Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 29, 1894 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 29, 1894
Page 6
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™9'!«5^^ * ""^T-- 7 ^'"'*^ 1 . 1 ' ,'•':••'• w' 3 •.':•'•''•v.:^ 1 --. >•' THE WOMAN OF FASHION. Attention IB Paid to the Matter of Clothlnsr the Little Onaa. How frequently, my once fair sister, the above remark has been -,'Iroppecl about you, whose complexion was once the pride of youi udmiring friends am! the envy of your rivals. You are not, however, the only example of the fearful hav c which ^he Ravages of Time have wrought, with COMPLKXIOXS FA Hi AND BEAUTY RARE, :>nt von vrill find them :tt ovi-ry sU'p <lmvn the p:'.i!i ol HlV, ami iheir number keeps •ouiinntly incrOiisiiijj, us oM ujw rivrps mi :ip:ici>. Tiitiiv is no Ion •.'<'!• any 0x1:11*0 for ymii 1 ii_'iiiir:u)co — almost, criminal — oi tlio fncl ,!iai SiillowncHsanii Wrinkles, those twin iiliMiiisluw which follmv in 'the train ol nivaaHnjr vu:trs, can he removed Jiinl ynur cmnplexion restored to its pristine soft- .u-w. and fairness", by tlio use of thai most pleasini; and healing of all lotions for the kin — Empress Josephine Face Bleach. H iimkcs the roughest skin liko velvet, dra winj: out the impurities from beneath* lu(: si i ruice, and Iraviuj; the skin soft :uut fair. The most obstinate Freckles will bo removed by the conscientious asc of three bottles ; the most torturing Eczema will be permanently ?,tmyl by the use of two bottles; Pimples, Acne, Blackheads, Tan, Sun'.'hum, Moth. Patches, and Brown Spots, by the use of from one to two •••<>r siilr liy John V. C H.lson. ».il M ; ,rki't St.; 11. V. Ktipsllnij, 305 Koiirtli St. ; W. I!. Porter. sai Hnr- . : -,;:t<t-t: Kiiystuni" Dm.; Store f;-S liriiadwiiy. Simplicity, Gather" nnd Knfllm Mulce Cp the Renlpo—Stylos for tlio Very Mttle Onen— Snllor anil Oatlnj; Suitti. ICOPYIlinilT, l.TO.l "Common sense." laconically observed a philosopher the other Any, "will have been decently laid to rest before the century is past." "If that be true," was the indignant answer, "then I never want to sue the dawn of the twentieth." "That is only because you. have such a mistaken idea of common sense. It is all wrong. It takes for its premises conditions as they exist, not as they cmffht to be. The world would never of flno white braid. A short Jacket falls over a fine white linen we.ist, and Hs rovers are faced with the red. trimmed with points of the white braid. A short jacket falls over a fine white linen waist, and its revers are faced with the red, trimmed with points of the white braid. There is a deep sailor collar of the fine linen, with a tinted frill ut the edffe; and the belt is'the red and white of the trimming'. For a somewhat older £irl, fourteen to sixteen, there is a neat duck suit in white, Sevcra.1 inches above the hcin of the skirt, a broad band of clear old blue linca is laid. On both edges of the bine band, three rows of fine braid in white are added. The white braid is very effective for trimming 1 , especially \vhcn many rows of it are used. The bodice is white, with a white pointed yoke inside. The torn down collar is of bine, edged like the bunches of velvet forg'et-me-nots, tied with loops ol fine velvet ribbon in blue to match. Around the low crown is gathered a ruche of delicate lace, cadg-ht in the center with u braid ol the ribbon. EVA A. SCHUDKHT. THE TENDENCY OF BONNETS. pet on if everbody did that. Taken I band of the skirt, and it continues in common example, and one dearest to rovers that arc quite broad and are of the feminine heart—the matter dress. What tame nnd uninteresting ercatures you would be, if you wore dresses made according to the rules of common sense. If every woman discarded pretty deceptions, and dressed simply for practical purposes, as she similarly trimmed. The belt is of the blue. The two dresses pictured for small pirls are pretty and very easily made, j The one for the yonnjrer child can bo i made of silk, dainty nainsook batiste, or UD.V material that will s'tand out BEFORE. AFTER. f, have tnkeu the ;ic?enoy for the HERO SHEEP PROTECTOR, and;iiave V^ll etook of thf. Koocls in Bis:bt. These protectors are guaranteed to i give cpretentlon to the sheep ns against doprs. We have received our Seeds for the •season of 1894, and have them ready to sup- !