The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 13, 1965 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1965
Page 10
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2-Algona (la.) Upper DM MolnM Thortdoy, May 13, 196S The Walton League lodge was & most attractive setting for the Fort Dodge Coin Show, but several complained about the difficulty in finding it. Clubs should provide some directions in their announcements and a sign on 413 entering Fort Dodge certainly would have helped. It is Just as well that the show wasn't earlier as the little wooded glen was likely a trifle damp. The dealers along the sides were unusually comfortable with padded sofas for a casual and restful approach to the customers. The number of dealers was correctly limited to the available space and Saturday at least there was plenty of room to browse. Most of the dealers were old standbys in this area, including Dave Dorfman, L. L. Owen, Frank Klump, Don Jenson and Frank Wambach. Needless to say, there was good variety of quality material in nearly all categories. Foreign coins were particularly well represented. I think more collectors would find this field an interesting and refreshing sideline to the current U. S. series. Some caution needs to be exercised, however, in the more recent issues of the Iron Curtain countries and some older thalers due to restrikes and castings. One of my reasons for wanting to attend was to check on my identification of an old German coin dated 1604 which I had decided was a Brunswick Luneburg. This proved to be correct, but Dave Dorfman gave it quite an examination before venturing that it was kosher. I don't know enough about the technical details of casting to qualify in this field. In case you are consumed with curiosity, Heinrich Julius was the ruler at that time, which was the clue that led to my identification. - o Don Jensen provided an in- teresting example of Inflation midst his proofs, $3 gold pieces, and other "wish I could afford" items. These were original bank-wrapped packs of German 50,000 marks notes dated 1922. Each pack totaled 1 million marks and inflation was really just getting underway. German inflation notes as such are common enough, but it IB unusual to find crisp packs. - o - The cancelled Algona show drew some patrons nevertheless. I had a call Sunday from Cecil Hassler of Albert Lea who had driven down with some Mankato friends. He had searched in vain and ended up at the police station for information purposes. We had a nice visit and I sold him a note, so his trip was not entirely In vain. Actually, he would have lost out anyway, since the local show was originally scheduled for Friday and Saturday. Coin collectors Just take Sunday for granted and one day shows are usually that day. - o - Exhibits at Fort Dodge were ones that have been at recent shows in the area and were all first class. There was one small frame' devoted to the coins of Russia and Poland, a specialized area not often seen. One of the currency exhibits had a fine showing of the large National notes, all from Iowa banks which was new this season. I left before the awards were made. - o - Webster Orton showed me an 1874 token termed one penny from the local Masonic lodge. I vaguely remember seeing an article dealing with these Items, but unfortunately do not recall the story behind them. The general field of tokens is one of rising interest at shows and in the wanted sections of classified ads, A gentleman in Michigan offers $10 for those saying Good For One Ride from Hotel to Depot and from California comes an offer of $2 to $15 for types showing streetcars pulled by horses. Since many of these represented specific services, they would not have accumulated by individuals, hence the present collector supply must come from overlooked odds and ends found in old desks, etc. Here again, the law of supply and demand as rarity for any given item would frequently exceed that of the key coins. There is still a lot of hobby fun in this field as a lot of the activity is devoted to trading, rather than buying and selling. The Algona token was not In very good condition, yet how many do you suppose have survived. -flit was good to see some local attention to National Coin Week. Material was displayed by the Kossuth Coin Club in the banks and Home Federal. Al Agena told me an Interesting story about a banker in the days when each National Bank was authorized to issue its own currency. They came to the bank in sheets and were signed there when needed for issue. This fellow left for a convention in a hurry and just took a sheet of unsigned $20. It caused quite a stir at the hotel desk when It came time to pay the bill. The banker asked for some scissors and