Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 2, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 2, 1894
Page 3
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Human Electrical Forces! |jHow They Control the Organ: of the Body. Tho cloctrlp.il forco ol thohumn-nUoOy, aa iho nervo fluid may bo tunned, li an o.-,|>o- tlally attractive department of science, aal ijxertsso irmrlcert nn inlluunco on tho lioalt! P ' the ortra»» ot tho body. Servo force Is •oducod by tbo bmln and iwivoyod by ouns of tho ncn-M to tlio vurluin orpin* o _ie body, tbiwaupplyhis tUo latter wltli tli> frltaUty necessity 10 In- ate their ht-oltli. Ibo loumosastrlc nerve, as _own liero, may bo .said > bo tho most Important ./UJoentlro nurvo «JM- em, la It supplier tlio eart, lun^s, storattt-n, cwols. en:., wltti l "° crve force uacps-<ary to keep tbom acti™ and Withy. As will 1)0 soon j the cat tuu Ions ncrvo •escendlnor from the of tho bruin And _.^InntlnK In tlio bow- tin Is tho paeumoKastrlc. (hllo tbo numerous 11U, ) branches supply tun! .jatt, lungs nnd stom- ch with necessary vi- Bllty. Wlica tiio oraln 6come9 In any way cli-i- Sdcrcd by Irritability J exhaustion, Clio ncrv^ Brco which It supplies I lessened, and tho or-, nna rei-olvlni; tlio <li- Elnlshod supply iiro 0011- qucntlv \vu:il;i-m-<l. ' .yalclans Kciu-rally „ importance ot HiU - ,trr>n hsclt Instcml of l he caii-fl of i no tnwiilo lio noted specialist, J-'raiiklm Miles, .M. !>., I.B., has Riven tlio Rn>ati;r part o£ 111-? lifvi Jtliu study of this sillue,:!, (iml llio |irlu<-lp:,\ lacovrrles concerning ft tin; due to Ins etfurt-. Tl)r. Miles* Kestorativo jServino, llio uurl- JTlod brain ami norvo food, Is prepared on iht> finciplo tbat ftU nervou.-* and muny o'.l;er Ifflcultles originate from disorders or iho •rVGccntow. lu wondorful eui.-ces-,i!!CNvliicc lese disorders In testlliod to by tuuimudi lu cry part of tholnnd, '• '--- Ncrvlno cures sleeplessness, fall to recognize f;u.-r, but tro:it ti.o . prostration, dizziness, hysUTla, s- LldablUty. St. VltunUKnco. epilepsy, etc. It rfreo from opiates or ilar.Korous drugs. II joldonaposlilvo ^uaranico t>y ail drug- •t* or sent (11 root by tlio Dr. Mllos Medical fc.Elkhart, Inii., on receipt of price, ti per Ittle, Blx bottles Jor K, express prepaid. I THE VENDOME. IBROADWAY. MEALS, K CENTS. Bill or Kiire for Sunday. DINNER son-. Consomme Royal FISH. Baked White Klsb. EggSauco BOAST. Illsh Ribs of Btef. with Horseradish PrJmu Boasts of Sect with 51a«lirooras Bnkvd Chicken Flo, SoutUetn Style Aprk-ot Me VKOKTABUM heel potatoes with Cr«im >'ivncli Sl;iw >, with Lemon Sauce C imlleil Yams DKSKKT. ^a Crpnm Pie Siilci 1 !) Applo Pie Ico Cream Assorted Citko Tea Milk Buttermilk DR. TRUAX, THE SPECIALIST. ER STATE NATIONAL BANK- icter loarti'i-n yi)-ir.i ot scion till" study of NOSH, I LKcr nuil.-il Dlsi^iSf.ioIiiClirunlcN.itnrft fcptfd my iiiwiit fiicm of trcaiiu-nt, and lijondiic'.ediisncce.ssdU priictk-e in tlifliibove ot *is«s. 1 corillnlly invltK you or jciir .H if amicted with nny Chriinlc Dlwase. to l'tini'.-iiKl rny nu'tliocl of trfiiliiiwit and Its s, oniue hours: 10 to 12 a. i».: 'i to -I. • to 8 ReHiao!u:w;it<jt!l;e. All calls promptly at- )AILY JOURNAL EDNESOAY MOKNING. MAY 2. Imbrellas recovered at tho Trade lalt for Otto Kraus" great shoe ling. five a nobby new hat of Patterson, Sew Hatter, llnasllki In newest doslffns on!y pnte per yard.—Golden Kulo. i Physicians—We havo received a lot of vaclne points.—Bunjahn , Bridget's council C. B. L. meets |fbt. All members urffed to at- Li* week Is the time to buy car- lat th^ great carpet slaugbter, at Vow Fashion store. luie for Sale Tory Cheap—No. TSjrcamore street. Inquire of A, fug, So. 402 Market street. lite and chronic catarrh; diseases j throat and ear treated by Dr. , 'SbulU, 412 Fourth street. Tel- |ne!57. Sale—The court has ordered §ell the Button homestead at [lortheast corner of Eighth and •treftts.