The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 25, 1965 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 25, 1965
Page 2
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(»«.) Upp*r Ot* Motaw tuetday, May 25, 1965 HU^ Evelyn Mothers Day has passed so recently I am moved to quote this poem, which has been In my Bible ever since the death of my mother. I think others will agree it is sweet: "When God sends forth a spotless soul to learn the ways of earth, "A Mother's love is waiting here; "We call this wonder birth. "When God calls home a tired soul, and stills a fitful breath, "Love devlne is waiting there, 'This, too, is birth, not death." Our trays on Mothers Day had scalloped white cards with pink felt flowers and tiny green leaves. They bore the greeting "Happy Mother's Day" and were presented by a group of women who made them. It was a very clever Idea, dainty and must have taken a lot of time. Well, you might know it - 1 was down town the other day and OFF came the hair. I couldn't stand it any longer! No curls or waves - just plain MEI * * * I've always been led to believe it's time to take stock of one's self and mend one's ways when they begin seeing snakes. Well, then It's time for Velma Hagg and Mrs. J. Vernon Evans who Complete FORMAL RENTAL SERVICE For -Spring Weddings, Banquets or Formals . . . Handsomely correct and so comfortable! See our Ure* ** lection of summer formats. Sparkling, llghrwaight . . . |u«t H0ht for your wockHng or for any other formal .occasion thii spring or cummar. IEUT AIAONA, IOWA lives next door to call a halt! However, knowing the women, I know no one is going to be too perturbed, but THEY were, for while working In their flower gardens they saw too many for ease of mind and were able to kill a few. They will continue to be on the lookout. I don't know of anything more repulsive than a snake, but I don't look with much favor on alligators and monkeys. * * * 1 readG.W. Aasgaard's "Remember When"in the paper and can add a few. Starched ruffles under our blouses Instead of the present "falsles", switches made of our hair combings, Merry Widow hats, willow plumes, men's peg top skirts, Macintoshes, rain proof garments with long slits to thrust the arms through and a cape to cover the arms, and brooches with pictures taken from photographs. Grandma Cady wore one with a picture of me at two years old, and mother had one of me when I was eight, stock collars In which we thrust stick pins of the current swain, given back to the lad when we changed our affections to some other lad. Oue I wore had an amethyst and I changed to an initialed one. Yes, I remember which belonged to whom. * * * Hand-painted shirt-waist buttons. Mother had a set of three. The waist had a small button hole through which the knob on the back of the button was thrust through, the buttons fastened under the waist with cord to insure against loss. Boys with collars so high and stiff you'd think they had sore throats or needed neck support, hair parted in the middle, "bee hives" for girls, so we can't say too much about the "teased" and high hair do's which are on the way out, thank goodness, hair ribbons, the bows so big we could almost take off in flight, the smftrt "23 skidoo" and "Oh, you kid", the tango and circular waltz, chautauquas, and Elinor Glynn's books taboo] What can YOU remember? .-:••• •."irrr."* ' * •^T.^fi.T^" . . '• .:..'. ,!&*L..-V;.-::.; ; The other night I saw Leona Macumber about to go upstairs. I called to her and when she opened my door further I said, "I'm not giving you a whiff of Chanel number 5"^,. and > che agreed with me; Itwas Skunk number I, and he couldn't hare been very far away. I told her about an evening when a group of us were In the Ingham lawn swing midway between their home and the library. All at once Hump King said, "I smell coffee." Well, his smeller was out of order, for it was plain, everyday skunk, but at a greater distance than this one the other night. * * * Carol Gotten reports a robin apartment is being built so close they can see easily and find it fun to watch the pair. I saw a sparrow with a mouth full of dry grass the other day. From noises I hear, I think they are nesting somewhere above my east window. * * * I have mentioned the old lady's Doit NOW. When next summer comes . CJHJ» you will again dream of having a Lennox Central Air Conditioning. system for your home. No need to "dream" if you act now. We will install one of these wonderful systems for you now, but you won't have to make a single payment until 'next JULY 1st. Even then, you can take up to 54 months to pay! If your furnace needs replacing, we'll be glad to offer you the same terms. See U6 soon for the details. Laing's Plumbing & Heating ALGONA "crush" Marg Dahl and I have on Gene Barry. May 1, she sent me a box of beautiful strawberries and said, " This is the only terry I can get for you." They were delicious and at my age, I enjoyed this berry tetter than Barry. I am sure the Bowen twins, Lilly and Mae, will be well remembered. They were a class or two ahead of me in high school and lived with their grandmother, a Mrs. King who lived on south Minnesota street. They were rather shy girls and I remem'jer when one was giving an oration, she became so nervous she started to cry and Miss Coate excused her. I never could see any sense to orations anyhow, and when I moved to Good Samaritan I was looking through some things to destroy. I came across one of mine, "Iowa Authors," among whom I mentioned Hamlin Garlan. I don't think anyone knew any more about authors when I got through than I did and on my way to school I used to recite it to "Shortle" Lowe, who maintained she could give it for me she had heard it so often, and I wished she could have taken my place. I have rambled from the reason for this preamble, which was to let Lilly's friends know her husband, Clayton Lansdowne Basken, died April 2 at Harvey, N. D. He was 80 years old, was a retired North Dakota teacher and married Lilly May 31, 1913. He taught school for 50 years and two years ago moved to the Order of Eastern Star Home at Fessenden. He was a