Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 29, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 29, 1894
Page 2
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MINEKS'HOPEFUL. has prove^ to be the most satisfactory and popular "Book-of the air 1 'yet offered at the price. Everyone is Of its beauty and elegance of design. m As the weeks roll by and the series nears completion the demand for the parts constantly increases. The reason is apparent—the work advertises itself. is artistic in conception is accurate in detail is complete in design is the book for the people }'And can only be found at the Journal office. I Those who have not been getting the-parts as ithey arrive should not fail to call at once and t secure the back numbers. Part II (Midway Number) now ready. See coupon on 1st page. America's Greatest Actors Are all portrayed in Tho Mario Burroughs Art Portfolio oi Stage Celebrities*. Such a complete collection WBB novor made before. Such an opportunity to lecure portraits and biographies of the loaders in drama as that now offered tojthe reader of the Journal has not occurred before. That IB why our Coupon Department la kept busy and our malls are loaded with orders from people of taste with an eye for the beautiful. All are 4 Eager To Secure The«e magninceet portfolios while the oiler of them at the trifling sum aaked by The Journal still holds out. Each part contains twenty elegant halMone photographs finished in two colors. Ten Parts Are Ready The last part Is fully as Interesting as any that preoeedod it, with the portraits and biographical sketches of twenty famous favorites of the Ameri- oftn Stage. Do You Wonder Ie it surprising that the demand for "Stage Celebrities" should be so grett as to amount to a veritable boom, when twenty elegant portraits and biographical sketches of such famous folks can be secured for ONLY TEN CENTS, with three coupons. That la the price at which The Journal offers them. CUT THIS OCTT. APBIL 29.1804. MEMORIAL WAR BOOK COUPON. Thww ot thwe coupons mid ten wnti wouni t be current number ol tt*e Mem • SrSnrw Book. If presented at tbe Portfolio Department of Th« Journal. CCT THIS OCT. CUT THIS OUT. APRIL 90,1894. STAGE CELEBRITIES, This Coupon with two otliers of different date*, and Ten Centa, la (fowl tor one pan, containing twenty portraits, ot the Marie Burrough'8 Art Fort- folio of Stage Celebrities. THE, JOURNAL. Leaders of the Great Strike Issue a Newsy Bulletin, A Report That a Compromise Is Likely Soon to Be Reached Between Operators and Men. I!K.Vli:W OF TUB SITUATION. Coi-i;.MJ!US. O., April -$• —The mine \vorkn-s of the country are to be regularly i'lirnished with bulletins on the strike situation. Otlicia.1 bulletin Xo. 1 haw boon prepared at thu national headquarters of the United Mine Workers. Tho bulletin will be mailed to -100 mining districts. Miners are enjoined to "remember the resolution of tiie eonvoution that none go to work until a general settlement is made." Thi-n follows a greeting 1 and detailed reports of the number of men out. The greeting advises that no attention be given newspaper reports, and encourages tho strikers. Tho following statements are given with detailed information regarding each state: "Pennsylvania lends iho light with 55,000 In line. Tliu Htrlku In tho ooko rugluns or tluitstalo, where ovor 10.CUO man uro out, makes tho ijua- nunUcd miners of Puniisy'.vanla ttt.UOO. In Mary- Inml tlie miners have nut yet joined the movement. In West Virgin!!' about one-half of tho minors lnvo struck. In Vlrelnlu the Fochontus Hold Is still at work, and will continue. Iu Ohio, out to a man. Kentucky anil Tennessee rcjiortB stow 6,000 men 'die, Tlie miners ot Aiabuma arc out, and there la every indication the strike will be long. The