Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 27, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 27, 1894
Page 5
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^^^^JSp^^ ,••.'• ».,:i.•.,-,(.' .<--:^-w"-;-V .,-«• •".- •..-,' r'. '' : *^"-^•^••^•- ••- •-• •. •• - •• - .••-••• On »ccount of having tho Foster Lac ng Hooks, many inferior Gloves aro being sold as the "Foster" to parties who bellovo Ihem to bo Iho Gonuino Foster quality, which Is • superior French Real Kid Glove, made with special care in our own manufactory at Grenoble, France. To "enable purchasers to distinguish tha difference, we havo changed our trade mark, wd shall *"*«<"• s 'a m P »" ol ««" best quality We will offer all the desirable colors. Foster Kid Gloves at 89 cents, cfc Co. MANUFACTURERS. FCCK, S-A.L1U BY The Hatter. OME AND SEE US NOW. & You must have a Sp ring Suit. Come to us; we make them from $20 to $60. Tucker & Young, THE PEARL ST. TAILORS, PEOPLE'S PARTY CITY TICKET. DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 27. Mayor, M. M. GORDON. Trensurer, CEORGE P. SCHABFF, Clerk. CHARLES BUHRMESTER, Water Works Trustee, ED. CLARY. Councilman, 1st Ward-MILO GIBSON ai Ward— C. L. D1LLEY, 3d Ward-JOHN A, MURPHY, 4th Waril-CHABLES T. BELL, 5ta Ward-C. S, GREJN, THE MEMORIAL WAR BOOKS- DR. TRUAX, THE SPECIALIST. )VER STATE NATIONAL BANK. After fourteen yearn of scientific study of Nosn, Long, Liver, and nil Diseases of a Chronic N;Hnr« adopttKl m; prewnt form of treatment, mid _»veconducted a successful pracilco In thoabovn )!»»» of cnsos. I cordially invite you or }oor l«nda, if aflllctod wltn any Chronic Wswse, to mult me and my method or trnitment und Its Hilts. Office honr»:lOto 12a. m.;'2\o 4. 7 to 8 L m. Reildencti atollliij. All calls promptly nt- nded ONTK „ WHEN YOU CAN I LI MAX 'UREST AND BEST, .AT LESS THAN- ONLY. Fart TUrce of TlilH Superb HUtorlcul •erle* Slow Iteady—J>u Not Jlitx Securing the Unbroken Sorlen We, of today, never tire of the tales of glory in which our fathers figured —tales thirty years old at that. We wish that we had been there ourselves. With tho Memorial War Book we can be with thorn in spirit and feeling 1 and help fight the battles of union and freedom. Tho Memorial War Book is a story of the great battles of the Civil war on land and sea compiled historical records, narratives of men wh* fought and from personal observation, by Maj. George F. Williams, special war correspondent nlth the Army of the Potomac, tho Army of the James, the Army of the Shenandoahacd the Army of the Cumberland; also correspondent in the Franco-Mexico war, the Guate- maU-Nlcnrscuan war and tho Chili- Peruvian war, etc., etc. This Imperial work ia illustrated by nearly 2,000 magnificent illustrations, maps, plans, diagrams, etc. The original war viewb reproduced in this work are selected from more than 6,000 negatives taken by tho Government pnotographers, M. B, Brady and Alexander Gardner, during the years 1861, 1862. 1863. 1861, and 1865, making tho grandest panorama of the civil war ever published. It will be completed in about thirty weekly parts, each part consisting of 24 quarto pages and containing from 40 to 60 illustrations, printed on tho finest coated paper and no expense will bo spared to make it the most sumptuous and valuable work on the war of the Rebellion. The Journal has secured the exclu. sive distribution of this spleadld war book in this city and offers it to Journal readers for three coupons and ten cents for each part. Part 3 is now ready. See coupon on 2d page. TOUB NAME IK PRINT. Item* of * Ferconal Character Con- •eruliiK bolt* :i»DortcrB nnd TUelr FrlondN Miss Nona Young is quite ill. Mies Grabs of Ptru is visiting in the city. John Schwelr now of Lafayette, is visiting his home here, Mrs. Louisa Fitzgerald has returned from an extended visit at Galusburg, 111. Mrs. W. C. Thomas is entertaining her mother, Mrs. Mlnthorn, of Royal Center. Miss Emma Murphy of Mai-ion is the guost of her aunt Mrs. Courtney on the West Side John Mugg, of Lafayette, was in tho city yesterday the guest of his sister, Mrs, John Nelderberger. Mlfla NollleSlattory who has been visiting friends in the city, returned yesterday tohor homo in Lafayette. Mies Alice McGlain, who wad visiting Miss Maggie Finnegan has returned to her home at Danville, 111. Miss Lizzie Rugor who hus been visiting In the city tho guest of Mrs. Edmund Buchor, returned yesterday to her homo at Lafayette. H. J. McSheehy como down from Maxlakuckee yesterday afternoon. He reports bass fibbing excellent and will return today with a party. Huntington Herald: Mrs. Jacob Lush of Lancaster township, returned Tuesday from a lengthy visit at In dlttnttpolls, Logansport and Peru. Isaac Fatten of the Bell Clothing- Store, is entertaining his father, llev. Uriah Patton and hia sisters, Mrs. Kood and Mrs, Cornell of Idavilla. Mr. Hi White departed yesterday for Pass Christian, Miss. Hs will bo accompanied homo by hia sister. Mrs, L, W. Pilling, who has boen visiting her sister, Miss Kate White, at that place. Dr. Christopher yesterday moved his family to South Bond in order to bettor look after tho interests of the medical institute of the firm at that place. Ho has not however, severed his connection with tho looal institute and will spend about half of his time here. MM THAN EVER, •/ morion Nocloty In a Stow. 4;J Polite society in Marion