The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 1, 1965 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 1, 1965
Page 10
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10—Algeria, (lo.) Upp*r 0*» Meln*« ThimHay, July 1, 1965 'Terry Cross The Mersey" Opens Sunday along with the second feature "Mara Of The Wilderness" Liverpool's famed rock combo Gerry and Tlir Pnrcmnkcrs make their film debut In Brian Epstein's "Ferry Cross the Mersey," United Artists release opening Sunday at the Algona Theatre. Gerry Is the one In the cap. Sunburn Seems Big Problem At Sexton SEXTON - The Crystal Lake Park has turned into a good luck meeting place for the Sexton Friendly Club family picnic, with a perfect day last Thursday. Because of reasons of health for a number of members, only four attended the picnic, but they managed to have quite a crowd, with 18 kids present. Guests for the day were Gary and Mike Cooper, Patrice and Diane Bode, Ron- nie Plathe of Algona and Mrs. Leo Kirschbaum and Roger, Kathy Pruisman, Debbie Pe- Coy and Carol Stebblns of Sexton. An excellent lunch and an afternoon of swimming was enjoyed by the crowd. The day almost turned into a disaster for one of the girls, when arriving home that evening she discovered her very now class ring was missing from the beach bag It was placed in for safe keeping. A return trip to the lake failed to find it, but the day was saved when the young lady's driver found the ring in a chair at her home. It was believed the ring had fallen into the girls pants cuffs and then rolled out that evening. So it was still a good day - or will be when all the new sunburns from swimming are forgotten. Thp sudden Sunday morning sfmrn that hit Algona must have rnarlf- it to the west edge of Sexton also. A large tree broke off near the Jack Werlerquist home, but the btppest surprise was surely at the Glenn Gabrlelson's. The Gabrielson family was away attending their family reunion that day and returned home to find the barn blown down. This wasn't a complete tragedy as Glenn has been trying to get it down apiece at a time for quite a while. Let's hope this Sunday is a much more peaceful one as the Wise family reunion is being held at Clear Lake. There is a good chance as Mack says they have only been rained out once In 26 years. But look for a lot of traffic In town, nothing seems to bring customers as fast as Mack closing the store that one Sunday out of the year. Sunburns seem to be only a minor danger of being out of school. Have you noticed how scratched and bruised all the kids have gotten in the past month? This week included a trip to Des Moines and Guthrie Center for the Don Mains. There have been a lot of class reunions tills month, but it was quite a shock to find his twenty-fifth reunion was included In the trip for Don. It's hard to believe that many years have passed, or were you one of those 16 year old graduates, Don? Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wederqulst are entertaining that Influential newspaper man from the east coast this week. Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lovas of Terrytown, New York are in the midwest to attend a convention of newspaper circulation managers in St. Louis as Mr. Lovas is vice president and circulation manager of a chain of New Yorkpapers. While here, they will also visit relatives in Des Moines and Council Bluffs and Mrs. Lovas hopes to spend a few days here with her CITGO New sound of power ... New sign of power!... i New name* for Cities Service! Cities Service has changed into something more powerful . . . something with ZZOOOMMM/ ZZOOOMMM IN A NEW GASOLENE! Modern as the space age—clean, strong and powerful! ZZOOOMMM IN A NEW OIL! More protective against corrosion and wear than any oil on the market today, the finest long range formula yet! ZZOOOMMM IN OUR SERVICE, TOO! Friendly, helpful CITGO service —try it and see what ZZOOOMMM means to you and your car! HUTZELL'S CITGO SERVICE * * ALGONA * * JERRY'S CITGO SERVICE * * TITONKA * * drive into CITGO. . . drive out with ZZOOOMMM! *CITGQ . . . Trademark of Cities Service