Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 29, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 29, 1894
Page 3
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.SURROUNDED BY MYSTERY! A Great Mistake. A rrccnt discovery la that hondacho, • dizziness, dullness, confusion of tho mliul, etc., nro duo to Uorangomcnt of tho norvo centers DklcU supply tho brala with norvo force; thatludlyesUon, dyspepsia, neuralgia, •wind In stomach, etc., arise from tho derangement of Uio nervo centers supplying tlicao or- cans -with ncpvo fluid or force. This Is likewise true of rnauy disea.-wi.s of tho heart nml lunns. Tho norm System b like R tck'Rrnpti stystum, as will bo seoa by Uio uccompuuylng cut. Tho llttlo -~^ ifhlto linos nro tho nerves which convoy tho-aervo forjo from t li o nerve centers to every part of tho body, just a,s tho : elcetrfecnrroiitls conveyed nlonx tho lelesrnpix wlrei to every jtatlon. 1»W> or small. Ordlnnry . TOS'ird this fiict; Instead of treat- 1ns tho nerve ecu- tors for thecauso o f the disorders nrlshii; therefrom ihcv troa t \tUo part aftucted. Frr.nklln M, It., LL.U., tho highly celebrated •specialist aufl . - studont of nervous diseases, and author of many noted treatises on tho lattcrsubject, Ion? slnco roallaxl Uio truth of the first statement, and 111* Keatorntlvo Nervine is prepared Oil that principle. Its success In curing all diseases arising from derangement of tho nervous system Is WOIKU.T- ful, a* too thousands of unsolicited testimonial* In nostotrflou of tho company omuufae- turln? tho remedy amply prove. Dr. Miles' liusioratlvo Nervine Is a reliable remedy fur till nervous diseases, such ns hoiul.irhc. nervous debility, prostration, nloeplessncss, dizziness hysteria, sexual debility, tit. Vitus danco, upllopsy, etc. Jt Is noldliy all druKRlsis on a oiwltlvw piiariiniec, or sent direct by tho Pr. Jllles Medical U>.. Elkhart. Ind., on receipt of price, SI per bottle, six bottles for S3. express prepaid. KestOKUlvu Nervine positively coatulas nC> opiates or dauferoui drugs, THE VENDOME. 320 BROADWAY. MEALS, ¥> CK.NTS. Bill of Vare for Sundity. DINNER SOUP. Consomme Royal . White Fish. EBB SHUCK KOAST. English Ribs of Beef, with Hnrs«radlsh y.-line Ko;ists of Befifjwlth Mushrooms Buksd Clilcken Fie, Southern Stjlt* HNTK1KS. Oream Omelet, with Jelly Apricot Meringue, wlta Lemon Sauce VEGETABLES Mushwl Potatoes with Cream ITcnch Slaw Candled i'ams t>B3ERT. Borton Cream Pie Sulced Apple Pie Ice Cream A«sort«l CuKe Cone* Tea Milk Buttermilk ^Vou wsiJ rJi-iii Di.ri-;n^^ J^^^>i'^--^V^^-t2^ Jnn: ;n', SMOU ?.< v n " will fiii'l sucli diseases as t v .l?. -'.',. Vku-. D-iuc';, Hjjilcpsy, Sloojr •less:-••.•;"• And N'.TV'j'.i.--. prostration thriving wiiKr- -trinnj, !u'-.'.'t\iy nerves art; ami just ;n MV.-l;:ic.-;s : s 11 riven out. and the ai: fiwei. 1 '.':!:-. 1 !! and fmriSi.'il by the \v!i:U' light o:":i;f snn, so Dr. WHEELER'S NERVE V1TALJZER driv-i-.' r.-t. diseases and puts i:<.",v UiV :•.!•:(. tb?nervv.-s wliicli have been preyc'i! upo.-i T!i:.>. i- ^h." Mrs. O. K.WaUs of Braiitly wi:it, Vu., aiiil: "i sleep delightfully nnd my ncrvi-s are woti'lerftilly strengthened—never hr.