line or '<5 LliduMrlal maintenance products iiniiicdiniely nvitltiiblc. Commlb&toiis advanced m lull weekly. Big protected territory. Willie immediately tor complete details The Warren ncfinliij; ;uid Ciicnucal Co., Cleveland 14. Olilo. Private Rooms r'urnlbl:cd bedroom, kitchen privileges u (tcilrcd. Close In. 216 K. Davis 3.21-Jlk-24 Hedroom cloac In. I'll. 4219. 3;IQ-|Jk-23 Uctlrooiti aajolnlng bath. Ph. 2338. Berirofjni. kllfhen privilege for man and \vlle. 1'lione 2G22, 3,19-^^-3.25 For Safe, Real Estate ^ BLYTHKVIILE REALTY SPECIALS Norm Eleventh Street & A •room house ttWH). Castl ?\250 to $1750 Balance U, l. Loin |27.15 tnoiuhly. West Aide If-room IJIMIM:. Kj-ocery DUslncss in on« room 51950. A. real' pnyiusr grocery Business on SI hlway, pnceJ right. PHONE FIELD'S 2394 3 n-pk-u.a* Real Estate Farms — City Property .. LOANS lo mLerpxteo in ouyini Noble Gill Agenc\ Cecil Earls —— F B. Joyner REALTORS Glencoe Blrtg Plume 3131 Brand new "A" model John Deere. Call JJud vHefUh, 6827. Armorel Road. 3|l8-pli-22 • Here's This Week's Special • 1939 LaSalle $ 1045 A really beauliful car, has its original 2-lone green finish, equipped with heater. HERE ARE JUST A FEW OF THE MANY CARS ON OUR LOT 1940 Chevrolet Special DeLuxc Tudor Sedan, has new paint job, body, motor, and (ires in excellent condition . . . 5825. 1939 Ford Tudor Sedan, has practically new motor and tires, equipped with radio &- heater . . . |595. 1939 Ford 1-Ton Truck with l!M3 Mercury mo(or, body and bed in first-class condition, has new 700x16 8-ply tires . . . $fi.9j. 1938 Chevrolet Tudor Sedan, an unusually clean c«r, has heater and 1949 license . . . »49o". 1941 Mercury wlfh radio and heater, good condition, has 1949 license . . . $825. 1947 Buick Super Tudor Sedan with radio, heater, «nd seal covers . . very low mileage Guaranteed to be in excellent condition, and offered at a vtrv Rood price. J I 1940 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, beautiful blue refinJth. This car is tops . . . $825.. "Wh« BetUr tin An Built, Buick Will BulW Th«ra.» Langston-Wroten Co. WaJnit it Bradway Diftl 555 for Scrvtct ATTRACTIVE HOMES 3 bedrooms, hardwood oors Lot 100 by 100 ft. One the beat locations in city. 'ill <;arry good loan. ERT ROSS & SAM GODWIN , KEALTOKS Phone 2415—38IG—.112.1 Lots For Sale 3" choice suburban lots or Ugh way 61 North, lot siz< 5x200 and 100x200. Eas' routs, large pecan trees, li ew Country Club Drive Ad liticm, just north of Camj \Ioultne. See or call— JOHNNY MARR REALTOR Phone 4111 Res. Ph. 25% H-room house and 3 acres of Ian at UEwncll. JIWW CM}), iicc fc<lcl ere. a l«-r Notice West End UurUer Shop haa moved ATTENTION FARMED LIVE STOCK MEN Ucud, lalltn and crippled ninuils picked up tree ot liiiryc in sturilixed trucks. Cidl collect, (ii-li!, Blytlie- •ille, Ark. ARKANSAS DKAD ANIMAL U1SPUSA1. CO. a-14-ck-4-14 \\'e repair u-uiclics. Tri- us ror rast cl vices. Monres. K)6-JO» East Main Wanted to Rent \Vtmicd: a rooms or more In good Lilitct UcHsotiuDle. Private no vise prc- crrca iJr. 1'aul Stanley, r^S West •I or 5 room douse, if you don't like miurcn, don't call Pltotic 4132 Will buy or rent house with small lown payment. Write Box ySO Armorel Art. 3J19-pk-23 Female Help Wanted ,!, MOO Chlekasnuba. Phone front bed LOO tn. adjoins baih. Private entrance Mm preferred. 621 Walnut. Pnonc 214U. j.!7-pk-24 Hea-rooiti and Kitchen prlvltcyec If desired, i'lionc ^G5'J- U05 Lake. UcdronM convenient to balb file a neat till W Mam pu :iJ2S Uoyuis at Abraliam's Tour- st Court 3-15-ck-3-22 ukytiicvllie Hot pi Bedroom Private Bath PI). 