Oil Company DHIA Report pounds. THE OTHER DAY I RAN across a book, "If the South Had Won the Civil War" by Iowa's and Sarasota's MacKlnlay Kantor. It presents quite a case of how a slight turn of fate might have changed the destiny of the North, the South and the World. We numt>er only a few dyed-in-the-wool southerners among our acquaintances down here, but some of them really seem to think the South could win the Civil War - if they ever stop fighting it I - o - WITH THE FOURTH OF JULY coming up, I got to thinking that history would also be changed if the Revolutionary War had gone the other way. If the circumstances just once had favored the British instead of the Colonials we might today be running around in spats and bowlers and saying things like, "beastly hot", and "sticky wicket". - o - IF KING GEORGE HAD realized sooner that the Americans were about to revolt, he could have prevented the entire war. Some Englishmen are still of the opinion that Americans are revolting, but that's rather beside the point. It could have been a little thing like one man's tendency to transpose numbers that changed the course of events. If Paul Revere had gotten it into his head that it was "two if by land; one if by sea", the British might have come and massacred all of our ancestors and many of our forefathers. - o - WHAT IF THE BOSTON TEA PARTY had been the Boston Coffee Party ? Would all Uiat caffein have made the fish in Boston Harbor so nervous and jittery that they quit biting and caused a cod liver oil shortage, seriously hampering the Colonial army ? And would dumping coffee into the harbor have been grounds for an immediate British attack ? - o - THE WEATHER COULD HAVE had even more to do with the Revolution than it actually did. The dreadful cold of that winter at Valley Forge didn't finish off our men, but an early spring might have influenced those embattled farmers. Many of them might have stayed home to do their spring plowing instead of standing at Concord bridge to fire the shot heard 'round the world. And if any of them were procrastinators they might have taken a minute and a half to alert instead of being minutemen. - o - THE THREAD OF HISTORY MIGHT also have run differently if Betsy Ross's daughter hadn't had a' fight with her boy friend. If true love had been running more smoothly, Betsy might have been so busy making a bridal gown for her daughter's wedding that she hadn't time to stitch up that inspiring American nag. - o - IF JOHN PAUL JONES hadn't been Interrupted after he said, "I have not yet begun to fight" - the utterance might not have provided the Inspirational spark needed for that sea battle. Actually, John Paul was Interrupted In mid-statement by a foghorn. The sentence he never got to finish was, "I have not yet begun to fight and I have started thinking seriously about getting the heck out of here." - o - IF GEORGE WASHINGTON HADN'T chosen a river with a colorful Indian name like the Rappahannock to throw a dollar across - and If most people hadn't gotten the idea that it was the Potomac, which is almost a mile wide - he probably would not have become sufficiently famous to have been named General to lead the colonies through the war. It is also a good thing George threw a sliver dollar instead of trying to use paper money or a check. - o - YOU CAN SEE HOW A RELATIVELY minor thing or a combination of events could very well have done us all out of a paid holiday every year. We might still be having July 4 instead of the Fourth of July without even an excuse to go on a picnic. There wouldn't be any D. A. R., corn wouldn't know when to grow knee high, and nobody would know when to traditionally serve the first mess of green peas and new potatoes I Sort of scares you, doesn't it ? - o DURING THE WEEK OF JUNE 27 through July 3, people having birthdays include Jeanne Montag, Ed Farrell, Daniel Smith, Sally Schattschneider, Duke Straub, Franklin Hagg, Don Jorgenson, Kay Kollasch, Steven Gant, Antony Harmon, Lorri Ross, Lori Gerdis, Lloyd Pratt, Philip Specht, Margaret Schutter, Allen Leaneagh, Dick Schneider, Linda Ross, Suzanne Plott, Marcia Nelson, Beverly Zender, Francis Zeigler, John B. Wilson and G. M. Studer. Wedding anniversaries are Mr. and Mrs. Elgin Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cogdall, Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Haas, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fraser, Dr. and Mrs. R. K. Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Greenberg, Mr. and Mrs. Don Jorgenson, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tuttle and Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Hall. - o THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS FOR Shoo-Fly Pie, a typically southern delicacy. I found it in a Chattanooga, Tenn. cookbook. 1 cup sifted flour 1/2 tsp. cinnamon 1/2 cup dark brown sugar 2 tbsp. shortening 1/4 tsp. salt 1/2 cup dark molasses 1/2 cup boiling water 1/4 tsp. soda 1 unbaked pie shell Mix flour, cinnamon, salt and sugar together; cut in shortening. Combine molasses with boiling water, add soda. Mix well and pour into unbaked pie shell. Sprinkle flour, cinnamon, sugar and shortening mixture over, top and bake 10 minutes in a 450 degree oven, Reduce heat to 3 50 and continue baking for 20 minutes or until top is firm. GRACE brother after Mr. Lovas returns to New ionc. Mr. Lovas was recently honored when his speech to a Long Island, New York convention was reprinted in the national circulation managers paper. Their son, Steve, was not able to make the trip as the New York schools are not dismissed until the end of June. There was quite a traffic jam on main street as work began on the new entrance being constructed for the county tile In front of the Don PeCoy home, If the project is unsuccessful it surely won't be the fault of the sidewalk superintendents In the area. You can be sure all the young folks carrying hoes around town are not volunteering to help in their mothers' gardens. They just keep their equipment handy in case they get any replies to their signs for work wanted In bean fields. CATFISH Young Jon Buttle r, son of the Perl Buttlers of Guthrie Center, caught an 11-pound catfish at Virgil Benton's pond. Jon was given a little help by his grandfather, Art Buttler, The fish was 28 inches long. Mrs. Paul Hum, supervisor for south Kossuth county for the Dairy Herd Improvement Association, reports that she tested 14 herds with 320cowson D.H.I.A. and 10 herds with 198 cows on owner sample. Those with more than 1-pound of butterfat per cow per day included James Schmidt of West Bend and Stanley Opheim of Whittemore, 1.6; W. H. Bosworth of Algona and Alfred Meyer of Whittemore, 1.5; Marvin Leigh of Algona and Robert Waechter of West Bend, 1.3 RATTLER Dean R. Anderson, Mt. Pleasant, killed a 38-inch long timber rattlesnake on a gravel road southeast of Mr. Pleasant recently. MOVIE Roots In Pipe Since tree roots spread in the direction of nearby water, It's just good sense to make sure under ground pipes and drains are of a watertight, durable material. Once there is a leak in' inferior piping, destructive roots will invade it and clog the line. THURSDAY thru SATURDAY - "Fluffy'' - 7:35 - 9:40. SATURDAY MATINEE at ItSA. SUNDAY - "Kerry Cross The Mersey" - 2:05 - 5:10 - 8:15. "Mara Of The Wilderness" 3:30 - 6s40 - 9:45. MONDAY thru WEDNESDAY "Mara of the Wilderness" 7:00 - 10:00. "Ferry Cross The Mersey" - 8:40 Only, f OR,,OUR B GIANT BE AN -EARLY BIRD THE FUN STARTS qf ? P.M. Gomes — Foot Races — Many Prizes FREE Records - FREE Sno-Kones - FREE Balloons •K A FREE Gift To Everyone Purchasing A Ticket Before 8 P. M £V£ffY80DY COME! AOE 2 tolQK!-rti€R£tWN f OR-ALL', DRIVE-IN THEATRE x ALGONA , IOWA MAKE IT A PICNIC! OUR SNACK BAR If LOAMD WTHGOOD/&! Free "Smarty Pants Patches" to Kiddies "McLINTOCK" and "HONEYMOON HOTEL" Will Also Be Shown on MONDAY and TUESDAY, July 5 - 6 L ENDS SAT. • TONY RANDALL & SHIRLEY JONES • In "FLUFFY" GALA HOLIDAY SHOW! SUN. thru WED, July 4 - 7 - Mon. Mat. 1:30 CONTINUOUS SUNDAY PROM A PROGRAM FOITYOUNG; W. r IN-BETWEEN'/ pacemakers UNTAMED UNTOUCHED SEAUTY! 7he Fantastic Adventures of WILDERNESS

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