member of the Masonic order and O.E.S. Services were held in the Congregational church at Fessenden. He is survived by his wife, a son and daughter. * + * Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Riedinger and sons attend Vieshea at Ames. Mr. Riedinger's a graduate from there and he is hopeful his sons will choose that school when the time comes. * * * Please note, you who take Life magazine. The May 14 issue will contain pictures of the two pairs of twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Fraser, Des Molnes. They are Neal and Chris, James and John. "Look" and "Better Homes and Gardens" are also scheduled . to ha,va The grand- parents are Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Fraser. * * * The Frasers have had word from their daughter, Mrs. Joseph Deuhs, that he recently had surgery at a St. Paul hospital and since Mrs. Deuhs cannot drive, he was his own chaffeur. * * * May birthdays on second floor were observed May 11 and were for Mabel Paxson, Clytie Roepke and "Papa" Knopf. To Grace in Florida, Mrs. Isatelle Dahl's flowering crab tree is as beautiful as ever and I can see it plainly from my windows. Maude Dorweller says their apple trees are abloom, too. * * * But budding time is no joy for Linda Bonnette, daughter of the Robert Bonnettes. She has an allergy at this time of year which makes life miserable for her for a few months, year after year. I have just finished "Mostly in Clover" and 1 could tell as much about haying as he, perhaps more. The rides I had on my father's lap when he drove his team on the mower, the rides in the afternoon on the "buck" while he bunched the hay, spread out to dry by the tedder, an odd looking piece of equipment with leg- like apparatus that kicked the hay and was then left In rows to be picked up by the buck and loaded onto the rack that lifted the load to the stack where men spread it In proper shape. There was great excitement one day when Albert Hackman fell backward off the high stack as a load was being put on. He was taken to town, seven miles away, and given the once-over by a doctor. Fortunately, he suffered no Injuries and was able to continue his work, a part of which was very important to me, the carving of my "nlckle doll" furniture which now reposes with the family of mama, papa and baby doll In the Kossuth county Historical display. * * * I could also tell of our rides each Saturday night to spend Sunday at home, the ride back late Sunday afternoon which seemed ages long. Now the miles could be covered In about 15 minutes. And the time I was half way, up the-windjniU4adder and ordered down when my father discovered it. Yes, I could write a book, too. Maybe, I will some day - when I have more time.!!! * * * Bernice Rising and her two groups of young singers were here Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. She has done a wonderful job of training, there wasn't one "sour" note, the high pitches were taken beautifully and enunciation clear and plain. Timing was perfect, too, the pauses that come in some selections, then picked up again in unison. Hats off to Bernice and her young folk. And I am so pleased they represent my church, the Methodist. They wore their robes, which are effective too, and went to the second floor so the women up there could see who had produced the lovely music. They came in my room in single file, gave me their names and some were so familiar as I have talked with their mothers often. We enjoyed them greatly and are in debt to Bernice for having shared them with us. She is a born teacher and her heart is in her work. * * * Is it really true? "There's a Jiltin' Hilton", a new hotel in Reno. Or are we being ribbed? * * * It is hard to believe our Tom Stall, 79, Glendale, Calif., who is well known here, would be flim-flammed out of cash, but according to a paper from there, he found himself poorer by $23, the loss being discovered when he reached Into his wallet to give his son $5. About 12:30, a Gypsy woman rang his doorbell and asked "Where does Mr. Wollet live?" She asked for a drink of water and followed him to the kitchen where she lifted the wallet from his back pocket. Tom gave a description of her to the police, but when he was shown police photographs of known Gypsy conwomen, he couldn't identify her. * * * The Posts Afghan is named Diabalo etc., on the pedigree papers, and since Diabalo is translated "devil", it's a true name for him for he got himself into a devil of a mess the other day and wound up at the vet's with an Injured shoulder. Since he is a young , dog, Dick and Lavonne have been trying to yard train him. But the other day. .freedom-went to his head, he crossed the road and of course met up with a car, as could be expected. Well, he's learning the hard way as most dogs do, but what can one expect when the humans haven't learned YET! * * * I am encouraged that tetter times are ahead. The Miller cartoon one morning showed a joyous John Q. Public titled "Good News from Overseas for a Change" - British Beat Groups Banned from Performing in the United States." Now if we can eliminate our own Beats, TV and radio will be much more enjoyable. * * * Signs of life - Sale in lingerie shop: ' 'Now you can have a girdle for a ridiculous figure." Union Alethecms The regular meeting of the Union Alethean 4-H club was held at the Civic Center. Each girl presented her mother with a potted plant. Next meeting is June 8. Our workshop will be held and each girl is to bring an article to refinish. The food committee is Connie Molacek, Linda Nitchals and Susan Dodds. Marylou Nitchals and Julie Molacek each gave a picture study. Marylou Nitchals, Linda Nitchals and Lois Hunt, Trudy Alt and Kathy Hansen gave talks. Linda Dodds gave a derabnstra- tion. CONSTRUCTION PAPER White & Colors, 12x18. — Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Office Supply Dept. Rain or shine, this Drench Coat® is a delight. . . sheds water like a duck . . . and just look at the high-riding flap pockets and crisp contrast stitching. ZE PEL® treated fabric for easy care. Completely lined. 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