The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 6, 1965 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1965
Page 11
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Algona • ANOTHER MOTHER'S DAY IS coming up next Sunday. Most years when that great occasion arrives I've devoted this column to gloating about how fortunate I am to be a mother. It is also great to have a mother of your own, so this one is for my Mom. - o FIRST OF ALL, MOM, I want to thank you for the gift of life which is, of course, the first and most important thing you gave me. If you'd been perfectly sensible, you might not have given me this, or at least you might have postponed it. After all, when 1 was born you were barely out of your teens, you already had one baby, and there wasn't much financial security. But you introduced me to the world, anyway, and in spite of tears and tragedy, life is wonderful I - o - BUT 1 ALSO WANT TO SAY I forgive you for a few things. I forgive you for blamed near scrubbing the hide off me that time we kids all got the Itch, because you also soothed our wounds with a story and a kiss. - o - I FORGIVE YOU FOR MAKING me stay home from that trip to Arkansas and for sending my sister in my place. I realize now that it wasn't very practical for me to travel when I was all broken out with blotches of hives. - o - I EVEN FORGIVE YOU FOR MAKING me wear that hated long underwear 1 Especially when I think of all the clothes I would not have had to wear if you had not been so handy with your sewing machine. There were those dozens of summer dresses, with bloomers to match, yet. For one Christmas program there was that black velvet dress with the white fur collar that she* all over the place. There were your remodeled "Thirty Dollar Dress", the changeable taffeta for eighth grade graduation, the swagger suit in high school and that red and white formal that wowed them at Iowa State College back in 1937. - o I FORGIVE ANY REAL OR IMAGINED SLIGHTS from you, if you'll also forgive me for being inconsiderate of you and sassing you back. Thanks for giving me brothers and sisters, for in spite of the fighting and fussing, growing up in a large family is by far the most interesting way. It is impossible to be absolutely impartial with love and material things, so there were times when I took my turn at getting the short end of the sheet. But there were also times when I definitely got the long end. - o TAKE BIRTHDAY PARTIES FOR example. The other kids in the family didn't get a party every single year, but I did. You knew, Mom, how much kick I got out of a party, so no matter how inconvenient for you, or how empty the pocketbook, each September I had a bang-up birthday. - o - YOU ALWAYS LET ME MESS around your kitchen even if it meant slacking off on my share of the cleaning. Knowing how well you cook, there must have been many timss when it would have been much easier for you to do it yourself, but you let me have a free hand with my experiments, praised the successes and doctored-up the failures. The food was good at our house and during the Depression it was mighty handy to have a mother who already knew how to render lard, bake bread, raise and can hundreds of quarts of vegetables, make her own noodles, sauerkraut, and soap, can beef and pack pork chops in lard, and fix heart, tongue and liver so that they are perfectly delicious. Some of these things you taught me, but I still have a way to go before my own kids consider their mother's cooking superior to their grandma's. - o - THANKS FOR BEING A FLEXIBLE mother. If you hadn't been willing and able to pack up four youngsters and new-born baby to go traveling with Dad summers, I would have had a merely conventional childhood. And 1 would have missed all those adventures, experiences and laughs. - o - THANKS, TOO, for the things you did without so that I might have more education, a little more fun, and a lot more material advantages than you did. Thanks for interferring so little once we had established a home of our own. - o - THANKS FOR LOANING ME all those things during the 21 years we lived practically next door to each other. It was mighty handy to go over to Mother's when I needed the tomato juice squeezer, a large pan or some extra dishes. There must be hundreds of cups of flour and sugar, and dozens of extra eggs that 1 borrowed when I was out and never did get around to returning. And thanks for the scrubbing, packing and encouragement that helped me through that dreadfully hard period when we moved away from Algona. - o - THANKS FOR YOUR LETTERS. It Isn't always easy for you to write often, but you do and we so enjoy all the little details from home we might not otherwise hear. Distance and time have a way of mellowing relationships, but the love between us was there all the time. It'sjustthatI so seldom got around to saying it. - o - OTHER IMPORTANT OCCASIONS beside's Mother's Day during the week of May 2 through 8 include birthdays for Bob Smith, Mrs. C. R. LaBarre, Helen Klooster, Marcia Parrish, Norm Christian, Helen Hutchison, Jimmy Straub, Wilma Kinden, Mabel Paxson, Tony Behr, Ryland Phillips, Christine McCullough, Dick Norton, Don Myers, Merton Ross, Bernie Linnan, Mrs. W. C. Taylor, Martha Gilbert, Sandra Jo Bilsborough, Jim Lytle, Marion Merryman, Mary Warner, Doreen Mowers, G. W. Stillman and Philip McBride. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Slagle, Mr. and Mrs. Russ Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Wlnkel, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Montag, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Utt have wedding anniversaries. - o - THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS FOR Zippy Hot Potato Salad. 