Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 6, 1896 · Page 14
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 14

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 6, 1896
Page 14
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BASE BALL GOSSIP. 8AYINCS AND DOINGS ON AND OFF THE DIAMOND. Hotr Ydiinsr rtnynn Ar« IniUuKicI Into th* J*rofr.4»iannl cl"t>»— Tlilt BOHCM Coiiosrc llHziug—ciiiiiuirir* tir«ac utiil- t/ JMnj 1 *-! >'ot«H of thd Dtumnml. .UIVKNILB ball- tosscr is p r c y for all the other members of the team and they have unlimited t'un with him. A great number of the yonns players who break into the league come with the idea that tbe older fellows necessarily know a Kreat dctU more about, the game than • they do, and they are only too willing to do anything that may be told them. The result is thai the old-timers make monltej's of them. Host of the tricks played are in the lino of training. The younfister naturally wants to kno\v •what to do to get Into g"0d condition. and UK.TC- is where the veteran gets his cbancf to jump on the poor novice and break his ribs. When Jiggs Parrott joined the Chicago Uvim he was told that hf- was too slow and that he incrwiw 1 bis running powers. 'How 'o to (lo tlvis? Why, easily enough. '' .fust put on seven heavy sweaters and rnn ten times around the park in the hot sun without stopping. Ancl .liggs did it, anrt lie couldn't walk nor talk for three days after. Again, tlify told him tliat lie must take ;: shower bath after lir.-ict!cr--gonii advice in itself but detrimental in this case, because they stole liis clothes while he WHS bathing and he had to go home in a pair ot brown ovorall? and a blanket, loaned him by ;.:•• yrouadltpeper. Good Dud cm KoMtnl. I see the latest vict'|m ot this sort ot haxing wns Kostal. tlic Cliicago boy who got a job with Louisville. On Hit train to Louisville he was approached by Fraaer and Miller, who told bim that the way big league pitchers kept their arms in order was to suspend them at. night hi a strap, which hung from the root's of their licrUis. Ot cour.se, they hud previously llxcd up 'a strap, like a street-car bolder, in •Kostnl's borih. ami IIP took it for gospel truth. "\Yhen be retired he stuck bis arm through (hat strap and Ining that way all night. He couldn't bend •tho n'rm the next day. The boys used to gel young pitchers nut on the grounds, drive n nail in the fence, rnnkr 'them stand off ifo rpKiibir distance and practic? on that nail. That wasn't (to bad, though, for it tended to give better control of tli« bull. Tlie best and easiest way to have fun with a young player, lir/wcvfir. Is in the line of diet—'What be ir.iwt and must not eat. T remember ont.-e that some young recruits got thoroughly drilled on Hie diet question. They ate nothing for breakfast but oatmeal mush, which j they knew would not make the stomach •t*o heavy, with red-pepper s.iuw poured on it to brighten tho batting eye, while they drank coffee with salt In It, guaranteed to htmien the muscles *nd add to the endin-ance. Pete Browning naefl to order the most absurd and Jiideons compounds and would tell the youngsters that it was to help on Iiib • -batting. Tho juveniles would accept whatever Pete said tind would order the •same stuff until old Pete's ingenuity •waa exhausted devising new cruelties for them. He would order pancakes wltli onion dressing and sugar on top. ami tripfi with maple syrup and ouch things, and the poor lads who hoped some day to but as Pete did would never ;>;ml>le. Ajmthrr (.':*<« of PulTttr. James H. 3Ii-Don#iil), \vho was a few wvieks ago released by the St. Louis club, of tbe national Jcagiic and Anipr- . Icsm association, gave promise of bc- co'tnlns quits a clever pitcher when his "farmed" to the Whe«15sg club, of th» inter-state league, and afterward to tho Quincy club, of the western association, finishing tlie season with the St. Louis team. He took part with the latter In fifteen championship games. Ho did some remarkably clever pitching (luring tbe season ot ISOi), the moat noteworthy beiujr in his iirsI game after joining the Wheeling ulub. On Way S, ISI'5, at Wheeling W. Va., ho prevented the Canton team from making more than two scattering singles, ;iml struck out sixteen of them, nine- in succession, the Wheelings winning by 7 to 0. On May 21, same year, ai Fimliuy. 