mine™ or tlie bituminous district of Indiana are solid, and tho probabilities are that the block coal miners will join the movement on May 1. K very thing Indicate* tbe whole state ol Illinois will lie praciluully (die ]>y Miiy 1. With the exception of Itlch Hill, MW- souri Is In line. Kimsan minors are at work. Part of lowii is Idle, und ihc question of all coming out will be suitloa at the covuntlon »t Albia Muy 1, Tho miners of Indian Territory are utlll oat. About 1,500 men quit wurli in Colorado April 21, but it la not probable tho Strike will become gononi. 1 . In that stutc. Lot tho spirit Of culm determination contiimo. In a short time "tho stooks of coal wl.. Iiavu dtaip- Beared uud your victory is iwgnreil." Hut. One Mtua Working. PiHLADKU'HiA, April 28.— Tho general opinion seems to be that the strike will not lust through another week. There is already some talk oi a compromise and it is believed that an un- 'derstandin-g will be reached between the miners and the operators without consulting tho president of tho United Jtfino Worker* association. At tho end of the first week of the great strike but one mine is in operation in the districts east of tbe Alle- ghenlos. That mine, which is in the Phillipsburg region near Osceola, employs but 100 uncD, and it is very doubtful if they will resume on Monday. The supply of coal is fast becoming exhausted. The miners claim that the strike can last but a few days longer. The operators in Beech Creek and Clearfield districts say they wUl make no attempt tn start their mines unless work is resumed in other regions, or until it is learned that order* are being taken and filled in the other districts. The strikers show no signs of weakening and are hopeful of the ultimate result liviltlivlllu Mlnon Quit. EVAJTSVILLK, Ind., April 28.—At » mooting of the coal miners it was decided to leave tho mines awl not roenter them until they receive orders from the headquarters of tho National Mine Workers' union. This affects about 000 men here. The mines nlong tho EvansvlUo & Indianapolis railroad and the Louisville, Evansville & St. Louis railroad are all idlo. The 000 factories In this city are threatened with a shut-down as there is not a week's supply of coal on hand. BITS OF INFORMATION. President Peixoto has ordered all Brazil custom duties tote paid In gold, E. Holland, of Northfleld, Minn., has fallen heir to 1100,000 left by a relative in Norway. Twenty-one private pension bills were passed in the house in just as many minute*. Col Leon SllTermon, formerly a prominent politician of Wisconsin, committed suicide at Pine Bluff, Ark. Striking longshoremen at Luilington, Mich., attacked nonunion dock hands and a riot ensued In which many wero hurt Col, Watrous, tho new commander of the Wisconsin G. A. E., will Investigate the management of the veterans' home at Waupaca. Democratic and republican members of the New York legislature gave each other costly presents at the adjournment of tho session. Judge Nathaniel Spring Berry died in New York, aged 08 years. He served six terms in the legislature and wua for two terms a state ionator. "Indian John,"'one of tne few Chero- kecs who refused to leave with his tribe for the west fift> years ago, died at Dahionego, Ga., aged 93. Sophie Schlonten testified in her suit for divorce at Springfield, 0., that her husband pulled her around tho yard by her hair. Each is over 70 years old and they have been married fifty years. CITY MARSHAL KILLED. Tight with Tftl«»T«i ID low* Rtaalti Dls- astroaaly to Officers* OMAHA. Neb., April 28.