Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 27, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 27, 1894
Page 3
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A STRANGE CASE, How an Enemy was Foiled. Tho following frrnphlc Btntcmnnt will be •rend with Intonsc Interest: "I cnnnotdesorlbe slionumti.crerpyKonsatlonthfttexl.stoil In my -•inns, hands anil IORS. I hud to rulj nnd beat thosu purls until they were KOTO, to overcome 1n 11 measure the dead feeling that hud Ukoti possession of them, In ntlultlon, I hntl u strung woiiknosfl In my back and around my wulst, losetlitM 1 wll-h nn inclosorlbablu V'ono* fei.'llns In tny Ktomnch. I'hysli'lans Falil it TVHsrreeplnn purulysls, from which, lu-rurtl- InK to tlii'lr universal conclusion, tlii'ro is no relief. Oiire It fusions upon a poison, they -jay, It continues Us Inslillous pnittrossi unlit It reucln-s n vlu.l point and tho suilVtvr cites. Suoli w;is my prospect. 1 hml been doctoring iiyearaml 11 half Menrllly, but wlili 110 I" 1 "- ttcular lienelll, when f saw nil advertisement ivf l)r Miles' Kestorullvu Norvlnp, procured n, bottle and lieilan iislni; it. Marvelou.s as It may seom. Instn few (lays had passed before cvi-ry bit of that creepy feeling had left me. Hurt there has not been uvi-u the. s'.iKlitest .Indication of Its return. t now feel as •well as I ever did. and luivo gained ten pounds In welkin, thimtfli 1 had run down frnin ITiMn i;;T. Four others liavo used Hr. Miles' Kesioratlvti Nervine, on rriy recomen- datlon, and ll liiis been iisMi.ll.sfitctory Inllielr case> a-; In rnlm-."--James Kane, Li'. Hue, U. lir. Miles' iii-siorailvo Nervine, Is sold by nil druk-iists on !L positive Huariintee, or sent illreV-t ijy Hie T)r. Miles Meillcal (.'a. Elkharl., Inil.. oil rri'i'lpt- of price. St per bottle, sK lion Ics for-?.'!, e.vprcs.s iire|>;ild. It is fruo iroui s or UuugtsruiM drugs. Our Fried Ice Cream and Snow Rf>11 Fritters are the talk <••' ihe to'.m. The VENDOME Is surely in it. Come and see the Metamorphosis. 320 Broadway. Meals 25 cents. Short order cookink at all times at the lunch counter! I!i> VMI fcituw that foi every 'disease flesh is neii to u.Libra's ^re.-it labora- . •.or/iKj'.ilsorieriKln'hing U::.t will cure it f Q To-day a dcvotn. ope- cia'.ist who lias been seeking for years, discovers oud liringsoilta specific— the right thing for some, disensu that medical men have experimented upon for ages; tomorrow is developed a remedy which hlcs-.-cs all mankind ! I)o you kr.ow that all real remedie» known to seieuce are the results of such work given to the world ? They are, and Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer Is the one right thing that lias been found to cure the awful diseases that result from starved nnd jaded lu-rves, such as sleeplessness, nervous prostration, fits and epi- jfepsy. It puts new Me into' nerv.-s; does _ not stupefy, but re-vitalizes. PRICE $1.00 A BOTTLE Inquire of druggists for free sample. If nol found, write us enclosing five cents (stmins) for postage. T)ic doctor gives — free ad vice to any nerve disease sufferers. All welcome. The J.W. Brant Co, Mukcrs AL15ION. MICH. jt>id«»Dcy£t.. New York , We offer $500 Sold by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY MORNING, APrtI L 27. Full 10(3 of tooth for $5, at Claris, the Dentist. House for Sale Very Cheap—No. 808 Sycamore street. Inquire of A. DeLonp. Nu 402 Market street. Wanted—A guod girl at ml High street. Itufuronce* required. No other nood apply. Good wages. Acute and ohronio catarrh; diseases Of the throat i-.nO bur treated by Dr. J. H. Shultz, 412 ^ourlh street. Telephone Mil. For Sule—At a