-i anything do xiiynervesso much r,ooa." You don't need this if well ami strong. but if weak. I'.l ntrvo-.is, you do. PH1CES1.00 A BOTTUE Inquire of druggists for free s.iuipic. If not found, write us enclosing five cents (stamps) for postage. The doctor gives — freeadvice to ar.y nerve disease sufferers. All welcome. The J.W. Brant Co. Hskert ALBION. MICH. And 43 D«y it.. NtwVort | We offer $500 u>*ny i>hyslclun or clramlst wht> «an tihow byaiiHi>ni.toi otbcrwl.v, tliht thin eily cont»tn» , opium Sold by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 29. Full set* of teeth for $5, at Clark's, tbe Dentist. H»ve your shlrUjmadeby P»t"ter»on, the Haberdasher. Quaker keadaohe capsule give re. ll«l in ten minutes. Children 1 ! hats and cape In nil styles •t the New Fashion store. A car lo»d of new carpets was opened last week at the Trade Palace. Call and get first choice. Our large carpet utook mu§t go. It will pay you »o take adranttge o( It at the New Fashion store. House for Sale Very Cheap—No. 808 Sycamore street Inquire ot A. DeLong, No. 402 Market street. Acute and chronic catarrh; disease* i of toe throat and ear treated by Dr. |. H. Shulte. 412 Tonrth iteeet. Tel- phone 167. Oo a G5 of •\VABASn FIUEMEN SATISFIED. "Everything considered," said a Wabaah firomon to the Decatur Dispatch "tho llromen did not do BO budly after nil In their conference with the peneral officers, which ondad in a new schedule being adopted. April 1 tho management sect out schedule which proposed a cut of 1 per cent, in our wacea. Instead accepting 1 that we compromised on H cut which Is practically about 8 par Cent, reduction. This leaves ua still drawing higher pay than do the firemen on any of the roads which recently made cuts, the Big 1 Four and tho Chloago and Eastern Illinois for instance. I know some of our fellows are dead set for a strike rather than accept any reduction, but such talk is illoeical. There will be no strike. Some of the local orders may vote that they will refuse to accept the cut but ovon that does not end tho matter. Wo have a constitution by which wo are governed, and that provides that if tbo members of the Brotherhood are dissnlisllad with tho work of iho adjustment board they can, on a two- thirds voto, appan.1 to tho grand lodgo. In tho first pls.ce, In this instance, I believe that a two-.th.irds voto will be lacking, and If it U secured tho grand lodgo will. I bellovc, refuse to permit a Blrikn because we have R much bettor souioment than did iho fellows on tho Chicago and Kistern Illinois, and thero they wero red hot for n strike, but the grand lodge rofusod to permit such action. DKCIOKH AOAISST THE PAN HANDLE. Thb Supremo Court Friday rendered flccislon in favor of the county in the ewe of the P. C. C. &;Si. L. Railroad Company against the treasurer of Honry county. Tho company operates a. small branch In Honry county, which It claims was exempted from taxation by the county commissioners at tbo tlmo it was built. When the road passed into tho hands of its present owners It was placed on the tax duplicates, but refused to pay the taxes, Betting up the above claim. The court, In rendering its opinion, says that the real purpose of laws allowing counties to aid railroad companies In building Is not to boreal the iOmpanles at the expense of the taxpayers. The validity ol the laws ie sased upon the beneSt which tho tax payers are believed to derive from tho construction of the roada. Tho present Pennsylvania rallroed corporation wae twenty -one years of e on Thursday Ia8t. Wm. Foster, formerly of the Pan landle boiler shop, has left for Arl- ;ona, where he has secured employ. meat on a cattle ranch. > Engineer Bruce Ide was on the itreetB yesterday for the first time ilnoe he waa injured In the Wlnamao wreck several months ago. The Wabash company has just completed the foundation for a now bridge over Eel river, near North Manches. ter. The new structure will be built of Iron and steel. The Pennsylvania and the Chicago, Burlington & Qulncy now own jointly ,he Toledo, Peoria & Western, the alter having paid in tho money to secure one-half control. Twelve thousand tons of gravel will bo distributed over the Chloaco and Jlchmond division of the Fan Handle, and will chief] y be taken out of the lurveton gravel pit. W. R. Hutchlnson, the landscape artist of the Pennsylvania Company, is jolng over the Western lines to die. tate what shall be done in the way of Improving lawna, etc., about the stations. , Patrick Dolan, of the Pan Handle round house force, was struck in the bead by a piece of wood thrown out of a oar by a careless employe.maklng an ugly gash and lucapaclattnp 1 Mr. Dolan from working. On Wednesday cf this week the United State* Patent OIHce issued the nine thousand five hundred and fifty- sixth patent on car couplers, There area number of applications of devices on this much invented article yet to consider. A number of tbe Pan Handle,. Bremen who were laid off some time ago have been notified that they will be put back to work May 1. This Is not sign that freight or passenger busl. ness Is increasing but is owing to the fact that a number of gravel trains will be put on. On the same day a number of firemen now In service will bo promoted to engineers. An Anderson despatch sajs: The Anderson contingent ol the Cox«ylie», •n organization which was perfected for the special ' purpose of going to Washington to see the fun today received notice from tbe Fan Handle declining to give them jatei of »ny kind. Tho officials state that th» trunk lines hare decided not to grant ipeclal rates. Tha otntlngwt h*i Derby or Fedora HATS Pearl with Black Band, Mocho, Tobacco, Black and Brown. $2 Hats for $1. $3and$3.50Hatsfor$1.98 OTTO KRAUS given up tbo idea of fjolnff and will dinbund. About two hundred names were on the list for tickets. The Ohio Falls and tho Terre Haute oar worKfl are not pleased vhat they did not build a portion of 2,000 car* recently let to build. They have both bid on 300 provision cars which the Armour company will close a contract for next Monday. It is stated that the Pullman company constantly underbids all other oar work, in speaking 1 of the matter, said: '-The Pullmans have a town of about forty thousand people, and to maintain thil and koap tho people there they are bound to run their car works at almost any figure. When they lose money on a contract they gain tha'. much on renta and supplies sold their workmen. etnce every one In Pullman rents from them and buys at tho company stores. By this means a dollar out of every two the company pays out tn wages comes back to Us coffers. Tbla being the case, it It much harder to meet the competition there now is in curlnpr cars to build, The following Item clipped from the Indianapolis Journal will be of interest to a number oJ local railroad men. It says: D. H. Mahonoy, a clerk n J. H. Madden's jfrooery at the corner of Arsenal avenue and Waeh- . street, was tried before Judge Walpole yesterday under a statute making it a mUdemeacrr for any person to send a claim outside of the State for garnishment whon all the parties to tho suit reside within the State. The prosecution was COD» ducted by Charles Averill, attorney .'or Coarlca F. Weaver, a locomotive Ireman employed by the Pan Handle company. Madden claimed that Weaver owed him a bill of $42, and after filing suit sent tho claim to Louisville where garnisheo process wae .sjued and the amount, with $10 costs, was held out of Weaver's wages. The punishment for sending a claim outside of tho Stato for the purpose of •arnlshment is a