$ly our customers on demand. We handle Nothing but LANDRETH'S SEEDS and as all %f our old stock has been burnt, our custom- srs may rest assured that they will get fresh, clean goods. We have a full variety of Gar- sian and Field Seeds also Flower Seeds. We have also a full line of Harness and Carriage Goods, and a full line of Turf and Sporting Goods. In fact we have everything Skat goes with a horse and carriage. Don 1 forget the old place, 424 BROADWAY, Geo. Harrison. The Ural Shoe* W. L. DOUGLAS S3 SHOE 6EKTLEV1II, SO, 84 and 83.50 Dress Shoe. 83.5O Police Shoe, 3 Sole*. 82.00,82for Worklngmen. $2 and $1.70 for Boys. LADIES AND MISSES, 83, 82.50 82, $1.70 CAUTION.—If »ny doftlei otfi'Tf yon W, i. Douglm* •hoof at a reduced price, nr nays ho has them with- .nt the nnroo itnmped on the bottom, put him down as a fraud. Shoes nrc stvlish, casj fitting, nnd give belt »d than nny oilier make. Try one pair and be cov- ThVstamnine of 'W, L. Doiigl.is' name and price on the bottom, which value, saves thousands of dollars annually to those -who wear them, We, A BETVv'EKX SEASON was, not as she longed to be, there •would bo no such fascinating groups of women filling our parlors, no such gay throng 1 on our streets as we see today. The women would be so con- Hcious of their altered appearance that they wouldn't have the heart to bo pay; erpo, even their bearing- would not be confident and lightsome as of yore. You prate of common sense, but yon have long since discarded it." Having overheard this conversation it occurred to me that the sentence with which I had purposed to start my letter this week would need-to be abandoned. I had intended saying that what remnants of common sense remained were put into the making of children's clothes, but suddenly awoke to the fact that pretty ruffles and gathers weren't sensible at all. At nny rate the simple styles that school girls will wi:ar are to be commended, from^ some standpoint or prettily. It is laid in full Box ^ front, has larger side plaits and' is gathered ut the back. The square yoke is plaited. Kullles are added, of fine cmbroidery^—twa on the skirt, far apart, two around the .yoke, and one ovnr each shoulder. The sleeves arc very pretty, with the short puff caught down by an embroidered band, and with embroidered ruffles falling over the plain lower sleeve. The second dress is for a somewhat older girl, and can be made of challie or cashmere. It is all in one piece in front, laid in box plaits at each side, and caught down with velvet rosettes. At the back the dress is out into two pieces and joined at the waist. I saw a dainty miss this morning clad in a spotless pink batiste. The eldrt was quite plain, laid in rather •wide plaits, with a deep hem. Around the hips were three full ruffles of tho batiste, each cdg-ed with fine and vary <"Tti3i'"CJltCtS -InCir VUttJU* PitVLn iuwii»tii"J" ^» MWIHII .-> *"<> j '•-• • ..._ . _..- "l)eaOe.T S who push the sale of W. L. Pomllas Shoes gain customers, which helps to tf'snui ir0 Imllovo TOW Cfin PiiVO money •;, .T ^* •,-r r v T*f\rfu A* 1 "*»*»«—1^*..^. ««&•« ffco upon iip.plic*itlon» vV* ^o* JJ^^IJUA^A. J. B. WINTERS. JJfCOl GIVES RELIEF IMMEDIATELY—|f Js a Cure fOP all Diseases of the Heart, Kidneys, Liver and Blood. It has no rival and is found in every home, .. , _ , other. For the woo little ones, and for j open. For the BEST WALKING SHOE for $1,25 see Wf\LKER 5c RflUOH. 