El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas on October 7, 1916 · Page 19
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El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas · Page 19

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 7, 1916
Page 19
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Wepk-End Edition, (M-.W 7-8, 1916. 19 There Was a Fan Named Sullivan, Who Went Six Times a Week, Another old ranm! dovrn r-nnt JInd seen ninety an mm ere at leant. For tnlUtnrz haovlmll He cared not at all. lint he never went hy at a fetut. Ifccrc vra an old rooter In Maine "VI bo never had been on a train. Ho frequently hoaated He kept himtelf poMed Digesting the norfcn of Sam Crane And Warmed His Feet On a Bleacher Seat and Rested His Physique EL PAJSQ HERATJl r I f -"TZn i-innn -i n n n.r inrmnniuu-infLn.1 " ' n.n--inji-n-Lnn-. jTyy-i-rL-LT-n--L--a--un--u-u-Ln.-L-u-L-L-L-L-vrLrrL-Lnj-u-u-ii-i --.!-- ----------- WSSOWNSNNWNWX-,-VV'WWNrfSS. -i --.. -.-...-- V r M FISHIEIflllSHTII SID wam CARPENTIEB French Champion Boxer Describes His Experiences as a Military Aviator; Has Received the "War Cross and is Recommended For Military Medal as Result of His Exploits Against the Germans. Lf rOX. Kng . Oit 7. Georges Carpenter, tlie heavyweight boxing rhi'ipion of Europe, who Is Eow in Par "ti leave from war ser-" !-- In vn er fr a Txndon news- T T- r I' 1 stot of h!; experiencea and P'-oieorc )'f- look; forward to "-I'lp ih must and is corvinced it mm t !. inp t-efore he is free it on th -io.- for fighting of a r -t-nt set foi t1 at in which h , -i, - uiiip for many months 'i j fcp cld to set oot of this r A th" -.'i.d times yes, but not 1- p we iii1 sen to ft tlut the p of heil 1 ne been hut so t.grht t - ihey v ill never be fluris: open - it I shrill re't enlx r that l'en I f iit jotir foml-adier Wells at Ghent, I ' i people creamed that boxing n lf t rjol and srhatl and must be j) , . T - the did not know V h B Ui. n can neer be a pain. j.an h.ie lied too long in a t ' uf ho ' t Haw Ileen Decorated. T ' t hi? hi' Tor ticcs at the front -.. se 1 lMPTiths in the firing v- .v pilo: Mur'i hae I een I I . ii m i-,ht nih in the tloud. t.een T.uninl I have received i '-o-- nl I l.e been recom- for. .i'i 1 -hall receive shortlvj t. laille iil.t.i.re i befi Iak. imenselj eo. for een in ma.i tight correis Tt 1 that - 'me f the charms gnen when f .eft lndon irtead of , oui-r hearn. have brought i or L.ne I oi, i i-l! what the 'Order of i uhi- n is wh-t jou woulil call . i7-tt - ' about what 1 dul to Me i i) Muitaire It i That f. i i Tiran line ar a f inl i' ' ami tha b( i Hfj t - ii'io: tn biplane wis to i' i I no fee tha ' hall- o cnr if Danpcr. en fl - i if be th'at ou are pr oi rr nlT I sa. OU V Southwestern Wrecking Co. Mlcinc 3IH1 and Toirer 31achlnerj-V zr e your orders our Immediate e- 1 ..ireful attention and fully guar, a-ee every shipment. US Dnranso St. Phone 130 have no sense of danger. I never In all my flights thought or even dreamed of being- beaten. I always believed in myself. It is so now with m) machine. It Is as some human. Ton feel that it knows you, that it is part of jourself; xou come to believe it is invincible, and although in my last big flight, when T can now well believe what I was hugging and wrestling with death all the time. I did not one quake with fear. I was of course conscious that I was being potted at all the time To fly as low as I did was risky, perilous, but the knowledge that it had to be done lf I were to be of service to our artillery, seemed to fill me with a eense of security. It was only when I got back into our lines and saw the 15 bullet marks and the holes thutt had been riddled in my machine that I realized that I wis as near being knocked out as ever I have been in my life. Han To Avoid Contbnt. These davs mr duties, though often exciting and