Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 2, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 2, 1894
Page 2
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•The Loader of trie OommoQW8'» Army to Congress, has proven to be the most satisfactory and popular "Bcck'O? the price. Everyone is ai r"' yet oifered at the Of its bc-auty and elegance of design. As the weeks roli by and the series nears completion the demand for the parts constantly increases. The reason is apparent—the work advertises itself. is artistic in conception is accurate in detail is complete in design is the book for the people And can only be found at the Journal office. Those who have not been getting the parts as they arrive should not fail to call at once and secure the back numbers. Part 12 now ready. See coupon on 1st page. . America's Greatest Actors Are all portrayed in Tho Mario Burroupio Art Portfolio of Stago ColebritioEB. Such a complete collsction was never mado beforo. Such an opportunity to •ecuro portraits and biographies of tho loaders in drama as that now offered to^tho readers of the Journal haa not ocearrad beforo. That is why our Coupon Department is kept busy and our maila aro loaded with orders from people of tasto with an eye for tho beautifuL All are Eager T> ecure These mtpniflceet portfolios -while tho oifer ot tiioa ai the trifling sum asked by Tho Journal still holds out. Each part contsJa: .twenty elegant half-tone phot9graphs finished in two aslors. Ten Parts Are Ready The last part is fully as Intorootlng as any that preoooded it, with the portraits and biographical sketches ol twenty famous favorites of the Amori- eu Stage. Do You Wonder la It surprising that the demand for "Stage Celebrities" should be so great as to amount to a veritable boom, whoa twenty elegant portraits and biographical sketches of such famous folks can be secured for ONLY TEN CENTS, with three coupons. That is tho price at which The Journal offers them. CUT THIH OUT. The Speech Which He WnrteH to •Make from the Steps -tff the Capitol r.t VVa^hrhkHon, ISSI'Kn AS AN AI)nr,i : :Ss. Vl'ASiiiNcvoN. Mity 1.—After leaving the oiipitdl ^'ruiitul.-i, whore he was denied pi'.i'TiTissitin to spos.!c or outer a prot«;t,, and as soon as tho common- wca-! itrrny had established Itself on ".'ts new citinping grounds Gen, Coxey is- •suevl an address. It is understood that 'the document embodies th<? speech he •expected to make from the stops of the capilol. It is as follows: Th« r«opu*'s iti^iitN. "The constitution of I.IIH r;;ii'.un States guaranteed to all cliiz.-nj tho rl^ht to peacefully Qydeinblo und prUtion for rmlruss of fli'lev- »nce«, und furtlnTinoi'" i!uu:uri!s ihnt tho ritfbt ot free speech shull nut bo abridged, vvo 8Und liero to-day to (rat UKIMO guaranties of our constitution. Wu ohoso thin placo of iiHsoiiibliin;*; because it Is tbe property of tlie pttnnle, and If it bo true Unit tlio right of the people to peacefully assemble upon tliulr own premises and with tlwlr petitions lias been abridged by the passutfe or laws Indirect violation or the constitution, wo wore hum to ilriuv the oyon of tho on- lire nation to thin iihamiiful faet. I'loro ruttier than at any npot upon ibu conthioiit Is liulntf that wo should roirco to imr.n-n over our dead liberties utul liy our protest aruu.se the Imperiled imtlon to such notion us shull ruscno tho con^tiiiiUon anil rt?.s;)tct our libei-Lv- Upon theao stop'* whoro u-i> .^iai;(l IISH but-u wprond IL enrpet fur the royu! foot of a forniKn prlnoosa. the cost cif whoso Invld!) ontortalnmeat wat* Uiken from tho publle ireanury u-jthout tlio consent or tho approval of tlin people. Up these step* the lobbying i>r truais uiul corporallniiM have ptL.sHod uiicluvll'mxuii on thnir \vuy to com- mltti.'0-rooins to \\-ltii.li \vi! ( thu roprnHcnUuivng of tho tolling wi:altl'.-produoora, luivo bijou ilc- ulcd. Their Drmatultf, "We stand hure to-day In bi3m!f of millions of tollnry whose petitiuus IIUVR boori burlud in coiumittoi'-i-ooiKs, \vliu.so pi'iiyci'M have been un- reniiondcil to. mid whnsu opportmiltioH for hor.