420 Broadway. the young demoiselle the styles are not always so unsiitisfactory. But the school fjirl ranging- from eight to twelve years old wears simple guth- crerl dresses, trimmed with pretty embroideries and ruillos, just us fresh and dainty as one could dosiro. They can easily lie made at home— an advantage, surely* especially if the girl is a romp and they are inexpensive. For dressy occasions tho accordion plait is used a ffreat, deal. Thn jeunesse silk, already laid in folds, will be found very convenient for these Klips. One that 1 saw in pale yellow, had a narrow insertion set in the skirts; had a loose square falling- fr&m the neck in front to form a yoke; and pretty fan-like pieces that stretched out o'vcr the shoulders— all with tho insertion set in, as in the skirt. A simple cotton dress— a pink rib clotted with black— had a white yoke that was lajd in fine plaits, big pu,ffy white sleeves, and a ruffle of embroidery that ran over the shoulders and down into a V at the waist line, both back and front. Above tho ruffle was a broad beading 1 , throug-h which was run black velvet ribbon, tied at waist and on tho shoulders in bows of small loops. Very simple and very pretty gowns are gathered on a yoke, and have two deep, full ruffles over the shoulders. Those will be found very satisfactory, as they are easily luundried. In the striped and flowered Hummer silks the effects are beautiful; and the simpler the dress Is made up the more youthful and dainty Is the effect. In the g-lnghams, linens and batistes a little more trimming 1 Ss added, but only in the shape of embroidery. Tho skirts aro turned up in deep hems. Two or three ruffles around the waist, on the shoulders, and two more beneath, on each sleeve, give a full et- foct to a child Inclined to bo awkward. Then a fine embroidered guimpe is Inserted, trimmed wlthn couple of ruffles of the edging. A neat sailor suit for a young girl is made of dark bine, with a brood band of bright red cloth at the bottom of tho skirt, okJseiy laM wtth rows were three more ruffles, with the fine, cdpin;f. The collar was a gathered edge of the embroidery. The ruffles did not meet in front either at the neck or at the waist, but wore connected by a, small 'band of the embroidery, slightly gathered. Another fresh gown was a dotted Swiss, with two rows of Valenciennes insertion set in, aj.iove the hem. This was carried out in the yoke as well, and a deep bertha ot lace was added. The waist was simply tied with satin ribbon and a lonp bow fell in the back. The collar was a stock in white satin, with a small bow to finish it. Tiny ones aro dressed more picturesquely. .Their dresses have the old fashioned 'droop and length about them; and all sorte of extravagant fancies make their way into the little things' robes. There is no fashion law to prevent, Tho mother may dress her darling 1 as she will, natil tho child is old enough to object—and that often happens at an early ago, so sage have tlie babies grown. i The small boy is a most fascinating bit of humanity, in his curling locks, his velvet and his line laces. When he grows a wee bit older he sheds his effeminacy and becomes a roving sailor lad, with anchors or the name of a ship embroidered on his jaunty collar and his neat sleeves. For the warm days there is a lovely white suit for tho boy that tins just left toddling, and gone to strutting. A hilt of white linen is quite o-ver- shadowed by a big, full blouse of the daintiest white lawn, that has sleeves with great frills over them. The blouse is somewhat subdued by a bit of an Eton jacket, In the white duck, that falls over. Down tho front IB a fall of the finest, laciest embroidery. Young mi*es copy older folks to a great extent, with modifications to suggest their fewer years. Revere aud ruffles aro in great favor, as the awkward age avoids slmplieity and severe lines. Hats for children are big, have easy drooping brims and are trimmed j«st in front, with flowers and ribbon*. A white leghorn droop* at each' side, fashion, and is trimmed with foil It In Toward a. I.iirnrnr, Wirier Shape—Ma- corlulK und Trlmmlii^H. Some one has said that "an ill-devised