Dne of not less than $29 nor more than $50. The ApproachlUE llunHngton Wedding. Tbo friends of Charles P Hunting. ton grandson of Hon. Daniel D. Pratt. deceased, formerly United States Sen« ator from this Stale, will he pleased to learn that he is about to marry Miss Maud Bayley, daughter of Gen. Bayley, a veteran officer of the English Indian army. ° Mr, Huntington has been, traveling In Europe during the last yoar studying law and the continental languages and while there met the lady whom he is about to marry. The happy event will occur in Florence, Italy about the first of May and Mr. Huntlngton and his bride jmpanied by Capt. and . Mre. „. 8, Huntingtoni his lather and mother, will sail from Geneva to New York at once and will take up their residence at Wallaston near BoBtoo, Massachusetts. The many friends of Mr. Huntlngton's family will congratulate him upon hie senaible and happy choice of » We companion. Attention. loi»ii«P»rl Poi* 14. G. A. B All comrades who can ,furrl»h con Buncos are requeued to meet at the house of our deceased comrade, La- f»jette Tyler, at the foot of Morgm'i hill on the road iouth of 18»h itreet bridge, nt 1:80 o'clock today to.attend the funeral. Burial to take plac« at E. P. Co.. I. K. WATDNS, Adj't. SMALL POX AT DELOSfi. Kewann* Small Pox Sc»ro Not All tt Scare—Two Di-lluert U«*c> at «>e!imtr. Concerning the small pox goare re ported from Fulton county. theKewan- oa Herald says: Excitement at this place and sur- roim<ilng country has been at fever heai thia week, over what is supposed to be genuine cane of smallpox in the family of Frank Jones, who resided seven miles north of here near Delong. Tho first Intimation of the kind that was received hero by our citizens was from a dispatch sent by Dr. L, Kogers, of this place, who has been treallne the family for ibo past few wooka. to the State Board of Health at Indianapolis to "Come or send a representative at once. Bring five hundred or a thousand vaccines points. I fear a terrible mtstufce has been made," and which appeared in the daily papers of Wednetday. The dispatch brought Dr. Metcal! of Vho State Board of Health here on the first train, Wednesday evening and in company with Dr. J. T. Zowey of this place departed Thursday morning for' the Jones residen-co, where: they found Mr. Jones, his wife Sarah tbo oldest boy about thirteen seriouf ly 111. nnd as Dr. Mttcalf reporis with all the pi-ouionito'y symptoms of email pox, und at once vaccinatod all oUiors on th>: protnisos thai, had been exposed to the disease. Since then a thorough and caref quarantine has been made., and not much danger is feared of an ouihreak at proeont. hut nothing can he dcCnllo- ly determined until it in seen in wiiat phase the disease will flovelop itsoif While it U distant from Kewimun unfi noi many fears ol its ronubluu fceru is ascertained, yet it would probably b<; tne best plan to uso all tho ncceesury precaution possible und watch for further remits, Those that have t<n been vaccinated within a few yours had better tin now. Wo trust, bow- ever, there may yet bo a mirtHke us to the nature of tho disease, but on a second visit there by Dr. Motcalf, nc- companled by County H.jftlth Officer Dr. Irons, of Rochester, yestordiy, sooms to corroborate first reports. LATEU—Dr. Metoalf returned to Indianapolis yesterday (Friday) and reported two cases of eenulne Rrnnll- DOX at the Jones residence near De- loner . HtsinA. M, K*MlK»lonarle«. A Crawfordsvillo special under date of Friday says: Ths Stato missionary convention of the Woman's Foreign Ml to" Society of tbo