- rrtt, reuiuneriiilve labor luivo been taken from them by unjust legislation ivhldi protuots idlers, spccnlutord ami jjiiiubiors. Wu cotno to remind congma, liere aasembled, of tiro daclarattous of a United Stales senator thut JOT u quarter or a cotunry tho rioh lutvo boon growing richer, the poor poorer, aud that by tho close ot tho pnwent ceutury tho middle clasB will liuvo dlsappenred an tlio struggle for cilsteuco becomes ilurco and relentless. Wo stand tcre to remind conarosa of Us promise of roturulu; prosperity should tbe 'Sherman act 1 bo repealed. "W« stand hero to declare by our rn»rob. of over 600 miles through dtM.eiikloa and distress, a mare huuuuiacd. Ijy ci-en tae Bllxateat act which would brme iho blnshof Bharuo to any citizen, and us such our actions apoak loudor than words. Wo are hero to po- tillon for legislation wbioliwlli lurnlsh employment for every man able ami willing t o work; for legislation which will bring prosperity and emancipate our beloved counfry from financial bondage to the descendants of King Qoorge. "Tu tlio Nume of JnHtlco." 1 'Wo have come to the only source which la competent v> aid th»i people in their day ot dire dlntress. We are here to toll our reproaenta tivofl who bold their seats by grace of our bal- lota that tlio struggle for existence has become far too fierce and relentless. Wo eorao and throw up our defenseless hands aud .say: Help.' or wo »nd our loved ones must perish.' Wo arc oni;u.EOd In a bitter and cruel war with tho enemies of all mankind—a war with hunger, wrotcliodncss and despair; and we aslt congress to heed our petitions and Issue for the nation's good a sufficient volumo of the same kind of money whloh carried the country through or.o awful war und saved tho lift) of the nation. "In the nnmo'of Justh-c, tbrouKh>liO30 Inipar. tlal iulmlnlswatloti only tho nresen; civilization can be maintained aii'l porpetualod by tun powers of tlio constitution or our country, up oil which the l!bt'rllt;s of our people must pond, tind In tho name yf tlie 'CQinnioaiyoal of Christ,' whose reprc:»i;iltailvi;a ive tire, 'wo im tor a most fniliimn and earnest protest anilnst this unnecessary anil cruel act of uflurpiition and tyranny, and thus enforce subjugation of tho rights and prlvtloucs of American citizen- P ' Violate Mu I.aw», "Wo have assembled hero In violation ot no Jtiut iawa to enjoy the prlvllcifBS of every Amor- loan citizen. We aro cow under tho shadow of tho capltol of this great mtlou, und in the pros•once of o'ur national legislators are refused that dearly bought prMleffe, and by the foroa of arbitrary powers prevented from carrying out tho desire of our huarts, which ig plainly gran ted under the great magna ohnrta of ov.r national libcrtfoj. Wo liavo como bere throuRh toil and woary marches, through atorms and tempests, over mouulalus and amid i.hc trlala of poverty und distress, to lay our yrlBTance-s Ot tho doors of our national ieglalatora and ask thorn. In the name of Him whoso banners we bear, In tho name of Elm who pleaded for tho poor and the oppressed, that they should hoed the volco of deapalr and distress that Is now coming up from evory section of our country, that they should consider the conditions of the starving unemployed of our land and enact such laws as will give them employment, Bring happier conditions to the people and the smile of content- moat to our citizens. With Peace anil Good will. "Coming as wo do with peace and good-will to men, we shall submit to those laws, unjust an they are, and obey thin mandate of authority and intent which overrides and outrages the law of right In doing so wo appeal to every peace-loving cltiion, evory liberty-loving miin or woman, everyone In whose breast the llres of patriotism and love of country have not died out to aaslst us in our efforts toward bettor laws and general benefit. "J. S, COXBT, "Commander of tnoCommonweal of Chriut." H Kelly Stranded at IJei Molnefl. DBS MOINKS, Ia-, May I.