1/2 tsp. powdered mustard 1/2 tsp. water 1 tbsp. butter 1 tbsp. flour 1/2 tsp. salt 1 tsp. sugar 1/8 tsp. black pepper 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup vinegar 1 egg yolk, beaten 6 cups hot sliced potatoes 2 tbsp. onion, chopped fine 2 hard-cooked eggs, diced 1 cup diced celery Combine mustard and water and set aside for 10 minutes. Melt butter and stir in flour, salt, sugar and pepper. Gradually add water and vinegar, stirring until smooth. Pour a little of the hot mixture into the beaten egg. Mix well, add to vinegar and cook one minute. Remove from heat and combine next 3 ingredients. Pour hot sauce over potato mixture and toss lightly. Add celery. Serve hot with hard-cooked egg garnishes. Makes 8 to 10 servings and leftovers are good cold. flRACE Burt's New Fire Truck Fire Chief Walt Steward of Burt received delivery of a new, heavy duty CMC 4000 fire engine at Joe Bradley Equipment here Saturday morning. Mr. Steward, third from the left, got the keys for the new rig from Walt Bradley, second from the left, and took the truck to Burt where it will be completely outfitted for use. The truck and chassis is powered by a big V6 engine and will replace a 1938 Ford fire truck which was purchased by Burt from the Algona fire department. Cost of the new truck is about $12,880, according to Mr. Steward. Acquisition of the new fire engine gives Burt two late model trucks to serve Burt and the surrounding 64 1/2 sections of land. Others in the photo are members of the Bradley staff who were out looking the new equipment oyer. (UDM Polaroid Photo) ST. JOE r KC's will meet May 5. A nominating committee will be selected, with election of officers at the June meeting. State Convention will be held in Davenport May 15,16 and 17. Trojans 4-H Club met at the home of Ray Erpelding, with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Jan- ice Erpelding and the 4-H Pledge by Robin Bougous. A demonstration was given by leader Bernard Thilges. The club tour is scheduled for June 24, with a family fishing trip and picnic planned for June 17 at Lost Island. Mrs. Tony Weydertentertained the R-Nu 500clubThursday even- Ing in her home. Receiving prizes were Mrs. Adeline Wagner, Mrs. Peter Kirsch and Mrs. Orville Wagner. Mrs. Sylvester Wagner entertains the club May 27. Mr. and Mrs. Tom McKeown, Frontenac, Minn., former residents here, are parents of a daughter, Connie Marie, born April 17. This makes 4 girls and 5 boys in the McKeown family. Then there's the fellow who offered his set of encyclopedias for sale. Asked why, he replied: "My wife knows everything." Athletic Chairman AMES, Iowa - Dale Kubly, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Kubly, Rt. 1, Corwith, has been elected intramural athletics chairman SHEAKLEYS HAVE THE LARGEST SELECTION OF QUALITY NAME-BRAND SPORTSWEAR IN OUR AREA. SHOP & COMPARE! ~1ADYASROW~ You"li find quality here . reasonably priced.' for Foster House of the Men's Residence Association at Iowa State University. He ^is a sophomore in electrical engineering. Social Security Benefits For 2,718, County Social security benefits are now being paid to 2,718 residents of Kossuth county at the rate of $176,059 a month, Clifford W. Swedlund, district manager of social security in Fort Dodge, said today. Payments included $114,090 to 1,489 retired workers; 554 wives or dependent husbands of retired workers received $22,201 a month. A total of $18,398 was paid to 271 aged widows or dependent widowers of deceased workers. $14,633 was paid to 244 children of retired or deceased workers and 51 mothers with a child under 18 or a disabled child in their care. A total of 106 disabled workers and their dependents received $6,504 a month. Swedlund said the payment of social security benefits at the rate of $2,112,708 a year in the county has an important impact on consumer spending, especially for essentials such as food, clothing and shelter. About one out of every 10 residents of the county is now receiving a monthly social security check. THIS IS FOR 1965 MORE THAN A NEW CAR...A NEW CADILLAC! Quality w not espentwe it's pricei««T His secret power drives women wild Women just cannot resist a man who can give bright new beauty to the interior walls of their home. And it's so easy to hold this magnetic power over women svhen you paint with new one-coat DA-TEX wall paint. New DA-TEX is far better than old-style latex wall paints because it's Densi-tized. Its heavier body makes it cling to your brush or roller like no other wall paint can. There's less drip. Less spatter. And new Densi-tized DA TEX dries in just 23 minutes with no painty odor. You've read about new DA-TEX in LIFE magazine: now try it for yourself. There's a wide selection of new decorator colors at Sailer's Davis Paint Store, Algona, Iowa. Above, the Coupe de Vttie, btlo*. the longer-rtheeibase Fleetwood Brougham. What would an auto show be like without it? A lot less than it should be! For after all, a Cadillac so dramatically new is sure to provide an element of distinction to intrigue and delight the man with a fine car appreciation. How unfortunate, indeed, if that man were not able to sit in the most comfortable interiors ever designed for a fine car. Or if the lady who accompanies him were not able to inspect the beautifully crafted embroidered fabrics to be found in the "car of cars" this year. And finally, wouldn't it be a loss to every fine car connoisseur if he couldn't ask the price of this newest and finest of all Cadillacs? For what other car can equal the Standard of the World for investment appeal? None other, we assure you, than the car that is so new, so right, so obviously Cadillac! MEET CADILLAC AT THE ALGONA AUTO SHOW MAY 8-9 • KOSSUTH COUNTY FAIR GROUNDS and at your local authorized Cadillac dealer SCHULTZ BROS. 1009 SOUTH PHILLIPS « ALGONA, IOWA

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