very low price, an old style, beat make reed organ in good condition and of auperlor tone and action. Inquire at this office. A shill/u! physician originated and u*ed Dr. Wheeler'* Keno Vitalizer daring many year* prabtlce. No Opium. Free wmplei of Ben Fisher. THE SHORTEST RAILWAY IN TOE CODN TRY. The Purdue railroad of Lafayett baa boon completed. It ia tbe sbor eat line in the United States, one mil and a quarter from start to finish, an the cost was about $2,500, The roa connects with the L. E. &W. trac opposite tho university, cuts aoros Purdue ground, around the Ladies hall and Men's dormitory to th HalvoloQ shops. Dr. Smart is presl dent, treasurer, board of directors superintendent and almost everytbln else connected with tbo road. H issues all pasaos and collects all fares The bulldlag of this road was quit an enterprise for the university; wha Its benefits may be remains to be seen Theonjrine "SchonecUdy" was rollei out over tho rails yesterday and sen to Indianapolis for repairs. In abou three weeks it will be sent back in good shape. Tbo work on tho shop is progressing rapidly, tho roofing on several buildings being 1 almost com. plutrtl. WKKCK AT IIAKTSDALE. Tho Pun Handle had a. costlj freight wreck at Hurtsdale early ye? terday morning 1 . Tno first section o train 77 broke in two and ran together ditching sixteen cars, seven londec and niiit) empty. The wreck crow wa c illod out at ODCO and cleared ihi tr->cii in a fow hours, not however until te-veral passenger trains wore delayed Fortunately the eruv\ Ca.apcd uninjured. WIIEKK IS HAMILTON STALKY. Judge N. 0. lloss, couns-ol for the Pan Handle, is desirous to know tho whereabouts of Hsimiltou Statey who a number ol years ago was a passenger brakoman on tho road. Anybody knowing his present address will please notify Mr. Ross or leave word at tbe train master's office. Master Mecbanlc W. C. Bennett has returned from the Ease. Pan Handle train despatohor HI White went to Louisville, Ky., yeeter day. Throo car loads of emigrants passed through the city yesterday morning on Pan Handle train No. 3. Ernest Wright conductor on the Pan Handle, has returned to work after a two months siege of Inflamatory rheumatism. Tbe spur track across Erie avenue near Fifth street is being removed to make room for the improvement of that tboroughfara. K.G.Butler, district freight and paaecnger agent of the Wabash, and Wra Ferguson, traveling freight agent were In the city yesterday. Pan Handle switchman O. W. Cooper has returned from Sprlngfleld, Ohio, with his bride. Tboy have gone to housekeeping in the East End. Tbe wife of F. C. Tedford, station agent for tho Pan Handle at llemlng ton, died yesterday morning. Her remains will be brought hero for burfal. The Pan Handle Is relaying their double tracks between tho Wabash crossing and Fifth street with seventy pound uleol rails. The rails taken out weight sixty pounds to tho yard. The local lodge of B R. T. send a delegation to BurnoHsvllle to represent thorn at thy funeral of Conductor 11. H. Graham yesterday. The lodge al=o aent a beautiful lloral offering. Tbo delegation returned on the noon noon train On thu28th of May John Glosser, foreman of euginu wipara at the Pan Handle round houso will depart for SwiU'-rland on a three months visit. Mr. Glower loft his native country forty threo years ago and a visit back home will no doubt bu greatly enjoyed by him. Guo. Moore, a Pun Handle 'brake, mtm wild run over and instantly killed nt Nolan's station, ten miles >ast of Klchmopd, Wednesday morning. Ho foil olT bis train three cars and ths caboose passing over him and mar.g- llng him horribly. Ha was a