—The Kally industrial army is in a state of great discontent, and the Crumbling of the men has grown more pronounced as tho day advanced Tho fact that negotiations with the Great Western road have come to naught iK the prime causa of dissatisfaction. Kelly admits that he is disappointed because he could not reach Washington by May 1, but said he was not discouraged and would yet roach the national capitol. trWrn. -ftpd if Tie %Hs "air the roads run- '•aingf eostvv'ard 'from here will be ua- 'able to uscSfcis depot, OH ^-Injo ^fu^-r^'•;:, Jnd. Near Hanoi*i Moanmcutal iwi-u.-^- , , :.-Tbc*rrtwl» ;iwcrti , m;t lA.i.iwa.ti.ounty has boon 'ilisuovoruiJ . on ,, ma cn,-. well In liberty township', 4 ' lnolonmu , •Allies oast, c,t .Muscle, near Selina, ' -jtiid on tin' southeast border of the superior < Anility. '|'hu lirst oil lie^an Iknviii/.r from tlio well labt J-'cVniiu-y, but, Lha discovery Ims been, kept a. se- C!-«l-- Tlie well has increased until it •now flows about thirty ban els per day. I'ollcuiunu Hnd Matorntan Hurt, Cr.BVjtLA.Np, May 1.— Sc-vcu thou_ 'sand unemployed men paradvd tha j 'streets after listening to speeches ia square. In tho liua unruly spirits. Wliilo Central viaiiuet a ivfiisi'd to stop his tlio - process!, in passed attacked H.IK) wrcekod a Ind., May i.— ^Vesloy j Wise was arrested Monday iiifrht bv a I posse of deputy shoi-itts who snr- train w^jile and the mob ear, LILUM-nearly 100 shots worn ,,, vll over another car, v. hicli w;i< compelled to stop. (Several pcv&un.s wore- knocked down (hirintr -the innreh, and ollii-rs were injured T.>y missiles thrown by tho mob. Ou Pearl street another riotous sceno •occurred. A street oar was loudly wrecked by tin; mob :irni tho motorman assaulted and perhaps falallv :a- ivunded an old desprted log- house in ! jtired. A policeman who was uu which he had been -hiding nince Friday, board drew his revolver, but beforo when he escaped alter beiny placed I under arrest. Ho is wanted by sev- j oral farmers, whom ho is said to have swindled by forging deeds and selling their laud. He made an attempt to escape Monday, but was unsuccessful. J>*ftth of n Prominent Kurnier. Ei.KltAivr, Ind., May 1.—Moses M C . j 'J-'he policu who were it could be used the mob closed in on him and he received very rough handling-. Pistols were fired in orery direction. Many platc-fflass windows were smashed and a panic en- j sued in the crowded thoroughfare. j There were many Harrow escapes, but fortunately no one was killed outright, in the day mi. -t.uii.vi- nocuiy iw j ,: II •ay« Hood'* Snrsnparllln it M »t_. !lngnnd Valuable Remedy..-'' iff. E. A, Xorrl* Fitchburj;. Mass. been called out, TO p'OTITslT" LYNCHERS. Keissick, ono of the oldest farmers of i masSL ' (! in t!l e' r various stations have northern Indiana, died at his home near here Sunday nljflit, ajjed si years, Tow-Jjout ilurnoil. PADUCAH, Ky., May 1.—The Jarg-t tow-boat Time, lying: here awaiting repairs, was totally destroyed by (Ira Several barR-es were also burned. T;io boi>,t was the property of the I'.arrett lino, aud w,-).s valued and was insured. at about t-to.000 ETIQUtTTE Or I'ropor i-rv;iiic<' of Correct Social C^ltiUllnS. Jn the m.itlT.'r- of introductions, if a fi-eiitleman ;:, lo be presented, it must be with "he lady's consent. When there if a disparity of ag-c between two women a proper respect to years requires that the younger should bo introduced lo her senior. An introduction at a public gathering, however, bfiiuR an frccident of situation, may not properly be held to constitute an acquaintance except by the mutual agreement of the persons involved. Visits are tho commonest form of social observance and tho simplest duty. One callB upon a newcomer in the neighborhood or not as one is disposed. It is often an act of most gracious hospitality to do so, for the simple call may open a new window to the world for some forlorn and homesick pilgrim into a, now part of town. Each call thus made should bo returned