dangerous, do not consist in hunting enemy airplanes. Indeed, my orders are even to avoid ensraging them But I have been compelled to do so on several accasions, and unde-a heav handicap because of m xn chine not being fast or heavy enough. "It is my business to assist in he direction of our artillery fire by mens of wireless messages and signalling. I like my work ever so muen. for it asks that I shall always have my wi.s about me. very like the boxer -who. though he is winning by ever so many points, has always to be on the lookout for a swinging right that might knock him out. Ilaa Loit Mot If 1H Money. "I am now 23 years of age, and I f m-i that I have lost the better part of tno fortune that I made. My earnings when I left London after my contest with "Gunboat" Smitli remembering the contracts I had and the possibilities "pen to me would have probably totalled anything up to lO.uOO or 15.000 pounds. (550.000 or $T,00 a year. For two yeafs I have earned nothing. I am in the same position perhaps not as bad as thousands of my countrvmen. Much have I lost. "When I was earning thousands of pounds in a night I put my monej- by. Investfd much of it in the coal mines at Lens, which Is my home, and where I worked as a little boy until Francois Descamps took me out into the world to box for a livinf:. My investments, had this war not come, would have made me a rich man. but now they have gone, for the Germans have had the mines In their hands for some ?1 months. And. worse than all. for all that time I have not heard directly from mv father or mother or two sisters, who are ehut up in Lens. ' HERE IS THE LATEST: WOMAN COACH I HflPKIHS IIRFS Ml KIH r , . yiSa WmiM I TROOPERS II Bcnnc he 17th Cavalry Wins Over the Penn. Artillery By a Score of 6 to 5. There was a good game In the Array league on Friday, for a change, t e 17th Cavalry defeating the First Pennsylvania Field artillery, 6 to 5. AI-though not lacking In errors, the game was fat and exciting, being fn doaM up to the last Inning. The cavalry touM have had the game cinched from the first, probably, the grnnners being-handicapped by the absence of sorao of their beet men. but the poor fielding of the team let in the runs right at the first. Both Boland and Rapp pitched fair ball, the former gettlnff ailed there many years ago by rranrT-rvfine of the features of the garae -was Southern College Football Teams Use Systems of Other Big Elevens. Baltimore. MdU Oct. 7. Johns Hopkins university is the only Institution of importance In the south using the Harvard system of coaching as developed by Percy Haughton to the glory of the crimson in recent years. This fact is surprising when the success of the Harvard plays and methods of developing football material Is considered, but the coaches of all the other -outhern teams are working along lines that have been thought out In other "big league' football centers. At Virginia the Tale system, In- Mrs. Brannon Trains Sec- i nnrl Toam WTii.e TTiishand Takes Care of the First. JOXESBORO. ARK, Oct 7 Three is located in this town the only college in the country having a woman for a full fledged football coach Sne is Mrs. Earl TV. Brannon. wife of the coach of the Jonesboro Atrri'ultnral college football team. T-C B-i.'tru.n had been assist:r her husfa '. hi t this year she w.il ta h a ;.m if h. own She will have full charge of the pgie preps team and will be the sole guide and board of strategy of th- SJ0I5S EAieiv W- "BEANNQK - p)een Brar.non is shown in the pic ture a' the right. The other two are of his wife Here is what her husband savs of her "She "broke in" as a scout, when I sent her to scout -ome formation of prospective rivals in their early season game She showed me that she krew nide football as well as any of m assist ints Iast season she helped to plan our otferc. a"f( oVfence for eerv Rame d shonn' iti un"arin ibilitv