is all torn and twisted today says tho Chronicle of that city. Everyone is out of sons with himself and his neighbor. Certain young married folks won't look at each other, and tho feeling that exists between certain married folks and certain unmarried folks is sufficiently torrid to molt the largest iceberg. All on account of last night's dance. The dance was given by the Young Folks' Pedro Club, and the young married folks were excluded. Some of the Young Folks' Club deny that the club gave tho dance, and are trying to throw tho roBponisbillty upon the shoulders of one or two Individuals. The danco was the subject of conslfl. erable debate it the session of the Young Married Folks' Club last evening. Tho winter is now over, and tho club will disband until the coming winter. They Intended giving a ban- quot and reception at the Elk's hall next Wednesday night, to which they intended inviting all those who had acted as substitutes at their games during the past winter. This would include nearly every member of the Young Folks' Club. But after tho action of the Young Folks' Club in giving the dance last evening and snub, bing them, the evening has been changed, and It is not known whether any outsiders will be Invited or not, The fact that several ladies and gentlemen were at the dance last night who aro not members of the Young Folks' Pedro Club has Intensified the feeling of those who think they were snubbed. When ono remembers tho fact that the Young Folks' Pedro Club meets next Tuesday night, and the members can not attend the reception of tho Young Married Folks if they should be Invited, the matter becomes more complicated. The importance of the convention at Indianapolis or the city election next Tuesday dwindles into insignificance when taken Into comparison with this all absorbing topic. The result of tho contest will bo watched withCinterest, On account of consolidation of Shoes and Clothing again under oae roof, SIT and 319 Fourth Stre-t, thereby effectiag a saving of $1,200 per annum aad en- abling us to tell you shoes cheaper than ever, We are shelving the south side of the store TO THE CEILING with sliding; ladder attachments, city style, economizing apaca and saving above large amount in expenses. Will move next Saturiay evening after 8 o'clock. Extra Bargains previous to removal. OTTOKRAUS. "OF COURSE." nearly all counties it is reported that fruit, except peaches, has been injured far leas than lirat anticipated. Tho bloom is cominc out on some plum, cherry, pear and apple trees. Plowing and planting corn was interrupted by rain a few days. In some counties it has fairly begun; in others It ia about lialshod. Farmers are more hopoful and confident of good cropa this week than they have been since tho middle of March. Dou't Food [lie Vagi. A case showing tho ingratitude of a tramp is reported from Huntington. A lady residing in that city saw a package lying in the lot that a tramp had thrown away. The paper was removed and a long piece of fresh bread, .nicely spread, was found. Tho lazy, tramp had doubtless fared HO sumptuously that common food was not palatable to him. At Afuncit* tho police committee havo provided all police officers with rawhides to bo used on the backs of professional vagrants who impose on people and would not work if an opportunity woro presented. Tho result is that police aro running- out of Muncie every vagrant that cannot give a good account of himself. The one who threw the broad away that many needy families would havo been glad for, should havo been handled by a Muncie policeman. LOCAiH. Teeth without plates, at Clark's, the Dentist. Part 3 of tho Memorial War Book JOW ready at the Journal office. To see them is to buy them, genuine Foster kid gloves only 89 cents to-day, at Dewcnter';, the Hatter. John Gray has tho most complete line of summer underwear in the city. Tho styles and prices are bound to suit. The regular monthly examination ef teachers will be conducted by Superintendent Gardner at the High School Saturday, Come to John Gray's and buy your 1 and thov havo spent enough time » - , . * miiCfila HJrrfTlnrr fr\** it trk V»OT*Q Til underwear for warm weather. ease on hands telegraphed for he)j:-> from the State without calJing in iowVv counsel. Some cf the residents of Beavei- township in Pciaski county have gone;wild over the witchcraft oJ the"Ouija : ' board, a little contrivance or.-, wheels which superstitious people- believe is possessed of intelligence. When pressed by the hand it raoTca, around, and by designating certain, letters printed on the board, spells out. answers to questions. Tha deluded Beavcrites cave spelled out the infor- matlon that a quantity of gold lies buried on the farm of Albert Buddi three feet below an Icdian A ProfCBuloul Shoplller. A strange woman who is evidently a professional shoplifter was detected in the theft of a bolt of embroidery valued at $5 at John Gray's store yesterday. John Walters, tho head clerk, who was waiting on tho woman noticed the loss of tho goods and accused the woman of having taken it, Hor manner confessed fcer act and she tried to runout the back door but was prevented and the goods taken from her. Her well assumed penitence and tears so affected the tender hearted Mr. Gray that Instead of turning the woman over to tho police he let her go and she probably got out of town on the next train. The