0,. he held the Findlays down to :"our safe hits, tho Wheelings winning by ;: to 1. Later in that season be took part In a fifteen inning game be- tueen the t'itiincy and Pooria teams, in which the former won by 7 to 4, he allowing the losers nine safe hits and striking out nine of them. Ho is live feet ten inches in height, and weighs about .'MO pounds. C'liioiiiro'.. Gntnl Utility Mnn. The Chiago ball club has had few more valuable players on its rostor during the long period of its existence than George A. Decker, the now widely known utility man of the team, who has done more them his share toward giving the team its present good position in the league race. Despite the fact that Decker docs not play the loft garden so well as some of tho men the colts: have had out there, he is one of the most popular men on the team with the crowds and can get them to root belter than any other player. Me THEATRICAL GOSSIP. NOTES AND COMMENT ABOUT PLAYS AND PLAYERS. Ill Guy »wr York" ti» tMnlc* it Tour it! th<* Principal. CllliiN—<*tln Skin >*fl\v I'lu.v—KITt-rU' or t'ttinpHlun—Dni- nmtli! Drift. X GAY New York" attained thudistinc.- tion of a seventy- fifth performance at ihe Casino in New York the other night, ami the event was given appropriate recognition. Numerous stage notables lent assistance by appearing in the Coney Island scene. Messrs. Kkiw and Erlanger send "in Gay Now York" on a tour of the principal cities, opening in Pittsbtirg-, September 7; Cleveland. Chicago, Cincinnati. Columbus. Toledo, St. Louis. Kansas City, Omaha anil other cities Lire included in the route. Walter Jones, David Warfield, Leo H.'irrison and the other principals of the Casino production are engaged for the tour. The business direction will be furnished by Fred Price and Will 0. Wheeler. Tho I.ii 1'nrtn SlHliini. The La Porte Sisters were born in New York, and from the time of their first professional appearance, at Buri- nell's Museum, in 1.SS3, have appeared together with marked success in nearly every city of- prominence in this conntiy, their engagements having taken them into both the legitimate and vaudeville realms. As young girls they sang in churches and at private entertainments, tho quality of their voices, perfected by an excellent musical edu- the form of a bandage, dipped it In the glass and emptied the salt-cellar on the wet part. Having thus prepared a compress according to prescription, and when everyone expected ho would apply it to his forehead, ho gravely rose and tied it round the pillar. OM« Skinm-r> New J'luy. Otis Skinner will produce early In the season at Chicago a new romantic drama of the fifteenth century Florentine period, called "A Soldier of-fortune." The play is from Mr. Skinner's own pen, and it is known that this is j not his first experience in playwritiog, he having produced a drama in the slimmer of 1889 called "Tho Red Signal." which he wrote in collaboration with his brother. This latter play dealt with the troubles of labor :it Pitts' burg. CHAINED AND GAGGED. hrllllKE KxperUncn or » ivruitonnlr* -Suc»r Plunlfir In Sun Franclivo. James Campbell, the millionaire su- planter of Honolulu, who mysteri- Ser»r»I Grand K.icanluDc, On September IGth and 29, October 6th and 20Q\ : there will bo homescekers' excursions via the MisHOin-t Pacific railway and Iron Mountain route to the west and ously dropped out of sight for two days | southwest, at one fare, plus |2, for the recently, says he was imprisoned and j round trip, tickets good to return 21 N*vr 1'lar for Sotlll-rtl. K. H. Sofhern lias closed a contract with Liingdon Blwyn Mitchell for a. new play to be especially written for bim. Mr, Mitchell, who is a well- Known literateur, has written several plays, two of which wore produced with ccecsH in London. Mr, Mitchell submitted a scenario of his play to Mr. Sofhern, and. it was on. Lhe strength of it that the