The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 20, 1965 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 20, 1965
Page 8
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-AlgenG (la.) Upptr DM Moin*i thurtdoy, May 20. 1965 -• * -• .-..-.. Garrigan Seniors Have Big Plans For The Future Sexton Tackles Question Street Lighting Problem It is apparent most of Garrigan high school's 103 graduates with the class of 1965 have an idea of 'what they want to do In the future. Fr. Rles stated this week that at least 32 plan to enroll in college, 12 in business schools and 14 in trade schools. The remaining 45 have chosen other varied fields. Here is the entire list of seflibts, with plans for the future: College - Jean Owens and Ed Welp, Iowa State University; Connie Cassel and Kristine Plilhe, Clarke; Cindy Bradley and Zlta Duffy, St. Catherine; Rich Loeblg, Loras; Randy Kollasch, Bill Dahlhauser and Phil Bormann, St. Benedict; Rosalie Qlg and Cathy Llcktelg, Briar Cliff; Mary Lou Wagner, Mount Mercy; Therese Mullln, Sue Bode and Ann Wilson, St. Teresa; Joan Campbell, Loretto Heights; Ray Erpelding and Dan Bray, St. John's; Kathy Bestenlehner, Mt. St. Scholastica; Tom Neppl, Creighton; Ton! Tucker and Joyce Arndorfer, Mankato State; Bill Hall, Augustana; Dlanne Baldus and Chuck Becker, Ft! Dodge J. C,; Vlnce Goecke, Mason City J. C.; Dan Montag, Emmetsburg J. C.; Linda Adams and Betty Lou Frideres, St. Joseph Mercy, Sioux City; Connie Llckteig and Janet Erpelding, St. Jos. Mercy, Mason City. Business College - Mark Els- enbarth and Gary Youngwlrth, AIB; Tom L. Miller and Jim Grandgenett, Hamilton; Mary Ellen Ludwig, Paula Fischer, Linda Froehlich, Doris Taphorn, Janice Robinson, Sandy O'Brien and Dale Walker, NBT; Dave Studer, Minneapolis Bus. Coll. Trade School - Gary Vitzthum and Jerry Grandgenett, Universal Trade; Ron Mertz and Louie Bleich, barber school; Betty Frideres, Bernell Beauty School; Joanne Kenne, Larson Beauty School; Tom Elbert, Brown Inst. of Broadcasting; Russ Bierl, Josephine Baumann, Paula Ost- winkle , and Joan Heinen, Professional Bus. Inst.; Ann Mergen, Mercy X-ray, Sioux City; Marie Thill, Northwest Inst. of Tech.: Terry Wagner, Dunwoody. SEXTON - Sexton will have to arrange for a town council and a mayor if a problem doesn't keep arising every generation or two. The problem for this era is the street lighting system, since Mr. and Mrs. Ward are leaving and will no longer be taking care of the collection. A town meeting was held last Monday night at Ward's Farm Office building with the manager of the Iowa Light and Power Co. present to give his views on what the light company could do to help the situation. A general agreement was reached but since some of the property owners were not represented or contacted, another meeting has been called this Monday night to arrange a payment system agreeable to everyone concerned. * * * Just like TV stations the Sexton news has an announcement this week for the public interest. "If summer days have you dreaming of vacation; better check the suitcases and the family wardrobes. If you're storing some older clothing in those suitcases or if you find garments in the closets that are outgrown, set them aside for Goodwill Industries. A Goodwill truck will be in your area on June 8. Please call Mrs. Nell Opheim, the local Goodwill representative, who will tell you where you may leave your material. Mrs. Opheim could also give a list of other acceptable articles as Goodwill also takes many things other than clothing. Wonder if everyone from here and the Algona area has recovered from the shock they received when reading the new regulations on using the city dump before they realized that notice was printed on the Fe'hton news page, and applied to Fenton. < ..„ „ s -..