The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 20, 1965 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1965
Page 3
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iiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii With all the water south of us, which looks like quite a lake, I've had several invitations to go canoeing. I said "O.K. - I have a guitar and I'll do the singing while you do the paddling. I can sing "Paddling Madeline Back Home" or "Floating Down the River" and we'll have a wonderful time! * * * Ha Ha and a ho ho! California's freeways have been closed to traffic due to heavy rains, told by no less authority than Irene Hutchins' sister Marguerite Dalziel, whose mother Mrs. Hazel Lusby has been visiting her a few months at Corona Del Mar. I hope I won't get sued by the Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles county. I do know rain is welcome in that state, but it does have it's humorous side to know "Sunny California" can be very dampish when we are too. * * * It was only recently I learned the first births recorded in Kossuth county were of twin sons, Harry George and Henry Schaller McDonald, in 1880 twin brothers of Mrs. E. J. Murtagh who died when about a year old. It was an unusually bad winter 1880, with snow even heavier than our recent storm. Fuel was low, it was impossible to get at wood to cut, and Mrs. Murtagh said my grandfather Thomas Henderson was courageous enough to drive to Livermore to get coal for those • in distress. It was difficult keeping the babies warm and their deaths were no doubt attributed to the extremely cold weather. * * * Doctors were very lax years ago in recording births,and one time when I was working in the court house I looked up several which should have been recorded and weren't. Persons my own age. I wasn't recorded and when I applied for my social security on "self employment" I had to get letters from Presbyterian hospital at Chicago, University hospital at Iowa City and Supt. 0. B. Laing for high school graduation age to prove my eligibility. My cousin Harry Goddard had to have an affidavit from mother as a part Vf'the'pfobf he had reached the required age. * * * Marg Dahl told me the most interesting thing today (April 7) Her grandson Bob Pratt attends college at Cedar Falls and is in the theatrical cast which went on tour doing some Shakespearian plays. They were at the Fort Madison penitentiary and Bob was impressed by the interest the men took in the presentation, gentlemanly conduct, and they seemed like such nice fellows. Only one thing marred it. One of the actors discovered the loss of his wallet. One inmate said, "Just wait. I'll get it back for you". And sure enough, he came back with it and apparently knew just the right man who was in for thievery. Bob said it was pathetic to see these men so overjoyed at entertainment. * * * The Paul Schneiders are again grandparents and are happy to greet a second granddaughter born but about two weeks after the first. The Phillip Schneiders had the first little girl and the David Schneiders had their 7 pound, 12 ounce infant April 6. There are seven grandsons, ALGONA Last times, Tues. • Wed. "TOPAKI" starts THURS. ^ BjNGO IN \ IT'S THE * ONLY WAY TO PLAY! (skydiving style) Evelyn so it is no wonder everybody is happy at the switch in sex for a change. Farie and Gordon Kuhn are home from Port Isabel, Tex. where they spent the winter. Farie was over to see me and brought me some delicious banana bread. She also brought some dogwood andbluebonnet blossoms for m? to see. A letter from my cousin Edwin Cady of Houston a few days ago said the blue txmnets were out in profusion. Aren't they Texas' state flower? * * * When I talked with Mrs. Erwin Wiltgen the other day she said they have been very busy doing some remodeling on their homa at 308 S. Moore street. I told her it used to be the Methodist parsonage, myparents were married there, and at one time the Methodist church stood on the corner. It was used as a parsonage many years after the new church was built. Chloe and Edith Spray, daughters of Rev. and Mrs. Spray, gave a dinner party one evening at which 1 was a guest. They were a little older than Zada Brunson, Edna Norton and I and were already in high school. Zada, Edna