El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas on September 30, 1916 · Page 7
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El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas · Page 7

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 30, 1916
Page 7
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HiJU lJSU JjLH.IX.AJL., .TVeek-End Edition, September 30-Otnber 1, 191b. "" r M 20,000 METHODIST GHURG.H IBELPASDTOBEGftLLEDMBUB' Is to Be Built By Alta Vista Congregation on Return of Pastor from Conference at Clovis Annual- Conference at First Methodist Closes Sunday First Baptist to Have a Nail Bringing Service. F"LTiWIKG the holding of the annual conference of the bouthern Methodist hurch at Clovis. N M r t week, the ntract will be t w ned f r a I"1'1 ' Mtthodist church lr tie Alia hua section of Kl Paso w church will be the home of the - sta Methodist ciagregatloih hut the i i re will be chanired from the Mti 1 io the Ahhurj Methodist i v cinir i luilding foKows the i - pa- r ie of Rev C K I f - i who K( !-- pistnr of the! V S i I 'ark M tViit-t church A a onage b i t U the ita 111 j u at i"l ol Sl(iO h-is -- I leted mit will be occupied ' a Mi Tinjibell and h 3 ' ? t Tt .illnm it ite of the new a ui the corner rf Hueco and v 3 lira streets. foclegatrs to Conference Lrave Tuesday T e'eat. s from f 1 Paso Methodist ar i, to the annual conference of the -- -n Methodist church at Clovis. M wll leave for Clovis Tuesdav r rmn The conference embraces a in Nfn Mexico and west T 3 far eas-t a Pecos, including i I I I a. hurch s of the bouthern M "id st denomination j )T se -who will jn to the conference tt lj(ie Rev t K. Campbell. Rev ) r M cn th the presiding elder, who, vs ie i lompamed hv his wife. Ilev ( t - Ha-t.n Kev H P Bond and ' lv (thers frr-n Tnmtv Methodist Lev F Packaid pastor of " t cv be prenttd by illness tr attending conference following Minda Oct S. pul- i s hjrehes who-.e pastors are at j r ce will be filled bv army chip- i tnnuiil Conference Closes Sunday. ' r-w Mexi com r nee of l&e fc T di-t fiiicoj i' hur ' hrh has I n session ii Uie,Fir-t Methodist ' i since Wei dav will adjourn cj 3a nictt t k wins? the reading appointments for tl e next con- , - - v,ar bj ri'hop William O. sv ' i n -ui dav aftcriioi r at oclock the ! r t n -e iove f t t will he held with ' fr Thomas Harw il I' I. a" 'ea er Tt will te followed b ordina-t nn servicer V a m Sundav bishop Shepard j tt i t reah m the First Methodist fy ."' and at 7 3" p m he will preach In the First Presbyterian church, the sermon being Interpreted into Spanish. U 8 p. m Sunday In the First Methodist church, the anniversary services for home missions and church extension will be held, with an address by Rev Edward Laird Mills. P D Rev. C O Beckman will lead the Ep-worth league service at ? p. m Everyone to"Tile a Noll to Church. King Nail" service will be held indJv night in the First Baptist (htirth as part of the revival campaign m progress in that church, in which K. v j r wiwiams, i u. tne pastor, i beins assisted bv Rev T. O. Reese. of Birmingham. Ala. ,Mr Reese will prfah at both morning and evening services Sunday In the evening at 7 S8 he will preach a special sermon to oung people The subject of his sermon w ill be Twentieth Century Spe-t ial ' and eeronc attending the ser-tin is expected to ( arry with them 3 nail of some kind, from a tack to a railroad spike Sunday will he a. busy day at the First Baptist church. At the Sunday school hour Mr Reese will bring an evangelistic message to children. He will preach at the morning and evening hours and at 3 oclock he will preach a special sermon to men and boys on The Sin Against the Holy Ghost." The singing of Mr Schofleld is win-.ling favorable comment. His saxophone accompaniments are pleasing the people The meetings will be held each dav at 10 a. m and each evening at 7 31 during the entire week t hurch Filling Service. undaj evening the "avalr -Houston square Baptist church will hold a church filling service" It is the