The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 8, 1965 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 8, 1965
Page 5
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Mftrry-Go-Round ininmnfflntHffliiiinifliinniRinnn flHiiiHniiiiifiiin.iiiiiiiiHiiiii.ii •y Drow Pearson WASHINGTON - The united States has received another firm warning from Moscow that If we go too far In the so-far-llmlted war In Viet Nam it will lead to war with Russia. The warning was given by Soviet Ambassador Oobrynln In Washington to Averell Harrlman, No. 1 diplomatic trouble shooter for the State Department, and to Richard Goodwin of the White House staff. Dobrynin pointed out once more that Russia has a vital interest In what happens to all communist nations, Including Red China as well as North Viet Nam. Specifically, he said that if the United States, for example, should bomb Red China's nuclear Installations, Russia would have no choice but to go to war. Ana he added ominously that, In such a case, the fighting would not be confined to China - obviously meaning that Russia might strike against the continental United States. His warning presumably was a result of advice to President Johnson by some military strategists that, If Red China Intervenes openly in Viet Nam, we should use that as an excuse to knock out Peking's nuclear capability before China is able to develop effective nuclear weapons. These strategists have argued that, since China's nuclear threat is as serious to Russia as it Is to us, Moscow would not object too much if we eliminated it. Dobrynin's specific warning against such action seems to indicate otherwise. It's Important to remember that, whatever the Kremlin's anger at the Red Chinese, Soviet leaders still have to protect their prestige as world defenders of communism, and that somewhere there is a line which they are unwilling to let us cross. - o - -LBJ IN THE MTODLE" Presldent Johnson described his personal position in Viet Nam the other day as follows: "I am holding off General LeMay with one hand and Wayne Morse with the other." He referred to the fact that Gen. Curtis LeMay, now retired, is one adviser who has long urged that we bomb Red China immediately, while Sen. Morse wants to turn the whole Viet Nam dispute over to the United Nations. The President implied that he himself was try- Ing to take the middle course. In talking to friends of late, Johnson is taking a much softer tone regarding the whole problem of Southeast Asia. He gives the impression of a man who was much led astray by the military advisers who told him to bomb North Viet Nam and that now he would give almost anything to reverse their advice. - o - —U. S. OIL COMPANIES— A U. S. intelligence report from Saigon charges that American oil companies, believe it or not, have been paying taxes to the communist guerrillas to keep their oil trucks from being attacked in South Viet Nam. In the past, American oil interests also have cooperated with the Indonesian government to ship oil from Indonesia to North Viet Nam. - o - - RIGHT-TO-WORK LAWS-- The U. S. Chamber of Commerce has inspired a letter-writ- Ing campaign against changing the Taft-Hartley Act and as a result Congressional mail is about 15 to 1 for keeping the Taft- Hartley provision which permits the states to pass right-to-work laws. There's also been some grumbling on Capitol Hill against the eager-beaver efforts of the AFL-CIO's chief lobbyist, Andy Biemiller, former Congressman from Wisconsin. He is so determined to end the right-to-work law that he has been overzealous. Sen. Margaret Chase Smith, the lady from Maine, is especially irate at Biemiller. It will take 218 votes in the House of Representatives to abolish right-to-work laws, and a secret poll taxen oy labor leaders shows 223 votes for labor. This is too slim a majority to be safe, and some friends of labor want to postpone a showdown for fear labor will lose. However, it looks as if Speaker John McCormack will go ahead with the vote anyway, and by a very slim margin the right-to-work laws will be outlawed. - o - --DE GAULLE AND VIET NAM— Ambassador Maxwell Taylor tried to persuade South Viet Nam's impulsive, new Premier Nguyen Ky not to break off relations with France. Nonetheless, Ky ordered the diplomatic break in a moment of pique over President de Gaulle's neutralism. The break won't interfere, howaver, wtth the 5,000 French businessmen and plantation owners who do a big business in South Viet Nam, sending back to France many of the paper Ameri- Miss Goecke To Wed CO-OPERATIVES PRODUCE ECONOMIC STABILITY IN TODAY'S WORLD it takes more than-buildings, stock, land and equipment to operate a farm successfully. IT TAKES ability to put up strong resistance to the cost-price squeeze. COOPERATION protects farm income by helping the farmer keep his costs in line with the prices he receives. LGDYARP CO-OP iLEVATOR ,-, —,. Bernard Rtilly, Mgr. OTTOSIN CO-OP IliVATOR Alfred Schulti, Mgr. WfST BIN0 ftEVATOR CO, R. W. Jorgerw, M0r. TITONKA CO-OP SUsVATOR Jack Staff, Mgr, FARMERS EtiVATOR CO,, Swtq CJfy ,,„ Ruisel! Parker, Mgr, ffNTON CO-OP IliVATOR CM*!