contract was signed. The piny is modern and essentially and purely American. The theme is strit- Ijigly original, Uriuly 1* Ur:ui<:liliiu Out. \V. A. Brady lias secured in Europe options on a French melo-drama and two French comedies. He also has Uio refusal of the dramatic rights of Anthony Hope's now novel, "Phrosha.," and to Joseph Mutton's new booK dealing with Russian life. He has obtained "The Sledge Hammer," a new play on a Danish subject by Wilson Barrett, and will also probably produce in Ihis country "Straight from the Heart," ;i melo- JntniJi by Sutton Vane. GEORGE A. DECKER, makes mistakes because he is playing out ol' his position, l>i:t they are all forgiven and noon forgotten by the baseball cranks. But. if he stays in the position, us is probable he will, he will make a great player there. Decker was born in York, Pa., or. June 1, ISO. 1 ), nml learned lo play bull while attending the Northwestern normal school at Geneseo, 'ill. He had a varied career as an amateur and mail* his first appearance as a professional in Los Angeles, Cal., where be acted as captain | and manager of the local team in 1SSS. ( The following year hp went with the team that represented Aspen, Colo., in a minor league in that state and led his teum as well as the league in batting and fielding. In 1S90 be w;is connected with the Dubunues and was seventh in the batting list at the end of the season. That was in the Illinois and Iowa league and he was third among the fielders. He began the Benson of 1S02 with the .Toliets and finished with them, being then transferred to the Chicago team of the major organization. He was tried at both second base and in the outfield and Anson soon realized he had a jewel -if a utility man. Me has been with the Chi- cago.s ever since. In ]$9:'! he look part in" eighty-one championship games, fiCty-four of them being at first base, which is really the position ho can play better than all others. In 1S9-! lie played in eighty-four regular gaums, the greatest number in which he took part since he joined the club. He will have played in more pames than that, however, before the present season is over. He is batting hard this season and Is really one of the most valuable of the colts. Like a majority of hi? club miuefi, Decker is married. J. H, M'DOUGALL. release was obtained from the Quincy •chili, of the western association, during >ihe:.lat.tw part of JSIM. .Lie was born September 'IP. 1ST1. at Aledo, 111., and 'began his Iwiseliull career as a first baseman with a lorul team at hie TW- dco place, afterward playing in the out- lield, before lie mastered the art of curving thfi ball. .He played with a number of semi-professional teams before accepting a regular professional with the Oalesburg club, in 189::. In 3894 he was engaged by the Quincy olub, of the western association, and participated in forty-five championship contests, making such a .fine showing in tbe pitcher's, position. that his release was obtained by the | 8t- Louis club, of the major league. During the season of 1895 li« was Not.cu from rlit? IJIrtUioml. JIuCann, who was with Louisville last season, has been engaged to play second for Boston. Teddy O'Coniicll, the Cbicago bo. who went to Columbus, Ga., to plaj second base, is back and is playinj. with a local club. Teddy says tha mos: of the Columbus players are nov. walking hame. Will Geni 1 go Kooks never quit the name'.' Ho is now on Loin's Steni- ini's Xorth Chicago team and s'il lian thiu. habit of killing the leather.— Cli-icago News. Lange has recovered from his lameness. robbed by Oliver \V. 'Winthrop, who attempted to obtain tlic capitalist's sis- nature to a $20,00d check'ns the price of his liberty. Winthrop, who was tried and acquitted last yen:- on the ehnrj»c of poisoning u woman in Laurel Hill cemetery ,of which IK; was assistnnl su- purintemleni. has 'disappeared. Xo trace can be /onml nt' his confniji??