—In a fight with thieves at Missouri Valley, la., the city marshal was killed and two other people were desperately wounded. For some time burglaries and petty thieving have kept the people in o constant state of terror. Early in tha morning the city marshal was notified that a gang of thieves was concealed in 'a barn on the edge of town. The officer swore in several deputies and proceeded to the born with the intention of capturing the entire gang and their plunder. The poise surrounded the structure and demanded that the occupants surrender. Instead of dolnir so, however, some of the thieves op«ned fire on tno officers. The barn is in 'a state of siege. One of the bullets pierced the breast of City Marshal Adna Whitney, killing him instantly. 1'Vter Johnson, one of the thieves, was shot four times and will die. Deputy ,]. Ji. j,y O n also received a llesh wonlil. Thirty ur forty shots were iired, and then tho IIK-II brolte for liberty. U'iMiuui Henderson, a resident oi Missouri Valley, at whose pla.ee the men were st;iy:::fj, was believed to be a parly u> the crimes eomsnilteil ;uul he jtnd his wife were arre.itei!. Uue of thi: juon whi) escaped \VILS nuuicil Davis, ;i resident of (jraml Island, Neb. Junn- son, tlie wounded bi'.y^inr, is from Sloe!; Isiiinii, 1)1. There i.s talk of lynching. UUxxlhoTir.cis have been askeil for tu put ou the trail of the man who OS' Tllii; ' Grulu, I'ruvtslona, KtQ. CHICAGO, April 28. FJAJUH— A modcniU! inquiry L'jcihtu, chielly locui, und pl'iuos ;IL'^ IJt'm as follows: Wluier '— 1'iitcuts. i'-'.SOii.a.OO; straight*, [2. OOjiTa; clou™, I'J.^OiiiilLi: aeconds, IL30i<{].i«: low gnulos, Sl.fiUiai.70. Sprlni; - Putunts, J3.Wa 3.5U; straights, Jli.-'uaiu!); Makers', Jl.T5Qji.10; low grades, Il.1oai.o0; l£ud DDK, 51.S0Sil.-W; Kyc, iilO^SU. WHEAT— Dull mid lower, Cauli, 57$i<5j57?,;c; May, Br^oMI-ic: J:jlj\ SD^fflOOu. COKN — Quirt and ousicr. No. £, 3Sc; No. :J Yellow, 3bJic; No. 3, 37>;e; -No. o Yellow, 38>»(a 38tfc; Muy, 37HS»;)8>i; June, SSHc; July, 39<J 39H)C', Suptomber, <04J40>jo. OATH— Qulut ar.tl onsier. No. " cash, 3Sc; May, 82?iO33S; Ji;iic, 3i;%c; July, 20JJC: September, ^ifflMJic. Samplus iu fa domiind ami lower. >'o. 3, '£!&34y,c; No. t White. 34C34Jic;-No. 5, 33^a33?io; No. S WllltO MESS PoitK-JJTradinp Quiet ar.a prices lower Quotations runjixl at Si:! liM^ai-.S-lJ for casli regular: !fl«.«5^3Jl^, i 17yi for Muy, and 412,45^ 12.06 for July. LAKD—Vcry quiet anil lower. QuotaUou.- runged at J7.55ia7.iM for cash; $7.55&7.i» for Mivy, and 47,152)7.:W for July. Lrvic FOOLiiiY—Per pound: Chickens, 7£ 7Ho: Turkeys, T®10>;; Uucilu, OaiOi;; Couae £100265.00 por dozen. HUTTKB—Creamery, OffilSc: Dairy, liaiTe Puol<1ii£ Stock, 8&',Ki, Oli.s— Wisconsin PHmo Whito, T^c; Wale Whlto, "Vie: Michigan Prlroo White, 8!4c; \Va ter White, Be; Indiana PHmu \Vlilte, S^c; Walor White, SJfc; Headlight, 1W tent, btfc; Gun- olinu, 87 dog's, 11 ^c', 74 dug's, l)c; Naphtha, 03 dog's, One. L1QUOW8 — Distilled sptrttH steady on tiio l)»sls of 41.15 per gai. for finished Roods. New YoitK, April 2a WHEAT—No. 2 red weak and lowered the previous record l>y 1-lSe. May, GmQuI^c; July, C3j4<3039-16c: Deccrabur.cSriiQjOOo, ColtN—Dull auJ lower. No. -, 437i(!J44c; July, OATS—No. 2 dull nnil cosier, May. 37c; July, ; track wljito State, 404J40o; track wh(U) Woatorn, •10®4«c, PROVISIONS — Boef dull. Family, 111.508 laoo; extr^ mess, Sfi.00. Pork weak. New moss, H4.00al4.26: famUy, I14.50O16.UO; short clear, tl4.00Qiaoa Lurd dull. Primo Western si«am, f*; nominal. TOLEDO, O., April B8. WnnA'T—Quiet, steady. No. 2 'cash, April and Muy, 57K« July. 5S>fcc; August, 60So- COHN—Lower, null. No. 2 cash und May, 38HC. OATS—Dull. No. a mixed, 34<x No. £ wlilto, 860. oftdy. Cii«h, 50e. KHtj—Quiet. Prime cwu Btxl April, JB.CO; October, H.SJ. J.lvo .Stock. CHICAGO, April ta Hoes—Market aoltvo nnii fooling firm. Prices 6c higher. .Sulos ran(?od at H.7596.