—Goo. W. Funk, I bright boy baby was left on the Ittep of John L. Mullln's home at pl«. Tho little fellow has been klly adopted by Mr. and Mrs In, who are well to do people but children of their own. The It ia believed to belong la Indian ere are forty .eight if and twenty quart licensed chops ia aod "for several month* the retailers have been complaint the quart men retailed lotoxl- ,- Reoontly several of the retail ined tbat they would not MiuAl lloenM to loBg ai the w«r« pl»«»dtuid«r Two Vear« Top u Voune Forger. Charles Splcer. the young: man whose numerous bits of forg-ory finally were located to hia authorship nd who was arrested a couple of ivoeks ago to answer tho charge, appeared in tho c-rcuit court yesterday rnlnK and plead guilty as charged. £o broke down while making tho loa and cried bluorly. The court ontenced him to two years Imprisonment and he will probably be taken to Michigan City today, Splcer is 20 -ears old and haa been Opraoticlng his eats of forgery for some time. His mother ia a widow. Imitator* and The unequalled success of Allcock's Porous . liwtprs iis un extftrnal rpmeilf Hns Induced un crupulous piirtles to offer Imltatloii.i, which they r to »rtl on the repntntlon ot Allcock's. t 3 an abranllty to speiik or tken Inthesame category us the gunnlne poroaa plaster. Tin Ir Hi-Bed equality with illcock's Is a filse pretense. The iiblest medical practitioners and chemists .nd thousands or grIWefiil pntlnnta unite In de- larlnu Allcock's Porous Floater* the best ext«i a remedy ever pr*duced. Aik for Allcock'4 and accept no other. Brundreth's Pills act upon the whole system. Vaiidalla Lino Excnrklon Hatei. May 6th and 7th, good to return to 9th. to Indianapolis account May lluslc&l. Festival; and will sell May 13th and Htb, good to return Inolud- ng May 18th, account I. 0. 0. F. meeting at same r&to. J. C. EDGE WORTH, Ag't. $1.98 for 13.00 bati; |1 for $2 hatt, at Otto Kraui'. * latMt In mUUntry at ta« New WALKEK WHITESIDES' KETUBN. The Eminent You in: Tru^odluil, !•(>- Kau«i>orl'H (JIKcil Sun nud .TIoNt Fnvornl OH'c-rl^K t<> 'I'lioplii, to C'IOH<-iiSrai.ou df I'llenoinennl Suur.eMM in ili« City of 111* Illrlh. Tho countloes friends and admirers of that eminent young tragedian, Mr. Walker VV'hUoaido, will hail with delight the anmunoomont that an opportunity will ,be presented next Saturday eight to greet and welcome this one of Logansport's most gifted sons on his native heath. Manager Dolan of tho opora house has secured a date from Mr. Whitesido for Saturday nightand the Journal is pleased to predict that trso house will scarcely contain tho crowd which will moot to greet this young actor of whom tblB> city may well fool proud. Since his last appenranco hero Mr. \VhitEslde has gained succe^iifl which would daz- y.le many a young man, but he botir? the honors ho 1ms achieved V'phtly and with p: ra0(! f 1 il raodcsty._ His memorable Xovv York success was one of tho moot remarkable events of which tho stapo makes record and was so closely followed by a none the loss distinctive success in Chicago us to be ti well ni£;h fiinv.iUuncor.s triumph of genius. In Cincinnati a fow dftys aga ho playad Hamlet upon tho anniversary of Shake.spoar's blrlh nud was accorded a reception which was nothing short of an ovation, achieving ono of tba most notable triumphs ever recorded on the Cincinnati stfig-o. liegrottftbly enough, Mr. Whiteside 'ound upon his former visits hero that the honor of a prophet shines dimly n his own country, and his reception was all too chilling, but coming sow with tho plaudits of a nation to accompany him he should and will receive a royal welcome and the greet- np that hia singularly brilliant talent lesorves. Ueueral State N<-ivi, Colon Winans, a school teacher near Decatur was drowned