pastors desire that every beat be occupied and to this end an especially attractive service has been planned. Dr 0 J w ade will preach on "Christ Our 1 e"t. Other than the usual orchestra. immliTS the following special music wiil be rendered Instrumental duet, selected by Messrs Glasgow and Hil-burn. anthem, "Sing to the Lord," Pe-trie). containing an incidental solo by Mr Ruby, Miss Virginia Burk will sing a Gospel solo, Paul Nafe will sing GraVs "K Dream of Paradise, and a. male quartet will be arranged For the regular morning service, Dr "Wade will use as his theme, "Waters That Go Softly." The choir will sing btainer's anthem, "What Are These", Mrs. Vance will play as the offertory Leechetiztv "s "Second Nocturne," and (Continued on Page 10.) IFT of God Is Eternal Life; It Is a Gift to All His Children Too Much Is Said of the "Wages of Sin" and Too Little About the Gift of Gotland the Joy of Living. By Chaplain W. A. Atkinson, of 31st Michigan Infantry. (Rector of St. Mathias' Episcopal Church, Detroit, Mich.) "The gift of God Is eternal llfe. PERHAPS a few thoughts written on the subject suggested by these words will be readable and especially timely because the custom seems to be to overstress the "wages of sin" and minimize "the gift of God." It is a psychological principle long since accepted, that the mind soon becomes a facsimile of the thought it entertains. In this, the mind is like the body. In that it becomes the expression of that -which is within. As is the mind then, so is the individual life Let the mind entertain the thought, for instance, that sharp practice in business, is good business, and you will have as as accepted practice light weights and short measures. In fact, the sharp practice of evicting widows and orphans from a tenement because the rent is over due. is upheld by law. Or, let liberty be so interpreted to the mind that it becomes a license, and joa will 'have as the accepted habit, revolution after revolution, if not anarchy. Or, let the mind dwell upon the fact of sex relations until it gives its approval in one vcase and its condemnation In another. and you nave the present double standard- of morals. Or, let the mind become absessed with the idea that murder Is the best way to settle human differences, and you have human life held cheaper that property value. Or. let the mind become hypnotized by the halo of ecclesiatical authority, or by the unction of evangelical pronunciamento. and ou have a religious system full of condemnation for the many, and of approval fc their own faithful followers alone lZa-y Io Become Mind'A SlaTe. It Is a fatal error of the mind to get so engrossed with any one phae of life that it treats the one phase of life as if it were the whole of life This is ex-actlv what happens when a person becomes over zealous in one expression of life, and then proceeds to condemn as sin, or as inferior, any and every other expression of life. It Is very easy for man or woman, celibate or married, to become the servant of a mind of one Me or of a mind in n rat- Tt is fol lowing the line of leait resistance, and , it is tne simplest ana easiest process to taste the good fruit of one tree in the garden of life, and then to condemn the fruit on every other tree of the garden Throwing forth the hot vitriol of condemnation upon human beings, is the result of a mind entertaining a of any supreme virtue. But the father narrow experience and an Exclusive makes a gift to his children because of disposition Hence it is, that we hear. I the virtue thev hit. as hi children, or have heard, so much about the I even though that virtue be little in de-"wages of Bin" and so little about "the 1 gree One of the .rreat results of the gift of God." Hence it is that we have gift is that it makes the recipient to heard so much about hell and so little j become like the gift of heaven, so much about having "vour neii on eartn. ana so little about having "your heaven on earth." so much about sin in life, and so little about the joy of living, so much condemnation so little elation, so much about a persistent devil and so little about the all loving Father In short, the message that is filled with the gospel of the devil, is devilish, and the end is intern- j perance whereas the message that Is and father like, and the end is peace,.' "e and Jh Pow?,r to J4"0- the expre-u in. .. lnno- .,.Hn,. ...! ' --ion of .od in the blue skv abov e. in roodness! meekness, temneron. e I 'De ir,.h beneath, in the waters uider tf mm- h th.t nanuin. h, k.