married man and lived at Richmond. Oronliijjer-.TlpCulu. Delphi Journal: A happ> wedding in which two of Carroll county's modt prominent and popular teachers played tbo principal parts, was sol» emnizedattbe residence of Mr. and Mrs. William Greffg, in Logansport, Tuesday. At ten o'clock liev. A. E, Ewers, ofRockfleld, said the words that united Frank P. Grbnlnger and Adda L. McCain as husband and wife, the ceremony being witnessed by a limited number of invited guests Tbe groom and his bride are well known ID Carroll county, bearing tbe names of two of the county's most prominent families. Tbe groom ii a \ ion of the late George Groninger and ! the bride Is a daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Samuel McCain. In Carroll county they were born and here they I grew to manhood and womanhood.! For the past seven years taoy have both taught ID the schools of Bock Creek township, and BB instructors both rank deservedly high. In extending congratulations the Journal but voices the expression of scores of friends of the young people. Mr. and Mrs. Grbninger loft Tues day at uoon for Indianapolis on a wedding trip. Mr. Gronlnger was one of he delegates to the State convention and decided to yoke matrimony and politics togetnor. TRIED TO MURDER HIS SISTER. A. Howard County mail CberUbluK an IIIHUUO Hatred Cornell Nearly KUlluc a Former LoKaiiiport Mobool Girl, The Kokomo Tribune contains tbe following sensational story which Involves a young woman, a former pupil fif the Lojjanaport schools, who ia well remembered by her schoolmates. The Tribune says: "Greenlown, the metropolis of east orn Howard, comes forward with another sensation in that good land of sensations. Marion Pierce made a desperate, cowardly and almost successful attempt tu murder, his sister, Mrs. Frances Thomas. QQ the 8th of August, 3892 as our readers will readily recall. Francos Pierce, the pretty, sixteen-year-old laughter of John Pierce, living a half mile west of Grtentown, aod one of the most prominent residents of the East End. eloped with Will H.Thomas. She slipped out of the house while the amity slept, and with her lover came lo I\okomo whore a license was procured and the couple were married by Grant county justice of the peace. The family were violently opposed to tho match. Young Thomas, a eon of Bruce Thomas near Sycamore, was orbidden the house, and tho girl had ust returned from Logansport school whore she was sent to get her away rom the objectionable lover. On earning of the elopement the father and brother wore furious and murder would have followed had not the -ouple remained In hiding for a time. At length all the family became econciled to the'marrlage except the •Iri'e brother Marion, who had cher. shed a continued and murderous atrod for both his sister and her bus. sand. For some time past Mrs. Pierce, tho mother of the girl, has been In bad oalth and Mrs, Thomas spent much f her time at the old home caring for er and assisting In the household uties. Marlon lives in another houao n tho same farm with his family. It s said ho has never missed an oppor- unity to abuse his sister and alw&y* ad a.tongue-lashing in store every me ho mot her. Marlon has a wife nd one child. Mrs. Thomas endured her brother's mprecations with the beet grace she ould, little dreaming that his bitterest extended to tbe point of murder- ng his OWE sister. She had long nee been forgiven by her parents nd was fully restored to the affec. ona of all members of the family xcept Marlon. Tuesday evening shortly before ark Frances and her mother wont to le barn lot to milk the cows, and bile both were milking, Marion ame up and opened Dre on bis sister Ha a revolver. Both balls grazed her head, one of iem cutting through the fascinator ruwn over her head, tho bullet almost aring through her onr. No quarrel immediately preceded 10 shooting, tho man opening fire Ithout a word of warning. 