bonnet is unpardonable," which must mean au unbecoming one, for if a bonnet is becoming it is a success, no matter how many eccentricities it may display. Many of the spring creations of millinery art, with their wide- spreading bows, extended wings, upstanding feathers, and marvelous combinations of color, look like' miniature windmills in the shop windows, and have every appearance in the hand of being badly devised, but when they are put on the head of the right woman they have an air of beauty nnd style which is as surprising as it is irresistible- Hats usually make their appearance far in advance of other styles, and this year they come in wonderful variety. 1'rench bonnets have wide strings, which form the lar^c- bow under the chin, while the modest Knfrlisli toque has no strings at all. This is trimmed with a wreath of flowers and an erect bow in front, at the back, or both, and is ;t very popular shape. Another very Frenchy bonnet has a close-littiiiK' half circular or square- shaped piece which is really the bonnet, n.mi this is c':osejy beaded with jet or iridescent beads. P.iit the most conspicuous part of this little confection is the circular piece which stands up at the back, and is covered with fine llowers in such :i way that it has the effect in shape of a tiny peacock's tail spread to the fnHnst extent. In front of t.his is a velvet bow with rhinestone buckle in the center. lilai'k IK introduced on almost every hut, either in feathers, ribbon or jet, while groon roses or black mignonette make a very effective ad.-lition. I'ink roses and bliick velvets form another combination which is (icseribed. The tendency of bonnets is toward a larger, wider shape, the effect being gained by the square effect of the trim ming.—N. Y. Sun. FRIEND" HftKES CHILD BIRTH EASY. Colvin, X.», Deo. R, ISSe.-My wife use MOTHEB'S FRIEND before '.ler third confinement, and *ayn *jho wonid not b» without tt (or hundreds of dollar*. DOCK MILLS. ^Sent by express on receipt of pr-c?. $1,50 nor but•Hi. Book "To Mothers "imilcd fit*: 1 MRADFICLD KCOULATOn CO., •»«U •T*UOHUao.B1«. A7.JL4firn Dy8aa^Fl«her,drugglitJ FACIAL BLEMISHES I will remove, Fr«ckl«tt Pimple*, RlHckbekd*, itlotli na(Clie*,S*llow- other skin blemishes. LOLA MONTH CREAM The prcHl Skin food«)& Tlsync Builder, will make __________ „ __ YOU Beautiful Sm<] 10 cents mid thlsad. for & box of ekf n food nnd fui'c powder. I'rcc, Free. Free. MRS. NETTIE HARRISON America's ]ic»utv Doctor, 26 Gen r y Str«cl, S»il FraurUco. Cal> Sol Kim St. Cincinnati, Ohio. Superfluous iimr permanently removed, NEW LIFE Dr. E. C. West's Nervo and Brain Troatmtt. IP Hold under positive written ffunrtinteo, byci;'>- izftd nKeiiti only, to euro Woalt Memory: J,- Hrnlnmid Nc-rvo Povp,r;LQtslManhooJ;<0!.' M«ht Lo^h?; Kvll Dreimip; T^ick of CV: :. Norvou^ao^; Latitude; all Drnln?; Losscf .of tfoo G <*»<.• rllt5v« Organs Jn cithT *cr, c. •-. • ovcr-cx*-rtior.; Youthful Error?, or Exce«ivo "•• Tnbncco. Opium or J.Irjuor. which eoon ic:-.'i • Mf-'i^ry, Coasuniption. JnwiTiirj-and T)fnlh. B.VJLJ"''' ?1 a box; 'I for $5: with wriHen purrmiloo to curt?' n-fund money. WEST'S COUCH SYBtP. AcertaJi ruri* fur Coughs, Colds, AMlinin, BronchlH«, Croup, whooplDB Couph, Sore Tliront. Plenennt 10 toko. P;:)n.U slz<* di^coDilmiM: old.. We. fizc, nowtoc.: old f 1 (-izt. now r,0c. GUAKANXbES iBuuod only by W. n, POftTBti, "ansport, InO. et St., Lo- LADIES DO YOU KNOTT Thn i>^mnnd for Kare. Lace counters are besieged fro early in the day until late. As a in ter of fact, laces are used on day an evening 1 dresses and on garments of al kinds. Besides the guipure laces ther are imitations of g-uipure, which wil be used on summer washable drt'S Guipure de venise is a pretty lace fo shoulder frills and jabots. This is use in combination with velvet ou demi season liffht women's cloth dressos The effect is charming' as in case of an ecru combined with mignonette ffrecr velvet and this hux>. Other laces o the season are the point venice, poin milan, point dc flandcre.pointapplique Irish point, duchess and bruge wit' many other cheaper varieties whic are still very effective.