- the earth, and tupremPlj in the human herded into the lashes of making slow progress. looking behind whence comes their con To plant within the In-east the gift of eternal life is to make the recipient eternal When once the mind entertains this fact the mind becomes the facsimile of that which It entertains The mind sees eternal values in thii gs natural, and eternal values in all human relations The mind sees "books in running brooks seniors in stones and good in everv thing ' Kternal life within is the power to that persons have been I ,n5 f""- a" "upremeiv m tne numan a heavenlv experience bv I r,a'on,f of mankind upon the earth f fear, but if so! thev arc W,thh,e writer of the first book in progress, because of their he . ? am!"ti.1ew.ho.Iet,.l"sih fact of that which is within him. will look out and sa v "And Uod saw that it was good " The supreme duty of man then Is to learn to give expression to that gift that is within, and in the giving of the expression he will ac-auire the facultv of recoenizlnir that ! gift In others. When It conies to busi-. ness relations, the eternal life within 'Tll& fHfl ftf ClnA la al.IMl lie' TY.,, . .AAt .Imba hnntnABi, a1a.Ia.,h .,, V.h- v ,...,.,. .wu , w. .:... ,,.v. ...7 - i.a.0 ....VCD VHDincin . caniivua ao nu word does not read "The gift of God ' man relations To divorce anything in suming fear, instead of looking before them and being filled with a consuming love The soul of humanity can better realize its native, divinity bv an uplifting vision, than by an oppressive tear. Gift of God Is Eternal I.lfe. shall be eternal life." but "Is eternal life " Nor does the ord read, the "Gift of God is eternal life for some but not for others." The word does not read that God the Father has and does make a gift to all his children. It is a gift because his children can hardiv-claim eternal life as a- right, or because life from Its human relationship. Is to snatch it froir- its natural setting and treat it as having value In Itself, apart from that setting, and that is error. For he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen"" That is, to see God, one must see him by the eye of eternal ' fe In he face of Ins feilow man and one must express God in his relationship with his fellow man The Vncel In El I'aso. Tt !s state 1 in al'rgorv that there were bid mm and bad women upon the irtli T r s if this fact li id in some wav reached the ha itat of angels this istounding bit of gossfp found no welcome resting place in the minds of anv of the angels, and was taboo as a thing unholy But one angel, more simple and more confiding than the others, could not dispel from her trusting heart the effect of this un-wlcome news and the tradition goes that she gained permission from the fither of love to go to the earth for the purposes of investigating the rumor It is said that the angel came to El Paso and issumed the form of a modest maiden Tradition savs she was an American Citizen, and as such, she appealed to the civil authorities that they might conduct her to the rendezvous of bad men and bad women, and to her astonishment without hesitation, the conducted her into the presence of a woman Thi worn in was described as liml IJti, i-is ti iteii inil fi.riul kiiis.. j o her enomou" irossiping tongue, be-I cau&e of hi r treacherous will because of her darkened skin and because of her record of crime extending over a series of rears This description of the woman seemed to interest the angel. and without hesitation she is aid to have approached the woman, looked