The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 10, 1965 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 10, 1965
Page 9
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did it just as you had suspected. Misery is finding out that the pages the crime have been torn out of the book. - o - that tell the solution to CHARLES SCHULZ, CREATOR of my favorite comic strip "Peanuts" started the Happiness-Misery game with his "Happiness is a warm blanket." You take note of the things that add pleasure to life for the Happiness side, and for the Misery, the things that add to your frustration or woe. No fair including the major joys or sorrows. These are some "for instances": -0- HAPPINESS FOR A YOUNG MOTHER is having the new baby sleep clear through his 2 a. m. feeding. Misery is having your best friend's baby get a tooth before your little one. Happiness is finding a matching pair without runs in a pile of old nylons* Misery is finding out your slip was showing all the time when you had thought you were looking your very best. - o - HAPPINESS, WHEN YOU ARE 15, is having somebody guess your age at least two years older than you are. Misery, when you are 30, is having somebody guess your age at least two years older than you are. Happiness is finding 30 cents in the lining of your purse. Misery is finding that the discount coupon you've been hoarding expired yesterday. - o - HAPPINESS WHEN YOU ARE A mother, is getting to take a nice afternoon nap. Misery when you are a child, is having to take an afternoon nap. Happiness is having a new dessert you've tried come out looking just like in a magazine. Misery is having 'the new dessert also taste like a magazine. - o HAPPINESS IS HAVING A blind date turn out to be a perfect dream boat. Misery on a double date is finding out your boy likes the other girl better. Happiness is failing to run out of gas before you reach her house. Misery is not running out of gas after you've picked her up. - o - HAPPINESS IS HAVING a nice, new black typewriter ribbon. Missery is finding you've put the carbons in upside»down just when you've finished typing a full page, single-space absolutely perfect. Happiness is finally getting the letter written that you have put off for so long. Misery is finding that you are out of stamps and can't mail it. - o - HAPPINESS IS MAKING THE LAST car payment. Misery is finding the car needs major repairs right after making the last car payment. Happiness is finding out that the butler in the detective story HAPPINESS IS HAVING the phone ring when you are waiting for a call. Misery is having it turn out to be a wrong number. Happiness is having your girl ask if you'd like a kiss. Misery is finding out she means a chocolate one. - o - HAPPINESS CAME BRIEFLY TO our house recently when we thought we were going to see some Algona people. Horace and Linda Clapsaddle were going through and phoned. We made arrangements to meet them. The misery came when we missed connections. We hope to have better luck at a future date, but it seemed very good to have a telephone voice say, "Is this Grace?" - o - DURING THE WEEK OF JUNE 6 through 12, we wish happiness on their birthdays to Harley Hanson, Arlene Miller, Mildred Johnson, Darlene Claude, Barbara Ann Allen, Maureen O'Brien, Mrs. J. L. Merryman, Vic Parsons, Clara Hobson, Jimmy Sigsbee, Johnny Strohman, Jacqueline Miller, Danny Arend, Patrick Plummer, Marilyn Harris, Bob Post, Ann Winkel, Jeane Behr, Duane Johnson, Rex Voyles and Keli King. Right now we are dropping this happiness-misery theme for its also happiness we are wishing for these wedding anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moulton, Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Winkel, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Pratt, Dr. and Mrs. Leroy Strohman, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Stephenson, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Snustad, Dr. and Mrs. Dean Koob, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Carlson and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sheakley. - o - THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS for Twenty-four Hour Dessert Salad. 2 cups chilled cooked white rice 1 - 1 Ib. can fruit cocktail, drained 1 - 11 oz. can mandarin oranges, drained 1 - 1 Ib., 4 1/2 oz. can pineapple chunks, drained 1-31/2 oz. pkg. flaked coconut 1-61/4 oz. pkg. miniature marshmallows 1 cup commercial sour cream In a large bowl combine rice, fruit cocktail, oranges, pineapple, coconut, marshmallows and sour cream. Refrigerate covered, tossing occasionally. Just before serving stir up fruit mixture, then pile lightly on lettuce leaves. Makes 8 dessert servings. GRACE Engagement Of Judy Haag Is Announced Here JUDY HAAG Mr. and Mrs. Sam Haag, Algona, have announced the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Judy, shown here, and Dennis Lichter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lichter, also of Algona. Miss Haag graduated recently from Algona high school and Dennis is a 1962 graduate of Garrigan high school. The bride- to-be is employed at Druggists Mutual Ins. Co. here and the bridegroom-to-be is employed at Weidenhoff Corp., also located here. The wedding will be held June 26 