The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 3, 1965 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1965
Page 8
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I—Alaonej (lo.) Upper Des Moinei Thurtdoy, Juft# 3, 1965 Algona And Kossuth County • 100 Years Ago Just 100 years ago, a newspaper was established in Algona, called "The Upper Des Moines." It's name was chosen because It served an area, known at that time as The Upper Des Moines country to settlers moving north along the Des Moines river to virgin country. What was Alpcma like, 100 years ago? Harold Hutchins of Algona, now a ripo 84 years of age, has gathered a wealth of information about Algona and Kossuth county of 1865, and we pass on some of his interesting paragraphs. BY HAROLD HUTCHINS The late Wesley banker, Guy M. Butts, on occasions, when he was asked at conventions or trips away from home, where he was from, would invariably reply "The Kingdom of Kossuth." This, in turn, gave him an immediate opportunity to describe the country in which he lived. But this "Kingdom" of the 1900's was quite a bit different than the same area In 1865. When the first settlers came to this area, it was a vast prairie wilderness, with grass in many places higher than a man's head, with numerous swamps and sloughs, and canebrake often a height of 15 feet. It was an Ideal spot for deer, elk and sometimes buffalo, as well as cranes, ducks, geese and prairie-chickens. Fish abounded In great numbers in Uie numerous streams. But while about 95 percent of what is now Kossuth county was strictly prairie, early surveyors estimated that there was about 6,000 acres of line timber In the locality that became known as Algona, and other groves farther north, along the river. It is explained that the reason the timber did not spread out farther from the streams was because of the vast prairie fires which occurred often in spring and autumn. FARM GROVES PLANTED The fine groves now seen around homesteads in the country • were all planted by the pioneers and their successors, thus changing the appearance of the landscape from the 1865 scene to what you see today. The groves also served and still do, as windbreaks In winter, and making living more pleasant in the summer as well. The prairies were covered with many varieties of flowers, too numerous to describe in detail, but they made a beautiful and vast cover. But despite the beauty, there were times when the pioneers thought of their new home as a "swamp land." Tales have been told of settlers coming to town for supplies, and taking them home on a "stoneboat" made of plank, and pulled by a two- horse team. Wheeled vehicles could never make it through the sloughs. Entire days were taken to travel distances now covered in a half hour. Undoubtedly the site of Algona was chosen by Asa C. and, Ambrose A. Call for the first settlement of Kossuth county, not only because of its natural loveliness in a wide bend of the Des Moines river's east fork, but on account of the large grove of trees. The southeastern portion of what is now Algona was a big swamp, and a deep ravine ran from that area to the Des Moines river, and fish spawned each season in Its waters. The town- site had numerous sloughs, now-drained ott ( andttt^e^.\EftlX settlers stood on ground now occupied by* the llbrapt;3»fld shof \ ducks and geese above what is now the Congregational church. There were no game laws and no wardens. But the northern, western and southern areas of the townsite were wooded with great, beautiful, native trees .of which the finest have long ago been used for lumber and fuel. ATTACK BY WOLVES * In the winter of 1865, a group of settlers together bought a steer, butchered it, and hung it high up in a tree to cure. When morning came, the snow on the ground was packed solid from the feet of wolves who had vainly tried to jump up and grab the meat. At another time, in spring, E. N. Weaver, one of the early settlers, went out in early morning and looked over the brow of a hill near the west end of what is now North Street. He was thunderstruck by the appearance of a forest of small trees, which had not been there the day before. They proved to be the antlers of a large herd of elk which had moved in during the night. What does LP-Gas do for the Dairy Farmer? Well, son, because it is a wonderful and portable source of energy for use wherever heat and power are required, it helps your dad do jobs like these economically and with less effort. • Heat Water for Milking Parlors and Stock Tanks • Drying Hay • Heating Barns • Lighting Farms > Operating Milk Can Sterilizers, Trucks, Tractors, and Stationary Engines Because it is liquified tas, it is dehverea