at-tentivelv into ber ees, grasped her hand and called her sister " Next thev brought in a man whom thev called bad lake the woman, he was guilty of all the crimes upon the calendar he was soon to be shot for a heinous crime, he carried on his bodj the marks of a loathsome disease, and he was despised as a foreigner A with the woman, the angel walked directly and tenderly to him. looked Into his eyes, grasped his hand and called him "brother " In both cases It was noticed, so the tradition goes, that the man and -woman became affected as the angel turned and left them On being asked why she wished to see a bad man and a bad woman, the angel replied- "I am an angel, and in our home -we heard that on the earth were bad men and bad women I gained the consent of the all-loving Father "to visit the earth 'and see if there was any possible foundation for this rumor I find there Is not. foe having looked Into the eyes of the father, and having become acquaintei! with his expression, I could see, as 1 looked into the eyea of that man ami that woman, something that reminded me of God Power to ee God. This tradition well illustrates the thought that I am trying to emphasize that is. that eternal life Is given to all and can be recognized even in the most debased, if one has exercised the power to see God in everv thing. The Christian whose effort is to help his fellowmen. must be able to perceive the life within, else how can he. with divine wisdom, make the necessary appeal' It is not enough to leave results with the Holy Spirit, for whatever catastrophe miracles he may have accomplished in the past, he is not now performing those miracles save through human agencies that recognize the universal life of God. native in every person. For myself. I am satisfied that a person has the sense of being right with God. and Is, therefore, saved from feai when he can hear the "still, small voice within" heralding the good news of the gift of God, and I am also satisfied that a person can never be of effective value in Atimulating others to a higher expression of life unless he is able to perceive, as did the angel, in their faces something that reminds him of God. 1IITRII. IN DOTO dSE. After being out 22 hours, the jurr in the case of William Dayton, a tailoi. charged with criminal assault on a li year old girl, reported a disagreement Friday afternoon, and was discharged by judge Dan M Jackson, of the 24th district court. Dayton 3 bond was fixed at J'.ooo. in default of fur nishlng which, he was remanded, to the county jaiL Kclly-JprinficW TIRES BOSS RUBBER COMPAXT 323 Texas. El Pass. w HEN PEGGY GOES A-SHOPPING Herald readers are offered the ad-antages of its new Shopping Service and Information Bureau. Miss Peggy v ill purchase for you free of charge .1 article mentioned in her columns T Usewhere in The Herald and will pladly give you any Information regarding theaters, hotels, shops, railroads mentioned below If you wish to use this service phone, wire, or write Miss Peggj, care El Paso Herald telephone 2020 There Is No Charge To Either Customers or Advertisers For This Serviqe 1 ,- U' mttVVii 1 w onderful week and I 1 imagine how surprised and happy I was 1 iccount on a dollar a week I suppose iders have too so raucn 1 to una tnat one or my nest girt irienas m out-of-town friends ' had married an officer and had come J M Tf7MWjiJ& MID -YEAR MODEL 26 Extra Features 73 New Conceptions 7 New-Type Bodies 127-in. Wheelbase 48 Horsepower $1325 io.b. Racine 1 m -- ihev waiting anxiously to I to stay in El Paso until they are rc-- -,,-e niejseH with mv called I had known for a long time cu acs. nd jufct to think a man 1 that Beth was engaged to Neale and 4e and -ked'.t. buy a hat for I nt to the train , w.tt .her to see much flattered over I could save more, but it would take most of the fun out of life I'm afraid that is the attitude of a lot of young men. A dollar a week seems small, but if that dollar is put by faithfully each week and you know how times flies why the first thing I thev didn't even hint about their In- ! .. i" - "'.irV-lrr .; il 1 . J"".. mi-iSiOr 1 ,.. ., .. wf.A 1 - -.