while lathing in St. Mary's river. Sam Farmer, a Torre Haute pugilist .led Monday at the home of his wife's iarent8 near Marshall, 111. Tho court house ot Djoatur, con- tructed nineteen j oars ago at a cost if $100,000, is said to be an unsafe luildlng-, Moses McKessiack, one of the weal- blest farmers of northern Indiana, is oad. Ha was a pioneer of Elkhart, nd, eighty-ono years old. The journeymen tailors of Lafay- tto, sevonty-flvo in number aro triking against a reduction in wages. Iho old scale expired Monday night. Fifty-six minors from Kosodale. eadcd by o band of music, marched o the Sand Creek mlcos, compelling ho minors thero employed to quit work. William Murdock, near iliHsboro, ost his stock barn, which was struck •y lightning and consumed. Three :orses and one mulo was burned to oath. Wesley Wise, of Madison county, was arrested noar Anderson Monday Ight while hiding in a deserted cabin. le is accused of swindling farmers by orglng 1 deods. Sixteen persons, who recently united with the Presbyterian church at )ocatur, were publicly immersed in he St. Mary's Driver on Sunday last, hey preferring this method ol bap- Urn. I'linnu; Uan Into Ohio. A KatTrtey special says that lha Obio and Indiana Pipo Lloe Company, with a paid up capital of $1,000,000, has lot the contract for seventy livo wells to bo drilled ut once In tho counties of Jay aod Delaware. The contractors unloaded live strings of tools here yesterday and will havo more here in a few days. The company has located offices here and has tho right-of- way. It -will lay two eight-inch mains from different fioslds to a point three miles south of hero, at which placs a one-hun dred-tbousatid dollar pumping station will be erected, and It will run a ten- Inch pipe line from there to supply natural gas to Lima, St. Marys, Piquf, Troy. Groenviilo Dayton and othtr places in Ohio. It is rumored that this company will pipe Union City, as their pipe line will run north of thbt place. I-'ooplo are indignant thai, gas should be taken irom this section in such quantities, and efforts are being macit! in connection with Dur.kirk. Muncie, Anderson and Alexandria parlies to Gglu tho piping of gus out of tcis State by this or nay other company. Legal ;.roce'edings arc liable to bugln at ODCO. O.X AGAIN. WHERE HE (ieittli'iiiiinl.v l>I FOUND HIS NAME, t-lvi-r, Wln> I)«- Orsnuliuva Another S]O,000,<)<K) .tlliui- nlai curing <:niii|>nn.v. Pennington, of air-ship fame, who is known to tho Logansport read log pj'olic, is out with a number of new inventions in tho way of bioyclos pro- polled bp steam motors. Quo of tho Inventions is a simple safety to the roar of which is attached a small oil engine which operates the podals. Another one of tha inventions resembles a barber's chair and is provided with four wheels which are encircled with rubber Urea. This design le also operated by means of a miniature motor. It is ssld that both machines will run like greased lightning. Mr. Pennington has organ- ised a company with a capital stock of f 10,000,000 for the manufacture of his recent inventions. All the scientific and sporting papers contain pictures and descriptions of the inven • tions. The Heart ot 11. New Albany Tribune: Hon. Wm. D. Owen, the gentleman who was selected to head the Republican State ticket ia a man of marked ability and an accomplished speaker. He will mako a splendid canvass of tho State and do much to rouse Republicans to aotlor. And this means victory complete and overwhelming. Mr. Owen's career as a politician and statesman has been attended with eminent success proviog both his ability and popularity. His entrance Into politics was signalized by his election to congress. To tbi.s position he was twice re-electoi. During bis last term he bacamo identified with tho Immigration bill whose passage lie secured, and at the expiration