woman gave her namo as Miller and said that she lived in Cincinnati Tho Bvolntloii Of medical agents IB gradually relegating the old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the rear and bringing into general use the pleasant and effective liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs. To get the true remedy see that It la manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For sale by all leading drug- grista. Rather Cheerful. The crop bulletin of the Indiana weather service, In connection with the experiment station at Purdue uni. verslty, for tho week ending Wednesday IB as follows: "Excessive temperature the first part of the week, with much rain In most counties, was very beneficial to vegetation in general, but most BO to cropa wh'.ch had suffered considerably by the cold weather. The latter part of the week cold temperature prevailed. Wheat, having recovered from the^ bad effect of the oold weather, rye, grass, late-sown oats, potatoes, in fact, everything, Is now reported nearly everywhere to be in a moat promising condition. The frozen oats and clover have been replaced. From Huffman tiouuit Ovor. Yesterday morning George Huffman the much and long sought bunco steerer and professional swindler who waa brought from Chicago by Capt. Thomas last week, waa arraigned iu Justice Fender's court for a preliminary hearing, and was bound over to j await the action of the circuit court' in the eum of $500 which he was not j able to secure. A great variety, good goods, and the proper sixes to suit all. All money donations for the Home of the Friendless are now due and will bo recived by Mrs. Dr. Caroline Taylor, ,S03 Broadway. For rent, good front room, down stairs, suitable for two, in good location on Market street, five minutes walk from court house. Inquire X X Journal office. Don't fail to secure part 3 of the Memorial War Book now ready. This great historical work comes in a continuous series of parts and not one part can be missed. Mrs. Fannie McDougle Tedford died at Remington Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. The remains will arrive here at 12:'(0 this afternoon and bo taken direct from the train to Mt. Hope for interment. Wednesday night, not a long time before midnight, tho venerable Justice Eidson was aroused from his peaceful slumbers at his domicll In Shultztown and was culled upon to otllclate in his magisterial capacity at a wedding. Thebtidoof the midnight wedding WH.S Ella Meredith and the groom was Col. R. Elder. They woro duly married in the Justice's most binding form. ft wai learned yesterday that the cause of the alarming message sent from Kewanua lo the secretary of the State Board of Health at Indianapolis arose from a oaeo probably of chicken pox at Letter's ford, a station between here and Kewaana, which the attend. ing physician could not diagnose. He had not seen a case of small pox for a quarter of a century and fearing that he had a case of this malignant die- muscle digging for it to have planted, several acres of corn. They have been rewarded by finding some Indian, relics, but DO gold. Roderick G«IM Four Year*. Tho jury in tho case of the State vs. Mahlon Roderick, forgery, wrosUcci with the la'v and the evidetce nearly twelve hours, reaching a decision, yesterday morning just before <:". o'clock. At 9 o'clock this verdict wag. returned to the court. This verOicV found the defendant guilty and £xo& his punishment at four years In thev penitentiary. The defendant's attorneys- have- moved for a new trial. Over the Itaee. Major Bitters, of the Rochester Republican, attended the Republics State Convention, and while be-prat, absent the "devil" got out the paper,. ID writing up an obituary he says: About nine o'clock this morning Mr.. John M. Parsons, who has lived t*. number of years on the bank of the race, at the foot of Center street. passed over to join the great majority.. Silver fillings 50 cents, at Clark'?, the Dentist. Million! or Jilummici. Competent authorities estimate that not less thnn four hnn<lreil rni'.iioi.-. human mummies wen; made in Egypt from the time of the beginning- of tli<« art of embalming until its discontinuance in the seventh century, Herodotus and Diodorus both agree in the statement that there were three grades in the embalming process, the first. costing not less than a sum equal i.c> one thousand t\TO hundred and t \vcnty- five dollars, tho second about one-fiftk. that amount, and the third cheaper than common earth burial.—Chicago. Herald. Another Dirorce Suit. Yesterday in the circuit court by her attorneys Justice and Lalry. Mrs. Ina Stewart of Clay township, filed a suit for divorce from her husband, Charles L. Stewart. Tho complaint Is based upon charges of cruelty, neg. lect and drunkenness. The plalntitf is the daughter of D. J, Calvert. Ton plaintiff also asks for $300 alimony and the possession of their child. The New OH* Company. Signers to the new gas company aro paying up with remarkable promptness and up to last evening 203 had paid the first Installment at the gas office. The new company Is a go and It will not be long until the consumers will bo burning their own gas For Fine Spring Suits in endless Variety, which for Fit, Durability, Style, Workmanship and Trimmings are positively unexcelled, call on CARL W. KELLER. 311 Market Street,

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