-.- i Juu ft-uuw juiiii nave ?. j. we wb c Lp Week" promises as much tnttnnbo?dmrarry when ne was ordered stop to think about the vear ahead of ? of displays as the old-tune weTe had delightful time all week I m and how lonR u will take to save Ive bee,, wandering through u&ftolE3tHRS&ii "" " lsn t d.scouraging-and n If vert that ccmroi-sior Tres" a c v ? - -s" lie been wanuering inrougn looktn- for an apartment and shopping i ii""- .muc"- " n l "uraging ana - 1 watcninc tne preparations for the ew home r,, js a monern " sure mere are i very lew people wno V .. - nn .. n ill k. .-A I hoM . ' hlUAH I OAS. ThA ,n,A. -WA. ..m.1.I x 111-c vwu 11 .fj .. 1 erricient nonseKeeoer so it vu lots nr '." w. ,- ... ,,,: keep - ur purse closed when vou see I fun nelping her select the furnishing' o euti ul garments fur sale One of the first places we visited was the El Paso Klectric Railway Co Beth frome News for lien. Aoung nnd Old , aid there were two appliances she . ' io sci 1 in inquiries from I smplv wouldn t try to get along with- 1 t - aders ( r olumns about out a vacuum cleaner and an elec- M d winter n odev for men that , trie iron but before we came awav er to tin 1 oimlar Dn Goods j from there she had found a lot of other v hi- week aid T-ked Mr To- , things. the - publicitv mat ager if he d tell , ' m quite sure you'll be Interested In Wiil IO uo He sent me to their ! a,l the convenient articles Beth bought so 1 m going 10 tell v ou aoout uient. What a wonderful improvement over the broom and the old-fashioned sweeper was made, when someone invented the vacuum cleaner Xo dust, no wasted energy no bach-aches at the end of the day as Beth moved the cleaner across one of the rugs in the salesroom she remarked "This will keep me vnntiF. fdw . ab o a.,,1 .I,a TaaIa comes in from that dusty camp, worn I out and tired, he'll have a nice, clean 1 cosy place to come to and 111 be full o' ig and turiiisning departments 1 1 juct bubbl n over with news w1 i the m n folks are going to n an with a fine phvsique jnd 1 i hi wear jatintv clothing il ere SjO tic two and three button sack suits r sor e verv good looking double re t l models Ml of them have soft oil lolkrs large lapels and patch 1 kits The slenaer voung man will find wonld look like a small fortune to them. I wish all the oung men and young women who haven't started a savings account would go to the First National Bank this afternoon a dollar is enough and open an account. Their futures would be a lot safer. Remember to send our size when ordering hosiery or gloves and make out your checks and money orders to Mibs Peggy. Thank you for all the nice letters and I trust you will all be pleased with the shopping I have done for you. Sincerely, -o r pei 1 MMea in cue oiuc-ii uavii up-- oi energy to cneer aim up. 1 1 1 e come in worsteds, in mixed ef- i I knew of a case where a vacuum ; e a a 1 1 1 visible stripes, and some of ' cleaner prevented a divorce it seems 1 then wnl be shown in navv serges un- j like a small thingbut then III tell J ear winter There hasn't been a ' jou about that some other time style created for young fellows that ex j Just as soon as Beth saw some of tter the grace alertness and outh than the pinch back T tsked what the exdlusive aid wear thi fall and winter was shown some smart suits in form lie 1 1 oat- that h e welted seams ard I rter belts strarii ed at the side re-SfS -runt of V 1 en 1 the dandv coffee percolators I knew she was going to take one home with her I never rould sret mother to make ccrffce in anv thing but an old-fashioned T ot but I w ould hate to ask anyone 1 to drink the coffee I d make that way Isn t it eas. all you have to do Is put the coffee in. pour some water over - ' f "?'