of his term President Harrison appointed him Commissioner of Immigration under tho now law. When Mr. Cleve land became president ho soon found a democrat to succeed Mr. Owen. Now he is choson to lead the Indiana Republicans ID the coming cam palgnand few men could do it more gallantly and successfully than ho will. Standing in the midst of the length, .oning columns of Republicanism, bo will move forward under banners already gilded with vlctoiy and It will not be his fault, If we do not leave far behind us in this campaign the mutilated ghost of what was once the Democrat party of Indiana. We begin this campaign where democracy is; we shall end It where democracy was, To ludlaunpolll, Special excursion tickets to Indl. anapolis will be sold from ticket eta. tlons on the Pennsylvania lines in Indiana at reduced round trip rates, as followe: May 6th and 7th, on account Musical Festival; good returnipg unti'. May 9lb, Inclusive. May 13, 14, 15 and 16, acount Re bekah Lodge, I. 0. 0. F., and Grand Lodge. I. O. 0. F., of Indiana; valid to return up to and including May 18. May 14 and 15, good returning until May 18, Inclusive, account May Musical Festival. May 21 and 22. account Grand Lodge F. & A. M., of Indiana; good to return until May 24, inclusive. May 22 and 23, account People's Party Convention; good to return until May 25, inclusive. For pmioulari and time of tralne, apply to nearest Pennsylvania line ticket agent. Vandalla linn Excnr»lon». On May 1, the usual variety of ommutatlon tickets go on eale to Marmont—Lake Mnxinkuokee. Ticket &U now on »ale to Chicago via 8t, Joseph »nd Lak« Michigan. For any further information »WO Rww The render of this paper will be pleased to leant taut there In at l««t one dreaded diseases that science has been nt> e to cure In all Its stages and tfiat n Catarrh. Hall'n Catarrh CUM » the onlj ponltlre core known to themadloalfrftOTnlty. Catarrh being a oon»tltatl«n(il dlwarn, requires a ttSlroent. Hall'i Catanh core Is "GeiiUom.-iuly Dick he. \v:ts called, " nml Iho spunker took his pipe out ot his month ;md tfhuicod around tha wsiitins'-rooiii where ho ami two cotn- rjules wore Mltin^ watclii]!^ for tho nifflit express with the hope of jjettin/f a few passoiiyors for thu holies. They were :ili 'l>'.is-(.!rivurs, youiijf mid liearty- lool;in^ r fellow.-,. "Yes," nuisod ouo. o^ t!;e mon, "I know wlio he is. 1 scon him one d;iy not loiifr since. He had ju.it rescued a poor, 'croppy 1 lookin' iloy from soino boys iind said lu W:LS ffpin' to t:ik« it home to his g-;i.ls. \\'h:vt was tho vun- soii of his bein' called 'Cuntlcmanly Dick?'" "Didn't, you never know?" uskec! the first speaker. "Xopu. Lut's hear about it, I've liad some curiosity to know." nml the oilier two man lit their pipes afresh and settled themselves comfortably in expectation o! the forthcoming inter- estintr n;uT;«tivi'.. "\Voll, you see, he IISILT drive for tho J!ro\vn house. Drove their best 'tins for eiyht years, :ind lie ailus tipped his hat to the passengers. Somu of Uieiu lie seen so of'.en lie pit to know 'om, ami they'd say son:e plens- •.int Lliinu 1 now aiiil t!u i n t'> make :\, feller i'ei.'l food, ('ino nijflit liim and ;nc wos seUin' rouini this here M.ovo, and there w.>s four feliet's ('unit' in. They sat d*>\vn in tliat ;,heiv tMirnei','" ami Ll:e swatter jei'ketl liis i-inimli toward the spot indie. lied, "an.i he^nn to "tallc. 1 \vos seltip.' hert; sni'iki.'i' a.nd Diok \vos sinoK'in' too. lie wasn't sayin' mueli, but seemed tu be doin' some deep tUinkiu' — every Htt'.e wiiilc he would run his lingers ihro;if,'li his l.liin trray liair. "All of a siicidun one of them fellers let out it sln'njr ol' oatlis as loi:;; as unarm," and the speaker ileld out :i '^ouii brawny specimen for illnstrii-tiort. 