is needed in bulk or in tanks, tor uninterrupted dependable safe service on the Farm and also m tne Farm Home We tjke tnis occasion to pay tnbute to the Oany Farmers of this area and to assure all that we are at Your Service Thermogas of ALGONA So. Phillips * Algona, Iowa Quite a few residents are familiar with the story - or tradition handed down by an old Indian chief to Asa C. Call, in the summer of 1865. The chief and Call scorned to get along well, and they conversed in sign language and some Indian and Chinook words which Mr. Call knew. The chief commended the white man for his wisdom in selecting the townsite, in the bend of the Des Moines river, which would serve as "an arm of Manitou." The river bend would always protect those living there from the great Whirling Wind (tornado) that sometimes swept over the prairies. It seems that a current of air must rise from a river valley, which carries the storm to greater height. Perhaps this accounts for the near miracle of July, 1951, when great trees were uprooted, limbs topped off by the thousands, and light and power, ana telepnone lines oroKen by terrific winds but the tornado itself from which the winds was the aftermath passed over, at a higher level. REUNITED Martin Sheehy of Bellevue, and his aunt, Mrs. Mary Maydanik of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, were reunited recently after 22 years. Mr. Sheehy had become separated from his mother and aunt during the German occupation of Poland. He was able to locate his aunt through the American Red Cross. Council Minutes The City Council met May 12, 1965 wilh Mayor Finn and the following members present: Muckey, Andreasen, Elbert,Cook and Baldus. Absent; Pelrce. Council authorized the City to cooperate with Martin Smith to establish lot lines on a lot owned Jointly by Smith and the City of Algona located on North Hall street. Offer of $3,000.00 from Gilbert, la. to purchase the 1947 fire truck was accepted. Trans- action to take place as soon as Algona received the new fire truck. Howard Smith, Engr, from Mason City, la., reported on the process of the proposed storm sewer projects for the city. Howard Smith, Engr. from Mason City, la., was authorized to check the sanitary sewer line located at the Intersection of North and Harlan streets. Discussion on a asphalt mat for east and west McGregor street was referred to the street committee. Hank's Dairy Creme request for access from Phillips street was approved by the council. Moved and seconded the meet- Ing adj. D. A. Smith, City Clerk APPROPRIATING RESOLUTION #1125 May 12, 1965 GENERAL Finn, Salary 112.50 Smith, Salary 220.24 Sands, Salary 118.78 Algona Postmaster, Envelopes. 60.10 la. State Bank, Wholdlng. . 43.90 Rlcklefs-Geelan, Ins. . . . 14.12 Advance, Publishing. . . . 51.21 Arwell. Rat Control .... 23.00 Buchanan A McClure, Legal Fees 696.48 City Clerk, Advanced Cash.. 1.73 Frederick Hdwe., Rule. . . . 2.24 W. Finn, Court Costs . . . 135.00 IBM Corp., Supplies. . . . 2.25 ICB Officials, Dues 50.00 UDM Publishing, Publ. . . 35.86 STREET Burtls, Salary 142.57 Frambach, Salary 141.38 Helmers, Salary 145.33 Pergande, Salary 205.79 Prew, Salary 173.75 Wlbben, Salary 131.46 Lashbrook, Salary. .... 187.59 la. State Bank, Wholdlng.. 110.90 Rlcklefs-Geelan, Ins 39.80 Algona Flour & Feed, Lawn Seed 4.00 Barclay Co., Supplies. . . 6.28 Brown Supply, Brooms. . 16.68 Buscher Bros., Wheel. . . 15.21 Cook's Welders,Supplies. 13.30 Del Chemical, Supplies. . 60.14 Frederick Hdwe., Supplies 9.26 J. I, Holcomb, Brooms. . . 57.40 Ind. Towel, Service 2.50 Jack's OK Tire, Sup. ... 1.50 Miller Lbr., Stakes. . . . 18.26 N. Central Pub. Service, Gas. . . . 65.36 ROAD USE TAX Algona Machine Shop, Collar 1.00 Arnold Motors, Sup 93.80 Bradley Equip., Repairs. . 12.44 H. Cutler, Stripping. . . . 170.00 Greenberg, Supplies. . , . 11.34 Hilton's, Repairs 60.00 Sankey Sand & Gravel, Asphalt 53.60 Standard Oil, Diesel. . . 41.61 Taylor Motors, Repairs. . 4.38 Trupke Elec., Repairs. . . 2.15 PUBLIC SAFETY Boekelman, Salary 290.61 Bulten, Salary. ....... 220.00 Gerdes, Salary, 152.05 Hutchison, Salary 198.99 Jorgenson, Salary 211.75 Rasmussen, Salary. . . . 185.97 Voigt, Salary 192.93 la. State Bank, Wholdlng.. 160.10 Trust & Agency, Pension.. 17.84 Ricklefs-Geelan, Ins 89.22 Algona Coffee Shop, Rent Room 20.00 Algona Ins. Agency, Premium 81.39 Algona Reminder, Time Sheets 12.70 Joe Bradley Equip., Tire.. 18.00 Brayton Radiator, Clean Rad 12.50 City Clerk, AdvancedCash.. 7.85 Electronic Spec., Serv.... 17.10 R. Gerdes,Expenses 176,24 Hutzell's, Supplies 6,84 Perclval Motors, Repairs. 10.24 Taylor Motors, Police Car 2,117.75 Hilton's, Services 25.46 Advance Pub., Publ. . , . 