1'he (,man ran around behind tfle cow for rotection and In this way saved her elf until the revolver was wrenched rom tho hands of tho would be mur- eror. Fortunately the father, John Pierce, us near by and bad ho not snatched 16 emoking weapon from the hand of 10 Infuriated man, he would have had to answer at tho bar of justice for tne murder of his sister. Marion was arrested and kept in the custody of tbe Groentown oiHcors over night. His father at flrat refused to go on bis bond, fearing further violence, but $500 recognizance was pro. ourrod today. Constable Pool made tbo arrost- Tho affair created intense excite, ment in the vicinity and Marlon's strange action is roundly denounced by everybody. It will ba remembered that F. C. MoCuen, who vouched for the age o'. tho elopers, was arrested for perjury but was released after serving several months in jail. (100 Reward, $100. Tbe reader of this puper will b« pleased to learn that tbem In at least one dreaded diseases that nclance ha« been able to cure In all Its stages and tlmt l« Catarrh. Hair* Catarrh Cure la the onlr oosli Ive t are known to the medioBl fraternity. Catarrh Wing » constltntlmal dlsemm, requires a eoiMtltotlonal treatment. Hall'* Catarrh Core 111 taken InternHU. acting directly on the Wood and • ••— «jst«m, thereby de»tro)lng SELLS BBOS.' 28d ANNUAL TOUR. H>Bnlflc»t ••«! ampendon* Ocean Utllon to bo at fcoganmport Wednesday nay 16. Other shows may come anc go, but Sails Brothers' Enormous Unitec Exhibitions, like Te n n y s o n's Brook, seem destined to "go on _ forever," Tboy have already boon under one and tbe same ownership and management longer than any other similar enterprise now in existence, and their con tinual increase In size, attractiveness and popularity 1s a fair sign to health and longevity. Tbe Messrs. Sell" Bros,, are legitimate, enterprisirg showmen, and honorable men, wit» whom It Is both pleasurable and profit- able'0 do business. As sjch, both they and their stupendous and elegant entertainment will be again mont heartily welcomed at Logansport Wednesday May 16. For thoir present tour this season, their wild beast, hippodromatlc, cir cus, spectacular and other reeourco- of Instruction and amusement hav been largely increased, and they undoubtedly present altogether tho big gostand best ehow of its kind in the world. They manage it in person, and it is to conducted as to duferv. and obtain universal popularity and patronage. This year the price- of admission baa been reduced In accordance wiih the spirit of the tiroes, and tho pr!'•«.• to all will be twenty-live cents to all. The big ehow of tho world. Notice. The Qrst payment on subscription? of stock to the Citizens' Natural Ga.- Company of Logansport, Ind., is now duo and should be paid at the coo pany's olllce, corner of Market und Fourth streets. Shares of stock art twenty-five dollars ($25.00) each (two shares to a fire) to bo paid as follows: April 20,1891 $ 1 0" Mill 1 - 1 18114 ••><>• ' "" Jime'lM, 16»i'.'.'.'.'..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.','.'.' July 20, 1«94 AiiBUat 20. 1KOI OctiibOI'2'i, 18114 Novpinlmr 20. 