The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 3, 1965 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1965
Page 6
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i JUNE 3,1965 10-Alcjena, (la.) Upper Des Moinet Thursday, June 3, 1965 lUpmrf M [ Published By the Upper Oe* Mo.n«s I Publishing Co., Algona, Iowa | JEAN PRIEBE | News Editor Many Fenf on Parlies Honor Sentral Grads Mr. and Mrs. Art Zumach and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Peter were hosts to 80 guests at a lunch following Sentral High School Commencement exercises Tuesday evening at the Zumach home. The graduates honored were Carol Ann Zumich and David Peter. - o - Guests of the Ray Dreyers Sunday evening following Baccalaureate at Sentral, honoring their son, Ray Jr., included Mr. and Mrs. Orval Einspahr and children of Webster City, Mrs. James Elmore and Nancy, Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Luodtke and John, Mr. arid Mrs. Waldemar Laage and Linn, Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Luedtke and family, Mr. and Mrs. Hans Baago, Mrs. Ida Dreyer, Mrs. Lena Luedtke, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Haase, Mrs. Edith Hayenga, Kathy Merrill, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bellinger, Mr. and Mrs. Don Blanchard and Susan, Mr. and Mrs. William Hantelman and family, Don Rowland, Rev. and Mrs. Rex Splcer, Kathie Devan, Mrs. Elsie Dreyer, Harold Dreyer, Mrs. JohnStrue- cker, Bertha Olson, and Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Langerman and family. Mrs. Glen Holtorf returned last week from Mesa, Arizona, to attend the graduation of her son, Marlyn Steinberger, from Sentral High. A party in Marlyn's honor was held Tuesday evening following Commencement, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Jacobsen. Mrs. Holtorf and Marlyn left Thursday morning for their home in Mesa. Rev. and Mrs. Russell Eldridge held an open house after Commencement Tuesday evening, in honor of their son David, a member of the Sentral graduating class. Relatives present from a distance were Mr. and MR. FARMER: WE CAN HELP! Don't let opportun ity slip through your fingers. Let us help give you the financial assist you need, for any worthwhile purpose. Full loan services "from the ground up" . . . low interest ratesl FIRST TRUST *W SAVINGS P.O. I.C. BANK ARMSTRONO OFFICE AvFEMTON WEED CONTROL MEANS BETTER CROPS Increased crop production is one ot llie best ways of making i'jrruiuv; inoiv piotu.ihle. 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Mr. and Mrs. ~d Schlei attended Commence*,).>nt exercises in Garner last week, for their grand-nephew, Douglas Lee Schlei, who was one of 73-meml>er graduating class at Garner. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Altenter- tained after commencement in honor of their daughter Marilyn. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Art Krause, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Berkland, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Krause and family, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Krause and family, Mrs. Katie Alt and Mr. and Mrs. Eli Gerber of West Bend, Melvin Alt and Trudy and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lampe and Patty of Burt, Mrs. Albert Wibben and Ellen and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Alt and Karen of Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Greinert, Mr. and Mrs. Mervln Jentz, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dreyer and Jane, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wegener, Mrs. Ida Dreyer, and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Prlebe. Jane Dreyer and Hollee Krause servedpunch, Mrs. Stanley Berkland cut the cake, and Trudy Alt poured coffee. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Berkland entertained Tuesday evening after the commencement of their daughter Joyce from Sentral. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hanna of Mason City; Mr. and Mrs. Truman Thompson, Mrs. Gertie Berkland, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grethen and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Berkland and family of Cylinder; Reuben Berkland and family, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Berkland, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gerhart, Mr and Mrs. Lyndon Kerber and Owen, of Fenton; Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Busch and Dennis, and Mr. and Mrs. Merle Flint and family of Ringsted; Mr. and Mrs. Gary Jansma of Spirit Lake and jMiss^Carolyn Gormann of Blue Earth, Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Sunde entertained in honor of their son James, who graduated Tuesday' evening from Sentral. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Carl Clausen of Trimont; Mr. and Mrs. -'darence^r-heesfield and Mr<• and** Mrs. Bill Nielsen of Fairmont;,. Mr. and Mrs. Nels Sunde and Lillian, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sunde, and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mitchell of Estherville; Mr. and Mrs. Lester Theesfield of Armstrong; Mr. and Mrs. John Theesfield, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bruhn and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Arno JulU and Bethene of Fenton. Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Stoeber attended graduation exercises at Swea City Monday evening, and were guests at a party in honor of several members of the class. Mr. and Mrs. William Hantelman entertained guests after the Tuesday evening Commencement, in honor of their graduating daughter, Becky. Mrs. Richard Stucki and children of Spencer and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Anderson of Swea City were Thursday afternoon guests of the Wilfred Stoebers. Rev. and Mrs. Rex Spicer are parents of their first child, a girl born Tuesday, May 25, at Mason City Park Hospital. The baby weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces. Guests at the Dale Weisbrod home after the graduation of their daughter Nadine were Mr. and Mr. Art Voigt, Mrs. Charles Weisbrod, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. Derwood Voigt, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Voigt, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Cornelius, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Larson, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Huskamp, Mr. and Mrs. Garry Bleckwenn of Estherville, Rev. Russell Eldridge and Mary Dawn, and Mr. and Mrs. William Hantelman and family. Mr. and Mrs Wilfred Stoeber and Wayne spent Memorial Day weekend at the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Marion Covert and Mr. and Mrs. Karl Siewert in Minneapolis. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Priebe, Carl and Darlcnc left Friday afternoon for a two-week vacation at Ear Falls, Ontario, Canada. Mrs. Laurnetta Miller and Mrs. Lena Bleckwenn spent last weekend at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bell in Waterloo. Dance Revue FENTON - Mrs. Margery Jolley will present her pupils in a dance revue on Friday evening in the Feutou grade school auditorium. The revue will include pupils from surrounding towns as well as local children. The program will start at 8p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Householder were hosts after Warren's graduation Tuesday evening to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Elbert and family of Emmetsburg, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Menz, and Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Stulen and family of Dickens. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Richards of Mesa, Arizona, left Tuesday for their home after being guests for a week and a half of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stoeber. Mrs. Stoeber and Mrs. Richards are sisters. Saturday guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Schwartz were Mr. and Mrs. Bob Schwartz and daughter Bobbi Jean, and Mr. and Mrs. James Schwartz and Jeff, all of Ames. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Schwartz and Mrs. Edith Laage visited Mr. and Mrs. Karl Schwartz in Rockwell City on Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank McFall were Monday evening supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Rusch. Mr. and Mrs. Max Flalg and boys of Virginia Beach, Virginia and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Meyer of Algona were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. James Meyer. Mrs. Flalg Is a sister of James. Those from Fenton who attended graduation Monday evening in Algona of Juanita Meyer, daughter of the Fred Meyer's of Algona, were Mr. and Mrs. Victor Struecker, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Potratz, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Bierstedt, Mrs. Wayne Boettcher, Mrs. Fred Boettcher, Mrs. Esther Hlntz and Mr. and Mrs. James Meyer. Mr. and Mrs. William Elmers returned Thursday evening from a trip to Chester, Illinois where they attended graduation exercises for Mrs. Elmers' nephew. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. William Meyer and Mrs. Tom Frankl of Algona, and were guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roland Rehmer. Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Berkland entertained after Mark's commencement Tuesday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Henriksen and family, Mrs. Martha Mueller, Mr. and Mrs. Art Cody, Mr. and Mrs.TJfoy Mueller and family, Jim Bergum, Rev. Rex Spicer, Kathie Devan, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Kern and family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mueller and family, Virtus Feddersen, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Berkland and family, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Berkland and family, Mrs. Oscar Berkland family, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Berkland and family, Mr. and Mrs. Amos Berkland and family, Raymond Berkland of Mason City, Edward Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Manly and Lori, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bruhn and family and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bruhn. Evening guests at the Fred Frink home Tuesday in honor of David's graduation were Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Wittkopf, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Bleckwenn and Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Wiener and Kay, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Frink, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Frink^ Mr. and Mrs. Albert Langerman, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Langerman, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Wegener and family, Mrs. Lucille Frink and Colleen, and Dr. and Mrs. Jerald Waite. Tuesday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Matthiesen following David's graduation were Mr. and Mrs. George Hildreth of Des Moines, Mrs. Leah Matthiesen and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Matthiesen and Douglas of Curlew, Mr. and Mrs. Avery Johnson of Ayrshire, Mrs. Florence Behne, Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Keoppel and Richard Pannell. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schlei entertained Rev. and Mrs. F. C. Preul, Mr. and Mrs. JohnThees- feld and Mrs. Charles Weisbrod for supper Sunday evening. Mrs. Charles Weisbrod was a Sunday dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Straley. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burkgren attended an alumni banquet at Dayton high school on Saturday evening. A pot-luck dinner was held at the Depew parish house on Sunday as a farewell to the Richard Underwood family. Home movies were shown by Bertel Berkland. A purse was presented to the Underwoods, who moved to Boone on Monday. Leroy Jacobsen was released from Holy Family hospital in Estherville on Saturday, and is getting around now on crutches. Eldon Duncan, who was hurt in the same car-tractor accident, will remain hospitalized and in traction for some weeks yet. Friday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Matthiesen were Rev. and Mrs. Robert Erlandson and girls of Curlew. Sunday supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Matthiesen were Mr. and Mrs. George Murphy of Independence, Mrs. RettaEigler, and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Eigler. The sixth grade classes of Fenton and Lone Rock went on a field trip Tuesday to Union Slough. There they were guided by the manager of the Slough. Their teachers, Mfs. Don Blanchard, Mrs. Lawrence Newbrough and Mrs. Art Priebe accompanied them. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Voigt entertained guests following Roxanne's graduation Tuesday evening. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sweaney and family, and Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Voigt of Emmetsburg, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Voigt and Steven of Winnebago, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Garrison and Mrs. Clarence Lohse of Fairmont, Mr. and'MrBrRGy Bierle, Mr. and Mrs. RayLaabs,. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bobbins of Lake Park, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Culbertson and Mr. and Mrs. Max Dudley of Cylinder. CARD OF THANKS We want to thank everyone for their kindnesses during our recent bereavement. William Voigt Family. (41) THOMAS FUNERAL CHAPEL Fenton, Iowa Experienced Embalmers and Funeral Directors Reliable 24 Hour Ambulance Service Funeral May Be Referred To Us With Confidence Phones FENTON 23 RINGSTEO 21001 21006 20216 SHOP in your HOME COMMUNITY Fenton Business & Professional Directory FRIENDLY FENTON INVITES YOU FENTON PRODUCE - Lloyd Sunde Golden Sun Feeds GERALD VOIGT INSURANCE Fenton, Iowa HANTELMAN BUILDING SERVICE For Building • Remodeling PHONE 125 or 17 Fenton, Iowa Dr. E. W. Ruske DENTIST Offiw Phone 79 Residence 25 Fenton, Iowa FENTON DRUG R.C.A. Dealer T-V Sales & Service Phone 13 or LLOYD M. BERKLAND licensed Real Esate Broker and form loans and Auction Service Phone 233 Fenton, Iowa Walther League Supper, June 4 FENTON - The Walther League of St. John's Lutheran Church, Fenton, will hold a chicken soup and chili supper on Friday evening, June 4, in the church basement. Serving will be from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Tickets are on saleatPriebe's Grocery, Fenton Drug Store, and from members of the Walther League. There will also be tickets on sale at the door. The profits from the supper are to be used by the League to send a delegate to the International Walther Leagu 0 Convention in July at Squaw Valley, California. Members planning to attend are Phil Ruger and Bricji Menz. Graduation Honors, Sentral FENTON - During Commencement exercises Tuesday evening at Sentral Community High School, Dennis Dahl, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Dahl of the Seneca area was named as class Valedictorian and Elaine Schlei, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Elwin Schlei of Fenton, was announced as Salutatorian. The Kossuth County Bar Association award for citizenship was presented to James Hartman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Hartman • of Lone Rock. Thirty-nine students received their diplomas during the evening. The main address was delivered by Henry Galbreth of Des Moines. His address was titled "Back to the Fundamentals." Depew Aid Met FENTON - The Ladies Aid of St. John's Lutheran church, Depew, met Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Gaylord Naig and Mrs. Lyle Thompson as hostesses. The opening scripture was given by Mrs. Russell Kuhn. Mrs. Arnold Naig led the Singspiration, followed with special vocal music provided by..Mrs..01ivej;.Johnson ... and Mrs. Shirley Zumach., The Cause of the Month was presented by Mrs. Herman Norland. *50 C for any old paint can with the purchase of a gallon of Supermix! And who doesn't have old paint cans In the basemen}? They're not there for any particular reason...they're just there! But don't throw them away now. Your Our Own Hardware man will accept one old can trade-in with the purchase of every gallon of Supermix Paint, Clean upl Get rid of those old paint cans...they're worth 50c! 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