." J"" -""e turn the switch and there it is did- , ,t ;,r,r,,ri . m hot wl,en tne remainder of break- i-c 1 the coat harmoniously Over- I jat ls r-ady to serve" ocT lave been made up in this stvle -Speaking of things piping hot." I oc w th dart seams above and below , sald ,f there is anything that will take be three quarter belt, but I like the I tway my appetite for breakfast it is nape oat with graceful, loose ' cold toast" so we looked for a toaster -its from shoulder to hem. better Both among their large collection for Beth Tve 'no button sa K and pinch back , shares mv aversion for bread either Bt e coatfor country club wear are 1 half toasted or lukewarm o hrritutive models for autumn ! Most of the camps have been, wired learned that la i tan shoes are cor- i ind Beth thought it would be a good -e r 1 antrv wear r the golf ' 'dea to buj Neale one of those little e- se 1 1. that fast dious dressers nre- I ele trical app'iances which can be ,jf t the buttons! model for town ! dropped into a basin of w ana long rei ding lines are fa- o-- ' '.nnm.tal in.l blacl glazed kid be" '1 combined m t smart shoe for cw wc tr of ihe thn (.s the Popular lr - cin,ian has thoughtfully pre 1 r i len lustoriers lb a Standard -ator v ti 1. h runs between (JfiW 257 This -Year Cars Combined in the New Mitchell Luxury Bodies This tells John W. Bate's idea of efficiency, applied to fine body building. See if it meets your approval. Then come see the result. In the Mitchell enclosed cars you will find a score of attractions which no.other one car offers. 'jO Peggy's tinner Column. I-as Crnces. N. M. Taupe broadcloth combined with mole trimming would make a very effective suit and I am sure would be very becoming to one jf your complexion. The broadcloth can be purchased for J2 or J2.50 per yard, 42 inches wide. be water and which will heat the water instantiv It is a fine thing for men who art camping out a-nd have current they can use for thev are alwavs assured of 110c waier lor a snare I Oliver v-liy. rv jh. ir von tine an I was verv nmrh impressed with the j over skirt of picoted pink net ovlr vour Iittl- utiltrj ete and thought imme- j Pink taffeta evening gown It would 1 atelv how cjr-veiient they would be ! take away the stiffness yon complain when traveling with an invalid or chll- of and give it a fluffy dainty appear-dren They are so compact that thev ance which would look well on a girl c m be packed awav in a traveling ba,r of jour slendemess. I can get the ..It-1., 1fr- the nu tT IVia . .. I . - . i. . . l . . JU a,,.. . .. ... o .. ... uiiii icn c oil ineiu iimm -Kpi en ips caKes alio ' .that fire- bo mar.v men dread going there is a splendid receptacle for heat Sweetwater V V r.i ni,i- hi...., rt - c! paxtment store I never cm mg milk. natent leather- iYinnw! LLPJr C.k cret -iv brother to rn shoon.ne with n e ' If vou are usint- the old stvle, er- S!nt. JfST""?!? nd .wear PU - - . r ' -. ". -- ----- -- vail illVIII 1T UlIrTiHWrl AfesM '"- nn Meet uznt 1 know you'll be glad sions that will solve your shoes pronto hear what the salesman told us lem. j"- i viv about the Marda lamp To begin with ! ih t . ij "",' ,' c'51' "gni 1 sierra Bianca, Texas Both .un . .- uau vitr auU 11 oA.n III i:UI s furnishing department on tne flro to the clothing department second floor and it is exclu- e ' 1 sure IX thev all knew rh.it - 1 -itiveness hail been so km IK r thtv n juIijii t hesitate . !. 1 jok at the new fall stvles in tl is p I btore I- ti lothmg department they cai r U r well known makes, tuch as Ha-t ctaf'r er S. Marx Rogers Peet Hon-r f Iv.w , rheimer Fit Form Hil -,c rr dr f of courr thev have 1 pcu mil of Stetsi n hat- I found in mns ami tmtr; shirts, as We as shoes made hv Stacv Alams auri Ha. In gloves - ich m inufactureis as r wne- and Dei s keep them well stoi ' ta and no one u i a-k for betit r neck-par thin Kais n ,k, i hoenix and orjx siik hosier-, re - t( ln al sl-ades. If you need any of t 1 l,s dt.-i 1 -iad to iiuichas-i: them for vou I j.u to let me know and ril be glad to ! r hasc them for you. x Llltle -Now and a IVhole Lot Later On. ! "n, wnaiE tne use jiiss F eggv " ; -met a vountr cha" to me the other dav I 1 11 ne er tcT n h 11 nu nreei t posi- ti" J'laT,r 1 rrer nne T ,1 1 a Trr,4f - v'tstbeuse i in tt i r or four times the cost f i" la np xa e bought several and t ith lieth and Neale were well pleased Ui 'mm J for,: it to 1. 