180-1 D 1 ceinber ai. l«ll Janunry20,1835 1 oil 1 (in •l on ^ mi a oo :i On ;) KI 4 no $20 00 JOHN QUAY, President. C. W. GKAVES. Secretary. Stockholder*! lleetlUK- Notice is hereby given to tho stockholders of the Citizens' Natural G&* Company of Logansport, Ind , that there will be a meeting of said stockholders, at the Council Chamber of said city, on Monday, tho 80th day of April, 1891. at 8 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of electing directors to fill vacancies in tbe Board of Directors, and such other business as shall come before tbo stockholders. By order of tho Board of Directors. JOHN GXAY, Pres't. C, W. Giuvjis, Sec'y. For Male or Trade. Will trade or sell a fine farm of 100 acres half mile'rom Union City, valued at $6 000. Will trade for property in Logansport. Call on or address J. T. Cockburn. room 3, Spry buildioff. Who . Say* be Rbeamatlnm Curedl My wife was confined to her bed fo over two months with a severe attack of rheumatism. We could got noth ing that would afford her any relief and a i a last resort gave Chamber Iain's Pain Balm atrial. To ourgrea surprise sbo began to improve afte thelirst application and by using i regular slio was Si on able to get u] and attend to her housework.—K. H Johnson, of C. J. Knuiaon & Co. Ken sington, Minn. 50 cent bottles foi sale by B. F. Keeping, druggist. Nullrtv The veteran meat man, Joseph Goldy has purchased the grocery -store o Cnarles Green, No. 1302. Broadway and will m9ve his meat market now located at 419 Twelfth street, into the building and conduct both there. H- invites all his old customers and many new ones to call on him at his new place of busineiys. * JOSKl'H GOLDY. Nrr.ivd \<>'l<f. Strayed Iroru my fanu last Siturdnj evo: ing, a IA-O year-old lilley, fray, with whii" s'.ri|je above hook on near bind leg. Any Information !<;ac- to her recovery iefi at tbic olli will be liberally ivwanlc-d. WASH Kl'NS DO MEN LIKE FLATTERY. Quaker headacha Ho" in ten minutes. capsuls give Mrs. Dr. J. A. Butteffleld, work. The • THE WOItXD'S FAMOUS nt'cngi l/«i! by Hie press, iii'iltan faculty and scientists K>-n--riilly as i.'iw must ivli-brawil niu j Oluin iLUd claU'vujiuit ol! muUtni Unit B, | I look Into i I'M lutum anil j No * ild cu.-t my liuni-cuira. ' --ShiiK»si>eitre. ] May bu cnnsiiltixl on all alfiilrn or HIV; Rives \ luck) numb rs in lotury ilrawlncfi; UTODT lilililwu ; mysu-ry rfV<'iil«l; ilmum'Si 1 -- cusus ntiil pri-si-rlb- « j lor tlirin w 'lie umk-r I'Ouirnl; lucaU'.s mliitjfuls, > U'KLSIH' 1 i iibd siuliMi property. Ail IHIMIIBSS strictly comUlciUKi). In wllliiK will ui 1 ivturHL'd. Alwuys.v'iui sliimp, ot I'i'ivlse iiu uUwiuuii will t>« paid Ki riirrcspiimleiK.'!. 1 . Al- WU}S»l<llUl'ull uJJlttna. iUtlst.tCtlwll tjliurulltt.'**! or muLH'y rimuuiud. ABANDON DEbPAlR! GOOD NEWS! GUOL) flEWS FOR EVliRYBODi! 'Mrs. IJr. liuuorlloid, 459 N. Clark St,. CMcayo, lils., Houiii 4, Ibo noted j Clairvoyant- and famous oracle of pro i pheoy, is permanently located iu Uhi- ' cago und may be consulted on all past, pr<-nent and future eve-nts. Sao gives advice on love, courla/iip, marriage und divorce' Uorcouuooi is invaluable iu . lawsuits, business matters, specula- j tion and investment. She settles love | quarrels, reunites the separated, lo- | efttes and settles old est aes, she tells of your friends aud your enemies, removes evil influencee—in fact, eveiy- thing. Tbe onJy Clairvoyant «ho can j and does do all she advort'aes. } She is 'he only one who can giveasnin- j lance as well by mail aa by personal j interview. The only Clairvoyant in J the western world who prepares and j thoroughly understands tbo workings ; of the real Oriental Egyptian Charm, j A 1 ! letter! confidt.n Ial. Letters wi'h '. J2.00 answered. Positive cure for J catarrh, rheumatism, all pain, all | dlBeaees peculiar to women. Mrs. I Dr. Butttrfield, 459 N. Clark St., Chicago, Illi. Tlin I,lttlu rin-rrk'lm Tlwi. Women film Our Anolllt'r, iris \\vre \v:i Ikin^ 1 i"i])itlly down tlu' slivi.'t in ;i \vliirl (jf Uilk. "My mink i-:ipe, ^111 iiii'i\v," went-on the t:i!l one, "is a ]ii?ri'eet siglit:ind 1 lu-vcr ii'i-ai' it <nit in tl;i' \vi>:'li'.! Do you Ifiiuw ;iny roniec^' for jnoths?" "Yes." "Well, give it to me." "Tobiieeo snjnk.