'Mlick didn't say m.thin', \m\, lio looked up sudden and scowled: thru he pufl'efl :iwny on his pipe ai'ain. Finally one of them made a remark, \\ell. it -was pretty sweepiu'. "1'was about women in general, and then; wasn't no fiX'ttin' round it It made me hot; Well, sir, Dick g-ot rig-lit up and walked over to them. " 'Hoj's,' he sex, 'I've lived nearly sixty years, and in the same space of time I've never heard so much profanity, vile talk and slander as I've heard from yon fellows to-nipht in twenty minutes.' Then he went on: '1 had a mother and n. wife. God bless 'era, and I've <rot one .sister still livin', though I hain't seeu her for years, and it makes me shiver ia my boots to hear the way you speak. You are all pood look'm' cha.ps and seem well dressed and respectable. For tho sake of your mothers, sweethearts or wives, quit talking such wickedness. I don't mean to bo harsh. I only speak with the privilege which comes of old HJJTC. ' "Them fellers, sir, if you'll believe me, sat still and never spoke nil the while that Dick was talkin'. Kinaily one feller— who knew Dick — the biff- gest one in the crowd, said, in a hourly way: 'Thanks, old fallow. I say, boys, three cheers for e'cntiomanly Slick.' and they were jfivon with a hearty will. Then one after another £ot up and sneaked out in the nifflit. Halloa, here comes the express! Hope, she's loaded for this here town," and the men ;\U left. The little waiting room which had served as a lecture room was vacant—Chicago Tribune. A Turiion'K «':rr:ic l.i':ij>. At certain seasons in the year the St. Johns river abounds in the tarpon, and some extraordinary jumping is to be witnessed. Vv'.hen suddenly alarmed the fish will leap into the air in any direction that it maybe headed. Thus it happens they, liiivo landed in boats towed by steamers. Hut the most extraordinary exhibition- was seen one day as a Jacksonville steamer was go- inff down the river, bound for Fernun- dina, A ^cntlnmau was sitting- oo the upper deck, tipped back comfortably uirainst the pilot house. He was probably drinking in the beauties of ths Florida climate in the winter and its semitropie features, whim suddeuly theru ea.me a flash, a gleam of white and silver, a. glimpse of biff, black eyes and a monster fish poised in tho air, and then a bip- tarpon fell fairly into the lap of the thinker, who with it rolled to the deck, a very much astonished and demoralized man. The tarpon had evidently been swimming 1 toward the steamer, and alarmed svt the noise had started ahead, rising- at least ton feet in the air, then shooting ahead at least six feet to land in this curious fashion.— San Francisco Chronicle- Grext \Vor<l. The celebrated German word which signified "Mutual Lit'o & fire Insurance Co,," ami which has been cited as the Ion-jest word, in nay language, apparently has a rival in another word, which is found in a German periodical: Schornsteinfeg-ermeistcrberufgonossen- schaft. Though this is a single word in German, several words are required to express it in English, It means, as nearly as anything' else: "The professional association of master chimneysweeps." An English word of respectable dimensions can be produced simply by running »U t hesc word ; s 1 ^ t .° one, without space or hyphen,— Youth's Companion. —Man's "crimes are his worst enemies, following him like shadows, til. they drive his slept, into the pit he dug. — Creou. Four Reliable Prescriptions SLEEP WITCMtM Are Nature's Great Nerve Vitalizers No other needed when these are properly supplied, 'tt'hcn not provided, the nerves .Tie robbed of vitality and irrtuitrJintely Suffer. Such n-^lL-ct owtinueJ throws the \vhole nervous sys- te:r. ui :t ."•!' order — brings an Nervous Prostration and a long Jiseascs! No\v you'll und: j rst;in J \vhsr. \\ p e say ti:at \v!];.ir these prescriptions are to he.ilihy nerves r. Wheelers Nerve Vitalizer i.s 1o ner\-es \v!'