^ for Pig.s; J6.10l85,30 for light; I5.00ffl5.10 for rough imcktng; S5.103S.31 for mixod, and t5.15 O5 85 for heavy puek'.r* and sliipping lots. CATTL»—Fuoliag rather caster oxcopt for hutuhor'i) stock, which was firm. Quotation* r»ngoa ftt J4.40St4.00 for choloo to citra ihli ping Steers: J8.7S44.3o for Rood to choice da; $a20O3.7fl for fair to good; laoooaoi for com' monio medium ilo.; S3.105JA30 for butohors' Stoorn; JlKOflilO for Stocken); »H30«»3.80 for FCflilera; I1.00O3.W for Cows; JS.50®a50 for HolforBi KiOOQS.5u for Bulls; M.70»3.7b for Texas Steers, and 42,7505.50 (or Veal Calvoa. Motion for JJ«w Trlml OverruJ»d. ASUISSTON, April 28.—The motion for a new trial Iu the Pollard-Breckin- rldgw case was overruled by Justice Bradley, and thirty days given the defendant In which to file a bill of exceptions. Bond was fixed at 1100 lor an appeal which Breokinridpre's counsel gave notice would be taken to the court of appeals. Field's E»t»CO Worth •47<VOOO. YOBK». April 28.—Henry M. KNOWLEDGE • * 11 VII ±m*S \J\f-m Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life morn, witn lees expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's beat products .to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Ita excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, tbe refreshing and truly beneficial properties of 8 perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers andpermanently curing constipation. It haigiven satisfaction to millions and met wfthf he approval of the medical profeaBlon; because it acts on the Kid- neva, Liver and Bowels.without weakening them and it ia perfectly free from every objectionable substance. ' SyVup of Figs in for sale by all drug- giste infoc and »1 bottles, but it IB manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Oo. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Jigs, tndbeing well Informed, you will not accept any substitute if oflerio- I Field, one of th'o executor* ID the es- ! tate of David Dudley Field, whose wil ! was offered for probate a few days 1 ago, has filed in the ofliee of the surro gate a statement showing that Mr Field left real estate and persona property-of the value of J-170,OOa i ~~- —"— ~ —•—~T" CHICAGO, April is.—Chicago, since it, school census of 1S02, has ;ulded some tiling over 100,000 souls to its populu lion. Two yews 'igo Uic count re vealed the presence of 1,4:JS,01U dwel lers within thu city limits. To-tiaj there ;ire between 1,100.000 ;uHl l.UOO, 01)0. The exact number will not be Irnown until June 1, when Suporin teiulenl Urahani, of the school censu. ; bureau, will conclude his hi burs. Th I eiiiiiuuraUon hcis b<;en completed am ! the work of compilation is now going i Cliuinpluu ,'Sklttlo 1'Iuycr I>I-O|>B Dcit.il. Piiu,AI)Ei.i'liiA, April i!*.—Arthur S Poulterer, champion sl;ittle player o the United St:ttes. while playing poker Friday nitrht with friend.s, dropped from Lis chair ami died almost ins'.ant ly. lleiLi-t disease \vus supposed to ha.vi> been the cause. Hllf Distillery Itrsuiiu-s In Kentucky. FKANKI--OBT. Ky., April as.—K. II Taylor, Jr., & Sons, distillers, xvhosi biy failure was caused last summer b the prevailing' hard times, have pel- fected a settlement and will resume operation of their several' distilleries next Tuesday. A number of sawmills and distilleries are expected to resume shortly. _ Furniture Govern. If a room needs new toilet covers after the spring liousocleuninp, make them from white cotton point d'esprit laid over a color, and edge each piece with a frill of the same, run with baby ribbons. A set seen recently was.oi white over pale orange. Cut a piece of white muslin or cheese cloth the size of the top of the dresser, and other places for which you want tho covers, lay over them a thin layer of cotton sprinkled with violet powder, then tack ou a covering of colored sateen. Cut the pieceof lace considerably larger than the iininps, and catch tho extra fullness here and there to the lining, so that, when finished, the laeo will Jay up lightly and have a slightly crumpled IOOK. Jlake a wide frill of the lace, turn in a wide hem, and over the hem and just above it sew on the baby ribbon. Set on the frill with a heading. Make a cover for your pin-cushion, if you use one, in the sume way, but without any linintf. —X. Y.