3557 • Hrdroojn, convenient to bath Close in. Men only. J10 W. Walnut. a,16-uii-2a Hcclroom KHchcn i»rlvt]cscs. Phont Sewing bELTS. UUUKLL'S. covered buttons, nuuon Holes. Mac Miller, Alma Bass. Klina (JrciuclGr. I'rionc 3539. II no answer. 46J2. COS N. Sth. St. 3|lS-pk-4;15 For Sa/e, Cars & Trucks '•V2 Dodge Sedan. Excellent condition and clean. Phone 3313, 5 until 7 p.m. 3;21-flt-2a NEED A CAR?' Slilt-walking Bert Wood, 69, ties hop lines while his assistant, May Simnionds, 54, anchors the strings at the bottom of the poles in a Kent hop-yard. This picturesque method of growing the beer-rnaking plant 15 rapidly disappearing in England because modern machines increase output. Too Many Leftovers MILWAUKEE (U.P,)—Mrs, Marjorie Schmoldt, longing (or.a square meal, i'iied for divorce, charging her husband made her eat the leftovers of his meal lor the past month, For Rent Two room furnished house CaU 32flD. 3;2L-pV;-24 Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasowba ^SWIFT'S PREMIUM BRANDED BEEF We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty of Parking Space You'll get more car ror your money at 61 Motor Co.'s Used [ Car Lot. Come in and check the quality of these cars. We. will pay top salary to ady i.'iterestsrl in permanen Job with future — must be energcMic, like to meet public, ixpcrienced in selling and in vcepiiiif stock clcini and or- Icrly. [' address Box ABC •; Conner News giving full (Inscription of self and of previous experience. AMBITIOUS YOUNG LADIES (51 lor «cll imld truvelln^ iH).sltlou. Muhl be under 25 and neat appearing. Salary 'per nceK 10 Mart, tralnlns and expenses ruriiisticrt by company. Cars nlbhcd are Mis. Bamctlc. Noble liolel. J to 6 pm. only. 3,21-ck-23 I v *o ladles with cars Four hotirR orK pci aay Average cnrnlnjs IIUCO per oay Work is permanent and enjoyable I mi Can Be A Business bllc- cess Apply box D N c r> courier News AMBITIOUS YOUNG COUPLES. (5) lor well p;»Jd traveling posltJon Must be under '2$ atirt neat appearing. Salary 545 per week to stfttt. training and expenses lurni.shed by company. Oirs Iiiriilnned. See Mrs. Barnctte. Noble ! Hotel J to 6 p.m. only. 3.21-ck-23 ! l-'ra^er ticaan IHHV License) t'oia Searm UU4U License) i tinasnn Sedan / raiser ijertao 1 rord nmot 1 hord '1'uaor l-'»rd Tuaor Uctioto Coupe UcSoto Sedan »119i.OO 11395 00 tmoo $725.00 was oo J47iOQ $49500 61 MOTOR CO. ftearj Courier NCWA Want Ads. Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Now Open N1CKLES NURSING HOME Phone 830 'Osctola • Care of Aged • Care of Invalids • Care of Patients of Chronic Diseases 24 Hour Service Phone~830 Colored Woman Cook for most mod- i I n cale in Poplar Blulf. Mo. Hotel i | or tllRti cta.v'; rcM.^nrunt experience essential Write Box F. F. Courier News. ' Help Wanted, Male 6-room hollow tile noiiAc on Lilly islreeV. plastcrctl Inside, biilH in cab- nets, lloor covering, i'rlce S4750 tJoc<l 4-room House on Kravcl &iiecl ITlde addition. In good condition. Price A nice Vroom Hungalow. beautiful :orner lot, on ^(Issourl St. Price J4 000 W. M. BUHNS, IUCALTOK PHONK 3361 or B. T. Hut>b»rd. Ph. 4U9 Man wnti rar wivnlcrl for route work. Jib to 420 in a day. No experience or r.ipURI rcriu trrfl Steady, Wrtlc loday Mr. yuarp. 120 K. Clflrk St.. Frccport. linuois. 