Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 29, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 29, 1894
Page 5
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On account of having tho Foster Lacing Hooks, many inferior Gloves aro being told as the "Foster"to parlies who believe them to be tho Genuine Foster quality, which is a superior French Real Kid Glovo, made with special caro in our own manufactory at Grenoble, Franco. To'enable purchasers to distinguish tho difference, wo havo changed our tracto mark, and shall hereafter stamp all ot our best quality •x-xxvm : Friday, April We will offer all the desirable colors. Foster Kid Gloves at 89 cents, The Hatter. MANUFACTURES. 1.- O It S A. L IS 13 V COME AND SEE US NOW. a You must have % Spring Suit. % we Come to us; make them from $20 to $60. Young, Tucker & THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. iSSSQSSSQSSSSSSSS* PEOPLE'S PARjy CITY TICKET Major, M. M. GORDON. Treasurer, SEORGE P. SCHABFF, Clerk, CHARLES BUUH1LE3TER, Water Works Tnusteo, ED. CLARY. CouncllmeD, 1st Wiird-MlLO GIBSON &l Ward-C. L. D1LLEY, 3d Wfircl-JOHN A. MURPHY, 4tb Ward—CHARLES T. BELL, 5th WttTd-C. 3. GRE«N. POWDHL- PUREST AND BEST. POUNDS,20£. JIALVM,IO$.QUARTERS,5$. Mmy Day Dmnce. The Ladles of tho Railway Trainmen will hold their annual May day ball on Tuesday night, May 1st at the Broadway rink. This gives promise ot being a, very enjoyable affair as a great many tickets have already been isiued. There will be five May poles on the floor and the most popular lady will be crowned queen of the May. LoTers of the dance should not miss thiietent DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY MOUSING, APRIL 29. Tooth without plates, at Clark'a, the Dentist. For linoleums and mattings. BOO tho Trade Palace. Clark'a spool cotton 3 cents, at the Now Fashion Btoro. First-class corn at retail at 50 cents a bushell at Uhl's mill. Have one of our now hats, at Patterson's now hat store. A full line of all kinds of mineral wator on draught at Busjahn's. Now carpets of best quality at lowest prices, at the Trade Palace. Misses' and boys' shoes are not out of sight at Murdock's shoe store. Children's little gingham dresser, ready made, at tho New Fashion store. Those 40, 50, 75 cent and $1 slippers, at Murdock's now shoe store are beauties. Our ladles are proud of the beautiful metropolitan lookirg Bee Hive dry goods house. Best homo mada rag carpet for 30 cents, at ihe carpet slaughter, at tho New Fashion store. The best Baking Powder in tho world at Ben Fisher's drug store. Call and get a free sample. The ladies of tho Christian Church will servo their annual dinner down own on circus day, May IGth. The election of the democratic water works ticket will make the ioard solidly democratic. Vote for ne republican candidate at least and Keep tho Board non-partisan. Our Millinery department haa been uch a grand success lhat wo are compelled to make more room by closing ut our largo stock of carpets at tho New Fashion store. The funeral services over the remains of Lafayette Tyler will be held his afternoon at 3 o'clock at tho Seven Mllo U. B. church. The funeral ortage will leave the residence of he deceased at 2 o'clock sharp. In- erment will be made In the Hahn emetery at Anoka under the auspices if the 6. A. R. Mrs. Mary Sohweisethal died yesterday afternoon at her residen«e on Uhl street, West Side, at the ad- anced age of 76 years. The funeral ervlces will be held on Tuesday morning at the St. Joseph's church at o'clock conducted by Father Ecehne. nterment will be made in Mt. St. Vincent cemetery. T. P. A. Note*. Tho Commercial Gaxette of La. fayette, Is advertising tho coming State Convention in large letters, and as tbie pnpor has a large commercial circulation wo predict much good will result and the gathering will bo a success. Uon't forget the Stato Convention at Lafayette, May 19th. It is " not dilllcultto distinguish a member of Poet F, for ho now wears .one of those honorary T. P. A. buttons secured by getting a fellow^travel- or to ' sign up." Frank B. Hart of Lafayette, was in the city Friday and reports Post E has made a gain of more than 90 members this year and in speaking of the convention says tho wires are being rapidly placed and the latch string of welcome is out, tho current of friendship will bo applied early in the day. All we are asked to do is to present ourselves and press the button. An interesting meeting was held at tho parlors last evening a large number of members being present also the following visitors: A. G. Locke, and Chas. Chrieholm of Peoria, 111. H. C. Willey was reported sick and mem. bars aro requested to call on him if convenient. John H. Jennings made application for membership. After a lew minutes executive session tho meeting was adjourned until May 12th Post F. tho past week haa chronicled another one of thase sad events In the death of L. L. Sapp. A man while not very well known at the club rooms, was a gonial and social man on the road, controlled a good trade for the houso ho represented by his honesty and integrity. A floral emblem of tho order in blue and white (tho national colors) was presented by Post F also tho following resolutions wore passed: LOGANSVOKT, IND, April 28, '94. Inasmuch as it has been the provl* denco of Post F to lose one of its members in tho untimely and deplorable death of L. L. Sapp. Therefore bait Resolved that we deeply deplore his absence as a companion and fellow traveler also that as a body we extend sympathy to tho onca who havo suffered the deprivation and especially do wo sympatl/.o with the wife and son; also be it further Resolved, That a copy of those resolutions be furnished the National Secretary of tho T. P. A. of A., and the family pf tho doceased. W. M. STEWART, E. F. KELLEK, W. C. FISCHER, Committee. The program for the State convention to be held at Lafayette June 19th roads as follows: 9:00 n, m.