within a fortnight. This is imperative. If after that it should he desired by either to drop the acquaintance, it may bo done naturally and without rudeness. Custom prescribes that from two days to a week after a dinner party or a hail one should call upon tho hostess. It is permissible for a gentleman to leave his card, or for his wife in paying- her visit, to leave it with her own. If there are several ladies in a household, or visitors whom one wishes to remember, separate cards should be left for each person. Bonding the odpes or corners of a card to signify that one has left it in person or that it is intended for all the ladies of the family is an old-fashioned custom that is not honored in the breach. Formal visits of condolence or congratulation or of farewell are all proper observances dictated by an amiable regard for one':', acquaintances. Jn each of these cases however the Jeaviu'g of cards serves the same purpose.—Harriett F. Robinson, in Chau- la.uqu.aD. —In the heart of London is a public news-room without a librarian or anyone to look after the papers. They are chained and padlocke.8 so they cau not be carried off. Little damage is done und tho room is usually quiet and orderly. A Hill on the Sobjrrt Introduced (11 the Ohio JLc^-!;!l;itur<>. COLUMBUS.-0., .May 1.—In the legis- •1/iture Mr. Smith, nf Cleveland, lias introduced a bill providjnff that the k'tfal heirs of any person killed by a lynching party in Ohio, shall recover the sum of f 15,000; in ease only personal injury is inflicted the person so injured shall recover the sum of ?10,000 and the persons fouud fruilty of participation in the lynching shall be sent 10 the ni A m.in who has Iind ncnrlj- half a century «f experience in newspaper life Is certainly capV bio of judging between tho valuable and th» worthless. Hence we highly value tlie follow ICR statement from Mr. Erasmus A, NorrlS ot \ Fitcliburg, for nearly 40 years editor of Muu> eliusetts and New Jlnmpslilre newspaper!: "C. I. nood & Co., Lowell, Mass.: "Gentlemen: in jss?, after a sickness of two years, I was Riven up by our best phvsl- j elans, who couriered my case hopeless, my\ age, C5,being againstmc'. Butliy taking Hood'i S.irsaiiarilla. I was able to gi.'t about and do I lltilo light work. Jt seems almost a miracle, la my case, that after using Hood's Sarsaparlll* In tho fall, on Die first day of .January I engaged for tlie city of Fltcbbun; to take the record of the blrtlis. I accomplished this \v'.tU compir*- tivceasc, being out In tlie Unusually Severe Weather for -L torn, nf not 1 < -) ' >'f "' lenLlary j of winter, working each day, and h.ivo been for a tom of not W than three years, i able to do a f.-iir day's work every day .Inw. Several members of my family have taken Hood's Sarsaparilla, .-mil always with marked Tbe sunj awarded the victim of a Jyncliinif !.ha.U \« made a lieu on tho tax .levy of the oonnty where tho trouble occm-s, to b« collected as taxes from the citizens of such county. The attorney g-coeral is authorized to assist iu all prpstcutions under the act. benefit. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is as staple ««., Senator Alilrlch ScoftMl. ox, May i—I'orsot-r/iities entered largely into the debate on the tariff bill in the senate Monday. Senator Turpio made a bitter attack on Senator Aldrich, whom ho -accused of uttering falsehoods. FLOUR - low and THE MARKETS. JT Uratu, Proi-Itloni, istc. Cnir>xco, May t •Demand limited amV'fooliiig easier Winter—Patents, tt.SOii3.00: straights £75: clears, 5-J.2i)SC.W; seconds, fl.&xaij grades. tL30@1..70. Spring - Patents, 3.60; utralghts, t!.S0^2.0U; Bakers', Il'.75a2 10- low gntdCB, fl.«031.50; Bod Dog, fl Suai 40- Ryo, eHOJJ'ilJO. ' ' WHEAT—Moderately aotlvo and stronger. Cash, 68?i(iJ59c; May, M^OWJic- July 60>ia OOHc. CCKN—Moderately^active and firm. y>o 2, 87»o; No. i: Yellow., Ssjjc-, No. 8, ST-fcc; No 8 Yellow, 38so; May. :i7HQ>3!tc: June, Ssxc; OATS — Fairly active ami higher. No. > •cash, 88!iia34!40; May, 3S!il»3<ii; June. 83$ 33Ho: July, 29uaf)o: September, 13?