3 2|.pk-2i IT S TIME FOR A CHAN'OG Well knotvn conspati.r Has territory open. NcArJy every home, Inrni. factor or itorf n ptofsprri. Earn wcrkly profit •lirckv No invT5tnir))t. Free outfit •Vrltc tor [RCIS today, llcrt Coiurt, fnc-. US K, C. Building. Littleton. Colo Lost One pMr thtll rim glassca in Un leatner cw«. Identifying murk i>r Jack Uruwr. Cuirer o»y. Cslir. txist in front or Postal net, 9:li 3;17. If found return to Mr. Samuel r. Korrls 122 N Kea<i Counw Waul For Sale or Trade Handle Your Health With Care When Sickness Strikes, See Your Doctor - - • And Remember Rothrock's For Prescriptions Phone 4451 Carry Your Money FARTHER WITH E-Z-ON MONDAY, MARCH 21, 194! THE BEST IN TOWN! 1917 Chevrolet 1 >/ 2 Ton Long Weelbase Truck, equip! ped with 12 foot factory body, 1049 license special . . . 51595. 1916 Chevrolet V/i Ton Long Wheelbase, 1949 licens ...$1095. 1942 Ford V-8 Long Wheelbase, has heater . . . $845! 1946 International K-B Long wheelbase, has heaterj 825x20 tires all around. A steal at §1095. 1910 Chevrolet V/ t Ton Long Wheelbase. 12 foot bodv ...5095. I 194G Chevrolet Cab-Over Engine, 2 speed axle I S895. ' 'I 5941 Chevrolet ^-Ton Pickup Truck, special... $695.1 1940 Ford '/i-Ton Pickup Truck, 1949 license . . . $495.1 1916 Chevrolet (4-Ton Pickup Truck, cattle rack . I $1195. 'I 1911 Ford i/ 2 -Ton Pickup Truik, cattle rack, has 1949] license . . . $795. 1937 Ford V-8 ft-Ton Pickup Truck, runs good, hasl good tires, 1919 license, a real good cheap truck . . .| Iji 2 b!), Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remnmber, You Can Always Make a Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut Phone 578 Wanted (o Buy Magnolia tree, 3 to 8" di- imeter at trunk. Everett B. Gee. 3-18-ck-22 Bring your chickens to Purcell'B Grocery. 125 Lilly. These prices are good IMtil Monday: heavy hens, 30c; Leg- lorn.s and crosses, 25c; roosters. 16c. Personal 'DLrt; mmute pnntn.<;taUc cervll OblEENS el'UUlO 118-ckl Set ot 1HC push type bvisters. 2 sets oi JHC niarXcrs, Dub Wldncr. Yarbro. i - 3;IS-pk-22 I We buy used lurnlture Phone 2660 CmWiitiM fora art Scrm Windm •EAUTY PROTECTION CONVENIENCE AT EXCEPTIONALLY tOW COST BUILDER'S SUPPLY Inc. <o. Hiftrmaj 61 Phone 2434 Onod 6 room house with bftth. RU.. • l»n Kte H L (Ing, Manila Plinnc 97 I Business Opportunity euro in Warden, MO luisonnblc pncr Owncj- xcllmc flur to 111 health Set clurlM Han M Wardrll. Mo The number of species oi living birds has been computed at from 10.000 lo L'0.000. with the order of pert-Inns and i0ng Wld ,i )c most numerous. KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL Phone 2089 Phone 4141 G. O. POETZ Railroad at Cherry WHEN MINUTES COUNT The prompt and efficient service of Owens Pharmacists solves the problem Every prescription tilled with meticulous care. Free delivery service. Phone 2024. OWENS DRUG STORE You Are Cordially Invited to Visit The Accessory Shol Feminine Apparel Mabel Hogan Jessie ! Hotel Noble Bldg. Blytheville, Ark. I Have At All Times For Sale *ct-eral Iracturs and equipment! both new and used I have Jot Deere. Farmall. Ford and othe makes. I now have new Fo tractors and equipment read> For! deliver* at dealers price- I wiljl trade for most anything J«i| have. Terms can be arranged. See F. C. CROWE 1 mile south ot Braggadocio. Mo I Reliable Used Cars EASY TERMS—GUARANTEED CARS 1941 Buick 2-tloor Sedan, a one owner car . .. .$1005. 1940 Chevrolet 2-door, has new black paint... $725. 1939 Ford 2-door Sedan . .. SG75. 1942 Ford 4-door, a real bargain at $895. 1916 Ford 2-door Sedan . . . $1295. 1936 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, only . . . $395. 1911 Mercury 2-door . . . §1045. 1941 Ford 2-door Sedan . . . §895. 1942 Buick—special for this week . . . $945. Others to select from. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phone 4333

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