* Ivra, Mgr, IRVINGTON CO-OP IliVATOR , I, F, Immerfall, Mgr, LONE ROCK CO-OP IXCHANOi — lortni Qeiteenawer, Mgr. WHITTIMORi CO*OP IliVATOR lorry Twedf, Mgr, (Hobarton Branch) &URT CO-OP illVATOR --w. *---, J-1* Miller, Mgr, FARMERS CO-OP ILEVATOR, Bedt -— R, I, Mafheion, Mgr, Mr. and Mrs. Edw. H. Goecke of Algona announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Margaret Mary, to Jerome H. Dunbar, son of Mrs. James E. Dunbar and the late James E. Dunbar of Forest City. Miss Goecke is a graduate of St. Joseph Mercy School of Nursing and is employed at Mercy hospital in Mason City. Mr. Dunbar will be resuming his studies at Ft. Lewis College, Durango, Colorado. A Sept. 18 wedding is planned. can dollars that De Gaulle has been turning in for American gold dollars. American economists are now convinced that De Gaulle has been getting a large share of his surplus dollars from the tremendous amound of U. S. aid which we are pouring into Viet Nam. -HEADLINES AND FOOTNOTES— A secret Negro organization, called Deacons for Defense, is recruiting members throughout the South to fight the Ku Klux Han. More than 50 chapters already are operating in four Southern states. The Deacons claim they are arming and training solely to defend their fellow Negroes .... Having criticised the CIA in the past, I now want to report that the CIA gave more than three weeks advance warning that President Ben Bella of Algeria was in trouble .... Some of the campaign money to reelect Rep. Albert Watson, the South Carolina Dtxiecrat, has been traced to the John Birch Society. At least $5,000 was sent to South Carolina from the John Birch headquarters in Belmont, Mass. . . . Communist Poland is the latest nation to demand nuclear arms. The Poles have served notice on Moscow that they are determined to become a nuclear power. They have requested both nuclear weapons and nuclear training from the Russians .... The Alliance for Progress is quietly pushing ahead with 75 separate studies to help Latin American nations control their mushrooming birth rate. In some nations Alliance for Progress officials have actually obtained the help of the Roman Catholic church in study- Ing birth control .... Anti- American feeling in the Philippines has been so stirred up, partly by Indonesian agents, that the U. S. government will no longer guarantee American Investments in the Philippines against war or insurrection. - o - —THEY OBJECT— Fisherman are protesting the Navy's explosion of 4,000 t«ns of old mine torpedoes 75 miles off New York, New Jersey and Virginia on July 15, as a danger to one of the best fishing grounds of the East Coast. The Navy wants to get rid of a lot of aging explosives; at the same time test the underwater sound Thursday, July 8, 1965 Algona (la.) Upper Det MoIne$-3 waves from such explosions. The Navy, after consulting with the Department of Fish and Wildlife, claims there's no danger to fish because they don't live 1,000 feet down, at which depth the explosion will take place. It was four key Republican Congressmen, Including the probable next mayor of New York, who helped the Johnson administration pass the public housing bill with rent subsidies for middle-income families. The GOP New York Congressmen were: John Lindsay, now running for mayor; Ogrlen Reid, former Ambassador,to Israel; Seymour Halpern, New York City, and Frank Horton, Rochester, N. Y. .... The White House also had to promise big city votes for the Southern cotton bill in order to get the public housing bill passed. OFFICE SUPPLIES - Buain«M forms, office furniture, filing equipment and supplies, at Tht Upper DCS Moines Pub ..Co., Algona, across from new Municipal parking lot. HICKORY DICKORY DOCK LOWEST LONG DISTANCE RATES are in effect every night from 8 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. and a// day on Sunday. You can call anywhere in the U.S."(except Alaska and Hawaii) for only $1.00*or less. Enjoy a telephone visit at the lowest rates in history—it's the next best thing to being there! *Only $1 50 or less from 6 lo 8 p m ddily and nil day on Saturday. Three-minute station rate, f'lus tax. Northwestern Bell WE ARE INTERESTED IN YOUR HOME not only before and during its construction but after as well. Our relationship does not stop after you have signed up for a Home Loan at the Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. We will work with you during'your entire construction period to make sure you are satisfied completely with your loan arrangements. WE SERVE AN AREA 50 MILES ON ANY SIDE OF ALGONA — AND FARTHER! Stop in to see us this week H you are planning to build, remodel, refinance, etc. SEE US ABOUT A HOME LOAN TODAY! Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. "ALL ACCOUNTS FULLY INSURED TO $10,000" SINCE 1917 — SAVE FROM THE 15th — Earn From The Flr$t" — ALGONA, IOWA

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