proceeded to sign and cut. This informal approach to money was Just too much, and the manager received quite a course in the mechanics of money before he became convinced that the bills were good. The strange always causes a stir. I paid a food bill the other day at Goldfield with silver dollars and most of the staff was gathered around as I went out the door. "MAJOR DUNDEE" starts Sunday at the Algona Theatre 50-YEARS IN BUSINESS Mrs. Bertha Tiedje of Van Wert has been affiliated with the garage there for fifty years and was honored by the community of Van Wert at a reception in her honor, which included the gift of a chair and cake. Mrs. Tiedje started to work in the garage owned by her husband, the late William Tiedje in 1915. Earrings date back to prehistoric times. A Ford or Chevy would be a great buy... In "Major Dundee," new Jersey Bresler production for Columbia Pictures release in P ana vision and color, Charlton Heston right, Invites co-star Richard Harris, left, and other Confederate Army prisoners to fight under the Union flag against marauding Apaches. They do, with Harris sworn to kill Heston as soon as their mission Is completed. Also starred are Jim Hutton, James Coburn, and Michael Anderson, Jr. Emory Prestons were Saturday evening guests at the Virgil Preston home for the birthday of their son, Paul. A birthday club met at the home of Mrs. Arthur Kracht last Thursday. The group celebrated the birthdays of Mrs. Kracht, Mrs. R. S. Mather, and Mrs. Ronald Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Johnson and family were Sunday dinner guests at the Everett Johnson home. Rev. and Mrs. Fred Johnson and Joel of Minneapolis were weekend guests at the Tom Preston home. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Rippentrop attended a program presented by the school children at Woodward Sunday. Dale Rippentrop had a., part in the presentation. Tony Lohse and his son and daughter, Clarence Lohse, Fairmont, and Mrs. August Roblson, attended the funeral of the elder Mrs. Lohse's brother, August Lohse, 87, at Raymond, Minn. Tuesday of last week. Mr. Lohse also received word that his sister, Mrs. Anna Newel, 90, Fresno, Cal., is critically ill. Mrs. Newel is formerly of Fenton and has many relatives there. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Brekke and family, Mr. and Mrs. Wen: dell Ditsworth and family, Mrs. , / Con Brekke were Sunday guests at the Howard Brekke home at Bingham Lake, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Ole Johanson and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Anderson and family were Sunday guests at the William Tobln home. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Dettmer Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Tok- helm and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fischer attended the annual meeting of the Kossuth County Historical Society. Adult Fellowship of the Methodist church met at the Floyd Montgomery home Sunday even- - ing, with 20 members present. A film on missions was shown and Mrs. Harvey Work had charge of devotions and program. Mrs. Maus assisted Mrs. Montgomery as hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Montgomery and family of Dolliver were Sunday guests at the Floyd Montgomery home. Judy Montgomery was hostess to a slumber party Friday evening for her 13th birthday. Guests for the occasion were Debby Sykes, Debby Hesvlk, Bonnie SWEA-EAGLE By Mrs. Kenneth Brones fllllllllllliliiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiillliiiiiiiii Mrs. Lillian Gabel returned recently from a visit with her son and family, the Darold Gabels at Longmont, Colo. She spent 4 months at the home of another son, the Floyd Gabels at Fayette, Mo. and the past three weeks with the Darold Gabels. Darold brought! her home. Janet Anderson, Estherville, was awarded a $120 scholarship at Estherville Junior College. Janet is a granddaughter of the Clifford Andersons and the late Joe Preston and Mrs. Preston. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Neubauer and Mrs. Robert Pedarek of Iowa Falls and Master Sergeant and Mrs. Carl Heller of California were weekend guests at the home of Mrs. Albert Paul. Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Paul and family joined them for dinner on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. William Gies were Sunday guests at the home of their son and family, the Billy Gies at Truman, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Crowley, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Preston, the Howard Prestons and the if it weren't for the fact a full-sized Chrysler is priced less than $7 a month more. Make Wheelbase Overall Length V-8 Engine Cubic Inch Displacement Paymen Difference P^ Month CHRYSLER NEWPORT 124' 218.2' 383 $65.67 FORD QALAXIE 500 119 210.0 289 58.94 $6.73 CHEVROLET IMPALA 119 213.1 283 58.94 6.73 OLDS F-85 CUTLASS 115 204.3 330 59.26 6.41 BUICK SPECIAL SKYLARK 115 203.4 300 58.65 7.02 BASIS OF COMPARISON—All models are 2-door hardtops equipped with V-8 engine, automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, radio and heater. Monthly payments have been computed on manufacturers' suggested retail price, one-third down and 36 monthly payments. Not included are the extras you pay Tor on practically any new car: whitewall tires, deluxe wheel covers, destination charges, state and local taxes, interest, Insurance and licensing fees. 1965 is Chrysler's most popular year. As a result, we have a top selection of money-saving used cars. See us today. THIS SPACE FOR DEALER IMPRINT "Did you hear about Ruby?... "Ever since she painted her walls with new DA-TEX, she simply can't talk about anything else!" You'll rave about one-coat vinyl DA-TEX, too. It's unlike any latex paint you have ever used. Developed by Davis Paint Company and advertised in LIFE magazine, DA-TEX rolls or brushes on smoothly. If you touch up later it shows no laps or telltale traces. The reason? It's Densi-tiged. Jfow DA-TEX has a heavier body. You get less drip, less spatter. Dries in 23 minutes. No painty odor. Choose from this year's newest colors at Sailer's Davis Paint Store, Algona, lows. Pech, Carmen Heidecker, Leandra Larson, Marilyn Haag, Mary Ellen Forshee, Beth Phelps and Peggy Eggerth. ASCS Offering 65,000 Bushels Of Stored Corn Richard I. Anderson, chairman of the Kgssuth County Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Committee, today advised that approximately 65,000 bushels of CCC bin site stored corn are being offered for sale on the basis of sealed competitive bids. All bids for the purchase of this corn must be received in the County ASCS office on or before 3:00 p. m., May 12, 1965. Prospective bidders may make arrangements with the county ASCS office to examine the grain being offered for sale. All firms or Individuals who are interested bidding on the sale of this grain should contact the county ASCS office for complete information and the necessary forms on which to submit offers. "Kosguth County's Favorite Newspaper" WED. thru SAL MAY 12 - 15 HOCKIN' NOW M< HIT NO. 1 ... AT 7:30 PANAVI8ION* tMETROOOLOft HIT NO. 2 . . . AT 9il5 Stam'njfntharflfrit •M'lengm.hilartoui actfon»packed'ftlm! .15' Brand New Songs plus your Beatles favorites! HIT NO. I.'.". AT 10.30 U o YOU HAVE TO THINK YOUNG TO FEEL REAL SPRUNG! JAMES DARREN PAMELA TIFFIN THURSDAY IS "BUCK NITi" The Whole Carload for $1 Ann Wilton Gets $300 Scholarship AMES, IOWA - Ann Marie Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John B. Wilson, Burt, a student at Algona Community high school has been awarded a Sears Roebuck Scholarship In the amount of $300 at Iowa State University where she will be a freshman in home economics in September. After 80 degrees on April 22, Wall Lake was surprised on April 25 by finding a three-inch snow fall on the ground. However, by afternoon it was gone with temperatures into the 40*s, RUGS A 10-year hobby of the Orvie R. Nesses of Marion has produced over 105 hand braided rugs. Mr. Ness, a railroad conductor for 40 years, became interested in the'art of rug making by helping Mrs. Ness .and they now have rugs of all sites in many states. NEED OFFICE SUPPLIES? We have them. Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Algona. THURSDAY thru SATURDAY"Hush . ,Hush, Sweet Charlotte", 7:00 and 9:20. SATURDAY MATINEE at 1:30"Spooks Run Wild" - Plus 6 Color Cartoons. SUNDAY - "Major Dundee" - Is45 - 4:15 - 6:45 - 9:20. MONDAY thru WEDNESDAY"Major Dundee" - 7:00 - 9:25. ALGONA Saturday May )3 ONLY PLUS A COLO " FLUOO CARTOONS ADMISSION 75c CHILDREN 35e SUN. thru WED., May 16 - 19 JEPW LEWIS M1SY (A Jerry Lewis Production) Jerry's a dumb-llke-a-fox bellhop that tome sharp operators dangle Into stardom. to-*** * Mi BMIN • EVWETT SUMNE PHIL HJWRIS'KHNMI WVNN pnn LOMK- JOHN oimwoiNi • PLUS SECOND FUN HIT • RMYNOLDS, MY Six L CUFFMKITSON UYUJUSSEN THE FUNNIEST FIX A GIRL EVER GOT INTO! Eileen' Hefckart • Hans Conried • Mary McCarty PLUS 2 COLOR CARTOONS \ *}'• ,1'. Ends Sat. • "HUSH . . . HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE" shown 7 - 9:20 SUN. thru Wl MAY 16 . 19 'A ALGONA lie Union Major and the Confederate Captain were sworn enemies of each other .. .ti^thfgjfeq^hgir band of s O^ois ^tO ^^ "SS^N regulars An^^ne^ct^s to the moat violent victor^ify£t£foe flaming history of thq \ V^ i COLUMBIA PICTURES Off) I) Mitt A JERRY BRESLER Product^ JMnPn

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