Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 1, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 1, 1894
Page 3
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TN paint the best is -1- cheapest. Don't be misl< : is the capcst. Don't be misled by •trying \vhat is said to be "jiiist i..; good," but whon you paint insist upon having a yoauiiu; bra::cl cl Strictly Pure White Lead It costs r.o more per prillon l\::i:<. cheap paints, as long. Lookout A DAILY JOURNAL TUESDAY MORNING, MAY 1. rans f Lead ofTcix-f! you ; nr,y c:' '.'..c .'Icwing i;re £-.:i-j : "Anchor," " £or.vl:ev "Eckstein," "?.o&Ssnl "Kentucky," "Co":3i':v." Fo:i COLORS.— National I. <-.-:<• C 3Hire White l.tncl I'i:r.ini; Co'u^r.. Thcnc colors live sold in c.ne--»"y"s'. < •••.', •ran hciliK S!:r.tif!:t to lint -;; i.u-. •' i ••'-.•: Pure U'inti; I.cul t:.^<!c:;ir«l ':::.i.'f; •.'••'• • flflscixc ivaily-nii.N! <1 .'Klif.'S 1 . i m .T '• •;•' .'.. of perfectly IKIIV "'-ITS in tl'v ...ux!,. 1 •- :.••: tint Strictly l'i:ro White l.cm!. Afcooii ninny l!:<>;!^.iii(l(!o:r;irs li.iv'.- 1 • '••' .- proptrtv-owr'.-r:', iiy h.v.'i'i^ onr '.'^o-. < •' •.•''. :iml color-card. Send us n ;jo:.l:il cv,'i .'-;;•! bolh frw. XATIOXAI, L;/..\I) CO., :-.V.v i'..: CilH'iMll.ltt I'.r.-tiu-li. • Seventh and Frccnuui Avenue. L'u. 1 ::.::.': THE VENDOME. ;32U BROA D W A V. M EALS. li 'i CENTS. mil ill Kurt! fur Sunday. DINNER ConsOfinr.o Itoyul ruii. Baked ivmti* Klili, Kgg Sauce HOAST. 'English Ribs of Bi'^r, with Ilorsenullsh Prlnirt Hoiists or BeiTlwIth Mushrooms Biiki'il Chlckon Pie, SuiKliBrn Stylv K.STKIKrf. Ctefttn i.i:nelet, with Jelly Apricot Meringue, with /.onion Sauce Candleil Yams .Mashed Potatoes wltli Crwnu French Sli PK3KHT. Boston Cream Pie Spld-d Apple Pl« Assorted Cuke < Cream <Cofle«> Tea Milk Buttermilk FINANCIAL. WALL STREET! TO OPKK.VTK StCCKSSFm.LY IS WALL STKKUT Join our (,'n-Dper»tlfo 11. H. Stuck Syncllrnlc. 100 .to 500 par ceni. i.erannum ffiiHlly m ide, and with oulrl.t*. Send for ••Prospoctusuml Dallyilnrke letter," miiilcil fn>«. ill.jlie.si Keterence. Ou record up to iiat» per cent. 83 l" r ""I- oaKltotli«.iu1werll)ws. n.i the result of operations from becemtxir, lJJJ.1, to April 15tn, ISM, Wtl.VMAN Jk CO., Stocks, Grain and Provisions, No. 41 Broadwnjr, New York City. Eg»^^ *^~ — — "rilNK THINKS IN CHOOSING DR1NKLS AND HIRES' Root beer WILL LINK YOUR THINKS. Dclicionsly Exhilaratirg, Sparkling, Effervescent. Wholesome as well. Purifies the blood, tickles the palate. Ask your storekeeper for it. Get tile Genuine. 3oncl 1 cent lump Cor h«ruilftil plcluw cardi THE CHAS. E. HIRES CO., Of all human troubles, Sleeplessness Is the most distressing: I Hunger, tliirst, malaria and bodily injurj may be borne for a time, and while borne may be ovci come, butsleeplcss- ness crushes its vic« tims relentlessly-^ it kills as a scourge kills. Just as there is nothing that can take the place oi sleep to restore energy in the human body, so there i» nothing that can take the place of Dr. WHEELER'S NERVE VITALIZER fa making sweet, refreshing sleep possible to nervous sufferers. If you lose sleep from any cause whatever, you m.ed it. PRICE, »1.00 A BOTTLE Inquire of druegists for free sample. If not found, write us enclosing five cents (stamps) for postage. The doctor givet !... . 'n free advice to any nerve disease sufferers. All welcome. Tbe J.W. Brant Co. remedy contains HUkin morphia*, opiam AIRKMI MICH ^ •nt,ot*nr ALBION, flllwn. il dnw. We offer $900 to any pbyHldan or ihomlsl who can Sold by Ben Fisher, 811 Fourth St. DEBS AND HOWARD SCOHED. A railroad omn in the Indianapolis Journal scored Organizers Debs and Howard of the American Railway Union. He voices a majority of the railway men in tho country amonff others nearly if not quite all the local brotherhood men. He says: "We all know Eugene Dabs, president, and George Howard, vica president of tho Amorican Railway Union, to be dan. porous, reckless leaders; th»t both left tho old organizations eore and havo ninco done all In their power to cripple them, going to extremes to injure the good name of our chiefs. VVhon editing tho Firemen's Gazolto, Tho articles which wero