A. M. E. church is In session IB this city, and IB presided over by tbo State president, Mrs. G. A. Ratcllff, of Loganaport. Mrs, A. G. Allen, of Loeansport, was chosen »s secretary; Miss White, of Bloomington, 111., and Mrs. P. M. Lewis, ol Kokomo, assistants. Rev. Mrs. G. T. Thurman, of Jackson, Mich., acted as press reporter. The address of welcome was made by Mrs. L. Pattlford, of this city, and the response by Rav. A. L. Murray, of Vincennes. Among tbe ministers in attendance are: Rev. A. Smith, pro- gidlng elder, of Indianapolis; Rev. H. E. Stewart, of Greenoastle; Rev. AL. Murray, of Vincennes, at>d Rev. Stewart Ratcliff, of Logansport. A Health Honrd Order. OFFICE Boinn or HKAI-TH, I Logansport, Ind., April 28,1894. f In view of the near approach of smallpox the Board of Health directs that all school children must present satisfactory proof of successful vaccination within the last past five years. Failure to comply with this direction will result in exclusion from the pub- He schools. Tha Board of Health further advises all unvaccinated persons to at once have themselves vaccinated. By order of tbe Board of Health. W. H. BBT-L, Pree't. A. J. HEBKMANN. N. W. CA.DT, Seo'y. Ths Trade Palace it is said has the most popular line of goods in the city, and prices the lowest this seae'on. Children's school hals made to order at the New Fashion store. Cool and refreshing is Patterson's lisle underwear for men. A MIRACLE. "What PUelps' "Four C" Remedy Did l' or Miss Jennie Basset. Last Friday, De«. Wtu, rar attandlnt? physician stated unless I was better by morning he coold do nothing for my relief. That night I commenced taWng Phelp's "Four C" remedy) stopped all other medicines. Tbe nnt dose stopped my cough; slept and rested well; a few more dosM removed all soreness from my Inngs: the second d»> I WM up; the third day I wag out on tbe porch and today was up town purchasing holiday goods MISS JENNIE BiSSET. Washington Ava and Summit St. Croup Cured. Onedos* of "Phhlpa' Cqogh, Cold and Croof Cure" nave ray child ina'ant rellel nhen attacked with the croup. W a MOORZ, of Moor* Bros.' Grocery, Arkansas City, Kan. I guarantee PBelps'firtur C" tor LA GBttPl, AttkiM. Bron«WtU, Oou*l, Coldj, etc. BEN FISHER. America's Oldest, Largest. Richest and Best Show on Eartk. ITS RECORD IS UNIMPEACHABLE. IMPERISHABLE, UNBLEMISHED. ABOVE THE RKACH OP RIVALRY AS THE STARS A'KE AHOVE'THE KAUl'H. SELLS BROTHERS BIG SHOW of the WORLD Presenting all New Exclusive Features, Three Big Circuses, in Three Separate Rings. Fifty Cage Menagerie, Real Roman Hippodrome Races and Gala Sports, Gladitorial Combats. Huge Elevated Stages, Australian Aviary, Afri:an Acquarium. Arabian Caravan Grand Spectacular Pageants and Trans Paciti.-, Wild Beast Exhibit. LOGANSPORT, WEDNESDAY, MAY 16. TR°F. WOO GREAT TROUPE I'l'V.tK-'K""'- 1 * ! s ••'*""*"• ••" '•' •"•• j'l4*ii2i^^^-:.y:..-.:.-''".">'-'.o*-v~- ^^J^;.--':-: : /.--.-'^::-v^--;: (Sffi- v - ^^&^;re?*£H? .f^- wv^: i ywv^^^r^ |^*#A£&^?fe^ S!'",rs BKOTilKKS rniuiiruratrrl rlie novelty of commercial integrity, 'hV.'ur. i.iiv ,j<>nr.-!-.«.lveriisiu f ;. moral and chaste performance* and htgh- ,.]• v.,n.- ui.<l r.-|H-.i,LbiiiTy t.i.an was «v-v known before in tho show bnsi- ^ H lms.,U-Mvsh..,.,i a cli-uj-oiit, f.iir and fiiunre venture, noted for „,.....•„,,•!..„> ,,,.. 1: .'.,ir.,7rte and ma.,imfi e «B«e. ITS tweuty- t^.rd yea.. • will m H HI vpocl. in i" Hi>corv n.>v«r equaled on either, side of the Atlantic or I >aH lo I.,,-*.,*. H-avloff 'doubly increased their G.w«tw AgRregatioiu wh I, oilier show, have fallen by the w*yeide, Sells • Broih^r.. in keeta wli.l, tho spirit of rhH W,n«H, haw revohit.ion««l the CirnuH World tbe eut *.