in juck i' he wak places in formations. si ifts .'nl p!. he linn an vsNtant "Noir. ' This ear she wtH have a regular assistant who will teach her plav ers the ri.tlimenis ot the parne such as blocking. tai-Klirg, charging passing, punt ing and kicking. She will contribute tl.alk talk explanations to this work, beside planning and orsanizinc tho team plav. "She will nave complete charge of the preparation of her team for the seven games which are upon the schedule ""Purlng the last season, which was a terv fortunate one for the Aggie, Mrs. Brannon was a full fledged member of the board of strateev Her insight into the possibilities which developed during the season, was bv far the keenest of anv of m assistants She appeared on the field regularly and helped direct pr:"tice- It was impossible, of course, for her to demonstrate the rudiments of the game, but she was very adept In explaining clear- Hinfcev. still Is followed" Georgetown has Exendine. a Carlisle graduate: Vorth Carolina sticks to Princeton tactics. Vanderbllt to the Michigan plan, and the Navy to a combination of the Tale and Princeton play with ist a touch of Harvard injected last "ear under adverse circumstances by Ts -ks Hardwlck. as assistant coach. T'ntil the season of 1915 the Hop-' ns coaching system followed the ''"ale plan, as brought to Baltimore by T, nn and Jack Gates, the old Tale cr i nriekley Had the Pep. last year the Hopkins Athletlo as--o atton decided to inject new pep "o the unlversitv's football affairs. -1 selected Charlie Brickley as the ri-oper cruet from which to ehake the p -.per and Brickley ehook It so Tis;. crms'v that his system birnded all the cner Maryland aggregations and Hop-y s marched through her state season wi'hout a defeat. This season Brick-ly was unable to return to Baltimore, n'l the job of continuing the Harvard svem wai given to Henry Brennlck. who was assistant to Brickley In "MS. Brennlck Is eminently fitted for the ob Although he was never a star at Harvard, being handicapped by lack of weight, he knows football from seam to seam. He was captain of the Harvard scrubs in his senior year at Cambridge and has kept his finirers on the pulse of 'big league" football ever since He is a cousin of Charley Daly, the old Harvard and tVest Point star. lv the fundamentals as well as the Intricate points. She's There on Style. "Her Ideas are very clearly defined as to style of game. It is needless to say that while her style is very much the same as that used by me. nevertheless she Is distintlve In many, departments of the sport: so much so that the second team, which she will coach this year will robabply plav a different game from the first team. "She will have an assistant coach who will demonstrate such rudiments as tackling, blocking and charging. Shs will direct the team both on defence and offence during the scrimmage prac-(Cootinned on pas. 20.1 TTt run in the earW Tiart: nf ti game by ITjlan, when he put a. ball over the rlgBl field fence. Score- First Pa. F. A. . XB R. I.yonB. 3b. .......... 6 1 Dirk, c S 1 Jllller. lf. I 0 Cunningham, es. .... A 1 BalletL rf. ....... z 1 Sehaffer. ef. 4 S Frasier. lb. . ... 1 Mark, lb. ........... 4 BoUad, p. .......... T 0 Totals ........f..Z" 5 17th Cavalry AB. R. rails. Jb. ; i Stacer, Xb. ......... 4 X Milan, lb. Z 1 Cornwall. a. .... 4 0 Sard'r. lf. .......... 4 1 Robtnsan, ef. ...... 4 1 Robert!. r. 1 1 Cot&I. e. ............ 4 0 Rapp, p. ....... S ft Totals . First rnn- F. Tilts 17th Cavalry . Hits PO. 4 tt 0 0 1 z 1 z a X. & 1 o X 1 n z A 0 : U t H. PCX A. B. X 1 3 1 3 IS ft 1 3(3 0 9 3 0 3. 0 ft" 111 0 3 A. .... .13 5 S 17 18 S ... 390 103 0X9 C ... 001 10B 113 7 ... 1S 013 OVr f ... 102 103 Bis Z Samary Two base hit. Mark: three has. hits. Lyons. Hilts; home run. Milan; atrucJc out, by Boland 10. by Rapp 7; first base on balls, off Boland: 2. ofT Rapp 3: first b&s on errors. First Pnna. 6; 17th Cavalry X left on bases. First Penna. 