The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 25, 1965 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 25, 1965
Page 5
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FROM THE ATTIC... ... TO THE VAULT (Your Hobby - And Your N^hbor'i) By Dick Palmtr The new memorial stamp for Sir Winston Churchill is splendid, despite the off-centerplace- ment of the numeral 5. The color is in harmony with the strong portrait and it stands as a stamp of tribute without needless word clutter. Judging on the basis of advance pictures, ours will be more effective than the British. This is perhaps only fair since so many did so much better with the Kennedy commemorative. The Churchill is what I conceive that the Kennedy ought to have been. Perhaps the coming Kennedy air letter sheet will do some redeeming. - o - No doubt you realized that a typing error was involved when I referred to turning down a piece of red carnival at $6. The correct price was $60, which does exceed the extent of my desire. For $6, 1 would pounce. - o - Have you sent. in your card for this column's second anniversary drawing ? The prizes have now taken more definite shape. I am not designating them in any particular order. The framed items commemorate Hungary and Greece. The Hungarian combines two notes, two stamps and several cutouts to honor both Louis Kossuth and the 1956 Hungarian uprising. The smaller Greek frame has two fine notes with scenes of ancient Greece plus the fine classic Greek Olympic commemorative flanked by two U. S. stamps picturing the Greek flag, These frames can be used either on the wall or on a table. Three sets of Confederate post cards showing different bills of the Confederacy will be given. These will be stamped and ready for mall- ing if desired with the 4 cent Army commemorative of 1937 picturing Lee and Jackson. The stamp is in Confederate gray. I purchased a lot of 100 of these at a New York auction for use on these cards. My collector instinct demands a related stamp. I never use the ordinary regular series stamps on my mail If I can avoid it. If 1 can't, the regulars go on the bills. This does not mark •me as eccentric, merely as a stamp collector. Also added to the treasure chest Is the beautiful 10 Kr. silver Norway crown commemorating the 100th anniversary of their Parliament. This fine coin is about the size of our late silver dollar. I think you will also find attrac- tive the complete British set honoring William Shakespeare on First Day Cover from Stratford Upon Avon. There are five values in the set. Previously mentioned were the 1879S silver dollar in bright un- circulated and the interesting set of Portuguese post cards with full color portraits of military personnel thru the years, about 25 cards in all. Other goodies will no doubt be added so send your card and possible question for this column to Box 36, Algona. - o- In lieu of cash, 1 accepted an assortment of old U. S. entire stamped envelopes for some coins. While I have been out of this area for some time, it was interesting to view them again and reflect upon past holdings. 19th century and 20th century envelopes were offered by the government in a variety of colors, including white, cream, manila, oriental buff, orange, amber, amber buff and blue. It is not always easy to determine which is which without having all colors handy. In addition, the government offered a variety of sizes as opposed to the two standard sizes available today. U. S. envelopes have always offered varieties as well in dies and watermarks. When you combine dies, sizes, watermark and color, you have an enormously complicated field for specialization and some very scarce items. A specialized catalog is available, but even then it is