-Recpptlon of the different posts and rPKlstorlnK ot tho numbers) rind their ladles, 10:fifln. m—Gniml street pnrndo. 11:30 u. in.—Address of wuleomo by the Mayor at openi ImusB. followed by G»v. Mut- chows, >'ntlonnl Pre.i. ten or St. Loam, mid State Pres. Taylor ot Lownsport. 1:30 p. m,—.Mestlnt: ol the convention ut the opera honse. 2 00 p. m.-Entertalnlns of visiting Indies by carriage ride. S: 00 to 6:00 p. m—Reception by post K to tho members of the Xrnveleru Protective Assoclntlon ut its Post room. • S:00 to 12:00 p. ra-Recentlon (ind grand ball at th« operii huu.se, The Posts in the following cities will make their headquarters at the St. Nicholas Hotel. Torre Haute, Vincennes, Ev'ansvllle and Kendalvllle. At the Lahr House: Fort Wayne, Logansport, Indianapolis and South Bond. A rate of $2 per day has been secured. LEO. PoiTLn/.F.n, FRANK B. HAHT, JOHN G. BROWN, Executive Committee. On account of consolidation of Shoes and Clothing again under one re of, 317 and 319 Fourth Stre;t, thereby effecting a saving of -$1,200 per annum and en- abling us to : ell you shoes cheaper than ever. We are shelving the south side of the store TO THE CEILING- with sliding ladder at'achments, city style, economizing space and saving fcbjve large amount in expenses. Will move next Saturday evening after 8 o'clock. Extra Bargains previous to removal. OTTO KRAUS. "OF COURSE," YODR NAME IN I'RIUX. A Blic Store, Mr. I. N. Crawford's mammoth new hardware store at the corner of Fifth and Broadway, was yesterday opened for business and was thronged all day by persons inspecting the handsome new building and the well assorted stock of general hardware and implements. This new building It one of the' handsomest in the State and occupying, as it does, so commanding and prominent a position on Broadway, is a conspicuous and substantial feature of Logansport's healthy growth. Not only Is It handsome in appearance both on the exterior and the Interior but it is also probably tho largest building devoted exclusively to the retail hardware trade In northern Indiana. With its four floors and basement the building contains nearly 12,000 feet of floor space which IB sup. plementcd considerably by hanging floors and convenient and acoessable shelving. In the old familiar quarters Mr, Crawford was always hampered by lack of room. He now hai for once in his long business career plenty of room, but actually none to spare as the building will be full from base, aent floor to roof. In; making this substantial Improvement Mr. Crawford hfti testified hia confidence .in Loganiport's future and has built wisely and well. Item* of • Personal Character Contenting Loganupcrtcrs and Tlielr Friend* H, J. Heltbrink went to Richmond yesterday. Bert Stuart is home from Wabash college for Sunday. John Markerl is visiting his brother George at St. Louis. Mrs. S, P. Grafflin has returned from a visit at Kokomo. O. Id. Hand, of Chicago, is calling on old homo friends in tho city. Sol. D, Buckles, formerly of the Murdock was in the city list night. Jesse Van Buron is spending Sunday at hli old homo at Urbanna. O. Mr. J. B. Van Buskirk of the Mon- tloelio Herald, waa in the city yestcr. day. Will Uhl, Carl Koller and Jos. Taylor attended a ball at Rochester Friday evening 1 . K.- J. Stukey who was visiting his brothers, Jesse and Frank has returned to Indianapolis. Mrs. Lon Smysor who was visiting her former homo here, returned yesterday to her home at Richmond. j Remington Press: Mrs. R. R. Pottit is visiting with her daughter, Mrs. Wm. Legg, at Logansport this week. Mra. Abby Cady who was visiting in the city the guest of her son, Dr. N. W. Cady, returned yesterday to her home at Indianapolis. Rev. L. Ratliffo, wifo and son and Mrs. A. J. Allen have returned from CrawfordsviUe where they havo been attending the missionary convention. A New Morning Dally. John O. Hardesty of Anderson, will com men co the publication of an in. dependent morning daily in this city next Wednesday. Will D. Nofiblt of the Muncle Morning News will bo city editor. The Journal has not discovered tho fertility of the morning newspaper field in Lotfansport but possibly that is its fault and others may make more out of it in a financial way. The fear- loss and earnest fight the Journal made for the people against tho gas combine and its loyalty to the people insures it a lasting esteem in. the eyes of the public and it haa nothing