The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 4, 1965 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1965
Page 5
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5>« WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND omw WASHINGTON - Debate is continuing hot and heavy among government advisors regarding the bombing 1 of North Viet Nam. Some strategists argue that now is the time to knock out the atomic laboratory in the heart of China and continue bombing until the Chinese war potential is knocked out completely. This might take several years, could mean world war and the landing ol a million Americans on the coast of China. Other strategists claim that the bombing of China would make the Asiatic world bitter toward the United States for the next fifty or a hundred years. They are vigorously opposed, So far President Johnson has stood with the latter group. He wants to win the war in Southeast Asia and then retire as gracefully aspossibly. The problem, however, is to keep the war in North Viet Nam confined. Secretary of State Rusk continues to make optimistic statements, but many State Department advisors are not as optimistic as he is. } -o r —HARLEM GLOBETROTTER— One of the most carefully guarded secrets of Congress is how much money its members spend on overseas junkets. I have just seen the secret vouchers on one of Congressman Adam Clayton Powell's celebrated trips. The Harlem globe trotter spent a couple weeks in Switzerland last summer. He drew 5,831 Swiss francs from the American, Embassy to pay his personal expenses. - o- —"HAVE MATCH WILL TRAVEL"— Uncle Sam is preparing to crack down on the professional arsonists whose fire-for-hire racket has been taken over by the Cosa Nostracrime syndicate. These professional "torches," as they are called, are hired by businessmen to burn old building* for the Insurance money. The sabotage is made to look as if caused by faulty wiring or bursted boilers, but the Justice Department has evidence that 124 fires in seventeen different states were the work of racketeers. Often they will blow up a businessman's building, then turn around and blackmail him for defrauding the insurance company. One squad of arsonists has even coined a slogan: "Have match, will travel." - o - —NIX ON BIRTH CONTROL— Secretary of HEW Tony Celebrezze is being criticised for dragging his feet on birth control information. His department spends millions of dollars in welfare funds to take care of Illegitimate children, but Celebrezze has not helped to give Information on birth control which would prevent the plight of future illegitimate children. Some of the criticism is based upon the fact that Celebrezze Is a Catholic. However, there has been a new look at birth control on the part of many leading Catholics. - o - —MODERN COMPLICATIONS— The spacious new Sam Ray burn Office Building is continuing to give Congressional headaches. In addition to getting lost en- route to their offices, Congressmen now find they can't hear. The new hearing room of the House Judiciary Committee is s% big. and so complicated that some Congressmen are seated forty feet away from Chairman Manny Celler of Brooklyn In the center. To speak to him they press a button which turns on the loud speaker. A girl sitting out In front of the rostrum then punches other buttons to permit them to speak. The other day, Rep. John Dowdy, D-Tex., protested audibly: "I formally move that we leave this chamber. I cannot hear a word the chairman says. This room is too large and too complicated. I move that we abandon it." Chairman Celler listened carefully. Then he turned to Rep. Peter Rodino, D-N. J., and asked: "What did the man say ?" - o - —MEDICARE FOOT DRAGGING— Sen. Harry Byrd of Virginia QUALITY NAMES YOU KNOW « Purses by Garoy & "Letisse," • Jewelry by "Kramer" & "Pakula." • lingerie by "Kayser" & "Lorraine." 9 Hosiery by "Belle Sharmeer" & "Hones'." • Girdles and B>as by "Formfit" & Warners." » Blouses by "Sweet Adeline" & "Ship 'N Shore." » Orion Knit Wear by "Aile'en." f Dresses by TAiglon", "Mendels," "Logise Alcott", "Mynette" & "Kelly Arden", and "Nan Leslie" in Junior Petite, Juniors and Misses. t Suits by "Butte Knit" & "Betty Rose", regular and half sizes. • Cpqts by "Jo Moor" & "Betty Rose." t AH-Weother Coats by "Great Six", "Betty Rose" & "tanspn." • Sportwear by "Personal" & "Phil Rose of Calif." has thrown the Senate machinery into slow motion on the Medicare bill. He is sore at President Johnson for asking him in front of television to speed up the hearings. Johnson went to great trouble to attend Mrs. Byrd's funeral and after the funeral kissed Sen. Byrd's hand as a token of respect and affection. But all that today Is forgotten. Byrd is now quietly but efficiently slowing down action on Medicare, He has used the voting rights debate as one excuse to delay Medicare hearings. Another is that he has a list of over fifty people who want to testify. Meanwhile, Byrd is working behind the scenes with the American Medical Association and certain big Insurance companies to make a stubborn, last-ditch stand against medical aid for the elderly. - o - -DAR'S ECONOMY— The Daughters of the American Revolution wound up their annual convention this year on a less shrill note than usual. They 'adopted a line slightly to the left of the John Birch Society. Behind the scenes, however, they were still sour on a lot of government policies, especially reckless