still a science. Only a few specialize fully, which is understandable, but if the thrill of study and search is a hobby goal, then lots of stamped envelopes and a catalog will provide many hours of en- THE SEND-OFF TuMttay, May 25, 1965 Algona (la.) Upper De< Moln«t-5 2nd FIRESTONE De Luxe Champion Bay 1st tin at price listed hehwfhd get 2nd tin 1/2 off thtt prkit DELUXE CHAMPION America's todinff original *quipm«nt tiff \ ON NEW 1964 GARS/ •V;»M iv n^'H 1 i.i'.iJiV'/K All Tires Mounted FREE SIZE, •tf 6.00-13 6.50-13 7.00-13 6.50-14 7.00-14 7.50.14 6.70-15 8.00-14 7.10-15 8.50.14 7.60-15 9.00-14 8.00-15 9.50-14 8.20-15 TululMS Blickwills ; Jit Tlrt 2nd Tire $23.65 25.15 26.65 26.70 27.70 29.30 32.15 35.30 39.30 40.65 $11.82 12.57 13.32 13.35 13.85 14.65 16.07 17.65 19.65 20.32 Tubtlcu Whltiwallt Itt Tin $27.80 29.55 31.30 31.35 32.55 34.45 37.80 41.50 46.20 47.75 ZndTIrt $13.90 14.77 15.65 15.67 16.27 17.22 18.90 20.75 23.10 23.87 All Prices PLUS TAX NO TRADE-IN NEEDED NATIONWIDE No Limit on MILES.. . No Limit on MONTHS FULL LIFETIME GUARANTEE against defects In workmanship and materials and most road hazard Injuries for the life of the original tread. Replacements are pr.o-rated on tread wear and based on Firestone price current at time of adjustment. Tire$font Choice of V Champions/ THE GREATEST TIRE NAME III RACING ArtArfone A. J, Foyt Parnelli Jonee Fred Loremen JjindSpeod Indianapolia U.S. Auto Club ClaM"B" Record "500" Record Stock Car fitock Car Record 636.71 M.P.H. 147.35 M.P.H. Champion J70.68M.P.H. tm Firestone on Firestone en Firestone on Firestone Tires Tires Tirw Tire* PrUtd 9i thewn el rirtitent 5t«r»i; cvmfxliltf ly prl«d pt f inil«n« Ptdlin end el oil Mf »i« itotleni dliploylng lh» fIriitem i!gn« Joe Bradley Firestone Phone 295-2421, Algona South of Algona Motel Your FIRESTONE Wholesale and retail Dealer, OR VIKING Oil CO., Algona CHROME SERVICE, Algona WAGNER D<X, Algona KAJEWSKI'S CHAMPLIN, Algona LAPPE'S DOC, Burt GLENN'S L>X, Algona SURE VOU HAVE ALL YOUR FISHING- SEAft? DID YOU REMEMBER TO BUY A Ui£6N&E? HOW ABOUT PO0t> ? GOT PLENTY? SOMETHING FOR MOSQUITOES? AMP SNAKE BITE ? ANP YOUR MEDICINE ? PON'T FORGET TO TAKE TWO ©RE6N PIU.S ANP ONE REP ONE EACH PAY . WHAT IP Y0UR OFFICE SHOULD CALL. DURING- THE NA/EEK ?,,. Mrs. Jerry Walte and low prize went to Mrs, Larry Gade. Three dollars was given to the cancer fund, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Andre and children entertained the former's parents, the John Andres, Emmetsburg, at dinner Sunday at Spencer. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Looft and Mr. and Mrs. Gerrltt De- Waard honored their mother, Mrs. Bertha Pommer, Algona, Sunday, by taking her out to dinner. »»»»»»*»»»»»+» i: WIRING ! i Connected' or Cofr*cf«d fLCCTftlC U I • "JIM UTT" Phone 295-2123 TUES.-WED. MAY 25 - 26 It is different. It is daring. ALGONA NOMINATED FOR Most of all, in its 5 own terrifying ACADEMY way, it is AWARDS a love story... joyment. A more simplified form would be design and color, plus the more obvious dies. Scott's U. S. specialized catalog would suffice for this. - o My closing thought for the day: Why don't we take up a collection and buy Fort Dodge TV's print of The Last Hurrah. They have showed it so many times that I'm sure that all interested parties have by now memorized the dialogue. Fenton Chit - Chat Mrs. Maynard Nemitz was taken by plane Monday to the University Hospitals, Iowa City, from the Turner Nursing Home in Armstrong where she has been cared for since last November. Maynard is in Iowa City with his wife, and cards can reach them at the above address. Mrs. Florence Saxton was hostess Wednesday afternoon to the Maryls Circle of the Fenton Methodist Church. The co- hostess was