.ith privej of sns'.ei'i'.jic ** .'n-e been star\'eJ. o\'er-v, f or]\eJ and Je- Vcu neetl tiiis Vita!i/er if your ;-,;:rves W ilon'! i'es;v>:i%l ro.'iJily 10 Nature's U'Slcrcr- 1 . !t is the- ri.^lit ihin;; fur sh:nu-rej ner\'cs, nnJ Iving rlghl is free :'ro::i Iiarni- ~1 Price . St.oo a Bottle offer i-500 .-|[vs;^ '>' d!!:--:\i-is,-, r.r) •, CMi;i.:l'l> ,M--: ,'!i::.,-. , ,yn li.irciuil .Ir-i-.-s Fr :;i?!e '<••>.- convincina trial,of •; u:v ; "J ';"; ;r j di-n^K-;. .•:;• ;-.•;,t io;;nJ at dealers —! r.-.-A- !\- o:-,:iini'J bv v.-ri'dn;; us. Efr If i:i iici;bt .1!:";:: vour >.';• '-,i>le, st.-iti.- vour case : Ml w^ia-.nii.-. AdJ:x-ss closi ;c. i si.':nip:-'.) ;Dr poM;i and the Doctor will give irf: advice. THE J. W. BRANT CO., Makers, Albion, Mich. *or 42 Dcy Street, New Vorlc For Sale by Sen Fisher, 311 Fourth St. ,\ul *<-r The Ijrft |iayii,..iH nf stoolt to lIX'.i (Jilix^'f Coin|j!niy (if lwi>(.'iiii.->j dun aoJ .-.huu'.d ,10 i); ijauy's nil! .'y, c-irup;- :i s-.-b.-cri jilions is' .\,-ui:r;il (1;*^ fi. ,'nil., i.-i nnw d m the com uf Miirki:t lied Kourth s:n.-i-'!.s. iwenty-fivc ekill. - -ti«.r,-s 10 a (ire) Shares of fluek urc .iv ($2 it. 00) C»oh (two 1 O be t-aid s.» follovn;: Iliij '2'. IS!) I .lulii- -Jl. 1--.H .1.11, 3). 38M...,. ..... S 1 1 <KU J (1<r 3 (HI S W a (» ;> «) •i uu -l Ou . taken IntemiUT, acting dlreotlr on the Wood and muouimttl»OMoHS«iJ«t«m, ttunbr deltrojlnt n of tBe dueaie, and glrinc tb» pft- by bolldlne up tbo ooniOtaHon and . (JtlobtT L'J, 18DI NOVI*')ilK'I' 2n. ISi)^ I), eenilii-r in. INII .January 2u. ItS-'i JOHN G;;AV, Pr C. W. GRAVES. Secretary. A Polmcr for Traveler*. Whilu Mr. T. J, Rlchey, of Altona, Mo., was traveling' In Kansas he was m'ton violently ill with cholera mor. tins. Ho called at a drug store to get ^ocne medicine and tho druggist recommended Cliamb-'rlaln'i? Colic, Cholera :ii)d Diarrbun llaoiedy so highly he •^t>n.;:ud<.-d w try it- Thu resalt was • mtnedinto relief, iind a few doses oiireit him oorcplotcly. [t is made for bo-vel f.omplaint and nothing eUo. It never 'nils. For tald by B. F. Socs~ A OulrTl3»a>''« Opinion. Thoro is nothing I have ever xused Tor muscular rheumiuiim that pivos ino as much relief as Ciiaimbcrlain's Pain Halm docs. I have been u:i-og- it (or about l«o years—four bottles in fill—as ocoasioc required, and always keep a Ijottle ol it in my hotao. I believe I know r> good thing when I {jet hold of U, and -Pain Balm.- is the best liniment I bave ever mot with. VV. J3-. Denny, dairyman, liofr Lexington, Onio. SO cent bottles- 3or salo by B. F. Kooelinff, Druggist. 1'ho proinplness aod cerjainty ol its cure ha.vo made Chaciberlaio's Cough Kemody famous. It is Intended especially for coughs, colda, croup and whooping co\igb, ann is lias most effectual remedy known Jor these diseases. Mr. C, B. Main, of Union City, Pa., says: "I have a grei.t sale on Chalmberlam's Couph liemedy. I warrant ovory bottle and have never hoard of one failing to give entire sal. iafaction." 50 cent bottles for sale by B F. KeosUne". i>rugyist. Don'tTobreo Suitor Smoke Tour Llfo ABIJ la the tmtlif.ll, "tartlln^ title or ii little book thai lellaiill aboul No-u>-b»i;, tliu wonderful, uiirin- less, UUAIOMTKKO [obiicco liaDIt our*. The cosl 13 trilling, find me iiiiW who wauls to ijult nud can't runs nophyiluulovilMndiili: to using 1 Wo-to-back." solj by Ben Flsliur. Bool£ lie note, or by mail frot*. Aridress, The Sterling Bciueoy Co,, Indiana Jllneral Springs, 1ml A Hfilidi ffonrJ Order. U)-'I"H'V^ ROMUI '>!