__l'ost. Fearfully Awful. Cholly Chaplles—Help—aw—help toe _a, w _or I shall shualy faint, deah boy I Tommy Toodles—Why, deah fellah, what evah is the—aw—mattah? Cholly Cbaplies—I've just had an— aw—idoah. Tommy Toodles—IIowwibleI—Hallo. Notice. , The first payment on subacriptloafi of stock to the Citizens' Natural Gas Company of Logansport, Ind., is now dua and should bo paid at the com pany'a ofilce. corner of Market and Fourth itreets. Shares of stock are twenty-flve dollars ($25.00) each (two shares to a fire) to be paid as follows: *nrl!20,1894 * { 92 StiiyS.'. 1894 } * June HO, mi \ 5 Jul/20, IBM — , - { .' AUKUSt20. 1894 2 Sftpwiuber 20. ISM - •> Octobor2l), 1S1H •> November 20,1H94. •> December 20.1884 * January 20,1S95 •• * JoeN GIIAY, President. C. W. GKAVES. Secretary. Tbe Kro of Mind*. Thlslsantlhletlc age. Everjbody wants to be stroRg. Th» craze-far It has well nlgb reached that fitnue-affects both sexes and even clilldhood The pugilistic phase of this fad In joong America is by no means morally promising. Eutlt is one thing to be endowd with vigor and another U> be Sandowed with muscle. Super muscularity Is often Induced bj physical effort perilous to health and calculated to shorten life. The vigor which meansaregnlarand eKclent discharge of the physical Junctions, Is the first 'medium at which allmaysafcly aim without causing ruptures or breaking bloodl vessels. Hosteller's Stonuch Bitters li largsly oonduslve to a gain In vigor of this BOW, since It itlmulates and assists digestion, promotes regular Wllous secretlo» and keeps tho boweH in order. Sleep, that graBd recuperator of nervous vigor, Is encouraged by It. und It remedies maloMul, rheumatic and kldnoy trouble. Stockholders aioetlDg. Notice IB hereby given to the stockholders of the Citizens' Natural Gas Company, of Logansport, Ind., that there will he a meeting of said stockholders, at tho Council ^Chamber of Bald city, on Monday, tho 30th day of April, 1804, at 8 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of electing directors to fill vacancies in the Board of Directors, and such other business aa shall come before the stockholders. By order of the Board of Directors. JOHN GKAY, Pres't. C. W. GKAVES, Seo'y- VitBdalia OD May 1, tho usual variety of commutation tickets go on sale to Marmont—Lake Maxlnkuoitee. Tickets all now on sale to Chicago via St, Joseph and Lake Michigan. For any further information see j. C. EDGBWORTO, Agent. Chicago citizens in their, desire to excel, have lately accomplished, a big feat, namely: in discovering by actual measurements that there are some lady residents who can wear shoei twelve inches long. Tour blood needs regulating In •prlng. "Lafeld Cabinet Port" !• nature'* own blood purifier. Mild ana mellow. Price, quarts, fl; pints. 80 oenti. For sale by W. H. Porter, pr«- lorlption dnwltt, 326 Market rtreet, Ixigansport, Ind. Mr. H. H. liarre, Vermont. Could Not See to Read Inflammation in the Ey«« A Business Man Cured by Hood's — ; Perfect Eyesight Restored. 1 Rend the loiter of Mr. II. N. Parkhurit. «.