and I were to enter in the fall and we spoke of what courses we'd take. My grandfather Cady was a Latin student and wanted me to take that course, which I did and loathed every minute of it. I said, "Well, I already know a little". Of course they pounced on me to show off, so I said, "Allis Gallioa. divsa est in partes tre" ( I guess I've spelled it correctly.) They asked what it meant and I told them, "All Gaul is divided in three parts" as taught by grandpa. Well, I do remember, amo, amas, amat (I love-you love-he loves) the first lesson under Minnie Coate. I liked my two years of German very much and were I stranded in Germany I wouldn't starve, though my menus would be of a great sameness. I could ask for bread, potatoes and tea or coffee. Well, I suppose I could draw a picture of a chicken, but they wouldn't know whether I wanted the fowl or an egg. But why worry? I'm not going to Germany. * * * Mrs. Fred Will went to see "Little Women," presented by- high school students, and liked it so much she was reading the book when I talked with her. I told her it was my favorite of all books and if I were to be where I'd have only three books to take with mo, I'd choose the Bible, "Little Women" and "Lavender and Old Lace." Mrs. Will has been in Louisa May Alcott's ho.-nr (aithor of "Little Wom?n") and I said I have pictures of the house, but wish I had a floor plan. She said she was in so miny historic homss when she was east a few years ago, she is not certain she could tell me accurately. I have seen the movie twice. Katherine Hepburn was Jo in the first picture, ideal casting. Juie Allyson was Jo in the colored version and miscast, to my way of thinking. Janette Wichtendahl's mother makes very pretty center pieces of plastic detergent bottles and artificial flowers. Very spring looking. Hazel Schneider bought one and brought it in for me to see. * * * A recent letter from ny cousin Edwin Cady of Housten, Tex. said he and his wife Mayme are going to Austin, Tex. for Easter to be with their son-in-law and daughter Frances, (Dr. and Mrs. Bob Zschappel). It was their wedding I went to see at Houston a few years ago and took Lizzie Post with me. Edwin plans to see the L. B. J. ranch. * * * I enjoyed the visit I had recently with Ann Rausch Paine Burke, Santa Monica, Calif., and Irene Wilson Warner, Des Moines, and a phone chat with Zaida Dingley Nugent. Irene was a classmate and I believe Ann left school to be married - just short of graduation, if I remember correctly. Clarence has been deceased many years and Ann Tharried Mr. Burke who was with her on the Algona visit. They planned to go to New Orleans, La., take a cruise, stop in Florida awhile, then home. Irene and •X-L PROJECTOR* LIFE-LIKE COLORFUL ! RELAXING ! WED., THURS., SAT., Apr. 21-24 BI(J ACTION! JOHN DONOVAN JV TECHNIC S TECHNICOIOR iii aiMiH ^T) m I ALLEN s/WARDEN OKX Foran [AMOUR PLUS SECOND HITI They're together and nothing can tear'em apart! JOHN WAYNE-DEAN MARTIN RICKY NEISON HAWKS'110 BRAVO" ^TECHNICOLOR* Irorr, WARNER PROS.] flNGIE DICKINSON'WALTER BRENNAN-WARD BOND — PLUS 2 COLOR CARTOONS — THURSDAY IS "BUCK NITE" THE WHOLE CROWD FOR $1.00 Ann are very attractive rmtrons and full of vim incl vigor, though they did question if they could still dance when \ve spoke of old music when I heard "Peg O My Heart" played that mjrn- ing. I'll bet they could make several rounds of a dance hall. * * * It was fun reading Grace's colum i on old ads and old medicines. I wonder if children really did have \rormr, years ago. Anyhow, they were treated for them and as I mentioned not long ago, if my appetite lagged and 1 had a slight fever and wis dumpy, out cam.? the Vermifuge bottle, followed in a few days by Syrup of Figs. Well, it worked - whatever the cause. I think I have mentioned too the soap called Fairy and the wrapper picturing a beautiful little girl and on the paper was printed "Do you Have a Little Fairy in Your Home?" and the "Gold Dust Twins". A powler which looked like yellow corn meal and twin pickininnies on the outside. It is a goci'.l tiling under present conditions this powder and picture no longer -xist. Yep-Grandrna Cacly had a \\hoeler and Wilson sewing machine and rrnther's WAS a Clim ix, which still runs perfectly and stitches as evenly as in it's youth. * * * Tli«' Pink Ladies served assorted cookies, cup cakes and coffee Tuesday on first floor. It w is mighty tasty. * * + The Don Sjogren family are fully aware spring has arrived for t!i.'