-ate. Campbell says Winthrop decoyed him to his house on a. alight pretext. Suddenly, he, snys, a masked man rushed into the room and. pointing a revolver at Campbell's head, ordered him to-Hirow up bis bauds. Campbell ;;ays lie leaped at bis auwiiJant a::d foiled him to (he floor. The: irem was dazed, almost stunned, bur. leveling his pistol at Campbell, fired. Tbe million- 11 ire says the bullet grazed bis temple, passeii through, his bat and buried itself in tbe wall. Campbell sprang at liis man again and before lie could reach him he was knocked, down by Whrthrop, who struck him over the bead with some heavy instrument. The two men then pounced on Campbell and bound, lijimlcnfTed and frafivjed him. They lifted him from the llaor to a bed and strapped him to it. His days from date of sale, with stopover privileges on going trip. Write for particulars and land books. BISSELL WILSON. D. P. A. Ill Adams St. Chicago. An Objrrt of Sympathy. "What do yon think of Senator Sor- Kbuxn's standing in his state?" "Well," replied tbe rural constituent, "he's what yon might call 'a political orphan." "I don't quite understand yon." "A political orphan is ono of these fellers who start out as favorite sous an' then get abandoned by Uieir parents."—Washington Star. Good Blood is wlistRtve5 stront ntrrns, rigor, TfiiUty? Good blood aud cood health come by Hood's Sarsaparilla 6* sure to get Hood's and only HOOD'S? H OOd'» Pills arc the favorite family cathartic. THK LA PORTE SISTERS. cation, arousing much interest until they com'.luded to make a substantial use o£ their talents, a decision which has served to place, them in a promi- iienc station in their chosen calling. For the past two seasons they have appeared exclusively in vaudeville houses, where their sweet singing has established them in popularity. Their selections are always in'good taste, the music being transposed to suit their voices, which are clear, strong and melodious. | Rose siiigs n. strong soprano, while j Hilda is possessed ot the rare faculty of being able to instuntly change her | yoice Irom a high to a low key. impart- j ing to their songs a counter melody which at times seems fo amount to a third voice; an effect which is remarkably agreeable. Through a commendable enterprise in keeping p«ce with current songs, by being costumed in neat and becoming attire, and by making the most-of thfir talents, their act is in continual favor with their audiences, <is well as in strong demand •imong managers. T.uo.T J>»1.T Will !)• In It. Lucy Dnly (Ward) will play tbe principal soubreue part in the annual tbe- iT.rical review called "In Gay New York." She succeeds Virginia Eavle. who was Delia Fox's successor with. De Wolf Hopper iu "\Yang." Miss Daly is ;i member of tlie widely-known Daly family of performers, and tbe wife of "Happy" Ward, of. Ward and Yokes. ITer si«ter Maggie is Mrs. Harry Voltes, JAMES C.-UJPBRLL. feet and hands were i.ied to :he four comers of the bed nnd a. chain '.vac passed over bis body nix] j'iisienrd to staples driven in the floor. Captain of Detectives Loes. in his invu.sriKiirimi afterward, found the evidi-iu-e ol' ihis. j Cords wftre passed around Cnmpbeil'ri j body so tiffin tliHi. he couirJ not move. | For twelve hours Campbell was kept in this position. ihe ^ag being in liis mouth all 'the lime. The next morning | the gag was removed with the csCntion. | that he would be killed if lie made any : noise, ' He wa<; cold that b» would have to | j sign a. check or order for $M.OO') he- 1 fore he would be released. He was i shown a document, which Uiry :isked I bim to sign, and he wns also ordered j to write a note to bis wit", asking bet ' to cash the cheek nnd give (lie money, • to the bearer without asking any qurs- i tioris. Campbell says lie ntfnsed to even read the paper, lellin.t; hi? rap;nrs that, lie did not care what they did with him. When ihe newspapers published the fact that Campbell hail disappeared, the millionaire says hi* captors became frightened, w.ml after d:irlc released bim. Tbe police have :i de- scriprion of \Vinthrop'? confedcrnio, but no clew to his whereabouts. BEWARE OF FEVERS. If you are all run down with a C r appetite you ar« in danger of »r. At thin time ofyear it is positively dangerous to delay. You can prevent it «vory time if you will take Dr. Kay's Renovator ID seuson. »s soon at you first discoTw that your appetite is poor and you feel "faKtred out" It cauuot do you any h»rtn but taken In time It Trill »avei thouBMMh 4K of dollars and hundreds of ~^~ lives. It increase* tbe appetite, promotes digestion, cures tbe very ivorat caeds of constipation and ife dyspepsia ind all derangements of ^F the stomach, bowels, liver and kidneys, d'Bbility.and nervousness. __ Dr, Kay's Renovator | prevents fevers by rcr.ovjt.inK and ir.