•, dealer in granite mid manufacturer of granite- monuments ut Ilarre, VL: "C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell. Mass.: ! "Last winter I was taken with serofuloUB • sore eyes, I wan totally blind -in ouo eye and tlie other was so badly :i(Tccte<J that > I Could Not Soo to read or write. My eyes intfncd me very • much for three or (our moiitlm, and (or about > three weeks before I went to Burlington for treatment, thci pain wits hardly endurable. On > my return from KurliiiKloti In April last, I could not sae any better than before I left home. At this time I commenced to tafco Hood's Sanapi- rilla and have uow taken two bottles. 1 I Can Now See M well as beforotha affliction; can tea to rent nnd carry on my Dullness, Uiat of a, raanuiM- turer of Bjanlte monuments, without the aid oi ' glasses. When I left Die doctor's care I could hardly bear tlio light on my eyes, and had to be ' HOOD'S Sarsaparilla CORES very careful when nut on the street atoM. Hood's SarsnpUJllla hai purlfled my blood »nd•• been the means of restoring my eyesight tt has also helped roe In other ways. I am not . now troubled with constipation, my digestion If bettor mid I feel like a new man." H, N. FAHKHUKST, Barrc, Vermont. *Hood'« PHI* are purely vegetable, and do-not purge, pain or grips. Sold byalldrugglll*.- Great Triumph. Instant relief experienced and permanent cure by .the most speedy and greatest remedy in the world— Otto'e lure for lung aod throat diseases. Why will you continue to irritate your throat and lungs with that terrible lacking cough when Ben Fisher, 811 Fourth street, sole agent, will furnish.. you a free sample bottle of thia guarantee remedy ? Its success ID simply wonderful, as your druggist will tell- you. Otto's Cure is now sold in every ;own and village on this continent. Samples free. Large bottles 50 cents. California Fruit Laxative is nature'* own true remedy. It combiner the- mediclnal virtues of California frulU and plants which ara known to have • • jeneftoial effect on the human system. Although harmless to the most delicate constitution it la thorough and effective, and will afford a pel manent cure for habitual constipation and the many disorders arising from a weak or Inactive condition of the kidneyi. Ivor, stomach and bowels. For sale- jy all druggists at 50 cents a bottle. For Over Fifty Year* Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup nan >een used for over fifty year* by millions of mother* for their children while teething, with perfect sucoeii. [t soothes the child, softens the pirns. allays all pain, cures wind colic, and ,s the best remedy for diarrhoea. I» will relieve the poor little sufferer Immediately. Sold by druggints In every part of the world. Twenty-n>e cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for •Mrs. Wlnelow's Soothing Syrup" and take no other kind. Glad TidlagB. The grand specific for the prevall- ng malady of the age, dyspepsia, Ivor complaint, rheumatism, costiveness, general debility, etc., is Bacon's Celery King for the nerves. This ;reat herbal tonic stimulates the dU estive organs, ragulates the liver and restores the system to vigorous health rod energies. Samples free. Large >ackages 50 cents. Sold only by Ben risher, 811 Fourth street »Koj«l Bob»" Fort WU»e. If you are reduced in vitality or we trength by illness or any other cause, re recommend the use of this Old 'ort Wine, the very blood of th» grape. A grand tonlo for nuralnff nothers, and those reduced by wast- ng disease. It creates strength; lm» proves the appetite; nature's own remedy, mud preferable to drug*; guaranteed absolutely pure and over ve years of age.. Young wino ordinarily sold is not fit to use. Insist on laving this standard brand, It ooett 10 more. $1 In quart bottles. Bot- led by Boyal Wine Co., Chicago, 'or sale by Johnston Bros. Karl's Clover Boot, the new blood purifier, gives freshness and clearness o the complexion and cure* constipation; 850. 50o. and $1 Sold by »•

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