-,„,. , .., Made you, wonder if the J',n\oY,e. ,Farmiag'ina«ftT-G«raldThUiiiidithi Altfflna dump commtttde'.' had ges, Dennis Frideres, Ron Becker, Larry Kramer, Jerry Miller, Tom Otis and Harlan Weydert. , Employment away from area Helen Berte, Anita and Gloria Morltz, Richard Kirsch, Bev Bosch, Betty Lichter, Sue Elbert, Georgia Thul, Mary S. Zeimet, Charlene Thilges, Sharon Bristow and Tom Denier. U. S. Navy - Bob Schumacher. Undecided - Jerry Bode, Georgene Richter, Jerry Bradley, Carl Vigdal, Diane Becker, Rose Frellinger and Charlene Becker. Seniors will receive diplomas at Garrigan Sunday afternoon, May 30. Employment In area - Jane Becker, Marlene Relsing, Jane Eisenbacher, Carol Ernst, Virginia Gisch, Marlene Schneider, Norma Pfeffer; Janice Ricke, Barbara Thilges, Anita Nurre, Pat Dorweiler, Joan Jergens, Tom Capeslus, BUI Spurgeon, Jim Schumacher, Frank Heinen and Tom J. Miller. figured out a way of getting some action on their project. Things are done In a big way around here including pests in the garden. Little things like kids and dogs are taken for granted but this week at one end of town a herd of pigs Investigated a new garden while at the other end that busy pony was out again to see what was growing in the garden. Frank Pruisman had a weekend at home after three weeks at Veterans hospital in. Des Moines and has now returned for another long stay while having a number of "repairs" completed. He Is feeling well but just wishing it all over and home again now that the fishing sea- Completo FORMAL RENTAL SERVICE son has started. His last letter mentioned a visit with a neighbor as Francis McMahon has also gone to the Veteran's hospital to become a patient, Clarence Golwitwr's father, John Golwltzer of Lldderdale, is also in the hospital for surgery for removal of a stomach tumor and at last report is making a good receovery. The Clarence Golwlteer's son, Dale, was a member of the First Holy Communion class at St. Benedict church, Sunday dinner guests were Mr. and Mrs. Matt Weydert. The Golwitzers family were Mother's Day guests of Mr. and Mrs. Weydert at Algona. Marie Lowman was promoted to chairman of this area's cancer drive after many years of service soliciting but she still didn't give up her old job as she covered the Sexton area for the campaign. The Perry Lowman's had also managed to get through a call to their daughter, Shirley, In Seattle after the severe earthquakes in that area. The family was all right with no damage to their home but they had felt the quake in their area. Mrs. George Hlx is becoming a regular visitor at the Britt hospital where she spent a day last week for additional transfusions. Sexton girls taking part in the Inrington girls 4-H Mother's Day Tea were Sharon Hix, Debbie PeCoy, Kathy Pruisman and Carol Hovey, and some of the mothers also attended. Mrs. August Kirschbaum was a guest at the Plum Creek 4-H tea at the invitation of her granddaughters, the Harold Bode's girls. This is the last year for the oldest girl, Susan, after 8 years of 4-H work. At the Jack Wederquists they are wondering if the long hard winter of illness is going to continue through the summer. Their older son, David, became •?. 'violently 111 this'week in a severe \ reaction before breaking out with •' the red measles. Although fiat on his back his big worry was munissing school cause he might not graduate from kindergarten Whoever heard a woman keep a secret? "Helen, I've just finished painting 'this bedroom with new DA-TEX, and it looks wonderful." Yes, one woman tells another about new DA-TEX one-coat wall paint and soon the whole town knpws. Women appreciate that new DA-TEX is Densi-tized. It* heavier body means there is Jess drip and less spatter. New DA-TEX clings to your brush or roller. There are no brush marks, no laps, no telltale graces where you touch up later There's no painty odor either. Dries in just 33 min.- ute* You've read about D.ensi- tized DA-TEX in LIFE mega- ling.' Now try it on your own wall* Choose from'3 wide se> U*>|i(>n of beautiful colors at Baiter's Davis Paint Store, A^oua, Iowa. if he missed any more. This story comes under the heading of so you think you've got troubles! Mrs. Everett Broesder, whose husband farms north of Algona, also had quite a start on the spring season. Her young son and her husband both came down with the mumps which left her with a large herd of hogs, a flock of sheep, nineteen cows to milk and the weather finally clearing up so planting could start. Have you noticed the engineers on the trains through here don't take any chances on Sexton, they have sure been bearing down on the whistle while going through crossings. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Huff and family of Boone were Mother's Day visitors at the John Huff home and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Huff and son were Sunday callers. f iiiiiiuitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiinifiiiiiii SWEA-EAGLE mil By Mn. Kenneth Bronei niiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiij Mr. and Mrs. Jay Blome of Lakota were Monday supper guests at the Walter Hans home. Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Jorgensen and boys of Ledyard and Mr. and Mrs. Loren Hans and Kim of Fairmont were Mother's Day guests at the Walter Hans home. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Clark, Mary, and John, and Betty Clark, who had spent the Mother's Day week-' end here from Grundy Center, drove to Sioux Falls where they were guests of Maxlne at the annual Mother's Tea. Mrs. John L. Black and family of Fort Dodge spent Mothers Day and Monday at the home of her parents, the Maynard Hurlburts. James Larsen, Rod Smith and Bill Phelps, Jr. attended Velsha at Ames. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey C. Lar- '•- sen and Julie visited Carmen and Caryl at Northfield, Minn. 1 Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Peterson' and family of New Brighton, Mii&i." reported the tornado that hit the Minneapolis area struck within one block of their *home. They are son and daughter-in-law and family of the Bernard Petersons, and she is a niece of the William L. Tobins. Mrs. Kenneth Brones visited her aunt, Mrs. Mamie Barker Thursday evening at Fairmont;The Everett Rippentrops were at the Homer Henriksen home,' Rlngsted, Friday evening for the birthday of Mrs. Henriksen. Sunday guests li th&EfereftRippen- trop home for Orville'rbirttiday were Mr. and Mrs. GeneRippen- trop of Truman. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Kollasch and family were Sunday evening callers at the Elmer Bailey home. Tuesday after school, Cameron Bishop entertained classmates for hit 6th birthday. Guests Included Jeff Anderson, Mark Geerdes, Wade Jorgensen, Steven Hofbauer, Jason Krough and Jimmy Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Bishop and Mr. and Mrs. Dillard Bishop dined at Spencer Friday evening for the anniversary of the Dillard Bishops. Mr. and Mrs. Walter O'Green and family visited her parents, the Glen Morrows at Fox Lake and his mother, Mrs. Emil O'Green, Mother's Day. Mr. and Mrs.OrvilleThoreeon and family and Mrs. Otto Larsen were Sunday dinner guests at the Walter Goracekowaki home. At the Maynard Jensen home Sunday for Mother's Day and to observe the birthday of Mrs. Earp, were dinner guests, the David Earps, Duayne Jensens, Mrs. Joe Preston and Mrs. Nina Traub. Afternoon guests were the John Kelly's, Armstrong, Jim Prestons, Tom Prestons, Kenneth Anderson, and Marvin Boevers, Estherville. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wheeler were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Papenfuhs for Roger's confirmation. Other dinner guests were Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gram of Welcome, Minn., Mrs. Hulda Papenfuhs, Mrs. Lloyd Lindsey and Mrs. Bertha Cordes, Rolfe, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gram and Chan, Robert Papen- fuhs, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Papenfuhs and family, Estherville, and Gilbert Cordes. Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Brones were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Dltsworth, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Patterson, Buffalo Center, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Richardson, Lakota, and members of the family. During the week, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fischer visited them. Mr. and Mrs. Ole Kvamsdale and Mrs. Conrad Brekke, Estherville, were Sunday dinner guests at the Wendell Ditsworth home. Afternoon callers were Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Brekke and family. «. COLLECTION A Mechanlcsvllle junior high school student, Robert McDonald, now has a complete collection of Iowa license plates since their inception in 1904. He also has among his total collection of 850 plates one from each of the 50 states and 16 foreign countries. -105- Abraham Mullen celebrated his 105th birthday onApril 28th at the , Npra Springs Nursing home, Until a month ago he had made his home,, with his daughter, Mrs. William Pint of Floyd. He was born in 1860 In LynvUle, Va. and came to Iowa to live in 1903. May 1 Bride, Cedar Falls the mystery oi me missing I say, Holmes, what washes and dries the afternoon d/ste,.. and gets rid of waste scraps too? Mom, I suppose? M/ro/w, Watson.' Mom used to do all thoworK after meals. But now slie turns messy chorus oner to tier electric dls/i- wasfier & electric wast* disposer. Amfl For Spring Weddings, Banquets or Formats . . . Handsomely correct and $9 comfortable! See our Urge selection of summer formal*. Sparkling, lightweight . . . jv«t right for your wedding or for any other formal occasion thil spring or summer. live teller electrically! The electric waste disposer whisks away food waste and scraps in a jiffy; the electric dishwasher works more wonders, washing and drying dishes the quick, easy, hygenic way. See your electric dealer about an electric dishwasher and an electric waste disposer for your kitchen—so you can live better, electrically! Algona Municipal Utilities complete wedding story appeared in the May 11 issue of the Algona Upper Des Moines. ____ sf __ Wishing For A Buyer Won't Make that Sate! Pictured above are Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gerland Murphy who were married May 1 in St. Patrick's church, Cedar Falls, with Rev. John Kroemer performing the ceremony. The bride is the former Glennda Gabrielson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Gabrielson, Sexton. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Murphy, Hampton. They are at home at Cedar Falls. A BOLENS SUBURBAN RIDING MOWERS • Mow In comfort it over 260 fait per minute. • Cut a 26-Inch with - trim to ft Inch on either ilde. •Instant blade height adjustment.» Forward and reverse speeds - safety controls. • Geared transmission and automotive-type differential.»Guarded grass discharge and blade lock* out for added safety. • Two modeler S-hp Suburban 26, economical 4-hp Suburban 24. BOLENS- First In potwrttf iqutpmtnt tfnct 1919 BUSCHER BROS. IMPLEMENT 1015 N, Main It. Al§«n> STRONG CHURCHES.. Make Strong Communities 'Thou didst forgive the^iniq^ity of thy people; thou didst pardon all their sin." — Psalms 85:2 If you have a weakness, you must work to conquer it, else it will defeat you in many things.. If you sin, you-must repent and believe in forgiveness. It is wrong to carry guilt as a never-ending burden. It is best to seek forgiveness. As Christians, we can understand the meaning of forgiveness, because we know the example of a forgiving God. We can understand that love makes it easy to forgive, for love closes out hate and envy and brings strength to heart and mind and soul. .;•' So let us be aware of forgivS 1 ... ness, for ourselves and for others. ,,And build strength for : tomorrow through love of God * and fellow'man. Readyour BIBLE daily and GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY These Special Weekly Church Messages brought to you by the following PUBLIC-SPIRITED BUSINESSES: •ICON*, I0*» HUTZELL CITIES SERVICE Floyd Hut jell, Service Station Roy R. Hutjell, Bulk Plant - 295-2362 ESSER DRY CLEANERS FREE Pick-up and Delivery Phone 295-2927 - Algona, Iowa ZENDER'S Clothing for Men and Boys POST MOVING and STORAGE Local & Long Distance Phone 295-2275 - Algona, Iowa PIONEER HI'BRED CORN CO. Herb Hedlund, Production Manager Perry Collins, Experiments! Mgr. METRONICS, INC. 0. B. Hgrmes "Super Speed" Tools FARMERS SERVICE CENTER, Int. Merton Ross, Mgr. 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