The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 10, 1965 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 10, 1965
Page 7
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Meet a man whose insatiable determination for the truth in news and whose relentless and fearless crusading against political, social, military, commercial and legislative privilege has made him both hated and feared. Even so, he is respected as a top-notch newspaperman. Drew Pearson began his candid Washington Columnist and revealing newspaper column, "Washington Merry-Go-Round" in 1932. He is a broadcaster, reporter, world-traveler, ex-school teacher and co-author of several books. His column digs through Washington gobbledygook and brings hard-hitting inside stories to readers Meet Drew Pearson in The ALGQNA UPPER DES MOINES, exclusively in this area Merry-Go-Round Thursday, June 10, 1965 .Algona (la.) Upper Des Moinet—7 By Drew Pearson WASHINGTON - The American Embassy has picked up ominous reports of closer relations between Red China and Russia. This coincides with the signing of a new Chinese-Russian trade pact by which the Soviets will sell planes, helicopters, trucks, tractors, machines, metal and metal-cutting tools to Red China for the first time since Khrushchev severed economic aid in 1959. Significantly, the Soviet Secret Police, who seem to be making peace with the Chinese Reds, are controlled by Deputy Premier Alexander Shelepin. Inside the Kremlin, he is known to be an ally of Mikhail Suslov, the grim, forbidding anti-American leader who engineered the ouster of Premier Khrushchev. Suslov is the single most powerful man in the Presidium. However, a coalition of former Khrushchev supporters still apparently outnumbers Suslov's henchmen and keeps Suslov from taking over completely. From what little is known of inner Kremlin politics, Suslov appears to-be gaining power. He is reported to have the backing of the Deitenfi»e "Minister, -Marshal Rod- The Kremlin's leading American expert, Mikhail Smirnovsky, also is reportedly slipping into the Suslov camp. Lately, according to intelligence reports, Smir- novsky has recommended a strong Soviet stand in Viet Nam. If these reports are true and they are based on the best available intelligence - Russia is moving ominously back towards Stalinism and the United States can expect a long hot summer. - o - —DRIFT TOWARD WAR-Three developments, two of them unpublicized, increased the fear of a collision course between the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. last week. They are: 1. A Pentagon recommendation to ; LBJ that he bomb SAM antiaircraft missile sites now being installed around Hanoi. The United States has not bombed similar SAM sites in Cuba only ninety miles away, having said officially that they are defensive and not dangerous. Confronted with the military recommendation to bomb SAM sites around Hanoi, Johnson asked . for an intelligence estimate' regarding Russian reaction, got an estimate that the Russians would react publicly, but not militarily. The President is not sure this is correct. 2. A military recommendation that we 'bomb several Russian light jet bombers recently spotted in North Viet Nam. The Air Force Relieves Russia sent them to te§t "American reaction, therefore recommends that the bQinbers be blasted immediately. .3. Secretary of Defense Mc- N&uara let it be known in Paris . last .week that the United States was 'doubling its stockpile of nuclear arms in Europe to meet an alleged Russian nuclear ex- ppgion. McNamara's statement syrpyised NATO leaders because twsions have eased between Moscow and most European capitals of late, All this adds up to an Increasing danger of war. f 0 * PEPRESS10N?" blunt warning of Federal R^sjrve Chairman William Mc- Cftejney Martin of "disquieting similarities" between the current twoni and that of the 1920's djd. not entirely surprise Washington economic experts, Such as Leon Keyserling and Edwin Nourse, former economic advisors to Truman, have been hoisting red flags on the economy, though not for the same reasons as_ Martin. They consider him ofd fashioned and partly responsible for the depression danger by hiking interest rates. Simultaneous with the Martin warning, an alert freshman Congressman, Rep. James Scheuer, D-N. Y., a former New York builder, has issued an important minority report to the economic opportunity 1965 amendments, in which he outlines some pessimistic figures regarding national unemployment. After the antipoverty training program is finished, Scheuer warns, most of those trained will not be able to find Jobs under existing conditions. Scheuer pointed out that between 1964'70 the economy will have to create nine million new jobs or at the rate of 1.5 million per year, whereas, during the 1947'64 period, actual new jobs increased at less than 750,000 per year. In contrast the population is expanding at such a rate that there will be an increase of 1.3 million in the labor. fprj;e Q|J,6 t .r to-19 year-olds; A plus^ari'ii^ crease of almost three million" in the 20-to-24 year olds. Economists Keyserling and Nourse have warned that the Administration cannot create a "great society" by cuttingtaxes. They have argued vigorously with Walter Heller, recently retired as Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, who sold both Kennedy and Johnson on the idea that tax reduction would bring increased business which in turn would «-bring job opportunities. Keyserling and Nourse argue that by constant tax reduction the Administration is eating up money which could be used for schools, hospitals, roads and creating job opportunities. -SEGREGATION AND SO. AFRICA— There's a bitter backstage battle over whether to send American naval vessels on courtesy calls to segregated South Africa. American Negroes have vigorously objected to having U.S. warships call at South African ports because of that country's strong segregation policies. As a result, President Johnson personally cancelled the trip of the airplane carrier Independence to