penned or at leant approved by Eugene Dabe always leauod to the Democratic side, ho boiny a free trader, a single tax man or In favor of any schorao brought to tho front by tho leading agitators; and bocausa ho could not uso nil tho brotherhood to advantage in politics he withdrew from his official position and from tho brotherhood and established whiit ho calls tho American Kailway Union. To tell the truth, tho more conservative members of the brotherhoods are afraid of tho man. I havo carefully studied tho bylaws and constitution of the union and find that in tho most positive terms it opposes strikes and favors arbitration, hut on tho first road the organization got. H fair hold ho ordered a strike before tho association had reached a point of success in tho central or eastern States. Other members beside myself begin to think that Dobs and Howard are the Plnkertone of the railway companies and are being paid handsomely by them to break up tho old organizations, something tho railroad companies have been unable to do by legitimate moans. I am satis. fiod that tho intention of this new organization or at least of its loaders is to croato dissensions in the brotherhoods and evidently break them up. Tho more conservative members of the brotherhoods are secretly hoping, it if stated, that the strike on tho Great Northern will be a failure be- oauao If It Is a success It will plve the American Railway Union a prestige which it would uso to great advantage In winning tho uneasy members from tho older brotherhoods. There is a certain per cent, of them who would like to Inaugurate a strlk whenever they have tho least grievance, such men not having one dollar at stake and coming under tho head of floaters. That the situation with the railway brotherhoods Is grave all admit, as the success of the Great Northern strike would weaken, if not wipe out, the older organizations, whereas should it prove that Debs and Howard are paid handsomely by tbo railroads to organize the Amorican Railway Union and create trouble with the older organizations it would in tho end strengthen the latter. The wage reduction on the Wabaeb taken effect today. Tho new Pan Handle gravel pit at Curvoton will be opened today, Leonard Wecht of the Pan Handle car shops returned from Indianapolis yesterday. Henry Ganger of the Pan Handle machine shop is oft duty with a boll on his arm. Seven car loads of emigrants passed through the city yesterday morning on Pan Handle No. 3. Conductor James Burwick who was discharged by tho Pan Handle management some months ago for causing a wreck, has boen reinstated In his former position and will resume work today. The management of the Pennsyl. vania Railroad Company has author- izsd the building of fifteen locomotives and £50 freight ears at the shops in Altoona. At the Junlata shops twenty locomotives are to be built. A committee .of engineers and conductors on tho Wabash road has asked General Manager Hayes to modify his order for a reduction of wages, making tbe reduction on engineers but 7 per cont. and oa conductors but 4 per cent. Bert Thornton who left the lervlce of tho Pan Handle some months ago and moved to Chicago wrltea to a friend here that he will probably return to Loganaport in the near future. Hie health is not Improving any. Pan Handle uwltoh engine No. 317 which for some time bad been stored in tbe round house at Bradford hue boen sold by the company and now bears the initials W. D. & I. Co. and hai been reohrlttened No. 4, She li DOW In the round houie here and will Derby or Fedora HATS Pear] with Black Band, Moclio, Tobacco, Black and Brown. $2 Hats for $1. $3 and $3.50 Hats for $1.98 OTTO KRAUS She Is considered too smull to do effective vork la an ordinary freight yard. Considerable interest is manifested at Marlon in a railroad project which recalls a number cf former enter, prises contemplating a road from Ft Wayne to Indianapolis, Tho one now under consideration includes a road to Evansvllle also. The projectors look upon the matter as being In more tangible shape than ever before and have hopes for its success, which are apparently well founded. A mooting of a few