to fear from a popular standpoint. It welcomes the new candidate for pop. ular favor and wishes it success. The Electric Llgbt Unenlton. When the present council was organized Chairman Beam of the electric light committee went to the present light company and asked for terms of sale. He was told that tho plant cost about $120,000 but that the company would sell for $60,000 or ,$65,000. Ho asked for exact figures but was never given them. The present company issued bonds for $60,000 and sold them in New York BO that the plant is well sold. As a matter of fact a larger and better plact can now be put in for $45,000 and at $10,000 per year for street lights the plant will pay for itself in a short time. The otty ought to own ,its own plant and will save $10,000 per year when it does. A bran new stock pf carpets valued at $8,0(0, must be closed this, week regard leei of cost, at the New Fashion 1 store. Hoodie Heine I «cd It was reported last evening lhat the interests which put up tho $800 lor the defeat of Mayor Read had raised a city campaign fund of $3,000 to elect the democratic ticket. Three democratic candidates for tho council were spending money freoly for beer and cigars yesterday and everything indicated that a barrel had been tapped. The Evolution Of medical agents is gradually relegating tho old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the rear and bringing into general use tho pleasant and effective liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs. To got the true remedy seo that it is manufactured by tho California Fig Syrup Co, only. For sale by all leading drug- grists. Ida mauler Acquitted. Tho jury In the case of tho State vs. Ida Mohler, larceny, brought in a ver. diet yesterday morning acquitting the defendant. Upon thia finding the similar case against tho woman's brother. Sherman Mohler, who was charged with being a party with the woman in the picking of the pockets of their uncle, Wm. Welch, was dismissed. Public meeting. The meeting held in tho K. R. Y. M. C. A. rooms at 3 o'clock this afternoon will be conducted by J. M. Burwick, and all men and women are cordially invited. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Now curtains and shades at the Trado Palace. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Toung, a daughter. New draperies of all kinds just opened at the Trade Palace. We pay special attention to our soda water. Everything clean and pure.— Busjahn's. Charley Hebel will go to Peru to« day to take his old position with Wallace's circus. John K. Hall is preparing to establish a short order restaurant on Wall street which ho will place in charge of Frank Bcamer. Quite a number of ardent deciples of Isaac Walton wont to Lake Maxinkuckee last evening to tempt the toothsome bass from its liquid lair. The ladies of the Episcopal church will servo dinner and supper on show day May 16th in tho room recently vacated by \ViIcr and Wise on Fourth street. See the bargains now in wash silks, summer wool dress goods, at popular prices.—Trade Palace. For rent, good front room, down etairs, suitable for two, in good location on Market street, five minutes walk from court house. Inquire X X Journal office. The great carpet slaughter commences Monday, and the entire stock of carpets will be closed regardless of cost during tho event. This sacrifice sale is to make room for millinery at the New Fashion store. Mrs. Allen Lewis, of the South Side had a very severe attack of heart trouble yesterday afternoon and was thought for awhile to be in a very critical condition but is now happily improving. At the regular inspection meeting of the Logan Greys Friday night the modals for honor were distributed aa follows: Best drilled man, Wm. Hawkins; noatost non-commissioned officer. Harry Foglesong: neatest private, Fred G. Six. Rev. Mr. Marsh will change tho order of his two remaining sermons of the course he is delivering. This evening his subject will be "Eternal Judgment." Next Sunday evening "The Saint in Heaven," which will close the series. Tom Lynch was yesterday released from the county jail after a term of 60 days for larceny. One of his partners Graney, haa two months sllil to serve in the county basilic while his othef partners Sid Powell and Cahlll are do(ng their time in the penitentiary. Ben Fisher's new soda fountain ia attracting a groat deal' of attention from the fact that it is distinctly different from any other fountain in the city, being made entirely of handsome tiling with silver mountings. Mr. , Fisher will serve only the purest fruit juices and invites everyone to test tho merits of the new fountain. A lurid glare in tho heavens south wcEt of the city caused an alarm of fire last night during the thunder storm and No. 4 department turned out. At the Clcott street bridge the fire was seen to be down in the country and the boys returned. It was thought that a barn on tho Seybold Farm was on fire. ^ | For Fine Spring Soils * in endless Variety, which for lit, Dura- f bility, Style, Workmanship and Trimmings are positively unexcelled, call on CARL W. KELLER. 311 Market Street. •;•&

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