- ^1? Jjtt visoratlnn tbe entire system, enrich- ; *Hr iii(s the Wood uud nlving new life »nfl nt vesloriac vigor to tile whole tody.- ; 3£ H strikes to the root oT the matter ^ ISk and iso. iraslllvti pvcvcniuiivc. Why «t not sondlScts. by reiurn mail ana vre JL \vllt send you .Vtrixl box of 35 doses «K, and pur l)0okl«t ana question blank. It. wiJI savr: many dollars ano perhaps : life itself by bavinv 11 in time It ii , the greatest Nent tonic and Attentive ' ever found. . s "al<J by drura'xts ni SScu. :ind SI. or seni bv mall by Dr. B. J. : Kiiy Medical Co.. Omaha, Meb. Send lor free sample and booUIet, s MeAleer or tlie Clevelnnds has made 1mt two errors at center field this son- son. Catcher Warner, recently released by Louisville, has been signed by New York, Bill Hassamaer. late ot Louisville, is doing the bulk of tbe catching for Columbus. Dan Broulhers says ihe Eastern leagues plays faster ball tban tbe National league. Roger Connor again, announces that tho present is his farewell season in baseball. The Chicago players have boycotted swell tailors and now are wearing ?I8 "duds." Third-baseman Gremlnser Is in trouble at Buffalo over an assault upon a policeman. 'Tebeau'ihay brinj: Smead, the sue- flssful Fort Wayne pltchw, on the la* eutarn trip. Tin: New York Dramatic Mirror notions a gj'eat diversity of opinion as to -the present and the immediate future of tho theatrical business, io view of the excitement that will prevail tmtil election day and of tho result, of the election. It seems to be an nf.eeptoi'1 fact that theatrical maiiiigers iinvmov- ing more slowly this summer tlinn is their wont, and that fewer companies tban usual will lake the road during August and September. althnuKb from all the signs it may be said that the theatrical enterprises of the season will be as numerous as ever. Many companies will KO out la.te, anrl it is quite probable that the end of tbe next season will show Better reiuilts than any recent season has brought forth, it' the election be decided on lines of general prosperity, surely the theater will be one ot the first institutions to profit therefrom. And even it the contrary shall happen, the stage will sinter less thar. other fields in which greater numbers will be affected. Type of Frnnttli CoiiindlHii*. A.comedian in a Paris theatre recently made a great hit out of a painful Incident. "While Indulging in a bit oC horseplay on the stage he struck his head violently, entirely by accident, against one of- tho pillars of. the scene upon the stage. On benrJnir the thud everybody uttered a cry. "No gjreat lann done," said the comedian. "Just land me a napkin, a glass of Water and a salt-cellar." These were brought, and he sat down, folded the aapklp in A FATHER'S REVENGE. Shot tl» Matt WhD Hxil IlrKrrleil Hit l>:inchlrr. Thomas J. Stap'Mon. a wraythyfiiroj- cr, lilled his son-in-huv, Charles Oerslu, lull of bullets at Anderson, Ind.. [lie other morniiiR-. Jle also slioi oK ihe right car of CharK'S Stanley. Staple- ion is in j:iil. The -..roiihlo dates back ic tlii! lime oi' Derstn's marriapv 10 Wiss Siapleloii. ll seemed th;u it was .?S».iji£t her father's will. Uei'ste de- twted bis wil'e. They met rocpnil;. 1 in .uexar.driu. nnd II.'K! some ivorris. S:a- plr-ton wen:, home, sot his sun, :nnl waited for Dorsl'C to pass en rout* borne. Wbc:n the. biiR^y snt in front j oC the SUipleton home ho stepped out, .•;))d. ;i.inii7ig his sun at Uorsic. jmlle.'l the trigger. Stanley wns in the huggy with Derate. . U Chicago 10.35 an Ar St. Look 7.04 pi - m\ TRAIN LUCY DALY, and another sister, r/ime Derious D&ly, is :i fa.moi.is dancer. I N«N.