-." ehivped tin 1 short one. "I me:in toljneco smoke from ;i pood cijjMr. J dnn't kni)\v:iK the smoke :inni'>\'S the nioth.s uny, un'iy it :u.'ts as 11 sort uf cluiriii, I think. I am always very careful to—to provide the smoke for my furs." "That's very sly in you! You flatter the men and let them smoke—that's why they adore you so vehemently. 1 ' Tho short ffirl ignored the hitter part of this sentence and asked: "Do you think it. possible to flatter a man, my dear?" "Do I?" responded the tall fi-ir], with a degree of compressed sarcasm which •as dangerous. "Why, if I ever run across :i man who disdains flattery I Kill confess that the times are beyond ie and quietly retire to ;v top shelf il,h other antiquities. It is the breath of life to every son of Adam." "Oh, no; their minds are occupied with other thinprs and they don't care for such talk—they never pay any attention to it, and kind of turn it off." "That is not my experience, for when I have tried that soothing 1 method of taming the moguls of our world they have swallowed it and bcjrjfed for more." "Some people $ay," ictiirned the other, "that it is women wlio live on flattery instead of the men." "Psiiaw! When 1 want a new dress J tell papa he <;ets younger every da.y and that everyone says 1 get my eyes from him, and the dear old man gives me a nice, large check. Men don't know when they are ueinfr nattered— women always do because they know exactly how much praise they deserve. Still 1—that is, they like it, don't you think?" "I'm sure I can't sny," replied the short girl, severely. "I always dis- conrsifro such silly talk from men'. 1 ' 1 "llo\v thoughtful you are to spare them so much brain work: It is au awful bore, too, to iuvent thinjrs." "Isn't it! Why, I noticed that t.'ie doctor looked quite ... other nijj;ht after he had been talking j to yon! 1 asked him what was the i matter, and hi: said he h;nl been talk- | inp to you about your yraue on horse- j back-." "That proves my theory,'' the tall : girl said, micxcccti'dly rallying. "He told you that in a spirit of revenge." "\VI,,V rcveujfo?" "l!ei;ansc I didn't praise his iir'.ieU' on bacilli everyone is talking of. lie mentioned it and 1 said 1 hadn't read it. Oli, a man's self-love is an awlul thing! 1 ' "According to that," spoke «p the small girl, "compliments are a matter of give and take—none given until full value has been received from the other side. One would almost have to keep an account-book in order to get the lialance straight." "Can't keen my balance straigl Derby or Fedora Pear! wiih Black Band, Mnclio, Tobacco, BiacK and Brown. $2 Hats for $1 $3aM$3.50Hatsfor$1.98 OTTO KRAUS, To lodl«ii;i|»oll». Specisl excursion tickets to Indianapolis will be sold from ticket el*. ions on tho Pennsylvania lines ID Indiana ai reduced roucd trip rates, follows: May Gib and 7th, on account MueU cal Festival; good returning until May 9ih. inclusive. May 13. M, 15 nnd 16, aeountRe- bekah Lodge, I. O. 0. F., and Grand jodge. I, O. O. F., of Indiana; valid to •eturn up to and including May 18. May M and 15, good returning until May 18, inclusive, account May Miui' ial Festival. M.T.J- 21 and 22 account Grnnd Lodge r. & A. M., of Indiana; ffood to reitum uotil May 21, inclusive. May 22 and 23, account People'ft 'arty Convention; pood to return