chiefly interested was bold at Marlon Monday afternoon to take steps toward carrying the project forward. Sensation at Peru Yesterday at Peru there was a eon- satlonal attempt at suicide by a young lady named Shinn, who attempted to drown herself in the river. The girl's horns Is at Amboy, but she has been living at Peru for some time. She has. like so many other girls, a "steady fellow" whom she naturally, like BO many other girls, thought was all devotion to her. Sunday she saw har "steady" out walking with another girl. This was too much for her to submit to without someehow of tragedy. After brooding over tho thing and bewailing her hard and deeerted fate all Sunday night she yesterday morning announced lo her friends that life had no longer any charms for her and that she would bring an end to herself and to all her troubles by one quick plunge in the rushing waters. With this sensational declaration ehe started for the riverside to emulate desolated Ophelia. Just as she reached the brink and ore the fatal plunge could be made she allowed her friends to thwart her fell designs and to intercept her watery course to the golden shore. She was caught and restrained. Her wailings and lamentations and threats to undo herself caused her friends to plaoo her for s\fe keeping in that eubterraonan retreat, yolept jail at Peru, for safe keeping until her • kindred could ar- rivfl from Amboy to calm her per- tubed feelings and soothingly assure her that her ' steady" was probably not the only sole remaining eolace in life. Her mother was telegraphed for and ere this the girl has probably boon removed to her home at AmbOY to ponder over the narrowness of her escape from a watery grave. be sent to Chicago la a short time. HIckR' Wenther Forecast for M«r, May makes Its advent at the closing day of April's last storm period—hence the storm area will have approached the Atlantic, and cool, clear weather will prevail in central and western parts, with probable frosts. Mercury's equinox on the 3d may prolong cloudiness, with rain, turning to sleet and snow in the far north. The 6»h and 6th are central days of storm and change, excited above normal by Now Moon Sth, and Mercury equinox from the 3d. Heavy frost about this time. Watch the clouds from 4ih to 7th. The 10th to Hth will bring a series of ti roatening storms, repeating themselves for several days; at the end of storms look for very cool, with frosts north. It will grow very warm about 17th and 18th, with probable rain, wind and thunder, after which, cooler. From 21st to 25th expect all the developments of « regular storm period. At this season tornadoes are probable. Watch all storms. Reactionary winters with rain, hall and thunder oa 87th to 88th. A Sudden Death. Remington Press: Last Thursday Mr, and Mrs. Custls Tedford, of Eff- nor, wont to Logansport on the earlj train but soon after arriving there Mrs. Tedford was taken suddenly ill, and both returned to Remington on theS:30p. m. train, Mrs. Todford grew rapidly worse, and Wednesday night at a Uttle after nine o'clock breathed her last. But four months ago tho Press contained a notice of the marriage of Fannie McDougle and Curtis Tedford, and now the bride of thai happy occasion is laid loir In death. Both the young people wero residents of Remington and had hosts of friends among the young folks, with whom they wero deservedly popular. Tbe prospects for happiness wero never brighter lor any newly married couple In Remington than were those of Mr. and Mrs. Todford. They had furnished their homo at ElTaor handsomely and had butjubtgot nicely settled down to housekeeping when the grim destroyer dORth, made his appearance and broke up the once happy homo. Tho funoral services took place at her former homo whore she died, J. 0. B. McDougle's, at 1.U o'clock yesterday, afttir whlcti tho retn:dns wuro taken to Koganaport on tho noon train for interment, where :i flis'.or, Mrs. Katlo Schwordman, who dicO about a year and a half apo, lies buried. Tho eor- rowine husbund and bereaved [laroats have tho touderest sympathy of iho entire community in this hour o f nad olll'ction. For the relief and cure of a