« <>r i.hu Sr.ae«- j .T. C. Clarke lias written a. play for | ^.Trs. Taber, I'uundPi] on Francois Cop- i l.i«u'.s "Ijt'.s Jacobites." I lii tt IK \finu. Sarah Bemhurdt is a total abstainer. Lewis Morrison will produce a new \ play entitled "The Indian." He will i His £als> ulso play in "Faust," "Yorick's Love" r.ncl "Ricliplien," Sw;lll<n<-ilil Hlx )--|!lH<\ 'IVrth. •\ Ii. iSelinli/.' of No. K;:> liwins siroet, i Brooklyn. thronsJi s-vallowins his false icetfi. was li.'Kible to help ii. ; nisei i in i lie Waters; at Kockaway Bcacii the oih- er morning, ihoiigli in shallow water, am] \\';ih beyond help \vhon d-.-nsgod ashoro. Syliult.x was a baker. \vho lived with his >vi!'r ;iuil cliildrei; over hiw shoji. Near liis late lionie lives "!''iji .Iliti," :i civilixcf! :i:ul. in wiiucr •,iu;c, siiUtitu ir.iandttr. \\ ho in ilic ••uni- iiiiir ri.'«unica his war -.r.i'.r,: :i:nl ciuij :i:nl siands in froui nt c. tlieiitor a* Kuekaway Ben.cli. 1-1 n ami Suliultz were sivimniinjr, when l.li.? baker giisp- cii. Jim hastened lo bis assist.v.ice. \\'lien he (inidly got. ,Sci:ul:/; as.'wre it was discovered tluil; SnhnHx was dead, teeth hnd lodged in hfs 1 be !n;ii hcua drow:i«d by vhe water lie had fwallowed. It Ctilcigo S.OO pm Ar St, Lculs 7.24am Krne Kvulinijic: Cluiir Cnr« ( Pnllio^n Bu*ptOp»n BREADS"lA THE*ILLINOIS CENTRAL R. R. Tt mil l>* obUinwrf nf ?our Inttal tirk*C flffrot. A. i~. T ' \v*»cvv. n. P, A. in.,C«.nt. K. Jt~ Chtc*.ffO.I*\ EDUCATIONAL. THE UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME. A'otro Vnmc, Indt«nn. Tvl\ Co*ran In ('!•»«• !*•«, Irriirn, Sc!enr», I,t«, CMt, ••• •Iiinli-Nt SJllJ Klfrfrfcat fuflwrrtnjr. Tfcom»ff( lV*p»T»*»^ Hid ruuirurrrlil CcMr*r«. K««M» Vir* to «-H student* who vlM' Junior or S"lli«r Yciir. of uiy Ot Uie CotltrtaM tinii')'^*, A lin;ltcd inimbrr of CfLmltdnten for th* Ecf>n3iV^Ilc».I slJtt* will bn )-»Cflved M sprclfcl r»t*». *(. i;d»-pnt'» Kfctl, lor tjuyfc under IS ye*nt. 1* unlqc* (» ri»rii|)U'Lcn**k oflU ^qiillliiirnfF, The 101th Tern will t-fltlou 1» VKHT RKV. A. VMKKlStlKY, 'v. H. C., The Greet KIDNEY, LIVER & BLADDER CURE. Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binerhamton. N. V. STEADY WK PAY CASH WEEE.Y »nil i-v*l>' i r<* to SKLL STARK IBEESS 1 .., vi'l.'m. STAKKBIiOTlUERii. SIXNA. MO., ROCKrOUT, iLt. "hit.t.lo Trixie" by J:'red Gibbs. has been re-written .lolin T. Kelly w-ilJ return to tbe •vaudevilles next season. Carroll and Amelia Summerville uudei I engagement for his new Irish opera, i "Brian Born." • * *' * • j Bnerbohm Tree will act twelre weekf j iu tbe United States next season, and -I will limit his tour to Xevr York, Boston, Philadelphia anrt Washington. * itt * "Captain Kid, Coin Collector," te the name ol the Bostonians' newest opera. Walter Lewis composed the miiita and B. L. Taylor the llbrstf l Kev. .'Mr. SmlUi S<:iks lvh-nro». : Rev. Joshua. S. Smith has file;! :i pc,- titioa in the circuit court at Jndupend- ! enct, .M'o., ::rfkiug :i divorco from his , wife, jV;innie Smith. wlHim, rlie petition recites, lie married at Still water, 01<., in April. l.Sl>:i. Tlit: phiinlitl! alleges Lh.it his ivife sprcail i.ho report among his oonfcrcSiUiou jit Slilhvsuer tint sbe w;is bis common-law wife. By this act. he lost iiis position. At Os- wpgo she. spread similar reports, with i si. like result. In addition, be alleges, she one day (iinashcri the windows in their house and threw his valuable theological library into the street. When be wist) to pick up the volumes she threatened to shoot him. and. he \vas.flnally compelled to ca!l in a policeman. P ENSIONS, PATENTS, CLAIMS. JOHNW. MORRIS, WASHINGTON, D.C. It*, rrinclpu* j:xbmlpcr V. 8. ?enifon Itnr»«. l/n. IK lu( »'%r. Ij&tliuili'-'tUai cJbiio^ »ujr. aiao*. ft? TJoral Cartls from PXINTIXOS from NATORI. The CAME of BOTANV. „ ,_ Sras poMpitld on rrcripL uT OOctn. K«x 4* The Hamilton M>er» Co.. MlddHtown, Pm, H**, J»tc prm.-oismlncrD.Sw ver. .M.-.oniB| 1 J g ..Wa.-ih.l>.C. ' WHISKY " M " "•**• •" >Ti.iyrA. m. W. N.O.CHICAGO. VOL. XI. NO. 36. Advertisements Kindly Mention This Pacer.

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