•' HKAI.TH, > Lc>i;;inMKir[. .mi.. April ±j. ISM, ( In view o( Uie near Jipproach of soiuilpox ihc Boird of liealtU directs tbat E.H school children must present satisfactory proof of successful vaccination within the last pa:,t five yoar«. Failure to comply with this direction will result in exclusion from the pub. lie schools. The Board of Health further advises all unvaccinated persons to at once have themselves vaccinated. By order of tbo Board of Health. W. 11. BELL, Pres't. A. J. liEHHMANX. N. W. CAPY, Sec'y. For the relief and cure of a cold 'n. tho head there is more potency la Ely's Cream Balm than in anything else it is possible to prescribe. This preparation has for years past been making n brilliant success as a remedy for cold in the head, catarrh and hay fever. Used in the initial stag-Co of these complaints Cream Balra prevents any serious development ol tho symptoms, while almost numberless cases are on record ot radical cures of chronic catarrh and hay lever alter all other treatments havo proved of no avail. A Valuable t'licM. T.'.cWiA, Wash,—I havo used your Simmons Liver Regulator and ca.n conscientiously say it is the king of all liver medicinoa. I cousider it a medi- cinu cbcst In itself.—Geo. \V. Jiicksoo. Your druggist tells it in powder or liq.uid. Tne powder to bo taken dry or made into a tea. A skillful physician originated and used l>r. Wheeler's i-erve Yltalizer during many years practice. No opiua. Free samples of Ben Fisher. Quaker buadacho cupsulg give re» liel in ten Mrs. Dr. J. A. BmterneW, WONDERFUL! The Remarkable Cure of an Ar- kaiisas City Street Coiu- missioner. I had an attack of La Grlupe tne 18th of December, complicated with lonttllltls; was contlnwl to my bad one week. Tim physicians gava me np My breathing was very labored ;nad a smothered sonsiUlon at times; mj cliest imd Icntpt were ven soro. Phelp's "Four C" remedy helped me (tit first dose: the aoreness left my cnest almost In- stuntlT; wa« well In three days. The aljove U due Mr. Pheips In simple lastlcs W this wonder ful medicine. P. H. FBANKF, tStreet Conunlsslonei Arkansas City, December SOtli. 1891. Four "C" has cured Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and Ulcerated T6n»iMls. In oomnooltton It 18 DtFFaEKNr, It HORK poWEHFtn, and AflTrw Ui f act Is M DFFFEBBENT from any other tan* remedy ai molusBi It different from Tlne«ar. U»BKVBUTION. BMT or uJ, va TOM M 1'HK 1VOHLICS FA.HOL'S j.iizod by tne i>r<sss, ni?ujc;i! fnculty and sclunUsLs nom-Kiily ;ui OB mcisi. ueliibRned. me dluin and cl<ilrvu>in]t u£ uiuikn'n iliu^ &. 1 look luLo u-e fuiur« utid Kuw du ciisl uli' Uoro^CJl)^;. —biiitupsiiaaro, Mny bis consulted on all iu(;iir,-> of Ilfri gives luck) iimnlKTs in lottery drHwiiitts; uvei-y mudta niyaiery reVt?n!ed; iij;igno--^y c'ts^ «uid ijr^crib<sB lur tiiejn wjiie muiur co'UroJ; IUCUL«S mlucrais, irtjtuMicos and ,-!Loiyu tiroi^rty, All imsuiest, .strjiiur <.•oiilldonti.il. In writing send yiioiu ur lock 01. luilr, (KILQ u ]>owillji«; »u will oe ix-Uu-utxi. Always .sciLJ sunlit, ot .c^rwisa 110 utU'iiuou will bti ixuu to currc.spomltiiico. Al- WHJS send lull addL-usa. otiUstutii-jii uuitrant«ed or uiuuey ryj.uiidod. ABANDON DESPAIR! GOOD NEWS! GOOD NEWS FOR EVERYBOOi! Mrs. Dr. liuoterfleld, 469 N. Clark St,, Ctiiaago, Ilia., Koom 4, ibe noted Clairvoyant and famous oracle of prophecy, is permanently located in Cbl- cago and may be consulted on all pant, present ana Imure events. Sae given ad 11 ice on love, courlsliip, marriage and divorce, tier counsel la invaluaoia In lawsuits, business mailers, speculation and investment. Sbe settles love quarrels, reunites the separated, locales and Beulea old estates, she tell* of your friends and your enemies, removes ceil Influences—In fact, eveiy- thiDgf. The only Clairvoyant «ho o«n and does do all she advert'ae*. She is the only one who can give assistance as well by mail as by person*! interview. The only Clairvoyant IB tbe western world who prepare! Md thorougblr understand* tbe working! of the real Oriental Egyptian Charm. All letter* confidential. Letter* <rilb $8.00 aniwer«d. Poiltlve our* tor catarrh, rtwum«tUn», aU pain, all

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