^ou bv rcdiicine their !>ricc of admission fro» 5O t» lir'i h-i- I.-HI. H whirlwind innovation, ast, .undiOK' tlie larjre^, audiences "rvwlitr,'. Tl.« pr,^- throu K hout tha country eulo K iz« the incomparable' and absolutely world-famous Sells Brothers 1 Greatest Show on Earth. Two hundred startlinK acts in three rings and elevated stages, an army of all star artists, eqa«8trjei)nes bareUack riders, racers, R ymnaeti., Bcrobatj, lea,,,r«, aerealiets, charioteers, bi«ycHsW. trained horses, trained poniei, trained «lephantH, trained pair Hippotoini, educated ? ea)« and «ea lions, eqti" Ktriao Lions. R rimaW» 8 , clowns and jesters, champion performers from every land uuder the sun. Heal Royal Roman Hippodrome Sports. Thrilling and tpirited race* of evi>ry ajr>> and nation. FIFTY Golden ciures filled with rare wild beas-ts embracinu every cap tive animal known to exist. Exhibiting more exclusive features than all EGBA STKEET PAItADE ecrpo any pagenant«ver seen in the public streets, take splice at TEff OCLOCK A "Ki the day of the exhibition. 3 performances daily, afternoon and evening. Biggest show in the world. Prices within the reaeh of all 25 CENTS - ADMISSION «• 2S CENTS Special Excursion Rates on all Lines of Travel. THE CHVttCHEM. FIRST Pur.SB\TKKUK CgunCH-Bev. D. P. Pat- nMn Diuitor Services (it the usual hours tod W WepSr. Sunday School at9» A cordial welcome for all. A. H. E. cnuRCB-Comer ot Cloott and Market Streets, L. W. RMllH, pastor. SmlcM at 1030 H m anil ISO p.'m. Sundwacsool ats p.m. C. 8. Jones, Supt. WBRKLWIP piiKSmnrKRiAN CiroBcii.-ServIcM m 11 a m and 7 P m. Preaching brBev.J.W. Elder of Mattnon, 111. Als« at Cumberland chapel north of town at 3 p. m. EVANGELICAL CHCKCH— Her. 8. 3. Wlglal. tor. fc-«rVla.» today .it 10:30 am and 'fO prBMlilng brtlie pn-stor. faabwaa ecuoo 0-30 ll 111. Y. P. S. C. E. at G:30 D in. Ciiimcn or CHRIST (Scl-snllsU-Serviow will bo iieid in their new rooms in tr-e Maisee block, cornet at Stxtti »nd Broadway. Bible Clas» at m-:iu Sunday motiilng. All are cordially ID- vlt'tfd to attend. BROADWAY FHRjnTTKRIAN CmTROH-BeV. B. S. acott, 1'iustor. Preaclilng tills raomlng 1» »• in Dy tlifl pastor. Sunrt:ij School at 9 .W. a «"• Ortlniitloii of church omccrs at tliu morning SBrvlcf-. All are cordially luvltcd to attend these services. TRINITY KWXCOPAI. CiWRCii-Bev. PouglH I. Hobbs, Rector. 7am Holy Communion, !):,»0 » m, Sunday Scbool; 10:30 a m. inornliiB pray*'in (1 sermon. Subject, "Tbe Unclianiinblonrt* or God. 1 . 7;30 p. m. evenm e prayer and sermon. Subject, "Paicfs Wife's Mother.' A welcome for all. llAHXKTSTRKKTil. E. ClIUKCH-KPV W. E w ones, Pastor. Preachlnc at WHi » m. an 7:3U p. n,. Sabbath School at 030 a m. Junior l.ea«ue :<t 2 ;!U p. m. Epwortii League at «:SO p at. Evening servlceK at 7iW P m. UH»» meet'nsnat 1146am aud«aO P m. All are cordially lnvlt»4. NivKRSjaiST CUCRCH-K«T. T. 3. GHtnrle Piustor. Services today at tills church at 11 a.m. aim 7-.SO p. m. by the pastor. Sunday school at 10 a. ml, Edward Canls. Supt Morolug subject -The Gresrert ThlnRd m the World. In the •venlnK "B««conclltMlon." AH MO cordially Invited to tkese services. UOABWAT M. E, CHCBCH-RBV. H. J. NorriB p"«ior. Services at 11 ,1 "i aud 7;3C p m pr^ch- ingbr the pastor. Sunday School at 9:45 a, m Epwortfi LMKII* at 6 30 conduced by Artkur Baker. Mornint; theme, "Paul's Attl- 1 ' Notice. The veteran weM man, Joseph Goldy. has purchased tbe Rrooery store of Charles Green, No. 1302, Broadway, and