Mrs. S. E. Straley. .The worship was led by Mrs. Margaret Weisbrod and the program was presented by Mrs. E. J. Frank.There were 17 members present. The North Circle of St. John's Lutheran Church, Depew, met Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Albert Mitchell. Devotions were led by Mrs. Robert Burkgren and theJesson from the ALCW book was given by Mrs. Morris Mitchell. Guests were Mrs. Ole Pederson and Mrs. Robert Huskamp. Tuesday afternoon Mrs. Morris Mitchell and Mrs. Albert Mitchell were guests of Mrs. Herman Norland at the meeting of the Depew Church's South Circle, held at the Parish House. Hostesses at a coffee party Saturday afternoon in honor of Mrs. R. C. Goetsch were Mrs. Edna Mueller, Mrs. Homer Matthiesen, and Mrs. Florence Behne. The party was at Mrs. Behne's home. Guests included Mrs. Sophia Bleckwenn, Mrs. Fritz Freyholtz, Mrs. Helen Widdel, Mrs. L. J. Weisbrod, Mrs. J. T. Snyder of Storm Lake, Mrs. Carl W. Priebe, Mrs. Retta Eigler, Mrs. Gerald Voigt, Mrs. Albert Mitchell, Mrs. F. C. Preul, Mrs. Lena Jentz, and Miss Edna Goetsch of Oak Park. Mother's Day dinner guests in the Arnold Laabs home were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thilges and family, Alex Thilges, Mr. and Mrs. John Fuhr, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Nielsen and family, Mrs. Reinold Laabs, and Amanda Schutt. Afternoon callers were Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Haase of Algona. Evening callers were Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Laabs and Fern. The day also was Carol Jane Laabs' seventh birthday. Saturday afternoon a birthday party was held at the Arnold Laabs home for Carol's seventh birthday. Guests were Elizabeth Madden, Margene Henriksen, Barbara Burkgren, Nancy Johnson, Linda Tieman, Marcia Meyer, Verlea Douglas, Helissa Krause, Melanie Waite, and Mrs. Harold Feye and Debbie. Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Laabs and family were Mother's Day dinner guests at the Jim Bishop home in Laurens. They also visited Mrs. Laab's mother at the rest home there. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gerhart entertained the following guests for dinner Sunday, May 9, in honor of Bruce's confirmation: Mrs. Emma Relmers, Mr. and Mrs. Arlo Ranney, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lee and Debbie, Mr. and Mrs. Art Kressin and Mike, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Johnson and family, Mr. and Mrs. James Kressin and boys, Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Kressin and family, and DfCKYft DAISY OH 90V! STRAWBERRY SHOW. r~MADE 4OOD BY DeUCIOUS CREAM FROM Folk* pi all aget need - and like - Homogenised Milk, ftrve it with every meal. Robert and Diana Kressin. The Birthday 500 Club met Monday evening at Mrs. James Meyer's. High prize was won by jacK lemmon and tee RenucK m "oavs OF wine ano noses" f ^M PS ONTGOMERY WARD Catalog Star* OUR COMPLETE LIIIE OF BROADLOOMS ON 134 Colors, 29 Styles ALL PRICES INCLUDE • CARPETING • RUBBERIZED CUSHION • NORMAL INSTALLATION* YOUR CHOICE 1OO% Continuous Filament WOOL OR NYLON AS $749 LOW * i AS I SQ.YD. INCLUDING CUSHION AND INSTALLATION Wards has the carpet you want-and it's on sale! In fact, Carpet cushion"nd installation are all included in the low prices. Choose now, while our complete !SprIng General Catalog line is on sale. Save now on the luxurious wall-to waU carpeting that will do the most for your home. •Slight additional charge for installation on concrete floors, custom tackless installation and on- the-job sewing. Price doM not include trantporUtlon charge. SEE SAMPLES AT HOME CALL 295-3538 ALGONA NO MONEY DOWN...UP TO 7 YEARS TO PAY

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