government spending. In all their meetings, however, no one mentioned what the government spends to publish the DAR annual report. Even as the ladies met, they submitted their latest annual report to the Senate Rules Committee for publication at the taxpayer's expense. It should cost the government no more than $5,000 to print the report, but this small subsidy has been granted to the DAR every year since it was founded in 1995. In other words, the Daughters of the American Revolution are against government subsidies for everyone but themselves. - o - —CONTRADICTORY POLICY— American diplomats have just discovered that they are boosting Ho Chi-Mlnh of North Viet Nam with one hand, and slapping him in the face with the other. The State Department recently launched a campaign to build up Ho and exploit his fear of a Chinese take-over. But while the diplomats were sending 'sweet messages to Ho, American planes were dropping leaflets all over North Viet Nam assailing Ho personally as a lackey for the Red Chinese. - o - —MALARIA IN VIET NAM— One intelligence report from '• Saigon states that the Viet Cong guerrllas have been stricken with malaria and dysentery. At the same time, Viet Cong representatives have confided to the French that they are tired of the long war. These reports may have been deliberately planted to mislead the defenders, and American commanders still expect renewed guerrilla attacks after the coming monsoons curtail air operations. - o - -ITALIAN IN CABINET CHAIR- Lyndon Johnson is a man who doesn't forget his friends. And in these days when he'd under attack by bigwigs all around the world, he's especially grateful to foreign friends who remain friends. All this had something to do t with the fact that the Premier . of Italy, Aldo Moro, was given fithe unique privilege of being 1 the first foreign leader in his§ tory to attend a meeting of an i American Cabinet. President Johnson, in a warm and appreciative mood, took the Italian Premier into the cabinet room, plunked him down in one of the big black leather swivel chairs, « and Invited him to witness how ^ American government business " is btansacted, Next day, the President paid Moro another honor when he went to the Italian Embassy to attend a huge crush of diplomats, Congressmen and Italo-Americans. Ordinarily the President does not attend Embassy receptions. What Johnson appreciated was the fact that Moro had an especially difficult political problem at home, yet supported the United States on North Viet Nam ! anyway, Moro presides over a shaky [coalition cabinet which includes jfour left-wing socialists. For !a long time they were aligned i with powerful Italian Communist Party, but now have bolted to [join Moro's Christian Demo: cratic coalition. However, they | don't like Johnson's policy of bombing North Viet Nam, and {could easily bolt the coalition, jjf they did, the Italian govern' ment would fall, Despite this, Premier Moro Awards At Percival's "Service Is Our Most Important Product" is seen in awards given these servicemen of Percival Motors for completion of a master technical service training program sponsored by Chrysler Corp.-Dodge Division. Shown, each receiving a gold-plated award torque wrench from Bruce Mannes, Dodge service manager are, left to right, Wendell Feaster, Jim Edgington, Les Wildin, Leo Gardner and Duane Riley. Not shown, but also receiving the special award, was Clyde Lloyd. door meeting. "I am talking both as a Southerner and an American in urging a thorough expose of the Klan and its terroristic activities, "Atlanta's Weltner told his committee colleagues. "We cannot permit these outrages - these murders - to continue any longer without informing the public about the culprits and trying to bring them to justice." Weltner said there were Klan "rednecks" in all parts of the country, not just the South. "As a Southerner, I am tired of hearing the South used as a common denominator for this sort of thing," he added. "At least 90 per cent of all Southerners are opposed to the Klan and all It stands for, as I am. These good people should not be castigated for the misdeeds of a minority." Tuitdoy, May 4, 196$ Algona (la.) Upper DM Motntt-S JOHNR. BURNS Representing "One of the Best" CENTRAL LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY 105 South Colby — 295-2503 ALGONA has loyally supported Johnson. - o -PROBING THE KKK— Rep. Joe R. Pool, D-Tex., offered the resolution to investi- gate the Ku Klux Klan, which the House Un-American Activities Committee approved 9-to- 0 behind closed doors. However, it was young Rep. Charles L. Weltner, D-Ga., who started the ball rolling at a previous closed- MODERN TILLAGE f at its FINEST! BRADY FIELD CULTIVATORS WITH TRUE, ACCURATE 6" OR 9" SPACING! Here's a rugged tillage tool for truly superior seedbed preparation—effective weed control—summer fallowing —stubble mulching—pasture and alfalfa renovation. With a Brady Field Cultivator you get exact 6" or 8" shanK spacing to accommodate 2" spikes or 4", 6" and 9" shovels. Each spring-tooth shank works independently, clears obstructions and snaps back into place. Hydraulically adjustable depth control. 3 MODELS-ADJUSTABLE IN WIDTH TO FIT YOUR OWN FIELD CULTIVATION NEEDS Sizes from 11W to 33W—Just add extensions or box wing sections to get desired cultivating width.-Come in and let us show you this new modern, tillage tool. 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