T ill move his meat market now located at 419 Twelfth street, into th« building and conduct both there. He Invites all hU old customers and many new ones to call on him at his new place of business. JOSEPH GOLDY. A Bkllllul physiclac originated and used Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vttalizcr during many years practice. No opium. Free samples of Ben Fisher. . tn , towMd tne pa»t Evening tnile toward, tnepaai. auu """.""""v-,,,,1.VriVA-'' theme, "Man's Eolation t« (iod and Hla Kellon- imiiRTiAN CnrncH-Corn'r Ninth and Spear streets. E«v. T.S. Freenmn, Pastor Service nt II o'clock am and 7:30 p.m. »<£'M*. H' The pastor will 'xchange pulpits with Rev. C. M. vninmn of Peru wuo will inciicb both «<>™ ln £ and evening Sunday School at ftSII a nv_ G. N. B«rry, Bunt. Y. P. S. C. K, ntM6 p. m. All are cordially invited to these services. BAPTIST CHORcn-Rev. W. H. H. Marsh Fwtor. "services today nt 10:30 a. ni. nreschlng by the pHstor. Sunday School lit Ji *"*J™*- J* 1 thnB. Y.P. U. tn the lecture room M 6W. Leader, the ps»tor. bnblect, Al ? a Jf?_-'^ ChrlM." Morning nutijoct, "Why jrmchlng In Not effective." In th«> «ven tag at 7:30 p. m., the subject will be, "JtterBal Judgment, C10Q Bcnard, f 100. The reader of thin p»p«t will D* pleoaed to eRtnthut there!« Rt least one dreaded dtMjwM that science ha« been able to ~'~ "> i» lt« "taifes and that Is Cutarrh. thin coMtltntional treatment. Hall '« w^HLS token Internally, acting directly on the btood mucua sortfWM ot the «y»tem, thereby dMtMllng the foundation of the disease, and girini the pa- lent utrength by bnlWlng up the i »n«nwuoD and Misting nature In doing Ite worfc- The propnj ownaTe.o mu»b ttith in {".."""* B n« fter oftet oa« Hnndred Dollar* < How iblrti *\ Mrs: Dr. J. A*. Butternelfl, THK DOBLD'S FAMOUS IRDIl'M. Recognized by the prom, msdicnl tarulty «nd scientists generally as tae most wlobrated n* dlum »nd clnlrvoiuut ot modern tlmci. I look Into ll-p future anil Now do cast roy horoscope. —ShaKospeare, May be consulted on all affaire of life; glT»i luckj numbers in lottery drawings: every hlddCD mystery revealed; diagnoso» onsea and prescribM for thorn wulle nnder control; locates raluerala. treasures ami swim property. All business strictly confidential. In writing «cnd photo or lock ot halt, bow If possible;*!! will be returned. Always send stamp, otaerwtte no attention will bo paid to correjpo»denco. Aj- w»;s §<J»<1 f"H Hddr*«. Satisfaction guaranteed or-oioaey refunded. ABANDON DESPAIR! GOOD NEWSt GOOD NE'WS FOR EVERYBODY! Mrs. Br. Butterflold, 459 N- Clwtk St,, Chicago, Ills,, Boom 4, the noted Olftirvoyant and famous oracle of prophecy, Is permanently located In Ght» cago aid may be consulted on all put, present and future events. She g-ivet advice, on love, courtship, marriage and divorce. Her counsel is Invaluable in laweulte. business matters, speculation and investment. She eettlee IOTA quarrels, reunites the separated, locates and sottlei old estates, she tells of your friendg and your enemies, re» moves evil Influences—in fact, eveiy- tblog. The only Clairvoyant who can and does do all she adyertfae*. She U the only one who can give oasts- tance as well 6y mail as by personal interview. The only Clairvoyant tn the wettern world who prcparei and thoroughly understands the working* of the real Oriental Egyptian Charm. All Irtteri confidential. Letter* with $3.00 awwered. Positive cure tor catarrh, rheumatUm. all pain, all d!*e»Mi peculiar to women. Mr*. Butterfteld; 469 TS. Clark 3k, CaU

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