cold In the head there Is more potency in Ely's Croam Balm then in anything else it is possible to prescribe This preparation has for yeari past bsen making a brilliant success us a retttudy for cold in tho head, catarrh and hay fover. Used In the initial stages of these complaints Cream Balm prevents any eorioun development of tho symptoms, while almost numberless cases are on record of radical euros of chronic catarrh and hay fever after all other treatments have proved of no avail. LOCALS. Vote toddy. Full sets of teeth for $5, at Clark's, the Dontist. Q.uaker beadache capsuls give relief in ten minutes. A great rush at the carpet sale at tho New Fashion store. A half dollar will buy a bundle o( goods at tho Bee Hive's small wa.ro sa,le today. See beautiful line of umbrellas and parasols from 50 cents up, at tbe Trade Palace. House for Sale Very Cheap— No. 808 Sycamore street. Inquire of A. DoLong, No. 102 Market street. Samuel Davidson and Mary E. Long; Jas. H. Henderson and Dorotha M. Whittield are licensed to marry. Acute and chronic catarrh; diseases of the throat and ear treated by Dr. J. H. Shultz, 412 Fourth street. Telephone 157. The proper place to buy a first-class quality of dry goods, millinery or fancy wears for ladles, at the New Fashion store. Malaria is one of the most insidious of health destroyers. Hood's Sarsa- parilia counteracts its deadly poison and builds up the system. For Sale — The court has ordered me to sell the Button homestead at tho northeast corner of Eighth and Spear etreeis. — Geo. W. Funk. J. O. Hardeaty of Anderson who proposes to start a new dally In Lo- gansporl was in the city yesterday and in an Interview stated that the first issue would be out next Monday. Mrs. Mooolla L. Lambert died at tho home of her mother at No. 1422 In- When you're Rubbing over your washboard, in that painful,, old-fashioned way, these are some of your positions. Just try these motions, up and down, without the tub. That wiii prove how hard they arc. Then try Pearline's way of washing. 1 ::a!: will prove ho\v needless and absurd they are. \Vith- otit the washboard and the rubuiny on it, r,nd without 77 bending- over the wash-tub or bobbing up and down over it—you save the wear to your clothes and the work for your back. That's Pearline's way. Directions on every package. Peddlers and some unscrupulous fjroccrs will tell you " this is as good as 1 * or "the same as Penriinc." IT'S FALSE—Peariine is never peddled, Back and if your grocer sends you something in place of Peariine, to honest— send it lack. 330 JAilES PYLE, New Volt Hud TIKI) service. Among tbe numerous business do- lays caused by tho reorganization of the Loganeport postoflice wee oco which yesterday gave u Lifransport gentleman a great deal of annoyance. A week ago ho bought a money order which he sect to a distant ci!,y to pity some taxes dm; on property he hoid there. Yesterday the order was returned to him and hie intention culled 10 the fuel that It was worthless, the postmaster having failed lo sign riH nurm: to the ptipor. This is- merely an instance. Tbc.ro arc no-jrly ci.im|ilainls of the mantior in which Um local m^il is dintribnioci HOI) in nuniy uabcs persona do nu: cut exacted mail until it has lain in ihc nilicu fur several days to ili-t H-J li'mrinj.'*. On I huritiay morning l!:i: 1',1'h in-i n. >».cki'i of mall wns -•i-tiI- f on) H iym <Jt:nt. r <o iho Journal Tne muttur was worthies* unless delivered Friday. It mrned up a* the Journal ollliso ou Tuesday following. Thin'b ihc way it ews- JUKI llomrd, "flUO. Tlic wider of this puper will l»> pleased to learn tlmt tlu-r- I* ill ICH.SI one dmidwl dls«nses tluit M'kweo liiLs btM'n ;it)lrt to cura Iri all lUs sUtees HIM! tlmt Is Ciilarrli. llall'n Clit-'irrli Curo Is Uj« only [KiKUivc t:iirH known tothtMnedlcuI fraternity. Citlitrrli h'-tnc n conMtltnuaiiiil .ll«ens«, roqulms a cunstltinloiiiiUrraUiKMU. Hull's Oitiifrli Cure Is taken Internally, actlnt! dlnxitly on tlie blood and tnuuiw surfaces of tlie system, thereby destroying ih« foundation of tlie disease, ;ind ifivlnu the pa- tlont. .iirrnKth by unlMliic up Uiu constitution and MtlstlnK nntnreln doing Its work. The proprietors lu'.ve so iim*ti Tnltn in Us curative powers, tlint, i.!ioy offi-t One llnndred Dollars for any case thin. It lulls l<> <Hir«, Send for list, of testimonials, Addn'Hi, V, J. CHENEY &. CO., Toledo, 0. ilii by druggists. "dlana street yesterday morning at 7 Notice. The first payment on subscriptions of slock to tho Citizens' Natural Gas Company of Logansport, Ind., is now dun and should bo paid at the com- pnoy's office, corner of Market and Fourth streets. Shares of stock aro twenty-five dollars ($25.00) each (two shares to a fire) to bo paid as follows: April 20. 