Capetown after the South African government refused to guarantee equal treatment for Negro members of the crew. The State Department now wants to bar all American ships from calling at South African ports as long as there is discrimination against American Negroes. However, the Defense Department argues otherwise. The Defense Department is afraid Dictator Nassar in Egypt might close the Suez Canal, in which case the American Navy would have to go around South Africa. So the Defense Department wants to win friends along this shipping route. - o - —MEDICARE HURDLE— Sincere backers of the Medicare Bill are worried over the proposal of Louisiana's Sen. Russell Long, the Democratic whip, to give every oldster free hospital care indefinitely. Medi- the entire carefully planned proposal to help elderly patients with hospital care. The bill, as written in the House of Representatives under the supervision of Rep. Cecil King of Los Angeles, long time crusader for Medicare, provides 120 days free care in a nursing home and 60 days in hospital. If a patient has to remain in the hospital longer than 60 days, drafters of the Medicare Bill believe he or she should become a welfare patient, pleading poverty under the Kerr-Mills provision^ But Louisiana's Long proposes indefinite Medicare in hospitals. This would mean a serious financial burden of the taxpayers, would crowd the hospit- als, but would relieve the State of Louisiana of its heavy cost of elderly ill. Louisiana, with its leprosy colony plus the indigent in its back bayous, has more permanent sick people, per capita, than any other state in the union. - o —PROTECTING OLD GLORY— The duties of American diplomats are many and varied. They range from protecting American citizens in the Dominican Republic to protecting the American flag from insults by bare-bosomed dancers in Parisian night clubs. The former duties have been headlined all over the world. The latter less conspicuous duty, as performed by Perry Culley of the American Embassy in Paris, took place following protests that Le Crazy Horse Saloon was featuring an act in which half-naked girls tossed their torsos in front of the Stars and Stripes. Waving back volunteers from the American Embassy, Mr. Culley set forth on an official mission to observe the outrage to Old Glory. It's reported he saw the show through twice so there could be no mistake about the details. The flag scene was as sexy as the indignant American lady tourists had said it was. There was also the gold drain to think about. Solemnly, Culley reported his findings to Washington and pro- mi&a^ifonpl' acttflh;. T^eiyhe' undertook delicate negotiations with the proprietors, who turned out to be somewhat more reasonable than LBJ finds General de Gaulle. They promised never to desecrate the Star sand Stripes .again. Still not satisfied, Culley, in the interest of upholding the American image abroad, promised a follow-up visit to make sure Le Crazy Horse wasn't violating the agreement. This column has now seen a copy of his final report to the State Department, cabled direct from Paris. "The embassy is gratified to report that compliance has been thorough, and that our flag no longer flutters on Le Crazy's bouncy stage." lifou don't have to like golf to like our Buick"Swinging Sales Spree'' Just driving* (And saving money.) Proposed legislation to reduce excise tax on new passenger automobiles provides a refund of such tax reduction where a passenger automobile is sold to a retail purchaser after May H, 1965 and before July 1, 1965, when the excise tax reduction becomes effective. Where a refund is authorized by this legislation, General Motors Corporation will make a cash payment to such a purchaser in the amount of the excise tax reduction. Enjoy your new Buick now! rp—~ There's an authorized Buick dealer near you, See his V/ Double-Checked used cars, too. — SCHULTZ BROSt South Phillip* t Algona, Iowa DON'T MISS IT! ALGONA'S ANNUAL Sidewalk SHOW FRIDAY, JUNE 11 (RAIN DATE, JUNE 18) SEE AREA ARTISTS ORIGINAL WORK DISPLAYED IN FRONT OF DOWNTOWN STORES FROM NOON UNTIL 9. P. M. MANY INTERESTING AND VARIED CATEGORIES WILL BE REPRESENTED INCLUDING: PAINTINGS SCULPTURE MOSAICS METAL WORK CERAMICS PRINTS ENAMELS TRANSLUSCENTS SPONSORED BY: RETAIL BUREAU - ALGONA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE J. C. Penney Co. MB^^^^^"^^^"""^^" 1 ^"^™" Schultz Bros. Garage & Oil Station Jack's O.K. Tire Service Thermogas Co. of Algona Honsbruch Drug Algona Flour & Feed Sherwin-Williams Paints Christensen's Funk Plumbing & Heating Hood's Super Valu Carson's for Color Taylor Implement Co. Kirk's Shoe Store Smoke Shop Zender's Saitcr's Davis Paint Bchr Standard Service Coast-to-Coast Store Algona Greenhouses Hutzell Office & School Supply Sheakleys The Security State Bank Sharp's Jewelry Algona Theatre Co. Waldron's Cafe Algona Implement Co. Ernie Williams — John Deere Upper DCS Moines Publishing Co. Irons Heating & Plumbing Cowan Corporation Bjustrom Furniture Co. Graham's Kelley Lumber Co. North Central Public Service Co. United Building Center North Iowa Sewing Machine Co. Lindsay Soft Water of Algona Universal Mfg. Co. Rusk Drugs-Jewelry Harrison's Variety Iowa State Bank Algona Produce Co. Leuthold-Williams (The Hub Clothiers) Frederick Hardware The Chrischilles Store Modern Dry Cleaners Home Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n Elk Cleaners Percival Motors S & L Dept. Store Foster Furniture Co. Bomgaars 5 & 10 Shilts Brownbilt Shoe Store Laing Plumbing & Heating Consolidated Co Op Creameries \Viltgen Jewelers . See the Bgick Exhibit at the General Motors - New York World's Fair Viking Oil Co. Uuscher Eros. Implement Kossuth Motor Co. Post Transfer & Storage Joe Bradley Equipment Taylor .Motor Co. No. Iowa Appliance Center Algona Plumbing & Heating Dun Garage & Body Shop Head's Furniture THIS MESSAGE SPONSORED BY THESE PUBLIC • SPIRITED MERCHANTS Ml gi<-gi >M«ilT«iyi"jir"""" M "'--'"-""-^" > -'""'r" •"•"•** **»*****Ha***t**tfetf

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