7. 17th Cavalry 4: doable plays. Boland to Xiyona to Mark: passed balls. Coval 1. Duck 2: tlxna of game. 1.4ft: umpire, Benjamin: scorer. Gerxnalse. AXOTTTER. FEXX STVTE MAT FlLtS INTO BASXED ZIST State College. Pa. Oct 7. Another first-6trlng player at Penn State has; gone over to the lnellgibles because of scholastic troubles. Painter, the, varsity center of last year's eleven has fallen under the faculty ban, and he told resident coach Harlow to look for another pivot man to fill h!s shoes. SANTA FE FUEL CO. ssssmmsMmim&sSMsssi h? ONE OF THE ABSOLUTELY SURE THINGS IN &EDICINE iS gg-33 i fiL jg Wjs ijS-. HL-B IM31 1 . J! nfiltra tion Cure for Piles i For Any P Knife, Ligat Uncomplicated Case of aii to Cure Without the ure, Cautery ejections I am the sole owner of the right, therefore, the only Specialist in this section who can administer this wonderful cure, which eliminates the dangers of the knife, ligature, cautery and carbolic acid injections and effects a cure without loss of time from one's work. Hundreds of cases cured, all walking advertisements, sending me their friends afflicted as they were. Is I will furnish you with the names of as many as you care to see or write to, and I never use or publish names without the consent of the patient. Why hesitate or suffer longer? Why submit to an operation with its attendant dangers and hospital fees, or waste further time in useless self-treatment with salves, dilatqrs, etc.? I take all the risk and guarantee results. NO CASES TREATED BY MAIL. I Cure Uncomplicated Cases of RUPTURE in from one to three treatments without pain, operation or danger and no detention from business. VARICOCELE in thirty minutes without doing an open operation, with little if any pain and no detention from business. HYDROCELE in thirty minutes without pain or operation. RECTAL TROUBLES without cutting, using ligatures or cautery and without detention from business. I CURE ALL CASES IN THE SHORTEST POSSIBLE TIME AND AT THE LOWEST COST CONSISTENT WITH GOOD TREATMENT. EATMENT By an Absolutely Reliable Permanently Located Specialist he Only Resident Specialist in EI Paso For over ten years I have been curing the Chronically 111 of the Southwest. During this time I have seen and treated over sixty-five hundred patients, and less than a dozen out of all this number failed to obtain a permanent cure and they either failed to follow instructions or quit treatment before being dismissed. The fact that -my practice is larger than ever before and that my patrons are of the best families in the country, and that hundreds whom I have cured are sending me their friends, shows better what I am doing and willdo than all boastful tirades "of what one will do or promises to do." Promises are easily made and any doctor can guarantee to cure, but his guarantee is not worth the paper it is written upon if there is nothing to back it. THERE IS ONLY ONE GENUINE GUARANTEE AND THAT IS SKILL, EXPERIENCE AND ABILITY COUPLED WITH AN HONEST BUSINESS POLICY AND THIS IS THE ONLY GUARANTEE I GIVE. , I treat no diseases outside of my specialty. Do not accept for a cure an incurable case. Have never been called upon to sign a death certificate since locating here. I am the only Specialist in the Southwest properly prepared and equipped for the scientific treatment of Chronic Diseases and one will make a great mistake in placing themselves in the hands of any doctor for treatment without first seeing me. 10 YEARS IN EL PASO NO CH Eef erences: Banks and leading husiness men of this city. Office hours: 9 a. m. to 7 p. m. Sundays by appointment. 10 YEARS IN EL PASO DR Rooms 1, 2, 3 Buckler Block, INTERNATIONAL SPECIALIST. Over Guarantee Shoe Store, El Paso, Texas -sBaB-g-a-gtiraaeaisagaL

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