12.99 Algona Auto Repair, Welding 12.40 Cook's Welders, Sup, . . 4.00 Harris Fire Control, Supplies 9.00 Honsbruch Drug. Film. . 2.60 SANITATION Frambach, Wages 136.65 la. State Bank, Whold. . . . 10.80 Cowan's, Tile 4.20 Mason Cy, B. Print, Maps.. 43.06 City Cleric, Adv. Cash. . . . 4.10 N. Central Pub. Sen, Gas.. 13.31 SEWER RENTAL Gronbach, Salary 147.76 Lemkee, Salary 210.55 la. State Bank, Whold. . .. 24.20 Rlcklefs-Geelan, Ins. . . . 14.12 Arnold Motors, Rep. .... 18.92 City Clerk, Adv. Cash 92 Honsbruch Drug, Sup 1.22 HE CREATION Boldrldge, Salary 97.02 la. State Bank, Whold. . „ 3.60 City Clerk, Adv. Cash. , . 24.67 Arnold Motors, Filter. . . 1.35 Frederick Hdwe., Sup. . . , 3.98 Pratt Elec., Wiring 3.00 DEBT SERVICE Security Natl. Bank, Int... 77.50 la. State Bank, Int 825.00 Security State Bank, Int. . la, D. M, Natl. Bank, Int.. Iowa State Bank, Int. . . . la. D. M. Natl. Bank, Int.. Central Natl. Bk & Trust, Int Decorah Newspapers, Int. Central Natl. Bk * Trust, Int Security State Bank, Int. , la, D. M. Natl. Bank, Int. Security State Bank, Int. , la. State Bank, Int. ..... 317.25 639.00 496.25 93.75 56.25 . 56.25 745.00 81.25 . 77.50 . 46.50 108.50 PARKING METER Groen, Salary 217.95 Nauholz, Salary 69.92 la. State Bank, Whold. . . 39.30 Trust & Agency, Pension. . 2.71 Ricklefs-Geelan, Ins 14.12 George's Body Shop, Labor 16.00 Sherwin-Williams, paint ; , 340.00 Tral-0-Terla System, Tickets 131.39 Utt Electric, Repairs. . . 9.20 TRUST & AGENCY B. Egli, Pension 75.00 SQUARE DANCING LESSONS —For Children Age 7 thru Tetni— JUNE 2, 9, 16, 23 FROM 7 TO 8:30 P.M. 25e p«r lesson Parent* of Children will Serve Refreshments after each Lesson BUD & ALICE LUDWIG, Instructors GOOD NEIGHBORS TO KNOW AROUND THE TOWN fit COUNTRY Meet Duane Habeger, Lone Rock This week's Country Neighbor is Duane Habeger, 34, Lone Rock, who farms 480 acres a mile south and a mile east of Lone Rock. Duane has been on his present place, where he is a tenant, for five years and prior to that farmed for five years a mile west of Burt. He has 200 acres of corn, 225 acres of beans and 45 acres of hay and idle land. Duane also has 60 Angus cattle and 225 hogs and his favorite job around the farm is feeding cattle. He is a member of the American Legion and a Burt township trustee and calls fishing and music his hobbies. Son of Mrs. Fred Habeger and the late: Fred: Habeger," T he 1 'v*as born at Bancroft July 22> 1930. Mrs. Habeger is the former Shirley Mitchell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Melfred Mitchell of Lone Rock. She was born Feb. 7, 1934 at Cylinder and she and Duane met at school activities. Knitting and sewing are her hobbies. The Habegers have four children, Kirsten 9, Sandra 8, Kent, 6, and Lori, 2, and Duane has two sisters, Frances (Mrs. Kenneth Sarchet), Burt, and Fern (Mrs Dick Furst), Cedar Falls. He served with the 43rd Division Band in Europe in 1952-53. (UDM Polaroid Photo) Upper DCS Moints Publishing Co. PRINTING AT IT'S BEST - WITH QUALITY AND ECONOMY AJgena Buscher Brothers Impl. Minneapolis MoHne - Kelly-Ryan - Pope* New Idea Farm Machinery • tmlM • Serrloe • frlendlr * ComtlMU* N. Main St. Phone 29S4U1 Robinson Construction Co, Sioux Steel Buildings Building Construction F«r its*, strength. loM life and MM e! building, IntUt en — f IOUX — Another •dyincemeiU la eMler turning, E. E. Mobinton But en Hwy, II Phone 295-3374 Joe Bradley Equipment, pictured above, is your complete headquarters for farm machinery, passenger, truck and tractor tires, farm and commercial trucks and machinery repair, plus many top lines, such as Gehl. Firestone, Oliver, CMC, Massey Harris. Butler Bins. Winpower, Speedy. Continental Belton Co., Meyer Elevator, Alfts-Chalrners parts and others. The firm is located just south of the Algona Hotel, where you will find a complete up-to-date machinery and truck repair shop. A new building has been completed as well as many other improvements made. You will find them ready to service any and all of the equipment sold and friendly service is always found. Joe Bradley Equipment South Hotel Algona Farm Machinery — Trucks — Tires Miiiey-Htrrii Allli-chilmtn Oliver CMC Truck* Tlrti Phone 295-2421 Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery BOTH QUALITY A SIRVICE Located east of Algona oil highway 18. Phone I293-J561 Algona Implement Co. Your Friendly International Harvester Dealer FAttM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TUUCKS Sales & Service Plume 205-3591 ALGONA Irons Heating & Plumbing "Completely Equipped To Serve YOB Completely" Plumbing Bh««l Kettl C»» ot OU Vnjtf Pump* W»2er f yiitmi Complete fi«tluif« Phono AUiONA

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