until May 25, inclusive. For particulars and timo ot trains, ipply to nearest Pennsylvania line .icket apent. KlIlouM Colic PrrTpntrd. Persons who are subject to attacks if bilious colic can almost invariably eli, by their /celiDy>. whea to expect n attack. If Chamberlain's Colic. holera and Diarrhoea Remedy is aken as soon RS these symptoms appear. bey can ward off the disease. Such lersocs should always keep the reme- y at hand, ready for immediate u*« hen needed. Two or three doses of , at the riR-ht time will save them much suffering-. For sale by B. F. leesling, druggist^ ^ lloiiic^celtfrx' Kxcnreton. On April 24m and May 29th the Vabash Railroad will sell bomeseek* rs excursion tickets at one regular •e for tho round trip to many point! Kansas and Texas. Tickets will bo limited to thirty days from ditc of sale. For farther particulars call on or wri:e - : - Or. SEWELL, cxliansled the » the States of Miesouri, A MIRACLE. What Pliclps* "Four C" Kcm- etly Did 1'or Miss Jcuuio liasset. Last Kriilay, D«x 19th, my attcnillni; piiyslclan stiili'U unless I was uutu-r by morning ho fould do noililn« for my nMlef. Tiiut nlsht 1 com- inoiiciMl uiW'ig I'hRlp's "Konr C" remedy; stop- p-MlalloiUorimMlielixas. Tln> llrst doso sU>i>p«l inycouKli; slept .iiiii rtviiMl wall; H few n>ur»<io«» ri'inovwl ml soreness from my luiuis: the second -tn ,'f»r ll i /, rn LCp . ... r , ^ ^ M yawned the lull ffirl, lan-jiuldly. J m ' ml in debt—men will a person pleasant always hopelessly persist in. telling truths, you know." j "J don't know, lately," retorted the | small girl, as she paused preparatory j to divine- into a store, "because I was ' satiated with compliments and refused to hear any more in self-defense. Goodby, love." "Adieu, dearest." And tbe buildings did cot fall.—Chicago Tribune. rrmorvln^ Tuiil>rr From Indents. Experiments made in France have shown that the reason the sap-wood in timber is worm-eaten is because of the existence of starch in it. It is tho starch that the insects are after, and they do not attack the hard wood because it contains no starch. The experimenters have devised a method of preserving timber from such'attucks. In the spring they cut a ring through tho hark around tho upper end of the trunk and suppress all buds that are developed there. By autumn the etarch has disappeared from the sapwood and the tree is ready to bo felled, nJ today wad up town purchasing holiday M.Sd JKNXIE BASSET. Washington Ave. and Summit St. Croup Cured. One doso or "PlilJlpa 1 Ciwsli, CoM and Cwoj Curo" cave my child liis'ant reliul when attacked with the croup. W. E. MOORE, of Moore Bros.' Grocery, Arkansas City, Kan. I guarantee Phelps' "KonrC" tor LA GEUPP1, Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, etc. BEN FISHER. NOTICE OF tlTI ELECTION. To tlm Captain of Police, LoRnnsport, Ind You ure hereto) reqoftstod to noilfr me Klectpo of mid In Hid city ol LOB«"«PO« tua an elecUoa will tif held In said city , lie Itret Tuendav In Mw, 884 for the election or t e following officer!: penmenters JIHVU UCVIDUU ...... i wnt«r'work», and'one member ol the Common crcserviD"-timber from such'attucks. Council from eaca ui ttte wanis in s»ld dty, ana P.,",."., „* » ^,'T,^. t:hwwio.Ji the polls will be op»u for ibe reception ol votta tt Timber thus prepared, it is said, doea not become worm-eaten.—-Youth •Companion. C.tjr Clelk. To tbe Elector* of tne city ot Logansport: -ir*., _iti k.>._«li« *Alva nnt-lsw that tin A>4U*U 1st. im, lot the ejection ol we oiiioen o™«2"r 9d in th« aboro notice, and th« polls be opened M, 3 o'clock a. m- MlOAXL, MOBBKIIT,

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