1HH i * 1 00 May 2 i. IHll 1 HO June 20. 1HW 1 !K> July 20. 1604 _ , 'i 00 AllfTiistSO. 1WM » <» September a>. 1691 ~ » 0" October 20.159) 8 00 Novembers'), 18!)) 3 Wi D-cembiT M. iS'Ji 4 00 .lanuar;-20, 1S95 4 00 "$2500 JOHN GRAY, President. C. W. GRAVES. Secretary. A Dalrrmiin'H Opinion. There is nothing I have ever used for muscular rheumatism that glvae me as much relief as Chaimberlain's Pain Balm does. I have been using it for about two years—four bottled in all—as occasion required, and always keep a bottle of it in my homo. I believe I know a good thing when I got hold of U, and Pain Balm Is tbe best liniment I have ever mot with. — W. B. Uonny, dairyman, N 7 ew Lexington, Ohio. 50 cent bottles for sale by B. F. Keesllng, Druggist. A Hi a Hi Koaril Order. Omrji BOIKD OF RKALTH, ) Lo«.in.«j)iirt. Jnd., Ai>T,l 28, liSi. f In view of lh«j near approach of emi:l!pox the Board of Health directs that nil school childr.in must present satisfactory proof of successful vaccination wiihin the lant past five years. Failure to comply with this direction will result ia exclusion from the pub*. !li: M:h(»uU. Trie Board of rloalth further ad- vir-ii-s all unvHtcinatfrd persons to at Once havij th'/iro^lves vaccinated. By order of the Board of HeaHb. \V. h. BELL, Pres't. A. J. HtuinrANX. X, W. C.Mn-, Scc'y. A Pointer lor Traveler*. Whilu Mr. T. J. Richey, of Alton*, Mo., was traveling; In Kansas he war taken violently ill with cholera mor- bus. lie called at a drug store to get some medicine and the druggist recommended Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera anil Diarrhoea .Remedy so highly ha concluded to try it. The resalt WM immediate relief, and a few dofte* cured him completely. It is made for bowel complaint and nothing else. It never (ails. For tald by B. F. Heea> ling Druggist. A Valuable Cbc»l. TACOMA, Wash.—I have used your Simmons Liver Regulator and can conscientiously say it is the king of all liver medicines. I consider it a medicine chest in itself.—Geo. W. Jackson. Your druggist tolls it in powder or liquid. Trio powder to be taken dry or made into a tea. A skillful physician originated and used Dr. Wheeler's Merve Vitalizer during many years practice. No opium. Free samples of Ben Fisher. Mrs. Dr. J. A. Butterfleld, o'clock aged 33 jears. Tbe funeral will be hold at the Jones cemetery In Pulnnkl county, on Wednesday. Dr. Powell is not on the Finance Committee and has made no investigation of the treasurer's office as the Pharos claims. The situation must bo bad when with two democratic coun- cllmen on the Finance Committee tbe Pharos must rely on misrepresenting Dr. Powell for a certificate of good management Mrs. Thomas BradSeld, of Deer Creek township, mother of Dr. B. D. Bradfieldof this city, was stricken with paralysis on Sunday, and her condition was for awhile considered dangerous, but she has since partially recovered. Tho affliction deprived her of tbe power of speech. The patient is over eighty years of age. Through the courtesy of Harry Rrlnghurst, late of Seattle, the Journal has on ite table a copy of the Industrial Army News published from the barracks of the Northwestern Industrial Army at Seattle, Wash. The paper is published in the Interests of the common wealers and U printed on brown wrapping paper. The fl-Bt Isiue is ohleflj devoted to a letter "to the army of the commonweal of the Usited SUtei." A Fopulitr Tho promptness and certainty o its cure have made Chamberlain' Cough Ramedy famous. It is intendei especially for coughs, colds, croup an( whooping cough, and is the most ef fectu&l remedy known for these dls eases'. Mr. C. B. Main, of Union City Pa., aays: "I have a great sale on Chalmberlain'a Cough Remedy, warrant every bottle and have nevei heard of one failing to give entire eat isfaction." 