The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 22, 1965 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 22, 1965
Page 13
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Tuesday, June 22, 1965 Algona (la.) Upper Des Molnes Merry-Go-Round IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHI UllllllllllllMllllllllllllllllllllllllll By Drew Pearson Sen. Vance Hartke, D-Ind., digging through legislative reports which most Senators don't bother to read, has come up with some Interesting figures regarding military encroachment on civilian branches of government. He has found 41 generals and admirals serving in high civilian positions, most of them at salaries higher than those paid to the Cabinet and in one or two cases higher than any other civilian except President Johnson and Vice President Humphrey. Hartke has also found that on January 29, 1960 stand-by executive orders were drawn up to transfer much of the civilian government over to the military in case of war. Such vital civilian agencies as the Labor, Interior, Commerce, and Health, Education, and Welfare Departments would be taken over by the military under executive orders already drafted and ready to be put into effect with the stroke of a pen. During World War II not one civilian agency was taken over by the military except the Coast Guard, which was placed under the Navy. Despite the most devastating war in history, the civilian texture of government was maintained. Sen Hartke unearthed these facts while examining the White House proposal to set aside the law requiring a civilian to head the Federal Aviation Agency and permit Lt. Gen. William McKee to become FAA Administrator. General McKee is now with the Space Agency, drawing a salary of $40,565, slightly more than the third-ranking civilian, Chief Justice Warren. - o —TOP BRASS ROLL CALL— Due to the dual compensation pay, passed by the Johnson Administration last December, more and more generals and admirals are flocking Into the civilian branches of government with combined pay usually higher than that of a Cabinet member, who gets $25,000, or a Senator, who gets $30,000. The President is paid $100,000, and the Vice President, $43,000. Here are some 'of the top generals and admirals occupying policy positions with their salaries as unearthed by Sen Hartke: In the State Department, foreign policy is being directed by Gen. Maxwell Taylor, ambassador to Viet Nam, drawing up to $39,859; Gen. Herbert B. Powell, ambassador to New Zealand, up to $39,033; Admiral Jerauld Wright, ambassador to China, up to $39,033; Admiral George W. Anderson, ambassador to Portugal, $39,859; Brig. Gen. Milton Summerfelt, adviser to the State Department at$78.64 a day plus $11,115 retirement pay; Admiral Elonzo Grantham, senior evaluation officer, $88,570. In the National Space Agency; Besides Gen, McKee, there are Brig, Gen. Benjamin Holzman, $88,697; Brig, Gen. Harris Hull, $87,058; Admiral Walter F. Boon,. $40,565;, A4»to4 ftuftf ; Rose, $37,175; Lt. Gen. Frank Bogart, $37,529. In Central Intelligence, head of the agency is Admiral W. E. Raborn, $38,088; also Lt. Gen. Earl W. Barnes, -$31,750 and Lt. Gen. John A. Samford, consultant, at $94.24 a day plus $14,175 retirement pay. Other top brass are scattered through the Veterans Administration, Interior and Agriculture Departments and the Atomic Energy Commission. Sen. Hartke pays tribute to the calibre of these men, but points to the strict constitutional provision that ours is a civilian government, and to Eisenhower's last message to the American people warning of an alliance between the military, the defense contractors and retired military men. - o - -OVER THE BRINK??-- The Joint Chiefs of Staff have been making secret recommendations to President Johnson regarding Viet Nam. Their recommendations worry the President regarding the possibility of all-out war. Here are some of them; 1. The use of nuclear weapons against Red China if the Chinese send troops into North Viet Nam. The Joint Chiefs have unanimously recommended a nuclear strike against the Chinese mainland, first to knock out the Chinese nuclear laboratories, later Chinese industrial cities. 2. That we bomb Russian nyushin bombers recently spotted in North Viet Nam. The Air Force believes Russia bent them to test American reaction, therefore has recommended that they be blasted immediately. Pentagon sources leaked the presence of the Uyushin bombers to Pentagon-oriented newsmen when the President did not act immediately on the Air Force recommendation. nyushin bombers have been present in Cuba for two years, but the United States has taken the position under both Kennedy and Johnson that they are defensive weapons, actually considered obsolete. 3. The Pentagon has recommended to LBJ that we bomb SAM anti-aircraft missile .sites now being installed around Hanoi. We have not bombed similar SAM sites in Cuba, have considered them defensive and not dangerous. , 'President Johnson has asked for an intelligence estimate as to the Russian reaction if we bombed their missile sites around Hanoi. The estimate came back that the Russians would protest bitterly but would not retaliate militarily. The President is not sure, however, that this is correct. - o - -MOVING CLOSER TOGETHER- Disturbing reports have come in from such scattered and important capitals as Moscow, New Delhi, and Peking Indicating that the bitter feud between the Chinese Communists and the Russian Communists is being i patched up, largely as a result of the showdown in North Viet Nam. Simultaneously, the American Embassy in Moscow has picked up ominous reports of a shift of sentiment inside the Kremlin drastically away from the United States. In New Delhi, the Soviet Secret Police have reached a working agreement with the Chinese Communists in India. In the past, the Soviet Government had been supplying India with fighter planes and weapons to combat the Chinese; so this is an important switch. Soviet Secret Police are also on speaking terms at last with the pro-Chinese Communists of other Asiatic countries such as Indonesia and Burma. Hitherto they had not even been speaking. These reports coincide with the signing of anewSino-Russian trade pact by which Moscow has agreed to sell airplanes, helicopters, trucks, tractors, heavy machinery and metal-cutting tools to Red China. Moscow had boycotted Peking in regard to strategic trade ever since Khrushchev severed economic aid to Red China around 1$59. The Soviet Secret Police who are reported making peace with the Chinese Communists are controlled by Deputy Premier Alexander Shelepin. Shelepin is an ally of the No. 1 anti-American on the Presidium, Mikhail Suslov, the grim, forbidding Communist who engineered the ouster of Premier Khrushchev. One of their differences was Khrushchev's pro-American policy; another, his battle with the Chinese Reds. - o - —SEEING SONNY LISTON-- BUI Hathaway, the delightful new Democratic Congressman from Maine, chartered a plane to fly up to the Sonny Liston- Cassius Clay fight in his own district recently. He was careful to hire a private plane, not go in a government plane as some congressmen do on private trips. Commenting ruefully on the fact that he and the congressmen who accompanied him saw approximately 60 seconds of boxing, Hathaway said: "It was the most expensive sports event I ever witnessed." "You should get Esther Peterson, who's in charge of protecting the consumer, to investigate, ribbed Rep. Bob Sweeney of Ohio. "When I got to the airport," reported Hathaway, who has a sense of humor, "there were .about 500 people out to meet us - more than ever came out when I was campaigning. I thought my popularity was picking up. Then I found they were out to meet Frank Sinatra." - o —MERRY-GO-ROUND— Cassius Clay is one boxer who pays his income tax to Uncle Sam promptly. Joe Louis, the ex-champ, has never paid up all his taxes, and most fighters have had trouble catching up with the tax bite. HOURS ONLY scou NT Anytn JUNE 6P.M...WPJL FOUR HOURS ONLY! 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