11 vou when inert tinnier thi- v i unm sweeper that ' i -pnlia cis use verv little elec-tricitv and if you ve been postponing the purchase of one becaree vju were afraid of a prohibitive electric light J inn ou naie mane a grear raisiatte u ian ii- one everv dav for a month md there prn'iahlv won t be more than a fifttcn cent inc case in vour I. ill. chi ul i vou care for anv of the ar ticles I hive mcrti med T will be very ana chiffon -velvets will be worn this winter and I can match the pale gray sample ou sent me in a chiffon velvet, 40 inches wide, at J7.58 per yard. E&&1 GOES SHOrn-NK WITH V BRIDE IHKECTOIir OF niUMS MEf. TIO.-vKD ABOin. Popular Dry Goods Company. Kl Paso Clrctric Railway Company. First rvatlonn IlanL. p S. W hen articles are mentioned In my colmun together with the prices and places where they are for sale, such reference is advertising The proprietors of the various shops invite me to come to their pln.es aid tell in mv fwn va ahjit a tract vo n veIne- or rgai s s thev pi c 1 tr. Te T njn t r ,rn s -crtismg tday are 1 el above John W. Bate, the great effi-dency expert, has just completed for Mitchells seven extra-fine bodies. Before they were designed, he had his experts and artists examine 257 new models, European and American. So no luxury or comfort no artistic touch has been omitted from these models. The result is enclosed cars, and all-season models, combining the ideas of all the masters of this craft Two For All Weathers The cars for all weathers are popular now. And they are bound to be ten times so. One is the Springfield Type Touring Sedan, daintily upholstered and trimmed. An exquisite closed car when the windows are up. A 7-passenger Touring Car with the windows down. A perfect car for any weather, or for any time of year. Another is the Cabriolet a Coupe whose windows drop. And, with the top down, it becomes an open Roadster. Two Winter Cars All the luxuries known in winter cars are combined in the Mitchell Limousine Every fine Limousine offers many attractions. Come and see the one model which combines all these attractions. And a score which you don't see elsewhere. The Mitchell Coupe with seats for four is a smaller edition of this Limousine. In both these models all .the plate glass windows drop. Every Part Bate-Built In the latest Mitchell nearly 1325 F. o. b. Racine For 5-Passenger Touring Car or 3-Passenger Roadster 7-PassengerTouringCar $35 Extra XavlppM !tb PraAsstAol. Sop Onlr. 3300 Extn i Limousine, 5X5 TounnsScdan,$19S5 Coupe. S1K9 Cabriolet. $1775 Ilicb-speed. economical Six (3 hone-power. 127-inch wheelbase. Equipment includes 26 extra features one a power tire pump. every part is a John W. Bate production. He has made in this car over 700 improvements. Every part is given at least 50 per cent over-strength. There are 440 parts which are either drop-forged or steel-stamped. All the major strains are met with Chrome-Vaxradium steel, costing up to 15 cents per pound. And the parts are Wersize. The result is a lifetime car. Seven of these cars have averaged 176,000 miles apiece over 30 years of OTrUnary service. And the Mitchell is built in the Mitchell plant, where efficiency is made a fine art Here Mr. Bate has cut factory costs in two. As a result, you get in the Mitchell at least 20 per cent extra value. And you get 26 costly features which other cars omiL Come and see these cars with the new-style bodies open, closed and convertible. If is the finest car exhibit in town. MITCHELL MOTORS COMPANY, Inc Raone, Wis- U.S.A. EL PASO AUTO SALES CO. Distributors for West Texas, Southern New Mexico and Southeastern Arizona. Phone 666S 114-116 N. Kansas St EI Paso, Tex. BELERS Write for Our Proposition. - V "fHHsal iiiiM" ' U 1- P i,. ji.iiii-3!iiT LPgT?Trff ,T'rsME$ iprmmmmBMmBammBSMMJL mi iiV - , - - J -CL , J t"ll . I - u ! - si ,.

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