50 cent bottles for sale by B F. Keesliutr. Druggist. WONDERFUL! The Remarkable Cure of an Arkansas City Street Commissioner. I had an attack of La Grippe the 18th of «• cember, complicated with tonsllltls; was conflow! to my bed one week. TU« physicians ga?o me np My breatblng was very labored: had a smothered sensation at times; my chest and lungs were verf sore. Plielp's"KourC" re-nedy helped me the first dose: the soreness left my chest almost In- stantlr; wan well In three days. The alx)TO I» due Mr. Pheips In simple Justice to this wonder fol medicine. P- H. FBANET, Street CommHaloner Arkaosaa City, December 30th, 1891. Four "C" has cored Asthma, BronchlUs, Pneo monla, and Ulcerated Ton"IUtls. In composition It Is DIFFKRENT, la M({RH POWIBFOL and AOtlvm InfactlsasDIFPERRENTfrom any other lan« remedr an molasses IB different from Ylnegar. 11 U a REVELATION. BBT or ALL ion Till no BISK. The BS3BMOI of the contract IB, Fomi "C 1 MUST GIVE SATISFACTION or money retoMdeO BEN FISHER. TIIK IVOItLWS KinOCS Kecognlzod by the Dress, medical faculty And scientists Krlipr.iHy us is« most celebrated DM dluiu and cmlrvojiint of modern llmtl. 1 look lino ti-e future and Now do ctu>twy horoscope. —Shakespeare. May be consulted on all affairs of llt«; give* lucky numbers in lottery drawings; every bidden tnysivry revtsilfd; diagnoses cnsov and prwcrlbet lor them waile under couirol; locates wlufinfclft, ireiu-ures and stulen property. All business strictly conlidennal. In wrltinc send pDoto or lock of hair, botu u possible; ail will be returned. Always send stamp, ot jerwlse no attention will b« paid to correspondence. Aiwa) ss«iid full address. Satisfaction guaranteed or iuopi'y rerunued. ABANDON DESPAIR! GOOD NEWS I GOOD NEWS FOR EVERYBODl! Mrs, Dr. Uutterfleid, 459 N. Clark St,, Chicago, Ids., iioom 4, tbe noted Jllairvoyant and famous oracle of pro- ihecy, Is permanently located in Chi" cago and may be consulted OD all past, jnjsent and future events. She gives advice on love, courtship, marriage and divorce. Her counsel Is invaluable in lawsuits, business matters, specula* tion and investment. She Bottles love- quarrels, reunites the separated, lo« cates and settles old estates, she tell* of your friends and your enemies, removes evil influences—in fact, evoiy- thing. The only Clairvoyant «bO can. and does do all she advert'ge*. She la the only one who can give assit- lance an well by mail as by personal interview. Tne only Clairvoyant in the western world who prepares and thoroughly understands tbe working* of the. real Oriental Egyptian Charm. All letters confidential. Letters with $2.00 answered. Positive cure for catarrh, rheumatism all pain, alt diseases peculiar to women. Mrs. Dr. Butterfiold, 459 N. Clark St., Chicago, Ille. Notice of Street Improvement. Notice of hear r\K of report of city civil mut- nenr of nstlm if made for cost of improTema nt of tho unimproved portions of OlMwa street from Pearl strwt to north SIxUi stroot In tbe cllT of Locnnsport. None* Is hereby given to all pereoni In Intanwt vhat tbe common council of tbe city Of Lor&ni- port, Cftsu County. Indiana, nt an adjourned «»- ,lon thereof Iwld April 20. ]«94. fliod the 15th day May. IXM. at the honr or 1-sn o'clock u. m. as t6» line, and the council chamber or said city a* toft nlace when nnrt wberf a commlfee appolnMi] Hf did ooancll will consider the report of the city clvl I engineer of wild city of the estimate of the out of ihe Improvement of the nnlmprnwl por- lons ef Ottawa sir.-et In Kiild|clty from Pearl «M«t /> North Slxtfi street formerly Pontlac street. In aid city mud* by Gottlieb A. sch«ef*r under <no- rac with snld clt.y, and (inj person tmUnc Ted by said report may appear beforejook cohimltte* then and there, and rnafc* objMtlapt »nd (orern themielfee sccordlugly. witntM my bu« and the Mtl of §aM em tkk CMtk«fUiedV«f

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