in St. Cecelia's Catholic church, Algona. Lone Rock Boy Fractures Leg On Skate Board LONE ROCK - Brian Geitzenauer, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz Geitzenauer, had the misfortune to break his leg Thursday, June 3, while playing on a skate board. The break is just an inch below where he broke it a year ago, on July 31. SHEAKLEYS .... HAVE THE LARGEST SELECTION OF QUALITY NAME-BRAND SPORTSWEAR IN OUR AREA. SHOP & COMPARE ! MDYABROW You"U find quality here • reasonably priced.' HOLD RECEPTION Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz Geitzenauer held a reception for friends and relatives at the Legion hall, Tuesday night in honor^of their two sons, Thomas and Larry's graduation from high school. Guests were the Norman Finnstad family and the Delbert Geitzenauer family, Fenton, Mrs. C. J. Stauder, Bancroft, Mrs. Mary Genrich, Florence Yager, Mr. and Mrs. Don Blanchard and Susan, Mr. andMrs.HarlanBlan- chard and Jonathon, the Jess Blanchard family, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schultz, Mr. and Mrs. Fritz .. Newbrough, Mr. and Mrs. Jun- ^ . ior Hurlburt, Mr. and Mrs. Art <; ,, Priebe, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard _„ Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Joe L o Culbertson and Vernon, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Quinn, Mr. and Mrs. >: Roy Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Krueger, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. ' Lee and Michael, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bierstedt, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Schroeder, the Duane Habeger family, the Clarence Kraft family, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Winters, Ft. Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Woltz and Mr. Duane Praell, Burt. Mrs. Rose Kraft and Mrs. Jim Long helped Mrs. Geitzenauer with the serving and Mrs. Norman Finnestad, pured at the tea table. - o - The Blanchard family had a reunion on Memorial Day which was held in the Legion Hall. Families attending were Mr. and Mrs. John Sones, Sioux Rapids, Mr. and Mrs. Chet Alme and the Alfred Schultz family, Ottosen, the Gordon Blanchard family, Mason City, the Jess Blanchard family, the Harlan Blanchard family, the Don Blanchard family, Mr. and Mrs. Claudie Barry and grandson, Waterloo, the Wendell Steven family, Laurens, and the Art Bokenkamp family, Storm Lake. One son, Eugene Blanchard, had been here the week before visiting his relatives en route to Wyoming on a business trip looking over some damns. About 60 friends, neighbors and teachers were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jones Tuesday night in honor of their son Jim's graduation from high school. Included were Mrs. Hazel Miller, Independence, and Mr. and Mrs. Howard File and daughters of Manchester. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jones took their son Jim to Waverly Sunday where he is enrolled to begin summer school at Wartburg College. The Richard Behrends family moved to their new home in Forest City last Saturday where he is working in a dairy. Mrs. Rose Kraft has moved into her home, which she purchased from Richard Behrends. The Jim Walkers have moved into the home vacated by Rose Kraft as their home in Algona was recently gutted by fire. The Richa.'d Behrends family and Mr. and Mrs. John Behrends were Wed. evening dinner guests at the A. A. Krueger home. Mrs. Jess Blanchard and Mrs. Curt Olson entertained a few neighbors Friday at the Blanchard home in honor of Mrs. Richard Behrends. Each guest brought a gift as a farewell remembrance. Lunch was served by the hostesses. Sharon Krause, daughter of the Elmer Krauses, graduated from a 2-year course at Waldorf College at Forest City and will be entering Mankato State College. Guests at her graduation were her parents and family, her grandmother Ellen Cherland, Mr. and Mrs. Odey Cherland, the Amey Cherland family and Julian Cherland and family. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Lee and Michael, Raymond Neswold, Britt, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Krueger and Mrs. Ronald Christenson attended the graduation exercises June 4 at the fieldhouse at 9:30 a.m. at the University of Iowa. Susan Neswold graduated with a liberal arts degree, with a major in education. :; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Newbrough, Janell and David and Karen Hensley, Elmira, N.Y., who attends the University of Iowa, all attended graduation exercises at the University of Iowa on Friday, June 4. Jerry Newbrough graduated with a bachelor of business administration degree with a major in accounting. The Newbroughs also visited at West Branch on their way home Friday. Margaret Bierstedt and Shirley Ohnemus, left Tuesday and entered Hamilton Business College at Mason City for a 6 month secretarial course. Mrs. Alfred Schultz and family, Ottosen, visited from Thursday to Monday at the home of her mother, Mrs. Maude Blanchard. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Krueger visited from last Friday to Wednesday at the Ronald Christenson home at Belgrade, Minn. Mrs. E. A. Lee and Michael and Wm. Christenson came on Tuesday and the Melvin Meyer family, Swea City also visited Tues. at the Christenson home. The occasion was in honor of their daughter Nancy's graduation from high school. Jane Christenson and Kermit Krueger were also there from Friday to Sunday returning to the cities Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Menke, Mrs. Thomas Menke and Roseann and Regina Berens spent the weekend in Omaha where they attended the graduation of the Joe Menke's grandson, Mike Hammond. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Wolf, both patients at Holy Family hospital, are very ill and their daughters, Joan and Louise, came from California to be with them and visit other relatives. Ed Vaske suffered a heart attack while working in the field and is a patient at St. Ann Hospital, Algona. Free Food In 1%4 Totaled SUM, County The State Department of Social Welfare distributed 9G.421 Ihs. of food, donated by the U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, valued at $29,8GG.80 during the year 1%4 in Kossuth county, to needy persons in the area, according to compiled figures made available this week. The food donated is all part of the USDA surplus and is charged against the USDA in its budget. In Kossuth county, the county department of social welfare distributed: Dried milk - 8,856 Ibs., valued at $3,896.64. Rice - 4,272 Ibs., valued at $811.68. Beans - 4,584 Ibs., valued at $687.60. Flour - 22,950 Ibs., valued at $2,340.90. Cornmeal - 6,250 Ibs., valued at $625.00. Butter - 8,576 Ibs., valued at Thurtday, June 10, 1965 Algona (la.) Upper Oes Moine«-o Peanut butter - 2,784 Ibs., valued at $835.20. Beef with juice - 6,39f> Ibs., valued at $2,205.00. Dried eggs - 897 Ibs., valued at $1,237.86. Delivery cost to the county from Des Moines cost $970.39. Generally speaking distribution of these commodities went off smoothly on designated days. Of course, there was always a parking problem, and often the needy recipients had to carry their socia.1 welfare food shoit distances to where th^ir cars, usually of the newer models, were parked. Dubuque U.' Graduate Joyce Hnenhold, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Huenhold of Algona, was one of 134 receiving diplomas from the University of Dubuqiie, May 30. She received a bachelor of science degree. NON-STOP FORAGE TEAM Handle hay or silage non-stop with a Gehl Self-Unloading Forage Box and Hi-Throw Blower ... any crop, any size silo $5,917.44. Cheese - 7,530 Ibs., valued at $3,765.00. Lard - 5,712 Ibs., valued at $1,085.28. Hominy grits - 1,800 Ibs., valued at $276.00. Rolled wheat - 5,796 Ibs., valued at $772.80. Chopped meat - 10,019 Ibs., valued at $5,410.40. Now Gehl Box is 7-ft.-wide and the toughest, safest built. Safety bar, across the front, stops all unloading with the touch of a hand. Two rear- unloading options: low-cost bale unloader for lighter- weight materials, or silage unloader. Plus ... a box size for every need, ruggedness for years of big-job crop hauling. The new Hi-Throw Blower keeps pace with the Box. Blasts crop high as you need it at a ton-a-mmute clip. New features: water hose intake; recessed wheels for easier positioning of forage box; and "quick-touch" leveling-adjustment for fast, easy set-up on uneven ground. Come on in. Let us show you what we mean! Make us Prove it with a Demonstration! GEHL JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT ALGONA I 1 BANCROFT =s =H 1 By Mrs. Lawrence Bergman § Banns of marriage were published Sunday in St. John's Catholic church for Gerald Weber and Rachel Menke, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leander Merike. The monthly Knights of Columbus meeting was held June 9 at the Legion club rooms. The Committee was Leo Arndorfer, John and Frank Droessler, Al Weber, Vern Anderson, Richard Anderson, James and A. J. Hatten. The Boy Rangers and the Juveniles will hold the annual Forrester picnic at the city park Sunday, June 13. Parents are asked to attend. A shower honoring Betty Ford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Ford, was held Sunday in St. John's hall. Miss Ford will be married to Joseph Heinen of Algona. A group of ladies from here attended the bridal shower of Jolene Dahlhau_er, held at the Moose hall in Algona Monday evening. DAD'S BIG DAY IS COMING SHORT SLEEVE DRESS SHIRTS Von Heuien White and In Colon, Lightweight Short Sleeve Dress Shirt in Cool Cotton, or Cotton & Dacron. Sizes 14% to 17% $4.00 fo $5.»5 SPORT SHIRTS By McGregor and Campus — our finest selection of sports shirts in many seasons — tapered shirts for the young man as well as a fine group of traditional shirts. $2.98 to $5.98 Boys from $2.49 ^P^ ^^^WW ^B ^jjr ^^ »(* ^B^> Masterbilt Cool Summer Slacks in wash 'n wear fabrics, or dacron & wool. For the slim, trim look while you keep cool. Be sure you see these, priced from $8.95 SWIM TRUNKS Boys, Young Men or Men are sure to find the style they like in these fine McGregor or Campus trunks. They have looks & "swim- ability." Men'* - $3.98 op Boys - $3.49 up FATHERS \ BERMUDAS Plaids, stripes, plain color — you name it, we've go 'em all. A sure way to keep cool and comfortable Sizes 29 to 44. priced from $3.98 Boys from $3.49 HUB JUNE 20th LEUTEOLD;MLIAMS § / /' - * / '* x AL&ONA.lOWA

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