«aS5«o. Samp!o.1 In fair demand and lirmur. No. 3 833 MW, No. 3 Whlto, !H3S4Kc; No. 2, 3»»3<«o: No. S White, 34WQ35\tc, RV»—S!ow, No. ^ cash, 4 lota, 47ffi<9a May delivery, 45c. BAHI.ET—Scarce and ste.idy. Choice by sarr.- plo, 60<&Mc; fair to ^ood, iJIiJJMo: common, 463 60c, with screenings t'lt.ouair.jO per ton. MKSS PoitK—Trading.OuJ.: and prices .steady Quoiatlons rangDtl at fl^ 4J!^iai^.5S for casU regular. 51-iWal-M for May, and Jllnoa lii.70 for July. . LAllD-Vcry n.\rtct and strong. Quotations ranged."at f~70a7.05 for cash; S7 COS7 & for May, and J7.irMa7.2Jtf for July, LIVE POULTRY—For pound; Chickens, 7® 7',-ic; Turlto.vs, 7SS10C; Ducks, OaiOo; Gceso, 83.0085 00 pur dozen. BUTTEU—Creamery, Sftl'a; Dairy, J2®i8c; Packing Stock, risDc. OlLS-WIsconsin Prime White. 7^c; Wat«r White, 7«c: Michigan Prime White, 8!4c: Witer White. 9o; Indiana Prime Whlto, 8^c; Water Whito, 8iic; Heiulllghfc 175 test, 84c; Gasoline, 87 deg's. lliic; 7< des's, an; Napliioa 63 dec's, 6Hc. LiQUoiis —Distilled spirlis steady ou basis of IL15 per gal. for finished goods. Live Stock. flour In our h&ise, and its presence almost as in- dispcn»ab1e. I find thai nearly every medicin«- det*rlora.tes, but Hood's keeps up tho quality' all these years that I have known It. It ti certainly a sterling and Invaluable remedy. lean- hardly Imagine wUat Ishould have donewithont- IU" ERASJIUS A. NORUIS, No. 7 Lincoln St FltchburR, Mass. Get HOOP'S. . Hood's Plll« aro liand made, and perfect In propordou and appearance. 2ie. a box. . ^ GroRi Trlnmpb. Instant relief experienced and per-- manent cure by the most speedy and greatest remedy in the world—Otto'e Cure for lung and throat diseases. Why will you continue to irritate your throat and lunga with that terrible hacking cough when Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth street, solo agent, will furnish you a free sample bottle of this guarantee remedy ? Its success in simply wonderful, as your druggist will tell you. Otto's Cure !s now sold in every tovrn and village on this continent. Samples freo- Large bottles 50 cents. California Fruit Laxative Is nature^ own true remedy. It comMnas tho medicinal virtues of California fruit* and plants which are known to have & beneficial effect on the human system. Although harmless to tho most delicate constitution it is thorough and effective, and will afford a pel manent oure for habitual constipation and the njnny disorders arising from a weak or Inactive condition of the kidneyi, liver, stomach and bowels. For sale by all druggists at 50 cents a bottle. the CmcAoo, May 1. HOGS—Market railier active. Poellag firm and prices 5o higher. Sales ranged at H75SS 85 for Plga; M.ioas.85 for 'light; K8535.10 for rough packing; »i 1035.85 for mixed, andB.14 O6 85 for heavy packing and shipping lota. CATTLK—Market ralrly octivo and price* nt«ady. Quotations ranged at ti.lO®iM for choice to extra saloplng Steers; (8.7594.311 for good to choice do.; »&30a&70for fair to good; ISOO<J{A35 for common to medium do.*3.10®8.30 for butchers' Steers; J2.8098 10 for Stackers; jaSOo3.80 for Feeders; W.90O340 for Cows; f2.00®a-BO for Heifers: eiOoaSSo for Bulls; »2.r033.rb for Texas Steers, and R78 O».SO for Veal Calves. CUT THIS OUT. MAY 2.1804. MEMORIAL WAR BOOK COUPON. Three of thwie coupons uric) ten cents wcurei the current number of the Mem- orlnlWur Book, If presented at tbe Portfolio Department of The J ournal. CUT THIS OUT. MA1 r 2, 180-1. STAGE CELEBRITIES, This Coupon with two others of different dates, and Ten Cents, Is good for one part, containing twenty portraits, ot the Marie Biirreugh's Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities. THE JOURNAL. CCT,THI8 OUT Brltlec* WMlivd Away. TKURELL, Tex,, May 1.—As a result of the heavy rain which fell hero from Sunday nitfl'l until Monday noon, farms n.nd public highways are inundated, fences and bridg-es washed away and railway truffle badly -interrupted. The damapo to the crops is incalculable. Truffle on the Texas Midland railroad is totally stopped. Nearly every bridge on tho iiuu is washed away and several-miles of the track ia submerged. llc|iot Moti Ijult. MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., May 1.