\ have seen ever so m:\ny birds, a raccoon Ins h;sn b.ild enourh to eat the food put out for Kills, and lx?st of all they saw a pair of bald eagles. Mrs. Sjopren said they watched the eagles si long they got so stiff neckiN they could hardly get theii heads back in normal position. Margaret Durant sent me an interesting newspaper clipping on Jam.'s Hearst. He is a native JnwAn an;l his U->en writing poetry most of his life. You may have read his "Country M'Mi", "The Sun at Now", "Man and His Field" and "Limited View". He is G4, is a fanner, poet and teacher, and one of his remarks is, "We're growing- up, culture no longer seares people now kids .ire proud of beiiiii able to write A poem >r paint .1 picture." This used to lie a woman's field, but he goes on to say "I've got a couple of top athletes in in; classes and they are good". He is an associate professor at the State College, Cedar Falls. This, is onlv a small portion of tin item, which was interesting. I kinda miss liarlan Miller and his B. W., what he ate for meals and with whom, his "red head", our Lt. and our youngest, how main balls of tennis he tossed, and I suppose we'll never have that long-touted column on sex. Well, we read so Tuesday, April 20, 1965 Algeria (la.) Upper Des Moin«*-3 is at am much about that could he add? Several years a<:>i ttir-r a (lnu'.v;ist liei-f, V'-rn I. I noticed his iiaini' in this art! Deunler ease. I.<>v"|\ LeMars apparent!; and sure he Hill 1« 'Avll-i rni'>n) bv main hci i . I had no i<:.-a Ii"lena Kuben- stein s<> old. Tli-' ; ii'tnv of hi'i was surprising, t»o. stir had a very his-li forehead. 1 am ama/.ed she didn't >uvr a uii'.. For awhile 1 was afi IK' m\ white violet was :;nin^ mtu a 'lecline which wnuld lead (>> it's being discarded. Hut it has l>o- gun to perk up wniiderfiilh. It must know sprim; is here and it shows it's knowledge b\ seyeial buds. The purple one IMS kept in good condition, but it [•«< looks parkier and has many full bln.-.'ii blossoms. DO Blondes' have more fun than brunettes? Well, here is a definition of a blond. "A brunette •.>. a top secret." '/•in. | hunting - "A parking er with time on it's hands." Fabric Program Foil i Corner Mothers and Daughters Club met at the home of Annette Arend, Aprils. Program was m charge of F.ula Rich and M.ulys Rjustrom, which was on different fabrics. Ruth Arend •md Gladys Fisenbarth gave a t.Uk. Truman - "Within the first few months I discovered that being a 1'resiiient is like riding a tiger. A man has to keep on riding or be swallowed." ^^^"''"'""'''•"'""""'"''"'''"'^'""'VVAK'A'l^wl^^ PLAN NOW TO ATTEND THE ALGONA *LS FLORAL HALL — FAIRGROUNDS Friday - Saturday - Sunday, APRIL 23 - 24 DOORS OPEN 2 P. M. - 9 P.M. -CLOSES 6 P.M. SUNDAY DOOR PRIZES ENTERTAINMENT LARGEST & FINEST EXHIBITS EVER! -25 FRIDAY ENTERTAINMENT REGISTER FOR GRAND PRIZE CURTIS-MATHES CONSOLE STEREO DRAWING SUN. 5:30 P.M. VISIT EVERY BOOTH Talk to the Friendly Exhibitors who will be glad to discuss the latest home innovations with you. REGISTER FOR DAILY DOOR PRIZE TRANSISTOR RADIO TO BE GIVEN AWAY EVERY DAY Purchase of an Admission Ticket not required to register. Regis- ration limited to persons high school age or older. MISS IOWA Miss Carol Lyn Johnson, of Ames, Iowa is the reigning Miss Iowa 1965. Carol was crowned MISS IOWA 1965 at the Iowa State Pageant in Clear Lake, July 18, 1964. - PLUS "THE MADRASTICS", Five young voices & strings. Browse at your Leisure & see the latest in home construction and home improvements. SATURDAY ENTERTAINMENT SUNDAY ENTERTAINMENT THE ORGAN MUSIC ALL THREE DAYS by BILL WATKINS SISTERS From Springfield, Mo., comes this fresh, young talent presented in whirlwind fashion. One of the best acts of it's type. You'll love them. THE COHANAS TRIO Folk Singers Supreme ! Variety Show winners from Iowa Slate University. PLUS — THE RhYTHMEUES wcmen's quaitct. OMISSION 25c CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE WHEN ACCOMPANIED BY ADUL Sponsored by the Altjonu Chamber of Commerce

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