—St. Louis Ee public. Hard Work. —Tom—When I was in hard line; last winter I hocked everything except my dress suit. It nearly kille< m«i Bess—It must have been embarrass Inc, b-jt I don't see how it could hav. nearly killed you. "Why, you" sen, I had to stay up every nipht for over a week so as tc have nn excuse for weariup: the sui mornings."—Kate Field's Washington ANIMAL EXTRACTS. ACOOKDINO TO THK TORMCLia OF ' DR. WILLIAM A- HAMMOND. AND OJiUKB UTS Sm'KBVJSION. TEST1XI3. Inexlmtistlventatfsof tlienorrons srstMt), re- su'.tinc from excesslT? mental fork: emotional ex- cliement or othw causes capable of lessening th« force ii"d endurance of th« several organs of the bodv; UepresBloa of spirits, mnlaiicbolliv and certain types of Insanity, In avses of muscular weakness, or ot Reneral Uebllltr: neuriistbcnla, and all Irrtiablo states of the bmtn, fpln cord or nervous system Kenerally; In nervous- and congestive uradache; In n<sural«l» ami In nervous dyspepsia: In weak statas at tin? Reneratlve system— In all of the above named conditions, Teitlne will be found of lue greatest service. Do»e, FiTO DropH. Trice (8 driclinu), *-2.5«. Where local drnzrfsts are. not supplied wltli the Hammond Animal Kxiracta, tliey will be moiled, together with nil exlsllns literature on the sub. Ject, on receipt of price, by THE COLVXUU C1IKMIC1L COMPAN», WMhingtOH, I). C. Agent for Losanspori, Ben Fl«her. JOSEPH CILLOm STEEL PENS NOS. 303-404-170-804, Ami other styles to suit all haniii. THE MOST 2EEFECT OP PENS. DR. FELIX LE BRUN'S STEEL ffl PENIIYPL PILLS rtt-e tho orifjinul and only FllKXCH, finfo and n» Jicblocttro on th« njnrket. l'rico$1.00; sent by mail, (ionuino sold only by W. H. POHTE3, DMiKfcit, 328 VUrKet St., La transport, Ind, ITCHING PILES SWAYNFI-' OINTMENT .JU-ltoUtmi l.tMM lUklcf M| •M(.t«l«ktl w*rwbr«ir«tokni»jT •.•li>«. tBM^« 0.PB B*d pl.U»i% PILES • ABSOLUTELY CUR1S. BTMPTO ' <ftW^.i^vsi llif.»tMrtoth«t»ot*. Sold,bj dninrtiu«r»r at Wot*, fnf w«4 bj Dm.HWATKB* So*, P and <ptek|| Lost Manhood Mrotiby, otc., nurcly curort by tM»Al v O. tho RT*-»1 Hindoo Jtcmody. With wriltt* r»wm»t**l*»«r«. Sold by BEN FISHER, UnyEglBt,Lo»r*a*i>°rt.Ilii)4*n». An »Krecable Laxntivo and NKKVE TON 1C. Sold by DnipBistsorecntb.vnniii). :jc.,N)o., •nd $1.00 per package. Samples free. •Tot Sale t>r B. F. KtMllng. FOR CTS. In Pmfngp, wo will Mud A feunplo Envelope, of cKbcr WHITE, FLESH or BROETTE lOZZONIS Ton have seen it advertised for many years, bnt have TOO over tried Itt—If not,—you do not Enow what ui Itfeal Complexion Powder I*. POZZONI'S botildoB bolnj? an ocfcnowlodgod bmntUfer, hna many refroahlng UBCS. It prevent* chaf- InR,(mo-bum, wlnd^nJcssonH perspiration* protection to tho face during hot weather. It IB Hold Ev*ryw*rr<w For sample, nddran J. A. POZZON1 CO. St. Louis, M MENTION THIS PAPER. . iliflcrrtr. ft ut * pd.jlnt i,ly nb-ullK. n n'l nlltfT rcniftMc*, :i«i.iliii.:i:i.pn ol nn.^s •HIP n.r CATAIlt!)!. ntcs tlic fi i»l Smell. , powder, pane, vni>or or i ii & -.yctlilfiK^i'y base. Itistlw r*c:Iy to *e»t of dtsuise with a indquJrkJyrJTflfis a rurr. lt» ial pfivMEC*. Alu\-i Ind^mmfc- >IlMi* Ccld IB Ik* find •( ••«•. QUAKER MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, ST. PAUL, MINN. For sale in Loganaport by BKH FISHKB, Drugglet LOST MANHOOD RESTORED. " Sl'AMSII NEHVECRAINS" the wonderful *,'<h i wrir:en cuiimutee to cure nil nrj-vor.s chr.ca-,cs ?ucn iw Week M on-' Lo«of Brim Power.Lott Manhood, Nishtly E misaor.*, Evil Dre*n> Lack of Confidence, Ncirousocfs, Lassitude^*!) drains a.idjon of. of the Cenerflriv* Org»n» in ckhw :rroir,,or excessive use of tobacco, o P i>im orrtiinulw i of powvk caused by over exertion, yoothfM ' lants which 1000 \*§4 convenient to C$ffy fi NW*u MI* »m* Oimo. For§»leinJH»«portby Dniffgtol

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