— All the baggage men, (jute tenders, and others in the Union depot here have been culled out The superintendent of the KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort find improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. Tho many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting tho world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to liealth of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup ot' Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in tlie form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met withjthe approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not, accept any substitute if. oflereA- PBOPEII cans and feeding aro even more necessary than bre»dinjf for early Maturity of stock. Tho Era or Hncclc. This Is nn stlilotlc age. Sverjbody wants to b« strong, Tlie craze—far It has well nfeh reached 1 that stace-nlTects both sexes and even childhood Xlin pugilistic phase of this fad In young America Is by no means morally promising. Ent It Is one thing to be endowed with vigor nnd another to be Sandowod with muscle. Super muscularity Is otlen Induced by physical cflort perilous tc health and calculated to shorten life. The vigor which nieansarefinlarand elliclent discharge of the physical functions, Is the Urst medium nt which all may safely nlm without causing ruptures or bleaklnit blood . vessels. Hosteller's Stomach Bitters Is largely conducive to again In vigor of tbl.s sort, since It nlmulatcs and assists digestion, | promotes regular bilious secretion aod keeps tha bowe's In order. Sleep, ttint Brand recuperator of nervous vigor. Is cncour:iged by It. and It remedlas malarial, rheumatic and Kidney trouble. For Over Fifty Yean Mre. Winslow's Soothing- Syrup hat | been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the ffumi, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and Is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer Immediately. Sold by drupginta In every part of the world. Twenty-flvo cents a bottle. Be sure and ack (cr •Mrs. Winslow's Soothing- Syrup" and take no other kind. GlBd TldlBCl The grand specific for the prevailing malady of the age, dyspepsia, liver complaint, rheumatism, costiveness, general debility, etc., is Bacon's Celery Kinpf for the nerves. Thli great herbal tonic stimulates the digestive organs, ragulates tho liver and restores the system to vigorous health and energies. Samples free. Largo packages 50 cents. Sold only by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth street. Himlre Foundation* Diicorered. Chicago citizens in their desire to excel, have lately accomplished a big feat, namely: in discovering by actual measurements that there are some lady residents who can wear shoes twelve inches long. Your blood needs regulating In spring. "Lafeld Cabinet Port" is nature's own blood purifier. Mild and mellow. Price, quarts, $1; pints, 60 cents. For sale by W. H. Porter, prescription drugtrist, 326 Market street, Logansport, Ind. "Ror>l BnbF*> Port Wine. If you are reduced in vitality or strength by illness or any other cauM, we recommend the use of this Old Port Wine, the very blood of th« grape. A grand tonic for nursing mothers, and those reduced by wast* ing disease. It creates strength; imv proves tho appetite; nature's ow» remedy, mud preferable to drugs; guaranteed absolutely pure and over five years of age. Young wlno ordinarily sold is not fit to use. Insist on having this standard brand, It oosti no more, fl in quart bottles. Bot» tied by Royal Wine Co., Chicago. For sale by Johnston Bros. Karl's Clover Boot, the new blood purifier, gives freshness and clearness' to tbe complexion and cures conttipa- tlon; 25o. 50c. and f i Sold by B- F.Keeslln

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